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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Defeated And Dazed, Are The Republicans Ready For Their Own Bill Clinton?

Defeated And Dazed, Are The Republicans Ready For Their Own Bill Clinton?

Getting smacked down by voters is supposed to awaken a latent instinct for reform—or at least self-preservation—among politicians. Smarting from a presidential rout,  there are Republicans who sense that the GOP must change or wither. There are even a few who privately agree that what they really need is a “Republican Clinton”—although that would be a hard phrase for most of them to utter aloud.

For those who like to win national elections, however, it sounds like a useful concept. During the two decades from Clinton’s arrival in 1992 through 2012, the Democratic Party has won five of six presidential elections, including Al Gore’s stolen victory in 2000, and two midterm elections. From 1972 through 1988, they had lost four out of five by huge landslides—the same sign of looming obsolescence now confronted by the Republicans.

Given their belligerent temperament (and the old wounds opened by such questions), the inevitable debate among Republicans over the party’s direction is likely to become a factional “war,” with establishment types pitted against Tea Party activists and evangelical zealots. But what if they could stop and think calmly? How would a GOP reformer — in the style of the former Democratic president whom so many of them praised during this election cycle — reshape their party?

Setting aside the merits of the various positions that Clinton espoused as both candidate and president, voters came to see him as the symbol of a renewed Democratic Party they could trust (and clearly many still do).  What would Republicans have to do to regain the trust they have forfeited since the Reagan era?

As a first step, a Republican Clinton surely would instruct them to face the demographic realities that no American can ignore. This country’s future politics will reflect its changing complexion, no longer dominated by a white majority but reflecting the growing plurality of Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and others.

Repelled by the arrant racism in the Tea Party movement and the evidence of broader nativism in the GOP, these groups become increasingly dedicated to the Democrats with each successive election. If that same habit obtains among their children, the Republicans are truly doomed in this century.

While that warning is already clichéd, it is hardly inaccurate. But a Republican with a Clintonian outlook would say that the party’s problems go much deeper – and that merely revamping the failed GOP approach to Latinos, blacks, and other minorities won’t cut it. Tokenism doesn’t deceive anybody except the tokens.

The effective cure is to rethink, if not abandon, cherished ideological positions — a painful process for many party activists and perhaps unthinkable for those who are telling themselves that Mitt Romney lost because he wasn’t “severely conservative” enough.

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323 responses to “Defeated And Dazed, Are The Republicans Ready For Their Own Bill Clinton?”

  1. nobsartist says:

    After ruining America for 50 years its time to bury them.

    America has finally figured out that republiCONs are traitors.

    • tobewan says:

      Thanks, no bs artist! The Republicons, wealthy, corporations have been PLUNDERING America for many decades, and they don’t want to give it up, or use their ill-gained wealth to help pay-down the deficit by increasing their taxes.

      GREED is an endless ambition!

      • 13observer says:

        “ill-gained”? how the fu*k do you know punk? Try working for it! Maybe you got what your worth already!

        • oldtack says:

          Are you trying to say fuck? Spell it out so we know your conversational limitations.

        • oldtack says:

          How do you know tobewan is a punk? have you ever met him? Do you know his background? Do you know anything?

          • 13observer says:

            how does he know certain people’s fortunes were “ill-gained”?

          • neece00 says:

            All he has to do is look at Mitt Romney and how he gained his wealth.

          • 13observer says:

            and how did he “gain” his wealth? was it legal? ok then, how are the so-called new “immigrants” WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION making financial “gains” here in America…..legally or not? Bet that stumped ya! or do you apply a “double standard” to all your logic?

          • neece00 says:

            Legal, the jury is still out on that but he did obtain his wealth by bankrupting a number of companies but not before he got his share, which by the way, was millions. So legal, maybe, but unethical, it sure sounds that way. The companies he did not bankrupt, he sent the jobs overseas which left American people UNEMPLOYED.

          • 13observer says:

            and how do you think those AMERICANS will find new jobs when Obama wants to give the green light on amnesty and allow more illegal to compete with OUR enemployed? Why are you, Obama and the democrats so fucking ashamned of who we are ? You are all so “guilt ridden” I casn’t understand it…’s like we as Americans are the poluters of the world…the greedy rich and I do mean anyone who makes more than third world countries because when you pit one class against another….the poor are envious of the middle class who are envious of the wealthy and so on……. I am not ashamned to be free, white, male, straight, Christian, pro-labor, pro-constitution, American, Independant………. and if you don’t like it……….. I don’t give a FUCK!

          • old_blu says:


          • YES!!! LOL More Sour Grapes!! LOL

          • 13observer says:

            is it “unethical” to be in this country “illegally”? Sure, it’s different when it’s Romney going for more, but it’s legal!!!! Robbing a bank to gain financially is no different than working in this country illegally to gain……….. they are both ILLEGAL ACTS that violate our “rule of law”!!!!!!!!!!! So, tell me again about who is “ethical”! I thought so, you can’t defend your worthless argument!

          • neece00 says:

            Just to remind you, if it were not for the immigrants coming to this wonderful country, you or I would not be here.

          • That Bitch Don’t A Indian!!!

          • 13observer says:

            well, isn’t that special! We have the same immigration laws today as we had then however these Illegal aliens have NO regard for our laws and chose to break them, and that is not the same type of immigration, but thank you for your STUPID response regardless!

          • 345_719 says:

            You have four years to whine!

          • 13observer says:

            I guess i’m lucky we have “freedom of speach” in spite of the democrats agenda!

          • By The Way Mr. Strip And Ship Got A Lawsuit Coming His Way!! LOL Not Only He Lose His Bid For The White House But He’s About To Be SUED!!! LOL

          • commserver says:

            I beg to differ.

            Many hedge funds create wealth by buying companies borrowing the money to buy. This leaves the companies with a crushing credit load to pay back, which many aren’t able to do.

            The hedge fund just walks away with the proceeds.

          • northroader1775 says:

            The question isn’t so much the legality of it…it’s more of an ethical question…the fact that it may be legal doesn’t make it right. And to strip jobs from the country at the same time you are running around promising to creat jobs puts you squarely in the wrong and deep in a pile of ethical horseshit.

            AND YEAH I believe that when a company like GE posts 14.8 billion in PROFITS…after all costs and salaries are paid 14.8 bill PROFIT and then instead of owing taxes actually has the nerve to claim a tax return while the country that supports them struggles on through a long drawn out recovery….ILL-GOTTEN works for me legal or not.

          • Hello My Friend neeceoo 🙂 I Need This Asshole Under You To Get This Message!!! Not You My Friend This Bitch Under You!!Why Don’t You Shut That Fuck Up You Lost Bitch We Don’t Want No Robber Barron Running Our Country Back In The Ground Bitch The People Has Spoken!!!

          • neece00 says:

            Hi there friend, thanks a bunch. I always ask myself “why bother” they only hear what they want. Their narrow little minds have a hard time grasping the whole picture of what America is all about.

          • BDC_57 says:

            On last word the other night they talking about blow up doll
            Rush, said that the people that follow rush are very stupid to believe his lies.

          • BDD1951 says:

            And they are.

          • I Find Once You Keep Ripping Them New Assholes They Seem To Get The Message Sometime!! They Know Others Are Reading This National Memo And I Doubt They Want People To See What I Got To Say To Them All They Have To Do Is Stop Talking To Me Then There Would Be No Ripping!!! LOL

          • idamag says:

            Fern, you can’t rip them a new one because they already are anus orifices.

          • LOL But I Do Have A Way With Words!!! LOL They Don’t Want To Get Me Started!! I Can Make A Sailor Blush!!! LOL

          • Ed says:

            oh, but Fern, that wouldn’t be “lady Like”.

        • Dmullins84 says:

          130bserver, i honestly believe you have your head up your A** and locked. All you can come up with is a bunch of trash.

        • holyreality says:

          Nobody, nobody amongst the ranks of the GOP pillagers, Romney at the top “earned” any of their ill gotten wealth.

          Hedge fund managers never worked a day in their life. Corralling funds from one Wall Street invention into another, then skimming off the top is more akin to theft than any possible definition of work.

          Defending these goons as hard workers either denotes your level of ignorance, or complicity to their gigantic scam.

          • idamag says:

            holy, imagine the patrons of Las Vegas, the kaching of the slots, the betting tables and the card tables. You know the difference between the Las Vegas gamblers and Wall Street banks? The gamblers in Las Vegas are usually gambling with their own money.

          • 13observer says:

            by your standards then the President does NO hard work! because you could say he does no “physical” labor just like Romney or perhaps Obama is a roofer on the side.

          • holyreality says:

            Absolutely correct, well not the Roofer part.

            Politicians do not “work”, their job is to serve us, not the corporations Mr Romney tends to prefer.

          • 13observer says:

            or the illegal alien criminals Mr. Obama serves! criminals for criminals, honor among theives……………steal from the rich (taxes) to give to the poor!

          • holyreality says:

            Could you please take a step away from the keyboard? Maybe go out and breath some fresh air?

            Knee jerk posts like that are usually recognized as abusive and reduce your credibility.

            Have you not been in a grade school civics class? A refresher would significantly enhance your image.

          • 13observer says:

            I BEG YOUR PARDON…………………….. what did Eric Holder say to Obama after being convicted on “Fast & Furious” and “Bengazzegate”!

        • northroader1775 says:

          AAAHHHH the age old cry of the sore loser! It’s not our fault people don’t like our ideas because people are dumb. You know 13 when millions of people agree your ideas suck…maybe YOU need new ideas?

      • DemCommonSense says:

        We need an amendment to the Constitution banning corporate money from Federal elections… This way the Corporations (which are PROPERTY, by the way; and NOT people) cannot rig the game to their advantage. This, along with term limits for the Congress will help to eliminate their stranglehold on the politics in this country. Go look up Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s petition to support the Constitutional amendment…

        • 13observer says:

          Looks like Obama’s win discounts any argument against “citizens united”.

