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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Former vice president Dick Cheney slammed the Obama administration’s handling of the September 11th, 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi as “a failure of leadership,” and claimed that during the Bush administration “on our watch, we were always ready on 9/11,” in remarks to The Daily Mail on Monday.

“I mean, it’s North Africa — Libya, where they’ve already had major problems,” Cheney told The Daily Mail. “You know that al Qaeda is operating there, and you have some of the other al Qaeda-affiliated groups there like Ansar al-Sharia and others.”

“When we were there, on our watch, we were always ready on 9/11, on the anniversary,” Cheney added. “We always anticipated they were coming for us, especially in that part of the world.”

Cheney declined to mention that, on their watch, the Bush administration ignored repeated, urgent warnings leading up to the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 on September 11th, 2001.

“I think what dominated the way they were thinking about this thing is — they wanted to be able to say, ‘We got bin Laden. Problem solved,'” the former vice president continued. “And it was shortly before the election, and you know: a big crisis with al Qaeda attacking embassies? They were hoping that they could avoid that. It was a bit of a reach.”

Again, Cheney declined to mention that the Bush administration didn’t view catching Osama bin Laden to be a problem at all; instead, President Bush said in 2002, “I truly am not that concerned about him.”

Ironically, Cheney made the accusatory remarks at an event celebrating the launch of former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld’s new book.

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148 Responses to Dick Cheney: ‘On Our Watch, We Were Always Ready On 9/11’

  1. The old man is suffering from selective memory at best, and just plain old liar at worst. You decide for I’ve already done so.

    • For 7 years the Bush Administration kept us safe. Under Obama terrorists have reached their target 5 times in 4 years

      • You mean except for the nearly 3,000 killed when they ignored the warnings of airplane attacks. Not to mention the attacks upon our diplomatic personell overseas as well. Please try and keep it real if that is possible for you.

        • Clinton had 3 chances to get Bin laden. His cock and Monica were more important than our National Security!!!

          • You probably haven’t noticed, Lana, but Clinton is not our president anymore. All hell broke loose in Manhattan less than a year after his term ended. Barack Obama is our president now, thank goodness.

      • You should check and see how many times our embassies have been attacked under each President. Under the Obama watch it is the least!!!

          • The UMd. database lists 64 attacks on American diplomatic targets during the George W. Bush administration, including car bombs at the US embassy in Yemen and armed attackers assaulting a US consulate in Saudi Arabia.

          • Obama could have sent help–he didn’t. For 7 hours he did nothing but sleep. He had a big day ahead of him. He let those 4 be murdered. Can’t let anything get in the way of fundraising ya know!!!

          • The senate could have sent help not Obama but the senate decided it was to expensive.

          • Matter of fact, it was the Republicans who demanded repeatedly more funding cuts for more protection of our embassies.

      • You’re just gonna wipe out 9/11/2001, when the administration had forewarning from at least two foreign intelligence sources? Or did your history just start? Where were you when the administration not only ignored warnings that eventually led to sacrificing over 3,000 people. Not to mention dragging the country into a war based on lies and chasing after the oil in the region. Not to mention the huge sacrifice of our soldiers in a war we should not have been engaged in. The war was not even financed. Where were you? This partisan crap will keep you in the dark. I forgot to mention that the previous administration had Bin Laden in their sights, but let him get away. There is no comparison to the two; just go back and read the accomplishments of the current administration.

        • Clinton had 3 chances to take Bin Laden. His cock and Monica were more important than our National Security!!!

        • Republicans begin their American history on October 12, 2001. Anything before that is fantasy. Lana is obviously a Republican and should be looked upon with pity, much as we do with those with other mental deficiencies.

      • I suppose you don’t know that in certain countries Bush 2 has been warned not to go there by their country’s officials. If he does, he’ll probably be arrested and tried on War Crimes.

        I got ta hand it to ya. Ignoring several warning about a possible attack on the Twin Towers is keeping us safe though!

        And, I suppose, you think all those lives that were lost and are still being lost in two wars we had no business starting AND all the money that has enriched the military complex can be justified.

        None of these things has made us safe, far from it. In fact, because of Bush 2, our International Reputation is totally ruined. It will take us years to build back any reputable credence, IF we ever do.

        But, it HAS made a lot of corporations fabulously wealthy and even more control over our government and others than they had before which is their true intent.

        I thought you attack dogs had a better sense of smell. Yer barking up the wrong tree kid…………………

        • Bush didn’t kiss ass like Obama does. Countries respected us under Bush, now they laugh at us!!!

          • Now that is a flat out lie. Our standing in the world practically dropped to nothing under Bush.

          • Well, lana, your statement “Countries respected us under Bush” proves that English is definitely NOT your native language. I have very important information for you, lana: The US becoming the laughingstock of the world during the Bush reign is definitely NOT the same as being respected by the world.

            OK, perhaps I am being too kind about Shrub in my first paragraph since he was able to convince a great deal of the world’s population that had formerly admired the US to despise the US.

          • Were you in a crack-induced coma for the entire Bush presidency? Respected us??? Laughed at and ridiculed is closer.

          • You obviously never went overseas while “Dick & George” were busy thumping their chests and starting senseless wars.

            I did. In Italy, I heard, several times, “NO BUSH!”

            I never heard anyone say anything good about “Dick & George”.

      • Hey asshole, I’m going to paste to some FACTS for you. I doubt they’l have any impact, but here goes:

        As Republicans continue their Benghazi conspiracy theory push in an attempt to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations, it’s worth noting just how shameless is the Republican hypocrisy on the subject. Bob Cesca at Daily Banter has compiled no less than 13 “Benghazis” that occurred on George W. Bush’s watch:

        January 22, 2002. Calcutta, India. Gunmen associated with Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami attack the U.S. Consulate. Five people are killed.

        June 14, 2002. Karachi, Pakistan. Suicide bomber connected with al-Qaida attacks the U.S. Consulate, killing 12 and injuring 51.

        October 12, 2002. Denpasar, Indonesia. U.S. diplomatic offices bombed as part of a string of “Bali Bombings.” No fatalities.

        February 28, 2003. Islamabad, Pakistan. Several gunmen fire upon the U.S. Embassy. Two people are killed.

        May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Armed al-Qaida terrorists storm the diplomatic compound killing 36 people including nine Americans. The assailants committed suicide by detonating a truck bomb.

        July 30, 2004. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. A suicide bomber from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacks the U.S. Embassy, killing two people.

        December 6, 2004. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al-Qaida terrorists storm the U.S. Consulate and occupy the perimeter wall. Nine people are killed.

        March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan again. Suicide bomber attacks the U.S. Consulate killing four people, including U.S. diplomat David Foy who was directly targeted by the attackers. (I wonder if Lindsey Graham or Fox News would even recognize the name “David Foy.” This is the third Karachi terrorist attack in four years on what’s considered American soil.)

        September 12, 2006. Damascus, Syria. Four armed gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar” storm the U.S. Embassy using grenades, automatic weapons, a car bomb and a truck bomb. Four people are killed, 13 are wounded.

        January 12, 2007. Athens, Greece. Members of a Greek terrorist group called the Revolutionary Struggle fire a rocket-propelled grenade at the U.S. Embassy. No fatalities.

        March 18, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. Members of the al-Qaida-linked Islamic Jihad of Yemen fire a mortar at the U.S. Embassy. The shot misses the embassy, but hits nearby school killing two.

        July 9, 2008. Istanbul, Turkey. Four armed terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate. Six people are killed.

        September 17, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. Terrorists dressed as military officials attack the U.S. Embassy with an arsenal of weapons including RPGs and detonate two car bombs. Sixteen people are killed, including an American student and her husband (they had been married for three weeks when the attack occurred). This is the second attack on this embassy in seven months.

        Where was your outrage back then? Hmmmmm? Nowhere. Just had your head deep up your ass. Typical gop’r. Please just go back to your bunker and play with your gun. Maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll eat a 9mm omelette. Fuck you.

          • It won’t be Hillary caught up with lies. It will be the the GOPers in Congress that will end up with egg on their face just as they did the last time when she threw THEIR LIES right back in their face!! (I know, you’re just trying to play dumb aren’t you Lana – I don’t think the GOP wants to replay the embarrasment of the last time Hillary made fools of them!!!)

        • Hey asshole, bite yourself!! Clinton had 3 chances to take Bin Laden!!! His cock and Monica were more important than our National Security!!!

          • I believe you wish you had been Monica. It’s been a long time since anyone wanted to have anything to do with you. You are just a bitter old woman. Get a life twit.

          • Bitter old man. Last year Lana posted a very nasty post that he was a he not a she. Surprised that he has done this year, maybe like another poster he/she is a split personisty(not spelled right) that is why it seems so more unglued and not right in the head this year.

          • Bush 2 helped the Bin Loden family leave the US on September 13, 2001 when no one else could fly. All he had to do was nothing and keep the famly in the Country to get Bin Loden but he let them leave the the Country. Then in 2006 announced that the government would no longer be looking for Bin Loden. So step away from your computer before your keepers catch you and take your meds.

  2. I thought “CHUTZPAH” was a word by jewish folks for jewish folks, but this coming from Cheney really takes “CHUTZPAH”, He’s so convinced by his own lies that he doesn’t even embarrass himself when he goes so far from reality.

    • It is now expected that up to 80% of Iraqui oil will be going to Asia and in particular China. That just makes the accomplishment of Cheney even worse.

    • Dems political correctness is what is getting soldiers killed. They can’t do their job. They have to take the enemys’ feelings in consideration. Dems are murderers. If Cheney had done something wrong. the dems would have done something about by now, you twit!!! Cheney is a hero who loves HIS country and you can’t stand it!!

  3. Of course, the original 9/11 doesn’t count, according to Cheney. That dark day should be renamed “Bush’s Mulligan.”

  4. I want that SOB arrested and held for war crimes. When is someone going to process the case against him. This is leading to the degradation of our rule of law and is leading to the unlawfulness we are seeing on the far right and left.

    • Cheney isn’t held for war crimes because he didn’t commit any you twit! Obama is a terrorist, he has let terrorists reach their target 5 times. He and Hillary should be in prison for letting 4 heroes get murdered in Benghazi. Why did they want Stevens dead. just what did he know

      • Check the facts… How many attacks under Bush watch vs. Obama? How many attacks under senior Bush watch.

        • There were 12 attacks under each of the Bushes with more than 3,000 Americans killed. Here’s the list for Bush jr.:

          Bush Years there were 12 attacks with more than 3,050 deaths including more than 3,000 Americans:
          2001 – World Trade Center, New York and Pentagon, DC; 3,000 Americans killed.
          2002 – US Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked, 12 killed; 51 injured.
          2003 – International Compound, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .
          2003 – US Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.
          2004 – US Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.
          2004 – US Consulate Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.
          2006 – US Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including US diplomat.
          2006 – US Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.
          2007 – Grenade launched into the US Embassy in Athens.
          2008 – US Embassy, Serbia, attacked by thousands, no one killed.
          2008 – US Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.
          2008 – US Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

          – Under George HW Bush, there were 12 Embassy attacks with 60 being killed.

          • Good post man! Even though this wasn’t an Embassy, there was the attack on the USS Cole. I don’t remember the Democrats screaming and hollering for a Congressional Hearing on that. The GOP is so transparent and yet millions of Americans couldn’t care less.

          • What you’re thinking isn’t why I didn’t include more attacks- I was only amplifying what Tiredofitall had said about the Bush Years. There were only two meaningful embassy/consulate attacks under Obama with only fatalities in the Benghazi attack; the 4 years under Obama were the safest 4 years for America’s overseas office in the past 35 plus years. Add the following attacks to the list I posted above to see just how bad things were even under Clinton and Reagan:

            -Under Clinton, there were six attacks including World Trade Center and USS Cole killing 304, including more than 50 Americans.
            – Under George HW Bush, there were 12 Embassy attacks with 60 being killed.
            – Under Reagan, there were 7 Embassies attacked with 31
            being killed including 17 Americans; not to mention 241 Marines killed in their barracks in Beirut Lebanon while they slept.
            – Under Carter there were 2 attacks with 2 deaths.
            – Under Nixon, 3 Embassies were attacked with 3

            GOP total for last 4 presidents: 35 attacks on the homeland and abroad with more than 3,535 killed: including more than 3,300 Americans, and that doesn’t include more than 5,000 Americans killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many deaths
            that quite possibly could have been prevented if Bush and Cheney hadn’t totally ignored the CIA’s 7 warnings that an al Qaeda attack on the homeland wasimminent ; and had they not started the Iraq war based on lies and distortions

          • I think I owe you an apology. I was trying to agree with you. I really did think that the USS Cole happened under Bush. I went on Wikipedia after I made my comment and discovered I was wrong. I then attempted to fix my mistake. I can see where my retraction sounded like I was being a troll but it really wasn’t my intention. I strongly believe that the information you have provided makes a really good case against the Republican party and proves that their true motive is to rewrite history and bring down a sitting president.

          • Looks like we both may have botched are comments a little. I didn’t really mean to make it sound like I took your comment poorly – I actually appreciated you making it possible for me to list even more of the attrocities that even Reagan and Bush Sr. allowed to be perpetrated on America’s overseas personnel. It boggles my mind that a party that would allow so many to be killed during their watches while doing absolutely nothing to prevent one attack would make such hypocrites of themselves by turning the one tragedy that occured in the 4 years during Obama’s 1st term into such a political circus. It becomes more clear everyday that the GOP has absolutely now humanity and ethics – the party has turned into a den of vultures – ready to pounce on anything they can devour and exploit just to further their own political agendas!! Only the Devil could be so devious and full of hatred!!!

