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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The 15 Heartless Proposals In Trump’s Budget

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Longtime federal budget experts quickly slammed the White House’s proposed 2018 budget on Tuesday. Its $1.4 trillion in cuts over the next decade would endanger tens of millions of households, especially the poor and vulnerable, while rewarding the wealthy with unneeded tax cuts and giving contracts to military contractors and others to privatize many government functions.

But inside the right-wing bubble that is the Trump White House and GOP-majority Congress, what’s taken as serious policy ideas, spending principles and rationales for the president’s 2018 budget is reality-averse craziness.

Even as budget watchers say there’s no way Trump’s blueprint will make it through Congress, the starting line—before compromises, concessions and deals begin—is not just mean, cruel and uninformed; it’s delusional.…

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Deforming The Law

Reprinted with permission from WashingtonSpectator.

In an urgent phone call, Ralph Nader described a Republican tort law package that is being “rammed through the House” without proper hearings and almost no attention from the press. Any hearings on the bills have been pro forma, at best. But there has been some notable reporting, in the The Washington Post and Bloomberg News.

Often, “tort reform,” the protracted and persistent campaign to limit lawsuits against the powerful (obstructing individuals’ rights to sue corporate defendants, for example, or making it harder for victims of medical malpractice to sue physicians, hospitals, and nursing homes) is an arcane topic often avoided by the media.…

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