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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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With reporting by Kyle Roerink

When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes disguised himself as a police officer – a crime in many states, including Michigan and California, where he then lived. And he had the uniform on display as proof.

So recalls Robin Madden, who had also just arrived as a freshman, the startling incident began when Romney called him and two or three other residents into his room, saying, “Come up, I want to show you something.” When they entered Romney’s room, “and laid out on his bed was a Michigan State Trooper’s uniform.”

Madden, a native Texan who graduated from Stanford in 1970 and went on to become a successful television producer and writer, has never forgotten that strange moment, which he has recounted to friends over the years as he observed his former classmate’s political ascent. The National Memo learned of the incident from a longtime Madden friend to whom he had mentioned it years ago.

Said Madden in a recent interview, “He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father,” George Romney, then the Governor of Michigan, whose security detail was staffed by uniformed troopers. “He told us that he was using it to pull over drivers on the road. He also had a red flashing light that he would attach to the top of his white Rambler.”

In Madden’s recollection, confirmed by his wife Susan, who also attended Stanford during those years, “we thought it was all pretty weird. We all thought, ‘Wow, that’s pretty creepy.’ And after that, we didn’t have much interaction with him,” although both Madden and Romney were prep school boys living in the same dorm, called Rinconada.

Other eyewitnesses have previously recalled Romney’s alleged use of a police or trooper uniform in pranks during his high school years at the exclusive Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Phillip Maxwell, a prep school buddy, told the New Republic in 2008 that Romney had pulled over students from a girls school next door to Cranbrook while wearing a police uniform as a prank. Other former classmates described Mitt as a “happy-go-lucky guy known less for his achievements and more for his pranks.”

In The Real Romney, a biography published by Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman this year, another former friend recalled how Romney had “put a siren on top of his car and chased two of his friends who were driving around with their dates.” The two friends were in on the scheme, but the girls were not. There was beer in the car trunk, according to a prearranged plan. Mitt told his two counterparts to get out of their vehicle and into his car. Then they drove off, leaving the girls behind.

“It was a terrible thing to do,” said one of his accomplices, a Cranbrook classmate named Graham McDonald.

To some observers, Romney’s alleged masquerading as a cop to intimidate innocent drivers shows a character defect that is also revealed by other bullying incidents during his youth. When those incidents were disclosed in the Washington Post earlier this year, Romney issued an apology of sorts, stating that he had done “stupid” things and was sorry if he had harmed anyone.

While he may have believed that his cop antics were harmless, Romney may well have been breaking the law merely by donning a police uniform, committing a crime if he pretended to be a cop and a felony if he did so more than once. In both California and Michigan, any person convicted of fraudulently impersonating a police officer may be sentenced to up to one year in prison. (The National Memo has collected some other examples of police impersonators.)

The Romney campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Following his sophomore year at Stanford, young Mitt left and never went back. For more than two years he served as a Mormon missionary in France — thus avoiding the obligation to wear a very different  uniform in Vietnam.


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552 Responses to Did Young Mitt Romney Impersonate A Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes

  1. When did this guy finally grow up ? There are just too many gray areas with him. He is another GB and I am sure he is not that good.

    • “When did this guy finally grow up ?”

      Who says he did? Did he? I think you’re right, though, in your comparison with GB. May the gods help us all.

  2. I would be interested in hearing from some of the young women he pulled over while pretending to be a cop. Was that ALL he did or are there other kinds of skeletons in the closet.

    • I don’t doubt that Rush Limbaugh will lumber to the rescue, impugning the women’s testimony with the same fervor he attacked Herman Cain’s sexual harassment accusers or the way he attacked Sandra Fluke.

      I would imagine those women have thought of this, and have concluded it just isn’t worth it.

    • ahh at last … the purpose of a stupid article like this … here come the rumors and innuendo. What else did he do? Is he crazy? Oooh, he’s not a real Christian? Is he fit to be the President? What secrets are there hidden in the past?

      Wait, now I’m confused. Which one are we talking about Obama or Romney?

  3. The Memo and the libs are really getting desperate. A college prank over 40 years ago is used to attack a presidential candidate. Then the same “NEWS” agency never questioned the drug using racist in the white house? Come on Memo at least pretend like you are a news agency instead of a leftist propaganda machine.

    • Desperate my ass, with gifts like this who needs to stretch their creative urges? Bring on Seamus. You guys have a weirdo on your hands and you had to hold your noses to nominate him.

    • The problem is that Romney’s stupid prank behavior or his cruelty isn’t a one-time thing: there’s the dog-crate-on-car episode and the hair-cutting episode, and now this.

      That’s only 3 rocks that have been turned over; how many more are there?

    • Oh please! Do NOT go there! Are you forgetting that Dubya not only did his share of drugs but was a drunk too? AND, his little wifey Laura was the main supplier in her sorority house. AND, it was even rumored that both of them did drugs at Camp David.

    • Yeah I know what you mean=—all those nasty rumors about GW Bush being a cokehead and a drunk in his younger years.—but we know they were true—look at the wreckage he left behind in his administration. Oh yeah, and the very murky time he was supposed to have spent in the Texas National Guard……

    • You complain about a college prank 40 years ago and proceed with the rumor your side started about President Barak Obama using drugs and being a racist. If you wanted to actually make a logical arguement then you should have stopped before your finger pointing started. Come on peteserb, pretend like you can think for yourself and not just use talking points from your right brothers. And what’s with your on-line name? PETES’ ERB? hummmmmm

    • I agree Susan. Just a little more crap the libs are digging up to try to discredit Romney. I am concerned about who I’m voting for TODAY. Not who they were 40 years ago. I did some pretty stupid things myself in my teen years. I’m looking at a man who has raised 5 boys all of good report. A successful business man and a former govenor. Who cares what he did 40 years ago.

      • Yes, and with a dog who knew more about him than any of his family members or at least had the guts to “sh*t” on him like he deserved. If you don’t think that encapsulate the gilded one then you have no ability to assess humanity.

      • Here’s the problem. Romney impersonated a uniform police officer. That’s a crime. More than once, it’s a felony. He supported the Vietnam war but refused to put on a military uniform and go himself. Then in 2007 he announced that he longed to serve in Vietnam.

    • Obama’s the real President wether you like it or not. I know of many stupid things kids do while growing up but what Romney was doing was being a BULLY!!!! If he wanted to wear a uniform why did he run to France to avoid wearing the one that would have counted? I’ll answer that for you. He’s a COWARD!!! Bullies are cowards that’s why they use violent acts against people they feel can’t fight back.

      • The Statute of Limitations are long expired, but someone should look up archives in the Detroit News and Free Press to see if they reported a fake cop pulling people over around the time he was at Cranbrook. Also, the Bloomfield area newspapers. They usually report such acts widely to protect people. This guy was a rich kid with no supervision, sent away to boarding school and bored!

    • Come on, let’s have a measure of respect at least for the Office. You may not agree with Pres. Obama or the decisions he makes. It’s still the office that demands respect no matter who holds it. That’s why foreigners can’t understand Americans, we *itch and complain about everything – nothing is ever right. We complain about foreigners, yet some run to all the international restaurants that they can to gobble up Chinese, Thai, Italian, Peruvian, Cuban, Indian, Mexican cuisine. Everybody has an opinion on what the Presidency is doing wrong, well throw your hat into into the ring, get elected and make everything right. Kill everybody who doesn’t fit into your perfect little world, the mentally challenged, the gays, the blacks, the jews, I mean what type of world do we really want to live in – A GOP world definitely looks to accomplish the aforementioned. If someone is in need, dispose of them and decrease the surplus population. Let’s stop ALL interracial marriages and from here on in, kill all mixed children. We’ve got to stop this Hatred Train that the some are pushing along the United States of America track.

    • Susan, didn’t you hear that today the Republicans overroad a bill in Congress that was designed to close the current loopholes that keep women from receiving equal pay for equal work? The Republicans are not for women, or the middle class or the working poor. They are for the rich white men. Do you want your mother, sister, daughter or yourself working for 23% less than men doing the same job? The Republicans want to keep the status quo because paying women the same wage as men who do the same job would cost companies more money.

