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Saturday, January 19, 2019

WASHINGTON — The roof fell in on John Boehner’s House of Representatives last week. The Republican leadership’s humiliating defeat on a deeply flawed and inhumane farm bill was as clear a lesson as we’ll get about the real causes of dysfunction in the nation’s capital.

Our ability to govern ourselves is being brought low by a witches’ brew of right-wing ideology, a shockingly cruel attitude toward the poor on the part of the Republican majority, and the Speaker’s incoherence when it comes to his need for Democratic votes to pass bills.

Boehner is unwilling to put together broad bipartisan coalitions to pass middle-ground legislation except when he is pressed to the wall. Yet he and his lieutenants tried to blame last Thursday’s farm legislation fiasco — the product of a massive repudiation by GOP conservatives of their high command — on the Democrats’ failure to hand over enough votes.

He seemed to think he could freely pander to the desire of right-wing members of his caucus to throw millions of low-income Americans off the food stamp program. When that didn’t produce enough votes, he then expected Democrats to support a measure that most of them rightly regarded as immoral. In the end, the bill went down, 234-195, with 62 Republicans voting no and 24 Democrats voting yes — more help, by the way, than Nancy Pelosi usually got from Republicans when she was Speaker.

Boehner can’t have it both ways, and he should be called out if he lets his party’s disarray throw the nation into an entirely unnecessary debt-ceiling crisis this fall. The nation shouldn’t be held hostage because of Republican chaos.

Start with the food stamp cuts, and let’s remember that this program is a monument to bipartisanship. The current form of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is, in large part, the product of an unlikely alliance between former Sens. Bob Dole and George McGovern in the 1970s. They were far apart ideologically, but both were horrified that too many Americans were going without nourishment. Food stamps have been an enormous success in curbing hunger in our rich nation, while also serving as a powerful stimulus to economic recovery during hard times.

The bill the House voted down would have cut food stamps by $20.5 billion, eliminating food assistance to nearly two million low-income people, most of them working families with children or senior citizens.

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113 responses to “Boehner’s House Implodes”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    If John wants to learn how to do his job correctly he only has to reach across the aisle. I’m sure Nancy would be willing to provide a few pointers.

  2. JSquercia says:

    Pelosi got it right when she said if he were a woman he would be called WEAK .Loved watching Stenny Hoyer lash into eric Cantor when Cantor tried to blame the Democrats for the defeat . The defeat came because some 60 or so Tea Party crackpots added an amendment to FURTHER reduce Food stamps and THEN they STILL voted against the Bill

    • Wanda Davidson says:

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  3. docb says:

    Lyin ryan was on the morning show lying about the Dems not voting as promised when it was the repubs who slipped in the Southerland Amendment that killed the bill that even repubs would not vote for…

    The total draconian push from the newbie white guy repub baggers to punish not govern is disgusting the electorate more daily! Blatant bigotry, sexism, misogyny and cruelty are all they stand for..NOT AMERICA!

  4. itsfun says:

    This isn’t about the farm bill passing or not. In a way its refreshing to see politicians not blindly follow the party line. This is not about Democrats or Republicans or Tea Party. I vote for my representatives to represent me not the political party. I didn’t have the opportunity to vote for any of the current party leaders. Should we just start voting for party leaders and save us the money we spend on the other Senators and Representatives? The way is is now, in practice, we have 3 people running the country and making laws and policy.

  5. Dominick Vila says:

    Cantor’s ability to maneuver around Boehner and undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the Speaker, suggest that Eric is after John’s job and that he has a good chance to get it.
    The farm bill was defeated because Tea Party members, under Cantor’s leadership, introduced a proposal to further reduce the issuance of food stamps that was objectionable, not only to Democrats but to many moderate Republicans.

    • KarenJ says:

      Some of those Republicans weren’t moderate at all. They voted against the farm bill because the cuts to food stamp benefits weren’t severe enough.