          • Ron Silver says:

            You’re short-sighted. While he won despite all the money spent, that money would have been better used elsewhere.

          • Ed says:

            The Koch brothers did not want it spent elsewhere.

          • 13observer says:

            what, on more welfare to broaden his base?

          • The $6 billion spent on this election would have been spent much better somewhere else but for Citizens United. As it was. each campaign had to raise tons of money. The Koch Brothers and Sherman Adelson each contributed tons of money via their PACs. What defeated Romney more than anything else was foot-in-mouth disease.

          • Romney Ryan And Rove Better Watch Their Backs Cause Those Thugs Are Going To Beat Their Asses About Wasting All Their Money And They Got Nothing To Show For It!! LOL

          • 13observer says:

            True “democracy” at work! You don’t like it when those with skin in the game want equal rights and obviously, money can’t buy everything! But AMNESTY can buy the Latino vote!

          • fastfootedd says:

            And the rediculous policies that they ran on.

          • 1concernedsenior says:

            citizens united should be called ” COMMIES UNITED” !!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            WOW, you probably earn more than $250,000.00 thinking like that

          • 13observer says:

            you are obviously opposed to democracy, and I think we know to call that!

          • Sandra says:

            True, and the fact that the R’thugs do not have a Bill Clinton in the wings. Clinton is in a class by himself, short of cloning him, R’thugs are doomed if they are relying on the current crop of legislators they currently have.

          • 345_719 says:

            If the republicans don’twake up and change their mind frame then when the american people go to the polls again they will no longer exist!! Lets get togeather and get to work for a change.

          • Ed says:

            Not so, a corporation, faceless, and with no one to be held responsible for it’s actions can never be considered as a person.

          • 13observer says:

            Really, a labor union collectively is the same thing! Thanks for the fun you provide me!

          • northroader1775 says:

            No it is evil and must be removed from the landscape of democracy. Just because it didn’t win this time doesn’t mean it will not some day ruin everything we’ve worked so hard for.

          • 13observer says:

            are labor unions not the very same thing? you just want to play by a “double standard” when it comes to democracy! letting illegals affect the outcome of elections by counting them in the census and thus giving more electorial votes to certain areas as this affects the outcome. we need to get back to the “popular” vote to determine outcomes!

          • joyscarbo says:

            Never has so much money been spent for such a pitful result.

            All the money in the world couldn’t help Mitt Romney win. You can’t buy elections.

          • 13observer says:

            oh yes you can buy them, just promise AMNESTY for illegal aliens…that’s how! criminals running our country!

          • Kevin says:

            I disagree whole heartedly 130observer. Citizens v United is a bad decision no matter how you slice it. The fact that the dems managed to use their own super PAC’s does not legitimize this heinous ruling. More so it is a warning, especially since we’ve seen little talk from them about reform. We dodged a bullet in this election. The next time the Koch brothers may fund someone that doesn’t drool mysogeny, and we may find out about that candidates extremist views after he’s been elected.

          • idamag says:

            Kevin, Citizens United is one more step toward Corporations ruling the US and the world. Read, “Farenheit 451.”

          • 13observer says:

            what about the influence of labor unions? you only like democracy when it works in your favor!

          • hamster999 says:

            Actually it doesn’t. This time the right wing groups squandered all that money at their disposal. Next time they may well spend it wisely.

          • rustacus21 says:

            … but it’s only the locked-in-stone laws & policies that truly count! That’s the part that each Liberal/Progressive & fair-minded American citizen will play in this initiative to restore OUR Democracy to the position it was on Dec 11, 2000, before the ‘OVERTHROW’… The question is now, how ready are we to do what we know needs to be done, between now & November, 2014? Money can ‘manufacture’ another Bill Clinton, but it can’t make a ‘conservative’ Clinton any more legitimate than a Romney who said what he thought AND the money MADE him repeat, in order to win at any cost. Money has proven it speaks louder than any 10’s or 100’s of millions of Democracy-loving American’s could ever hope to. In THAT lay the battles ahead…

          • 13observer says:

            pandering to voting hispanics who put illegal immigration and welfare ahead of country is what won this election! The numbers were certainly not a “mandate” for anything!

        • sarahg says:

          I would say that is probably the most intelligent and valid suggestion out of any of those made by the many idiots who routinely clutter this page with their ignorant and uninformed rants. Very excellent point. I have often argued that it should be a criminal offense to allow one red cent in elections because of the obvious Herculean conflict of interest and the obvious overturning of the will of the people it constitutes. So congrats to you! Very apt. I think allowing corporate money in our elections and legislatures should be considered a high crime against the people of the United States and against their democratic process.

        • James S says:

          I agree with you. But, in reality, all that corporate spending got the republicans nowhere. I live in Montana and Rove, et al spent $30 million to try to oust Jon Tester. Didn’t work.
          At the same time Tester held onto his seat in the senate, Montana voters overwhelmingly (75% in favor) passed a proposition requiring our representatives in congress to fight for an amendment that would banish the Scotus’s Citizens United verdict. It was prop. 166 on the Montana ballot if you’d care to check it out.

          • idamag says:

            James, after the government takeover by the copper barons, in Montana, Montana enacted legislation against such things as the citizens united and they also put limits on campaign contributions. A year ago when Montana tried to enforce their own law, the Supreme Court shot them down.

          • northroader1775 says:

            We need to keep fighting…this is going to ruin democracy it must be stopped…prop 166ish needs to be on the ballot in every state and in every election until citizens united is overturned. We need a constitutional ammendment that gets rid of private money in elections period. It would also be very beneficial to limit campaign season to 3-4 months. That way elected officials could work on doing their job not just keeping their job.

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Hallelujah, Amen! Get private money out of politics, collect money from individuals, voluntarily, like is now done with a check-off on your tax returns, and make that the basis for spending in each national election cycle. How in the world the Supreme Court held that corporations were peopleand entitled to frre speech is beyond me. Corporations don’s have birth certificates, driver’s licenses, Visas, passports, government issued photo IDs, and you certainly can’t fit one in a voting booth! I support Senator Brown’s idea, and also support anyone who would seek to impeach the Supreme Court justices that made corporations people, as well as posthumously impeaching William Rehnquist for his decision in 2000 that gave Florida to Bush.

          • 345_719 says:

            WE need to do away with the life time for the supreme court justices.Most of them are so old they can’t dress themselves.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Bear in mind, Federal judges are not elected, and they don’t serve for a specific term – most federal judges, not just those on the Supreme Court, serve for life, so a sitting president can have a much greater influence on more than just the Supreme Court, for decades to come. Right now the only Supreme Court justice who will probably retire is Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, a moderate. The two we really need to get rid of are Clarence Thomas(who has not written a decision since he has been on the Court) and Antonin Scalia, who refused to recuse himself from a case of obvious conflict of interest regarding his good friend, Dick Cheney. Scalia was also involved in the infamous 2000 Florida Vote decision.

        • Ed says:

          So far seven states have petitioned the congress for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United. Under the constitution it requires that upon application of 2/3’s of the states congress shall call a convention to propose amendments. We need 30

      • idamag says:

        Tobewan, If you study politics, from the beginning, the corporations have been tryin to take over this country for a long time. Now, it is multi-national corporations and ours is not the only country they want to own.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        It wasn’t our idea to get the deficit sky high!!!!

        Why should WE have to pay it off???

        Stop spending more and more and more

        Cut everyone off!!!!

        • johninPCFL says:

          Really? Reagan ran up a $400B debt to $4T. The “emergency” last August was liquidity required to pay off the last of the TBills used to raise the money.

          GWB ran a $5.8T debt up to $12.8T.

          Why not VETO the overspending? Well, the GOP doesn’t veto spending bills.

          And the teabaggers in Congress continue the tradition. Borrow and spend, borrow and spend…

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            FORGET THE PAST—-


          • old_blu says:

            Hey, ALLLLAMERICAN…………….Bwahahahahahaha….*take a breath* …………………..Bwahahahahaha.

            Sorry everytime I see you it just makes me laugh, after hearing allllll your crap allllll year Bwahahahaha.

          • idamag says:

            Oh that racist isn’t smart enough to realize the guy that put the hole in the roof is the one who caused the roof to leak, not the guy who inherited the house and is trying to repair the damage. Fortunately, the American voter saw it.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Then quit bitching about the past. The deficit is rising annually thanks to the teabaggers spending like crazy.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            haaaaa Good One

            haaaaaaaaaaa Good One!!!!

            You are hard to live with

          • idamag says:

            And Bush ran up a huge deficit, after he spent the surplus, to give tax cuts to the rich and start two wars.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
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            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush
            Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush

            GET OVER IT—-

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            We are talking about this President and
            this White House
            and the spending they are doing
            and the handouts they are giving

            We are NOT talking about years ago we went to war and ran the dept up and blah blah blah

        • northroader1775 says:

          who do you include in the term “OUR”? and are you talking about the deficit or the debt?? debt is high deficit is manageable and coming down every year…btw the debt started with Reagan continued with bush I was quenched by Clinton and then blown sky high by bush II. Obama is actually reducing the debt and has already reduced the deficit while spending us out of a recession…pretty neat repub in the last century even came close to pulling that off. The deficit was reduced from the 1.2 trillion bush left down to slightly under 1 trill last year…again this is including stimulus spending to get the economy going…32 month straight of economic growth.

          Why is math so difficult for you ALLLLSHITFORBRAINS??

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            We aren’t talking about every single president
            that we have ever had.