          • No worries, I learned a valuable lesson here, verify first, post comment second. Misinterpretation is the biggest problem with
            posting comments. I’ll make sure the next time that I try to add to your comment, my information is valid and useful before I make a fool of myself.

          • Oops, my bad, the USS Cole happened under Clintons watch, now I Know why you didn’t include that in your list.

          • You’re bein kind! I’m not sure Lana knows how to think – it’s hard to do that when there’s only empty space between ones ears.

      • Lana, to paraphrase someone ( I can’t remember who) “It is better to be silent and have people think you’re an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt” Lana, you chose to speak. Too bad.

        • Google, Obama killed Seal Team 6 members.–He secretly brought in a muslim cleric to curse the bodies of slain Seal Team 6 members. Obama is a muslim terrorist!! Start checking things out you stupid goon!!!

          • Lana,Lana,Lana, you poor thing, are you off your meds again? Is there anyone you need us to call for you? Seriously though, why do you believe everything you here on the internet? Don’t you realize that there are websites out there just full of false information that cater specifically to the most gullible among us?
            I bet if I Google Jesus lives, there will probably be some sight somewhere claiming that Jesus is alive and well and walking around in downtown Manhattan.

      • From the day Cheney entered the White House he kept harping about going in Iraq. You bet they lied about WMDs. People kept telling them that there were no WMDs. I hate this SOB because he was able to buy a heart that should have gone to a younger person. Probably money from Halliburton.
        Another crime they committed was sending Halliburton right in when it is illegal for the government to spend money for those purposes without taking bids. my husband was a low level federal employee and they can’t spend money without getting bids. But republican seem to be able to get away with anything.

        • There were WMD. They were moved to Syria. Did you know Obama has investments in Halliburton? He has his money overseas too. Thank God Cheney was able to get a new heart. He is a brilliant and decent man, you can learn much from him. It’ wasn’t his time to go or God would have taken him!!!!

          • Anyone could have investments in a firm that invests in institutions you would know nothing about. Banks offers investment [ackages under the name of one firm who invests in multiple firms that could be drawing percentages from neo-confederate Teas Bag PACs. Even if our President had any idea he was investing in a terroristic company, he would not be able to stop it without a penalty or a fee. You might have investments that is investing in a Democratic PAC or an overseas Socialist corporation, you know. I think its called the Global Economy. I doubt you would know that, keeping your SSI savings tucked under your kitty-litter box.

          • God wants nothing to do with Dick Cheney – it’s the Devil that’s helping keep Dick around so he can just keep leading the Devil’s party into more acts of depraved indulgence of worldly things!!!! WITH DICK CHENEY’S BATTLE CRY – MONEY BEFORE ALL ELSE!!! ONWARD GOP!!!!

      • The first time Cheney, Bush, or Rumsfeld leaves America and set foot anywhere in the Middle East, they will be arrested for war crime, tried, and sentenced to an Afghan, Iraqi, or Iranian prison where they will be beaten, raped, and starved, or they will be tortured and executed. Personally, I’d rather see them being mercilessly beaten and repeatedly raped, but that’s just me.

  5. It takes a lot of nerve for one of the men that ignore the warnings given to him and his boss during the daily national security briefings, and one of the men who presided over the highest incidence of terrorist attacks against our people and our interests overseas to claim that “they were always ready”. Should we assume the worst terrorist attack in history never happened? How about the terrorist attacks in Madrid, London, and so many other places? This may come as a surprise to Mr. Cheney, but Invading a country that had nothing to do with those attacks and whose secular regime was itself a target of Al Qaeda does not count as being ready to defend our national security in most people’s minds.
    The real target of the Benghazi attack is Hillary Clinton. The GOP is firing warnings shots letting her know what will happen to her if she decides to run in 2016. I wonder what their line of attack will be if Elizabeth Warren decides to run? Probably the typical charges of socialism and communism, or the fact that she is not really a native American. Who cares? Either lady will win, and if they join forces they will win by a landslide. The GOP is well aware of that and they will stop at nothing to demonize them, distort their record, and undermine their credibility.
    The naive should consider that there are hundreds of U.S. consulates worldwide, that most of them are vulnerable, and that doubling or quadrupling the security details in our embassies does not guarantee the security of our consulates. We live in a dangerous world, where the availability of lethal weapons allow fanatics and special interests to achieve goals that would have been unthinkable a century ago. Benghazi is not the first U.S. diplomatic mission to be attacked and, sadly, it will not be the last.

    • There is a move to impeach Obama because of Benghazi. This is just another exercise in doing things that don’t benefit the people of this country. There are too many problems that need to be addressed.

      I think that too many of those in the GOP are still unhappy that Obama has been elected twice to be the president.

      We will see what happens when Hillary runs.

      • The GOP-TP will find out soon enough that messing with Hillary Clinton is not the same as making it impossible for Barack Obama to govern. Obama has an incredible ability to control his temper, and respond to vicious attacks with arguments based on fact. Hillary is likely to make fools of her interlocutors. She did it during the Benghazi congressional hearings, and she will do it again without hesitation. The only thing that will be better than Hillary running in 2016 is her choosing Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. Should that happen, what little remains of the GOP will be relocated to Jurassic Park, next to the tombs of neanderthals and extinct species of reptiles.

        • I think the GOP truly fears Obama. He is a very powerful man, very successful President and leader. They also could not handle Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. We are getting stronger, they didn’t see it coming

    • Where was Obama when Chris Stevens was being tortured for 7 hours then murdered??—SLEEPING!!!!!–he had to fly to Vegas for a fund raiser in the morning!!!!

      • Not sure why you are getting thumbs down for telling the truth on this one. People believe only what they want to believe. And turn a blind eye when an event does not fit into what they WANT to be true. So sad.

        • Lana is getting thumbs down because the whole notion that Obama just stood by while the consulate in Benghazi was being attacked is a plain absurdity. First off, the responsibility for protecting the consolute was not Obama’s responsibility; it was the responsibility of agencies under the control of the State Department, and the fact that some of the people within that group may not have responded as well as they could have, is their failure – not Obama’s. The only ones that are trying to shift the blame to Obama is Faux News with its lies and distortions and then followed by a bunch of hypocritical GOP nutcases!!

          And if Benghazi is such a disaster, why weren’t similar uproars made when there were 11 attacks very similar made during Bush Jr’s 8 years in office?? Especially the 3 attacks that were made against one consulate – the consulate in Karachi, Pakistan??? Bush and Cheney never lifted a finger to help even one of those attacks – why wasn’t that ever questioned?? And here’s the list of those and 8 more!! (And note that there were 18 killed including a diplomat in those 3 attacks of the Karachi consulate. Where was the hyporcitical uproar from the GOP then???)

          2002 – US Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked, 12 killed; 51 injured.
          2003 – International Compound,Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .
          2003 – US Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.
          2004 – US Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.
          2004 – US Consulate Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.
          2006 – US Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including US diplomat.
          2006 – US Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.
          2007 – Grenade launched into the US Embassy in Athens.
          2008 – US Embassy, Serbia, attacked by thousands, no one killed.
          2008 – US Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.
          2008 – US Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

          • You are most certainly correct.
            I was a sleeping Democrat then. I was too busy working 60 hours weeks, raising a family, and trying to live life.
            Mr Obama woke me up. I rallied behind him….at first. I thought he was the breath of fresh air this country needed.
            Sadly, IMO, he is not all that different than those that have come before.
            Hear me out before you yell at me.

            He, too, signed the Patriot Act.
            He has backed Monsanto after he promised to label GMO foods.
            He backs the Drone Program.

            I’m done. I won’t go on.

            But I suppose my disappointment in him is mostly my fault. I put him on a pedelstal. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

            And now I remain Independant. Because both of the top two political parties skew the facts to their benefit and are led by people who only want to come out the winner, no matter who they hurt in the process.

          • I’m not sure you were really ever a Democrat – I doubt seriously that any true Democrat would be so disrespectful to call President Obama ‘Mr Obama’. but foregoing that, I can’t disaree that President Obama has done some things that haven’t been exactly what I would like to have seen him do. However, having said that, the positive things he’s done FAR OUTWEIGH those things I wish he would have done differently. Let me tick off just a few:
            1) He kept his promises to get us out of Iraq and to wind down the Afghan war, which in and of themselves has probably not only saved at least hundreds of American’s lives but has also helped him reduce deficit spending faster than any previous president and to cut the size of govt over the past 4 years by over 600,000 after Bush added around 2,000,000 to it.
            2) In fact, not only did he keep those promises, a study done last year has shown that of over 500 promises the President made while campaigning he has fully kept more than 250 of them, partially kept more than another 125 and only not been able to keep another 125 or so because of the GOP’s determination to make his time in office fail. Find me another President that has even come close to THAT!!!!
            3) He followed through on the Auto Bailout despite severe GOP opposition, which not only has brought the American auto industry back to prominence again, but has 1 -kept Mitt Romney and his nefarious hedge fund buddies from buying up GM and Chrysler and shipping at least all their unionized jobs to China, just like they did with Delphi, 2- saved at least 1.5 million Americans their jobs 3) has brought into the govt coffers more than 110 billion in tax revenues over the past 3 years that would have been lost and 4 – has kept America from falling into the GOP’s 2nd created World-Wide Depression.
            4) He has utilized the drone program to virtually dessimate al Qaeda and rid the world of more than 50 terrorist killers, probably saving hundreds and maybe thousands of other American’s lives by foiling al Qaeda’s terrorist plans. (Have you ever stopped to think about how many Americans may be dead today if the President had eliminated the terrorists before they could carry out their plans?? And that he’s done it without many more of our overseas agents being killed in the process???? When you or anyone else can prove, that the drone program has TARGETTED anyone who was not an enemy combatant – and any supposed American citizen who leaves this country and then makes terrorist plans to attack it – ARE NO LONGER AN AMERICAN CITIZEN AND ARE AN ENEMY COMBATANT. And explain to me please, what is the difference between the President using the drone program to kill terrorists overseas who are looking to attack the homeland, and many law enforcement organizations that use a SHARP SHOOTER to kill someone who is holding people hostage or just creating a threatening situation in a domestic shootout???? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!!!! People like you are being nothing more that paranoids just like those who feared people just had to have the right to guns because our govt may oppress us whom Madison made fun of before he wrote the 2nd amendment.
            5) He succeeded in accomplishing something no other president has been able to do – getting the start of a universal healthcare program for America. Is it perfect? No! but in time it’s going to prove to have been a significant accomplishment and has already greatly improved the lives of millions of Americans and a study has shown that ACA has kept insurance costs from increasing by possibly another 25-30% over the past 4 years by keeping the rise in insurance premiums to the slowest rate in 15 years. It’s an absolutely travesty that the GOP (aka the American Mafia) is constantly trying to degrade it just to further their crooked, nefarious agenda.
            I could go on with over 30 more accomplishments, at least 10 of them being major accomplishments – far more than any President has accomplished at least since FDR – and I’m not sure when historians look back on the last 4 years, that even FDR’s accomplishments over 12 years will pale in comparison to what President Obama has already accomplished.

          • I had a long, long response to you. My computer lost it as I was trying to sign in. Serves my right for not signing in first.

            Yes, I was a lifelong Democrat until last year. End of story. President Obama (there, just for you I used the title) has disappointed me in so many ways that I am no longer a Democrat. That’s what he did for me.

            Why is that so hard to believe?

            I do not agree with his policies. He has good intentions [I think], but even his own advisors have said many times that our nation can not afford the Health Care Act. I did not say it, his people did. The regulations for the act are so long, that they stretch taller than my head, thousands of pages long and growing. (Snopes agreed with this). The IRS is going to be in charge of the implementation of this new act. Yes, I am SURE that will go off without a hitch.

            And yes, I have a problem with Drone Warfare. Innocent kids are being targeted by accident. So many innocent lives. We shouldn’t be there. Never should have gone to war. Unfortunately, I was not consulted. Bush didn’t ask me (should I say President Bush, so as to not be disrespectful?) Ok, President Bush, then. Don’t blame me – I did not vote for the man.

            What right do we have to continue to go to war with other countries? President Obama crucified Pres Bush for warfare, now says we will have indefinite war on terror? Really? What happened to no Afghan War? What exactly gives us the right to strong arm our way into countries, time after time?

            Dr Ron Paul was criticized as a crazy old man. But he was correct about blowback. And our continuing to hurt innocent people makes other countries HATE us. And our current administration now says that war will be indefinite.

            That was NOT what I voted for in 2008. Obama is not the man I thought he was.

            So you can tell me how great he is, and how much he has accomplished. I do not see it, because he has failed in the most important task of all. Stopping the US from entering into more wars.

            That I can not forgive him for. He lied.

          • How are you? I didn’t know you used to be a Democrat, you never told me. what I don’t understand is what makes me different in your eyes than the rest of the posters on here?
            Don’t be afraid to critique me, i’m not going to hate you. You never really told me why your feelings for the president have changed so drastically or maybe you did and I simply wasn’t listening. My feelings tend to go back and forth quite a lot, i’m just hoping not to get duped. In all honesty, I was a Howard Dean supporter and in the election before that I was a Gen.
            Wesley Clark supporter. I was never crazy about the Clintons
            and Gores. I think we can attribute at least some of our outsourced jobs to President Bill Clinton. It’s all water under the bridge now though. I don’t blame you for being angry or even a
            little scared, I think we all are, I know I am. I don’t admit that to often and if you met me in person you would never know it by the way I conduct myself. The only thing that keeps me going is that I have to, we all do. When I was younger I was homeless for a time but I never gave up so take it from someone who has been at the very bottom, things could be much worse and there is always someone who has it worse than you and I. I’ll tell you one myth that the right loves to spin and often. They like to say that all liberals or lefties or whatever want to take from the tax payer dole. Even at my
            worst point, I never took a dime from the government. I did
            survive on the charity of friends. It took me awhile to get my
            head together but I only did it with the help of people who cared weather I lived or died. I have deep animosity towards those who think that people with my particular political views
            are looking for a free handout, We only want a hand up but it has to be a meaningful one. I will continue to seek those leaders who make that their #1 priority, that and the environment. Right now, the conservatives don’t represent those values (my values). Now you know my story, there’s
            much more but those are the important facts that shaped
            me into the person I am now.