    • Fern Woodfork says:

      I Love The Way They Are Fighting With Each Other LOL Kinda Like The Hatfields And The McCoys!!! LOL Maybe They Will Kill Each Other Off And Who’s Left We Can Vote Them Out Of Offices!!! 🙂

  6. Catskinner says:

    The American taxpayers can be grateful the bill failed. There are few family farms of any size anymore that could take advantage of the subsidies. They all go to huge conglomerate ag-businesses, and there are way too many people on food stamps. Once again, Boehner did the right thing for the American people. Thank you Mr. Boehner.

    • charleo1 says:

      For one thing, how in the hell do you know there are too many people
      on food stamps? These low life, Cretans told you so? Once again Boehner
      failed at bringing about the outcome he supported. And, once again the
      Country was spared from the harm these no account, SOBs tried to
      impose on it. America will have one of it’s finest days, when these corp.
      fed, rat bastards, are expelled from the Hall of Congress, and no longer
      pose a threat to the well being of the citizens of this Nation.

      • Independent1 says:

        Charle, the day can’t come soon enough that the totally corrupt and despicable members of the GOP congressional delegation get ousted – we really need to work at seeing that happen starting in 2014!!

        • charleo1 says:

          You know I’m sure, the T-Holes are gearing up for another
          hostage taking situation over raising the debt ceiling again.
          So, not only have they proven themselves worthless as
          legislators. They’ve also shown themselves to be totally
          without regard as to the harm they are willing to inflect on
          the Country. As a means to force the Country to bend to
          their will. I will say to you, as one American to another.
          who both care deeply about our Country. Never have I
          seen, nor studied in a history book, a more anti-American
          group able to place itself in positions of such responsibility,
          as we’ve witnessed since 2010. So, yes! I’m going to do
          everything within my power to unseat these frauds, and
          phonies, wherever they hold power.

      • Catskinner says:

        I know there are too many people on food stamps because I always get stuck behind one of them at the supermarket.

        • KarenJ says:

          Wow. That’s the most illogical, selfish, uncharitable comment I’ve seen today.

          If it was intended to be snark or sarcasm, you failed at that, too.

        • midway54 says:

          One day some time ago, I was in line behind a self-absorbed, indifferent, uncaring scoundrel , and as the food stamps were produced by the customer to the cashier, this subhuman specimen said to me that he would himself like to sit home, unemployed, drink beer and watch TV and collect food stamps. He had no answer to the facts as I recited them to him that food stamps are distributed to those who are underemployed or paid lousy wages that qualify them for the stamps; that many elderly receive them because of low income and dire circumstances in their lives; and most importantly many of the families of our military personnel are qualified. This unspeakable pillar of excrement molded in human form obviously did not know this: He had no rejoinder, and I knew that he was just another of the ignorant, mentally deficient dupes who listen to rightwing lunatics and of course the rot coming out of Fox”News.” Sound familar?

          • idamag says:

            I knew many people who worked hard and worked long hours that qualified for food stamps.

        • charleo1 says:

          You do realize when you start parroting something you heard Louie Gomert say, you are scraping the bottom of a very nasty barrel? Yes, it’s true! So says Gomert. Louie had a friend, unnamed of course, that was telling him, the person ahead of him, had a grocery cart full of Alaskan King Crab Legs. Told Louie, he would just love to be able to afford those crab legs. But alas, he had a job, and so didn’t qualify for food stamps. Louie should have told his friend to get the hell out of the low wage, corp. run, right to work State. And crab legs wouldn’t be beyond his pay scale, for God’s sake! But, in Republican Land, nothing ever changes. The rich get richer, The poor get poorer. And, Ronald Reagan’s Black woman on welfare, with a half dozen illegitimate kids, getting out of her brand new Cadillac. Becomes the person buying fancy sea food, with their food stamps.

          • Catskinner says:

            My experiences have been different than Louie’s. I usually get wedged in between a customer behind me, so I can’t get out, and a food stamp user in front.