            We are talking about ‘THIS” PRESIDENT
            and “THIS” White House

            Why do you have trouble with the REAL FACTS

    • There Are No Republicans They Are Now Just A Bunch Of Lying Crazies, Terrorists And Traitors, To America And The American People!!! GOP Has It’s Lips Planted So Long On The Tea Party Asses For So Long You Can’t Tell Where One Party Ends And The Other Begins!! They Are Now The American Taliban, Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight,:-( Hating , Lying And Filibustering Is What They Do, Fear Mongering, Blocking,Racism And Terrorizing People Is How They Roll!!! 🙁

      • nobsartist says:

        They only have one objective.

        STEAL as much tax payer money as possible.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          are you kidding me!!!!

          The LIBS want to steal alllll the Republicans money
          raise the taxes
          raise the taxes

          The Dems LOVE to raise the taxes
          they just don’t like to pay them!!

          For instance:
          Caroline Kennedy
          Timothy Geithner
          Al Franken
          Charlie Rangel
          46.4% of the U.S. household DIDN’T pay Federal Income Taxes

      • 13observer says:

        “drama queen”, “racebaiter”! We won’t legislate financial “equality” like we did civil rights!!! Sorry not the same thing! We would call that stealing or looting!

      • 13observer says:

        you call it greed…..I call it LEGAL! and there aint nothin you can do about it!!!!

        • I Can Get American People United And Kick Their Asses Out Of Office Just Like We Did Fool!!! Now You Can Go Back To Sucking Out Of Rich People Asses !! Maybe If You Get You Stupid Ass Off The Computer Get You Some Real Skills You Can Make You Own Money Stop Watch Fox Fake News!! I’m A Middle Class Working Nurse Bitch I Make Plenty Of Money And Got Lot Of It In American Banks Yes I Said Banks!! And I Didn’t Have To Screw Over My Fellow Americans To Get Here Either!!!

        • northroader1775 says:

          OHHHH that’s where you’re wrong 13…we did do something about it…and we are nowhere near done doing things about it…you don’t even see the iceburg floating in front of your ship…Obama is just the first wave…hillary is coming and then some young firebrand we haven’t discovered yet will step up and grind the last of the GOP to dust….you are finished and should move to the caymans now.

          • 13observer says:

            when AMNESTY become the “failure” or Obama’s Folly, 2010 will be back! WELFARE FOR EVERYONE! The “FOODSTAMP” LEGACY will leave everyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

      • BDC_57 says:

        You got that right my friend.

      • idamag says:

        They are terrorists. All those white supremists. Texas arrested a bunch of aryan nations people today.

  2. America’s voters flipped their Whigs once.

    The RNC needs to understand, it can happen again.

  3. Lynda says:

    I’ve yet to see just who could be the GOP ‘Clinton’ in the bunch in office today. I suppose they might put forth that young phony from Florida, and hope that his darker skin and made up family history will help. The country is not buying their brand and it is driving them nuts.

  4. lana ward says:

    Republicans want a revival of God, good and decency. Right now we have a revolution of hate and evil. You’re in for a rude awakening when you find out what obama really is!!

    • old_blu says:

      Keep your religion out of politics and maybe you will have a chance next time, or you could just ask me instead of Rush and all those other lying right winger sites you brag so much about what the real America want.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        I don’t think “HE” was the one that kept bringing his RELIGION into it!!!!

        Rush has the FACTS and you LIBS hate to hear the FACTS.

        Rush is Radical because he is trying to get his point across but they are NOT lies.

        • old_blu says:

          You have been uncharacteristically quiet the last few days are you bitter? LOL

        • old_blu says:

          Bwahahahaha…………..*take a breath*……….. Bwahahahahaha

        • BDD1951 says:

          Rush is a big drug addict wind bag. He makes up facts as he goes along.

        • Landsende says:

          Thanks. Just read your comment that Rush is a radical because he is trying to get his point across but they are not lies. I haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time. Your comments are usually so hate filled. Who knew you could be so funny!!!!!

          • old_blu says:

            She really is funny huh?

          • Landsende says:

            When I read her comments I started laughing because the idea of anyone saying Rush Limpdick tells the truth is ridiculous. I was being facetious although I think ALLL is to dumb to figure it out. She only sees and hears what her narrow little mind can absorb. I actually feel kind of sorry for her because one day she will wake up and find out the teapublicans, Faux News, Limpdick, Beck and Coulter are using her and others like her to make themselves rich.

          • idamag says:

            Lands, I don’t know how anyone can understand a word alllkkk says. I wish she’d put her teeth in.

      • lana ward says:

        old_blu, your in for a rude awakening–obama is pure evil

        • old_blu says:

          Hey I have a rude awakening for you too, Obama won, and you told me that wasn’t going to happen either.

          • lana ward says:

            Obama is santa claus. All of the give me, give mes , the takers, voted for him. All of the makers, us with self respect, voted for Romney. That is scary there are more takers than makers. What happens to the takers when the makers are broke????

          • old_blu says:

            Now even you are a liar, I go to work every day and run a small auto repair shop which employs a few decend guys, I pay my 28% and am happy to do that, I have never taken anything from the government, my very smart wife also goes to work every day, and has never been on the government teat either, we both know someday we will be the 47%, and we both voted for Obama, so that makes you a liar.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            That is NOT nice —oh, you are a liar
            or that makes you a liar—REALLY

            She is sooo true, the moeny is going to run out.

            Maybe YOU work, maybe you pay a little bit of taxes but 47% don’t and

            I WILL NEVER EVER EVER be the 47%


            Plan a head!!!

          • old_blu says:

            KMA I’m not trying to be nice Bwahahahaha

          • lana ward says:

            I didn’t say you were a taker did I? I don’t apreciate being called a liar. I said it is all the takers voted for Obama, that’s how he was elected. I don’t think takers voted for Romney. You better enjoy what you have, you won’t have it for long!!

          • old_blu says:

            You were very clear “all the takers voted for him” I’m not a taker and I voted for him. You said all libs were takers that there were only givers (you) and takers (me) and I’m not a taker that makes you a liar. Oh and I’m going to answer one of your other givers on this same thread so know this is not for yoy but ALLLL Bwahahahahaha.

          • lana ward says:

            Old blu, you’re an old fool. I know some makers voted for Obama. The hollywood whores. The uninformed. The America haters. But the takers(millions under Obama) all voted for him, that’s how he won

    • Joshua says:

      A revival of God? God does not need reviving, America needs reviving, especially the republicans. How can you say that republicans want good and decency the way they victimize women, lie thru their teeth, and racially divide(tea party brags about it.only 2% minority participate in tea party), blatantly tout class warfare (Secret Romney tape of the 47%). I’ve never seen such sore losers in my life.
      THAT IS TRULY UN-AMERICAN!!! I know President Obama is the worst right? well I want the worst fighting for me because all of what you call the best did not give a dam about the middle class so I’ll take my chances with Barry. Thank you!

      • neece00 says:

        Don’t forget all the wars that the GOP had put us through.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        47% of people DON’T pay taxes—-they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote!!!!

        He knew that 47% would NEVER vote for him because he was going to take away allllllll their FREEEEEE stuff.

        Why would they want Romney???
        He’s was going to make them get jobs and support their selves and get off the welfare and Food stamps and everything else they beg for.

        • BDD1951 says:

          I am so tired of this free stuff comment. Nobody wants to be on food stamps or rent subsidies. Or Medicaid. These are mostly people who are working and don’t make enough to sustain a family. These people need to be educated so they can get a better job. Of course, Conservatives don’t want that either. My youngest daughter had to be on food stmps for a few months because her husband was laid off and she was a stay at home mom. When he got another job they went off the food stamps. Thank God that they had the food stamps or either my husband and I or her husbands mother would have to feed them. Which we could not afford ourselves.

          • onetop66 says:

            My daughter’s fiance put it best. He heard several exit interviews on election day. Of them, they were voting for Obama because he’d pay their rent, give them a “free” cell phone and buy their gas. Their are more of them than there are like you daughter. When I was teaching high school most of my students wanted the government to take money form the “rich” and give it to them. They were not the least bit interested in improving themselves to move out FTER SCHOOL.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


            This is what I have been telling them!

            They don’t want to hear it or see the evidence.

            They would rather walk around with blinders on and hands out

            I told them to go to youtube Howard Stern asking Election Questions.

            It is UNREAL

          • idamag says:

            onetop66, won’t work. I can spot a liar right away and you are a liar.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Why would you say that???

            I have seen it

            What is it your calling HER a liar??? about what

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            It’s funny most alllll older WHITES voted Romney

            Why, they are smarter and wiser than the young

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            WAIT!!!! Did you say nobody wants to be on Food Stamps or rent subsidies or Medicaid???

            Are you kidding me—-Its a dream come true

        • johninPCFL says:

          Right. All the active-duty military voted for the President. All seniors on social security voted for the President. Do you ever get tired of posting the same rediculous nonsense? Are you autistic or something, Rain Man?

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Anything I write is facts or I heard on the news.

            A Very Large percent white seniors Voted Romney!!!!!

            The Military HATE obama—-Especially after Libya

            Nearly 500 former military admirals
            and generals endorsed Mitt Romney.

            Did you hear that?
            500 former military admirals
            and generals ENDORSED Mitt Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            From the Military Times Poll:

            The Military voted —Romney —66%
            and obama— 26%

            The professional core of the U.S. military overwhelmingly favors Mitt Romney over President Obama in the upcoming election — but not because of any particular military issues, according to a new poll of more than 3,100 active and reserve troops.

            Respondents rated the economy and the candidates’ character as their most important considerations.

            I’m kinda thinkin you might be autistic and getting your numbers backwards.

            No, I don’t get tired of trying to EDUCATE you LIBS!!!

