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Monday, June 25, 2018

The improving global economy has triggered a near-record increase in heat-trapping CO2 emissions, according to new statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This makes it unlikely that global warming can be contained, as world leaders had hoped.

Carbon dioxide levels rose 2.67 parts per million in 2012 to just under 395 ppm. The jump was the second highest ever recorded, behind only 1998 — another year that saw tremendous economic activity.

The U.S. begin measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in 1959.

“The globally-averaged temperature for January, 2013 tied with 1995 as the ninth warmest January since recordkeeping began in 1880,” NOAA reports. “January, 2013 also marks the 37th consecutive January and 335th consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th century average.”

“In 2009, the world’s nations agreed on a voluntary goal of limiting global warming to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit over pre-industrial temperature levels,” AP science writer Seth Borenstein reports. “Since the mid-1800s, temperatures have already risen about 1.5 degrees.”

Current pollution trends translate to another 2.5 to 4.5 degrees of warming within the next several decades, according to John Reilly, co-director of the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.

The amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere and the amount being produced by factories are both higher than the worst-case scenarios climate scientists have been relying upon, according to Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann.

This means that the harmful effects of climate change may begin happening more rapidly. The evidence shows that it’s already playing a role in making storms like Hurricane Sandy worse.

For a simple explanation of why action on climate change is so essential, watch this talk from’s David Roberts:

52 Responses to Big Jump In CO2 Suggests Earth Will Warm Faster Than Expected

    • So, since you seem to be an expert on the climate, why don’t you enlighten the rest of us mere mortals and explain how Global Warming is a hoax and the impact that
      the hoax will have on the rest of us.

        • That’s right, your not an expert, so what qualifies you to be so critical towards people who make it their job to know about climate change. If you want to ridicule,
          try sticking to something you have more knowledge of. You are always on here attacking liberals but you never have anything of value to add. Try some critical
          thinking once in a while and stay away from FOX news, that shit will eat your brain.

          • Stop globel whining!!! Scaring people into giving up the way they have lived all their lives

          • That’s it in a nutshell isn’t it Lana, you and those like you are afraid of change. Well, too bad because change is a necessary part of existence so get over it. People
            like you have been affecting national policy by the politicians you vote for, far too long. Your ride is about to come to an abrupt end. Every fear you have
            doesn’t mean shit compared to what’s going on with the planet so suck it up.

          • What does that even mean? God isn’t going to save us but science might. I prefer not to leave my fate in the hands
            of God.

          • This is exactly what the problem is.

            Some people believe that their god is going to come down and fix all of our problems IF we pray enough and follow it to the letter.

            We’ve seen way too many times in past history how that works.

            Most of us believe that with the right scientific knowledge we can make this world a better place to live, even if we have to suffer through it for awhile while these major needed changes take effect.

            Basically this means denying the money grubbers their profit margins, redirecting their profits into making this world a better place to live for EVERYONE.

            Unfortunately though, regardless, the money grubbers are going to go along for the ride whether they like it or not and sooner than they think.

          • Hallelujah!!! Can I get a Amen brother Mike!!! Say it with me now, Amen, Hallelujah!!!
            God will smite all the unbelievers and cleanse the Earth of all the wickedness and
            build his glorious kingdom for his children. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!
            I think I over did it with the exclamation points but I was really feeling it man.

          • Haha:)

            Like I said to someone else, believe that, and I’ll also sell you the Golden Gate Bridge, maybe even New York’s Brooklyn Bridge as a bonus offer.

            Trying not to knock someone’s religion too badly. But, ya got to take most of it with a huge amount of salt.

          • Quite honestly, some of us aren’t even sure if Lana is who she/he claims to be. I believe Lana derives pleasure from all the attention given to her. But I also believe that she is really just a troll trying to insight the rest of us and she probably doesn’t
            believe half the crap she spews. I could be wrong though and yes I do agree with you.

          • Scaring people into believing in what you want them to believe in is evil and cowardly. You need to start with getting other countries to believe in what you believe. Other wise, why are you wasting your time. Like I said, if you’ve got “globel Warming” go take a cold shower!!!!

          • Doing the right thing is never a waste of
            time. It doesn’t matter how many other
            countries are on board or not. By the
            way, plenty of other industrialized
            countries are already doing their part.

            There are some exceptions such as China and India and some other
            developing countries but most other
            countries have been developing
            technologies to counter the effects
            of Global Warming for a while now.

          • Fred;

            Don’t even bother to reply. It’s not worth the trouble. Just ignore IT as much as possible.

            As of a few days ago, I started FLAGGING IT if its comments become too offensive.

