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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The more closely we look at Peter Schweizer — right-wing author of Clinton Cash and new best friend of the New York Times and Washington Post — the more he appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers. Schweizer’s forthcoming book on Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was supported by a “think tank” called the Government Accountability Institute, which has reportedly received millions from Koch-connected donor funds over the past two years.

Crooks and Liars points toward Donors Trust, the huge Koch-funded “dark-money ATM of the right,” as a key source of funding that made Schweizer’s book possible. He is, after all, the president of the Government Accountability Institute, where tax-exempt money was used to finance a couple of nasty, inaccurate political hits on President Obama during the last election cycle, almost as soon as the “non-partisan think tank” sprang up.

If that isn’t suggestive enough, here is video of Schweizer himself, delivering a February 2014 speech at the Charles Koch Institute, an “educational organization” based in Arlington, VA. Its tax-exempt activities are subsidized by the CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. — yes, that Charles Koch.

Maybe the Times and Post editors should have taken a closer look before they leaped into a deal to promote this Kochtopus production. Or did they look and not care?

Update: Not surprisingly, Media Matters for America provides further detail on Schweizer’s financing by the Koch brothers, Robert Mercer, and the right-wing billionaire political nexus.

Photo: AFP Photo/Spencer Platt

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  • Godzilla

    Another REACH to protect the Bag Lady from her own doing.

    • browninghipower

      Are you serious or just Foxed up?

      • idamag

        He is a big, ugly (inside and out) kid. He had his picture on the avatar and you wouldn’t want to meet him in the dark. You can’t imagine him on the honor roll in school, either.

    • Theodora30

      Karl is that you?

  • charleo1

    Yet another reaching lech, with a huge imagination, working on behalf of the Right Wing propaganda machine. We’ve seen it all before. Remember, Dinesh D’Souza? The guy who claimed the Country was being ran by the ghost of Barack Obama’s anti-colonists Father? Fox loved it! The Right’s base cheered! The rest of the Country laughed at the inane ridiculousness of the premise. And here we see again another supposedly career ending indictment, that’s provided enough questions we’re obliged to demand Obama prove he was not born in Kenya. Or Hillary, as it is now, to disprove there wasn’t a quid pro quo for Countries, or foreign entities, who donated to Bill’s Global Initiative Fund, while she was serving as Secretary of State. Pshaw! Perhaps Obama’s Father’s ghost could decipher the answer, if Mr. D’Souza is still in touch? Otherwise, it will be thin cause to demand the personal e-mails Hillary has already said she purged as a matter of her privacy. Which, if we are to take this tact at face value. It would mean, no one in public service is ever entitled to any privacy. Not with their husbands, wives, children, parents, siblings, or doctors. If that information may be obtained from any source, by any contrivance or claim, irrespective of basis. That the information in question, may just be relevant to underpin the scandalous charge. We don’t even issue search warrants in this Country on such flimsy accusation, and for good cause. It’s called the 4th Amendment. But, ascertaining the facts is not the purpose of this book. But the hope of creating doubt, and wounding the likely winner of the next Presidential election, for which the stakes for working class Americans could not be higher, is.

    • Independent1

      Charleo, along with this book on Hillary, the Koch Bros have now put their money on Scott Walker – David Koch coming out today and saying Walker should be the GOP’s candidate in 2016.

      With that in mind, here’s an article from Salon that really tells it like is:

      From tragedy to farce: The GOP primary shows the rapid collapse of American democracy

      • charleo1

        It’s a great article. If more people would read it, and then were able to understand the full implications of Citizens United on our democratic process. The insidiousness danger of all this is, it’s all pretty mind numbing, and incomprehensible to the average voter. And on the Right (about half the Country) there is almost universal zero concern about any of it, only George Soros. If only those implications were more visible. What if, for example, there was this televised event where a panel of a dozen or so of these billionaires, and representatives of the several dozen allied corporate donors, most of them no one had ever heard of, who will provide the bulk of the 3 billion dollars that will be spent in the upcoming 2016 election cycle. And, this panel announced the nominees they had chosen for the rest of the Country to go thru the process of voting on? Thereby eliminating the primaries. Which at this point, are mostly theater anyway. Only serving to disguise the depth of the influence of donors like the Kochs who have promised to spend at least 100 million, probably much more, if everything were counted. I’m just sure, the American People would be outraged! The Conservative base, which now believe they essentially control their primaries. But, somehow never see their choice as the eventual nominee, would be livid! Of course they would! Yet, they continue to see this issue as Liberal fiction. When in fact, more than a year and a half before the general election, the GOP nominees from which they will be asked to vote, have been whittled down to perhaps a total of three, or maybe four contenders. Only the big money donors, corporate pacs, and the money bundlers, know for sure. While the Country awaits their decision. All that is known, is that Jeb Bush has a huge lead in this respect, and has yet to declare. Mainly because some of the few rules left standing relating to campaign finance, and reporting, would then start to apply. And the Kochs like Walker. So, there’s two.

