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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

WASHINGTON — Paul Ryan’s budget could prove to be a perversely useful document.

Thanks to this plan, nobody can take the House Budget Committee chairman seriously anymore as a policy wonk or true deficit hawk. His budget is the work of an ideologue. It’s a bargaining ploy that even Ryan concedes is merely “a vision.”

It is full of holes and magic asterisks, the biggest being his refusal to detail any of the middle-class tax deductions he would have to scrap to get to his 25 percent income tax rate. This would represent an astonishingly large cut from the current 39.6 percent rate for incomes of over $450,000 a year.

It’s a cruel budget. To finance his largesse to the very well-off, Ryan would — through steep Medicaid cuts and the repeal of Obamacare — leave an additional 40 million to 50 million poor or moderate-income Americans without health insurance, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

He’d impose big reductions for food stamps, college tuition aid, child nutrition programs and a slew of other programs that help the least among us. Even here, Ryan doesn’t come clean. He fuzzes up exactly how such cuts might be made by lumping them together in large categories.

Those who think of themselves as compassionate conservatives have a moral obligation to oppose Ryan’s design.

The Senate Democrats’ budget outlined Wednesday by Patty Murray of Washington could not be more different. It calls for $975 billion in new revenue though tax reform. In describing what Murray and her colleagues have in mind here, leadership aides pointed to a report released earlier this year by the liberal Center for American Progress (CAP) that listed just over $1 trillion in loophole-closings as reflecting where Democrats will go.

In the CAP paper, about half the money comes from limits on deductions similar to those suggested by President Obama, the rest from smaller changes including measures to claw back money from oil and gas interests, hedge fund operators and the owners of corporate jets, yachts and the like.

In all, Ryan would cut close to $5 trillion in domestic spending; Murray, $493 billion. Murray has a $240 billion reduction in military spending; Ryan would restore defense spending that was cut in the sequester.

112 Responses to Calling Out Ryan’s Radicalism

  1. Rep. Ryan’s budget is a blue print of the expectations shared by Tea Party members. What people like him don’t understand is the fact that most Americans don’t share those expectations or goals. I believe most of us accept the need to sacrifice something, and the fact that the only way to reduce the deficit to a manageable level is to raise taxes and reduce spending, but most of us also believe that achieving this goal, almost entirely, on the backs of those who can least afford it is wrong.
    Proposing benefit reductions for senior citizens trying to survive on $1,200 a month, reducing the medical services they get, and getting rid of the Pell grants that allow outstanding students the opportunity to go to college, while refusing to close loopholes that allow multi-millionaires and corporations to pay little or no taxes does not say much for Mr. Ryan and his ilk. They are a cancer destroying our society, our values, and the programs that have allowed us to become the dominant superpower in the world. The enemy is not Islam or even the North Korean nuts, the enemy is from within and we have to go no further than look at Rep. Ryan’s picture and his cynical smirk to determine who they are.
    Clinton-Warren 2016

    • Very well said as usual Dominick they are the enemy within and he and his like are trying to destroy us, and some are standing there cheering them on, I for one can’t believe we have people who believe the tea partiers are doing the right thing.

      • I am sure you and Dominick will agree that many of these low-information Republicans are being duped. I hope these contrasting budgets will help women in the Republican party and centrists as well as Independents understand how Ryan’s budget and the Tea Party agenda together fail them. Likewise, Murray’s Democratic alternative may gain some traction via comparison with Ryan’s retread, now that the differences between the two positions are plain as day. Even in the gerrymandered districts, which the Republican party is counting on, better candidates may be able to run and win in the 2014 elections.

    • Dominic you have such clear vision with your head screwed on straight, it’s a pleasure to read your blogs every day….do you write professionally? If not, you should.

    • The enemy from within . . . That’s what Lincoln said. Destruction of the USA will not come from without but from within. (Was he talking about slavery?) I don’t think he could have foreseen the rise of the corporatocracy, but he (and Eisenhower) were right about the source of destruction. If the bought-and-paid-for politicians have their way, all that will matter will be the profits of corporations and the enrichment of their shareholders. The sad thing is that the people who will be (and are) hurt by this agenda are many of the same people who vote these traitors into office, not knowing that they are about to be hoist with their own petard.

    • one problem. when election time comes people will reelect the same idiots. after all wisconsin didn’t want romney or ryan as president or vicepresident but reelectrd him to congress.

    • Just a tiny point I want to make. You mention seniors getting by on $1200 a month. I know of someone who is disabled, living on $700 a month and 75$ in food stamps. That’s it. We all know the cost of living, the rent, the groceries, the utilities. There are lots of them out there just like my friend too.

    • I don’t believe that Clinton can win. The dirt from Whitewater and Vince Foster’s death will drag her down.

  2. Ryan assumes one has not suffered from his parties policies. The question for Ryan and those that support his budget is. Mr. Ryan your party, over the last 40 years has put in place pro business tax policies supply side trickle down economics resulting in a second depression, record national debt, the greatest transfer of debt from private industry to the government when will you enact the will of the people and support our democratic electoral system by voting for legislation by those who defeated you and your parties platform in the last election???

    • Scumbag Ryan doesn’t care about the will of the people. Well, maybe I should amend that. He does care about the will of the rich people.

  3. Ryan’s budget once again reduces the deficit and benefits no one but the rich. Getting more money from the middle-class and seniors who rely on Social Security and asking them to pay higher premiums for their healthcare costs is not the answer… CLOSE THE CORPORATE LOOPHOLES!!!