            You can’t cure stupidity. But, we might be able to “contain” its stupidity to only itself.

  1. For those Nay Sayers about Global Warming………..

    Just wait till food prices match your mortgage or car payments.

    What we experienced with Hurricane Sandy is just a taste of what is to come.

    I’m glad I didn’t make any kids that is going to need to live through this.

    For the religious, you better start praying REAL HARD! It is not going to save you.


    • My children are not a worry the youngest was born in 1983 by the time allthis happens he should be long gone. It is my grandchildren I worry about. All scientific studies indicate global warming is real. I believe it to be a fact with which we need to deal.

      Pray would be good! But even us religious fokes need to do a hellof a lot more than pray! God only helps those who help themselves.

      However, Michael Mann’s presentation lost some credability when he stated a 12 C increase in the average temp would cause the avg temp to go from 81F to 170F. Do the math 1C =1.8F, 12C=12.6F so the average would rise from 81F to 103.6F rounded up to 104F. He is a scientist, he knows better. He also forgot, or did it not fit his presebtation, to mention that earth has an extremly hot core.

      Those are things that give the Nay Sayers opurtunities refute his argument.

      Have a good evening

      • The rise to 170 degrees is probably pretty close but, like Michael states, we won’t be around to experience it. While the rise in global temperatures in the near future will only be a degree or two celsius, this will exacerbate the already deteriorating ability of the earth and the atmosphere to accomodate changes. Such minor changes in the overall temp. around the world will, in the short term, lead to quicker loss of the polar icecaps and glaciers, rise in coastal water levels, etc., in the longer term we will see drastic changes in sea currents, most noticeably for us on the US East Coast, the Gulf Stream, something which is already happening as can be seen by the last two years in our Northeast. As this large ocean current changes, so will the weather from Florida to Western Europe. As the cold water from the icecaps and glaciers flow into the oceans, it will gradually warm, heating up the oceans and bringing about even larger and more severe storms. El nino and la nina will become more and more drastic in their influence on the continental American weather, variations in the jet stream will become wilder, bringing cold air down further south, and drawing Gulf moisture and heat further north

        • He did not present any new material just expanded known studies. I am a believer. My point was and is if you are not exact in your presentation you give the nay sayers ammo to attempt to shoot down your theory. With the data he presented the average high would need to be 149F. Those type highs generally occur in arid areas where nothing grows now.

          His theory is right on. embelishments do not help his cause only hurt.

          • I agree with you, completely. Unfortunately, explaining the dynamics of global warming is extremely complicated, involving areas that will experience weather conditions that would be considered counter to the arguement. However, it is the deviations from norm that are important, and perhaps the writer should have emphasized that point. While where I live, we are experiencing one of the mildest winters in recent memory (a deviation from normal), what is occurring in the Northeast is one of the most severe winters on record (a deviation from the normal). And that is my main complaint about the presentation of the global warming hypothesis, and, as you say, it is also why so many of those who do not wish to believe in the science of global warming have fuel for their battle.

          • Even IF Global Warming was a Hoax, one would think we would do everything we could to make our Planet a better place to live for future generations.

            Evidently, no one really seems to give a hoot.

            But, but but, remember, god is going to fix EVERYTHING!………………

            Believe that, and I’ll sell you the Golden Gate Bridge.

          • It is all about nest quarters bottom line and the futuer be Damned! Making our Planet a better place to live means long teru investment not short term profit. Big money has sold the unclean, all of the middle class and poor, on instant gradification.

          • Yes, we’ve all been duped to the MAX.

            No Pain – just short term profit and instant gratification.

            We’re all going to pay a heavy price for this one of these days, and we’ll deserve it.

            The Fat Cats, they’ll buy their way out of it for awhile. But, it will catch up to them as well. Then, its going to be interesting to see where they’re going to float their million dollar Yachts and buy their once-a-day Kobe Steaks.

            Just a matter of time.

            Soylent Green may come truer sooner than we think.

          • This is one of the consequences of embracing religious dogma rather than scientific facts.

            This enables some people to reject all scientific research and validated facts.

          • It’s scary, isn’t it, that a supposedly intelligent person can assert that early humans and dinosaurs inhabited the earth at the same time merely from some tracks. And because an old bishop in England did some Biblical extrapolating that reasonable people can say that the earth is only about 6,000 years old. In the First Book of Genesis, where it states that God created man, there are two differing versions – one claims that Adam was made first and that Eve was made later because Adam needed a companion; while the other claims that God created male and female at the same time from the same clump of clay. This is but one of many contradictions in the Bible. I never did understand the sacrifice thing- why did God suddenly change demands for sacrifice? Could it be that He was evolving?