  4. Avoiding a different uniform in Vietnam. That would mean that Romney is about my age. When I was in college in the 1970’s police officers were known as “Narcs” and “The Pigs” because of the police interventions in anti-war demonstrations. I was a Criminal Justice Student and I caught all kinds of flack just for studying Criminal Justice. The last thing I would have done in that time period would be to portray myself as a cop. There is a screw loose somewhere. —It certainly appears his so called pranks were more than just pranks. Nobody seemed to find them funny except him. These bullying accusations –such as taking sisccors to a classmate with long hair and cutting his hair off was troubling enough–now this strange situation. OMG

    • Hey fingerlake…you sound desperate, desperate to find dirt on this guy. Here’s a fact – Obama screwed up when his “diarrhea of the mouth” Biden, prematurely admitted to supporting lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender – same sex- marriage. Face it clueless, he’s toast – ha ha ha…
      No matter who the other candidate is, Obama will never get elected back in.
      And by the way, who gives a F*** about the cop uniform! You telling me you never dressed up as a cop when you were young, or for halloween, or some costume party? It was the fantasy of almost every young man! Get a life dude…

      • As a ‘phony’, YES it matters! Rich kids don’t play by the same rules as ordinary, ‘NORMAL’ people & oh, by the way – it IS illegal to impersonate a law officer. Try it U’r self sometime & see what happens. But to me it sounds like U’r ready to vote for this elitist premadonna & get a re-run of 2001-2009? Think long & hard over that if that’s U’r intention. Undoing the damage isn’t an overnite thing, as U seem to think should be the case w/President Obama. It took Prez Clinton only 3 years b/c there was no war(s) to deal w/. NO conservative president EVER had to deal w/such disasters as 2001-2009 (coming in office after a Democrat), but they sure can MAKE catastrophe’s out of prosperity & success. Think that over between now & November…

        • So, Teabaggers want to “Vet the Prez”, but they’re are utterly and completely in denial when someone attempts to Vet the wannabe-cop, bully, silver spoon, Let Detroit Go Bankrupt Mittens. Gotcha. Hypocrites. IOKIYAR

          • Hey Doc… Detroit is going bankrupt because it’s been run into the dirt by DemocRATS for 60 years. You leftist nutjobs can readily see what a disaster your political ideology has made of Detroit and our other cities, but for some reason, you fail to connect the dots on why that is.

            Liberalism is the disease that presents itself as it’s own cure!

            Have a nice day!

          • “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt Mittens.” Doc is referring to the AUTO Industry. NOT the city, You Idiot Bonehead OMG…………By the way “have a nice day”

          • uhhh… duke… you dope, GM DID, in fact, go bankrupt. The Obozo admin violated the law and existing contracts to swindle grandmas and teachers pensions that were bondholders into taking last position instead of their legally established first position to claims on the assets. Instead, Obozo screwed them and shifted their assets illegally to the autoworkers union and the Federal government.

            Mitt is correct, they should have received NO BAILOUT! No banks should receive bailouts. No private business should receive bailouts.

            And by the way, I mention the City of Detroit because it is the perfect example of the effects of leftist nutjobs fully controlling government for decades. The place is one giant sewer just like all the other cities in America that are controlled nearly 100% by DemocRATS for decades.

            Have a nice day!

          • No, NO, NO- Detroit went in the tank during the Reagan yrs, when it was ‘fashionable’ to off-shore big business. As jobs went, so too the city. It’s only logical for THINKING people to vote 4 Democrats who legislate on behalf of ALL constituencies, as opposed to Republican’s who only see in ‘White’ & ‘green’ (i.e., people & money)…

          • Hi rusty my lefty friend! I hope you are well.

            You are obviously are blinded by your wishful thinking. DemocRATS have run Detroit since the 50’s and they have destroyed the city. You cannot argue what your eyes see.

            Have a great weekend, rusty!

          • My city and state are historically dominated by Democrats. You can’t use Detroit (the deathplace of the auto industry) as the prime example for Democratic failure.

            Republicans, on the other hand, have brought PLENTY of shame upon our country:
            *Nixon- would have been impeach had he not quit. A crook.
            *Reagan and G.Bush, Sr.- Arms for hostages- Iran-Contra
            Savings and Loan Scandal (complete with another Bush criminal) and so much more!
            *”W”- Phoney intellegence to go to war with Iraq- Geneva Convention violations and torture- Abu Gariab-Halliburton- Enron…and the list goes on to- at last count- more than 250 legal violations, scandals and other nefarious acts comitted by W and his admin. Cheney is no less than a Hitler cloaked in the American flag. Exactly who didn’t get a heart so that ass could get a transplant?

            Give me a break…republican injustices have run rampant from Nixon to W. It PALES in comparison to Bill Clinton’s getting a BJ and lying about it. And don’t forget the MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars spent by Kenneth Starr on find illegal unicorns and leprechans belonging to the Bill and Hillary Clinton. What republican LUNACY!!!!

      • I’m pretty sure we can all agree that there’s a difference between dressing up as a cop for Halloween, like many kids do, and impersonating a police officer, which is a crime.

        • What I’ll agree with you about is that young people do crazy and sometimes really weird things. So if he jumped off a small bridge on a bet is he now a suicidal maniac? Don’t know where you’re from, but welcome to Earth.

      • There is a huge difference between “dressing up” like a cop and actually having a real uniform and stopping people on the road which is what he did and he did it in two different states. It is a crime, a misdemeanor if it happens once, twice and it is a felony.

          • Yea he reminds me of Teddy Kennedy. Except these girls were alive when found and I doubt Romney was drunk… Ultra Libs and Ultra Cons you guys sleigh me. You always turn a blind eye to your own black sheep in favor of criticizing the other guys… They are all Crooked a nd corrupt and soon enough the day of reckoning will be upon them. A plague upon both your houses. Anyone old enough to remember Chappaquidick knows in their hearts something is desperately wrong in Washington D.C. and Until you, me and every other American stand up to both these Bully Pulpit political Parties and toss them and their collectives arses out of Our, the peoples house Along with the IRS and The Federal Reserve (NOT a federal agency run by the u.s. government.) but a group of International BANKERS…. We will not be FREE until you FREE YOUR MINDS from the tyrannical yoke of a Two Party Rigged Electorate.

          • No one cares! We’ll vote for Romney because he’s an intelligent, experienced, man of integrity! What he did as a college kid is of no importance. Most college kids, especially young men, do dumb things. We’re talking about Mitt Romney as a grown experienced, intelligent, (finally) adult! A man who will be a President who is proud of and fighting for America! Not turning her into his own Socialistic agenda! Distorting her worth, and dividing her people. Obama is a disgusting man and needs to go before our great Country does! Go Mitt!

          • LOL. Republicans always pull out the, “they all do it” excuse. I can see why you’d support Romney. He is a spoiled teenagers just like you.

          • All this done almost 50 years ago. So we should all be judged for stupid teenage actions? How about Obama admitting he used drugs and drank regularly and was often truant from school during his teenage years. All crimes as well. People grow up and mature. Things we thought appropriate in our youth are put behind us as we mature. I’m sure the same can be said for Obama, Romney and most older adults. Especially those that are parents.

        • Its a felony to do drugs also which is what BO admitted to in his book. You guys need to get a life. Why will the media not bring to lite some of the things BO has done in his past. I don’t think you guys want to go down the road of digging up the past. BO is already toast anyway!

          • Good comparison – someone who smokes pot is the same as someone bullying or impersonating a cop. Very good! You better get your priorities straight.

          • I was going to make the same point, but you beat me too it. The point may be too subtle for the business guy to accept.

          • Still broke the law but just didn’t get caught or maybe he did and got out of it being he is the almighty.

          • You need to read BO’s book. He admitted to cocaine also, either way its against the law.

          • uhhh… JT… Obozo openly admits that he loved the cocaine. Many on the inside think he’s done it as recently as 2007/8.

            People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

            Have a nice day!

          • David… did you read your messiah’s bibles…. errr…. books? He openly admits to being partial to cocaine. Obozo is clearly a delusional coke head!

            Have a nice day!

          • The problem with Romney is that as a young man he showed a character of not being concerned for others and that whatever he wanted to do was okay. It appears he was never held accountable for his actions. From his dog to his friends, whatever Mitt wanted to do he did. I expect some of his personality to come across if he were to be President. Mr. Romney will not get my vote – not because he is very wealthy. Many do great things with their wealth, but because he does not care and is clueless about the average American. Out of his own mouth he likes to fire people and cares nothing about the poor. Of course he could just be lying, as facts show he does on many occasions. Too bad that is the best the GOP could do so my vote goes the other way. GOP has lost me when they stopped caring about women and the majority of citizens in this country. Their main focus is to go against anything the other party recommends, at the cost of hurting this country. We need to quit thinking along party lines, but what can help America and not their personal greed.

          • I agree with the fact that we need to quit thinking along party lines but in the end it is jobs that will help people do better in life and this President is killing them. Government can’t keep giving hand outs. People have to be taught to stand on there on and sometimes they might have to work two jobs to make ends meet. People can come out of poverty if they have drive and the want too, but why would they when they are handed everything and begin to expect it and will vote for the man that keeps giving them hand outs.