    • There are no “loopholes”. There are “deductions”.

      “Loophole” implies that it’s illegal, or some accounting trick. It’s not.

      Of course, you’re a leftist, so the fact that these evil “corporations” employ millions of people (people who pay taxes) means nothing to you. For you guys, Capitalism itself is evil so….what’s the use. It’s like arguing with a child. A child who doesn’t yet understand the concept of money.

      • The corporations never try to take advantage of the system, right? They never interpret the “deductions” in a way that lets them avoid paying their fair share of taxes, do they?

        Of course, you’re a rightist so the fact that those evil “takers” (the struggling middle class and poor people) mean nothing to you. For you guys, helping others is evil so…what’s the use. It’s like arguing with a child. A child who doesn’t yet understand the concept of sharing.

        • A child understands sharing better than the Republicans and people like them. A child will share its toys faster than Republicans like MorzartF-x and Paul Ryan. I as much as I disliked Reagan and his economic policies they were 10 times better than what any so called budget that Ryan has come up. Ryan has been in Congress 16 years and all he has done was to be a yes man for Bush 2 and try to make the rich richer and the rest of us poore.r Corporations employ people and pay wages that still leaves people unable to have a decent life while the CEO”s and top mangement and the owners make millions from sweat and work of the employees. There used to be a time that corporations and companies cared about their employees and their families but no more, all they and people like Ryan think about now is how much money can we make and not pay any taxes.and how much money can we get from the government and not have to pay back.

          • Most of these bloated multi-national corporations take jobs overseas where they can get labor for 83 cents an hour and in some countries they can get slave labor. One thing that Newt Gingrich got right is the phrase -vulture capitalism.

        • Mozarif is not familiar enough with history to know that when a country does not have a strong middle class it falls. It is what caused the Chinese revolution in the 1800’s. It was also a cause of the French revolution. All factions of a society must be strong to have a strong society.

        • The corporations and the rich don’t just take advantage of the system, they employ the lobbyists who bribe the legislators to create the system.

          The “tax breaks” for the corporations and the rich don’t come out of nowhere. They are not coincidences. Anyone who thinks so and says that the corporations and the rich are just taking advantage of laws that are on the books is either totally disingenuous or self-delusional.

      • Despite combined pre-tax profits of billions of dollars, some of the most profitable companies have paid no federal income tax in at least one of the last three years. ‘Greedy Corporate America’ receives over $200 billion in tax subsidies, wasted money that could protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit. Tax reform needs to come from Congress that put these tax codes in place… until the GOP is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to support the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interests.

      • No one is saying what these corporations are doing is illegal… BUT there should be some sort of ‘morality code’ that corporations don’t take arvantage of tax loopholes/deductions when they are profitable.

      • I understand what a deduction is. But if a corporation, such as GE or Honeywell, for example, can end up with a “negative tax”, meaning that they actually pay NO tax and get money back—well, I would call that quite a “loophole.”

        • MozartFX is debating semantics. Because his philosophy has nothing upon which to stand.

          Okay. It’s not a “loophole”. It’s a “deduction”. That means the deduction is legal. Under current law. That DOESN’T make it “right”. At some point in the past, some Congressperson got a deduction written into the tax code that, one way or another, gave benefit to his buddies. These deductions continue to plague our tax code. And result in the situation described by Grandma.

          I pay my taxes. I don’t even complain about paying my taxes. If it’s necessary that my taxes go up to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, so be it. But I will squawk bloody hell if MY taxes, and those of the rest of the middle class, stay put or go up, or my benefits (e.g., soon-to-be-eligible Medicare) go down, because greedy, yes, greedy, fat cats decide that they need to hold on to their bajillions. And, MozartFX, that trickle-down — that job creation — it ain’t working.

      • Certainly, it is a loophole if income from dividends and interest is not taxed as earned income at a rate of 30% but at a rate of 15%. Certainly, tax subsidies to oil businesses, gas companies, and factory farms making record profits are tax loopholes. Tax reductions for businesses and individuals working overseas also constitute tax loopholes which are not “deductions,” like deducting mortgage interest and charitable contributions from earned income before computing income tax. Maybe what you really think is that loophole means it SHOULD be illegal. If so, then we agree.

      • Prior the Seventies, your attempt to glorify Capitalism may have had a smidgen
        of truth to it. After Bush II. it is just plain unadulterated Political BS. Those that
        will not understand will be consumed by it.

      • How in God’s name did you decide to pick the name Mozart? The real Mozart would be spinning in his pauper’s grave if he knew you were using his name. The only thing that means anything to people like you is money. All friendships end when it comes to a buck, right? You are a real capitalist but not much of a Christian. In fact your “religion” is money, I think.

      • A loophole usually occurs because it was not foreseen when the law was written. However, some loopholes were deliberate. The question is not whether the loopholes were illegal or legal. the question is: are they right and should they be closed?

  4. Paul Ryan and Republicans who support him continue to prove one thing: they are sub human. True humans have some compassion in the hearts; Paul Ryan’s heart, and the heart of those who support him are nothing but give-me-dollars calculators. They’re just like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz, devoid of a human heart.

  5. LOL! Every Republican is a radical? You guys are too funny. I’m so glad I don’t have to live with all the anger Democrats live with. God willing, Paul Ryan will be our next President. Get used to it.

    Republicans use LOGIC to make decisions.

    Democrats use EMOTION.

    I choose LOGIC.

    • Not all republicans are radicals. But the perception is that all those in charge are on the republican side are radical.