          • Ha:)

            Who knows.

            Probably what went on was a Monk drank too much of their own Wine and was writing down their own interpretation on a piece of scrap papyrus and forgot to throw it out.

            Later Gutenberg included it into the new standardized bible.

      • I don’t think he said that a 12 c rise in temperature would make the ‘average’ temperature on earth go to 170F; what he said was; If the average temperature rises by 12 C from the current 15 c (or to 27C), or as you say the average on earth would go from 59F to 81F, then SOME PLACES ON EARTH could become far too hot for people to live on. For example: where Phoenix AZ now gets to 115-120 when the earth’s average is 59F; places like Phoenix could get to 170F when the average earth temperature rises to 81F.

        • You could be correct. But I listen twice and understood it as a place with an average temp of 81F, a hellish average, rose 12C it could get to 170F. A problem with watchinf a vidio is we can not stop him and say please explain. No rewind and explain.

        • IF this global warning goes unchecked and become a runaway situation, in a few centuries, we could all find ourselves living totally underground and eating nothing but mushrooms and even our dead.

          This is no joke, not kidding in the least. The surface of the earth will become totally unlivable, nothing will grow on it. All life will become extinct above ground.

          In another few centuries after that, we won’t be able to live underground either and we’ll either be forced to leave earth completely or all die off.

          After that, the earth’s surface and atmosphere will become like Venus. What we will do to Earth in the near future, will advance the destruction of Earth at least by 500 millions.

          Here is a little history lesson for those who don’t know what all of our futures is going to be.

          I didn’t pull this 500 million year timetable out of the wind either. This is solid scientific fact, even if we didn’t do anything at all.

          Our Sun will grow to a Red Giant Stage around 400 to 500 billions years in the future and destroy all the inner planets in its expanding outer surface. But, long before that, the Sun will start heating up everything within its influence (the 500 million year figure I quoted above). Earth will be dead long before its Red Giant Stage.

          In the final End, the Sun will loose its gravitational pull since its burned all its mass off. All the planets that are left will veer out of their orbits and just float away. Our Sun will become a White Dwarf Star and burn for billions of years afterwards. Eventually, the Sun will be nothing but a burned out Cinder and the Solar System will be no more.

          Latest predictions is that our Universe will become colder and colder as the result of its expansion. Maybe in a few million years mankind may be able to figure a way out of this doomsday theory. But, I doubt it.

          We will destroy ourselves long before that.

      • His major verifiable point is the rise in ppm of CO2, which is hastening the rate of warming. The Greenland glacier is melting at an accelerated rate because of the presence ON the ice of carbon, which is causing the ice to absorb heat rather than reflecting heat. Satellite imagery shows that icecaps around the globe are more gray than white. This is hastening melting of ice masses, which is leading to rising seas, which is leading to the disruption of currents due to the influx of huge volumes of water,which is creating a logical progression of cause and effect, something the naysayers refuse to accept. They are not our enemies, but they are entrenched in their ignorance, and those to whom they listen are encouraging their ignorance, either through contrarinessor for some ulterior motive. People like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, even Rush Limbaugh really are intelligent enough to get the arguements of those who believe in global warming; but, for whatever the reason, they are encouraging their followers to believe otherwise. This is irresponsible and foolish, and their handlers know this. Limbaugh, et al, are not at the top of the food chain, after all, and those who direct them have some motive to discourage belief in the theories of global warming. As is usually the case, one must follow the money, and the money will inevitably lead to the REAL reason behind the resistance to changes demanded to counteract global warming.

  2. Too bad Mr. Sattler doesn’t know the difference between “then” and “than”. Why assume that an illiterate has credibility?

    • @Reddiaperbaby
      Wow, good work. A typo is all you need to reject an entire article, a typo which may have been introduced by an editor?

  3. Wow, good work. A typo is all you need to reject an entire article, a typo which may have been introduced by an editor?

  4. I can’t take anyone seriously who links a TEDx presentation as factual information… unless of course I am the person on TEDx…. since clearly anyone can do it. Buy my book!

  5. I just read an item from The Union of Concerned Scientists, in which it is claimed that the tobacco and oil industries are behind the formation of the “grassroots Tea Party”. While most of us (and probably most Tea Partiers) think the Tea Party was formed just recently as a grassroots rebellion against taxes, it was really formed in the 1980’s by an organization associated with the Koch brothers. I think that pretty much says it all. If you want good, sound ammunition against the naysayers, go to the Union of Concerned Scientists website and find the item titled “Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air” Redux:Tea Party Edition. It is very interesting.

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