          • I am a business owner and employ 100+ workers in the printing industry, in the last two years my business and other printing companies in my state have been hit with heavier regulations and fines from the EPA and OSHA. I agree these agencies have a purpose but as hard as this economy is they should strive to work with companies verses imposing penalties that are so outrageous a small company can hardly afford to pay. My company also has spent thousands of dollars retrofitting equipment to meet new regulations and I have no idea what new regulations might be coming. BO is not business friendly and will tell the crowd in front of him what it is they want to hear. This country has got to get people back to work and then things will start to improve. I can’t put faith in a man that is all talk and no action. He has no record to run on so he will only be running on Hope & Change again and Class Warfare. I have issues with Romney also but this November I am going to have to choose the lessor of two evils. It is desperate that we get this economy back on track and the jobs will come back. If it were not for all the penalties and retrofitting equipment expenses my company had to pay I could have hired another two employees. I could go on with other examples but hopefully you get my point. One more quick point, I am a small business and I have to compete in my state for government bids which is fine, but I also have to compete with state prison systems that have printing presses in the prison. I lost a $80,000 year contract for a local university to a prison system. I have no issue with teaching prisoners a trade while they are serving time but they should not be allowed to bid on state jobs while my tax dollars help pay for there presses. This is reality and allot of people that spout off on this blog have no idea about the real world. I don’t trust politicians in either party as it was a republican that allowed the prisons to do what I mentioned above but he damn sure got a earful from me. GoSteelers I hope I gave you a example and I can give plenty more. I really think all of them should be voted out and we start over with some people that have common sense as they are all lacking that on both sides.

          • I am a business owner and employ 100+ workers in the printing industry, in the last two years my business and other printing companies in my state have been hit with heavier regulations and fines from the EPA and OSHA. I agree these agencies have a purpose but as hard as this economy is they should strive to work with companies verses imposing penalties that are so outrageous a small company can hardly afford to pay. My company also has spent thousands of dollars retrofitting equipment to meet new regulations and I have no idea what new regulations might be coming. BO is not business friendly and will tell the crowd in front of him what it is they want to hear. This country has got to get people back to work and then things will start to improve. I can’t put faith in a man that is all talk and no action. He has no record to run on so he will only be running on Hope & Change again and Class Warfare. I have issues with Romney also but this November I am going to have to choose the lessor of two evils. It is desperate that we get this economy back on track and the jobs will come back. If it were not for all the penalties and retrofitting equipment expenses my company had to pay I could have hired another two employees. I could go on with other examples but hopefully you get my point. One more quick point, I am a small business and I have to compete in my state for government bids which is fine, but I also have to compete with state prison systems that have printing presses in the prison. I lost a $80,000 year contract for a local university to a prison system. I have no issue with teaching prisoners a trade while they are serving time but they should not be allowed to bid on state jobs while my tax dollars help pay for there presses. This is reality and allot of people that spout off on this blog have no idea about the real world. I don’t trust politicians in either party as it was a republican that allowed the prisons to do what I mentioned above but he damn sure got a earful from me. GoSteelers I hope I gave you a example and I can give plenty more. I really think all of them should be voted out and we start over with some people that have common sense as they are all lacking that on both sides

          • Well, being a business owner, seems to me, you would know better. It’s not Barack Obamas fault you had to retrofit your business. It didn’t matter who was/is in office, I’m sure you would’ve had to do the same retrofits. Also, it’s not BO’s fault the prisoners press plates. They’ve been doing that many, many years before BO. What the heck are you talking about? now you want to blame all your woes on BO. do you really think that’s fair? if you do, you need to think again. I bet your 100 employees are treated like slaves too.

          • Not talking about Tags for cars. I am talking printing brochures and booklets. If we had a more business friendly President then it is very likely the retrofitting would not have had to take place. I have employees that have worked for my company for over 27 years and you can ask anyone of them if they have ever been treated like slaves and I promise they will only have good things to say about our team of workers and the company. If that were not the case we would not have been in business for over fifty years as it is the employees that make the company.

          • It’s Obama’s fault that your state hires prison labor?! perhaps if your state had stronger unions and less Republicans it wouldn’t happen. Why are you being so obtuse? Is it deliberate?

          • Did you forget, this is still GWB mess?? This is just a reminder, just in case

          • I was waiting on the blame Bush. BO is President and has been for 3 1/2 years and also had majority in the house & senate for two years and it is still on Bush. Really? Keep preaching that for the next five months and see where it gets you.

          • Even though your nick is business, I’m positive you don’t know anything about it. Bush was president, messing america for 8 years and his father another 8. Both left us in crisis. Do you pretend BO fix their mess and 3.5 years? Keep sleeping. You better say something positive about Romney. You will cry trying to find it

          • 4Businessonly then you truly do not understand how many years Bush was in office! Bush was in office 8 years and it amazes me how everybody wants this economy fixed NOW!!! earlier I had stated how Congress and Senate has got to work together for any turn arounds! I am telling you along with others, if Romney comes in and has a Republican Senate and Congress things will turn around if he adopts President Obamas Plan……and if this happens people should be pouring in the streets due to our lives being held hostage over there wanting to be in control!

          • So, you’re just going to totally disregard what Barack Obama came into, in the first place? I’m sure you and others would prefer to blame everything on Barack Obama, how convenient is that? I guess that blame, justtifies you voting for Mitt the Nitt Witt huh? Pfft! if you think he’s the answer, you better think again, and again, and again, and better yet, you might want to pray about your final decision before the Nov election. That’s just assure you make the right decision. Because, if you go on your own thinking, we’ll be sure to have Mitt and that would be a complete desaster! you think we’re in trouble now, let him become president. Pfft!

          • … & just as a reminder, most conservatives were so trusting, they slept thru 2001-2006, at which point they realized they’d been had & began voting w/some semblance of sanity! But in ’09, realizing a Black man was in the White House, the “REAL” denial set in, that it wasn’t the 2001-2009 administration afterall, but that… (I’ll let U fill in the ‘BLANKS’)…GUY!!! But the point being, YES, they seem poised to do it all over again, in spite of the fact many, many Americans still don’t know how very close we were to 1929-styled (as in ‘INTENTIONALLY’ fashioned!!!) economic collapse we were. Was that the real intent? While the evidence points there, I don’t think 1 single American wants to know the answer – even CONSERVATIVE Americans…

          • NO, NO, NO – PRESIDENT OBAMA (to U illiterates w/spelling challenges) was in office 1 year, was ABANDONED by his party, which were replaced in ’10, at which point, he had no AUTHORITY Congress was willing to give. Remember the ‘separation of powers’ sequence of governance? Conservatives, in other words, have been in the way 2 of those 3 & 1/2 yrs. That time COUNTS as well. Lets be fair…

          • It’s been over 3 years. Stop trying to pass this guy’s inability to lead on the last guy.

          • … lets see… Obstruction? A person can’t do such w/out it being obvious. Roadblocks? U can’t drive & set up road barriers simultaniously. Hinderances? That’s out of the question, since we have a separation of powers system of government, w/the executive & legislative engaged in a co-equal sharing of powers. I’d say Robert Draper’s new book ‘Do Not Ask What We Do…’ pretty much confirms conservatives, from 1/20/09 to present, have been all about taking away any chance or EVEN appearance of success, accomplishment or achievement, by this president. Can any 1 spell S-E-D-I-T-I-O-N?! Oh & by that way, THAT’S illegal…

          • You have stated 5 or 6 ReThugliCon talking points, ad nauseum. Pres. killin’ jobs (that was Bush, sorry) , govt giving handouts (to banks only), teach ’em to ‘stand on their own’, when there are NO jobs and no programs. NO ONE should have to work 2 jobs, that’s bs friend. Don’t wish more work on folks that don’t deserve it, we all work enough. Your drivel has come too late, most understand that govt. on the right is really wrong, and most of the left are just friggin’ lazy and won’t stand up for the rest of their employers (that’s us)…And you are foolish to say that Obummer is giving ANYTHING to the folks in poverty, prove me wrong with the evidence if you can. As you may tell I don’t care for either side of the aisle of govt. their all capitalists, and imperialists and they think their sh*t don’t stink. I’ve got some news……..what a freakin’ stentch.

          • So what now? We don’t like it! What do we DO?! 1st off, ALL CONSERVATIVES MUST BE BARRED FROM ELECTIVE OFFICE & B replaced w/TRUE (i.e. Bernie Sanders/Jim Clyburn/Norm Solomon-brand) Liberal/Progressives, so we have legislators that UNDERSTAND what REPRESENTATIVE government stands for! The nation was stable & economically secure from the end of WWII til Reagan. Became ‘stable & economically secure’ under Clinton. Then Bush. We are NOW stable, but the Depression of ’08 will take more than 4 years to erase. Its NOT just coincidence that Liberal/Progressives had majorities in the ‘secure’ ‘stable’ & ‘PROSPEROUS’ yrs!!! So what DO U SUGGEST?! My recommendations ARE the BEST option, from a historical & REALITY-BASED perspective… But I’m flexible to better suggestions… If any…

          • Working 2 jobs is all fine and good to make ends meet and let someone stand on their own, but if there aren’t any jobs to be found, that can be impossible. The employment section in the newspaper want ads in my area is virtually non-existent other than ads for all the non-accredited ‘colleges’ that have gotten so popular in the last decade, and various ads for single positions that are so industry specific and with such rigid prerequisite requirements regarding education and experience that only 1 in a million would be capable of performing the work, and even less would meet the prerequisites and qualify to be considered for the position.