      Moe, and I call you Moe because you remind me more of a Stooge than a musical genius, you are mistaking democrats frustration with anger. That is a typical mistake that those with small minds make in thinking they are winning the debate when in fact they are not even in the same room with the debaters let alone on the same mental level. Here is a news flash for you the Vice Presidential loser Paul Ryan will never be President. Get use to that.

    • Well I hope that you never be in an situation where you need help. The Repubs wont help you. I’m not angry just disgusted that rich people always want more, Paul Ryan just like the rest of his friends are only looking out for themselves.

    • Ayn Rand always said much the same. She lived in a never-never land where if a baby fresh out of the womb didn’t have a good income of his own no virtuous person could come to his assistance. Ryan lives in the same place and tried to compel all his staffers to study his Rand’s publications to learn the “virtue of selfishness,” her economic plan. Check it out! Mr. Fox.

    • Damn! Moe, should I take you seriously? I’ll bet you were saying Romney was going to be the next President as well. Huh? You know he lost right? And so will Ryan, in fact I hope he does run it would make Hillary, or whomever a shoe in.

    • I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am apoliticial; meaning that I am against political parties because of the destructive division that they cause. The country does not matter, the party does. When you describe one party as being emotional, what do you call hate campaigns by birthers or t partiers carrying signs depicting our President as a Nazi? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were against political parties and forecast what we have today. People like Darrell Issa, Michelle Bauchman and others have defined the Republican party. I will not vote Republican until it returns to what it used to be. You are a bunch of programmed robots who must vote and think alike.

  6. Ryan’s plan, and Ryan, are one of the definitions of arrogance. There was an election. It was close to a landslide. That means, a repudiation. That means, revise the political philosophy, or, in a decent world, face oblivion. Yet, Ryan continues to push his corporatized have-a-Koch-and-a-smile budget agenda and by implication loudly proclaims that the will, wishes and needs of the people are irrelevant. Bad enough–but at least debatable, in terms of the principles of cutting waste to make the expenditures more cost-effective–that he wants to privatize (that is, of course, turn over the peoples’ money to corruptible and incompetent for-profits) Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. But cut, gut or eliminate Food Stamps?! Child nutrition? And every other social program across the board? HE’S A MADMAN IN A SUIT, A SNAKE IN A TIE. It must be rather okay to be in a position to seek to deliberately and almost *eagerly* impose restrictions and hardships on people–that he himself WILL NEVER HAVE TO EXPERIENCE. AND THEN GET THE AGGRIEVED TO PICK UP YOUR SALARY AND BENEFITS! WHAT AN A*****E! He ought to be unelected just for thinking he is still in a position to impose his “vision” on the 98%. He is of ZERO HELP to the people. WHAT vision? A vision of perpetually indebted and underpaid citizen-slaves forever beholden to those in the Board Room while his party donors and fat cats dance at ALEC-sponsored parties?

    Someone once told me that the primary or sole agenda of the Republican party was national defense for whatever it cost, and advancing a corporate/business agenda at the expense of the Public. I was skeptical. But after the last election, and especially now, I see he was exactly right.

    Let’s face it, whether by direct vote or committee assignment, Ryan was asked to be the chief accountant of the House of Reps. He has utterly failed to deliver a workable document. ENACTING HIS BUDGET WOULD BE THE END OF THE UNITED STATES AS WE KNOW IT. Therefore, his work is useless. He has risen to the level of his incompetence. He is an infuriating embarrassment.

    • The term is impeached. And it’s getting to the point that inflaming wherever the hell he’s been gerrymandered into “representing” into impeaching him is the only way to get rid of the smug corporate pork-sucker. (same goes for the House RINOs)

    • Unfortunately Mark- It may be too late. The Repub war on the voting process has established “safe” seats” in the house so the repubs, though not a majority, will be able to obstruct any legislation that helps the working man. And destroying the United States as we know it has been the Republican goal for 30 years.

  7. Why not just ignore this jackass? He has no basis for any claims. He has never even had a job aside from macdonalds and driving the wiener mobile yet he is in charge of budgets?

    according to that logic, bachmann should head the intelligence committee.

    • Obviously, intelligence is not a prerequisite for “serving” on the “Intelligence” Committee:<(
      The way we're headed, your "prediction" may well come true.

  8. Hey Ryan, you dumb prick. You tried to sell this during the last election and you LOST! People just want nothing to do with your bullshit. Are you really that stupid? (That’s a rhetorical question…we know you are just that stupid.)

  9. Paul Ryan is the type of man that is not a man. Judging by his posture in many issues, it is not difficult concluding that the man is some type of psychopath. Psychopaths are not necessarily people that kill others and/or rape their daughters and/or sons. Sometimes their psychopathy impulses are kept in check by simply camouflaging their true selves by acting against others in other ways. With Paul Ryan, we have an extremely cruel man that perhaps is even secretly abusing his children. Unfortunately, this type of man usually marries a pliant woman that will cover and even help accomplishing his perversion. The only recourse for citizens at this point, is to keep an eye on Paul Ryan and always vote against him in order to prevent that he gains more power.

  10. Great! Ryan’s budget would result in a very unhealthy, under-educated, under-nourished population. If you think there are a lot of people begging at the off-ramps of the Interstate now, just wait until Ryan gets his way. People will have to make reservations for a begging spot–or perhaps there will be huge battles in which only the fittest beggars will get the spots. Oh wait. Since most people will be impoverished, there won’t be much traffic anyway.