          • johninPCFL says:

            Taxes, RainMan. The subject was the 47% who pay no taxes. They’re made up of seniors on SS, active and overseas military, etc.

            Those of that group who voted for Romney were delusional.

          • old_blu says:

            According to you Romney won. You know he lost more real ALLLLAMERCANS voted for Obama. Romney lost, Rmoney lost, Romney lost, Romney lost, Romney lost, Romney lost, Liars lose, Liars lose, liars lose.

            Get over it.


      • lana ward says:

        Your in for a rude awakening. Your obama is pure EVIL!!


      Your Right Lana —you are right!!!!

      OR the people he has killed if they know ANYTHING about his past

      Here are a FEW people obama has had killed!!!
      If anyone knows anything about obamas past—HE HAS THEM KILLED

      Andrew Breitbart: SAID—-“Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st”. In a stunning coincidence, It appears Andrew Breitbart suffered his untimely death just hours before he was set to release damning video footage that could have sunk Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Around three weeks ago on February 9 during the ‘Blog Bash’ event in Washington DC, Breitbart made a prophetic comment that takes on a somewhat chilling nature given the fact that he died in the early hours of March 1st.
      Also: Brietbarts Coroner died of Arsenic Poisoning on the day that Andrew Breitbarts autopsy results were to be released.

      ALSO—Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same GAY bath house in uptown Chicago
      Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, matchmaking service for gay —
      the matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’

      Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.

      Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.
      Young and Bland were brutally MURDERED, execution style, in late 2007.
      Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and
      Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:
      The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.

      Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,
      “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder.
      Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama.

      obama has everyone KILLED THAT REALLY KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!

      GREAT PRESIDENT you voted for—


  5. ChristoD says:

    Excellent article. It hits the nail right on the head. We should be careful not to underestime or trust the animal called CONSERVATISM, they are also the abode of the hostile ‘gun’ set. Those on the winning side that gloat should be aware that this group of rapid anti-Obama and liberal haters are prone to ignorant militarism that could erupt into an ‘active war against the antichrist liberal heathans’. I worry about this cornered accepted ingnorance, hate and vitriol filled, neanderthalic fringe on the right that may not be a fringe at all.

  6. The Republicans Left The Building Years Ago When They Got Highjacked By The Tea Party And They Never Been The Same Since!!! 🙁 They Will Always Lose!!! Until They Take They Party Back!!!

    • old_blu says:

      Fern you are right I have no problem with the real GOP but we have not seen them for years, they have let the tea baggers take over their party by cowing down to them.

  7. Alogon says:

    Some analysts are saying that they need to nominate a moderate next time, and others warn that they need to tack sharply to the right. The interesting thing is that Romney was such a shape-shifting chameleon as to make both suggestions plausible.

  8. foolsdance says:

    They need to start by firing Boehner. That pompous @$$ acts like he is the ruler of the world for god’s sake. He continues to refute and ignore the mandate for change that we voters sent. If they would denounce him and stand up to him, it would be a bold first step.

  9. EdwardB says:

    I bet the republicans would trade a Karl Rove, Dick Chenney, Dick Morris, Donald Trump, Rush Limpball, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson for a Bill Clinton

    And a first round draft pick in 2016

  10. EdwardB says:

    Thank God the republicans have. . . . . Grover Norquist and Karl Rove

  11. EdwardB says:

    Republicans will be back strong in next election.

    2016 Rafalco/Romney

    I am R A F A L C O and I approve this message

  12. BDD1951 says:

    Republicans can never find anyone who even remotely compares to
    Bill Clinton. They’d have to find someone who cared about the American people and they just don’t have one.

    • You Got That Right My Friend In A Party Of Thugs And Low Life Knuckle Dragging Racist ??? Who In The Hell In Their Right Mind Would Look For Some One Like Clinton In Their Den Of DEMONS!!!

    • Bradbrea says:

      It kind of makes me laugh that there is even talk of the Republicans looking for a “Clinton type” for their party considering all the HELL they put him through during his Presidency! He is probably one of the most ACCOMPLISHED Presidents yet I can only imagine what more he would have been able to do for our country had he not constantly been under investigation for one thing or another and constantly having to appear in hearings. All so they could only prove that he had an affair!!! And NOW, they are needing a Clinton? That is kinda funny, right? LOL


      OMG, REALLY!!!!

      Bill Clinton is and was a disgrace and a laughing matter to our country!!!!

      Clinton should have been Impeached

      Anybody that was anybody was ashamed and embarrassed by his SICK behavior in
      the White House and not taking it serious.

      • Landsende says:

        In an earlier post you said “forget the past, we are living in the present” yet when it’s pointed out that the mess we are in now is a result of GWB policies that nearly bankrupted the country, caused a recession, and lied to get us in two wars where thousands of our troops were either killed or injured you bring up Clinton lying about getting a blowjob. At least his lie didn’t cause the loss of lives or injuries like GWB. Clinton was a great president that gave us a robust economy with no deficit and GWB ran up the deficit almost destroying the economy. Why is it GWB is never mentioned or praised by the republicans while democrats and even some republicans praise Clinton?

  13. Randall Marlowe says:

    This should be the death knell of the Repealican Party, hopefully. The problem is that they are too hardheaded and blind and like most rich people incapable of admiting their errors. They won’t go away but they will be out of major politics for the next 20 years. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires.

  14. docb says:

    And who in that Gop pipeline would be up to that task? No one on the Horizon yet! Certainly not Jindal,or Rubio…The Gop job is to heal the party and get rid of the crazies!

    That will take at least until 2020!

  15. adventure says:

    To paraphrase this article, the Republican Party becomes either a bigger tent, or a sleazy side-show away from the greater achievements of the main event.

  16. William Deutschlander says:

    Unfortunately the Republican Cartel is GENERATIONAL, each generation accepts what is handed down and becomes less inteligent in the process.
    There are some in the GOP that can think for themselves but are muted, these folks need to leave the GOP and form a new political party that can be relevant and collectively bargain.
    The best outcome for the Republican brand is to let it die as it is filled with BIGOTS who are ignorant and will not change, they are losers and are irrelevant in America.
    We need two political perspectives but they both must be RELEVANT and FLEXIBLE!
    The new political party must divorce itself from the so called chamber of commerce, the koch disease, the rove disease, the adelson disease, etc.
    The new political party must be a people controled party for the people!

    • That Cause They Are Inbred!!! LOL Keeping It In The Family Make Dumb Kids!!! LOL Like 130bserver=130BullShitserver!!! LOL That’s All She Serving Is Bullshit!!! LOL

    • BDD1951 says:

      I think most of the younger people are becoming Democrats. I worked the election and we had 277 voters. Of those 39 were first tie voters. All except one was either 18 or 19. One turned 18 on election day. I think most were voting Dem. We have many young people who are coming of age and they most seem to be going Dem.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        A lot of the younger people are Democrats—they are Liberals

        They believe in NOT working
        They believe in hand outs
        They believe in Redistribution
        They believe in Tattoos
        They believe in body piercings

        They are young and naive

        Because young people believe the media to be truth and most of the media is liberal.
        Every single news channel is liberal except Fox and that drives you Libs crazy.

        With age comes wisdom and the ability to think for yourself and research your beliefs and support the party that most closely resembles your beliefs.

        Not to mention younger people are concerned with what directly affects them at the moment so they are more likely to take the view of the democrats (liberals)

        whereas older people concern themselves with a broader perspective of what’s going on and how actions will affect the future and how money affects things.

        Because some young people are easily mislead by celebrities and MTV.

        The younger generation is Money Hungary and wants everything for free ..

        They want to be kept,that’s why you see so many still at home into their 30’s …

        the democrats have all the giveaway programs why would you not want someone to pay your way…FREE FREE FREE

  17. 13observer says:

    so tell me, how does giving AMNESTY to 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS help out our country? You tell me that!


      That’s for sure!!!

      Unemployment at it’s highest
      and 47-Million on Food stamps and they let 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS IN AND
      obama also allowed 80,000 Muslim immigrants into United States. HIS PEOPLE!!!!


      I live in Florida—They are taking over.

      There is a whole huge community of them here.

      • DemCommonSense says:

        Muslims are allowed in the United States
        Jews are allowed in the United States
        Christians are allowed in the United States
        Hindus are allowed in the United States
        All Religions are allowed in the United States

        1) The US is NOT an exclusionary country. Think about it… Your ancestors were immigrants, dopey… Be thankful the United States INCLUDED them so that you could live here.
        2) The United States is and will always be a SECULAR nation… NOT a CHRISTIAN one. We have the right, due to the inclusive nature of our country, to practice whatever religion we want. You want proof of this?

        Treaty of Tripoli – Signed by John Adams (One of the True Christians and most important people invloved in the founding of our GREAT Nation):

        “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

        • Stella53 says:

          Well stated, Dem. Unfortunately, this is not what AllllAmeican and 13observer want to read or hear. They HATE Obama and you have to understand that no matter how intelligently you put it, no matter how clear it is, they will never see it. They say love is blind, well so is hate. They are blind and cannot hear. Hatred clouds their vision and plugs their ears. Great post though.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          you WILL see what happens—-

          you will see

          • BDD1951 says:

            That youtube video was spliced. And I think you know it. I saw he whole video and his exact word were my Chrstian religion.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            If that makes your feel better about yourself

          • old_blu says:

            You do know Muslim is a religion, Right?
            I don’t care what religion you or my President is, I don’t care if he’s Mormon. even.

            Oh yeah, Bwahahahaha.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            You will see the whole problem in a couple years!!!

            YOU WILL SEE

          • old_blu says:

            A while back you told I would see on Nov. 7.


          • idamag says:

            The Bible does not say, “Thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” So if you repeat a lie that, too, is bearing false witness. It also says if you break one commandment, you break them all. These liars are not Christians.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            This is NOT Church or Religion class

    • old_blu says:

      Alright, you keep asking this same question, so you tell me what you do with them, round them all up and send them back?