          • 1 small detail of working 2 jobs is its toll on family life. My Dad often worked 2 jobs & my Mom, as a school teacher, worked gruelingly long hours, leaving us kids w/babysitters & alone, once we were older. As this was a consequence of the Reagan/Bush years, we can see the devastating impact on families not being able to make a living wage from a single job. Opportunity, as defined by conservatives, means we become more dependent on the rich. That’s not what the Constitution intended, as they were engaged in removing that ‘tyranny’ from our existence & well, read the Constitution & the Declaration 4 U’r self. It’s straight 4ward, w/out a hint of misunderstanding, that the PEOPLE were to become & REMAIN autonomous of & from THE UNRULY NOBLES, ELITES & MONARCHS who were then & are STILL 2day all about TYRANNY exclusively…

          • Jobs literally begin on a local level. The stimulus was in response to U’r point on jobs. Is that a ‘hand out’ or a ‘hand up’? Will not people, becoming ‘tax payers’ be of benefit to themselves, their families, communities, states & the nation? But that was the purpose of tax cuts, wasn’t it? Creating JOBS? Well, where are they? Or am I wrong, that by continuing tax cuts, THAT money has gone to campaigns & candidates, creating ‘SEASONAL’ election year workers only, but nothing meaningful or permanent? MayB the wealthy U KNOW are similarly racist/sexists/class bigots, as they’re only extending ‘job’ cash to ‘THOSE’ who have the ‘LOOK’ of ‘drive’ & ‘initiative’… B/c U can look at a person to know that, rite?…

          • How is he killing jobs? He sent a jobs bill to the house in Sept and it is still sitting there gathering dust. The repubs want the economy bad. They want Pres. Obama out even if they have to wreck the economy.

          • … w/the wealthy sitting atop trillions in personal surpluses, it appears that the ‘jobs’ we’re waiting for will be used as blackmail against America’s Middle Class, to rebel against the administration, for the lack thereof!!! This is the major reason tax cuts should have gotten the ax from day 1 of this administration, since we plainly can ‘SEE’ the level of mischief & carnage carried out by the conservative wealth elites w/tax dollars ‘intended’ for more CONSTRUCTIVE purposes. Very unpatriotic, if U ask me… conspiring against 1’s government AND its citizens…

          • as opposed to a dope fend, woman beater, socialist, bisexual country hating obama hmm hmm hmm

          • WHAT?!?! Does any of this mean?! Some people… Repeat any/everything they hear…

          • Just reflecting on the attributes of the WH and their years that the state run media refuses to cover

          • … I more than agree Ms. Belle!!! I’d also say life in that ‘parallel’ universe must be a terrifying place w/all that (as related by lazycs) stuff going on!!! No wonder conservatives behave as if in EXTREME PTSD conditions! Yeesh…

          • Obviously you and lazyeyes are fat assed white guys who are afraid of change. You are afraid of losing everything but because you are so selfish and greedy you forgot to notice that hispanics will over take the white population in a very few years. That is fine and dandy with me because you guys need to learn that you can not oppress people without getting payback.

          • The LEGAL mexican population in this country is less than 10%. The % of blacks and mexicans with at least a HS education in this country is only 20%. Those 2 nationalities will always occupy the bottom rungs of society. They simply don’t have the genetic make up to do any better

          • OneDoneWong, First off, you racist imbecile, you have no brains in your head. Second, I think you meant Hispanic instead of Mexican. I am white, and I can’t wait until you ignorant sister screwing POS are killed off or inbreed yourselves into complete retardation. You are making me (as a white man) look bad. Also, Democrats and Republicans both suck at life. Vote for a third party. However, it seems that (since people like to make up statistics) 99% of you are sister humping baboons that think that one day the South will rise again. GFY, all of you.

          • I can tell from you post that your a colored wanting to have e with whites. it’s waht you dream of night and day rather than sleeping with an ape that looks like Michelle or her daughters who by your african standards are ready to have sex, why I bet you would even give 5 lions skins for 1 of them

          • I guess that is the reason he brought in 60 million last month, it will be 4 more years as the dirt as yet to really come forth about your ex governor Mitt.

          • Do you mind if I use the phrase “get a life”? It is a lyrical, sonnet like thoughtful expression that I have never heard before. It give such power to an argument.

            Had Romney only dabbled in beer and the occasional bong, like 99% of the rest of youth, he might not have channeled his youthful energy into bullying his terrorized peers, thus triggered ideologues like you to tie yourself in clumsy knots rationalizing behavior that you would demonize had someone on the other side of your ideological divide done the same.

            So there.

          • Seriously? You are delusional. Romney has told so many lies, flip-flopped so many times, there are so many stories about his totally out-of-touch personality, he has a past as a bully which he is only now apologizing for, and even worse, how much money has he off-shored in the Caymans? American banks aren’t good enough for him? Oh wait – it’s his tax avoidance scheme! What kind of president avoids paying taxes in his own country? It’s a criminal act in my book.

          • Disrespect only qualifies your ignorance. Kenya IS in the condition it IS b/c of a history & continuation of racist colonialism. It may seem comical to U, but to PRESIDENT OBAMA’S Dad, it wasn’t very fun to live there. Thank God 4 American opportunity, rite? But I think U may be more concerned that the PRESIDENT’S Dad married a White American Woman & U’r issues w/this may be at the root of much of the ‘distaste’ U & MANY Americans feel 2ward PRESIDENT OBAMA. I’d luv 2 hear U’r response…

          • Kenya just like the whole of black Africa never independently discovered the wheel as well as iron implements. Its a society that never matured past subsistence culture. Colonialism actually RAISED their standard of living. You only need to see what has transpired in South Africa and Rhodesia to realize that no matter how much colonialists improved their country it quickly returns to the 1800’s

          • … they actually were doing fine w/out ‘Western’ culture & had very complex, MATURE – by any standard – civilizations. But it’s all relative, as their requirements we not related ‘conquest’, ‘looting resources’, or impeding the self-determination of subjects after a conflict. MayB when U update U’r historical ‘FACTS’ U do it from a source other than the fox network…

          • Doing Fine??? Thank you Barak obama.
            Maybe in the future when you post you’ll have some facts other than this nonsense

          • Sure did hence my post every word is 100% accurate. Obviously you went to a govt school much like the shooter in CO this past week

          • Paying taxes should be as patriotic as serving in the military–not unlike the situation in WWII.

            If you are unwilling to accept that responsibility, a person with integrity would leave this country.

            I understand that Mr. Romney is willing to do neither.

            OOPS!!! He did leave the country to avoid serving in the military–My Mistake.

          • Over 100 million Americans have used marijuana. The Puritans want them all in jail, apparently, but that actually costs, you know, MONEY. Doing drugs should be considered a health issue, not a criminal justice issue. On the other hand, impersonating an officer and assault and battery SHOULD be a crime, and should be punished as such, even this many years later. This guy is no more suitable for the presidency than that last nitwit the Republicans threw at us, George W. Bush. Or McCain, for that matter, he was a complete joke as a military pilot and only pretends to be a ‘hero’.

          • Before knowing this, I’ve found Romney really weird person. This only confirms he isn’t normal. I don’t want a weird guy F*** around with our country’s decisions. No way. We already have had some of those guys in the past. Thank you, but not this time

          • The Barack Obama story has been in the news for a long time. No one hid it, and they are not hiding now. “News” is supposed to be new. If Obama is toast, then so is America.’

          • He admitted to it in his book. That means he told on himself, he knew it was wrong or was just a stupid person at that age. This is not a story about what Obama did it is a story about something that seems weird that Romney did.
            Impersonation of a police officer not once but numerous times.
            He also made sure there was beer in the car to create more panic when he stopped his friends and left the girls in the car. That is just mean and if he thought it was okay then how do we know he doesn’t think things like that are okay now.

          • What “drugs did Obama ‘confess’ to doing?” Weed? As opposed to Bush’s doing coke as Governor? When will you Tea Baggers sit down already?

          • He confessed to weed and cocaine. Why do the leftards spin? Because spinning is one of only two things they know how to do well! The other is to spend money they don’t have! You guys voted for a man that has less than a one page resume and has never worked a honest day in his life. He has always lived off of tax payers. You guys need to wake up. The Scott Walker recall says it all. See Ya!


          • not according to the polls where he leads oh, pa and va fairly comfortable, not to mention the smaller swing states of nv, nh, nm, mi and mn, in all of the above states there isnt a single poll showing romney leading. so if the polls are correct, obama will win 278-260 EVEN IF he loses fl, nc, co, ia, and co

          • Yea, and the left thought they were going to win the recall election too. Keep tracking those polls the next five months. It will be very interesting to watch I’m sure.