    • It’s all a recipe for more gun violence by desparate people with liitle hope. Can you spell BANANA REPUBLIC ?

  11. The most recent AARP newsletter had a liitle chart of all the 50 states, showing how many seniors currently live below the poverty line, and then compares it as to how many seniors we would have in poverty without Social Security. For most states, the jump was enormous–many going from around 9% currently to around 50%. If I didn’t have a husband and no SS, my pension from working 38 years in a hospital is a poverty wage. Couple that with Medicare. Yes, people are living longer than when Medicare was enacted. Duh! Maybe because access to health care works!!! So why would this country take a meat cleaver to 2 programs that actually work?? I understand tweaking it and preparing for more people to enter these 2 programs, but Ryan’s plan would surely increase seniors into poverty and early death. I wouldn’t call that pro-life in any sense of the word. Personally, I would like to see every child born in the USA get a birth certificate, a SS card and a Medical card. Let’s see an entire generation of American children with health care, wellness checks, instruction on nutrition, preventiion of obesity, and overall a decrease in early chronic illness, which is a huge drain on health care resources. Combine that with a great education, and our country will be on the right track. Then we can talk about that “exceptional” thing.

    • Well, you’re very much correct, when you point out SS, is the most effective

      anti-poverty program ever enacted. The Medicare program, coupled with great

      strides in medical science, have immeasurably extended the longevity, and

      quality of life, for millions of deserving Seniors, since it’s introduction. I included,

      the word, deserving, Seniors, in my description, because each of us has had

      a Grandparent, a Mother, or Father need to go to hospital. And aren’t we glad

      our loved one will receive the best care possible? And, aren’t we thankful that a

      lifetime of hard work, and careful savings, will not be washed away by a sea of

      red ink, simply because Dad broke his hip, making his garden he loves so much?

      Do we ask ourselves, if our Dad is deserving? Of course not. But that’s exactly

      what the Conservatives are asking, and answering in the negative, for millions

      of Seniors. Republicans, other than the occasional trip to the wild side, have

      not changed in at least 100 years. They fought Social Security, like they fought

      Medicare, as they continue to fight the Affordable Care Act. They fight it,

      because they don’t believe in it. They do believe if your Grandparent, or Brother,

      or Sister, can’t afford the medical care they need, without the assistance of

      of the Government. The Country would be a better place to live, if they were

      denied that care altogether. I humbly disagree.

    • quote: I would like to see every child born in the USA get a birth certificate, a SS card and a Medical card

      So would I, including an education card, a housing card, a food card, a transportation card, an insurance card, a clothing card and a happy card. The problem is, there aren’t enough people working to pay for it all. And with further tax ‘reforms’ (read: increases) on the horizon as a result of Obamacare and other socially generous plans, the working people can’t even pay their own way, much less everyone else’s. Once all the ‘sins’ are taxed to the max such as corporate profit, tobacco, guns, personal investment, wealth and even death, and you STILL don’t have enough for the demands of the socially sympathetic, then what?

      • I guess you’re just being sarcastic, but no need to put words in my mouth that I did not state and do not believe.

        • no, not at all grandma. I agree with you PLUS some people need help with the other things i mentioned. I just asked a simple question; how are these paid for, that’s all. thanks.

      • Angela, I’m not sure it was your intention, but you’re note gives the impression that people in America are being taxed to death which isn’t true; that may be the impression the GOP wants everyone to believe, but again it simply isn’t true. Although no one is crazy about paying taxes, myself included, the reality is that if we hope to live in a country that doesn’t resemble a 3rd world nation, and one that provides its citizens with a modicum of happiness and opportunity, someone has to pay to provide the infrastructure and support that individuals and corporations needed to be successful and attain some semblence of prosperity -unfortunately that doesn’t come for free.

        Add to all that, the fact that Americans are living today under the lowest tax rates in the past 60 years; and if Americans checked around the world, they’d discover that they’re also paying lower taxes than virtually any other industrialized nation on the planet, and on top of that almost 1/2 of them are paying no income taxes because of the way our tax code is structure. What makes things even worse is that our tax code allows 69+ percent of corporations that operate in America to pay no income taxes (state or federal) while many of these companies earn billions of dollars each year like Wells Fargo, GE, Verizon, Boeing , GM and hundreds of others – in fact, in any given year, more than 300 of the 500 Fortune 500 companies pay no income tax. with some of them even able to juggle things in such a way that they get a refund.

        So to attain to the vision latebloominggrandma was painting, it wouldn’t really be necessary for the average American to suddenly undertake a huge tax burden; what’s necessary really is for our political parties to sit down and restructure our tax code to eliminate some of the very obvious flaws in the code. Flaws that are now allowing corporations that make billions in profits to pay no taxes, and even individuals that make millions and billions per year to juggle things so they aren’t paying their fair share either. There are simply to many individuals and corporations in America getting a ‘free ride”!!!

        • Good points. Thank you. A sizeable majority of people prefer to work for their own entitlements and not have the gov’t divvy it to them. We like to make our own choices, we give to the church that helps the poor.

          I’ve been following the GOP from the inside for all my life. They don’t want everyone to believe anything. Nobody wants to pay taxes. The GOP represents them, a lot of us.

          When i did my taxes last year, with no kids at home anymore and no mortgage deduction (we are compelled to rent), we pay over half our income out in various taxes and fees.

          After working a 5 day week, after bills are paid, the last 90 minutes on Friday is money we get to keep for ourselves. We are lower middle class. We aren’t being propaganized by the GOP.

