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Friday, October 28, 2016

MOBILE, AL — It’s been noticed by just about everyone except what we call the “liberal establishment” that of the eight Senate seats now up for grabs, four are in the South — Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and North Carolina. H. Brandt (Brandy) Ayers, the publisher of The Anniston Star in Alabama, has certainly noticed the neglect. And boy, is he frustrated.

Ayers is both a staunch liberal and Southern to the core. If the Democratic Party wants to establish a healthy dialogue in the Southern states, he told me, it has to first say, “We like you.” Liberals can’t just sigh at the troublesome region’s sharp move right and say, “That’s a Southern thing.”

Now pushing 80, Ayers has suffered many heartbreaks. He recounts them in a book, In Love With Defeat: The Making of a Southern Liberal.

Southerners do know how to tell a story. How did a region once devoted to FDR and his New Deal turn into a conservative Republican stronghold? With eloquence and wit, Ayers describes the warring forces — above all, the central role of race. Key to this is understanding the Southern way of experiencing the universe.

Ayers was born into a bubble of Southern white privilege so tightly sealed he didn’t know he was in it. In 1953, the headmaster at his Connecticut boarding school asked whether he had heard of a school desegregation case then winding through the Supreme Court. It was Brown v. Board of Education, and no, he hadn’t.

“I ultimately chose the liberal side,” Ayers said, “but it was long in coming.”

Journalism was Ayers’ calling, but he didn’t stay north to become a Southern sage on The New York Times. He returned home, first as a reporter on The News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina. There he saw the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed and the birth of the “New South” — centered on the booming economies of Atlanta and North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.

His father died, and Ayers returned to Anniston to take over the family newspaper. “Home was on old South time,” he recalls.

In 1965, a drunken gang of Ku Klux Klan members shot up a Pontiac carrying four black laborers from the late shift at a pipe factory. One of them, Willie Brewster, was hit and died.

Ayers raised a $25,000 reward from local donors, who signed a full-page ad condemning the attack. These were tough days.

“The FBI told me not to go to certain places for beer after work,” Ayers said, “and that the Klan had stolen an enormous cache of munitions from nearby Fort McClellan.”

Alabama Gov. George Wallace, then a primitive segregationist, referred to The Anniston Star as “The Red Star.”

Time moved on, and the South took on a mellower “Sun Belt” persona. “The South was a newly discovered kingdom,” Ayers said, “where the sun shines and nobody is mean anymore.”

But politically, the golden age of the New South — with its new people, new money and progressive governors — ended in the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. In Ayers’ view, the all-Republican South was built on a core of racial resentment that pulled in many working-class Southerners.

Today’s liberals add to his frustrations, especially their weak-tea prescriptions for confronting a growing economic insecurity.

“The liberalism of FDR’s time was not an airy-fairy philosophy,” Ayers said. “It was about something: a right to a job, a place to live, a bit of joy and self-respect.”

Democrats need to channel that passion and return to the South. And it shouldn’t be that hard. He concludes:

“The first rule of politics is showing up. The second is to be nice.”

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Photo: Community newspaper Publisher H. Brandt Ayers of The Anniston Star in Alabama speaks to students after receiving the prestigious Carr Van Anda Award from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism in Athens, Ohio on September 26, 2011 (E.W. Scripps School of Journalism/Flickr)

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  • Stuart

    “The first rule of politics is showing up. The second is to be nice.”

    You mean like Huey Long? Will there ever be another Southerner like him?

    • whodatbob

      There have been several who have tried! Also several Yankees have tried! Most have gone to jail.

  • Dominick Vila

    Short of back pedaling to the pre Lyndon Johnson era, there is absolutely nothing a Democrat can say or do to gain the support of most Southerners.

    • whodatbob

      I disagree with your statement. Democrats need to talk nuts and bolts ways to improve conditions, not ideals that have little effect on the life’s of the majority of citizens.

      • highpckts

        When racism is inbred and distrust of anyone that espouses ending it, it will make no difference if you talk “nuts and bolts”!

        • whodatbob

          See my reply to Dominick.

      • Dominick Vila

        President Carter was booted out of office, in part, because of his decision to talk “nuts and bolts” to make a case. Do you remember his charts and the depth of his speeches?
        President Obama talked “nuts and bolts” when he proposed the ACA, when he proposed investment in infrastructure, when he proposed the Veterans Jobs Act, when we led the overthrow of Qaddafi, and every time he did or proposed anything substantial. The reaction from the GOP was ridicule or immediate distortions of reality. The same happened whenever he was candid and spoke the truth, such as when he admitted that he did not yet have a strategy to deal with ISIS (presumably because such concept was unacceptable to those who prefer to shoot from the hip and ask questions later).
        The sad truth is that in some parts of the country, the depth of his discourse, facts, the truth, and issues as critical to our well being, such as the strength of our economy and job creation, take a back seat to sentiments that should not be relevant in the 21st century.

        • whodatbob

          The South will be a hard sell. They may never rejoin the party. But our headline issues, Gay rights, abortion (women’s right to chose) and same sex marriage has pushed the Christian conservatives South further away. Unlike the South the Mid West Democrats stayed with the party through Civil Rights but these three issues drove them out.
          Republicans with their pie in the sky BS control the conversation on most other issues.