      • 13observer says:

        So what do they do with all the “drug dealers, users” make all drugs legal or stop enforcing the law to prevent further violations?

  18. 13observer says:

    if someone rapes your wife and you press charges on the rapist….then you are RASIST!

    • oldtack says:

      The word is Racist not RASIST.

      You’re just totally out of it this morning aren’t you.

      • idamag says:

        oldtack, 130 is probably a functionally illiterate person and cannot process what he reads, so he don’t. He just get his fecal thoughts from the hate blogs and faux news. I have not seen, on several boards. one original thought.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


        you THINK you have to correct people
        over and
        over and
        over and

        what a FREAK—-

        I bet you are impossible to live with

    • Stella53 says:

      Really, since when and in what alternate universe?



      if a BLACK guy (like it always is)
      Breaks into your house and you SHOOT his head off

      Then the media calls you a RASIST and tries to send you to court
      and put YOU in jail!!!

  19. 13observer says:

    Racist, yes I know it’s a “C” so looks like now I’m disqualified to run for office….or was it the “rape” comparison that did it for me? Oh no now you will turn the women against me….like I give a fu*k!!!

    • oldtack says:

      Are you capable of intelligent discourse?

      So far all you have managed is diatribes laced with the F word and theyou hyphenate that. The word is fuck – fucking and fucked. If you are imbued in profanity spell it out.

      It give the forum insight into you feeble state of mind.

  20. 13observer says:

    four more years and if you don’t agree with me…then your a RACIST, because that is how we will rise up, by pulling the race card every time we don’t get our way. Are you kidding? Now we are puting minorities against whites….I see how it is now. Class envey, race baiting is how you are playing the game…..just be careful you don’t “unwind” what you have “woven” over the years while trying to catipult yourselves to the top too quickly!!!!!!

    • oldtack says:

      The word is catapult not catipult. It means “to hurl away”. Are you saying we are going to hurl ourselves away from the top too quickly?

    • Stella53 says:

      If you are a racist, then you will be called out on it – simple as that. Why do racists/bigots get so ticked off when they are called racists/bigots? I haven’t seen the kind of bigotry I’ve seen in the last four years since I was a child of the 1960’s! Where was all your outrage when George Bush got us into two unfunded wars and spent us up the yazoo? Where was all your hate and disgust then? A black man wins the White House and here comes the Tea Party claiming liberty, we want our country back, referring the the POTUS as Hitler, Food Stamp President, Monkey, etc. and you are outraged because you are called out on your bigotry?

      • idamag says:

        Stella, 130 already let his racism slip on another board. If the only thing a person can be proud of is the amount of melanin in his skin, something he did not accomplish, then he must not be worth much.

      • 13observer says:

        I am hardly “outraged” by anyone calling me “racist” because I don’t give a fu*k! The term is worn out by those who use it to defend any position they take up and thus not affective anymore! Are you talking about “unfunded mandates”? You are kidding right? The party of WELFARE NEVER MET A WELFARE MANDATE IT DIDN’T SUPPORT! Choke on that piece of humble pie for a while!

  21. Nate says:

    I completly agree. More inportantly than talking the talk, they must actually walk the walk. A great starting point would be to lead a compromise to avert the looming fisical cliff. A gesture. But like the ancient proverb says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step”

  22. 13observer says:

    you are the RACIST!

  23. Alogon says:

    I consider myself both conservative and liberal, in the vein of Morris Berman, Garrison Keillor (Homegrown Democrat), and the late Jacques Barzun (From Dawn to Decadence)– to name three disparate figures who all seem to share the same general sense. There’s nothing wrong in principle with social security and government involvement in medical care. Most advanced Western countries have them, including those whose average life expectancy is greater than the mediocre U.S. figure, which is now worse than Cuba’s. Think of it. If you’re just not interested in seeing the United States become the world’s glitziest and best-armed banana republic, does it make you a socialist?

    When the Republicans talk about freedom, they mean the freedom to make a huge fortune, keep all of it, and buy machine guns. When the Democrats talk about freedom, they mean the freedom to use contraceptives, get abortions, or marry someone of the same sex. But in certain other ways, this administration is no friend of civil liberties. The snooping and surveillance apparatus initiated by Bush has only expanded under Obama. Our fearless leader could simply conjure up a claim out of thin air that you or I were a threat to national security, and throw us in prison and keep us there without due process. Was there a peep of objection from Romney over any of this? Apparently he concurred. I’m not too fond of nanny-statism, either, such as the apparent war on smokers, which is reaching ridiculous extremes, or our grimly incremental inability to buy light bulbs anymore. It would be a travesty to call such developments either conservative or liberal.

    According to William Stringfellow, ideologies and institutions are both demonic. But in the case of the GOP, they are now at odds with each other, and one of them must be sacrificed. Either the ideologues will prevail and the institution will, at most, retreat into a regional corner. Or the ideology will get a radical makeover to save the Republican Party as an institution. I can see attractive enough ways for it to do so given enough flexibility and imagination, by simply standing up for freedom for everyone, across the board, and meaning it. It will be very interesting to see how this conflict plays out.

  24. Melvin Chatman says:


  25. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    You gave the answer for the Republican Party in your fourth paragraph; “What would Republicans have to do to regain the trust they have forfeited since the Reagan era?”

    Return to the Reagan ERA lost with Bushes, Dole, McCain and now Romney. Only this time you will see a new Reagan concept that the Democrats have never supported at the National Level. Republicans lost because three million stayed home who voted in 2008 do to the VP nominee. This was the margin of defeat.

  26. They tried to destroy Clinton, and that did not work either. His administration and his reign left our country in great shape., then along came the United States worst in history, Bush and Chaney. Also Chaney, Gingrich and Rove should be brought up on all charges, and perhaps it will happen. Down with the deceivers and war mongers and profiteers on servicemen’s deaths.

    • idamag says:

      When it comes to war profiteering, Cheney wrote the book. When we were in World War Two, the government deemed that war profiteering was an act of treason. It should have been put in the constitution and Cheney’s Haliburton, vis a vis Blackwater could have been charged. During WWII, the vice president, Harry Truman climbed in his six-year-old Plymouth and toured all the defense plants. He audited their books to make sure there wasn’t any war profiteering.

  27. howa4x says:

    The Republicans tactics of fear mongering finally came crashing down around them. The majority didn’t buy into the birther myth, or Obama’s a communist. Instead they recoiled from the harsh insensitive, mean spirited message of the republicans. The majority did buy into tax fairness, enviornmental protection and sensible regulations, and believe in climate change, and anyone who didn’t experience or see Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, and tries to deny it, is living under a rock. The majority dosen’t want to see the 1% protected above anyone else, and thinks you can develop natural gas responsibly and not contaminate everyone’s drinking water. Republicans used to be the party of business and were more or less socially moderate. Nixon even created the EPA. But now they have painted themselves into a corner. They saw the brass ring in a coalition with, the Tea party, evangelicals, and racists, and angry whites.. It will be hard to ease them out and as long as they are there, the party will remain unpopular. They are held hostage to the outrageous statements of the likes of Murdoch, Akin, Ryan and wait till you hear from Ted Cruz. They are trapped by pundits like Rush Limough, Glen Beck, Sara Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ann Coulter, O’ Reiley, gadflys like Groover Norquist, Karl Rove and a host of local right wing nuts blogging away and who can get a viral U-tube video tommorrow, and let’s not forget tycoons like the Koch bros who want to take it all at the public’s expense. The evil genie has been let out of the bottle in a swirl of hatred, and greed. There is no center of gravity and no one to get it back. Jeb Bush can try but to fight but this is a mamouth undertaking. The Tea party grabbed the nominating process, so how does a moderate even get off the ground? I think the Republican party will be the minority party for a long time to come, unless of course the rapture comes first

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Jeb Bush is actually intelligent, and thus would likely be far worse than his big brother. Let’s hope the latter has soiled the Bush name at least long enough for Jeb to pass from the scene, but I doubt it.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        Here comes another Bush—-

        George P. Bush—Son of Jeb

      • howa4x says:

        Not to worry too much. he has to get by a doopy party made up of zealots, knuckle heads and corporate criminals. He also has very shady real estate dealings in Fla that will bubble up in a national race, and who could forget his stupid intervention in the Terry Schavio case

  28. elw says:

    Republicans have been living off the reputation of the party pre-Reagan for decades. They have slowly and steadily destroy what was once a viable party. I have little confidence that they will learn from their mistakes, it is not in their blood. As a group, they do not have the character to accept any responsibility for their shrinking power. We will all watch as that party hangs on and slowly and but steadily becomes totally irrelevant. The Republican Party will not be the first party in this Country to disappear nor will it be the last. Out of its ashes another will most like come to take its place in our two party system. I say this “change is good.” The ability to change with the times is what will keep us strong as a Country and united as a People.

  29. Dukester says:

    A note of caution for my fellow Dems: as good as we feel today, in reality the election was quite close. And is there another Democrat that will inspire like Obama on the horizon? If the Republicans are smart, they will nominate Marco Rubio in 2016 and he will be a force to reckon with. Besides being Latino, he is also relatively moderate & well-spoken. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he takes the lead on working with Obama on comprehensive immigration reform. Dems need to look long and hard on finding someone who can carry on. And I, for one, don’t believe that Hillary will run.

    • Stella53 says:

      The Dems should run Julian Castro; he too will be a force to reckon with and he too is Latino. He held the Dems spellbound at the Convention in North Carolina; very inspiring the way Obama was at the 2004 Dem Convention. I’ll be looking at this guy.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Cubano and Latino are not the same. While Rubio would certainly appeal to a large Florida contingent, it is unlikely that Latinos from Texas to California would be similarly impressed.