          Actually, with Obamacare, we are expecting to pay more, about $2,500 more a year for starters. That 90 minutes we thought was ours is going to healthcare for the poor. The church will have to get less. We don’t like this at all.

          The current trend to demonize the employers (corporations) has been a liberal talking point for decades. Only recently, it has become a screaming point and spearheaded by an idealist president.

          The entire concept of ‘fair share’ has taken on a monster-like greed by the have-nots to take away from the haves, without encouraging people to work hard and aspire to achieve their own wealth.

          The rich are being been blamed for most ills. I agree to a point. How many friggin millions does one person need?

          Yet, the drive for wealth motivates innovation and hard work, expecially when the wealth isn’t hoarded by a very few at the top. People should be encouraged to strive for wealth, but up to a point. Not $250K. Maybe $2-10M? I don’t know.

          Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Honestly? Supporting a gov’t that discourages wealth is bad for any aspirations, IMO. If we had just one million plus health insurance, we could retire for life. I don’t want to stop working. I want to stop working for less while losing choices.

          • So your colors come out. You DO believe what you said earlier in reply to Grandma, that you think those of us on the “left” are trying to bilk the taxpaying public out of their hard-earned dollars so that we can collect freebies.

            Now get this straight, sister. I spent 38 years in industry. Coupled with what I put in in summer jobs for years before that, I’ve contributed a BUNDLE to my FICA (Social Security) and Medicare. I ran the numbers last week. What I’ve given to FICA over the years I MIGHT recoup in retirement, if I live “that long”. I am NOT one of your “moochers” looking for freebies.

            I’m not complaining. But SS is not an entitlement. It’s a enforced government-sponsored retirement plan. Were you to read some history, you would discover that “privatized” retirement funds were wiped out, yes, WIPED OUT, in the Market crash of 1929. Whereupon millions, yes, MILLIONS, were suddenly dumped into abject poverty. SSI was developed to prevent this from happening again.

            In the meantime, you stated, “The entire concept of ‘fair share’ has taken on a monster-like greed by the have-nots to take away from the haves, without encouraging people to work hard and aspire to achieve their own wealth.” PURE corporate and 1% BS. Let me turn that around. The entire concept of “balance” has taken on a monster-like greed by the haves (personal and corporate) to hold on to every last penny they can possibly grasp, at the expense of every individual (and government agency) who has helped them attain that level of affluence. THIS is the root of the evil in Washington. This is where the first steps to balance the budget must occur. Until the tax code is fixed to make the wealthiest Americans’ deductions look more like my deductions, there is no justice in America.

  12. Mr. Ryan says he believes Conservatives won the argument for a smaller, more
    efficient Federal Govt. And his budget is representative of that. Mr. Ryan knows
    better. He knows this is essentially the same budget he proposed pre-election.
    A budget, every single Republican in both the House, and Senate, endorsed.
    And, a budget so tilted against the fundamental values of most Americans,
    the fact that it had zero chance of ever being passed into law, was moot.
    It was the budget endorsed by the man they hoped would be President, And it was
    that budget, and the fear, the T-party in the end, would not come out for Romney,
    that put Mr. Ryan on the Presidential ticket of his Party. When one contemplates
    the idea that the man who proposed to end, and eventually privatize Medicare,

    while cutting to the bone programs for the Middle Class, and the working poor.
    Increasing the military budget. While extending, and reducing further the taxes
    for the top 1%. Cuts, that in no small way, have contributed to the soaring deficits
    Ryan claims to be addressing. The fact that an ideologue, as Ryan is, would need
    to be put on the ticket to assure the support of extremist, and radicals, that continue
    to dive the policies, and mindset of the GOP. We can begin to grasp the enormous difficulties presented to President Obama, in arriving at that balanced approach to reducing deficits, and growing the economy, The approach Americans voted for, and continue to support in wide majorities.

    • America is falling??? Is that why the stock market just reached record highs 10 days in a row? and more than 237,000 new jobs were created last month(which is about as many jobs as were ever created during a 7-8 month period during Bush’s disasterous 8 years)? And consumer confidence is back close to the highs of last November which were the highest levels in 5 years? You’re just showing how clueless you are Lana!! You’re pathetic!!

      • Lana is a dope, but the stock market is the most illusory and deceptive measure of the “economy” one could possibly cite.

        • Can you cite me a recession (down economy) when the stock market went up? It crashed pretty bad in 2008/09 (down to around 6,600 and it started falling pretty quickly as the economy started to slide in late 2007) when the economy was really in trouble. Are you saying the investment analysts on Wall Street are doing a lousy job of keeping track of how businesses are performing? I agree the market isn’t a totally accurate predictor, but it’s only doubled from its lows 4-5 years ago because the economy has been on a steady upward trend or at least treading water and not falling into recession. And it certainly wouldn’t hit highs for 10 days straight if investors and analysts had a clue that the economy was anything like Lana is describing.

          • I am saying

            1) “Companies” doing well these days says very little about how their employees – other than senior executives – are doing. That’s U.S. employees, if they even have any.

            2) The stock analysts do a terrific job of keeping track of how businesses are performing by their own skewed standards, which often have nothing to do with the true health of the company, and may be distorted or outright dishonest because the “analyst” (or his company) may be betting against the stock he’s trashing, or invested in the one he’s pushing. And don’t tell me they aren’t permitted to have a financial interest: even if there are laws and regulations, there are a million ways to beat them, and the penalties when one doesn’t are often trivial compared to the money to be made by trying.