          • Dominick Vila

            Something that I have noticed, when we talk about women issues, is that many of the women I know – Republicans and Democrats – oppose abortion and same sex marriage. Democratic strategists are convinced that these issues are a key to victory. I am not so sure of that.
            If it wasn’t for the dismal GOP record on economics, fiscal conservatism, education, job creation, and foreign policy, I am afraid we would be in very bad shape politically.

          • whodatbob

            Your observation about many women oppose abortion and same sex marriage holds true here. My wife and I have 5 adult daughters and 2 adult sons most vote Democrat. Only one,a single daughter High School Counselor, is pro abortion.
            If yours and my observations are correct our parties strategy will not work.

    • Barbara Morgan

      Dominick you are wrong and I am surprised by what you are saying. There are Southerns that have left the Republican party in large numbers and are now either registered Democrats or Independents and have being working to get others to do the same and it is because of the Republican-Tea Party way of doing things. Also saying most Southerners want to go back to the pre civil rights days is also wrong and something that I would have never thought you would think or say.
      Democrats can change the minds of Southerners if they would stop fighting the Republican and Tea Party candidates with their kid gloves on and come out swinging against their agenda, something they aren’t doing in the South and aren’t making an effort to show how much the economy has improved and the deficit has gone down since President Obama became President and how much damage the Republican and Tea party parties has done to them, and our Country with their agendas.

      • Dominick Vila

        I should not have said that the opinions of “most” Southerners are influenced by prejudice. As for many Republicans leaving the party and working to elect Democrats, all I can say is that I have not said evidence of that. At least not in significant numbers. Obviously, there are Republicans – and Democrats – that change party affiliation, but I have seen no evidence of a significant move to the left or even the center in the South. I hope I am wrong, but if what I hear from the overwhelming majority of neighbor in the red district where I live is a sign of things to come, we are going to have an uphill battle in the South and the Bible Belt in November. Again, I will be delighted to admit that my impression was wrong.
        I agree with you on the need to highlight what has been achieved since President Obama became President, and the contrast between what was happening when he took over and where we are now, but ignoring the reality of public opinion, regardless of how perplexing it may be, is not going to help.
        I have seen some evidence of a more objective strategy by Democrats during the last 2 or 3 weeks. Hopefully it is not too little too late.

      • CPAinNewYork

        Ms. Morgan:

        Dominick isn’t a numbers or hard facts man. Rather, he prefers to talk in broad generalities from an ultra liberal bias. He’s given to using such words as “most” to support his arguments when I doubt he has any numbers to support a contention of more than fifty percent.

        Note his use of the term “absolutely nothing” and how he combines it with “most.” His many postings sound good, but, as Shakespeare said, they are “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  • Jed Eckert

    The ideology of liberalism is an ideology of nonsense.

    • awakenaustin

      Wow. The depth and range of your thought is astounding.
      Let me try.
      Jed Eckert is a buffoon.
      Now that is gripping political comment. That is a real contribution to political discourse. I can see civilization advancing even as I type.

      You have a nice day and keep up the good work. I always enjoy these discussions with those who display the complexity and depth of thought you have shown.
      I await with bated breath your next “trollish” contribution.

    • Some would say that liberalism is a mental disorder. I tend to believe it, considering what is visible here.

      • latebloomingrandma

        Your comment, along with Jed’s, mean nothing. I can easily substitute conservative for liberal. and liberals would agree, so the whole meme is basically a wash and contributes nothing to the solving of problems,of which we have plenty.

      • FT66

        Kenny, what about this one: “some would say and think conservatism is totally a mental disorder because they insist of what they believe, whether it is about climate change, religious beliefs or because they are there to oppose in the sake of opposing, no matter whether it makes sense or not”.

      • Sand_Cat

        Taking it all seriously enough to make such a claim is more like a symptom of a mental disorder. You know we all go a bit crazy about politics.

    • Prove IT!!! Don’t just say that crazy stuff!!! Prove it! I say Liberalism, Populism, Progressivism CREATED American Democracy!!! Prove me WRONG!!! I challenge U NOW, PROVE ME WRONG!!!

    • Sand_Cat


  • aabsalooka

    With due respect to this man, what part of the Obama Presidency between 2011 and today did he not witness? Being nice will accomplish nothing. Going straight after the southern working class to get them back to voting their own best interests, and doing it with vigor, is the path to success.

    • Whatmeworry

      Obama has been the most divisive president since Abe Lincoln

      • latebloomingrandma

        Gee. What lousy company to be in.

        • Whatmeworry

          Yep If he was alive today he would have been tried for War Crimes

          • Allan Richardson

            Not to mention socialism, right? Like confiscating the slaves from the masters and giving them to themselves?

          • Whatmeworry

            Your surely not defending his criminal actions are you

          • Allan Richardson

            Just asking whether you, like the other racist neo-Confederates, consider freeing slaves to be one of Lincoln’s “criminal acts.” And yes, I know that he did not do so by himself, and that the E.P. was an interim wartime measure, which was followed after his death with the 13th Amendment (which he surely would have backed had he not been killed by a cowardly actor and fellow conspirators). And I know that he said his priority was saving the Union, but his writings clearly bear out the fact that, at some time after saving the Union, he preferred that all slaves be freed. And I know that, in order to bring the war to a successful end, he did (as all Presidents occasionally have to do in wartime) play fast and loose with the Constitution. But which of those do you consider a “criminal” action? If the freeing of the slaves (both the temporary measure of the EP and the passing of the 13th Amendment) is what you consider a “criminal” act, you might be more comfortable living in a Fascist or Royalist country. Should the EP and 13 have reimbursed the slave masters for their loss? Perhaps by taxing the slaves themselves to pay for their freedom? That sounds like what ALEC wants to do today!

