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Monday, March 25, 2019

Republican Intransigence On Payroll Tax Cut Could Imperil Senate Campaigns

Republican hopes to recapture the Senate could be derailed by the national party’s opposition to extending payroll tax cuts for most Americans by slapping a surcharge on the wealthiest, resurgent populism in the critical state of Ohio serving as the most concrete example of the major political risks at play.

On a conference call Wednesday afternoon to make his personal pitch for the Middle Class Tax Cut Act of 2011, which would extend and expand the payroll tax cut for workers enacted at the beginning of this year, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, up for re-election next fall, lambasted Mitch McConnell and Republicans for their opposition, which he said was simply about protecting the rich.

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6 responses to “Republican Intransigence On Payroll Tax Cut Could Imperil Senate Campaigns”

  1. Totenkatz says:

    Matt, I’m curious, what is your totally yearly income, not just salary or what you put on your tax returns because I’m sure you cheat, but what you really make in a year. As I’m sure your income is closer to the 1% then the 99% and I’m sure it’s more than I make in a year. Just like Michael Moore who really believes he is a 99 percenter. However I’m more in the 54% that pay all income taxes in America. So let’s get the other 46% to pay their fair share. In fact let’s get rid of the Bush Tax cuts, the payroll tax “temporary” tax cut (I’m willing to pay a $1000 to $1500 more a year, are you) so more money goes into the Social Security pot, which all you far left liberals are so worried about. Let’s raise the retirement age to 68, make seniors, including my mother, pay more for Medicare and Medicaid and reduce their benefits. Let’s not redo the doctor fix and do what the law was intended and pay less to doctors who treat seniors on Medicare and let’s see what happens, including to my mother. Will her doctor really stop seeing her and all the other seniors? Besides my mother’s children take care of her, not the government, like it’s suppose to be. Let’s build the pipeline, drill for oil and natural gas onshore and off shore including the coast of Florida and California and the wilderness of Alaska. Oh and build the damn pipeline from Canada too. And tell the president to govern instead of campaigning all the time.

    Ohio cities and town will now pay more for public employees because of the overturning of the Ohio law and Ohio can’t afford it so in the end the governor may have over reached by including police and fire fighter but Ohio tax payers will pay the price.

  2. bsd4083 says:


    No one outside of president, his staff, and federal judges make over 100k.. no one retires from government with more than 40$ of salary for a pension(BASED ON YEARS OF SERVICE THREE TERMS-MAX). All medical for government is the same as for population at large medicare. Cut all government agencies staff in departments by 30% and budgets by 25%. Make proof of citizenship mandatory for all elections, and government services. Reduce regulations authority from commerce, energy, environmental protection, and education. Make all laws passed by government to apply to all exemptions for anything. THINGS WILL GET BETTER VERY FAST. POCKET BOOK NOT LIMITED AND GOVERNMENT NOW HAS A SHARED DESTINY WITH THE GOVERNED.

  3. terango.lf says:

    Your rants (Totenkatz & bsd4083) only contain maybe 10% of the article subject, you two have watching too much FOX Noise Channel.

  4. safara64 says:

    I so hope you’re right! The problem is that the gargantuan amount of money that conservative groups can and will throw into campaigns can provide the propaganda to obviate any sane focus on the issue by uninformed voters. Other capers such as their recent spate of anti voting laws can’t help either.

  5. CliffGriggs says:

    This entire deficit reduction controversy is simply a smoke screen thrown up by the republicans (this isn’t your father’s party by the way). The real issue is tax cuts for the rich. If the republicans have their way they will stop anything that helps the public or the economy, just so they can make the current administration look bad. People tend to blame whatever government is in power when things go bad. So….They would be cutting their own throat if they allow this tax cut to expire, but they will try and use it as a hostage to reach other demands. Make no bones about it, the current crop of republicans are being paid to keep things looking bad. After all, the more people out of work the less major corporations and some of the rich have to pay for labor costs. There is now a lot of money in our economy. This is a matter of balance on who pays the highest percentage of their incomes for the purpose of supporting the infrastructure. In my viewpoint if the rich are going to get a big loophole, why not the rest of us??? Make it fair and less people will be upset with their government. Make it unfair and the people will blame Obama.

  6. LindaTift says:

    All these tax cuts ever did was make the rich richer and bankrupt the country.

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