            Company X may have made billions in profits, but if the forecast – its own or that of the “analysts” – wasn’t beaten, stock prices often fall. Stock prices go up when companies lay off workers, or sell off assets for short-term – and often short-sighted – reasons. Some Middle Eastern potentate picks his nose in public and suddenly oil prices start to rise, and oil stocks rise, and others fall. I cannot locate the segment, but Steven Colbert gave positively brilliant “explanation” of why oil prices reached over four dollars per gallon during Bush’s presidency. It was “brilliant,” both in its perfect circular irrationality, and because it might well have passed for a real analysis had it been presented in a different context (not a comedy show) by a different person (a stock “analyst” or one of today’s “economists” who make their living telling rich people and dishonest politicians what they want to hear).

            Look, I’m not out to debate you; it looks to me like we’re basically on the same side. It just seems to me that you’re a little too enthusiastic and trusting about the Democrats and the president, and conventional measures of well-being, while I’m an old cynic who realizes that even the bumbling incompetence and courage-free half-[assed] measures of the Democrats are more often than not aimed somewhere near the right direction, and in almost all cases infinitely preferable to the ruthless and destructive efficiency of the Republicans when they manage to get in office; I’m just really angry that this state of affairs has become our only option. I’m angry that people keep looking at Republican bullies like Chris Christie and saying they could vote for them in spite of all the Republican lunatics elected by projecting a “reasonable” image (the governor of Michigan, for one). When will the Democrats learn that the Republicans regard them not as colleagues, but THE ENEMY to be crushed without mercy. I’m angry that the president seems to enjoy all too well the abusive extensions of executive power initiated by Bush and never repudiated by Obama. AND WHEN WILL THE UNITED STATES STOP BEING RULED BY THE REPUBLICANS EVEN WHEN THE DEMOCRATS

      • The US economy is falling apart!! Incomes are declining, taxes are going up, gov. dependence is at an ALL TIME high. Businesses are closing at an alarming rate. We have 6.4 million fewer jobs than we had in 2007.–Your PATHETIC, you communist loving freak!!! You just keep believing your leader, you’re a fu***** fool!!!

        • Businesses are closing at an all time high?? How’s that possible considering that over the past 15 months America’s GDP went from 14.7 trillion to 16.5 trillion – Americas Gross Domestic Product is skyrocketing – up almost 2 trillion in just a little over a year. Boy, you and Sand-Cat are really delusional. You can be sure I won’t listen to your nonsense any more than anyone with an IQ greater than 50 which exceeds yours. And considering that there were 14 million fewer jobs in September of 2009 when Bush’s disaster hand run most of it’s course – if there are only 6.4 million fewer today than 2007, that means about 8 million new jobs have been created over the past 4 years – That’s pretty good considering Bush only created 3 million jobs in 8 years.

          • This is not Bushs’ disaster. And even if it was this thing in the WH has only made things worse! Type in, “How the dems caused the financial crisis ” , you will see a young Obama as an Acorn Attorney suing the banks to make subprime loans to people he knew couldn’t pay for it. The dems caused this mess, the results of their actions happened on Bushs ‘watch!!!! Obama speaks thruogh the end of the tape

          • Your level of delusionality never ceases to amaze me – you really need psychiatric help. As many posters on another thread have noted recently – you need to be included in Joe’s CRAZIES OF THE WEEK list virtually every week. You’re about as crazy as they come!!

          • Coward!! You didn’t want to see your princess in his own words?? HE and the dems caused the crisis, not Bush!!

  13. Okay, people….when Freddie Munster (Rep. Ryan), His Orangeness (Speaker Boehner) and their party’s members talk about a “spending” problem, they’re partially correct. There is a spending problem, but it’s spending on the Bush 43 TCLCW (tax cuts/ loopholes/ corporate welfare) and the Military/Defense budgets, not anything else. Our bigger problem is one of taxation, which can be summed up in one statement: the wealthy and big corporations get “representation without taxation” (or very little taxation).
    If the rich and big corporations were paying the taxes they should (about 35-40%) rather than effective rate of 12%, you could say that deficits are a “spending” problem”. But, since the “people” (remember, the SCOTUS ruled that corporations are “people”-smh) who can most afford to pay fairer taxes don’t because of the Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies of the GOP, it’s a taxation problem. If the GOP TRULY wants to balance the budget (they don’t, but let’s say, for the sake of argument, they do), all they have to do is to repeal the rest of the Bush 43 TCLCW, which have cost us $18.1 trillion in tax revenue and corporate welfare payments from 2001-2012. Let’s call the Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies of the GOP what they actually are: FASCISM! Do some research on the 14 Tenets of Fascism and you’ll find that the GOP practices all of them.
    I write this with the backdrop of the start of “The Parade of Idiocy and Ignorance”, aka, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Some media members call CPAC a “circus”, which isn’t a bad analogy, considering the Conservatives are the funniest clowns of the GOP.

    • Andrew – I looked at the 14 tenets of fascism. I found their practice not unique to republlcans. In fact nearly all are tenets are equally shared by democrats.