          • Sooo… what do we do w/GWB? A notorious ‘narcotics’ consumer, 1 MUST wonder what was on (or ‘IN’) his mind during the whole of 2001-2009, in spite of his predecessor (Prez Bill Clinton & admin) created unparalleled prosperity, on TOP of using unheard of, unique & unorthodox (4 an American Prez, up to that point anyway) of keeping the nation out of war. Could have been the book out in 1995 by Robert McNamara, ‘In Retrospect’, which outlines catastrophic failures of insites, leadership, foresite & intelligence, in the tripping, stumbling, bumbling in2, thru & out of Vietnam. Being of that age group, Clinton understood all too well the consequences & ‘DARED’ defy the gutless conservative war hawks in staying away… only to see the same horrific errors repeated in Afghanistan & Iraq especially, in a complete & utter collapse in morality & sane judgment (but was it ‘accidental’? Only the ‘war president’ knows for sure & he ain’t sayin… yet…). Now, we have another Republican struttin’ about, talking tough, ready to put Middle Class kids in2 the meat grinder, just for the sake of looking ‘tough’! Dressing up… It seems once a lad has ‘grown up’, there’s no need to indulge in ‘make-believe’ & pretending to be what he’s not… NORMALLY…

        • Dave is the one who sounds desperate…otherwise he wouldn’t try to deflect the conversation to Obama rather than deal with the focus of the article…Romney and his total lack of touch with the average American, both as a young man and now.

          • That’s the real issue the Press won’t ever vett Obama even the fact that he was a member of the socialist party in Chicago in the 90’s

          • Have you always had this problem with reading comprehension, or does it only kick in when people say bad-but-true things about Republicans?

          • its past time for the state run media to come clean on Barak and the other Dem’s. Dem’s and Barak keep whining about Citizens United but the decision allowed the republican party to finally get the truth out seeing as how the state run media is in the tank for them

        • So, this dirtbag reports something a college room-mate throws out there and you take it for truth…Too bad you can’t seem to grasp reality that stares the entire country in the face everyday…that this country is doomed under this administration. Of course, a whole month later and this is one more piece of garbage liberals have attempted to dredge up that went nowhere…liberals are a pathetic lot…

      • Dave please pull over the clown car for a moment. Certainly you must be aware that wearing a cop outfit at a halloween party is just a little different than going out and pulling over cars. You do don’t you? Besides it is against the law to play cop.

          • Yes, cocaine is illegal. How come teabaggers didn’t care about herr dubyah’s habitual abuse of this drug?

      • Dave, dressing up like a cop or the Lone Ranger for a costume party is not the same as donning a Michigan State Patrol Uniform, outfitting your white car with a red light and pulling vehicles over and leaving girls stranded. If you do not understand the difference try this. Kidding some peer about being effiminate is a hell of a lot different (not appropriate still) than organizing a party to nab a person; throw them to the ground and cut their hair because you are homophobic. Now you may not connect the dots or understand the difference but folks who understand history and know about the brown shirted Nazis of pre-WWII do have that understanding. Now Mitt, the gilded one, is like so many of the ones at the Nuremburg trials who could not remember the events. You guys have a weirdo, a real weirdo.

      • Dude,
        You are obviously living a more loosely supported life style not to know the difference between Halloween costumes and impersonating an officer! When you are stopped by that pretend “state trooper” let us all know how you feel../scared, laughing, looking for an attorney…It;s a serious offense. Please be sure to consider which candidate uses better sense…the one chasing people in a car witha false uniform and chasing a scared prep school kid with scissors or the one who knows the difference between right and wrong.

      • No, I never once dressed up like a cop when I was young, and certainly not as a full grown man in college (a la Officer Romney). What about Romney’s forced cutting of the gay student’s long hair? Was that Romney act also performed in police uniform? This reminds me of that other recent Republican contender who loved “dressing up” (as a women!). Of course, I mean that Grand Ole “Lady” of Gotham City, non other than America’s best-dressed Mayor, Rudy Guliani !!

        And who really cares if gays and lesbians get married? It’s only the nation’s Republicans who get into such a fuss over this (or does this threaten to pry open the “closet” door on some of those passionate legions of secretly gay “Log Cabin” Republicans?).

        So what if Biden supports gay marriage? It’s never been required that the President and VP have precisely the same views on every possible issue.

        • Crossdressing is legal and totally harmless. I admire the balls of any politician who would admit to doing that, let alone appear in drag in public! Objectively, it’s one of the more respectable things about Giuliani.

      • What! You must the same kind weirdo too.I ‘ve never wanted to dress up like a cop.And people that do are probably perverts or rapist.But anyway if everybody that voted for the Prez last time,It’s a no BRAINER.He will be re-elected

      • A valid point needn’t to include name calling and profanity! Dressing up for a party is one thing, but wearing the real thing and stopping people w/ a red light is stupid and dangerous and illegal! My career as a REAL cop taught me that people can panic, flee, cry, throw up, or even bring out a weapon and KILL you when stopped! Impersonating a cop was no joke when he involved a car, used a red light and actually stopped people. He enjoyed the luck of the stupid. And you imply that cops are of course, MEN. Wrong in this case. Romney is a creepy bigot who probably would have “arrested” that young gay college guy instead of cutting his hair had his “uniform” been handy!

      • Hey Dave. Do you enjoy Bullying people? Hum maybe you have the same mind set. Ala Screw Loose between the ears? I don’t care how Rich you are or who your daddy is at all. You don’t run around in a “Real” State Troopers Uniform , impersonating a Police Office with an illegal light on the roof of your car and illegal siren, unless you are seriously STUPID, or really get a kick out of scaring and harassing people. It is seriously against the law. And another thing. It wouldn’t have been so funny if he pulled some ex-con over and got a belly full of lead. Now would it !!!
        I have a major problem trusting someone that thought that was FUNNY and OK. That points to a major psychological problem in my book, and I for one don’t want to see a psycho or a Bully as President of the United States of America with the ability to start wars or launch World War III. So wake up and smell the coffee. George W. was a draft dodger but he shore as hell was eager to start 2 different wars. Hell he wasn’t the one fighting and dieing so why should he give a crap. Well Dave. There you have it. Another Rich Republican Wacko with a closet case of being a bully and a sicko. Enjoy. He is the last person we need now to be President. Bush was bad enough. He got us into this crap, not Obama.
        This is your wake up call buddy. The old saying goes. The purest form of insanity is doing the same thing the same way, over and over and expecting a different outcome from the one you got before. The same goes for the purest form of STUPIDITY. Romney = George W. in all things except maybe the level of intelligence, and then its still only by a small margin. Anyone impersonating a cop is very very STUPID in my opinion.

      • Dave little kids dress up like cops for Halloween, it was nothing wrong with that but a grown man dress up as a Michigan police officer and have a red light and siren it is not normal unless he was a real cop. And he used it just for planks not normal And he was a draft dodger on top of it, at least Obama is honest. I wouldn’t trust Romney as far as I can throw him I can’t even pick him up. Even though Obama was not in the military, he got more grip on the military than a draft dodger.

      • Dave you certainly appear to be the poster child for the uninformed, too lazy to get the facts, Generational Republican, who like the frog will sit in the water until it gets so hot that the frog dies!
        Unless you are in the one half of one percent, good luck sucker!

      • Talk about desperation – Why would you stupidly think that every young boy dressed up as a cop for Halloween? Trolls are always willing to forgive their man chalking up their antics just as business as usual. If we look hard enough we can dig up dirt on any of the jerks that we elect. When you come right down to it, very few of our reps are qualified to be “leaders.” The sad fact is that our crappy system of putting people in office only to push us around is not what democracy is all about.
        Even though Romney is weighed down by many character flaws, his worst trait is that he is stupid.

      • No never dressed up as a cop even as a little kid but to do it as a teenager and then use the same offical uniform to pull people over is against the law what part of that don’t you understand. If he is a felon he can’t run for president you moron.

      • This is not about Obama This is about this bully trying to get to the White House He should be in jail you are walking on yourbrain.

      • Really Dave, sounds like you need a life. You sound like a real hate monger. Romney is a Bully and you sound just like him. Bullies need to be taught a lesson. Your day will come. Guaranteed.

      • Are you really serious? ” you telling me you never dressed up as a cop when you were young?” The answer to that is no I did not, nor have I ever known anybody who has. But if I had, for purposes of a ” holloween, or some costume party” you can be sure that all present at such a function would be fully aware that I was not really a police officer, nor is that lady in the long gown snow white, or that man with the red cape superman. That’s what you expect at a costume party. But romney took it way beyond that. He had a genuine Michigan state troopers uniform, compliments of his governor father. He had a flashing red light to affix to the roof of his car, and in this getup he pulled cars over to the side of the road. Two words come immediately to mind to describe this behavior. Criminal and creepy. Please don’t use the”he was young ” excuse. A persons true personality is established long before college. He got away with it then, and even if he had been caught, I’m sure daddy would have smoothed it over. If a person were to be caught today doing the same things romney did, you can be sure he would do some jail time. The thought of this man in the White House scares the hell out of me.