            It’s usually a woman, like you say, and the first thing she does is buy a bunch of stuff with those WIC cards–milk and cheese and stuff. With that done, she starts in the her groceries, which are usually potato chips, packaged cookies and pastries, bags of candy and boxes of crackers. When that’s done, and the taxpayers have completed the transaction for her, she takes out some cash and pays for an 18-pack of fortified beer. With that done, she pulls out more cash and orders a carton of cigarettes. This takes a while because the cashier has to lock up her till and go off to get the smokes. And while she’ll usually come back with the right brand, she’ll have red ones instead of green ones–or vise-versa. Then she’ll come back with short ones and the food stamp customer will want long ones.

            And by the time she finally leaves, all of my frozen things are thawed out.

          • AttilatheBlond says:

            You get “usually get wedged in between a customer behind me, so I can’t get out, and a food stamp user in front.” Really? So people in lines at stores hold you captive? Glue your feet to the floor? Hold a gun and threaten you with bodily harm if you just pull out of the line and go browse a bit until traffic slows down at the checkout? You poor lil thing. Poor you. OMG, we should have a special line in the store just so you don’t have to be around other people.

            Really, you can’t just walk away from a situation that you find so annoying? Or do you just make excused to grumble?

          • Catskinner says:

            I don’t know how grocery checkouts work where you live, Attila, but around here you take your cart and go down this little aisle way–like a cattle chute–and then put your groceries on a conveyor belt that takes them to the checker. She checks them out and passes them to a bagger who puts them back in your cart. Once you put your items on the belt and somebody moves in behind you, you’re stuck.

            There’s no walking away. You just stand there until the woman in front of you finishes her transaction with your tax money, and then you move on.

          • idamag says:

            By the repetitious rhetoric, I would say that catskinner is a liar,

          • AttilatheBlond says:

            Yeah, kinda getting that too. And I generally err on the side of giving people the benefit of the doubt, a couple three times.

          • BDC_57 says:

            One of biggest liar I have ever seen.

          • plc97477 says:

            I was going to say mitt romney but then it is the same thing.

          • idamag says:

            For some reason I do not believe you. I never look to see what the person in front of me buys or how they pay for it, but I have been shopping for over sixty years and have yet to witness that scenario. And as a former H & W worker. junk food is not covered by food stamps.

          • Catskinner says:

            Idamag, you need to get out more. I don’t see people buying much of anything other than junk food with food stamps. The only thing I know of you can’t buy is alcohol and tobacco. But haven’t you seen the documentaries on television where they’ve found people using food stamps to pay off bar tabs and buy their way into strip clubs?

            You need to do some research. And what about the recent investigation into all of those 7-11 Stores? It seems like their entire business consists of laundering food stamps.

          • idamag says:

            Why don’t you take pictures and post them? Why are you paying that much attention to people in the line, anyway? Oh, of course, you are trying to find some fault to back up what you say. I don’t believe you.

          • 4sanity4all says:

            You spend way too much time minding other people’s business. And you make a lot of assertions that sound like one shot deals and not true of most people on SNAP. You take one example and generalize it to include a whole group of people, which is fallacious thinking.

          • disqus_il6KG9d3VM says:

            This is so odd, I have four children and spend way too many hours grocery shopping. I have never once seen what the tea party loon says he has seen. Sounds like something Rush would say, even though he has servants to buy his food, and illegal drugs.

          • Catskinner says:

            I’d say it happens to me at least once or twice a month, but you must live in an upscale neighborhood.

          • 4sanity4all says:

            By your logic, any person on foodstamps can NEVER have a beer? Even if buying it in a supermarket is cheaper than going to a bar? And they can NEVER have potato chips? Good grief, man, it’s bad enough being poor, now you even begrudge them a treat? How mean spirited are you? How do you know they aren’t one of the underpaid WalMart workers? If I had to work in that place, I know I would need a cold one at the end of the day.

          • AttilatheBlond says:

            Susan Blankston, of Juanita Jean blog, pointed out that Gohmert is outright lying when he claims a constituent saw this crab buy. She said the market in Gohmert’s district does not sell king crab legs.

            Since I have heard the old crab story (and many variations with pricy foods, or Cadillac cars) for years, told by RW jerks from many different states, I will take Juanita Jean’s side of the crap leg meme. It’s just another urban myth some RW hacks created to justify their hateful treatment of the poor. Sad that so many on the Right fall for the propaganda, isn’t it?