          • Sand_Cat

            Your post is lost on the bigot.
            He deserves nothing more than the scorn I give him.

          • Whatmeworry

            another lib who thinks the constitution doesn’t apply to them

          • Whatmeworry

            If you had ever read the constitution you wouldn’t have posed the question in the 1st place. Of course Lincoln broke the law. He O authority to act as he did. The end never justify the means.
            As for Lincoln’s intentions about slavery which one are we talking about? The Lincoln who was elected in 1860 or the one in 1864?

          • Sand_Cat


          • Whatmeworry

            I can’t agree his crimes were far worse than that

          • Allan Richardson

            If by “criminal actions” you mean enabling the emancipation of the slaves by winning the war, yes. What is criminal about restoring the rights a human being should have enjoyed all along? What is moral about owning other human beings, buying and selling them, and buying and selling their children, whom you have bred by selecting who should mate with whom as if they were livestock or prize show dogs? What moral right to “property” in the ownership of other human beings deserves to be “protected” from “theft?”

            Thomas Jefferson may not have been ready for his country to enshrine the sentiment in law during his lifetime, but when he wrote of “unalienable rights … life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” he must have understood where the “slippery slope” of those words would take posterity.

            But no amount of inspiring moral rhetoric will convince you. You will just call me some dirty name and consider that a “reasoned” argument.

          • Whatmeworry

            700,000 causalities with NO constitutional rational or war. The end doesn’t justify the means

          • Sand_Cat

            Yeah, right. If Cheney and Bush aren’t sitting in jail for their crimes, no politician should.
            Of course, your selection of Lincoln lets us all know – as if we needed reminding – what a bigot and liar your are.

          • Whatmeworry

            Lincoln was a war criminal far worse than Hiter because his crimes were against his own people

      • Sand_Cat

        No, the morons like you and your friends in Congress are the most divisive bigots lately. “In history” is a long time, even in a young country such as ours, and we’ve had some bad ones (like, for instance, Obama’s immediate predecessor). But then, as always, you never worry about the truth (or lack thereof) in your claims.

        • Whatmeworry

          “in history” this countries history what else would we be discussing?
          Sorry race relations in this country have never been worse, we are completely divided as a country by a charlatan who neither respects its citizenry or the constitution.

  • latebloomingrandma

    How do you court people who believe that this President is a demon, and whose representatives go along with this assessment? One can only reason with reasonable people.

    • Whatmeworry

      THey are in the majority in this country

      • latebloomingrandma

        Not really. In the last election, Democrats actually received more total votes (to the tune of over a million), but because of the weirdly gerrymandered districts in Republican led states, they acquired more representatives. This, by the way, was part of ALEC’s agenda for taking over the country.

        • Whatmeworry

          Since Clinton was elected the DEM’s goal was to increase illegals voting. That’s why ACORN was started and funded by them with tax payers $$$.
          In 2008 illegals accounted for over 4 million absentee ballots all for Dem’s. Take Philly where not 1 Republican ballot was cast but the total exceeded the population

          • Allan Richardson

            I don’t personally have time to do the research, but it would seem reasonable that if these assertions had any real credibility, someone would have been tried and convicted of something since 2008; your example of Philly is in a Republican-ruled state that tried twice to suppress enough LEGAL Democratic votes to give its electoral votes to Obama’s opponents. If such a state government, with anti-Democratic bias, cannot convict anyone of such massive fraud, there must not be any evidence.

          • Whatmeworry

            The State voted twice for Obama

          • Sand_Cat

            As usual, you’re full of it. Projecting your own dishonesty and willingness to cheat to “win” on those who oppose you.

          • Whatmeworry

            No newspapers where you live, nor internet?

  • Reno

    I knew there were southerns who were liberals, I just didn’t know of this particular one.

    Anyone who wishes to have a in depth appreciation of the South would do well to read Books That Changed the South by Robert B. Downs, a scholar extraordinaire from North Carolina. Further required reading would include the magazine Southern Exposure, the column Looking South, and a visit to Berea College in Berea Kentucky, a school founded by Abolitionists.

    I would like to obtain a copy of the editors book. Where might I obtain one?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Since I’ve had southern relatives and still do, living in the southern of southernmost states, I feel no reason to “be nicer” or any nicer than my tax dollars already are to these lazy lumps.

    First of all, in the top 10 of states who get the highest return for the $1 they pay in federal taxes, all are red states and half are in the south. Then, you check out the top five states with the highest records of welfare and it’s the southern states. Another check on the largest number collecting SSDI ..and you get southern states.

    Southern politicians know exactly what they are doing. They only have single industries in their states, either, military, fossil fuel energy, gun manufacturing or prisons. Since the military, fossil fuel energy and prison industries are all funded by taxpayers in other states, I’d say that’s nice enough.

    And since I have had the pleasure of having an army of southern rebel in-law rednecks in the family, I can say that most of them hate education and leave school before they graduate. Take a look at the colleges in the south. Do they compete with MIT? Harvard? Princeton? Yale? And where are these located? Not in the south, in the northeast. Where are the biggest hi-tech industries located? CA and NJ. Where are the biggest solar energy industries located? CA, NY and NJ…not southern states.