          • Hello!
            Simply, I find you to be honest and believable. That makes you very, very different from most of those posting on this site. You are willing to look at more than one side of a story, you are respectful, and make concessions even when you don’t entirely agree with someone else’s points.
            Humility is missing trait in our current world. You seem to have it in spades. That makes you unique on the Memo.

            I could go on for hours about P. Obama. I won’t because there is no point. I’ve probably wrote most of me critiques of him in posts to others. I do not want to depress myself right now, so I will say this: My dad recently told me that he’s never before actually been afraid of a president. Until now. Since my dad is in his 70’s, he’s lived through a lot of presidencies.

            I don’t think history will look back favorably on our current administration.

            I’ll leave you with this thought. I understand that most people do not feel that the USA should be run like a business. I get that. However, if a CEO is hired to turn a company around, he does not get the luxury of blaming the previous CEO for all the problems. He/She is EXPECTED to do their best, move forward, motivate others and get the job done.

            I feel we currently have the most devisive president I’ve ever lived through.

            I watched Tony Robbins and his deficeit video, and I felt true fear. I still feel that fear. And what I have seen P. Obama do is class warfare. I may not be rich, but I don’t hate rich people. And I do not expect them to fix this country’s problems. Because they can’t.

            We are living in a crisis of culture. Incivility, lack of individual responsibility, and passing the blame are the new normal. It is an atrocity. And I am to blame. We all are.

            He was supposed to be different. Turns out, he’s no different than the one that came before. That is just how I feel. He tok my faith and stomped on it. I can not forgive him for his deception. On so, so many topics.

            Now you – you be well. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend.

          • I am honored that you took the time to notice those traits. That’s who I am to a tee. I have a very quick, rotten temper too but I never post on here when I’m angry. I made those mistakes last year and earlier this year. As a result, most of my comments lacked cohesiveness and quite frankly, some were just plain embarrassing. I’m actually very new to the world of politics. Up
            until 9/11, I had no opinion of politics one way or the other. I didn’t identify with any party, I couldn’t because I had no idea what their party platforms stood for. I was way left of center even then but I didn’t know how to identify it. I knew how I felt about social issues but I stayed clear of the political talk. 9/11 changed everything. From that point on I started listening to talk radio and it snowballed from there. That’s the condensed version of my involvement. During that time I tried to identify with the party that best reflected my own beliefs, it was Democrat. Although, I hated Clinton, I had the worst time finding decent work all throughout the 90’s. I thought the impeachment was a bit overboard but other than that, I was not a fan.

            Let me address something you had said about the class warfare and culture of irresponsibility. Class warfare has always existed in America. I won’t go into the semantics but that will never change. The culture that you speak of is definitely our fault, you are right on the money with that one.

            We all don’t have to be so self consumed. We lose something very precious with each major technological leap. We stop communicating face to face. We walk around with all these gadgets because we are addicted. Somehow, humans need to learn how to limit our use of this stuff. I could go on and on but it’s getting late and we can continue this another time.

            p.s. My holiday rocked, hope yours did too. Talk to you soon my friend.

          • Hi Fred. I just outdid myself with a nasty post. I thought of you, and how you are the voice of reason and mostly so calm. But this Russel guy……….he is the worst of the worst and I can not believe he would tell a father that he hoped his son would spend all 15 years in jail (the expected time of incarceration).
            Is THIS what should be promoted? THIS is the kind of person I am expect to reason with, hold hands with, go forward to make our country better with?
            I am feeling pretty sad right now. This country is doomed.
            Please tell me you have some inspiring prose and encouraging facts for our country.
            I see none.
            I hope you have been well. Things are moving along fine here. Thankfully.

            I am trying to surround myself with nice, positive people. Trying to push politics out of my mind.
            I guess I should not have looked at the Memo. That man Russel pushed my buttons. What a TERRIBLE thing for him to say to another human being. HE is a terrible human being.

          • Hello right back at you. Thanks for the compliment but remember what I told you once before, I never post while I am angry, we’re all stressed enough as it is. Remember this, when someone engages you, their intention is to get under your skin. You don’t have to give in to their B/S. The angrier we get, the sillier we sound. I know from personal experience, trust me. Are you in the mood to tell me
            what the argument was about? If not, no worries, I’ll research it myself. Your last paragraph really stands out, if you can put politics aside than you are a better person than I am. I have been struggling with that for some years now. I wish I could reconnect with the old me from 25 years ago when none of this drama mattered to me. I didn’t care about political affiliations or if someone was gay or owned a gun or anything for that matter.

            My main focus was on me trying to be the best person I could be. You can relate to that can’t you? One major thing that I’m starting to realize is that the country is in flux but it doesn’t mean we are doomed. We all tend to face change with apprehension, sometimes we perceive things to be worse than they are because we’re hard wired that way. It’s in our DNA to be like that, it has kept us alive for tens of thousands
            of years, in other words, it’s natural. You said things are moving along fine so there are some encouraging things going on for you, I’m happy to here that. I am managing too, some days are better than others but my life has always been in a perpetual state of flux so I get along just fine. I’m starting to scale back from the memo a little. They keep recycling the stories trying to put a new twist on things. Sooner or later most people will catch on that they are being manipulated.

            I’m going to start reciprocating with you, you have reached out to me so many times and I haven’t been much of a friend, it goes both ways and it’s time I honor that. I had two fears that have held me back, sometimes I just want to talk regularly with you but it isn’t anyone else’s business and I also wasn’t sure how receptive you would be if I reached out once every week or two.

          • Hello my friend! I do agree with most of your points. I have no problem telling you about the argument. It’s the ‘GOP ignores children once they are……’ page. Look it up – you’ll see me at my worst.

            Sorry – epic fail on my part!

            It would be nice to chat. Yes, anyone can read this. But truly, would they really care about my ramblings at this point? Do people really take the time, every time, to look up what others post? Well, maybe some have more time than I do. I haven’t been on my other email account to read the Memo headlines for some time.

            I can most certainly relate to what you wrote. It is nice when we find others who think similarly to ourselves. It is not the easiest to find nice people. I have been blessed to know more than my share. I am blessed to have a wonderful family who understands me and keeps me around anyway! My spouse accepts my nuttiness and does not mind that I chat with others.

            Have a nice evening! Mine is winding down and sleep is calling!

          • I thought you would like to know that I just received an email from the Sierra Club that announced Connecticut (my state) passed a
            law forcing all GMO foods to be labeled as such. It’s a start and I know that’s really huge issue with you, maybe your state will follow suit. I wanted to tell you this news to give you hope.

          • WOW!
            You just made my evening! That is absolutely the best news I’ve had all day! We have such a health care crisis in this country. If we can get back to basics with our food supply, we might be able to turn ourselves around over the next 10-20 years.
            Thank you very much for the news. Now if only other states follow Connecticut’s lead!

          • You were the first thought I had when I received the news. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about GMO’s until you brought it up
            but you felt so strongly about it that I did a little research. My understanding is still a little basic but your concern is warranted.

            I get the pro’s and con’s but the con’s are too alarming. I believe other states stand a good chance of following our lead, the question is which ones? Ours was done through a grass roots movement and our Sierra Club was part of that movement. It’s
            a small victory, no less significant though.

          • Hi Fred!
            Happy 2014!
            I hope this finds you well. We’ve had a blessed and wonderful Christmas and New Year. This time of year is truly for the kids. I do agree that the holidays lost their magic for me for a long time during my adult years. I found it again once my munchkins came along. They are the magical ones.
            Part of my things to uncomplicated my life will include very few forays into the Memo. But, honestly, I have found fanatical Republicans to be just as annoying as many of the posters on the Memo. I will just listen to Gary Johnson from now on – a voice of reason. Too bad that the top two parties in this country have taken over and third parties will soon be a thing of the past.
            They stink.
            Back to work tomorrow after a few days off. Back to reality.
            I have a smile on my face, though, and plan for many new roads to travel and new adventures!
            Happy New Year!

          • Hi back:)
            Happy New Year to you too. It sounds as if maybe you are anticipating a better year than the one we just came through,
            I am glad for you, however now the tables have turned a bit. Back in Dec. I signed up for health insurance through the State of Connecticut, it was pretty sweet too, $161.00 a month premium with a $2500 deductible and all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately for me, my employer had to terminate me last Monday. I am already filed with unemployment so I won’t miss a paycheck but I had to cancel my health insurance until I know where I stand financially, it’s tough and I finally understand what millions of Americans have been going through.

            These last few years have been pretty good to me so I admittedly had a hard time understanding what others are going through. It’s too easy to judge when things are going well, I have accused people of not trying hard enough and now I have suddenly become one of them. It’s not all doom and gloom though, I plan to seek employment right away and maybe get in a program provided by the state to train me for a vocation. I’m not really sure how it works but this whole thing may in fact be a blessing in disguise. I really hated my job but I stuck with it because the money was right, however, it has been stressing me out enormously for many years and my health was suffering as a consequence but I had the attitude that it’s better to put up with something I don’t like given the economic climate of the country than to take a risk and possibly wind up with nothing as a result.

            So your kids are still very young? I wasn’t sure if they were teenagers or preteen or what but Christmas truly is for the kids, it’s so magical for them, it stopped being that way for me since I was a teenager. When the innocence was replaced with pragmatism, that pretty much sealed it for me.
            I’m surprised your cutting back on the memo, it’s probably best, all the damn political blogs tend to do is reduce adults into a bunch of squabbling children. You did find out that conservative sites are just as bad. If you ever really want to hear some nasty stuff, you should go to sites like Cowboy Byte, I think that’s the correct spelling, anyway I digress. The things they say on that blog will truly scare the hell out of you. These are people that are talking about having armed insurrections and starting a war here in the states.
            Their personal views are of a country that can no longer be,
            there’s too many people here to force a pioneering lifestyle
            on and they sound willing to force it at the business end of a
            gun. That’s exactly what Islamic terrorists are doing. At any rate, that kind of behavior poisons the soul and I want nothing to do with it.

            I’m going to try my best to keep my internet service going, I don’t want to lose contact with you and one other friend that I met on the memo, my correspondence and friendship with you is too important to me to say goodbye. I like the new you, your outlook is much more positive and is infectious, keep it up:) Always remember, the secret to happiness is perception and perspective, bad things happen but the secret is in how we deal with it.

            Take care.

          • Hey there Fred!
            Life has been busy beyond. This year is getting it’s licks in – sick kids, snow, stress – yuck! But life is for the living.
            Wish I could always be positive. Yes, my kids are little. So I need to be happy on the outside for them as much as possible.
            I am sorry to learn about your unemployment. I hope you were able to sign up for what you mentioned and that things have taken a turn for the better. I am in the same position you were – staying in a job that’s no longer my passion because I have a family to feed. Being an adult is not always easy. And change – I am reluctant to change but I know it is coming. I am making a few changes now. I’ll see where it leads us.
            I look at the website as I search for houses – I never realized just how many home were in foreclosure. Sure, I read about it. But when I see it in front of me, home after home in foreclosure, my God. It is frightening. The banks take all, laughing all the way. There needs to be a better way.
            Where does it say that I am supposed to give 60% of what I owe to our government so that they can bomb other countries? And pay off their voters/supporters?
            Uh oh! There goes that pessimism again!
            Anyway, I hope you have been well. Time for food then to get ready for work.
            Be well, Fred!!!!!

          • Hello friend:
            Yes life has been busy, I wholeheartedly agree.
            I just got over being sick myself, 2 weeks:( I felt lousy for a few days, then I started feeling a little better but soon developed a relapse, that second time was rough! Don’t feel bad about my unemployment, I got a full time job a couple of weeks after you and I last spoke, incidentally, that’s also when I got sick. My second day of work and I got a lousy cold. LOL. I sucked it up and went to work, I’m used to working when I don’t feel well so it wasn’t really much of a sacrifice in the grand scheme of things.

            Do you have a passion, if so, is it feasible for you to make a decent living from it now or maybe in the future? My passion is music, I’ve been playing guitar since I was a little boy. There was a time when I wanted to be the next great guitar hero but it wasn’t in the cards, I wasn’t focused enough and I allowed life to get in the way. Now I play as a hobby and I have no interest in such pursuits.

            If you can stand being at your job at least until your children are a little older it may be a good time to explore a career move that will give you
            meaning outside of parenthood or start a hobby now, you need a release, your Emails are proof of that. Listen to me carefully, sometimes when the world gets to be too chaotic, all we need is a little something just for ourselves, something to let a little sunshine into our lives. You would be surprised at how something so simple can bring a
            completeness to your life. You’ll be better at work,
            you’ll be a better parent to your little doodle bugs
            and a better spouse and friend. I could ask you to do that for me but I’m just an anonymous voice that you reached out to, no, do it for you. Your heading for a burnout, don’t let that happen.