            If the GOP/TP really cared about wise spending of tax dollars, they would insist on living wages so the taxpayer wouldn’t be stuck providing assistance to exploited workers. When 80% of SNAP beneficiaries are also working, it means we are subsidizing employers like Walmart. GOP/TP just like kicking people who are unable to defend themselves. And when they claim to be Christian, I generally quote their Christ on the matter of paying taxes.

          • idamag says:

            Add the person paying for food with stamps and dragging out cash for beer and cigarettes to your list of urban legends.

          • AttilatheBlond says:

            Yep, That schtick was old when I was young and that was a VERY long time ago.

          • charleo1 says:

            You are exactly right, of course. This story, with a small change
            here or there, has been circulating in Right Wing circles since
            the food program began. As had the 47% story Romney was
            taped retelling for the millionth time. A certain segment of the
            well to do, never tire of hearing it. It’s boilerplate at RW fund
            raisers. So, it’s nice to know these people are just as uncaring,
            and mean spirited behind closed doors, as many of them are
            in public. George W. used to open up his fundraisers with what
            passes for humor in these crowds. He’d say it’s great to be
            here, with the Haves, and Have Mores! In other words, my
            constituency! They did love George. Even as the trail of chaos
            in the wake of his Administration, fanned out for miles. He
            gave them their huge tax breaks, and tilted the system even
            more in their favor. Two things this bunch appreciates more
            than anything else. Sad, but true.

          • plc97477 says:

            If they really cared about wise spending of tax monies, they would insist that the house get to work and do something besides waste time and money.

          • Catskinner says:

            And you don’t?

          • idamag says:

            I live in a red state that takes more from the government than they take in. A survey showed we had more people working for minimum wage than any other state. So, you would think I would have witnessed something.

        • plc97477 says:

          Try shopping at a better time.

      • idamag says:

        Because catskinner sees things through his ideologic filter, he didn’t hear Obama say that there were a bunch of jobs that needed filling and they couldn’t find the skilled workers to fill them. His suggestion; Make education more readily available to give opportunity to those who wanted it. That does not sound like food stamp promotion to me.

    • Independent1 says:

      Who gave you the right to determine that “there are way too many people on food stamps”??? And if you feel that way, start voting the GOP legislative people in your district out of office, INCLUDING YOUR STATE REPS!!! The large influx in the need for food stamps over the past 4 years is greatly due to GOP legislators in RED STATES, cutting budgets and state services – so they can brag about balancing their budgets on the backs of their citizens. These dumcoff GOP legislators have done nothing but throw millions of their state residents out of work, and by cutting budgets and state services they’ve pushed millions of Red State residents into financial ruin requiring them to go on the Federal dole for unemployment payments and FOOD STAMPS!!!
      More than 70% of food stamps go to Red States!! 8 of the 10 states sucking the most Federal Aid are Red States!! 21 of the 23 states that have more than 15% of their people living below the poverty level, and therefore needing FOOD STAMPS, are RED STATES!!!!

      • Catskinner says:

        It doesn’t matter what color state they’re from. Obama is out trying to solicit clients for food stamps because he knows that once he gets them hooked they’ll join the class of the non-thinking, never look for a job again, and in order to survive they’ll think they have to vote Democrat.

        • Independent1 says:

          I’m guessing you’re getting paid to say this kind of stuff “once he (Obama) gets them hooked they’ll join the class of the non-thinking, never look for a job again”…because you really can’t be that clueless (or are you?).

          It’s not the people who live in states that voted for Obama who are not looking for jobs, it’s the people that live in states
          who voted for Romney. Here’s proof: 14 of the 17 states that are really supporting the country by sending far more money to Washington in taxes than they get back in federal assistance that all voted for Obama!! And all 10 of the states that get the least federal assistance, including unemployment payments, all voted for Obama!! In contrast, as I noted in my above post, 21 states that suck the most federal help, that includes for food stamps and unemployment payments all voted for Romney.

          You need to wake up, you have your head to far up the dark place.