    Democrats cannot cater to racists. And no matter what anyone tells you, white southerners still cannot scrape the racism and bigotry from their marrow. Would that were possible, this president wouldn’t get the bashing from red state ingrates and “ignernts” no other president has had to endure.

    Sorry, when you still fly a flag from a war you lost, you show your real colors…Stars and Bars.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yeah, and anyway — half of those ‘Southerners’ are those despicable men. Why on earth would anyone need to be nice to men, Eleanor? According to you they are all vile and horrible, and the women of the Earth can barely tolerate them — right? That’s why ISIS is 100% male and has no female members at all.

      What a bunch of bully bois, eh? How dare they see things differently from you, the world-renowned author who is who is more successful than God? I don’t think you should have to put up with mere mortals at all — especially those God-awful, horrible, vile and despicable men.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Yes…That IS true. Some Southern men seem to have the idea that rolling time back to pre-Civil War plantation days would make them happy. Unhappy men are mostly unhappiest with themselves. They spew their venomous hate for no reason other than unresolved issues in their upbringing.

        When you consider who did ALL the fighting in the Civil War, it wasn’t plantation owners, was it? The largest number of enlisted rebels were poor farm boys. If you check facts, which cowards like you can’t do without showing your cowardice, you see in historical record after historical record of the Civil War, more southern men became deserters once they realized they were fighting for the so-called states’ rights to keep and own slaves and nothing more.

        Course now, these good ole good ole plantation owners used the threat that if they couldn’t have free slave labor, everyone in the south would starve. More male BS stories to keep themselves rich and everyone else hostage.

        Men rule the world. They are the leaders in religions for a reason. Men and control are synonymous with the male gender.

        The joke is that not all men have great leadership skills. They either rule with micro-management or they are leaders who see the big picture and put blinders on to men who would sabotage their own mothers for a buck.

        Sorry, but when men like you try to impress on women how everything is sooooooooooo equal and sooooooooooooo fair…women know you are BS con artists.

        The number of men who abandon their wives and children far outnumber the women who do the same. Although, many financially independent women today are catching up on this particular life issue.

        The number of men in prisons far outweigh the number of women. And, the number of men in the House and Senate also outnumber women.

        As Elizabeth Warren, Wendy David, Hillary Clinton and even Justice Ginsberg have all stated publicly, women are paid less than men even when the jobs are the same. Ask any female surgeon if you want more proof. you need more proof or you do wear convenient blinders to facts right in front of that beak? I don’t expect a man like you has the balls to ever admit that you, like many men, want the balance always tilted in your favor. It’s why when any woman slaps you upside your head with truth and facts, you run like a coward to try and pad facts and truth. Since I’ve lived in a mostly male world, what I learned about you men is that you have NO clue what the word “fair” means which always leads to misguided decisions and corruption. So..which is it for you? Take your pick.

        • WhutHeSaid

          I noticed that not too many women enlisted to fight in the Civil War, although that’s not to say they didn’t do their part in other ways. Were you a Civil War soldier, perhaps? Well, I’m happy that you lived to tell the tale!

          I see that once again you seem unable to actually respond to the content of other people’s posts — especially if they are men. Next will be a vile string of insults, such as the last time when I proved you to be WRONG about your claim that there are no female ISIS members.

          For your information (once again), I’ve supported equal rights for women all my life, and I never claimed that there isn’t more to do. I would dearly love to see Elizabeth Warren run for President — either alone or as part of a ticket. Your problem is that you are just too lazy and/or pompous to read other people’s posts — apparently only your posts are worth reading to you.

          But your barrage of vile, bitter, man-hating insults over a mere point of disagreement has made you my very best new buddy.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Old saying by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen to Cardinal Spellman, “Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.”

            Take the hint.

          • WhutHeSaid

            I see. So your vile and hysterical rants against males just because they pointed out an error in your posts is attributable to your jealousy? I get it, but don’t you think there are better ways to deal with your ‘jealousy issues’?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            It figures a smart woman would post something a dullard like you can’t figure out was meant for you, not me. If I posted it, why would I post that I’m jealous? You need professional help.

            I have never taken the time or trouble to envy or hate anyone..Life is way too short for that. Your kind of man is one I generally chew up and spit out for the sheer amusement over watching you stretch what remains of mental coherence.

            As previously stated, I only take the time or trouble to respect men who can put an intelligible sentence together. You can’t. Ergo, my amusement at toying with you.

            There are very few men these days who don’t lie, deceive and play their “Get Away With It” games I’d waste my time on.

            You don’t like anything I post because a mentally ill man like you cannot differentiate between sanity and insanity, compulsion, obsession and addiction to your own need to be so important..generally referred to in the professional mental health world as sociopathic “narcissism”.

            But, thanks for your jealousy, It is a tribute to MY genius.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yes, your jealousy is understandable if unfortunate. There are, however, professionals who can help you with such things.

            I understand that you are unable to admit that your claim that there are no female ISIS members is simply WRONG, but psychologically healthy individuals are usually able to admit their mistakes and move on. There are professionals who can help you with this problem too, but if you are too poor to employ their services I will continue to do my best to assist you myself. After all, your vile, bitter, anti-male insults have endeared you to me so.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Yes, Your hatred is a sign of mental incompetence. You must be a pathetically lonely old geezer. You post a picture of 4 women whom you “say” are ISIS and then ignore the dozens of Kurdish women fighting in Iraq. You are not just vile, you are a sick, sick man. You seemingly have lost the mental balance required for any consideration by others to possess reliable competence. Vile is your favorite word. All you have to do is check the bookstores where my books sell if you have the balls or you can check my FB page and see how many people would disagree with you.

