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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Big Surprise: Republicans Go Birther On Obama — But Easy On Foreign-Born Cruz

Big Surprise: Republicans Go Birther On Obama — But Easy On Foreign-Born Cruz

A new poll from Democratic-aligned Public Policy Polling shows a remarkable state of belief among Republican voters, about who exactly was or wasn’t born in America.

Responding to the question, “Do you think Barack Obama was born in the United States?” only 29 percent of Republicans answered yes, against 44 percent who said no, and 26 percent were not sure.

The next question from PPP was, “Do you think Ted Cruz was born in the United States?” And here the answer from Republicans was 40 percent yes, 22 percent no, and 39 percent not sure.

According to the (legally) undisputed factual record, President Obama was born in America (Hawaii, to be precise), and Ted Cruz was not.

Although Cruz was born in the city of Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta, where his parents were living and working in the oil industry, his mother was a U.S. citizen, thus conferring American citizenship upon the young Ted. His Cuban-exile father, however, was for a long time a citizen of Canada, and did not become a naturalized American citizen until 2005. (About a year ago Cruz initiated the legal process to successfully renounce his Canadian birthright citizenship.) It’s probably worth mentioning that Cruz opposes birthright citizenship for children born in America to undocumented parents.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this national poll of Republicans shows that Donald Trump continues to lead the race for the GOP nomination, with 29 percent support. In second place is Dr. Ben Carson with 15 percent, then Jeb Bush at 9 percent, Carly Fiorina 8 percent, and Marco Rubio 7 percent.

A further nightmare for the Republican establishment, Trump also leads in a series of hypothetical two-way matchups — suggesting that his current advantage in the polls is not simply owed to the fact that there is such a large field of other candidates.

However, one candidate does actually lead Trump: Fellow non-establishment candidate Carson, with 49 percent against The Donald’s 43 percent.

The other matchups:

  • Trump 59 percent, Bush 34 percent
  • Trump 48 percent, Fiorina 41 percent
  • Trump 50 percent, Rubio 42 percent
  • Trump 53 percent, Walker 39 percent
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85 Responses to Big Surprise: Republicans Go Birther On Obama — But Easy On Foreign-Born Cruz

  1. You see now how irrational they are.
    For years, birthers blather about where Barack was born (even though it meant absolutely nothing in regard to his eligibility). Then the base *ignores* where Ted was born, even though that is just as irrelevant for the same reason.

    • As one of their own state the Regressive Party is brainwashed. “Economist
      Bruce Bartlett, he served as a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and as a Treasury official under George H. W. Bush., warned that Fox News had damaged the Republican Party by creating a bubble for conservatives to brainwash themselves.

      In his paper “How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics” published earlier this month, Bartlett theorized that watching the network was essentially “self-brainwashing” for viewers, making them believe that the United States was a more conservative nation than it actually was. And so the Republican Party had responded by running radical conservatives that representative Fox News viewers, but not the true state of the electorate.

      “Many conservatives live in a bubble where they watch only Fox News on television, they listen only to conservative talk radio — Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, many of the same people,” Bartlett told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday. “When they go onto the Internet, they look at conservative websites like National Review, Newsmax, World Net Daily.” “And so, they are completely in a universe in which they are hearing the same exact ideas, the same arguments, the same limited amount of data repeated over and over
      and over again. And that’s brainwashing.”

      Bartlett asserted that it was a bigger problem for conservatives than liberals because they did not have their own network for a long time, and then they “drank very heavily from the Fox waters.”

      CNN report;”

      Bruce Bartlett’s paper:

      • And this little chart below, created by Fairliegh Dickinson University, actually shows what happens when these conservatives are brainwashed by Fox Propaganda (they don’t broadcast news). And not only does Fox not really broadcast the news, they often distort the news they broadcast – and Fox will actually censors the news – either by not broadcasting at all news that’s favorable to the Dems or the left; Or in many instances ,if Fox broadcasts a left-wing favorable news item, they’ll do it quickly at times when they know listenership is down.

        Here’s the chart which shows that Fox listeners/viewers actually know less about the true news than people who don’t intentionally watch any specific news programs.

    • It does something in regard to his eligibility. The constitution requires a birth-right citizen as president. Of course that definition had to be smoothed a bit for all the presidents up through Jackson, for they were born in British colonies of British parents.
      Isn’t it interesting that the last three Republican candidates actually had questions attached to that. McCain was born in the Canal zone of American parents, and Romney was born in Mexico of two American Parents who were missionaries. Must be projection, for Obama, the only one questioned, was assuredly born in the US.

