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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Recoiling from the terrorist carnage in Brussels, Americans may be attracted to the “tough” posturing of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The casino mogul wants to bring back torture, while the Texas senator hopes to bomb indiscriminately until the desert glows. Trump would bar any Muslim from entering the United States, while Cruz would dispatch special police patrols into Muslim neighborhoods. Both eagerly stigmatize Muslims in America and worldwide.

Yet we know that the leaders of ISIS or Daesh, the self-styled Islamic State, welcome such signs of panic. That is why they recently featured footage of Trump in a propaganda video, ranting about the Brussels attack. The would-be presidents vying for the Republican nomination consistently serve as useful idiots, their declarations of hostility to Islam only alienating that faith’s billion followers here and abroad, while in no way advancing our security.

Our success in defeating Daesh depends on achieving the opposite – that is, winning the cooperation of the great majority of Islam’s believers against the murderous apostates whose victims include thousands of Muslims.

Despite the rash of bigotry and violence encouraged by Islamophobic demagogues like Trump, the Muslims who live here remain as stable, patriotic, and peaceful as they have been for many, many years. Their integration and assimilation into our political culture is an important reason why we, as a nation, don’t confront the same challenges as France, Belgium, and other European countries with socially isolated Muslim ghettoes.

Last year’s mass murder in San Bernardino is actually a case in point. Horrible as it was, the assault by a deranged couple differed significantly from the mass killings perpetrated by teams of jihadis in Paris and Brussels. After months of investigation, the FBI has found no evidence that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were in contact with Daesh, let alone any broader conspiracy that operated within a local community. (The neighbor who helped them obtain weapons was quickly detected and arrested.)

By contrast, there is already plenty of evidence that the Paris and Brussels killers were part of a multinational network rooted in local districts, where the killers could hide and plot. Security experts believe more conspirators are yet to be found in Belgium, France, and perhaps elsewhere in Europe.

That fundamental difference between here and there is why American law enforcement officials are appalled by the aggressive, Muslim-baiting rhetoric emanating from Trump and Cruz, as Michael Hirsh reports in Politico. According to Hirsh, the Republican message has “distressed U.S. law enforcement officials actually involved in the counterterror effort,” because “Muslim communities already are highly wired by U.S. law enforcement and intelligence.” And contrary to being radicalized, those communities “have proven astonishingly cooperative on the whole.”

Having interviewed law enforcement and national security authorities, Hirsh found that in Muslim communities like Dearborn, Michigan, sophisticated outreach programs have produced real advances in security — including bold action by parents seeking to protect their own children from recruitment. When New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton bluntly told Cruz to shut up because he “doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” the city’s top cop wasn’t kidding. Bratton noted that New York has about a thousand Muslim police officers, many of whom are combat veterans.

This isn’t “political correctness,” as Cruz and Trump always sneer; it is common sense.

Meanwhile, those two politicians and others of their ilk are quickly becoming the most valuable recruits ISIS could imagine. With their irrepressible impulse to denigrate the Obama administration’s counter-terror effort, both of them have been trumpeting Daesh’s central message – namely, the lie that the Islamic State is winning when, in fact, they are slowly but steadily losing. In recent weeks, American forces have reportedly killed the group’s second-in-command, even as the Iraqi Army prepares a major campaign to take Mosul, the oil city that ISIS has held for the past two years.

Should we have the misfortune to elect one of these useful idiots to the presidency, we may well suffer the consequences of their ignorance and prejudice. For if Trump or Cruz ever enacts the kind of repressive policy they now advocate, then eventually we will become much more like Europe in its ethnic and religious polarization.

That would not only be morally wrong and contrary to our constitutional traditions. It would be a path toward national disaster.

67 Responses to How To Become Terror-Torn Europe — And How Not To

  1. So true! Let’s antagonize and mistreat American Muslims so that they can start hiding and helping the terrorists we seek. It makes sense to the right wing to make enemies and not allies based on religion.

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        • Because it reminds you of your approach to dealing with our enemies. Speaking of that, you might want to bring an extra pair of panties with you in case Muhammed comes around. Kind of tough to be a sheep, isn’t it?

          • Only when I deal with pigs like you. You’re the coward afraid of women and children, and your projection of that on me, which you have repeatedly attempted, does not impress.

          • Pigs like me? Ha, ha! Self reliant men have always been frightening to the liberal crowd. Rely on the benevolence of the government. Just remember, when, not if, the next ISIS attack comes, men will have to deal with that vermin. Tell me again how the “religion of peace” deserves anything other than complete disdain?