            Oh that’s right…you can’t be disagreed with and you are never wrong..not a sociopathic narcissist? Don’t bet on it. Get a job.

            A man like you who has nothing better to do than stalk another poster, you
            No. 1 – have never met
            No. 2 – hate to admit I can prove what I post
            No. 3 – label and judge a person who is smarter, more financially independent and not a hateful turd.

          • WhutHeSaid

            I can admit when I’m wrong, but apparently you can’t. That’s what your whole hateful tirade was all about from the very beginning.

            I don’t hate women at all, and I don’t go around slinging insults at half the world’s population. You do, and on a regular basis.

            The genesis of your vile, hysterical ranting was your claim that there are no female members of ISIS. You are WRONG. That’s the crux of the issue here, and all of your vile insults and pitiful whining are personal issues.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I seriously doubt you’ve EVER admitted you are wrong. That’s because in your mental deficient mind, you believe you are never wrong.

            You find truth vile. So did Madoff, So does Blankfein and Benmosche, So does Dimon, GWB and Cheney.

            When Nabokov wrote in one of his novels, “There are only two kinds of men–the high minded and the corrupt.” He pointed out that the high minded are all too truthful and honest. The corrupt always get ahead because their corruption begins with distortion of the truth. You fit into the second category. You love to corrupt facts and truth to suit you sociopathic narcissism.

            You live in a world where women must take a back seat, no matter what their superior qualifications may be. Sorry, I don’t like rear views. I not only want a seat, as Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton stated, I want that seat at the head of the table.

            That’s not going to work in male world of autocrats like you. The walls you put up around your silly, petty, childish male domain are more than evident with each of your posts.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Au contraire, Eleanwhore – I already admitted I was wrong when I up-voted your posts. You, on the other hand, have been WRONG about nearly everything.

            Let’s see: You were wrong about female ISIS members. You were wrong about me being a snot- nosed kid. You were wrong about my wife, my children, and my grandchildren. You were wrong about me being a ‘righty’.

            Oh yes, and then there is your claim that you were raised in an all-male family. I guess you forgot about you mother and yourself – or perhaps you both had gender reassignment surgery, yes?

            I think its fair to say that you’ve proven yourself to be a big bag of hot gas, with no integrity whatever. You are a joke, Eleanwhore – nothing more.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I know a penis face when I see his posts. I can prove who I am. You don’t dare. You hide behind your phony male Master of the Universe role. Fortunately, for the all too educated, financially independent women you so loathe who are superior to you and your raisins for testicles brain, you’ll die off and leave women to do what they do best…clean up the BS you mean create.

            You’re one of those morons who bitches about the rain and then stands outside and does a rain dance to make it stop.

            Show yourself Whutsies…You probably aren’t even an American. You are an ISIS shill ready to behead anyone who dares disagree with your composted BS you hope will turn to gold.

            Poor lil job, no life and nothing but endless hours of hating, bitching and hoping he can validate his existence. I can’t.

          • WhutHeSaid

            You know, Eleanwhore, I’m really starting to feel sorry for you. You are a one-trick pony, er…well, ‘nag’ I should say. You are incapable of admitting that your claim that there are no female ISIS members was WRONG. The reason that you can’t admit that you are wrong is because a man pointed it out, and you are incredibly bitter over the fact that you were jilted, and no sane and/or sober male would come within 100 yards of you without a full hazard suit and an airsick bag.

            You make ridiculous claims about your pitiful life, of course, because you imagine that you are going to exact revenge on the gender that so thoroughly rejected you. But you are mistaken — men simply don’t care, and most have some sense of self-preservation or at least 20/300 vision.

            You are just WRONG. That’s the issue here. Your personal failures, ‘bully bois’, ‘dick-faces’, and ‘raisin-testicles’ (these seem to be your favorite) have nothing to do with it — the simple fact is that you don’t posses enough integrity to just go ahead and admit you were wrong.

            You are INCAPABLE of admitting when you are wrong. That’s a character defect — for you one of many. How sad.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Keep up your bullying…you just prove ALL I post about you is true. You want the last word. You are NOT going to get it. I know you think you are the Master of the Universe. You’re the only one who does. But, a pathetic sociopath narcissist always does think they can micro manager the world. Too bad no one falls for your BS.

            I know who I am. We don’t know who you are…which your posts prove’re an ISIS member and a terrorist.

            I am not going to admit I was wrong. Now …or EVER…so..pick up those raisins in your jeans and go look for some other prey you hope you’ll brow beat with BS bags you carry as your mentally ill baggage.

            Here’s man who thinks he’s proving how superior he is. All you prove is you sick need to get the last word…like all bully autocrats always do.

            You can’t get it up anymore. So you think you can post your BS and judge others. A man who has nothing better to do with his life than bitch, demand the last word and play Know it All Master of the Universe needs professional mental help…get it before someone locks you up in an institution to protect the rest of society from you ranting, raving and slobbering. By the way, lay off the sauce. It’s easier to detect a boozer who can’t stay on topic.

            You are the best example of human feces piled up in your toilet. Now …flush!

          • WhutHeSaid

            Hee-hee! I’m an ISIS terrorist because you were caught posting something that was wrong?