      • Dukester says:

        I agree, but they don’t need to get that many. And he surely wouldn’t be alienating Latinos as Romney et. al. have been.

  30. stsintl says:

    The small Republican Party tent is held by four ropes at the four corners.
    Christian Taliban, War Lords, Likud Zionists, and Rupert Murdoch/Fox News.

    Why Romney still got 49% of the popular vote is the biggest question for those of us who want to save our democracy.

    Ask not what Rupert Murdoch/Fox News does for the Republican Party, ask what the Republican Party does for Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

    • mc1964 says:

      the reason Rmoney got 49% of the vote is that many voters are woefully
      under-informed about politics. Sadly, if you want to find out what’s going
      on in the country, you have to turn to comedians like Jon Stewart and
      Stephen Colbert, because you’re not going to become informed by relying
      on what passes for journalism any more. The Fox News media entertainment
      machine has damaged not only the Republican party but the entire nation
      with it’s relentless propaganda and outright lies. The only solution I can see
      is that the fiscal conservatives take back control of the party while there’s
      still time.

  31. 13observer says:

    There is a reason he wants to disarm us!

  32. Sand_Cat says:

    They’re certainly ready to screw somebody, but then that’s been their policy for years!

  33. 13observer says:

    Shariah Law is what they want!

  34. Stella53 says:

    “Repelled by the arrant racism in the Tea Party movement and the evidence of broader nativism in the GOP, these groups become increasingly dedicated to the Democrats with each successive election. If that same habit obtains among their children, the Republicans are truly doomed in this century.”

    Bingo! I kept predicting the GOP would lose the election because of bigotry. Sadly, they still don’t get it or are unwilling to accept that this is no longer Reagan’s america. They still think they can win a national election with just white votes. Not true any longer; this election result proved solidly tha demographics, coupled with right-wing extremism and hateful rhetoric against minorities, was the reason for Romney losing.

    • idamag says:

      Stella, and they are no longer the party of Reagan.

      • BDD1951 says:

        Or of Eisenhower.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          We are Living In The Present and the last four years.

          WHY always talk about years and years ago—that doesn’t matter now.

          • old_blu says:

            There you are again…………..Bwahahahaha………Bwahahaha.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Yep, there I am
            and there you are with nothing worthwhile to say.

            Ya ole Geezer

          • old_blu says:

            OMG! Maybe I should say something real smart like some of Ted Nugent’s quotes.


          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            YAAAAA FOR TED NUGENT!!!!!!

            Ted Nugent wants to ‘chop heads off’ for Romney
            • Ted Nugent: I’m ‘a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally’
            • Ted Nugent remarks reflect NRA paranoia about Obama
            • Ted Nugent: ‘Obama represents everything bad about humanity’

          • old_blu says:

            Hey! I see the votes from your state have finally been counted, (up here in the NW we can count higher than 20 so we get it done a little faster) I just wanted to say thanks for your support and helping get Obama reelected. THANK YOU!


  35. awakenaustin says:

    I have read many of the comments. I will offer my bona fides. I have been highly critical, though problably not as loud as some, in pointing out GOP and Romney short comings. I gave a fair amount of change to keep the President the President and to keep a Democratic Senate and get a Democratic House. I do believe there are correct, i.e., truthful, factual, and appropriate answers to some questions, issues and policies. I think that compromise oftentimes only waters down the correct solution to a problem. It is a fact, however, that we only won with approximately 51 % of the popular vote. I am not ready to write off half the nation’s eligible voters. I have not been shy about insulting people, but I generally try to limit my vitriol to individuals I am engaged with, the lies they are spreading or the policies they support. We can paint with too broad a brush. I would like to think it is possible to be tough minded and hard headed about what is correct without being unreasonable and mean. Unreasonableness and meanness, and a general lack of concern for one’s fellow human’s are what we have been labeling GOP policies and attitudes. I am loath to see us become the self-righteous – our way or the highway – boneheads they have shown themselves to be for the last four years (at least). I don’t think it would be wrong to display a little more grace and charity towards them. We can be polite and not rude without sacrificing our principles or surrendering our beliefs. Maybe politeness should be a principle. It would clearly distinguish us. I do tend to think my grandmother was more accurate than not about flys, honey and vinegar. Many who voted for Mitt Romney were merely ignorant and wrong headed. It is not uncommon for people to vote contrary to their best interests. The majority of them aren’t evil blood sucking vampires, self interested and self promoting opportunists, or folks seeking to be masters of the universe. (Clearly there were a lot of those types.) A number of persons voted for the other guy and did not think the President was evil incarnate. Those people can be reached out to. I have always thought that it was easier to reach out to people if you didn’t dump sh!t on their heads first. (It is hard not to at times especially when that is exactly what they have been doing to you for years.) We are humans and we are not immune to arrogance, pettiness, and hubris. We should try very hard to avoid those things. (I am not excluding myself from any of these criticisms.) I like to think we are on the correct side of history and I would like us to stay there. I am proud to be a liberal democrat and I want to continue to be proud to be one. I am sure I don’t want to provide any legitimacy to the accusation that we are a bunch of a-holes too.

  36. The G.O.P. should have gotten the hint that they needed to reform in 2008, but instead they went the opposite direction and doubled-down on their hardline conservative extremism.

    Since Mitt spent his last few weeks pretending to be a moderate, you can bet they will repeat themselves now. Even in spite of Akin and Mourdock both having lost in red territories due to their crass extremism, you can bet their excuse for losing in 2012 will once again be “not conservative enough.”

    Anybody who could have been the G.O.P.’s Bill Clinton likely won’t be able to stomach the Tea Party any longer and either run as a blue dog Democrat or as an Independent. This truly is the beginning of the end of the G.O.P.

  37. D says:

    Al Gores “Stolen Election”? It was the same issue in this election, Romney won the Popular vote but lost in the Electoral vote. So why are there not charges from the GOP that Obama stole this election? I’m not even a Republican and I can see your Bias immediately. You are far far left. You are not going to build any bridges with those ideas. The Press has abandoned any pretense of following the ‘Journalist Creed’ and while that ineqity continues to exist it will be hard to find common ground with people you continue to assult! A-Holes!

  38. 13observer says:

    of course i’m bitter….now we have four more years of our leader begging the world to forgive us for all we have worked for!!!! They all think we are “richer” than they are so like Obama teaches….HATE THOSE THAT HAVE MORE THAN YOU UNTIL WE CAN TAKE IT FROM THEM!!!! Fuck that bullshit logic! I am not ashamned of what I have because I worked for it….instead of laying around on my ass waiting for the “Prince of the Poor” to legislate me a fucking HANDOUT!!!! Obama’s legacy will be the “FOODSTAMP PRESIDENT”.

  39. idamag says:

    Filling the real Americans, on this post in: 130observer and onedonewrong are racists. They let it slip on other posts. One said Obama talked in ebonics and the other said they hated political correctness. allllamerican has admitted to being a member of the kkk. So when they accuse you of playing the racist card it is a diversion. lana ward is not intelligent and just throws out words she has heard. One of their ilk kept posting a supposed quote from a foreign newspaper that actually came from a right-wing-hate blog.

    There was a racist who decided to take over the world. He started with his own country. He used hate and fear and succeeded in destroying his country’s democracy and taking over several countries.

    Now, there are multi-national corporations who want to take over the world. Their money can make black seem white and the sky seem green. People, like the above-mentioned- are their dream people. They don’t love America enough to find out what is happening. They are enamored by wealth. They are not people with high IQs. They are paranoid so they can be taught to fear those that are not fooled by the corporations. They are racist. They are the danger to our Democracy.

  40. idamag says:

    A word about the phony quote that was supposed to prove that Obama was hated by other countries:

    21 countries have many tweets out there that show they were elated when Obama got in. One country was upset and favored Romney – Pakistan.

    This news is from the London Times, Nov 7.

  41. Doreen says:



      The Liberals DON’T get it.

      The Conservatives are NOT going to pass a bunch of bills to spend more and more moeny.

      The Republican party does get it—-They have seen NOW that the US has become soooo lazy and wants to depend on the Government for everything.

      These people don’t want to work—-They don’t want to creat jobs

      They want FREE—-

      The Country has become LAZY

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to ALLLLAMERICAN

        REGARDING THE DEFICIT – if the “Conservatives” were as militant about deficits during the terms of Reagan, Bush the First, and George the Second, the deficit would not be nearly as big a problem as it is today.
        Dick Cheney made the comment that “RONALD REAGAN TAUGHT US THAT DEFICITS DON’T MATTER.”

        Except when there is a Democrat in the White House.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        WHO VOTED obama—-
        93 percent of African-Americans,
        71 percent of Hispanics, and
        73 percent of Asians.

        He took 55 percent of the overall female vote,

        Oh, haaaaa haaaaaa WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!

        If they would alllll go back to their own countries
        we would be just fine!!!
        and the white women should of got married and stayed married.

      • johninPCFL says:

        They already pass bills to spend more and more money EVERY YEAR, dummy. Maybe you missed it, but the teabaggers in Congress WRITE EVERY SPENDING BILL.

  42. oldtack says:

    He doesn’t. He had the same knee jerk reaction as you did. We all have divergent Political philosophies as we do Religious beliefs but that doesn’t mean that we can’t engage in Civil discourse.

  43. Ron Silver says:

    The base of the GOP is guided by their religious ideology which drives them far to the right on social issues. Many Republicans are really Democrats based on their economic status but will vote against their best economic interests because of their archaic religious dogmas which blinds them to reality. While they claim they are the party of “freedom”by espousing the reduction in the Fed Gov’t’s scope, its really a hypocracy as they welcome the government’s intrusion when it comes to social issues such as abortion, contraception and gay marriage. Their mantra which harkens back to Teddy R is simply “you’re on your own”. This does not wotk for today’s diverse and more secular modern societies. Unless the GOP really changes, they are doomed except for local Congressional seats but never again to control the Senate or the Presidency.