      • Dave and jellis: you see that democraPs are still the ravaging majority on this site. You are right: they ARE desperate. No wonder: Wisconsin showed that they are NO longer a majority in OUR beloved country. The handwriting is on the wall for them and their clandestine “President”.

      • Another example of how Mitt Romney has shown he really has major character defects. Is he going to deny this like he denied participating in assaulting one of his classmates too??!!! Mitt’s thinks if he closes his eyes, YOU CAN’T SEE HIM!! And I’d say YOU’RE the one who is depsarate. You also need to remember that this is the man who also has been for every issues and against it. He’s doesn’t have a genuine bone in his body and he can’t relate to anyone who isn’t a multi-millionaire…and that probably means YOU TOO!! Good luck with your nefarious, lying, crook of a candidate.

      • Actually Romney provides his own dirt in copious amounts. The “cop” uniform is a big deal, just like his bullying that has been well documented. Mitt is a flawed person, with character defects that should be considered when he is running for anything, and certainly President.

      • Dave, you are over-reacting. I too come from the Vietnam era. Fingerlake is right. You are just an angry and incredibly foolish man. Keep your irrational thoughts to yourself and just vote your conscience. People like you are very tiresome but they and you do not alter anybody’s mind; just strengthens our resolve. That being said, Romney is odd and for those of us – and there are many on both sides of the political spectrum – that are uncomfortable that we do not know this man. Therefore his history is important to us. I for one like to know that, strange or not, so I can be more informed. I NEVER let fools such as yourself cloud my interest and deter me from seeking and reading the information.

      • Conservative Mindset Logical Fallacy File #393,745,234

        Dave – I care about a guy who gets his jollies terrifying young women while illegally presenting himself as a policeman. That is what this story references, not the incident you offer as a misdirection.

        As we consider the divine “marketplace” of ideas when making a choice, this is a vital piece of information to consider when choosing the leader of our country. Given other revelations of odd and bullying behavior from Romney, this story is certainly worthy of consideration.

        I realize that the conservative mindset is usually limited to which candidate will allow them to enough of their investment income to buy a third vacation home and that revelations that they were an ax murderer is secondary to the extra pennies one can extract from their already under taxed trust fund from daddy – but the rest of us do consider ethics in advance of our wallet.

        If you don’t have a trust fund, then consider the magic involved in getting working people to think that the rich have suffered too much.

      • Yeah, “dude”, I never dressedup as a cop. I’m betting those who did won’t even talk about it, but there’s no worry about that because those who did number in the tens, not thousands. If that. Dude.

      • He was using it to intimidate other college students. This was a game he played and he like the power it gave him. This is not about Halloween it is about his character. And when your younger most of the cop uniforms were not real, there were no sirens for your car, and your not stopping people as if you were the cops. And to remove someone from the car and leave the others behind is a terrible thing to do. Then again if you believe he thought this action was normal and he didn’t understand that this was mentally mean I would have to think about his character. And what does Obama have to do with it he wasn’t there.

      • He doesn’t have to dig up dirt. Impersonating a police officer is a crime. And, no, I’ve never dressed up as one. Romney went further than just dressing up. He pretended to be one, and even pulled people over.

      • Hey Dave, are you homophobic? Do you know your family history/tree? Hey maybe there are some GLBT in your family.

        About our half breed president ( which is what I am ). They have tried to dig up dirt on, President Obama for 4 years. Guess what? Nothing was found. Now, you get a life!!!

        No, I am not any of the above, but there are members in my family that are, and we love them just the same. So stop your long term hate. I hope you don’t of yourself as a fortune tell, teller of the future.

        A reply is welcomed!!!

        A true American

      • Hey Dave it is a falony to impersonate an officer of the law, 2 you don’t know what you’re talking about you must be a bigot cause you sound like one why don’t you take a chill pill and try to have alittle fun oh and by the way President Obama is doing a better job then Ole W he would get things done if the republicans would get off their high horse and help out instead of trying to make him fail. And being egotistcal,selfish, and power hungry. I’m just saying.

      • Dave–a perfect example of the tactic called “deflecting.” Point the finger somewhere else, to avoid accountability or discussing something that makes one uncomfortable. Sociopaths think everyone behaves like they do and don’t get it why people find it either ridiculous, abhorrent or disgusting. Trying to deflect won’t make Romney more appealing or interesting.

      • You are not suppose to judge people and why is it that you have so much hate in you about our President and vice president and their support of the gay’s or lesbian’s or transgender’s . if it’s not you then you should not judge other people .

      • Dave you are the one that is clueless. He should not be rewarded with the Presidency for his bullying tactics.

      • President Obama is the only President in the history of this nation to take the oath of office to heart i.e it states to uphold the constitution of the United States of America….However the the constitution upholds the rights of EVERY citizen even your right to be a uniformed moron

      • It’s one thing to “dress up” like a law enforcement officer for Halloween or a party…it’s quite another to have an officer’s official uniform and wear it with the intent to decieve others.
        So…what has Mitt said about this latest story of questionable judgement? Has he denied it? Said, “I really don’t remember that, but if I did, I’d was wrong.” Which is like saying you didn’t do it…but if I had maybe done this it would be wrong. Again, this pamper, privileged, pompous prick refuses to tell the plain, honest truth.
        I did some low down crap when I was young as well. I don’t deny my mistakes and I learned from them and don’t repeat them. If Mitt could just admit his crap, no one could fault him. The problem is that he lack the character and integrity that a man his age should CERTAINLY posess if he wishes to rise to the level of our Commander in Chief!!! The fact that you defend this behavior says just as much about you as it does about Mitt!

      • Umm, given that it’s illegal in every state of the union, I’d say the *police* care when someone impersonates a cop. And the judges.

        And those laws aren’t new.

      • If Obama had done this, you would be calling for his immediate impeachment. Stunts like these just serve to show how fact-free and hypocritical Republicans are–in fact, Democrats really don’t give a shit about this preppie stunt–it’s just that you repubs have been “shocked”, trotting out every Harvard prof Obama has hung out with, because it “proves he’s a socialist”—well, we’re just bringing Romney’s “jokes” to your attention because it proves he’s an asshat.

      • you sound as stupid as MR…oh, I meant to say …uh…you misunderstood what I said…Oh look…dick cheany’s daughter got married…that lesbian b**ch! get real and stop being such a racist!!!

      • Just a minor technical point here. The article is talking about what Romney did himself. Dave, Obama is not Biden. They are two separate people. Your logic is non sequitur, but, then again, all “logic” from the Right is non sequitur at this point.

        Moreover, just for your edification, after Obama’s announcement for support of gay marriage, his approval rating went up AND the public’s approval of gay marriage went up (and is the majority opinion). You are in a delusional minority my friend. The only way Romney can win this election is to, literally, buy it with ad money touting lies or steal it.

      • “Get a life dude…”
        “You telling me you never dressed up as a cop when you were young, or for halloween, or some costume party? It was the fantasy [lol, dork] of almost every young man!”

        take your own advice

      • Dressing up as a cop for a costume party or as a child when trick-or-treating is VASTLY different than dressing up as a cop and pulling people over, or using it to frighten or intimidate people. These “pranks” are not pranks, they’re indicative of a dangerous lack of regard for not only the law, but other people. There are any number of bad situations that could have arisen due to his “pranks.” There’s a reason why impersonating a police officer is illegal in many states, including the one he lived in. This person does not think that the laws of this country, or society apply to him. He found pleasure in causing another person pain. He thought it was “funny,” a “prank.” I can’t help but wonder how he would feel if the tables were turned. Remember the date and time you made this incredibly ignorant comment, my friend.

        One does not have to be desperate to find dirt on this guy. He keeps feeding us ammo.

      • And what do you find yourself dressed up as ,Davette?….at nightfall? GET A DUDE LIFE !
        If your latent fantasy is for power,don’t lay that on “every young man” That’s your sick fantasy ……>>>>>>OBAMA FORWARD Romney backward

      • Hey Dave, what do you think you would say if this story were about Obama? Do you think you would say, “You telling me you never dressed up as a cop when you were young, or for halloween, or some costume party? It was the fantasy of almost every young man!”

        Romney also forced a kid to the ground after harassing him for weeks, and cut his hair off because he thought he was gay. Romney also invented Obamacare, and used to support same sex marriage. He was also pro choice.

        The fact is that democrats will vote for Obama, and Republicans will vote for Romney. Romney needs the independents though, and he is not going to win them over with his anti-women and anti-gay stances. This is the same reason McCain lost. And the same reason all the betting odds in Vegas enourmously favor Obama.