            Because you are unable to admit your mistake, you have expended an incredible amount of time hurling bigoted insults and making outrageous claims that just compound your error. You are obviously still just a petulant little girl, trying your best to exaggerate your life’s accomplishments to make up for your inadequacies.

            What’s this fixation you have on male testicles? Is this what Sigmund Freud was telling us about? Sounds like a severe case of penis envy if ever there was one.

            None of your personal issues will ever change the fact that your claim regarding female ISIS members is just plain WRONG. That’s just another of your many character defects. It doesn’t matter that you refuse to admit it — you were obviously WRONG for the whole world to see, and no amount if whining or public displays of your personal failures and psychological damage will change the fact.

            Look, Eleanwhore, if you really MUST have a penis to feel adequate, there are procedures that you can have performed in this day and age. Medical science has drastically improved since your teenage days during the Civil War. I’ve never advised anyone to seek a gender-reassignment procedure before, but it’s pretty clear that you are so damaged that this is your last hope for overcoming your crippling defects.

            Good luck to you in your quest to overcome your lifetime of psychological damage. You probably won’t make a very attractive man (the horse has LONG ago left that particular barn), but then I’m sure that you aren’t faring any better masquerading as a woman. At least this way you can stop trying so desperately and perhaps convince yourself that you don’t care.

            When everything has been completed, perhaps you will finally have the ‘balls’ to admit your mistakes without flying into hopeless fits of jealous rage.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            You never tire of making a whopping fool of yourself in public, do you? Are those raisins in your jeans squeezing your eunoch brain?

            I am right. You are wrong. Nice that you try to play your magic tricks and reverse facts. Most jackasses do that on monthly basis…You are an ISIS terrorist because you don’t know how to STFU.

            From the looks of your post, you are a jobless, likely imprisoned in some state penitentiary and can’t face your own mental insanity.

            When I’m wrong, I will be sure you’re the first to know. Till then…go play with yourself..that’s what your real problem seems to be. Too much self-gratification.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Wow — you really do have one of the worst cases of penis envy I’ve ever seen, and now it’s becoming clear why you are so frustrated and angry: You are yearning to ‘go play with yourself’, but you are unhappy with your, um, ‘equipment’. Well, I’m willing to bet that those Civil War boys were equally unhappy, and that’s probably where your psyche first started going down the old rabbit hole (so to speak).

            Nowadays you seek to compensate for your unfortunate lack of physical attributes and must attempt to relieve your frustrations by verbally masturbating in public. It must be horribly frustrating for you!

            You are still WRONG about female ISIS members, of course, and this public masturbation frenzy of yours won’t change that.

            You really should get some help with this penis envy problem. After all, it’s not the fault of the entire male gender that you aren’t able to satisfy yourself, and God only knows how inebriated and/or blind a man would have to be to embark on that rather unsavory task for you. You see? Your anger is really just a case of misapplied frustration!

            I urge you to seek the help of the medical community. You will still be WRONG about there being no female members of ISIS, of course, but at least you will be able to rid yourself of this epic case of envious rage. Who knows? In time you may be able to approximate the behavior of a normal human once more.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Wow…You sure do need to stop growing out and grow up. I told you to do what all lazy ass rebel jerks with themselves for lack of any gainful employment. You can’t keep your flapping yap shut for more than 3 seconds…You’d stay on the computer all day long just to get the last word…As if you even have a “last” word.

            Go fly your idiot ISIS flag and play bully with someone who is intimidated..So far you’re a human joke and human feces.

          • WhutHeSaid

            You seem to have quite a fixation on penises, testicles and feces. Just what is going on in that retirement home of yours?

            I suspect that you’re blaming the old geezers in the retirement home for the commercial failure of your books. Well, you should realize that there are only so many hateful old bags in the world that can tolerate such tripe. Leave the old geezers and their testicles alone — they obviously aren’t any more interested in you than the boys were during the Civil War — and who can blame them?

            You’ve demonstrated for the whole world what happens to old whores when they start believing their own bullshit. Can’t you take up something that is within your abilities — like knitting? This debating thingy is a bit beyond your reach.

    • Mikey7a

      There are many very good schools in The South. I won’t list them, but search best Southern Colleges on Google to see that I am right. As a middle aged white man, from Miami Florida, you would lump me in with all those “in law” rednecks you so despise. Well, for 40 years, I have been a card carrying Democrat, and have voted the same. Maybe I do feel like my vote is wasted Eleanor, but I’ll never give up trying. As for all the people in the South who are on SSDI? Do you really believe they are all natives, or is it more likely that they migrate here due to cheaper rent, no State Taxes, and the climate?

      Although you and I share a political view, your never ending hatred for men, especially Southern men, gets tiresome. I have never beat my wife, nor my children. I treat every person, as I’d have them treat me, and reserve judgement on anyone, until they attempt to harm my loved ones. If you were the first liberal that I had ever encountered, I just might be a Republican. Luckily, my first Liberal, was an 8th Grade, African American, Drama teacher. She taught me to treat everyone as an equal, and I’ve tried to do just that, ever since. Hatred begets hatred Eleanor, and hurts everyone, including the person filled with it!

      • Allan Richardson

        The southern half of Florida is cosmopolitan, settled by Northern retirees and then by refugees from Latin America and the Caribbean. It is the NORTHERN half of Florida that resembles Dixie (the Panhandle has the nickname L.A. — meaning Lower Alabama). The electoral battle in Florida takes place in the I-4 corridor from Clearwater to Daytona.

