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Friday, October 21, 2016

Since shortly after the 2012 presidential election, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has made it very clear that he plans to run for the White House in 2016. But according to a new survey, Republicans would rather he stay in the Garden State.

That’s the takeaway from a CBS News poll, released Sunday, which asks Americans who they would — and would not — like to see run for president.

Republicans are intrigued by several potential candidates. They agree 59 to 26 percent that Mitt Romney should launch a third presidential bid — a much warmer reception than he’s received from party insiders — and 50 to 27 percent that former Florida governor Jeb Bush should try to become the third member of his family to win the White House. Former Arkansas governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee also polls well, with 40 percent wanting him to run and 29 percent hoping he declines.

But Republicans are much more sour on Christie: Just 29 percent want to see him join the race, while 44 percent disagree. Only former Alaska governor Sarah Palin polls worse, with 59 percent urging her to stay out of the race and 30 percent hoping she jumps in.

Considering that Christie has been traveling the country in a highly publicized shadow campaign, while Palin has been filling her days with impeachment calls and incomprehensible rambling, that’s not a great sign.

It’s not just national Republicans who aren’t crazy about a potential Christie campaign; his own constituents don’t seem very enthused by the idea, either. A Fairleigh Dickinson University poll released last week found that 47 percent of New Jersey voters disapprove of Christie’s job performance, compared to just 39 percent who approve. Furthermore, voters agreed 53 to 32 percent that Christie is more concerned with running for president than being governor, and an overwhelming 72 percent said that Christie’s gubernatorial decisions are influenced by his presidential ambitions.

Previous polls have found likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton walloping Christie in New Jersey in a hypothetical presidential matchup.

According to the CBS poll, Democrats are much more excited for a Clinton campaign than Republicans are about Christie; 85 percent of Democrats want Clinton to run for president, while just 11 percent want her to pass on the race.

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  • Dominick Vila

    I would love to see Christie, Paul, Cruz, Rubio, Palin or Huckabee nominated, but that is not going to happen. The GOP is going to nominate someone with solid conservative credentials, name recognition, and a record of governance who, as a minimum, does not scare the daylights out of mainstream Americans. I expect Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee, but I would not be surprised if they come up with someone who has managed to escape the media scrutiny.

    • pattreid

      Huckabee, on Morning Joe today, said some things that sounded almost rational, altho’ he danced around the ‘how to’. I still believe he’s on a mission to turn us into a theocracy.

      • dana becker

        You know it for a fact. He is a very dangerous man for this country.

    • Bren Frowick

      I agree. The GOP runs around in cycles during primary season, generally showing off everything that’s worst about itself while forcing its more rational members to don tinfoil hats and raise their hands when challenged on their position towards whatever wing nut conspiracy theory they’re supposed to adhere to that day, but in the end the establishment candidate wins out, thoroughly ruined by his forced adherence to the madness. It won’t be Romney, because he’s too well known and is a proven loser. That leaves Bush, by default. The default candidate…. now THERE’S a momentum-building tag…

  • pattreid

    Nj residents would like Christie to stay in his own state, too. Since his reelection he’s been galavanting around the country trying to run for Prez, and enjoying the “gifts’ of entertainment at sport event by his “friends”.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    No one in the US who lived through the bank bailout scams and the Bush Era Recession wants another Bush in the White House. Least of all, one with ties to 2 Miami thugs who bilked Medicare and the Dept. of Housing and Urban Renewal. As for Cruz, he’s history the minute the GOP tyrants ram Keystone down our throats. As for GOP recycling, neither Romney nor Huckabee have an ice cube’s chance in hell to beat Hillary if she decides to run or worse, Elizabeth Warren.

    As for Chris Christie, I’ve lived in NJ all my life. At his last state of the state address last week, he refused to allow any of the state’s top newspapers to attend his speech at the state house. He knows why. They’d ask questions this big mouth, phony coward doesn’t want to have to answer…or in typical Christie demeanor, “act out” with hostility.

    Just what we need in the White House, a hot head who is a Bush appointed US attorney turned governor who out of the entire time he has been governor has traveled to Mexico and Canada and the most prominent red states he hopes to win to get him on the GOP slate. Like he has a chance? You want high taxes..Christie likes to call them “surcharges” and “fees.”

  • FireBaron

    Everyone would love to see a Mitt Romney campaign. Every time he opens his mouth it would generate a “target-rich environment” for late-night talk show hosts, his fellow Republican candidates and his potential Democratic opponents. However, the only Republicans who are smart enough to profit from it are Carson and Bush.
    The only one more gaffe prone than him is Sarah, whose credibility sinks lower each week.

  • Bren Frowick

    Amusing that there are actually MORE Republicans who want to see Palin run than Christie… The Clown Car spilleth over…

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    When you have party in which 30% of members want Sarah Palin to run for president, you have a party of the worst, dumbest, most evil, most ignorant, most bigoted people in the country – a party that deserves no support from anyone who believe in democracy and the constitution.