  2. And men who shied away from military service are once again the first to call for our sons and daughters to die for them.

  3. There is no question that the incendiary rhetoric we hear from both Trump and Cruz is being used for propaganda purposes by ISIS, that it is eliciting disbelief by most Europeans, and that it is alienating the moderate Muslim countries that we depend on to fight terrorism effectively. However, let’s not confuse what these two charlatans are proposing.
    Trump is calling for the dismantling of NATO and withdrawing troops from the European theater…while carpet bombing ISIS positions to exterminate both the terrorists and their victims. He is also proposing banning the entry of all Muslims to the USA, including our most dependable allies in the region.
    Cruz is calling for the persecution of anyone who does not embrace the Christian faith, including the establishment of Gestapo-like patrols in neighborhoods where Muslims live.
    Not surprisingly, they both feign indignation and perplexity when Muslims react angrily at the threats and insults directed at them…and their supporters cheer them on.
    The fear that Muslims elicit in the psyche of so many Americans is the direct result of decades of indoctrination. We needed a boogeyman to fear and hate after the demise of the Soviet Union, and Al Qaeda, and later the myopic policies and decisions made by George W. Bush put the transition of the 21st century Axis of Evil on steroids. Just in case this was not enough to justify our huge expenditures on defense and security, we added the evil illegal immigrants to the mix, as a major threat to our economic and social security.
    Let’s not confuse what happened in Paris and Brussels with the realities that exist in the USA. First and foremost, Muslims in the USA don’t live in ghettos, and are not ostracized by our society. At least not until now. It is also important to consider the reaction of European leaders, and Europeans at large, in the aftermath of the Paris and Brussels attacks, with the over reactions and myopic decisions we made after 9/11. Looking at both is like reading a Tale of Two Cities.
    I can’t help wonder what our grandchildren will say about these times, about the fear shared by a country with the most powerful military in the world, the people in the wealthiest country on the planet, and people living in a country with a Constitution and purported values that in my ways contradict our policies and actions.

    • The incendiary burnings of pilots and drownings and beheadings are raising the ire of Americans against such barbarism . This country is welcoming to all and most people’s assimilate to participate in Americanism . Yet some of these welcomed decide to cause mayhem and none of the Moslems ever stand and renounce these incidents. They would be better received if they did so

        • In fact, the successes we are having in regaining the territory occupied by ISIS is largely due to the contributions being made by Turkey, Iraqi and Syrian government troops. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Muslims countries are also helping us fight terrorism.
          The American Muslim community was also unequivocal in their condemnation of the tragedy in San Bernardino.
          All of this in spite of the insults, threats, and false claims we make about people in Islamic countries.
          We would be much better off focusing on the brutality of ISIS, making an effort to understand the rationale or cause for their radicalism, and acting upon our findings, than engaging in the irresponsible rhetoric we hear from people like Trump and Cruz.

  4. Ever hear of FinCens?
    It is part of the Treasury Department.
    Trump Taj Mahal just paid a $10,000,000 fine to it!
    It let terrorists use it to launder money!
    Follow the money trail!

    • Hillary Clinton bought Chelsea a $10,000,000 condo with funds given to the Clinton Foundation from anonymous donors. How’s that for a money trail?

        • Perfectly boring. Because i could care less where anyone gets their cash. You on the other hand are one who wrings hands dreaming up all kinds of silly notions of corruption and evil contributed to the all mighty buck. Give it a rest, pal. I’m just having a little fun pointing out the hypocrisy.

          • Oh, please. You’re sitting back in your comfy home typing away on your fancy computer. You have nothing to fear. Now relax and enjoy your weekend and knock off the hand wringing.

          • Nothing to fear.
            Virgil Earp was shot in the back!
            Morgan Earp was assassinated!
            Police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were murdered!
            Who is going to shoot first?

          • Simmer down?
            Ray Kot, Sunnil Rattu and Martin Caballero were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
            Expect me to be calm about that?

      • No evidence has been provided to substantiate your claim. If there was any, Bill and Hillary would have been prosecuted for money laundering, using a tax exempt charitable institution to profit from it.

      • Why would Bill and Hillary buy their daughter a condo? Chelsea and her husband can afford it on their own. Between the two of them they are worth over $30 million and Marc make $2 million a year.

        • Good point. Considering Chelsea’s complete lack of any skill or talent, one must be curious about that kind of pay day. Thanks for bringing it up.

          • It’s Marc that makes $2 million a year. Chelsea isn’t doing as well but don’t sell her short. She is educated and there are people out there that will pay to here what she says. You don’t need to be smart to be famous these days look at the Kardashian’s.