          • disqus_il6KG9d3VM says:

            The ‘good’
            people in the tea party are not interested in truth or facts. They surely don’t want to feed hungry children. Gee, there might not be enough food left for them too stuff their fat faces with.

          • Independent1 says:

            But they want to make sure that a fetus gets born just so they can see that it dies of starvation. Hypocrites to the end!!

          • idamag says:

            Catskinner is clueless.

          • plc97477 says:

            I was just wondering if catskinner could be named mitt. Same 47% crap.

          • BDC_57 says:

            Catshit will never wake up he don’t have a clue what really going on all he knows what fox fake news tells him.

        • Independent1 says:

          Let’s look at it another way: your comment suggests that it’s Obama who is encouraging people to take unemployment. That would kind of mean that Obama wouldn’t be working to create jobs and put people to work. If that was true, job creation under Obama should be pretty bad since Obama would be encouraging people to “dog it”. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

          Let’s compare the jobs created over the past 4 years under Obama, with those created in the previous 8 years under Bush.

          The job creation (putting people to work) under Bush was the most dysmal since the Great Depression except during the 4 years that his Dad was in office; Bush jr was so bad at inspiring job creation that only an average of 31,000 jobs/month were created during his 8 years in office – a total of about 3.1 million jobs in 8 years. In contrast, over the past six months, job creation under Obama has averaged over 230,000 jobs/month. That’s more jobs created in 6 months than Bush created in 3 years. Sounds kind of strange to me for a guy who you’re suggesting encourages people to “dog it.”

          • Catskinner says:

            Here’s you problem, I1. You could work for the IRS and statistics will say you are working. When in fact, everyone knows you are simply taking line-dancing lessons and sucking up taxpayers money.

          • Independent1 says:

            I know now that you’re just getting paid like Mike to go from one thing to another just to be disruptive, but let me reply so someone reading your comment doesn’t get the wrong idea.
            You’re suggesting now that there are people in our government that are “dogging it”. That they’re really not doing the work we’re paying them to do – I can’t dispute that, it happens in every business – there are always people who are going to take advantage of the situation. But there are far fewer people doing that today, than there were when Obama took office; and that’s because his administration has consciencely looked at lot of the functions of different departments and cut people and streamlined where it made sense. But of course with more than 2.7 million people working for the Federal Government, it’s virtually impossible to have gone through every department and even to be aware of all the bad situations that may exist.
            However, in the big picture, governmental jobs throughout America grew by more than 2 million workers during Bush’s 8 years in office, while in contrast there are now over 600,000 fewer workers employed in government jobs since Obama took office. So take heart, it’s being worked on but it takes time to fix everything!!

          • idamag says:

            You don’t know that those people, in that clip, that were dancing was not a tiny “saw-sharpening” break.

          • Catskinner says:

            Frankly, I didn’t know the IRS sharpened saws. My experience with them has left me with the impression that there’s nothing sharp about them.

          • idamag says:

            You don’t really contribute much in the way of argument, just canned hate. Why don’t you go over to Breitbart where they will pat you on the back for hating the government. If you can’t help save the government then get the h out of the way.

        • idamag says:

          And, you can read Obama’s mind? You haven’t really studied Obama. From day one, including his charity work, he has been for those he thinks are not getting a break. So, let’s discuss economics: I worked for Health and Welfare. There were those who gamed the system and there were far more who was embarrassed to accept help. Your stereotypes are way off the mark.
          For a health economy, there has to be industry, jobs, and commerce. And commerce depends on consumers who happen to be, for the most part, the working class. Why are there more people than jobs? Well, you can simplify it and condemn the unemployed as part of the 47%. !. Technology has traditionally eliminated jobs in the job market. 2. Greed sent many jobs overseas. 3. Most people live what they learn growing up. I remember my manager asking me to offer a job to a bright young man. It meant moving away from his small community. He turned it down because he had always lived in his small community. He is an example of living what he learned.

          • Catskinner says:

            Unfortunately, idamag, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Obama has a mind to read.

        • AMADAL says:

          Catskinner. You are a total idiot. Enough said.