            So you’re looking for a house huh? Again, it sounds as if you’re stressed over it, unless you have a crucial timetable that you have to adhere to, stop and take a deep breath, it doesn’t need to be work, try to make it fun. Don’t let the foreclosures depress you. It’s fine to have empathy, just don’t get caught up in other people’s
            misery, it isn’t fair to you or your family.

            You be well too, remember what I told you and let me know how everything goes.

          • Hey there Fred!
            You have down-to-earth advice and I appreciate that. It is often difficult after a long day at work to remember to not let it get to me. So much about it has become more than a chore. All it takes is one person to suck the fun out of my career, which is a shame.
            Change is coming, one step at a time.
            I am very glad to hear that you have a new position! I, too, go to work when I don’t feel well. But, I am crucified and ridiculed when I do that. Conversely, I am crucified and ridiculed if I stay home when I am sick. Kind of a lose-lose situation, if you ask me.
            Mu bugs are doing great and are the joy of my life. It’s them that I think about as I set about to make changes on my life. It is time for me to be happy in my career – because ultimately it is negatively affecting my home life.
            What will be, will be. Baby steps, baby steps.
            I hope that you are enjoying your new job. One door closes, another opens. Good for you! I love your positivity.
            I haven’t picked up my guitar in a very, very long time. I was never that good at it. But I liked playing and singing (I am tone deaf, btw) back in the day.
            Ok – time for a snack and bed. Be well, Fred!

          • Hi,
            I’m sorry to hear about all the stress you’re going through, I empathize with you more than you know. Personally, I’ve never had a job that could be construed as a career. The closest I ever came to a career was 14 years ago when I was middle management/purchaser at a small natural health food store. Much was required of me but the pay was only slightly better than when I was first hired there as a stock boy. I don’t recall if you ever told me what you do for a living, you once mentioned that you work about 60 hours a week.
            I know one thing is for certain, both jobs and careers have their pros and cons, sure the pay is much better in a true career but the stress level is 100 times greater and so is the expectation to perform well. On the other hand, a regular job may not pay as well but at least one isn’t taking their work or their stress home with them unless they a problem keeping the two separate. I had that problem in my last job,
            I’m surprised I never went postal.

            How do you know that you weren’t any good at the guitar, did someone tell you or did you only assume it? You should try it, especially if your children are small, it’s something you can enjoy as a family and pass it on to them as well.

            By the way, I’m not as positive as you may think I am, I make a conscience effort to be as positive and pragmatic as I can be. Many days
            I lose the battle but I try to look at the big picture to keep it all in perspective.

            I have one minor request of you, it’s purely voluntary,but we have been corresponding for nearly a year and I don’t know your gender, it won’t make a bit of difference one way or the other, I’m simply curious. Hang in there, things are bound to get better.

            Take care, we’ll talk soon.

          • Hey Fred!
            I haven’t been on the Memo for a while! Hope you and yours are well. We are doing pretty good here, which is nice to be able to say.
            I played guitar for many, many years. I thought about picking it back up. I was never stellar at it. I did enjoy it. What I have always wished to do is learn how to play the piano. I have one. I just can’t play it!
            As for your request, I am female.
            We continue to make small changes here – looking towards the future and the goal of self-sufficiency. I am not content about the way our country is heading. Not content at all. I turn around and see another sign just about every day that I am living in pre-World War II Germany and I don’t like it one bit. We never learn from the past, it seems.
            I do carry my burdens – they are never far from the forefront. I put them aside for a short while then seem to pick them back up the moment I start to cruise the internet. I want to have a country to leave to my kids. A planet, for that matter. I am trying to leave better kids for my planet. I hope I am succeeding.
            Spring is finally here and that is welcome. Pretty soon I’ll be tinkering outside which I love to do. I just don’t carve out enough time to do it. I look forward to the summer, then I can spend more time with my kids. They are growing so fast. And remain the joy of our lives.

            I hope your new job continues to suit you!!!

          • Hello my friend!
            I am well thanks, I hope you are too! I’m certainly glad to hear that you and your family are making some strides, I know it’s tough for a young family such as yours. That’s the reason I go to the NM, i know it’s an echo chamber for liberals but I post there to vent and with any luck, hopefully I’ll make a positive contribution for your children and all the other children as well. I do hope you find the time to come back to it, I post there several times a week and I don’t always agree 100% with the comments and sometimes I’ll reach out to someone with an opposing
            viewpoint. That’s how I met you, I knew we weren’t the same politically but you were being sincere and I have a soft spot sincerity. Besides, I’ve got a good rapport with some of the other posters and I’ve got your back so your experience may be different this time. Many of the real jerks don’t even go there anymore anyway!

            When you have a chance, I need you to explain to me a comment you made regarding living in pre-World War ll Germany. If your talking about the Fascist takeover of America, your assessment is correct. Both parties are to blame since both parties court the wealthiest Americans. Gutting everything isn’t the solution either nor is it realistic, we need more parties which means we need to change the laws. And most importantly, we need to change the power structure. These aren’t changes I expect to see in my lifetime but I’ll never give up trying to fight for them.

            P.S. I love the piano too, just do whatever feels right and gives you bliss. who cares how good or bad you are. Enjoy! :))

          • Hi There Fred!

            I am so sorry to learn about the little girls. That is terrifying. I am always afraid of my kids at the pool. One can swim, one still can’t. Terrifies me to no end. That is one of my goals this summer – both my kids need to become proficeint swimmers. All it takes is 30 seconds. That’s IT. And a child is gone forever.
            Oh I am so sorry. How does a family survive such a tragedy?

            The comment above about living in preWWII Germany is exactly as you write it. There is a pervasive underscore in this country that I did not feel until the last ten years or so. A distrust. A feeling like there are powers behind the scenes structuring the demise of this country. I hold onto hope that this Constitutional Republic of ours will prevail. Democracies fall. Our founders gave us a way to take it all back.

            I don’t want a revolution. I want us to peaceably wake up and start living again. This country was founded on spiritual, Judeo-Christian principals. All should be welcome, but all should be SHOULDERING THEIR SHARE and it’s time for the favoritism to end. No more bailouts of political allies just because, no more taking from some people to give to others no matter what —–there is a price to be paid when someone is given something for free. We all need to learn to pay it forward.

            Harry Reid, Obama…….they are not to be trusted. The firing of hundreds of top people in the military…….Monsanto and their seed stores……the meetings behind closed doors……..who is responsible? Who are the global powers pulling all the strings?

            Gary Johnson is trying to make people aware of the difficulties third parties now must face in order to have their voices heard. Problem is that too many people don’t care …..whether it be complacency or ignorance.

            I read a comment the other day. That we should be thanking Harry Reid. Because he exposed the level of corruption that exists at the Federal Level and why it all must end. We must awaken and take care of this land. This earth. But that does not mean giving up values. Giving up our say. Giving up our freedoms.

            We’ll see what happens, Fred.

            In the meantime, I will say prayers for your neighbors. They will be in my thoughts. I can not even fathom what they are going through.

            Be well, Fred! Be well.

          • Hi friend!
            I think I owe you an apology, I should have been more clear about the story I told you. The 2 little girls weren’t neighbors of mine, they had drowned in one of their neighbor’s pool when they wandered off from their own home according to the news story. I’ll tell you this though, I did well up with tears when I read it. I can’t ever remember being that impacted over a tragic loss of life regarding complete strangers no matter who they are. That week was filled with terrible stories involving kids losing their lives and I reached a breaking point. If I were a father and those 2 little girls were mine I’d probably have killed myself. There hasn’t been any updates but I would not be surprised at all if a lawsuit ensued against the homeowner with the pool. I don’t believe that homeowner should be held culpable for anything, the caretaker of the girls is the one at fault but you never know, we have some crazy laws in this country and many Americans and lawyers are sue crazy. We desperately tort reform.

            It’s great that one of your kids can swim, the sooner you can teach the other the better.
            My father was a good swimmer, he made sure to teach my siblings and I how to be good swimmers as well. As a family we traveled the country a few weeks every summer and all the hotels had pools,
            we also grew up with a lake near our house so being able to swim took on an unquestionable urgency.

            Please don’t make too much of military hiring’s and firing’s, I don’t know where your information from but I assure you that it’s actually more customary than you think it is. I told you a long time ago that I will be honest with you and history is my strong suit, that action has been going on since the Revolutionary war. When any Commander-In Chief
            feels that their orders aren’t being carried out properly than they won’t hesitate to make a change. Every War president that we ever had has
            made command changes. Besides, it is not the place of any military personnel (top or bottom of the command chain) to be political. They’re simply not entitled to the same rights and privileges as civilians. Whether I agree or disagree with that policy makes no matter, it’s just how it is. All officers and non-commissioned personnel know that when they sign up for military duty. It’s a system designed to build cohesion, one break down could undermine everything and cost lives.

            The seed stores are there in case something really
            catastrophic happens to the planet, the survivors would be able to plant the seeds in order to feed themselves. Now I know how you feel about Monsanto and GMO’s, it’s possible that these seeds have been genetically modified to withstand harsh climates in order to grow. The soil may be ruined from any number of factors depending on what exactly has occurred to cause such a cataclysm. That doesn’t mean that you should give up your suspicions for those in power but the things you mentioned are just contingency plans.

            I do agree with Gary Johnson about third parties, I said to you a very long time ago that our two party system has a dangerous monopoly on power, it leaves too many disenfranchised Americans to wonder how they’ll be fairly represented, that’s not healthy for a strong Democracy.

            I hope I’ve helped you with this information in some way. Remember what I once told you about conspiracies, some are true and some are false but they have a way of snowballing out of control and pretty soon you won’t know what to believe.
            You’re hopelessly affected but I still like you. :))
            You’re a very good person, don’t ever lose your passion. Always stay vigilant, you’re wise to question.

            Be well my friend!

          • Hi friend!
            I’m writing because I just finished reading a very heartbreaking news story. 2 year old twin girls from Indiana drowned in a neighbor’s pool this weekend.I
            immediately thought of you. Between that and hearing other tragic news regarding young people all week long, it really makes a person thing about what’s really important. I haven’t been on the NM all week because of the tragedies, every time I visit that site I read the stories and comments but I can’t bring myself to comment on anything, my heart isn’t in it.

            I know things are tough all around and the country definitely has challenges ahead but we’re all losing perspective on what matters most, us! The blame game, the divisions, none of it really matters in the end. i’m about ready to throw in the towel and extend a hand in friendship to whomever is willing.
            It’s time we all take our country back from the Plutocrats and Oligarchs and show them what leadership is really about. I wish I knew how to start a movement based on achieving that goal, the trick is to get people to listen with their hearts and minds, not an easy task unfortunately.

            Be well, talk to you soon!

          • I actually did take the time because you seemed to be bothered by it. I found it and I don’t usually have a problem with what he say’s but that is going too far. Lana Ward told me to drop dead twice so it can come from both sides but I have thick skin. I told Lana that my feelings were hurt because I thought we were really starting to bond. This went on for awhile, needless to say Lana doesn’t reply to me anymore. I used humor instead of anger and it worked very well. I suppose Russel wasn’t enthusiastic about you interjecting on someone else’s behalf, his problem not yours.

            Sleep tight my friend.

          • Thank you, Fred. I do appreciate your candor.
            Actually, one of my first thoughts as I read that post was ‘even Lana or Fern would not stoop to this level’.
            Fernhas told me to ‘F’ off. But she doesn’t bother me, not really. She’s written that she’s a nurse, and she seems to genuinely care about people. That she can be a hypocrite at times, well, that’s just the wayit goes. Lana, well, seems way way out there. That’s about all I can say.
            Be well.

          • Fern made a post to someone a while back and she explained
            why she talks like she does. It made a lot of sense. She can be quite friendly if your on her good side and when she tones it down she’s intelligent. Lana’s easy for me to handle but I would much rather have an actual discussion instead of wasting my time defending myself from insults. There should be enough respect for everyone to say ” I’m sorry you feel that way but I disagree” and be done with it. Instead, we all act like we’re ruining each others lives, it’s sick and unhealthy. It doesn’t need to be that way.

            Take care.

          • Hi there! I want to wish you a happy 4th. There’s going to be a lot of bad driving out there tomorrow so be safe and have a great time.

          • I think we learn from a young age by listening to adults that it is ok to belittle someone who does not agree with you/ (just my opinion). Add in the lack of face-to-face on the internet, and the incivility explodes.
            I still need to get better.
            I will take your advice – and try never to post when I am angry!
            Hope you had a wonderful July 4th!

          • I had an o.k. 4th but I can’t complain, many people had a much worse day than I did. I hope yours was pleasant though. I have been thinking a lot about what you said, you’re right! The reasons for the incivility are precisely due to the reasons you mentioned. Don’t forget, many of us are posting our comments because we are looking for a kind of validation while being able to remain anonymous. Some think their opinions are so earth shattering that they don’t leave any room for debate and they quickly become very hostile when someone questions them. You didn’t even question Russel’s comments, all you really did was to chastise him for saying what I believe would be the equivalent of wishing harm to someone. I followed the entire argument and I noticed you sat back and let the two debate until Russel crossed the line. You showed a lot of restraint until that time. The bottom line is, you don’t need to get better at anything,
            you’re fine. I’m just trying to show you that you don’t have to get upset.