    • Hey, Fingerlake:
      Not only that. Mitt once did not eat his broccoli and: 1) Fed it to his dog; 2) Told his Mom a lie (that he had eaten it!!)
      And at 21, Mitt ran a yellow light (he had plenty of time to stop but did not).
      At 23, Mitt went 65 mph on a 55 mph zone. He was not caught but, had he been caught, it would have been very embarrassing and, I think, would have incapacitated him for the Office of President of the United States (especially running against a person with such an investigated and clear background and life as our present President !!)
      Yes, I agree with you. OMG !!!

    • Just another example of a spoiled rich kid of the 1% who is above the law. I agree with you Fingerlakes, this guy is just weird. Is this really someone we want to represent the U.S. as President?

    • he pretended to be a cop so why are they letting him run for President now . I don’t think he should be in the presidential running .

    • Almost all young men that age would find it quite funny and amusing as well! Who does this stupid article think it’s fooling? Seriously! Quit trying so hard to find something, ANYTHING, to create a Mitt Romney that isn’t! This stuff is just stupid to the American public with intelligence because it’s all a bunch of made up garbage from Obama worshipers/Romney Haters (for no reason) We get a kick out of how they throw in the words “strange”, “weird” , “creepy”, “character flaw”!!!!!! Obama’a actually SHOWN and for four years, that he is truly a flawed character! Not to mention that he IS a socialist, and nothing’s made up! He’s happy to go against what Americans want and lie and distort the lack of intelligence of the lower income citizen, or the elderly, to get their votes! Do your homework, someone else of great influence worked “HIS people” the same way. His name was Adolf Hitler! And I quote, “All propaganda has to be popular and has to ACCOMMODATE ITSELF to the COMPREHENSION of the LEAST INTELLIGENT of those whom it seeks to reach.” (Obama’s exploiting for votes) Oh! and there are so many more! So enough already trying to play the intelligence of the American voters with this stuff that NOBODY CARES ABOUT!

    • Romney was right. There are 47% of fools in America who won’t vote for him. They will believe anonymous sources and un-vetted sources (Robin Madden, a liberal TV writer and producer) before they’ll believe him. So, all this little lie does is help you become more convinced that you won’t vote for him! BFD and no loss there!

  5. I’m a Democrat and no fan of Romney, but honestly who wants to be held responsible for the stupid s**t we did in high school or college. Nobody would come away unscathed.

    • Aunty did you impersonate a state trooper in high school or college, did you lead a group of students to ambush another and physically have your “posse” hold down this person while you forcibly cut the victims long hair? I don’t think so, in the haircutting incident Romney and”his posse” would have been charged with assault and battery if it had happened in a public school but since he was going to a private school for the rich, it was swept under the carpet. The incidents involving him dressing up like a trooper, stopping people , and stranding two girls out in the country while he and their “dates” drove off in his phony cop car shouldn’t be considered a college prank either,that was cruel and not funny. He broke the laws of two states impersonating a state trooper. His actions could have got him killed or some innocent person killed. When you have someone that is impersonating a police officer and pulling people over nine times out of ten the fake cop is a robber, rapist, or a serial killer or all three not someone playing a prank. One of the results of him impersonating a law officer and pulling people over is that the next time a real trooper tried to pull over someone that he had pulled over the trooper could have been killed because of the person thinking it was him again or the driver of the car getting hurt or killed by refusing to pull over for what he thinks is another impersonator. These two incidents go along away in showing that he felt he was above the law in early school years and in his college years and that he was better than everyone else then and now.

        • Oh really? Well I can hardly wait to read your explanation about where my snappy comebacks are coming from. You just wait until I lay this one on you, “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.” You’ll forget all about the Hogwarts thing.

  6. Of course the gilded governor has always been masquerading. He’s a creep in a $5,000 suit. Some dude dress up like a copy at Emory University in the 60’s, he would have been tied up in the Yerkes Primate Center. This guy has a DSM IV designation, I guarantee you.

  7. Next we will read how Romney was a MASSIVE drug user all the way into college. Oh wait, that was Obama…

  8. peteserb or prepubescent or whatever
    Think of somebody dressing up like a cop and pulling people over. There was another fruitcake that did this and they called him the redlight bandit. That’s probably where the gilded governor got the idea.

  9. why is it we seem to enjoy digging up dirt to destroy a person’s reputation. What’s the matter with us?? For anyone who makes it we try to find something that will bring him down. How about the movie stars and atheletes… those are turned into gods and venerated no matter what they do. Look at Madonna!!!

    • If your going to run for president of the United States every detail of your life is open to scrutiny. All past candidates for president had every little detail dissected whether they were republican or democrat. If your past can’t stand up to scrutiny you shouldn’t be running. We all do stupid things when we’re younger but need to own up to it and move on from there.

      • Totally in agreement except for one serious error in your statement. Obama did not face any scrutiny from the MSM. Only cable news and conservative pundits looked into his past at all – and for doing what every news outlet SHOULD have been doing they were branded racist.

        Do any of the posters on here have ANY idea what Barack Obama did before running for president? (other than what he chose to include in his bios and after the ‘Kenyan Born’ fiasco who can belive his bios) Who really is our president? Or is his persona still evolving?

          • Sure does! He was Present in the IL senate – my home – at least that’s what he voted most of the time. And he began running for president shortly after becoming a US Senator. That’s certainly a stellar record to run on.

  10. AuntySemantic, college and high school pranksters usually don’t organize around an attempt to masquerade as a cop. Our University kids pulled a lot s**t as you say but we always left ourselves an escape hatch. You get caught with a red light and cop uniform, you may just get shot. Well it may be assuming too much that the gilded governor has enouch IQ to figure things out. The guy is weird.

  11. ha ha ha – you people never give up. You all seem so desperate to find dirt on this guy or, as a matter of fact, any republican candidate. Give it up…Obama screwed up because of Biden’s “diarrhea of the mouth” and blurted out too soon that he supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, “transgender” (LBGT), same sex marriage. So, no matter what candidate you have on the other side, Obama will never be voted back in. He screwed up guys! Let’s face it! Who cares about the police uniform? Big F****** deal! You telling me you never dressed up as a cop before? For fun? For halloween or some costume party? sheeeeez louise “Joe Conason”, get a life.

    • No, we never did. And we certainly never tried to pull over drivers dressed as a police officer with a red light flashing on our car — usually only serial killers do that.

      And as for same sex marriage — more than half of Americans agree with it. Americans believe we should all have the same rights — not just a few of us.

    • Dave, it’s okay, guy. Being homosexual is okay. You don’t have to panic. Slow down, bud. Things will work out.

  12. It is interesting that Romney avoided serving in the Service, but had no problem putting on a illegal police uniform in order to harraze and scare people. It says a lot about his character.

  13. everyone does stuff in college and high school. romney was a normal kid .tell me you all were perfect, i bet i could call you all a liar if you said you were go to church to repent your sins. so, you can be excused from your mistakes.not have to live with them.i dont care if you were a cheerleader or a football player.we all make mistakes.i am not perfect and i know it.but i would never want anyone to bring up my mistakes.i enjoyed my life with my live and cant undo your mistakes but you can ask forgiveness. if this is the the only thing Romney has done in his life.he is close to being perfect then.

    • No body dresses up like a cop and runs around with a red light except a weirdo with a DSM IV designation. If you ran around with a crew like that in college you are an inadequate personality.

      • actually I knew a guy who did exactly that. had a fake badge and the whole bit. he had a blast flashing his badge in college bars and freaking the begezus out of his fellow students. went on to become a real cop and pretty damned good one at that … drug task force and undercover at times. maybe the college days were good practice for him! LOL

  14. Romney was a prankster like a third of the guys in our dorm in college. Obama was a DOPER like about 2% of the guys in our dorm. Obama was the guy everybody avoided because he was usually on DRUGS.

    • At least Obama revealed his youthful indescretions in his autobiography. While Romney has to be outed by all his old highschool and college friends who remember things very well. However, Romney seems not to remember a darn thing. To me that is a lack of character — because now as an adult man, Romney still cannot own up to the things he did when he was in highschool & college.

    • Not really, rykytr. Most people in high school and college pull pranks that are neat, cool and a bit nifty. Not like Hannibal Lecter or the red light bandit. Get a grip. If you don’t understand the difference, well, it may be just a little too late.

  15. Amazing; the left will run with any story no matter how far fetched about Romney, but FACTS about Obama’s sordid past they whistle right on by.

  16. It does not surprise me. I was shocked when I heard that when Romney was a senior in high school he led a group of friends at his exclusive Cranbrook school to tackle a boy, hold him down & then Romney cut off the kid’s hair. I really did not think it was true until 4 of the boys that Romney was with stated that the incident really did happen, that they could never forget it and that they had been ashamed of it for decades. They were puzzeled why Romney claims he does not remember it.

