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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cardinals’ Craig Could Serve As Designated Hitter

Cardinals’ Craig Could Serve As Designated Hitter

Boston (AFP) – St. Louis’ offence should get a boost from the return of infielder Allen Craig who is expected to take on the added role of designated hitter for the Cardinals in the World Series.

Craig finished the season hitting .315 overall with a team-leading 97 RBIs and a superb .457 batting average with runners in scoring position.

That would make him the ideal candidate for designated hitter in the first two games of the Major League Baseball’s championship series which begins Wednesday at Fenway Park in Boston.

“We’ve gotten here as an offence doing what we do, and focusing on our approach,” said Craig, who has not played since September 4 due to a fracture in his left foot. “We are just riding with that.”

The current designated hitter system — which was implemented in 1986 — allows for designated hitters on both teams in the American League cities and no designated hitters in the National League city.

The 109th World Series pits the two teams with the best record in the MLB going head-to-head. Both teams finished first in their leagues with 97 wins and 65 losses.

Boston has won seven World Series titles but hasn’t been victorious since sweeping the Colorado Rockies in 2007, while the Cardinals have won 11 crowns with their last coming just two years ago against the Texas Rangers.

Whoever wins this best-of-seven set will have the most championship titles (three) over the last 10 MLB seasons.