      1) Expressions of Nationalism (support the troops, display the flag)
      2) Disdain for Human Rights (1,000’s killed by drones vs 3 waterboardings, pepperspraying & arresting occupy protesters)
      3) Identify Enemies as Scapegoats. (“Republicans are the enemy in THIS thread)
      4) Militarism (Iraq vs Afghaniustan and Middle East)
      5) Rampant sexism (Democrats demonize males, esp white ones)
      6) Controlled Mass Media (MSM coddling president vs Fox)
      7) Obsession w/Nat’ Security (NDRP, DHS, TSA, WH security tripled)
      8) Religion & Ruling Elite Aligned (Christianity vs Atheisim)
      9) Protection for Corporations (Tax favor fro corps vs GM/Wall Street bailout+heavy subsidy for ‘favored’ green corps+Lockheed supporting spying for IRS/FBI)
      10) Organized Labor supression (the Repubs have it)
      11) Supression of Intellectuals & Arts (Global warming denial & 9/11 theorists mocked vs freedom of ideas from right supressed and ridiculed by Left & birthers and TP’ers mocked)
      12) Obsession with Crime & Punishment (criminalize pop tart guns/banning products/eliminate right wingers vs Jessic’as Law/enforce immigration law)

      • I’m not sure what your point is about 8 – Religion & Ruling Elite, but the GOP has nothing to do with religion unless it’s bowing to Satan. The GOP is without question the largest anti-Christian organization in America – everything and I repeat everything the GOP stands for is in total contradiction to what Jesus taught us as recorded in Matthew 5, 6 and 7. The party violates every precept he taught – by loving money above all else, by judging others as if they’re without sin, and by making their total focus -life is all about ME. The Democrats are not necessarily saints either but they at least have on very big thing going for them COMPASSION, of which, the GOP is totally devoid.

        • Thanks for the reply. You’ll have to clarify which passages within Matthew 5, 6 & 7 you are referring to. Matthew 5 alone contains a vast array of topics from murder to care for the needy.

          You seem to be equating capitalism with anti-christian principles. And, because the GOP defends that tenet of free enterprise, you characterize the GOP as ‘bowing to Satan’ and ‘anti-Christian’?

          If if that’s what you believe, all I can say is you are pretty far from the truth and could use more study in the area of christianity and a better understanding of the republican mission.

          Your comment that the GOP is about ‘ME’ and that they are ‘totally devoid of compassion’ is simply untrue.

          Surely you know republicans lead the way in charitable giving, especially to churches. Democrats champion social causes, but thru through the gov’t, while republicans typically give privately through charities and churches.

          Since you believe republicans are not compassionate, yuo likely feel Democrats are. Don’t democrats support eliminating tax exempt status for churches, which would effect the church’s ability to serve the poor and needy?

          A comment was made that the GOP fits the 12 tenets of facism. All I had to do was look up the 12 tenets, list them and give examples. It easily became apparent BOTH parties are guilty of embracing those tenets. This isn’t an emergence of another WWII Germany. It’s just a label.

          List one thing the GOP has ever done for you or any non 1 or 2% American or even the country.

          Republicans typically expect their reps to do things not for the party, but for the benefit of the country. We count on them to protect the people from foreign attack, to defend the constitution, to limit the size of gov’t, keep taxes low and obey the law.

          • Let’s start with one of your last issues – protect the country (and it’s people). Are you aware that during the Reagan and Bush presidencies that there were 31 attacks on American interests abroad and one at home with more than 3,500 people being killed? Yet, when there were two attacks on our overseas interests in 4 years under Obama, with 4 people being killed, the GOP went ballistic, acting as total hypocrites by going on and on about the attack on Benghazi. America has been anything but safe during GOP presidencies, and that includes during Eisenhowers presidency when what turned out to be the Vietnam war began in Laos.

            I call the GOP anti-Christian because their every answer to fix a problem with the country is either tax cuts or spending cuts, when they know full well that by doing so will be an enormous burden to virtually everyone that needs government assistance. George Bush proved that in spades, by starting two wars and then pushing for two Tax Cuts, knowing full well that by doing so, it would be necessary to cut federal subsidies to the states for programs like Medicaid, and even infrastructure maintenance which would require layoffs in construction companies simply putting more Americans out of work. And George did exactly that, every year he gradually cut subsidies to federally mandated programs that eventually actually drove many of our states to the verge of bankruptcy. Any honest Christian would have known that was going to happen, and like Clinton back in 1993, raised taxes to maintain government services to the needy and the infrastructure and not passed two unfunded, unwarranted tax cuts after starting a war with Iraq based on one lie after another.

            If you’re so fond of the GOP that you can’t see that they parties total focus is to do whatever it takes to funnel taxpayer money into the pockets of people who already have more money than they deserve in this life – then you are being hoodwinked by the party your supporting. The GOP is nothing more than the American mafia determined to remove as much money from American taxpayers pockets as they can get – if that means starting wars – so be it; if that means letting the country deteriorate into a 3rd world nation status by insisting that rich people can’t pay $1 more in taxes so be it. I really feel sorry for you – the one tenet Jesus made clear with comments such as these A rich will find it harder to get into Heaven than for a camel to jumb through the eye of a needle; a virtuall impossibility. And if the GOP is about anything – it is about keeping wealth in the pockets of the already wealthy – if you can’t see that as a contradiction – you are truly blind.