        So if you, sir, are a native of Miami, you are NOT one of the “Southern white men” to whom the Eleanor is referring. You are part of the solution; she is referring to those who are part of the problem.

        As a Florida native myself, I have seen the people to whom Eleanor refers, in rural Florida and Georgia, and I have heard their views expressed as racist rants and Tea Party talking points. These people live in a fantasy world, fed to them by Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, Nugent, etc. in which no oversight of business overlords is needed to protect the working people of America and the planet’s environment, and anyone who “wants to work” can become prosperous with no obstacles created by other people or corporations.

        I can well understand why, with an economy bottom-heavy with extremely low wage jobs, the “natives” need just as much help as any hypothetical “imports” from the North. And why would people who need programs such as “food stamps” and Medicaid move FROM more generous states up North INTO the stingier states of the South? Weather alone would not outweigh the difference in the amount of help available. And isn’t it interesting that the stingiest states have big budget deficits DESPITE being stingy, while those “liberal” Northern states seem to collect enough tax revenue to support not only relief programs but better infrastructures as well?

        And when I read Eleanor’s post, I do not see hatred of ALL Southern men, or all men; I see her frustration with the people she KNOWS and who are RELATED to her, as well as the politicians and less-than-scrupulous businessmen who make a living off of KEEPING her relatives stupid (the difference between ignorant and stupid is that stupid is a choice of attitude).

        And as for good universities in the South, you are right about that. My alma mater, Florida, and our rival Florida State, are both known for excellent academic programs and research … by those people who LOOK for those attributes, not just football and basketball (although those are good fun to watch also). Florida State was, in fact, the final post of the late physics Nobelist Paul Dirac in his retirement years. But I would never put Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, or even Emory in the same league as the Ivy League (FSU got Paul Dirac, but Princeton got Albert Einstein) for TOTAL academic excellence. I would love to see them GET there, but Southern politics prevents the funding to make that happen at this time.

        • Mikey7a

          Unfortunately Allan, due to failing health, I now live in District 1. It is horrible, and I DO know the type of people of which you speak. The thing is, it is NOT only the old white men. Not two weeks ago, I was trying to reach my niece by using cold hard facts, that prove it is the RWNJ’s keeping her family in poverty. NOT President Obama. It’s every gender, every generation. As you say, they are brainwashed by the very people who are breaking their backs, to stay rich, and keep them poor. I noticed you left out The U. The University of Miami is leading the country in Cancer Research, and break through treatments. No, none of the Florida colleges are Ivy League, but I’ll bet you that all the schools you mention have, and still admit Floridians which meet the strict standards they demand. My point was, and still is from many of Eleanor’s posts, that I disagree with her about ignoring them. We must continue to educate, and advise any generational Southern Republican, that the very party they vote for, never have, and never will have their interests, and needs in mind. Lastly, it is my opinion that Eleanor hates men. You have the right to defend her, but I’m only stating how I feel. Hate is never the answer. Love, and tolerance, and trying to truly understand another’s view will bring our nation back together again. We are horribly divided, and sadly, I fear it is only going to get worse.

          • Allan Richardson

            I like to think that I was, at 17, smart enough (just not rich enough) to attend Harvard or Yale, and that was one reason I was accepted at Florida.

            As I was going to respond to Irishgrammy, ignorance is universal. The Archie Bunker character played by the late Carroll O’Connor lived in Queens, New York (although his bigotry was soft-core; not the “burn a cross and kill them” kind, just the “I don’t feel comfortable around them” kind). The Berta character played by Conchata Ferrell on “Two and a Half Men” is the stereotypical redneck, living in the Los Angeles area in a neighborhood with meth labs and trailers (there were Okies who came to California in the 1930s, and apparently not all of their descendants moved up the educational ladder).

            And remember the origin of the words “pagan” and “heathen:” the educated Roman Christians had trouble converting the country folk who were known in Latin as “pagani,” and so that became a word for non-monotheistic religions, or by extension people with a non-pious lifestyle in the opinion of the speaker. In Britain, the people on the “heath” were similarly slower to adopt the Gospel as preached by Anglo-Saxon missionaries, hence “heathens.”

            It is as old as humanity: people living in a rural environment with little contact with outsiders tend to be very conservative, holding on to the old ways (and after they DO change, their descendants eventually hold on just as tightly to the NEWER “old” ways which their ancestors resisted; thus, in a few centuries, Europe’s “pagani” were conservatively Christian). However, people living in a cosmopolitan environment are exposed to many new and foreign ideas, and unless they “steel themselves” to resist, their ways of life can change more easily, whether for better or for worse.

            I don’t know if Eleanor HATES men in general, or if she is merely angry at the male-dominated power structure which KEEPS the less educated men and women ignorant enough to keep THEM in power.

        • Barbara Morgan

          I see Eleanor hatred in her post and her past post in regards to Southerns and your dislike of many of the different types of people that live in Fla. Did it occur to you that people move to Fla because they can’t afford the high heating cost in other parts of the Country no matter how generous their safety nets are and move because they have health problems the cold makes worst?

        • Irishgrammy

          Excellent, beautifully thought out post, Allen RIchardson! I, also understand completely where Eleanor is coming from having the same “issues” with Southern family members, who frankly I have long ignored, so I understand the frustration one can have towards the utter futility of racism and ignorance! However, some of the family I have here in good ol’ California who are NOT or ever were from the South, have turned out to be just as senselessly racist and frankly, in some cases, inexplicably ignorant as any so called “redneck”, but without the sugar and honey laced accent! Racism, ignorance, choosing to NOT educate and inform oneself, or make any effort to expand ones “horizons”, knows no regional bounds………..