            I would like to hear more of what you really believe though.
            Usually you comment to other people and add a couple of things here and there but what do you believe? Honestly, I really don’t know the first thing about politics so I tell people
            what I believe. I know how I would like things to be so I post with that in mind. Sometimes I sound nonsensical and sometimes I hit it out of the park but it’s all me. My entire personality is wrapped up in those posts. Speaking of posts,
            it’s been almost a week since I posted on the Memo…..I was getting the feeling of being part of an experiment on that site.
            The Memo keeps recycling many of the stories and it’s getting too ridiculous how repetitive it’s becoming. I’ll post when there is something worth posting about. I’ll keep corresponding with you whether
            I go on the Memo or not.

            Have a great weekend.

          • Hi Fred!

            I’ve been running kinda ragged the last weeks. Work’s been a bear, kids have activities – so computer time has been scarce.

            Hope you are well. Thank you for your post. You have asked a very good question. I am not entirely sure that you will like my answer to ‘What do you believe?”

            Here goes…….I believe that we are no longer a free America. I believe elections are rigged so that people are given the illusion of a choice when there really won’t be much difference between the two top runners. I believe that America is really run by people who have a global agenda and who have their hands in the pockets of most of advance countries on this planet. I believe that something catastrophic is about to happen – and we will be left wondering why we didn’t see it coming.

            But most days I keep my blinders on. I can’t do much about it, except try to open the eyes of people who think that life if just fine and there is nothing to worry about. Most of them think that I am crazy, so no harm is done to them. A few of them think about it, and then go off to do their own research and that is the best thing. There is so much misinformation and misdirection out there.

            Truths that I have come to believe: There are still really good people in the world; there is a reason for everything, even if I can’t see what it is at the time; I am here to help my friends and family, and I was NOT put on this planet to continue to help those who expect my help BUT give nothing back in return and will never ‘pay it forward’; I am tired of being taken advantage of; when someone comes to expect a thing instead of appreciate a thing, it’s time to take the thing away; political games are mostly played by people who have no conscience and are master manipulators; the person that is elected to the oval office quickly backtracks on most of their campaign promises and goes grey in 4 years from the stress of keeping secrets that make them lose their integrity; I have no idea why RP was permitted to live – he is a threat to the establishment and I firmly believe that being a threat to the establishment was the reason why Kennedy was taken out; people with lots of money and an agenda beyond the best for the USA were behind skyrocketing Mr Obama to the forefront of the 2008 election – he was placed on the Iowa ballot illegally, was made out to be a forerunner by the media when in fact he had no experience, and was catapoulted to the top by careful strategies that bespeak of money of foreign origin; I am no longer sure what to think of 911 – gold dissappeared from a building that should never have blown up far enough away from the twin towers that it makes no sense; the Twin Towers were insured for amazing amounts of money shortly before the tragedy…..WTH?…….and I read about engineers that say the steel of those towers was constructed to withstand the temps generated by the buring fuel of those planes…..WTH?……who does one believe? Now I am seeing all kinds of stories that give credence that Sandy Hook was staged….WTH?…….we are living in a parallel universe to what happened in Germany before WWII…….

            Now when I say that I believe in ghosts and aliens, you will completely realize that I am off my rocker.

            I am a complete conspiracy theorist. It is so easy for the US government to twist facts and make us believe what they want us to. It is almost as if the USA is being held up as the gold standard of what the rest of the world is not – free. Yet, we are not free. Not anymore.

            Anyway – time for my blinders. It’s how I survive the day!
            Be well, my friend.

          • That’s an awfully huge burden you’re carrying around. You have these fears and yet you feel powerless… I know the feeling all too well. I don’t blame you for believing in conspiracies…all one has to do is open their eyes but I became consumed with them a

            few years back and it wasn’t healthy for me to continue worrying about them. I still believe in some of the same ones you do such

            as 9/11 and the Kennedy’s and a few others. There really isn’t anything to be done about it so I concentrate on things that I can change.

            I do believe President Obama was foisted on us for reasons we don’t know but I don’t believe the Birther’s,Terrorist-in-Chief

            crap or the Muslim Sympathizer stuff. Maybe he has a much broader understanding of Muslims than most of us, I don’t understand all the xenophobia that Americans display. Since I’m

            a huge fan of Star Trek the notion of a united world is music to my ears. My only concern and goal is that we have the proper government to govern wisely and just. We currently

            don’t have anyone like that. FYI, I believe in ghosts and aliens
            too and I have experienced haunting’s and they are nothing like the movies and books portray them.

            I can’t say for sure one way or the other whether we should be worried or not but I’m not going to let it stop me from living my life. If I have to make changes than so be it.

            You be well too and we’ll talk soon.

          • I love Sci Fi. Just got finished watching Stargate Universe and Sanctuary last night. Love Star Trek, too.

            We’d be a much better society if our leader was Captain Picard and his Number 1. No political agendas. Just humans of integrity doing what is correct.

            My blinders stay on most of the time because there is not much that can be done. Yet. But I will hold onto the belief that great chaos precedes great change.
            We need a change. A change back to the way this country once was. But a kinder, more gentle and respectful country.
            Why can’t people just get along?

          • I love the Next Generation. Picard is the kind of leader that I would follow to the gates of hell and back. I have to hand it to Gene Roddenberry, he was a deeply flawed man but his vision
            for the future was and still is amazing. “No political agendas, just
            humans of integrity doing what is correct”. Beautiful words and a
            mantra worth living by.

            If we are the creatures of nature that I believe us to be, than the natural order would almost certainly bring great change after great chaos, that’s the way existence works whether you follow God or evolution or even a combination of both, it is inevitable.

            You do make a difference you know. Every kind word, smile or encouragement is going to help someone somewhere. It took me a long time to realize that. I used to think that I had to do something spectacular to make a difference, I was wrong. It’s
            too late for you to put your blinders on, you already know what’s going on or at least suspect what’s going on so you
            don’t have the luxury of ignoring it anymore. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I hope you wouldn’t either. None of us have all the facts but it’s only a matter of time.

            Take care, talk to you later.

          • You are a good person. More folks on political websites should be as yourself – you have your opinions, but you state them kindly and respectfully. Thanks for saying you believe I make a difference. Some days, I am just not sure. I am positive in many aspects of life, just not all aspects. It’s that work in progress thing.

            I’ve been on the run again. My web mailbox was full and I just checked back on this page, figuring the email from the memo with your reply was bounced. Sure enough, it must have been.
            Picard – yes – a leader worth traveling to Hell for. We need more people of integrity leading us. We surely do.
            I have been staying apolitical for a bit. Taking my breather. So many do not see the truths in front of them. It becomes very frustrating to witness.
            Hope you have been well! I’ve been able to spend quality time with my family. That is always a good thing!

          • Are you busy in a good way or bad way? Sometimes busy is good, it helps to refocus our minds when we are busy.

            I appreciate the compliment very much but it would mean so much more to me if you believe it in yourself. A while back I was feeling a bit crappy about myself and i made a similar remark about not making a difference and one of the regular posters told me what I told you. Every interaction you have is important,

            one smile to the right person could set something amazing into motion. Mind you, I don’t always follow my own advice. I tend to zigzag down the path, what would life be like if I didn’t right? I don’t have a wife or kids so the consequences our mine only.

            You can use that apolitical stance to great effect when you’re ready to come back and post there again. As long as you don’t take anything personally, you can have amazing conversations that really stretch your mind. That’s what I did with you the first time I ever engaged you. I knew we might not agree on everything but that didn’t matter did it? I’m finally getting to a place in my life where is doesn’t matter what a persons politics are, we have an us problem but I still forget that occasionally.

            So there’s your pep talk. Now, go out there and save the world! I’ll talk to you soon, take care my friend!

          • Hi Fred!
            Recent busy has not been good, but rather has been overwhelming. I need to be remember to be grateful that I have a job. There are days that is difficult.
            I have not been on the Memo as of late. Until I can remain dispassionate, I should not go on it. I tend to become a tad (Ha!) aggravated, and too easily.
            How’s life treating you? This summer has been a good one here (except for work) and we’re looking forward to the next few weeks before school starts.
            I was encouraged to briefly scan a report the other day of a woman who is a business owner who is running for political office. Something to the effect of ‘ we need a change in Washington ‘ so we need to ‘change the people in Washington’. THAT is a statement that I can get behind!
            I don’t know what her political affiliate is. Frankly, I don’t care. It is the motivation behind her running that lifts my spirits. Too many stupid people are in Washington. The smart people are too smart to get involved in a profession where your life will be dissected under a microscope, and the opposition will drag your name through the mud.

            Time for that childlike nonsense to end. Adults are the biggest bullies (which I have said before).

            Should be interesting to see where America ends up in the next years. There are area of optimism. Can’t say I find much to be optimistic about on the Memo. People are so closed minded, for the most part. Too busy defening their candidates, even when there is nothing worth defending.

            Talk to you soon! Be well!

          • Hello,

            No, busy is not good if you’re overwhelmed, I completely agree.
            You once told me that you work 60 hours a week and than you have a family that you have to attend to, that doesn’t leave much down time for you to simply gather your thoughts and relax. I’m sure you also have the extended family that puts some demand
            on your time. If it eases your mind at all, I enjoy our correspondence but I also know you have a full plate so I don’t expect you to get back to me right away, please don’t feel pressure to do that. I’m patient and I understand.

            Life isn’t too bad here right now, I don’t have the money to buy or go somewhere whenever I want, but my bills are all current and my needs are all met so in those terms, things are pretty good. I can’t wait for the summer to end though, I don’t like temperatures above 65 or 70 degrees.

            You shouldn’t avoid the Memo or any other discuss page over
            something like that, just remember, these people can’t hurt you, it’s only words and opinions. My advice to you was simply
            to rise above your own anger so that when you respond to them you do it from a calm state of mind. Your health and well being is more important than that, especially to those that care about you. I really don’t spend much time commenting
            on the stories unless I feel I have something to share but I do spend a lot of time responding to people who have replied to me and I enjoy that very much.

            Adults are bullies, that much is true, do you know out to deal with bullies? I’m a reformed bully from years ago so I know how to deal with them. The one thing a bully covets most is control over another, if you stay calm and rational, they go away. Don’t fly off the handle or be accusatory with them, don’t put them in a defensive posture because they just get angrier. Somebody has to be the adult and it’s better if it’s you. If you acknowledge them in a compassionate way, even if you disagree, it is easier to disarm them…. just be the better part of yourself.

            So you’re intrigued by a possible female candidate huh? Personally, there isn’t anyone that excites me and they all say it’s time for a change in Washington, duh! How about term limits for them all, that’s how we’ll see a change, get rid of lobbying with money and do away with the filibuster or at least put a cap on the number of times it can be used, then we’ll see real change. Sorry, that wasn’t directed at you. If we make
            those few simple changes than maybe we would see a much different breed of politician. These days, I’m not defending
            any politicians, I will only talk policy (domestic and foreign) because that is all that matters, not the scoundrels in state and federal office who waste our time and resources.

            I’m looking forward to our next talk. You be well too!

          • Hey there Fred!
            Lots of interesting and also terrible happenings this past week in our country. It’s enough to encourage me to move to Canada, I tell you.
            I truly wish that racism were a thing of the past. I had so been hoping that Mr O would bring everyone together. Sadly, that has not been so. I don’t see him coming forward, saying that the poor Australian boy that was murdered could have been his son.
            Funny, eh? I’m sure he’ll get to that tomorrow.
            He and Al Sharpton are both racists in the extreme. They should be ashamed of themselves.
            The biggest keeper of racism is the media. After all, give the people a problem and someone to hate and you can keep them under control. Why don’t people in this country see this?
            Anyway, life here has been nice. Had some time off from work, which was a good thing. I have been told that the tensions at the office have been escalating. I am so wishing not to go back tomorrow. Being an adult is not all that it’s cracked up to be.
            You have some good ideas about term limits. It’s time to hold politicians accountable for their actions. And not let them be career politicians. And exempt themselves from Obamacare. Since now that they’ve passed it, and now that they know what’s in it, they no longer seem to want it.
            Irony. The media is full of it these days.
            Be well! I will likely return to reading the Memo soon. I think I might be able to take reading it again. I am wondering what people there have to say about the recent events. Should prove to be interesting. Can’t wait to see if they step up to the plate, or try to pass the buck.

          • Hey Fred!
            How have you been? I hope things are well with you. The next weeks will be very important for our country. I remain hopeful that all will end up well and for the best.
            Take care now!

          • Howdy Doody,
            Just so you know, I haven’t been ignoring you, I had a computer crash and had to re-install windows. I’m just now getting around
            to resetting everything back to the way I had it before. I was locked out from the Memo because I was using a different browser than before and the National Memo doesn’t accept that browser. I could receive all of your Emails to me but I couldn’t respond to you and that was driving me ballistic. Finally, I installed Google Chrome:( I didn’t really want to because their privacy policy sucks but I guess i’ll have to suck it up for now.

            I’m going to take a long break from the Memo, I can’t stand the divisions anymore and i’m tired of fighting with people simply because they think differently than I do. I would love to continue talking with you though. I’m going to create a Gmail account so you can reach me there, then i’ll give you my regular Email if you’re interested. Please let me know.

            Try not to get caught up in all the drama and rhetoric you hear the next few weeks, the politicians are simply trying to drum up votes from all of us. You will need to watch carefully
            but I caution you to do so with an open mind and some commonsense. Don’t react to what you hear, pay attention
            only to what they do. I think you need to understand something first and foremost, America’s current crisis is serious but hardly new nor unique. If you follow history you’ll see that this turmoil has always been a part of who we are as a nation. Both parties have taken on the role of the populist party at various times, there’s an ebb and flow to our system
            that most people never take into account. Culturally we are going to keep changing. It’s impossible to try to create a national identity when all our descendants are from different parts of the world, each one coming from distinct cultural, economic, political and religious back rounds. They brought with them all their beliefs and prejudices and handed them down to us. In some ways, we’re doing a good job of dispelling
            those outdated beliefs but there’s so much coming at us now that it has created a huge atmosphere of uncertainty. Much of this has been fanned by the flames brought on by the recession but this recession was typically expected by those at the very top. Google ‘ How Often Do Recessions Occur ‘ the answer may startle you, it’s enlightening at the very least.