            Jesus also said that he Judged No One – here he was God’s son and even when they brought people to him caught in the act of doing a sin, he refused to judge them. Yet, the GOP takes it upon it self to judge Gays – Ah you say, the bible says that’s a sin. It Does Not – the bible says it’s an unnatural act. And even if it said it was a sin, it is not your place, my place, your preachers place to judge them. Remember, in Exodus, it says that anyone not keeping the Saabath shall surely die; yet when the Pharisees questioned Jesus about working on he Saabath by rummaging through the corn field for food, Jesus taught them that it was okay to do good things on the Saabath. So if you’re reading things in the bible about homosexual acts and thinking God condemns them, you may be right and you may be wrong. If he really condemned them, do you really think Jesus would not have made that clear in the commandments he gave us recorded in Matthew 5-7??
            And when the GOP insists on not raising taxes $1 on the wealthy when they know full well that by doing so programs for those in need will suffer, how can you not see that their actions are not clearly – it’s all about me and not about you- which is just the opposite of what Jesus taught – we should think more highly of others than we do of ourselves. And if we have the wherewithall to help someone in need and choose not to, it’s a sin. And clearly the 1&2% of Americans with the majority of our countries wealth have the wherewithall to help those in need but politically choose not too. (And my sense is that conseratives with money may give more to Charity (like Romney) than the poorer of us, but they do that not from compassion, but because donating often saves them money on their taxes).

          • It seems like you want to pick a fight over whether the bible and Jesus approve of homosexuality and wealth and republicans. You’ll gain a better understanding from your many misperceptions by doing more research and expanding your knowledge base. Or, have a nice long talk with a priest. For example, you acknowledge charity by republicans but disqualify the generosity because you imagine they do it for the wrong reasons. You clearly don’t understand the concept of tithe, yet freely accuse (judge) republicans of alterior motives. Study the ten commandments before using them to attack conservatives foolishly and bearing false witness against your neighbor. Ten isn’t that many. You can probably find a video on youtube. You seem to know what a rich person thinks and does. I doubt you’ve actually talked to anyone with a seven figure net worth. You could use better sources that don’t feed you so many one sided, misrepresented opinions.

          • What in the HELL would a priest know about what Jesus approved or disapproved of? I guess Jesus must have been a huge fan of pedophilia!

          • I think a lot of romoney’s charity was to his church. Maybe he was trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle.

  14. The GOP in all their glory, any tax loopholes they close will only hurt the middle class and the poor. Anyone who supports them has to be rich or brain dead.

    • Not true and one-sided spin. It is not the GOP in ‘all its glory’… it is Ryan’s flaky plan that could hurt middle class. All republicans don’t support it. Good to see it fail. Obamacare adds taxes to middle class. Elimination by Obama of the Bush tax cuts hurt the middle class with payroll tax increase.

      • Obama did not eliminate the 2% tax break people were getting by reducing the FICA tax to around 4%; Boehner was insisting that the Bush tax cuts be only for those earning $1,000,000 and over; Obama wanted it to be for those earning $250,000 and over. Boehner only agreed to the compromise of raising the taxes on those earning $400,000 and over if Obama would give up the 2% FICA tax break. It was the Republicans who insisted on raising the taxes slightly on the middle class (if they were going to be raised on some of the 1 & 2 percent folks).

        • Thanks for the refresher of the fiscal cliff negotiations. I was wrong about Obama being the sole culprit for the middle class tax increase. Both sides sacrificed the middle class on the FICA increase. But I applaud Boehner for preventing further tax increases on the middle class by making the 10/15/25/28/33% Bush tax bracket thresholds permanent and for reducing the capital gains & dividends tax for sub-$200K incomes. The over $250k crowd took a beating on that round.

      • In the long term, the ACA will NOT add taxes to the middle class, with the exception of those who COULD afford insurance but choose not to, and suddenly show up in an ER. When this happens, those of us who pay, pay more, to cover the expenses of treating those individuals.

        Were you to take a few mathematics courses, or study any control theory, you will find that any introduction of a “Step” into one of the inputs to a stable system (such as we had pre-ACA) will cause temporary oscillations in the system. How long those oscillations last is a function of the magnitude of the step, the delay and damping factors within the system, and the relevance of the particular datum to which the step was applied. The results from the ACA will take some time to stabilize, and anyone who says, “See? My premiums just went up!” doesn’t understand this stuff either. In all probability, most of Congress doesn’t understand it. I don’t know enough of the inner workings of the insurance industry to forecast how long things will take to restabilize. But I DO have the requisite background in the above considerations to tell all the naysayers to sit down, shut up, and show a little patience.

        Meanwhile, Obama didn’t “eliminate the Bush tax cuts with a payroll tax increase.” President Obama allowed the “temporary” reduction in FICA withholding to expire, in accordance with the word “temporary”. As opposed to those in Congress who don’t understand the same word when applied to President Bush’s 2001 “10-year temporary” tax cuts.

        And, for the most part, the Ryan plan is endorsed by the GOP — otherwise the GOP would be screaming for a more reasonable, centrist, plan, that relies on as much pain at the top as at the bottom.

        Your words indicate that you’re trying to “sound” centrist. But every time you make a claim, it comes straight from the line promulgated by Fox “News” and its supporters.

      • THE REASON FOR THE TAX INCREASE IS THE GOP WOULDN’T RENEW THE TAX HOLLIDAY ON SOCIAL SECURITY. When are the Republicans that don’t follow the Tea Party going to stand up and be counted?

  15. I have seen Paul Ryan described as being ‘whip smart’ numerous times. By the
    standards of today’s GOP, he probably is, and that is as frightening as it sad.

  16. The republicans keep saying the democrats have not proposed a budget in years. Here comes Patty Murray with a common sense budget proposal. It is revenue, spending cuts & investing in infrastructure. What a concept. I sure hope they let this budget get to the floor for a vote. Get them on the record. That way we can run candidates against them.

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