  44. Republicans are stuck in the past of racism, because they like it. They don’t want to embrace change or minorities including women because they don’t believe in equality for all. They want to rule rather and OWN (EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY) rather than see this country go forward. I don’t see this party ever moving far ahead of their current backward ways. Years of pretending to care while inventing the tea party for their real purposes to finally surface pre civil war mentality. They might pretend to be something other than what they are as did Romney. Romney’s biggest problem besides lying continually and believing in his own lies (that’s pathological and I don’t believe even Obama care would help in this medical condition because it is a permanent) was that he listened to them and their backwards way of thinking while they groomed (fooled) him for ultimate failure because Romney believes the same way. He’ll be wondering for a long time how he could have lost anything much less the presidency for which he thought he was entitled just like he’s always has expected throughout his cushioned life and by always giving orders. He’ll be a humbled but broken man after this. This is what happens when you think you are better than anyone else and that somehow you are entitled because you are rich and powerful and used to giving orders and expecting minions to obey!
    He also thought that this was his religious background calling, that he was a God, that because of his religion he was a God to all. Thank God, THAT the truth does win over lies!

  45. After his low point–impeachment by the House–Clinton has rebounded to a new high of popularity and influence. I see no one in the GOP who can match him in influence, eloquence, and charm. Reagan is dead; Bush I nearly so; and Bush II is so out of favor that it will be decades, if ever, before he can fill a role like Clinton’s. What the Republicans really need is another Eisenhower. If they would return to his centrist views, they could then recruit Colin Powell, another General greatly respected by everyone but John Sununu. But for now, there’s no hope of finding anyone as principled and intelligent as Powell as long as they continue to deny evolution, global warming, women’s rights to control their own bodies, and scientific fact in general.

  46. commserver says:

    The GOP isn’t likely to change. There are too many religious conservatives who are also racists (even though they deny it). There are too many narrow conservatives who are against many in the main stream.

    It seems that the GOP is big business masquerading as being pro business. When they want to let profits be the main concern, not the good of the people, then you will have alienation.

    For too long the GOP made it hard to have a wide and broad umbrella. Lately, moderates have been driven away.

    Unless they become more to the center then the GOP is going to have a hard time.

  47. sarahg says:

    Well, there is no doubt that the republicans are where the democrats were just prior to Reagan’s landslides. This is undeniably true. It’s also incredibly obvious that the republicans need to do a massive house cleaning and some serious soul searching. For me, the single most destructive element that informs so much of the extremism and irrationality of that party, the complement to the former depiction of the democratic party as way out there and out of touch, is the increasing domination and prominence of evangelicals in that party, a phenomenon decades in the making. Previous to this new republican identity, the republican party was where FDR democrats have been defecting since the 60’s, precisely for this reason, most notably exemplified in the famous McGovern/Nixon campaign that saw Nixon take the White House in ’72. That was the point at which democrats felt massive obsolescence and political irrelevance.

    But lets not delude ourselves here. The divisions between the two parties is largely defined in social terms. It is most pronounced in immigration, medicare, and the idea that our current president is running a sort of New Deal approach to dealing with a globally destroyed economy. The republican resistance to the this modern New Deal approach indicates a tremendous ideological inflexibility and an inability to appropriately act to historically epic circumstances (financial collapse) and I believe is an indication of their evangelical underpinnings. When all of the balony of dishonest partisan politics is peeled away, these are the primary areas of contention between these two parties. In all other ways, they are not so different, most poignantly indicated in the incredibly close White House race. With McGovern/Nixon, there wasn’t any question what Americans thought.

    Mr Obama and Mr Romney’s differences are not so pronouced where dismantling the financial regime comprised of wall st elites who have completely dominated and destroyed our country and our economy are concerned. Neither of those two men will ever do that; they both support the one percent in their policies, there can be no doubt. A new generation of those who experienced the devastation and destruction of that regime of financial terrorists will be the ones to correct this. Nor is the difference between the two men so great where war is concerned. Both men would not hesitate to destroy villages and kill innocents using drones (a form of terrorism in my view) and secret raids. Neither would Romney nor Obama take down the edifice of the nefarious NDAA and its loathsome indefinite detention. That certainly won’t happen. No, these two men and their respective parties are not so different in most aspects of their approach to governing. I mean, after all, Mr Romney can indeed claim paternity to the great Obama care, which is a massive boon to insurance and elites.

    And as far as race is concerned, I would say that there are not such great differences between white democrats and white republicans in their attitudes, as a most recent CNN survey showed a nearly even split among whites from both parties in their negative attitudes towards black folks and Hispanics. And to make matters even more embarrassing for whites, there was a slight increase in those racist attitudes over the course of the last four years. Not so different after all. So much for the racist repubs and the inherently inclusive democrats. Racism in America is deep and traverses party lines. Again, this will take new generations of people and a changing demographic to see racism and bigotry to the door.

    So for me, the bottom line is the republicans most certainly need to clean that party out of the extremism and irrationality of their evangelical base and once again show themselves to be the party that was founded as an anti slavery party; to once again show themselves to be equality and freedom loving as exhibited by their once inclusion of the ERA amendment as part of the party platform; to once again show themselves as champions of equality, as indicated by their championing of the 1920 amendment that gave women the right to vote. Republicans have to embrace the reason and common sense American ways that the party of Lincoln was known for and was founded on in order to have their place restored in national political office.

  48. pedro says:

    “In order to evolve, you must stand still long enough for your Heart to have a Conversation with your Brain.” Erin Dalli
    Something many conservative are lacking, the country has evolved and the old thinking is being buried. Thank God!

  49. oldtack says:

    How do you know I am a FREAK? You have never met me nor do you know my background. It is obvious we have different political philosophies but that does not mean that we cannot engage in civil discourse and argue our points and agree to disagree.

    Hurling epitaphs and rantings doesn’t accomplish anything. You are entitled to your political ideology, that’s the beauty of our Country – Freedom of Speech.

    If you “hurl rocks” then expect to get rocks hurled back at you.

    Take care – and even though the election did not give the results you expected – have a good day


  50. oldtack says:

    It’s an “animal” reaction. If one is at a loss or doesn’t have the ability to disagree one “throws rocks and gets rocks thrown back at them.

  51. 1concernedsenior says:

    Fern W. I really like what you have to say, it’s right on!! My diplomatic version is –> The right wing-nuts, teabaggers and republicons should stop their F***ing whinning since they got the MEAT PUT TO THEM!!

  52. 1concernedsenior says:

    Fern, you’d make a gr8 spokesperson – I really mean it !! Fantastic stuff !


      What people said about why young people vote democrat and old people vote republican according to some survey?

      Because young people believe the media to be truth and most of the media is liberal. With age comes wisdom and the ability to think for yourself and research your beliefs and support the party that most closely resembles your beliefs. Not to mention younger people are concerned with what directly affects them at the moment so they are more likely to take the view of the democrats (liberals) whereas older people concern themselves with a broader perspective of what’s going on and how actions will affect the future and how money affects things.

      Because some young people are easily mislead by celebrities and MTV.
      Older people tend to be more informed and don’t bite on commercials that say Vote or Die and then forget to Vote Like Paris Hilton

      because “old people” are smart and “young people” are naive!

      The younger generation is Money Hungary and wants everything for free .. They want to be kept,that’s why you see so many still at home into their 30’s … the democrats have all the giveaway programs why would you not want someone to pay your way…

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        Quotes from Ted Nugent;
        Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools

        Ted Nugent
        What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cell phones birth control abortions & lives
        Ted Nugent
        So obama still demand the hardest workers to provide for the nonworkers. Shared opportunity my ass.
        Ted Nugent
        Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters have a president to destroy America

        ALSO former Saturday Night Live actress Victoria Jackson-
        The Democrate Party voted God out and replaced it with the
        Good vs Evil battle….Evil won

        Victoria Jackson—America died

        Look on youtube
        Howard Stern asking questions about the election—-they are soooo smart

        • old_blu says:

          Hey I wonder if Ted Nugent is a man of his word, cuz he said if Obama wins he was either going to be in “jail or dead”. (you forgot that quote)

          Obama won, Bwahahahaha.

  53. 1concernedsenior says:

    130observes squat >> get off the pity pot you crack head!! The times are a changin dudette! Your phoney balogna right wing-nuts got the meat put to them. The koch Bros can put the left over $$$ up their poop butts!!


      if your 1 concerned senior —-you should NOT want the obamacare!!!
      they are going to send you to the end of life Counseling if you get sick to much.

      “IF” you were 1 smart senior you would have voted for Romney like most elderly people did.

      • ralphkr says:

        But, ALLLLscrewedupAMERICAN, the big difference with ObamaCare is that now you can learn what your options are instead of being embarrassed by the constant harassment by the insurance company death panel. In my case the insurance company death panel rep posed as my mother’s doctor and graphically pointed out the agony I was submitting my mother too by not cancelling her care.

  54. 1concernedsenior says:

    ALLLLLAMERICAN JACKASS, get your head out of your ass & you might be able to think straight!! I kind of hope the dust takes a while to settle. I like knowing that the right wing-nuts & teabagger got the meat put to them. They thought the mainstream was going to buy their high price bandini. The american public has more common sense than to believe that 2 face bitch Mutt Romney. We all could see thru all the crash-course acting sessions Mutt was put thru !!!