      • Catskinner says:

        You’re chasing the wrong animal, I1. The point isn’t what state the people live in. The point is the people themselves. They can live in Idaho or Utah and vote for Obama. Or they can live in Illinois or California and vote for Romney. You have the situation delineated improperly.

        • Independent1 says:

          No Catskinner, it’s you that have things screwed up – you’re making a comment that you have absolutely NO FACTS to back up – the suggestion that Obama is encouraging people to not work. I’m trying to tell you it’s not Obama that’s doing that – ITS THE GOP!!!!!!!
          So let’s see you give me some proof to back up your comment
          “because he knows that once he gets them hooked they’ll join the class of the non-thinking, never look for a job again, and in order to survive they’ll think they have to vote Democrat.”
          Where are you getting that BUCKET OF MALARKY????

          • eps62 says:

            I think Catskinner listens to FOX MISSINFORMATION. Fills that BUCKET OF MALARKY well.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Catskinner is a “True Republican” in that he gets paid for his mean-spirited, nasty, no facts needed posts. If he were a “Good Republican,” he would be good for nothing.

          • Catskinner says:

            I’m not a Republican. I’m registered Green. That’s why I’m so concerned about the future livability of the planet.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Well, then you can’t be all bad. I am concerned about the planet as well. But we are a minority right now. However, I will put whatever small amount of trust I have in the Obama administration over anything we can expect from a majority of Republicans who are mainly worried about the state of their bank accounts. Not people or environment.

          • plc97477 says:

            I am starting to think we may have a mitt in our presence.

        • disqus_il6KG9d3VM says:

          Get your facts straight Skinner, you are sounding foolish. President Obama has put out a bill a long time ago…The American Jobs Act, which would create many jobs in construction…fix our roads, bridges, schools, our crumbling infrastructure. Who will not vote for it? Three guesses since Fox and Rush didn’t tell you that. It’s the tea party Congress. Surprise! The Democrats want this bill to pass.

          • Catskinner says:

            And there are facts that speak to the issue. The president got a stimulus bill pushed through shortly after the 2008 election, and we saw money channeled to local governments, most of whom used the cash to bolster their sagging public employee retirement programs. Very little went to public works projects.

            And the federal money mostly went into Asphalt Overlay projects. Many of the ones I saw around here didn’t even need to be done. But it was one of the few things they could do that didn’t need to be engineered first (i.e. they were “shovel ready”). So all that did was drive up the cost of petroleum, put very few people to work, and didn’t help the infrastructure. There are consequences to electing somebody to the office of president “who don’t know nothin’.”

          • idamag says:

            And let’s hope catskinner is the only person on the next bridge that collapses.

          • disqus_il6KG9d3VM says:

            Unfortunately he will probably skip free. It will be innocent people who want our infrastructure repaired that will get the hit.

  7. Buford2k11 says:

    Defeating republicans is a Moral imperative…

  8. Jim Myers says:

    The Democrats should thank their lucky stars that Boehner is the Republican in his current position.

    If the Tea Party has its way, he will be replaced with someone like Eric Cantor.

    Like him or not, Cantor is a strong Representative, unlike Boehner.

    • Independent1 says:

      I sure don’t disagree with your observation about Cantor, but I also think he’s more brash and more prone to sticking his foot in his mouth – which could end up being a real problem for the GOP down the road. (At least if they vote him in as Speaker – I hope so.)

    • elw says:

      If the Republicans put someone like Cantor in charge, it will be the final blow to
      their downward slide. In spite of what the Radical Right claims, their policies
      and ideas are not what main stream Americans want. This Country has always
      rejected Radicals of either side. It is why the GOP is losing so much ground;
      come on – 39 attempts to repeal ACA, using their time to pass abortion bills,
      written by men only, that will never become laws, failing to pass an
      immigration bill, allowing the sequester to take hold, how is any of that
      helping the people who sent them to office.