    • The real reason behind the disparity in treatment is that even though Blacks {African-Americans, children of slaves, etc.} were granted citizenship via constitutional amendment… there was always a wink-and-a-nod attitude associated with this freedom of citizenship. Certain elements in America would never accept Blacks as full citizens no matter what amendments were passed. These attitudes have passed down from father and mother to son and daughter over the generations… and so Blacks are viewed as being full citizens “in name only.” At every step along the way obstacles are put in the path… somebody who has a white complexion like Ted Cruz is automatically accepted… while Blacks that actually worked and slaved here and fought in the wars for centuries, are questioned… That is your republican party today. If Obama were some pasty-faced white guy… nobody would even care.

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  3. Technically, Cruz’ birth in Canada to a US parent does not automatically guarantee his citizenship. It could be challenged for the following reason: His mother was not in Canada as part of any official delegation from the United States either as part of a military or diplomatic mission, or a spouse to someone meeting those requirements. She was there as a private citizen working on a visa. This is unlike John McCain, who was born in the US Navy Hospital in Panama, when his father was stationed there. This would make an amusing argument before the US Supreme Court!

    • Because he was born outside the country, with only one American parent, he does need to spend 2 years living in the US before his 18th birthday.

    • Actually, where did you get those stipulations about being overseas on some kind of official delegation? I have not seen those. I’m quite certain that if a U.S. citizen is vacationing abroad for a spell and delivers a baby, that baby is automatically an American citizen.

      However, what is stipulated in the Constitution and is a caveat however, is whether or not his mother lived for 5 years in the U.S. after her 14th birthday. Had she gone to Canada before age 19 and not returned to finish out that 5 year period, Ted would not have automatically been a U.S, citizen at birth.

  4. Note was made that Cruz opposes birth-right citizenship. The history of the 14th amendment is that it was to guarantee slaves full rights as citizens. And it served our immigrants well too. It meant that any second generation immigrant had full citizenship rights. Of course had there there been such an opt out, no Negros would ever have been full citizens, because their mothers would always have been non-citizens.
    It is interesting that the countries encouraging immigration, do this.
    For a long time, Germany did not have such a law and it meant that Jews never became citizens way back through the middle ages. But Germans born many generations later in Russia, for Katherine the Great had encouraged advanced, minority farmers from the west to settle in Russia to upgrade her agriculture. Hence the famous Russian Minnonites, as well as many of the Jews. But comes the Russian revolution, and the later German invasions, such “Germans” were viewed suspiciously.
    In the US and Canada generally the suspicion was limited to putting pressure to bear on German-speaking churches to change to English and changing the names of some towns. The biggest town to have a name change was Berlin, Ontario, which became Kitchener, renamed for the British military commander.

    • Fits “otto” who is probably Joe Schmo whose parents were nazis that escaped the Russians who weren’t too happy with the nazis who murdered whole villages in Russia. He didn’t have a chance to learn, at his parents’ knees, what real democracy is.

          • Otto, stop being an idiot. This is obviously a fake. Pres. Obama has his own autobiography, and this is NOT in it. Did you not note the “Breibeirt” Watermark? That should be your clue that it is fake. Most folks, other then RWNJs, know that Breibeirt is propaganda for the RWNJ/Fox crowd.

            Go back to Fox, where they believe the world is flat, so they might believe you.

          • It’s completely real. Look it up. His book agent, Acton & Dystel, claimed the error was on their part, which makes no sense given how those bios are created. The most likely explanation is that Obama at that time was pretending to have been born in Kenya.

          • YOUR original post (you know, 1 foot up above?) has a BRIETBART watermark!!!
            A KNOWN HATE group with NO credibility WHATSOEVER!

            So no, you are very clearly fooled by the RWNJ blowhards.

          • Otto, there are about 6 other post , in this same thread, that point out that this is a fake post, verified by Snopes, also repudiated by President Obamas own autobiography.

            And yet you still insist that it is real? Yes, and the world is flat because we can all SEE that…

          • Your written comprehension is a little off. Again, right up above Snopes said it was false, and later this info was removed BECAUSE it was false!

          • Actually, I’m not bothering to look because I have heard what you are saying Otto, but don’t know if it was changed. But I do know that originally it was said that it was written by a literary agent, not Obama’s agent by the way, and was later corrected. Accidents happen. How you and the rest of the Birchers … Sorry I mean Birthers … Use that as evidence contrary to ALL the other more credible evidence shows your pathology. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. There is absolutely no doubt about that, just as there is no doubt that Ted Cruz …. Excuse me …. Raphael Cruz … Was born of a Communist Cuban father and American mother in Canada.

          • Whoever is a white supremacist hate group called Breitbart. They pander to those hateful people who are looking for the worst because our President is a Black man. They are disgusting and a malignancy to Democracy and refuse to believe facts if they don’t back up their hate.

          • I support the Southern Poverty Law Center, also, and you are right. I always wonder about the type of people who are drawn to those hate sites and repeat their garbage. They are a drag on civilization.