      Welllllll——-your going to see the US CRASH!!!!!

      you just sit back with your dirty, rotten, filty, crude corrupt Lib mouth and ride it down

      You can always pick out a LIB.
      Either they are tattoo up
      or pierced up
      or washers in their ears
      or gay
      or Lesbian
      or as always loud and obnoxious with their vulgar, filthy mouth!

      You can pick them out anywhere

  55. 1concernedsenior says:

    130observes squat, we did do something about it –>> we put the meat to that phoney bitch gov!!

  56. 1concernedsenior says:

    Fern, good for you –>> you tell that f***ing creep 130observes squat, what he’s all about!! I like your enthusiasm!! The jerk is a LOSER, LOSER, LOSER!!!

  57. 1concernedsenior says:

    Fern I like your style, tell it like it isl. This stuff is fantastic!!!

  58. ExPAVIC says:


    Hillary will not let them clone Billy. One is enough.

    Plus there is no one in the Old, Old, used up GOP that can even think straight let alone speak with some intelligence.

    Marco Rubio is still too young, but very, very dumb. He will have to smarten up a great deal. He lies a lot, too.

  59. j9russell says:

    This article is validation of the disrespect I have been feeling all during this campaign. I was so offended by the fact that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan felt they could issue all this vague information and constant change in position on issues and we the American people were to just accept it. They told so many lies to support their antiquated point of view, I think they started believing the lies themselves. I am so proud of the American people for giving a resounding “no” to the BS they were trying to serve us.

  60. The tea party will go down in history as a virus. The republican party has to move on and help get some things done and prove that this virus has been defeated.

  61. amarquez647 says:

    I agree that a constitutional amendment is needed to correct the error by the Supreme Court. NO! Corporations are not people. Corporation lack a soul, they do not die. They dissolve when the purpose of their incorporation is accomplished or when their governing body terminates them. They are a legal entity, no more than that.
    A corporation makes its decision on business. Reminds me of old movies when the hit man says “don’t take it personal it’s only business.” No emotion, no sense of morality, strictly mechanical.

  62. It would have to be someone like a WI- U.S. Rep. Reed Ribble who claims to be able to cross party lines. I don’t know enough about the way he votes since I was just Gerrymandered into his 8th District. I am going to be following him closely, keeping an eye on him since I can’t bug Rep. Tom Petri anymore.

  63. ridemybroom says:

    i would hope that jon huntsman would be the repub of choice in the next 4…i think if huntsman would have succeeded this time around he may have won the white house back…but since we got what we wanted to win to run against OB we knew we could defeat Romney and when he chose ryan as his running mate…we knew it would be even easier to win against both of them..too bad romney had to lie his way thru this campaign….nothing ever comes to any good by lying…

  64. jbing says:

    Too bad that the only living exclusive club members belonging to their own party are like worn out and rusting plow in the praire of Texas and the washed-out and now snowed east coast. WHo knows, they might resurrect a moonshine salesman like Newt.

  65. joyscarbo says:

    The republicans need to understand an important truth. Their failure in the last election should be a reality check. Truthyfully, the 2008 election should have been the initial wake up call. They didn’t heed the lesson of that failure, which meant they were doomed to the same fate.
    First, they need to get rid of this idea that they know the American people. They don’t and it’s seems to be abundantly clear to everyone BUT them.
    Who elected Obama? 93% blacks, 73% asians, 71% hispanics, 60% young people, 55% women—and 39% white people. Repbulicans, that means you electorate was 71% white people. The lesson?? Old, white people are no longer running everything. This last election was a mandate for republicans to quit focusing on the issues that they keep getting smacked down for:
    *Stop trying to legislate women’s reproductive rights. We want insurance-paid birth control and the right to a medically safe abortion when we make that difficult decision.
    *Stop trying to block same sex equality. They are entitled to their civil rights by virtue of being human beings, period! They should be able to marry and have children.
    *We’d rather our politicians use diplomacy in cooperation with our allies in foreign affairs. Stop the war mongering.

    If republicans want to have any kind of political power or legitimacy, they need to LEARN instead of stubbornly trying to demand submission from a population that will vote you out of office. You republicans had BETTER start cooperating with Democrats in congress and work together to come up with legislation that will help the American people. I’m all for individuals having religious beliefs. Have them, embrace them, practice them but DO NOT think you can legislate them to me!!! Republicans, you need to learn your lesson and change the course of your party’s strategy. They need to know how to play well in the sandbox with ALL the children!!!

  66. Some Republicans are attributing their tremendous electoral loss simply to not being able to communicate better with the electorate. They are still lying to themselves and do not believe that their message, beliefs, ideologies and treatment of minorities and Democrats needs to change at all. Whenever one has a party than holds on to Old deep South and Jim Crow politics and continues to ignore the everchanging demographics of America, that party is destined for extinction. The lie about minorities voting for Obama just because he is black is just that: a lie. Minorities voted for Obama because they believed in his message and further plans for America. Minorities were demonized by Republicans, suppressed of their voting and civil rights, targeted as enemies of the state if they did not vote for Romney, threatened with their loss of jobs if they voted for Obama, etc. All of these suppressive tactics only contributed to energizing Obama supporters. Is it any wonder why Republicans experienced an avalanche of rejection by the majority of Americans for their long-held antiquated views? The demographic that voted for the president included blacks, hispanics, youth, unmarried women, Jews, etc. So, the assertion that only blacks voted for the president is another right-wing propaganda lie. It was a coalition of Americans across America who voted for President Obama because they believed in his message and achievements and he was, by far, the best of the two candidates.

  67. In the next presidential election, I’d like to see Hillary Clinton run for president and select a Hispanic as her running mate. Republicans think that by putting a Hispanic like Florida’s Marco Rubio will assure them of electoral success. Republicans are so dumb and don’t have a clue! Just because Rubio is a Hispanic won’t change anything. For the most part, his message is the same as Republicans except when it comes to immigration. Republicans will need to change their entire message and ideologies and must be truly sincere in their welcoming all groups into their political tent, not only older white men but also everyone else. If they try to fake it, Americans will see right through it. I don’t see the Republican party changing their entire message and ideologies anytime soon. They will try and masquerade it yet hold on to the same failed leaders of their party. Ann Coulter made a statement before the election. She said that if the Republicans lost then the Republican party needed to be totally eviscerated. I’m waiting for that evisceration. I’m also waiting on those Republicans who said they would leave the country if Obama won. I don’t see them boarding any planes or ships yet.

  68. PeterD says:

    Re: A Clinton to speak for the republican party, and just who might that be? Even knowing and being appreciative of Bill Clinton’s being the guy who explains “stuff”, it conveys thought that President Obama doesn’t do his own thinking and has need of a better mind. Hey, the master speaking for his chattel is past.

  69. Tourville says:


    Clinton sold the Nation out for the Republican Corporatists, while holding the Office of The Presidency.

    He gutted out our long standing TRADE & LABOR LAW at the behest of ex CIA director G.H.W.Bush .. got work around the Constitution Law crafted so to Unemploy the greater part of our Nations Manufacturing workforce .. oversaw the Legislation which enabled Corporate America to Abandon the American Workforce .. made it Legal and Prosperous using TAX PAYER FUNDS to entice & assist moving some 40,000 to 50,000 u.s. factories to Dictatorship Nation Workforces .. thus De Funding our Nations Workforce , De Funding our Economy and De Funding Our Government of Revenues which we will NEVER RECOVER FROM.

    The Nation Now has been stripped of it’s Historic National Wealth Generating Abilities .. it’s Large Domestic Manufacturing for Export Sales .. the Export Markets which were Property of the American Workforce were stripped out & handed to select u.s.Corporations who moved their entire Manufacturing to those Nations .. destroying America’s Workforce Export Markets .. FOREVER .

    COLLUSION _ Racketeering Legislation against the Economic Stability & Security Of Our Nation .. I level these charges against Bill Clinton . A New Age Benedict Arnold who is in service to the Democrats as a Promo to Voters who have No Idea the Depths He Sank To so to Enrich Himself Personally at the expense of Our Nations Economic Stability & Security.

    Clinton IS a Republican.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      This is pure nonesense and you know it….
      You have absolutely no sense of history, and are perpetuating lies and distortions.

      We just went through this malarky with the Romney/Ryan mess.

      LIKE YOU….The right wing fascists called Republicans and/or Teaparty had its propaganda mastermind, Karl Rove, its billionaire friends like the Koch Brothers, and the media outlets of Fox”news,”, Limbaugh, Beck, and a dozen others to shove down the collective throat of American their intentional lies, distortions and bizarre theories about Obama.

      Now you are trying it with Clinton? WTF??

      This “playbook” by Rove and others is nothing new. Fascists need to create imaginary enemies. They play off the 6th grade education and racism of their fanatic followers who are conveniently in a depression era economy created by Bush and Wall Street/big bank greed.

      Bill Clinton was the solution to the mess he inherited from Bush SR.

      So stop the propaganda.
      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Your lie:
      “Clinton sold the Nation out for the Republican Corporatists, while holding the Office of The Presidency.”

      Your lie:
      “A New Age Benedict Arnold who is in service to the Democrats as a Promo to Voters who have No Idea the Depths He Sank To so to Enrich Himself Personally at the expense of Our Nations Economic Stability & Security.”

  70. irishtap says:

    It’s one thing to desire to govern from an ideology based upon best evidence from empirical science; and quite another to insist you have the moral imperitive to push harsh – backward legislation designed to undermine the lives of a majority of citizens based upon an ocean of propaganda, to guarantee ‘power and ownership’ of the nations resources and governing bodies to those whom purchased them.
    Republicans have underlined the undeniable fact they have venomous disdain for representative government with the ALEC driven voter suppression tactics and constant unwillingness to compromise with the duly elected president of our country. Their ultimate goal is to kill the new deal, they cannot get it done by telling us the truth. It is our patriotic duty to remain vigilant.

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