          • Well, seeing that you’re setting a pretty low bar with the Kardashians, I guess it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to pay Chelsea 75 grand for one hours worth of speaking drivel. Capitalism ain’t so bad after all, huh?

          • I know that wealth and brains don’t always go hand in hands. We have the world greatest used care salesman running for President. Had daddy not had money he could own a string of used car lots right now. You are not impressed with Chelsea but what do you really know about her. She comes from a family that has done well for themselves and married well. She did well in college and has worked for the family business, other then that she has kept her noise clean and not done anything stupid. She could have acted like GW’s girls and made the news for her misdeeds. Presidents kids don’t have a very good track record. GW and Jeb are most likely the best of the bunch.

          • Why wouldn’t you talk about the Bush family, they are part of our history and ran the country for 12 years. I didn’t blame the Bush’s for anything except for having kids and said that of the children of presidents they were about the best. Do you feel a need to defend the Bush family? I didn’t care much for GW but Jeb was my second choice of the Republicans running. I love the fact that it’s OK to blame Hoover for the great depression but not GW for his down turn. It’s all part of history and I’m sorry but the facts can’t be changed now. We need to learn from the mistakes that were made and not do the same again.

          • Chelsea has many skills and talents that you obviously aren’t aware of. She’s a very intelligent young woman in her own right! Boy, are you ever brainwashed…..ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? You definitely are suffering from this and the delusions put forth by the right wing politicians, etc.

          • Getting a little upset are you? Suffering from a bit of insecurity. Bern sweeping three states? Doesn’t look good for ol’ lying Hillary.

        • My source? Three monkeys. One covering his eye’s. Another, his mouth. And the third, his ears. But you know monkeys, they’ll do anything for a banana.

          • Getting all huffy and puffy, are we? I like that. It means you’re nervous about something. The pressure is starting to get to you. Nice.

        • Did i push your button? Excellent. You guys are really showing signs of insecurity. Are you getting nervous about something? Hmmmm?;)

          • Sounds to me like you get a little twisted awfully quick. That’s a sign of insecurity. I like that.

          • And the best part is, you’re not the only one doing it. All Hillary’s supporters used to think it was in the bag. Now the relentless questions about her integrity and trustworthiness are starting to take effect. Instead of laughing it off, you’re getting all twitchy and demanding a source. Wanting to know where it was published. Who said what and when was it said. Who knows? It could be complete bunk for all i care. But it’s working. Thats important. Kinda like Richard Gere and the Gerbil. Nobody knows the source. But he’s stuck with it. Probably an ex girlfriend who helped him shove the little bugger up his bum. Nobody knows, but then again, we all really know. Now we have Hillary. The Clintons are shady. Everyone knows this. Their armor is cracking, and you’re sweating. And i think it’s funny. Now, try to relax, kids. November approaches.

          • Speak for yourself. It is just like the Hillary the liar claim. It is the age old problem that some individuals have, repeating a claim often enough, and it comes true. Factually, Trump has eclipsed all other candidates for outright lies. Go to any fact checking site to confirm this, including one which found 75% lies, or pants on fire lies in 76 of his analized statements. yet the Faithful choose to ignore reality. The same goes for the Clinton shadyness, which you have aparently also bought into. Any proof other than someone said, and imiyou are perhaps mndlessly repeating it?

            So, no I am not sweating, the truth will come out in the end, good, bad , or indifferent.

          • That’s the beauty of this…You are indeed sweating. In buckets. Sitting there pouring over the fact checking data. Bothering to tap out the percentage of lies told by Trump, who, by the way, purposefully says some of the most outlandish things intending to goad people like yourself into a feverish hissy of hysterical cries of foul play. It’s comical. You have become a parody of yourself. Trump just smiles, shrugs, and watches his poll numbers climb. Look, I don’t really care what Hillary does. She’s just a dope. And i enjoy watching her take a dive regardless.

      • That’s a bunch of BS!!! Not sure where you heard that one, but it’s one of the many fallacies that the RW seems to keep putting out there to continue to brainwash their uninformed masses!!! Chelsea and her husband have more than enough money to buy their own condo……they don’t need funds from the Clinton Foundation. And, probably the funds that you speak of were part of Chelsea’s salary for working for the Foundation. You know, she DOES get a salary.

  5. Conason’s shrill warning is bunk. Brussels is hardly a nation of tough talking politicians alienating Muslims. Yet, attacks happen there regardless. Islam has a violence problem. And those who are committed to killing others don’t care where they conduct a strike. They care about easy body counts. Wherever they may be.