        • it is a fake read the newspaper article Obama did after Harvard appointed him as head law review,better yet, read his autobiography book,

    • Look this up on Snopes, looks Like this was a real article, info not given by obama and the author and Harvard later retracted this wrong info, It did not come from Obama. hE WeNT TO Columbia Unv. first, they had him born in Hawaii Harvard had those transcripts.THIS is just spreading false information around.

  5. I wish the media would just start being honest. Of course Fox News does not count as media and will never be honest but real media should. Just start reporting the fact that the Republican party is a disgusting hate group filled with the most ignorant and vile trash in the U.S. It’s time to quit pretending that there is a battle between democrats and republicans and they just have different ideas. The battle is between decent human beings capable of ration and reason versus the dullards of ignorance, racism, bigotry, and general stupidity, and of course those that exploit the ignorance of the Cons.

    • Pray tell, what is the GOP idea? An oligarchy? An autocracy? Government so small Hitler would be proud? Rich men stealing from the middle class to puff out offshore tax free bank accounts to date at $67 trillion in untaxed US dollars?

      Don’t try to tell me what 33 years as a female Republican taught me.

  6. I refuse to vote for a party is ignorant, that don’t believe in facts. and they don’t it just not this one poll. the gop is still hung up on the birther stuff the president never pretended he was born IN Kenya, his books had his bio in them, that clearly stated is place of birth which listed Hawaii..

    • In case there are still some wandering skeptics, see this from what is considered by many in the know as being one of America’s most reliable news sources behind NPR – USA Today:

      HONOLULU (AP) — Lost in the renewed scrutiny into President Obama’s birth records is the fact that anyone can walk into a Hawaii vital records office, wait in line behind couples getting marriage licenses and open a baby-blue government binder containing basic information about his birth.

      Highlighted in yellow on page 1,218 of the thick binder is the computer-generated listing for a boy named Barack Hussein Obama II born in Hawaii, surrounded by the alphabetized last names of all other children born in-state between 1960 and 1964. This is the only government birth information, called “index data,” available to the public.

      So far this month, only the Associated Press and one other person had looked at the binder, according to a sign-in sheet viewed Wednesday in the state Department of Health building. The sheet showed about 25 names of people who have seen the document since March 2010, when the sign-in sheet begins.

      • Cruz’s mom walked into a Calgary hospital gave birth to Ted Cruz and until 3 years ago, he was a Canadian citizen. You can get that information easily from the Calgary hospital he was born in. They’d have NO problem attesting to Cruz’s birthplace and his Canadian citizenship.

          • I’ll bet his Daddy is an illegal. There’s a saying in Alberta Canada…”Once a Canadian, ALWAYS a Canadian.”

            But, the Cruz equation is easy to figure out: Daddy Cruz an erstwhile Cuban refugee enters the US and heads to Texas, where as we all know, illegals are welcomed like they were born and bred. Then, Daddy marries his Canadian lover and lil Teddy is born while on Daddy’s hiatus in Canada. Takes a job with TransCanada Oil and then realizes how cozy Texas is to Hispanics and heads back to Big Oil country in Texas.

            Lil Teddy grows up with his head spinning like a top trying to figure out where his citizenship actually is. Is it Cuba? Texas? Canada? rofl

    • What’s even more perplexing, is that even if Barack Obama was born in Kenya, he would still have been qualified to run for president because his mother was an American citizen at his birth. And just like the children of thousands of America soldiers who have been born in cities around the world that are “genuine Ahave been Barack Obama, have been likewise. Which makes this whole birther issue even the more totally idiotic – just one more wasted ruse on the America public!!!.

    • Some t-party Republicans do not know that Hawaii is in the United States, just as one Republican governor tried to convince people that the Appalachian trail went from Maine to Argentina and they fell for it.

  7. My friends in Calgary Alberta Canada laugh at us. They would tell you that Cruz was born in Calgary and only gave up his Canadian citizenship 3 years ago. He is not eligible to be a Senator. When you are born in Canada, no matter where your mother or father is born, you ARE a Canadian citizen. The only exception to this is if your American citizen parents work in Canada and your are born there under a work permit.

    As such, Texas government used Cruz as the broker for Keystone and his ties in Calgary to Trans Canada Oil.

    Someone in the US government needs to thoroughly vet Cruz. According to the US Constitution, you cannot be a Senator unless your citizenship is older than 7 years.

  8. People really got fed up with gop promises They never kept,their approval rating was awful And they would not listen SO ALONG COMES Trump and he is listening more than the others who did not listen. its their own darn Fault.

  9. As has been said many times before, without ignorance, bigotry, and wishful thinking, the GOP wouldn’t have a prayer of survival, much less victopry in elections.

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