  9. Jack Ragan says:

    About 3 years ago, I changed from a major party affiliation to becoming an Independent. One of the main causes, being from Ky and having your most widely known senator state that his main goal was to get Obama out. My thoughts are that he should learn to become more bipartisan on ways if improving the condition of the country and not to say NO to everything.
    He should know that I was a member of a governance committee who’s purpose was to merge City/County, the most contentious task probably known. There were 120 of us,, all party members , religious members and others of no stated preference. But, after a year of many, many meetings, we reached consensus and came up with a solution that passed in state legislature.
    That is where I learned the value of coming to agreement by a mixed variety of citizens.
    Wish our KY representatives could learn !

  10. Lovefacts says:

    Why would anyone think the Dems would have voted for this bill when we’d flooded our representatives in both the House and Senate to kill this bill? Cutting the Snap program along with the other cuts while increasing aid to corporate farms goes against everything we stand for.

    As for Cantor, his goal is to become Speaker. God help us if he succeeds. The man is without a soul. As a fellow Jew, he fills me with shame. It seems he’s forgotten one of the major tenants of our religion, taking care of the widows, orphans, and the poor.

    • oldtack says:

      There are some very good followers of the Jewish Faith and I, a Gentile, am proud to call them Friend. But your Faith, like all other Faiths, have false followers. In this day of acronyms such as DINO, RINO, CINO – would you say that Eric Cantor is a JINO? I would.

    • Dr_MJ says:

      keep in mind many of the these Reps have corporate farms. Kristi Noem’s (r-SD) and her family ranch gets about 250,000. a year from the federal government. These folks are cutting Snap while lining their own pockets.

  11. FT66 says:

    Boehner has no skills of make things happen. He can’t organise his own troop. He is weak that his troop don’t listen to him. It seems he doesn’t understand what is the role of the Speaker of bringing both sides together and make them work for the benefit of all people. A lot of time has been wasted by doing nothing. Anyone who loves this country, should not let this to continue.

    • mah101 says:

      Not to defend Boehner, but rather to understand the situation better, he is in an impossible position. The Tea Party wing of his caucus is adamantly opposed to compromise and governance and is absolutely set on wrecking our government with the goal of advancing the unfettered interests of big business. The more moderate (what in the old days we would have called conservative) wing of his caucus is rightfully worried about primary challenges from their right, and don’t have the political room to maneuver. Boehner has far fewer perks to give out to motivate his caucus to vote for any bill.

      Perhaps I’m being unduly kind to Boehner. I think he is the most ineffectual Speaker ever, but somehow I also still think he has a modicum of interest in governance – though he is unable to act on it.

      Cantor, on the other hand…

      • FT66 says:

        I do think you are kind to Boehner. He knew from the beginning that being Speaker is the tough job. He was picked twice and not once so that he can tackle problems. He doesn’t need to motivate his caucus with any maneuvering. They are the ones who picked him, they are obliged to listen to him, BUT the man doesn’t have skills to sway them.

      • charleo1 says:

        There really is no defense for Boehner. If he cared more about
        the Country, he would change political affiliations. The great thing
        about a democracy is, if you find yourself in a vigilante mob, you
        are unable to bring back within the bounds of reason. There is no
        higher moral imperative, than removing oneself from that crowd.

      • RobertCHastings says:

        Cantor and Boehner both adhere to the Hastert Rule, that tells Republicans to not even bring a bill to the floor if a majority of Republicans will not support it, which effectively precludes any chance Democrats have of contributing to the discussion.

      • plc97477 says:

        I think what you are so elegantly trying to say is Bonehead is better than cantdo.

      • 4sanity4all says:

        Maybe since he can’t win, he should just stand up for what he knows is right, and if they want to oust him, let it be on them; he will then have gone down trying. As it is, he looks like he’s been self medicating with booze, he looks haunted, and I don’t think he is happy with being stuck between looney Republicans and looney Tea baggers. I don’t feel sorry for him though, because instead of standing for something positive, he is being led around by subintellectuals.

    • BDC_57 says:

      Did you hear how the tea party said that he wasn’t doing his job.

  12. elw says:

    The Republicans have been slowly emploding since they gave their Party over to the Radicalized Right. Personally I will be happy to see the GOP make that final bang, so some other Party can step in and we can get back to moving this Country forward.