            America is going through a transition right now but do you understand why? Have you ever given any thought as to why we had such a strong Middle Class crop up virtually overnight? World Wars 1 and 2 played a major role but not in the way you may think. Asia, and Europe were bombed to shit and their populations were reduced immensely from the wars
            and the Middle East was still developing so America was able to fill the worlds need for food and goods which brought us power, prestige and wealth. We didn’t have any competition to concern ourselves with and so our financial markets and manufacturing soared. As the rest of the world started to repair itself, over time more competition was created by these nations. America didn’t suddenly find herself in this position,
            this has been going on for a long time.We were simply too arrogant and selfish to notice that we’re not the only fish in the pond anymore. You can can pretty much fill in the more nuanced details of what I told you but that is the basic gist of it.

            Anyway, I hope I gave you something of value to think about.
            Take care, talk to you soon!

          • How can you possible remain so calm all the time?! Kuddos to you – that’s something I really should learn how to do. I was raised in a rather type-A household, so being calm and rational when I am irritated is a trick I’ve yet to master.
            I tried coming back to the memo. But I am annoyed again that someone considers 58 million people’s views to be a ‘minority’ that should be ignored because Obama was voted into office. How arrogant.
            Not that right leaning websites are any better. Not by a long shot. Ignorance knows very little bounds.
            I am trying to surround myself by positive people. Feel free to email away – but all will see your email once you post it. As long as you do not mind that, sounds fine!
            Be well.

          • How should I act? I’m too exhausted and fed up with all this crap
            to react any other way. Plus, i’m not as stressed because I’ve
            already been through the events over and over again in my mind so now all I have left to do is to wait and see. There’s so much bad information coming from all sides of us that I take it all with a grain of sand. What’s the 58 million people in reference
            to, if it’s pole numbers that you’re talking about than that information has already lost all credibility. I never took a survey and I’d wager that neither did 58 million other people on any subject.
            Election numbers don’t count because no’one knows what truly is in the mind of the voters. We don’t all vote for the same people based on the same reasons. I don’t know what you’re hearing about Obama Care but I assure you that I don’t trust all the lies and misinformation being put out there but I also don’t understand how it works. I don’t support it because (a) I haven’t been completely satisfied with the explanations given. (b) I wanted a Single Pay system which has worked for every other industrialized country on earth.

            Americans are so blinded with fear of the idea that we’re becoming Communists or Socialists that they’re missing what is actually going on. Huge corporations are shaping the way we think so they can run rough shot all over the place. Ironically, the Tea Party touts itself as the party of the average everyday American, they rail against corporatism all the while they’re biggest donors are huge corporations. Yes, Obama did it too, they all do, it’s called politics and it’s ugly.

            Keep surrounding yourself with positive people, even those that hold a different opinion from yours, we could all learn so much more that way but closed mindedness seems to dominate our brain cells. We keep missing opportunities to understand, all because of silly bias’s, that’s a real shame.

            Take care.

          • Hey There!
            Well. I know we can’t stop the ACA.
            Above ALL things I can not stand hypocrisy. So when Obama told us that we could all keep our current plan if we wanted to, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.
            Guess what, Fred?
            I received my letter from my health care provider the other day. I am still pretty bitter so forgive me because the tone of all of this is going to sound harsh. But my family’s current health care policy will be closed as of 2014 because it ‘does not comply with the new laws of the ACA’.
            We, that’s it then. We are losing our policy. Not sure what will replace it. I have no idea if we will be able to keep our doctors. Keep going to the same hospital. Can you blame me for being bitter? What is about to come may be truly horrific. Obama is changing the ACA as he wishes (which, by the way, I am pretty sure is unconstitutional because I thought that was a power given to Congress.) He is giving exemptions to whomever he wants to. Are you really ok with that?
            I am not.
            I thought Bush was bad. But then I read today that there was an Immigration Reform Rally in the closed down sections of DC, and there is Nancy Pelosi live thanking President Obama for allowing it to happen……….
            Excuse me. Did I just really see her say that? Yes, I did.
            What is THAT?
            I am having a great deal of difficulty today. You calm yourself before you write on the Memo. I find no peace in today’s events because our government has been corrupt for SO many years. And what I am seeing right now makes me totally ashamed of ourselves.
            WWII veterans are taken away in handcuffs because they were protesting and did not leave by the 10pm shutdown…………businesses on federal lands are being closed down…………..federal lands that the American people PAY FOR are closed to Americans. And then Pelosi declares that Obama permitted the Democrats to hold a rally on closed DC property.
            Well. I have no good words. I am probably offending you and I am sorry. There is no way in hell I have anything good to say about Obama. Not at this time. I agree that the millions of people that did not vote for him (I got the numbers from neutral sites, they were not political in nature) had multiple reasons why they did not vote for him. In retrospect I should not assume that if someone wanted the ACA they would have voted for Obama no matter what.
            I don’t want the ACA. I don’t want Obama.
            I didn’t want Bush. But I did not fear him.
            I fear Obama. He has pitted Americans against each other.
            I studied his previous political platforms and his congressional comments.
            He is the ultimate hypocrite. He gets no free passes from me. Never again.
            His golf course stays open yet the current government denies Veterans access to federal lands.
            Well. I pay for federal lands. I pay for his golf course. Close the damn golf course and open up the Memorial. I don’t give a damn about his recreation. He certainly doesn’t care about mine.
            I am so tired. So tired. I know my flaws. I am showing them in spades right now. Hypocrisy and bullying make me lose my temper the way little else is able to.
            I am furious.
            Please feel free to yell at me. I deserve it. I hope you will understand.
            He is not what he appears to be. History will not look back on him in kindness. Mark this day. We are in serious trouble. This began in the mid-century, all the events that are leading to the current downfall. Once we hit rock bottom, perhaps then we can scramble back up.
            I do have wonderful positive people in my life. But if I immerse myself in only them, then what good am I doing for my country if I am not fighting for what I believe in????

          • Hi my friend.

            Why on earth would I get mad at you for feeling that way? I won’t tell you you’re wrong or over reacting, I don’t live your life, it ‘s not right for me to tell you that you shouldn’t worry, I don’t have the most to lose should the crap hit the fan. I’m part of the uninsured poor working class but I’ve been much worse off and I don’t wish that for anyone. Please forgive me for not being aware of the latest news, I haven’t been paying too close attention to the current events such as the ones you mentioned.
            I really haven’t been following much of anything lately, I would rather wait to see how things start to unfold before I can make
            an informed opinion.

            I am a bit unclear as to why you would be losing your existing health insurance, I’ve heard that argument before but I don’t understand how and why that is. It seems too illogical to me to accept that as fact but I don’t think your lying, I simply don’t understand the position your insurance provider is taking.
            You should know though, the argument for or against Socialized Medicine goes back at least 80 plus years. The largest opponents to passing that law is and has always been the AMA. I guess the doctors decided they wanted to make tons of money as well so they organised and spent millions of
            dollars over the years to defeat any notion of a National Healthcare system. I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to make money but the notion of making a profit off of other people’s misery is bizarre to me. That is how I perceive our current system and something desperately needed to be done but even I have viewed the ACA with some skepticism.

            All I can tell you is make sure you’re seeing things as they really are and not as others want you to see. I’m also trying to follow my own advise. I’m a little conflicted right now which is nothing new for me:) I’m sure I sound a nutty at times but it sure makes life interesting.

            All I can do is wish you well, I hope it all works out for all of us.
            Take care, I’ll talk to you soon.

          • Hi Fred!
            I’ve been scarce the last weeks – the start of the school year was not kind to us. Too many germs.
            To answer your question about my health insurance – All I know is that Aetna sent us a letter. Simple. Actually is was quite eloquent in its simplicity. Our policy will no longer be available, blah blah blah blah blah.
            We will not have any further information until the company my spouse works for gets information from Human Resources about next year’s health care.
            So. We wait. What will be, will be.
            And. No. I am not lying. I have been truthful to you from the beginning. I am not a very good liar and I do not play poker.
            To address a second point. I don’t think that doctors get off on people suffering. Many of them got into their profession to help people. The insurance companies got in the way. Very few people seem to think about the fact that doctors sacrificed years of their young lives in order to do what they do. Some of them have of hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. They pay a hundred thousand dollars a year in malpractice insurance (WTH? We sure live in a stupid country when a jury awards a large sum of money to someone who is stupid enough to put hot coffee in their lap in a MacDonald’s drive through then claim foul when it spills). There must be some kind of incentive for someone to do all that. They need to make money or they can’t come out of college and make ends meet. They will default on their loans. Plus they just spent 12 plus years (some of them) learning their craft. Someone has to pay them back for that. That someone is us.
            I went to Grad school. I’m in my forties and only just paid off my loans. I have basically been carrying a second mortgage. Grad school required absolute commitment and dedication. I had to put marriage and starting a family on hold. When I graduated I needed I worked 60-70 hour weeks for a very long time.
            No one held my hand. My parents helped a little bit – but those loans were all mine.
            I wasn’t out to screw anyone when I got out of school. But I needed to earn a living and that meant people had to pay for my services.
            I don’t have answers either. But here’s how I see it: I still put forward that the US should be run like a business. Inputs must exceed outputs and one can’t mess around too much with the business of people otherwise the business goes bankrupt and we all suffer.
            Who EVER said that politicians had one iota of business sense? I don’t have business sense. That’s not what I went to school for. Yet we have those who went to business school running the Federal Reserve who think it is a good idea to print money out of thin air in the form of a stimulus. Wow. Wish I was magical and could make something out of nothing. I may not be a genius. but I do know that we can’t get make things just appear out of nowhere and not expect consequences.
            I have fewer and fewer answers. But I know that the people in power on both sides are playing with our lives. And we have let them. Which makes me very angry. While I was up at 4am studying for exams, sitting in classes from 7am-5pm, working my ass off not to fail…..then getting out and finding a job and working because I could barely make ends meet when those student loans came due; then consolidating them so I could pay more in interest than I actually initially borrowed; then getting married and having kids while still working a 40+ hour work week………I permitted IDIOTS to be elected into positions of power in my country.
            I have been a fool. Many of us were too blinded by living life that we failed to see what was happening.
            It’s been a ton of little things… the Federal Government telling banks that they had to lend out risky mortgages… our Government wanting to prop up other nations by giving them money in order to keep America’s special interests alive and well……..then onto pitting American against American for the last 50 years culminating into the worst state of affairs in decades in the history of our country…….and so on.
            We have learned nothing. We humans are doomed to repeat stupid mistake after stupid mistake.
            ‘We need to pass it in order to know what’s in it’ is the most assinine phrase that that woman could have uttered. I wonder at her IQ – it can’t be too high. Because any fool would know that you don’t buy a car until you’ve looked under the hood. Yet the people of this country were hoodwinked by false promises and here we are.
            Did you ever wonder if the chaos [that has been created over the last years] was by design? Did it ever occur to you that the ACA website was never meant to work? It did not occur to me until someone posed that question to me the other day.
            Want to destroy a country? Send it into chaos.
            Well. Then someone has won because we are already there.
            It has never been about the doctors. Redirection AWAY from the fraudulent insurance companies – YES. Redirection AWAY from the fraudulent and money-hungry drug companies – YES. We are not pointing fingers at the culprits. They want you to blame the doctors. Masters of redirection, that is what they are. And people fall for it.
            Maybe we should be pointing fingers at ourselves. Our nation is completely unhealthy. Who did that? It wasn’t the doctors. Mine tried to get me to eat healthy. I was too busy to listen.
            Want to fix the health care crisis? Then poor food choices need to stop. Obesity needs to stop. Buying and eating boxed foods full of chemicals with no nutritional value needs to stop. Because we, the people, are the problem. FOOD, good solid real food with real nutritional value needs to be consumed by all of us again. We have the power to fix ourselves – we are too lazy to do it.
            And for those of us in America that do not have access to real food – grow your own. No one is stopping inner city families from growing food in containers on their porches. It’s not hard, but it takes work. And too many people are afraid of working for themselves.
            Can’t afford a child? Then don’t have one. Or, stop at one and not have six. This ‘thing’ of young women of all nationalities having 3-6 kids our of wedlock by 4 different fathers has to stop. It’s pervasive and unsustainable.
            I am on a roll.
            I just wish our culture would permit REAL people with REAL talent to run for political office. Instead, we say we hate Miley Cyrus then hang on her every action. That young woman was BRILLIANT – she has had more press than she could have ever had on her own and her album sales will now sky rocket.
            And that is sad because that is the kind of culture we have been reduced to and this scenario reflects our current value system. Which makes me angry.
            We lost ourselves, – decency , kindness, tolerance, respect for others – somewhere along the way. The desire to help others, lift them up – has been replaced by contempt and disdain. We have some folks, including myself, who are tired of being abused and treated like we were put on this earth to pay the way of others that have learned how to work the system.
            Want to see teenagers driving BMW’s and using their WIC cards to pay for chips and soda? Come to my place. Oh. Yes. I am not lying. You would be amazed at the corruption and fraud that I see. It’s DISGUSTING.
            What is left to say?
            On that note. I will adjourn to my pillow so I can sleep and get up and start it all over again tomorrow.
            And put my blinders on so that I can have a life.
            Be well, Fred, Be happy. I will probably not be back for a little while. Life is getting harder to keep up with and my family needs me. Downtime is scarce right now. I miss it.