    • Belgium is, indeed, a peaceful and very sophisticated country. The problem is that the Muslims living there, like the ones in France, tend to live in ghettos and do not assimilate well, not because they are not encouraged to do so, but because they don’t want to. Don’t forget that most of the terrorists responsible for the attacks in Paris and Brussels were born and/or raised in Europe.

  6. The problem this nation faces is that Islam is not “just” a religion. It is also a system of laws, government, and personal relationships which , according to the mandates of the Quran, have no tolerance for other religons or democratic forms of government, and directs its believers to work to convert the population to Islam,, and replace all Western forms of Government with Islamic governments..It is all laid out in the Quran, for any American with enought intellectual curioslty to read and understand.

    What would be most helpful is for American Muslims to expalin how they can remain true Muslims, yet delibertaly disregard the directives of the Quran, the word of Allah, to turn all Western Host nations into a Muslim nations with Islam as the only permitted religion.and form of government.

    America has a problem, one which we must face, instead of choosing to pretend it does not exist.which is exactly what this article and our leaders seem to be doing.

    Read the Quran for yourself. Translations are available on line.

    • You’re a moron, just no other way to put. No wait, an ignorant fool of a moron! I guess there was another way to put. Actually what we need explained is the christian con artists in this country and why they are trying to destroy our country? American muslims don’t have to explain anything! At least nothing more than other idiots who believe in made up fairy tales. Just unbelievable how stupid you are and how your type of stupidity permeates the country. I’m gonna need you to explain why your people, like Dylan Roof, Cliven Bundy, and all the other white terrorists are killing people!! Mo RON!

      • Have you actually bothered to read all the specifics in the Quran wthich direct the forcible conversions of Infidels once Islamic control of a nation is attained ? Obviously you have not. Why don’t you first google “religion of peace”

        You might actually learn something you did not know

        Sorry, you are wrong. Muslims in American do need to explain why those explicit directives contained in the Quran, the word of Allah, do not apply to them, but only Muslims in the Middle East.some of which have chosen to implement those directives According to the Quran, Muslims are not to migrate to other non Muslim Nations unless it is for the purpose of converting those nations to Islam They may not migrate if soley for the purpose of bettering their lives.

        Why don’t you first attempt to understand the issues being raised, rather than going to name calling?

        • I’d like to reiterate my earlier point, you’re a moron and apparently a very prejudiced moron!! Have you bothered to read a bible? Where people are stoned to death for the smallest of crimes, where a male believe old man in the sky asks a father to kill his own child, where entire cities are murdered and every living thing is killed. Of course not, cause you’re a moron and somehow made up muslim mythology is different from made up white people mythology. Don’t get me wrong they’re both ridiculous fairy tales but your attempt to play one fairy tale as worse than the others is nothing more than your ignorance and prejudice combined with an incredibly small world view.! Hey but keep on trucking!

        • Apparently you haven’t read the Bible lately….the ENTIRE Bible. It’s full of killing, murdering, etc., just as the Quran. It’s all a matter of how it’s interpreted by the various religions. We can read the Bible and see the misfortunes of the past that were done in the name of religion, and we can see that we cannot live the same way. The Bible, for your information, is NOT factual…’s a book of parables. It attempts to explain to us how we should hope to live our lives to the best of our abilities and to see where the past went wrong and move forward in a more constructive manner. This is the same as the Quran……it’s all in how it’s interpreted by the various groups of Muslims.

          • Actually, the Bible “contains” parables. The Bible is not a “book of parables.”

            The Bible does not attempt to explain how we are to live to the best of our abilities. The Old Testament “in brief” is the record of creation/sin/the fall/expulsion from paradise. God’s interaction with man and His promise of redemption/salvation, the giving of the Law, the origin of the nation of Israel, the captivity and the prophecies pointing to the birth of the Messiah/Savior. The law demonstrates the sinfulness of man. There is no accommodation for “doing your best.”

            The New Testament documents the birth of the Messiah, the life of Jesus, the ministry of the Apostles and Disciples, the early church and declares the Gospel/ Salvation in Jesus Christ to be preached to the world.

            The Qu’ran rejects this, rejects Jesus as Lord, rejects the Triune nature of God, rejects the fulfillment of the Law, and rejects the very Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ Who is the only hope for human kind. The Qu’ran is diametrically opposed to Biblical teaching and history.

  7. Joe Constipated is full of malarkey.To this moron RED, I will meet you in Hell and destroy your swarmy life.

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