      • jenn

        They’re about to move over to Bush, you can count on it.

  • Lisa

    Bill and Hillary are the most investigated people in the world. The only prosecutable offense found after gazillions of dollars spent was that Bill lied about an affair.
    It’s not as though Bill lied us into war.

  • Buford2k11

    The Koch Boys are the domestic enemies that we have been warned about…We knew this was coming and did nothing…sat home and whined about voting rights and holding noses to vote, etc…well, here we are…on the verge of what was once the “nightmare” of Democracy…We. Are. Here. and it is about to get worse…

  • Leftout

    Koch Bros, Soros, foreign monies, and mainly PAC monies codified into legality by the SupremeCourt to bribe Alll congressman for a quid pro quo. lLaws are written to protect the donors, but the common man has to bear the burden of these bills. These Bill/ laws are written and read in the dark, the people see the light only toooo late. The characters on the receiving end are politicians that pad their family pocket. These donors actually think that it gets anyone elected, for example Jeb Bush will never get elected, it is not a money issue he has a flaw in some key policies.

  • ChuckfromTacoma

    Great. As the source of the book is attacked, the contents of the book and the evidence presented in it are not denied by Clinton or anybody else involved. We need a better candidate.

    • JPHALL

      Why waste time and money fighting an obvious hit piece. This author, like Dinesh D’Souza, makes his money by accusing others without proof.

  • Ok, ok, so now that we’ve acknowledged the obvious, should we use all this to answer the question as to why roughly 60% of eligible voters – that’s SIXTY-PERCENT, mind you – of the American electorate, that didn’t even bother showing up, can we now, finally, point to the poisonous level of ‘paid-for’ venom infecting the interest-level & ambition of ordinary folks who see it as such & end up, by the end of the election cycle, feeling filthy & unwashed? Even for the few seconds it’s tolerable, being exposed to it all day EVERY day, is the affect really intended to do what it does, nauseating so many millions, w/the impact it does each successive year, in driving down voter participation? Or maybe this is really a question for the Supreme Courts’ conservative majority? Their opinion – FOR ONCE – would be interesting to know…

    • Budjob

      Rustacus,Your figure of 60% not voting is off by a little bit.Actually,only 37% of eligible voters bothered to vote.That is one pathetic statistic! We have only ourselves to blame for the situation this once great Democracy finds itself in.This time,EVERYONE,has to get off of their asses and vote for ANYONE that doesn’t have an “R” attached to their name!! VOTE,VOTE,VOTE Goddamit!!!

  • option31

    So nothing about it being questionable ethics taking money from countries that human rights suck at best and women’s right are non existent? Mr Conason do you support taking money from countries that care nothing about women’s or human rights? A person that had any morals would not accept that blood money. I guess when you can’t defend facts you attack the messenger. Sure would be nice if the writers for this site would actually care about the Democratic Party and hold somebody accountable instead of always going to the Koch closet.

  • Bruce Brown

    The GOP sucks Koch

  • phone2000

    the left has a syndrome…constant repeating of BUSH …FOX NEWS….KOCH BROTHERS…over and over …they refuse to research real facts and go for this propaganda…fact is the Clinton’s stole artifacts from Whitehouse…had many people killed or beat up….sold military secrets to Chinese..had innocent men put in prison…stolen tax payer money from bad land deals… Hillary has given Russia control over part of OUR uranium…as they help Iran with their weapons program….when millions were put into her bank account…then she destroys the email server….Hillary could kill kids on camera with a butcher knife and the left would still support her…you guys are SICKOS !!!!!!

  • Joe Caroli

    Joe Conason has blown Bill Clinton more than Monica Blewclinsky ever dreamed of doing… 😎

  • booker25

    Facts?? When did the Koch Bros ever needs facts?? Try never.