          • Hello,

            I’ll start off by saying that my hostility towards doctors stems from my own observations and experiences. Back in the 90’s my father was diagnosed with colon cancer, he had great insurance
            so he was receiving excellent care. He was a Teamster so as long as he paid into the Teamsters he was getting all the treatment that his illness required. Eventually, he was unable to pay into Teamsters so he lost his health care smack in the middle of his treatments. Suddenly, the doctors informed him
            that they couldn’t find anymore cancer and told him he’s cured.
            Less than 2 months later he was dead from the cancer that he allegedly no longer had. He died at the Veteran’s Hospital because of he and my families inability to pay for better care.
            Another time, I dislocated one of my ribs, I was uninsured so my friends brought me to the ER. The doctor poked and prodded me and then proceeded to tell me that my rib was fine, my real problem was an infection. 20 years later and that rib still gets sore. About 8 years ago, I went to a doctor
            for chronic heartburn, I did smoke at the time but the doctor was more concerned that I was a smoker and told me that
            he would be more than happy to help me kick the habit but he would not treat me for the heartburn unless I gave up smoking first. I had very good insurance at the time so that wasn’t the issue. The bottom line is, I don’t begrudge doctors from making money, I understand that they start off their careers with a tremendous burden but in my community the doctors are the ones driving expensive cars and living in 3 million dollar homes. Some of those doctors want to scale back their practices because of the ACA, that’s not right, I find them to be hypocritical and unethical. By the way, I had quit smoking about five years ago entirely on my own (cold turkey) but a doctor should never be allowed to refuse treatment based on whether someone smokes or not.

            The culture by design argument is one that I believe as well.
            Too many people are becoming way too involved in mindless
            behavior. I do as well, to a point, unfortunately for many, they
            have forgotten how to formulate their own thoughts or manage their own lives properly. Most of that comes from all the commercialism and marketing aimed at all of us everyday
            of our lives. Some people don’t know how to turn it off, it’s extremely stimulating and gratifying and it’s something that I have been railing against for years.

            Honestly, I empathize with everything you have mentioned but the only other alternative being offered by politicians was to do absolutely nothing about a system that clearly has stopped working for the betterment of society. Business as usual is not a viable solution to our surmounting problems. That doesn’t mean that I always agree with the solutions being put forth but it’s better than doing nothing. You may or may not agree with my assessment and that’s o.k. too. In one of first posts to you I spoke of a system that should utilize the best ideas of everyone and I still believe that, but the divisions are growing and we are becoming increasingly tribal and that is a disaster
            waiting to happen. I don’t want to see America become a nation of automatons, but I also believe there is an equal danger to us promoting this hyper individualism that Conservatives like to promote. The consequences of that, facts and truth could be replaced with personal perception and distortion from the truth, I am guilty of it myself but I manage to stay open
            minded enough to not settle on what I tell myself only. I try to
            seek alternative perspectives in a logical, (non emotional)
            scientific way. I often tweak some of my political and social positions as a result. I’ve always maintained that I identify with the Liberals mostly but I am not a Liberal, I question them from time to time as well but there is currently no political or social movement that represents everything that I stand for.

            I don’t want you to feel obliged to respond to this post, I wish you well and hope you and yours have a safe and joyous holiday season. Farewell my friend.

          • Farewell, Fred?
            Nope. I think not.
            I am truly sorry to learn of the hardships your family faced. There and good and bad doctors, and it is pretty lousy that you had to have three lousy doctors. What your Dad went through was horrific. And the course of events were not what they were supposed to be. But what happened to your family back then is why I get so angry at the current state of affairs. Why was your dad treated with such disregard? I’ve seen countless number of segments on the main stream TV channels where people with multiple children with multiple partners can’t afford anything, and the community swoops in and gets them a house and free food and medical care. They did nothing to deserve that outreach of humanity.
            If your dad died in a VA hospital then he served this country. Why was he not treated the way he deserved to be treated? What has happened to our nation?
            Again, I point the fingers at the drug companies, the food companies, and the court system. Masters of misdirection when it comes to our health care. Once profit rears its ugly head, it seems the best of intentions go flying out the window.
            I agree that the system has become broken and corrupt. But not for one minute do I think that socialized medicine will work.
            It never has. Despite what our government is trying to tell us.
            People fly to the USA from all over the world to have surgery here. Why? We have the best doctors, innovative doctors, good doctors.
            Good doctors are decreasing in number. I often toy with the idea of going back to school to become a DO so I can treat my family. I could do it. I could get into med school no problem. But financially, that’s another story.
            I digress.
            I think I told you that I have friends from other countries. People that fled their homeland, fled from violence. They came here to be rescued.
            They are TERRIFIED by what they see happening. They escaped, and all they see is the same things happening all over again.
            This is not me saying this, Fred. This is their opinion over what is happening in this country.
            $17 Trillion Dollar deficit…….. I don’t care what posters on the Memo say about our GDP compared to other countries – we are a sinking ship and our current course is going to sink us faster.
            Our Government pulled off the biggest Ponzi scheme in history with borrowing against Social Security. Both reigning Political Parties are to blame. I, for one, am tired that both sides point their finger at the other and self-righteously claim it can not be their own fault. Bunch of children, that is what we are. STUPID children, since we can not and will not see what is right in front of our faces. I was a liberal for years, I once told you. Then as grew up and sacrificed to get ahead, and watched deadbeats do nothing and get freebies, I got jaded. Sorry. I did.
            We need people of exceptional brilliance to lead us out of this quagmire. Trouble is, the voters don’t want brilliant people. They want brilliant liars. Liars who continue to give them free things and permit them to work the system. It’s only going to get worse. Maybe it’s time to stop having children until we can take care of all the children [cough…ADULTS] that won’t do for themselves when they are able bodied and perfectly able to care for themselves. Our seniors, our disabled, now THEY need our assistance. Not the millions of ‘Americans’ working the system to get something for nothing.
            I will try to have a wonderful holiday season. As my pay continues to be cut and our health care costs continue to rise as they for the last 6-7 years, it is going to be quite a different one for our children.
            Children are adaptable, right? Mine are going to have to be. Because things are changing fast. I worry, Fred. I do. I work harder to have less. Ron Paul predicted the current wave of incoming inflation – and it’s going to be a killer. The USA could go under. And we can’t say that we did not see it coming.
            Conspiracy theorists are only crazy until they are proven right.
            Until next time. Be well.

          • What did you mean when you said you think not? I didn’t say farewell to indicate that we’re done, I meant it as a goodwill gesture:)
            There are a few things I would like to address that you have mentioned. I truly appreciate your empathy for what my family went through and I know that some families (many actually) continually get bailed out but I believe that is for the children’s
            benefit. A child should never have to pay for the inadequacy of their caretaker but unfortunately that does tend to start a cycle
            of dependency or mooching (whichever you prefer), that being said, I find it difficult to imagine that these same people would suddenly take responsibility if forced to do so. It has become cultural and hard working tax payers have become pigeon holed as a result. You mentioned that Universal Healthcare won’t work nor has it ever, that is true to a point. Realistically, different countries have had different results, it has been a disaster for some and a crowning achievement for other nations. It all boils down to a few important factors such as the specific economic structure of each country. Germany
            is one of the successful ones, they are also one of the worlds
            economic powerhouses. See my point! In order for it to work here, we would have to do some serious house cleaning, it would require us to radically change how we do things, the poor would have to learn to stand on their own feet for one.
            We also need Tort Reform and we need to be more specific about what constitutes a valid lawsuit or not. We also need to make education much more affordable, for the record I personally believe that all education including college ought to be subsidized by the tax payers but I would never advocate that because Americans would never go for it so I have to modify my beliefs but we do need to bring down the outrageous costs of education regardless. I could go on but I would only start to sound redundant and repetitive. The thing that troubles me is that those things I mentioned are within our power to do right now and yet there is no will to do so, political or otherwise. Our biggest obstacle is greed and selfishness, 2 things that we as a nation excel in. Everyone is in it for themselves and I can’t stand the rat race, I may have to live in it but I don’t have to go along willingly.

            I know this sounds silly and a bit immature but I long for society to be modeled much the same way as it is in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Picard once told a character that
            humans no longer pursue profit, they do things for the
            the betterment of themselves and others. We are nowhere near that and we may not get there for another 1000 years
            (even I would have to learn to give much more of myself). I can be pretty selfish at times, I don’t do it intentionally but it does come quite easily.

            Do me a favor if you would, you said you used to be a liberal, you have your reasons why you don’t believe that philosophy any longer, you conveyed some of your reasons to me. My favor is this, please don’t think negatively of the philosophy, it really is well intended and as much as I abhor conservatism it too is well intended. People tend to get caught up and a bit overzealous in their respective philosophies that it starts to corrupt and subtract from what it truly means to be one or the other, especially how each one is viewed by the opposition. That is why I had to leave The Memo, my well being, my perception of those who believe differently, my very soul was in trouble. I don’t want to hate anymore, it’s killing me piece by piece and it isn’t fair to those who care about me because I find that I project that negativity straight at them as well.

            It’s getting late my friend, there is much more I want to say but I’m having trouble concentrating so I’ll save it for next time. Please take good care of yourself!

          • Hello Fred!
            I just made a foray back onto the memo. I probably should not have, but some of the talking points stir me up.
            I am tired of hearing that I must be a bigot if I don’t like Obama. Hell, I voted for the man in 2008 and no bigot would have done that.
            What is it about intelligent people that make them forgive their candidate no matter how many times they screw up and lie to their constituents?
            No doubt about it – he lied. He knew it, and he does not care because he can talk like very few politicians before him. And the average voter in this country does not seem to realize he is the ultimate politician.
            First he blamed Bush. Now he blames Republicans and Tea Party folk. I swear – if I did not so ardently already believe him to be Muslim (he said it himself when he spoke at that one engagement, even though people say he never said it) I would think he was a Scientologist. He knows exactly how to manipulate and knows exactly how to use the ‘Tone Scale’ of Scientology to get people onto his side. He can’t do it without his teleprompter, but when that man is given a script, he soars. He sure had me fooled.
            Onto better things – I loved Picard. His character was noble and just. Nope – we aren’t going to find that too often in current day politicians. They are all about party lines.
            To digress – If I read one more time on the Memo about how ‘Obama saved the Auto Industry’ I may vomit. He paid back his union supporters with middle class tax dollars is what he did. How, exactly, is that noble?
            Ok. enough of that. I agree that it would be best if we all worked to better ourselves and each other. What I resent is being told HOW exactly I need to pay it forward. I can do that very well on my own. I donate to organizations as I see fit with the money that I earn by WORKING. I don’t need the government to tell me who to give to and how much to give. Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they were to see today. Since Obama took office more money has been siphoned from the poor and middle classes and given to the rich. The rich actually have gotten richer. The QE’s have only made investors and banks more powerful and wealthy. That money printed from nowhere has caused inflation and the worst is yet to come. I think Bernake will be looked upon as one of the reasons our country fell. Make no mistake – we are going to fall. And when people revolt and this country falls under Marshall Law, there will be no going back.
            And it doesn’t have to be this way.
            He wants it this way. I wish I did not believe that, but I do.
            Do me a favor, Fred. Tell me a joke when you next get a chance to post back to me. I would love the hear a joke that makes me smile.
            Be well!

          • It would appear the Memo has quite a spell on you, it keeps luring you into it’s clutches. Do you go there to be part of the conversation or to stir up trouble? Intent is everything…I have seen many of your past posts, you have defended some of the most notorious crazies on there. That will have a negative effect on how your words are perceived no matter how reasonable you try to sound.

            I don’t defend President Obama much these days, but people really need to calm the hell down. The end of the world and the fall of America is not upon us, sure there are changes going on but I can’t jump on the doom and gloom bandwagon simply because people are scared. Yes the President has lied, they all do but be sure to call him out on the actual lie, not the stuff that other people make up. He can’t logically be all the nasty things that people claim he is, if he is than that would make him an awfully bad deceiver wouldn’t it? I don’t get too caught up in the Auto Industry and bank bailout argument either. Nobody knows for sure what the consequences would have been and the information and opinions are too wide ranging to accurately know for certain.

            I voted twice for President Obama only because I was such an ardent devotee to liberal causes that I felt I needed to get behind the Democratic candidate no matter who he/she is.
            In that regard I am at the very least no different than anyone else, but I feel President Obama may have bitten off more than he can chew. In my opinion, he should have waited on the ACA until the economy was much more stable, that way maybe it would have afforded him time and garnered him greater support to come up with a law that makes sense to
            most everyone.

            I don’t blame everything on him though, I have an uncanny ability to remove myself from most situations and objectively
            observe what is going on and I have questions of my own for those who oppose Obama on every front. First, allow me to say that the blame game that has become his M.O. needs to stop,
            he has faced probably the greatest opposition since Abraham
            Lincoln, that being said, there is no reason to carry on blaming the former administration and all the Republicans for the lack of progress. That is a weakness that true leaders can’t afford to have but it is one that he is too eager to exploit.
            Now, my questions for the opposition are, why now, why now to suddenly take a stand against the President? I find it to be very suspicious and frankly a bit disingenuous. All the strong words being used such as The Terrorist In Chief and the Birther scandal and crap like that is nothing more than pure B.S. designed to bring him down by any means necessary and I am sick of it. Conservatives are every bit as culpable as President Obama for the problems that we are experiencing. America’s problems are that we have a system that is deeply flawed because it is designed to rely on mindless consumerism, resource exploitation and pure greed. How long did people really think that a system such as ours could possibly sustain itself, apparently nobody gives it much thought.
            I do every day and I wonder about the impact that such actions will have on the people of the future and the planet.