  13. JDavidS says:

    Boehner and the House Repubs/Tea Clowns… can you say “cluster f**k”?

  14. howa4x says:

    I don’t know how anyone can use the term morality and republican in the same sentence or actually true Christianity and tea party in the same sentence. Both sections of the GOP now stand for blind indifference to the struggles of Americans. They have chosen ideology and slavish loyalty to corporate profits over the hungry children in this country. These politicians are the first to scream out the name of Jesus and to say everything they are doing is in his name when really they follow the selfish writings of Ayn Rand. Republican don’t care how many die or starve to death as long as the Koch bros, Rich DeVoss, the Walton’s and Papa johns pizza founder are given everything they want. The house of representatives is a dangerous place for anyone not making 6-7 figure income. They don’t care about you or your children, the cleanliness of the water you drink or the air you breath. The tea party is unleashed. Hide your love ones

  15. RobertCHastings says:

    Boehner should have been embarrassed from the day he was born, when his father couldn’t tell his mother if he was a boy or a girl.

  16. ArchiesBoy says:

    And the there will be more bills like the farm bill to be sunk by all means as long as we have the current flavor of Republicans and such as Boehner to lead them.

  17. ORAXX says:

    It isn’t just the meanness of the tea baggers, it’s the way they try to pass off their meanness as high moral principle while parading their ‘Christianity’ in the public square.

    • AttilatheBlond says:


      And remind them, every chance you get, that Jesus taught to take care of the poor and pay your taxes!

  18. AttilatheBlond says:

    Boehner is a horrible Speaker, yes. But a huge part of the problem in the House is low information voters swayed by ideologue Tea Party Candidates who don’t have a clue how government works or any understanding of why it is needed.

    There’s a scoop of dark money buying state level pols to assure gerrymandered districts on top of that steaming pile of low information/high anger representatives who never grew up.

    Boehner is horrible as Speaker. The nation is not well served having an ineffective man more interested in making it to Happy Hour than doing the business of governing in a position so close to the Oval Office in the line of succession. But Boehner is only the tip of the iceberg that is sinking Capital Hill. Voters and media are guilty of some serious damage to the nation too.

  19. idamag says:

    Poor Boehner. He has never been the House majority leader. He has been bullied and caved in to the bullies and bullies just get meaner.

  20. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    Unfortunately “Cryin’ John” is trying to follow the failed “Hastert Doctrine”, where the Speaker will not bring a bill to a vote unless he is certain it can pass with only his own party votes. Even Newt recognized some bills were going to require bi-partisan support to pass, so he was never afraid to bring something to the floor that needed passing, even if he knew he needed Democratic votes to do so.
    Now all enough Republicans have to do is tell Cantor that they are not going to support a bill, and Boehner will not allow it to the floor. So not only are the Republicans obstructing everything they know will pass in the Senate by the filibuster, a handful of House Republicans are keeping that body from acting, too!
    Speaker Boenher, in the words of Sarah Palin, needs to “grow a pair”.

  21. yepi says:

    Great Post. I have not been visiting the site recently. Took a visit again and there were some great comments on the site.

  22. mdking says:

    At first I thought I stumbled on HuPo, but this site is just as Liberal, Bleeding heart liberal site I have been to in a long time. Go ahead make your dreams that the communist party is going to take the house, but I have a little news for ya, Conservatives are feed up with your east and west coast communism, and there will be a major change in the Federal Government in ’14, but it’s not what you think. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it is going to be fun to watch.

  23. John Rizoli says:

    I personally think congress is the greatest enemy of the American people. They do more damage in one day to this country than the Taliban or anyone else could do in a year. These people are shameless. Most should be in jail. We would be- for doing the same things they do. I would certainly be fired from my job for taking what it amounts to are bribes from customers. Screw them all. I really hate to say this but…the plane that crashed in the Pennsylvania field on 911 would have at least done some good if it had hit the Capitol Building and wiped all of them off the face of the earth. I do not want to feel this way…They make me feel this way.

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