    • Whatmeworry

      That’s due to the high concentration of colored in the south, which distort the data

      • latebloomingrandma


        • Whatmeworry

          Yep they range in color from purple, black, brown to high yellow

          • Eric Nyrop

            Perhaps you should do a ancestral study, most, if not all people have a rainbow in their genes.

          • Whatmeworry

            Nope no gays in my background

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Actually, we should be “nice” to the young Southern Progressives and Moderates of the GOP, most of whom think that their older relatives are “old and set in their ways”.
    To everyone else in the South, they should simply be ignored.

  • j.martindale

    The “showing up” issue is given short shrift here. I live in a small town in North Carolina. It is a rather poor community with a lot of minority citizens. As a progressive, I am dismayed at the lack of visibility of the Democrats in this community. Shortly after Governor Dean tried (and succeeded) in his 50 state strategy–which worked very well in North Carolina, I would add–the Democratic National Party gave up on that approach. They have been MIA ever since. You will not turn Texas and North Carolina Blue simply by waiting for the demographics to change. You need to have wholehearted participation of liberal views in the South. Instead, all we are offered are pallid purple “moderates” and Blue Dogs like Hagan.

  • How haven’t they been? In the states mentioned, Democrats have bent over backwards to placate the crazies in that particular faction. What they (Democrats) really need to do is reach out to all other factions besides White men & make the point that patriarchal society is a thing of the past & it’s up to the rest of the voting demographic to vote Democratic or Independent, so the nation can move PEACEFULLY & PROSPEROUSLY forward, so the imbalances & inequalities afflicting American society can be removed once & for all… This is about the right to be treated fairly & equitably as HUMAN BEINGS – & NOT as a bother or an afterthought to rich white men & their brutal & violent White male ‘underling’ enforcers, who continue bullying the rest of US…

  • Whatmeworry

    The Dems can’t condone willful law breaking and rewriting the constitution that this administration has done at every turn and expect southerners to climb aboard. .
    Running a campaign returning the country to the rule of law would go along way

    • Eric Nyrop

      How has the President rewritten the Constitution?

      • Whatmeworry

        Hmmm lets see. Bankruptcy, immigration, war powers, terrorism, IRS the list goes on and on

  • charles king

    I think President Obama has brought a loud and clear Msg to the citizens of these United States. The Msg is to find our Democracy and do some Critical thinking of the problems facing our country and doing some critical thinking of our selves. I am a reasonable Black American Who? has fought all the slings and arrows thrown my way and I certainly believe in Democracy and I am willing to do some Critical Thinking but if our States are being governed by Plutocracts, and not Democracy then I see America on a continuing downhill slope which leads NoWhere. We know that the people are thinking because President Obama would Not have been re-elected if they had voted for Rhomey. The VOTE is still Supreme and our Federal Goverment believe in Democracy, Unions work, Social Security works, Equality works, public Education works, Obamacare works, Medicare works, J A Z Z is still a dream that came true just like your Democracy, so do not be fooled by MONIES, non-tax-paying Corporations, Greedy-Capitalistic PIgs, Poor Representives Republicans and Democracts ETCS….It is NOT a hard task to do the Right Thing. You know Who? are doing their job and the right thing because Critical Thinking with your Democracy Works. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  • pmbalele

    People should remember how TPs have hurt this Country. For the last 5 years TPs have been trying to sabotage the US economy. You remember their leader Ted Cruz caused the government to shut down. These TPs did not know Ted Cruz is not real American. He is Cuban-Canadian. That mean if things go back here, he can easily slither into Canada or Cuba. But TPs are so dumb not to see what is wrong with Ted Cruz. They will learn the hard way later

    • Allan Richardson

      Almost a year after your post, a comedian referred to Cruz, but not by name, as the GOP’s “half-Canadian, half-American, half-Cuban half-wit.” And I suppose the THREE “half-“s were intentional.

      • pmbalele

        I missed that. Maybe it will help TPs and Repubs know who Ted Cruz is really. But most TPs and Repubs are alcoholics. Would you vote for Perry, Christie or Carly? Not me. In fact I do not know why Trump and his fellow Repubs see Carly as ugly. Does she have wrinkles? I will check that on TV.

  • Budjob

    Secession is the answer for the South.As for myself,annexation of the Northeast to CANADA would be fantastic!!

    • Barbara Morgan

      Typical Conservative, you want to divide this Country by urging the South to secede while coveting the land and people that are part of Canada, which is an ally of ours.

      • Budjob

        Conservatve,CONSERVATIVE!!!?? Lady,my ENTIRE FAMILY are ALL liberal,ALL Democrats,and,ALL pro UNION!!!! And,Goddamn proud of all three categories.Thank You,and have a somewhat pleasant day

  • Barbara Morgan

    If you are going to write about the number of Senate seats that up for grabs in the South at least get the number of seats right. There are five senate seats in the South up for grabs, like the Democratic party has forgotten Tennessee so has the writer of this article. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander is up for reelection just like Republican Senators in North Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky and Arkansas are. I stopped reading after seeing that the writer didn’t have the right information on the number of Southern senate seats were being fought for.