            Regrettably, I don’t have a joke for you. I don’t really know any and I’m not very good at telling them anyway. I do have a
            good sense of humor but I leave it up to other people to make me laugh.
            Take care, stay strong and we’ll talk again.

          • Hey Fred!
            I don’t meant to stir up trouble, really I don’t.
            Remember that I did not vote for Bush. There is so much about his presidency that he did that I do not agree with.
            I think with Obama it is personal with me. He made me feel good about the direction he was going to take our country. I now feel betrayed by his actions.
            Simply, he is just like Bush. So now I want to verbally take him down because he lied. I never felt loyalty to Bush. I felt loyalty to Obama – he was supposed to be an honest politician that kept his promises. He was going to be different.
            So I strike back. You are correct in that I probably should let it all go.
            But in the last 5 years since Obama took office more money has been transferred unto the top 1% than EVER. I read the economic papers and I can not believe what I am reading. It makes me uneasy, and increases my lack of belief in our president.
            I am going to leave well enough alone for a while. Yes, I defend some crazies on the Memo. But there a quite a lot of crazies like Whuthesaid that are just too much to tolerate so of course I back the other side. Because to me the other side is less crazy than Whuthesaid.
            Conservatives are culpable. No question. They ALL are culpable. And they are letting their egos get in the way of logical, adult compromise. Then nothing gets done. The current deficit is shameful. Obama said so himself (back in the day when he was criticizing Bush, but now suddenly raising the debt ceiling is all he wants to do. Hypocrisy…..I don’t take well to it.)
            You seem like someone who could reach across isle and bring people together. It’s a shame that you don’t feel the political calling. Those such as yourself are what this country needs.
            I am too much of a hothead and conspiracy theorist to be of much help. I see GMO’s and Drug Companies and Lobbyists as the downfall of our healthcare. No one seems to want to place the blame where it should be placed. Fix the health of the people by fixing the food supply.
            Our countrymen back on the 40’s were HEALTHY. Did you ever take the time to wonder why? Who owns Monsanto, anyway? Follow the money – find the backers. I just wonder and I do not know how to find out that answer. Just maybe, if people started growing their own food with heritage vegetables following organic practices and fed themselves with whole foods, then just maybe we would not have the current health care crisis. And we ARE destroying our planet. The human experiment is failing – we are the worst thing that ever happened to planet Earth.
            I am rambling now. Time to shut it down in a minute and get some sleep. The week is not over and work looms tomorrow.
            Be well, Fred! Thank you for your patience. I will try to be better tomorrow.

          • Hello:
            I believe I understand where your coming from. I can’t say your feelings and suspicions are inappropriate, you likely do a lot more investigating than I do, I haven’t read any papers in a long time. I don’t trust them and we only get a condensed version of the truth if any at all. I agree with your assessment
            of Obama and I appreciate that you stuck to known facts instead of resorting to the paranoid hyperbole that so often comes out of the mouths of his detractors.

            Try not to get on the “Obama keeps raising the debt ceiling” argument too much, so far he has raised it a whole lot less than previous presidents but because it is in the trillions now, suddenly everyone is alarmed…it’s politics, and if this country never had an economical crisis, that news would probably not receive the amount of attention that it has. Most of the angst that Americans are feeling stems from the recession even though it may seem differently. Notice how far more tolerant we were to each other before the recession? I’m not saying that the deficit isn’t out of control
            but it can’t be put squarely on one person either. In the end, we really do expect more out of our presidents than we realistically should, maybe that’s the fault of presidents and maybe not. They should never make promises in the first place, especially when they know that an entire system is set up to keep power in check but every 4 years we all tend to fall for it anyway.

            You touched on the most disturbing aspect of all, you said
            “follow the money” which is precisely the problem. Cronyism
            has been a part of our system since the beginning and it is getting much worse, it has pervaded and perverted
            our system to the point where now every politician owes someone somewhere and that someone ain’t us (American Taxpayers)..

            You said to me that I seem like someone who could reach across the isle and bring people together, that’s flattering
            to me that you said that but politics is a totally
            different animal and I’m too much of a coward to get in the game. I once told that I could never put my family through that kind of humiliation but I also have a limited education
            (expulsion). At 34, I got my GED with the hopes of going to college but after I received my diploma I lost the ambition to
            even enroll for community college. I’m don’t have any expertise in anything, just a bunch of ideas floating around in my mind with no practical application. Also, I’m an introvert with a checkered past, I’m not a pedo or rapist or anything like that but I have been arrested for many other offenses which I have spent the last 20 years trying to atone for. I also refuse to be a poser, I’m genuine and I won’t pretend to be something I’m not, that’s something else that
            our elected officials can’t seem to distance themselves from, their all a bunch of phonies. I don’t play well with others especially when people can’t exercise common decency. Even when I don’t like someone, I still try to treat that person with respect, that’s all I have to offer anyone.

            Did I ever mention to you that over a decade ago I was a floor manager and perishable buyer for a small Natural Food store? I didn’t buy into the philosophy then, but I do now, it was the best job I ever had and I was moving up the ladder very quickly but the money wasn’t enough for me so I quit. I totally agree that our food and lack of exercise is killing us but we as Americans are hell bent on convenience
            so as long as we are willing to put up with the trade off, I’m afraid there isn’t much to be done about this cancer. Monsanto is only one piece of a much larger problem, the deeper you look, the more you find that there is to unravel.
            Here is all you need to know, the only real conspiracy is that there are powerful greedy people in the world who’s only concern in life is to make as much money as humanly possible at any cost. These powerful people are willing to destroy all who stand in their way and they don’t play by rules or ethics, they are amoral and they want to keep the rest of us consuming as much as we can to keep them wealthy. Their reliance on us far exceeds our reliance on them which is why they tend to buy up as many patents as they can, their fear is that people will no longer have a need for their products which threatens their bottom line. I don’t see this as the grand conspiracy that people are espousing
            such as the NWO or a version of the syfy novels 1984 and Animal Farm, I think it really boils down to money.

            I apologize for being so long winded but you have this ability to inspire me to speak my mind. I gotta tell you, I’m not like this with everyone, you seem to know what to say and ask the right questions, you really challenge me to look within, thank you! Listen, if I don’t hear from you before Thanksgiving, I hope you and your family have an amazing day. Try to put your concerns aside and enjoy the holiday, please!

          • Howdy Fred!
            I’m having one of my nights of insomnia and likely just got myself ready for a tongue lashing from Whuthesaid. I need more will power. I will not win an argument with that person – I should just stop replying. He’s just going to go ballistic when he reads my post. At least, I am assuming that individual is a ‘he’. But I get my back up when a person can not concede that there are other viewpoints. If I have to be open-minded and look at something from a different perspective, then why can’t he? Guess I am being too simple. And too naive.

            As to what you wrote. To be honest, we all have things in our past that we aren’t proud of. And that we need to atone for. That’s what makes us human. We each have a different road to travel and no one can do it for us. But what a ride it can be!

            Money is the root of so many evils. Although I usually am not religious, if we could all live by the 10 Commandments, maybe we’d be a better planet. A kinder planet. Maybe those 10 laws weren’t too far off the mark. Can you imagine what politics would look like if the people in charge, around the world, played by those 10 rules? Thou shalt not kill would be an EXCELLENT place to start.

            Fatigue is now taking over quickly here. My eyes are actually tired.

            Happy Thanksgiving, Fred! May it be a kind one and peaceful for you and your family.

          • Evening Fred!
            Just finishing up a few things on the computer before I call it a night. How was your Thanksgiving? Hope it was quiet and calm.
            Haven’t heard from you in a bit so I figured you are taking that break. Which is a good thing. I’ve mostly stayed off the memo recently. Turning the other cheek, that is what I am doing.
            Only a few more weeks until more holidays for us and lots to do to prepare. I hope you have been enjoying your holiday season.
            Peace to you and yours and a Happy New Year!

          • Hello!
            My thanksgiving was a complete disaster, the big star of the day (the turkey) was so over cooked that it was completely ruined but it was a free turkey that was given to my brother-in-law from his employer so we all took it in stride, no one got mad and no one’s feelings were hurt, besides, there was plenty of other things to eat and I don’t eat as much in one sitting as I used to anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal.
            I hope your Thanksgiving was everything you hoped it would be.

            I’m not actually into celebrating holidays and birthdays, I don’t understand the whole family thing much either nor am I much of a traditionalist but I do these things because it is expected and because it means something to my family.
            I find it difficult to be there for them emotionally so the least I can do is put on a happy face for a few hours and be there physically. I have no idea why I’m wired this way but I can’t force what I don’t feel. I can’t tell you how many relationships I’ve sabotaged (friendships and romantic) in my life because of it. The funny thing is, I’m very good at communicating but my personality tends to leave others confounded.

            Staying off the memo for a while might do you some good, unless you’re a political junkie, if you are than there are always sites where there isn’t so much vitriol. Just find the common ground, most people will be decent to you if they don’t perceive you as a threat and that all depends on you and the manner in which you state your comments. There will always be those few who are just naturally combative but most aren’t like that. There were times when I had to kiss a little ass or even be a little deceptive in order to keep the peace but I’m a strong believer in diplomacy and many people have put me to the test but I know that my strength is my mental toughness. You don’t have to turn the other cheek, that denotes that you’re capitulating and you have every right to state your opinion, you’re not entitled to your own facts but who even knows the facts right now. There are some absolutes that we know are beyond contesting but other things seem to be a bit murky. You do have one major advantage that I didn’t have, you don’t use your real name,
            there are no consequences from the things you say, I on the other hand use my real name which tends to make me feel a little vulnerable but that was my choice to make.

            Thank you for the sentiment and I wish the same for you and your family. We may end up talking before that though:))

          • I wanted to share something with you that I thought might help you to understand me a little better. You’re curious as to how I manage to stay calm and rational all the time…I’m not, but I make it a point to calm down and analyze the situation before I say or do anything. I’m surprised you haven’t learned how to do that yourself. You said that you come from a Type-A household which I take to mean chaotic, am I right? I grew up the middle child, my parents always fought and my father was pretty rough on us. In those days, the schools didn’t get involved so nobody ever took an interest in why I was the way I was. From early on
            I was highly motivated to understand myself in all ways. I read a lot about Eastern Philosophies, spiritualism, and other things of that nature. Some things I found to be complete and utter nonsense but other things were easy for me to adopt and apply
            in my life. I’m a person who realizes how deeply flawed I am, is candid about it and who makes a deliberate effort to grow.

            I believe that every situation presents an opportunity to learn something valuable. Civilizations tend to squander these opportunities which is one reason why humans keep making the same mistakes over again, it’s become cyclical. Too many
            people have become too self assured to even ever question themselves at all, I can’t be that way. I also hate how supposedly we value honesty but most people can’t be honest… they only want to hear lies so that their precious egos aren’t bruised, i’m disgusted by that but I have to learn patience and empathy. Those are the 2 virtues that I need the most work on. My personal beliefs are meaningless without those 2 virtues:( They’re the cornerstones of everything I believe in and yet my greatest weakness is that I have difficulty applying them.

            I have convinced myself that as long as I am critical of myself,
            that entitles me to be critical of others, i’m wrong but that’s an
            attitude i’m working on as well:( All you see is the polished product but i’m really working hard behind the scenes to hold it all together:) As you can see, I also have a healthy sense of humor… we all need more laughter in our hearts. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves a little more, life is hard enough and laughter can give us a healthier outlook on things.

            Be good my friend.

  6. Cheney has an awful memory. The President was in Florida listening to small children read while he held the book upsode down.
    I(f anyone in the administration was ready for 9/11, it would be an admission of complicity.

  7. Has there ever been a major politician in this country who got things as consistently and disastrously wrong as Dick Cheney? He should be very grateful he is not standing trial for war crimes.

    • Which is why we should try them for war crimes. We have enough evidence to put the whole bunch away forever. But no president is going to prosecute another. But they should do it and maybe the next president who wants to start an unwarrented war will think twice. Also, we should reinstate the draft. That way congress would think twice before voting for it.

  8. Dick Cheney has got more crap than a toilet bowl.

    IF his administration was so “ready”, how come 9/11 even happened? Something stinks of conspiracy with this.

    Hell, he couldn’t handle his own person gun, let alone an entire country. I’m pretty sure, the “friend” he shot in the face feels the same way.

    What a load of crock……………

  9. This is the real reason the Bush Administration should have been charged with war crimes…they are continually and forcefully re-writing history… and doing it with some success…

  10. Ofcourse you’re going to anticipate retaliation when you provoke and murder people under the specious search for Osama binLaden and WMDs. They had long planned to profiteer from the warnngs of an imminent attack, and instead of trying to avoid or stop the threat, they planned on how to capitalize off of it when it happened. When 9-11 happened, their first react was to run and hide. When they scampered out of hiding, they went right to work lining up Haliburton and Blackwater while fanning the flames of America’s anger and patriotism. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush are evil, sinister men, monsters whose insurmountable greed nearly did what the enemies of America tried to do: to bring down a great nation. They are home grown domestic terrorists who robbed America of trillions of dollars. Cheney has crawled from under his rock because he smells the foul scent of another opportunity: Syria.

    • Someone in the first bush administration called the Kuwait Incident the start of a Holy War. Most of the US Citizens didn’t pick up on that statement, but Islam sure did.

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