  17. If you don’t like idiots—Then you don’t like yourself. See if you can get under some SOCIAL program to get psychiatric help. It will change your life and those around you.

  18. Hey Joe Con’ass’on…you sound desperate, desperate to find dirt on this guy. Here’s a fact – Obama screwed up when his “diarrhea of the mouth” Biden, prematurely admitted to supporting lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender – same sex- marriage. Face it clueless, he’s toast – ha ha ha…
    No matter who the other candidate is, Obama will never get elected back in.
    And by the way, who gives a F*** about the cop uniform! You telling me you never dressed up as a cop when you were young, or for halloween, or some costume party? It was the fantasy of almost every young man! Get a life dude…

  19. I wish Romney would come down with a wretched cancer that eats him alive. However college pranks don’t cause me to think badly of him. Young people are incomplete and do make all kinds of errors that seem larger in later years. I knew a guy who impersonated a cop and had a real ticket pad. He loved to write a traffic ticket and enjoy what he thought must happen to the system when the person tried to pay the ticket from a cop who did not exist. I pulled a fear prank on a guy in college and he ran like he had never run before, bent over, with no air in his lungs as he had exhaled in a scream of terror. He was heavy and slow but suddenly was so fast i had a heck of a time chasing him down and bringing his mind back to him.
    U. of Va. med students used to place a human hand under the pillow of a non med student. When sleepy time rolled around it is just amazing what a dead clammy hand under a pillow can do to a person. Some of the victims of that prank needed considerable help to regain their lives. U. Va. began taking that very, very seriously back in the 1950 era. The again some are partial to a human head left on the kids room desk. Flip on that light and Eurika!

  20. Romney : pretended to be a cop? Obama : pretended to be a President. The Statute of Limitations has run out on Romney, but not Obama.

    Isn’t it pathetic that the only negatives you can find on Romney is stuff that supposedly happened over 30 years ago – back when Obama was still running around nekked in Kenya, smoking dope and eating the neighborhood dogs.

    • Robert, this isn’t the only negative we can find on your gilded one. It’s just the one that popped up. He’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s called a personal history, Dweeb.

  21. Damn sure didn’t dress like a cop,although I tip my hat to anyone who officially wears the uniform. In the case mentioned,I could see that from a little rich B!#*# brat,draft dodger.

    • you’re referring to obama or romney … seems the same question might apply to both. the only difference is one is already president and the questions should have been asked 5 years ago. of course hillary would likely be president now and this entire discussion would be moot!

        • Audieleon, seems to me that touched on your masculine pride if you are indeed male. Hillary would n will make a fine President in 2016… I doubt that President Obama will drop a load of crap in her lap to clean n fix like he got dumped in his. Does it paralyze your brain to think of a woman being president. For Christ sakes, A woman couldn’t n wouldn’t run this country into the ground like the Republi-pricks have unless of course she was a Republi-prick like Michelle B. Or Sarah P. Remember to whom Hillary is married to… Her likeability… Her own accomplishments…. Her dedication to the people….. Her ideas for improvement… Need I say more other than that’s a win win situation. The fact of her intelligence out does 99% of all that hold office today…

  22. I do not care if he had a MI police uniform – what I care about is that I cannot figure out who he is. He morphs every time he is challenged- disavowing his own political past. Romney is clearly a man of questionable integrity and a man I could never vote for.

    • Why is it when a liberal/progressive/democrat changes their stance to fit the prevailing political winds it is an “evolution of thought” but when a conservative/republican changes positions on any topic it is “flip-flopping”?

  23. And how much of Obama’s past do you know about? How many millions and how many murders have been commited to keep his past a secret. I think he is doing a great job of impersonating a President or dictator. Take your chioce. Please remember to wear your Obama symbols proudly and display them on your car or yards. That makes it easier to know just where you stand. And yes I fought in Vietnam, became a pig , then a narc. I hate all communist and socialist. Get off your lazy butts and go to work and quit letting real Americans pay your way. Less then 10% of all charitable contributions come from democrats. Do you know why? Because most of all needing help are democrats sponging off society. GFY

    • GFY, you are not the only person who fought in a foreign war or served as a police officer. Barack Obama has done one hell of a job as POTUS and you can kiss my derry air if you don’t like my politics.

  24. We all do stupid things in our youth or as college kids. Some high ranking politicians have been known to smoke (but not inhale) weed or EVEN use cocaine. I think those are a crime in most (all) states too. Do libs really want to open up the past of the candidates? I hope so! Let’s start with Obama’s college records. The we can move on to his early political ‘career.’ Yeah I think a thorough vetting of the candidates is LONG overdue!!

    • Okay, bring it on! Do we start with a guy running around in a white rambler with a red light flashing masquerading as a cop in the era of the red light bandit and then rushing off to France to save the infidels?

      • Sure eagle05! As long as we move on to associations with bill ayres and college records. Put it ALL on the table. Be sure to include Obama’s military and real life (like work) experiences out there too. *
        I grew up during Viet Nam and remember the dreaded trip to register for the draft AND being so thankful for a college deferment. I didn’t end up finishing school but by then the war had ended so I guess that makes me a dirt bag too.

        • That is not the only reason you are a dirt bag, when I joined the US Navy in 1963, we called anybody that did not go in the draft or volunteer was a coward and a draft dodger! Even if you joined the air national gaurd and got deferrments from veitnam, you were a coward. And if you went awol for more than 30 days you were a deserter, and in time of war you were shot.

  25. Where I grew up–we all knew there was a sheriffs department. It only had a staff of 6 deputies back then–so contact with police was not too common. When I studied Criminal Justice I thought I would one day wear a real uniform —so fantasy was not in my thoughts. I have never had the desire to hold folks in a helpless position–which Romney seems to have a taste for power –as long as he is the power. Aren’t you at least concerned about this type of behavior???

  26. It wouldn’t surprise me, he’s been impersonating a human being for a long time. The man of no commitments and leader of the cult. Like the lizard that changes colors to the wind. A man for all shades and seasons. Sounds like Romney and Obama have a whole lot of things in common.

    • or affirmative action “kenyan born, oops scratch that – typo, actually I am part Native American on my mother’s stepfather’s side” face it they both have skeletons lurking in their closets. lol

  27. Jellis, you haven’t said anything. The Bill Ayrers thing has been passed around for years with nothing other than right wing nuts trying to make an issue. Where the F___ is the issue? College records? What are you talking about? Obama transferred from Occidental (a very fine school) to Columbia and then to Harvard where he was elected as President of the Harvard Law Review a very real position of respect based on scholarship, achievement and character. Do you know anything else about Obama or are you just contemplating your navel. Or do you know anything. Bring on your argument about Obama.

    • That’s the point Eagle05.
      Where are his college papers? What did he write about? Did he make passing grades or did he excel?
      What about his days in the Illinois Senate? Since he generally voted present what were his beliefs then? I realize they were “evolving” – first he was for same sex marriage then against it, then for it or wait first opposed, then for …
      No one knows anything about Obama, except what he has chosen to share in his narcississtic autobiographies.Who the hell writes their biography before they’ve done anything anyway?!

      Nevertheless, thanks for your efforts to bring the discourse to a higher level. Name calling and character attacks seem to be the only thing you’ve got.
      With all due respect, you’re not worth effort of arguing with.

      • Hey, stick to one BS subject at a time. What college papers are you talking about? What college are you talking about? Did you ever go to college? Nobody writes papers in college that are published at large. He was President of the Harvard Law Review. Do you know what that is? Do you know what that means? Do you know anything about Occidental College or Columbia University of Harvard University Law School? You smear around inuendo like you have something. Hell, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Eagle, the chicken manure Obama has sealed his college papers. perhaps because he wrote about his Marxist idealism? perhaps because he cheated and lied about being a foreign student so he could attend college as an exchange student? and, how can a druggy get good grades at such a prestigious university? Obama is the biggest FRAUD ever to hold the office of ht president. Democrats are total morons.

          • There are no college papers to seal. There never were any more than likely that survived the succeeding quarter or semester. Obviously, you and the guy with the bug on his comments didn’t attend college. But entertain me, what is a Marxist? Please give me some specifics about Obama’s writing of Marxist idealism. Obama isn’t a Bill Clinton but he’s got W beat by a mile and the gilded one doesn’t even place.

          • Really E05! I’m pretty sure I can request transcripts from my school (a lowly state college) and they will provide them. Even my high school has my transcripts on file and that was a LONG time ago. Maybe they do things different at Haarvard though.

          • I don’t want to see your transcripts. Your level of intelligence is evident by your comments.

          • Sounds like dat dar man pretty smart,no didn’t go to any skool don’t ask for my papers from Kenyan my home country!!!

          • Yeah because Harvard awards the status of M A G N A C U M L A U D E to thousands of C students every year, right?

            Oh yeah. They don’t. Just a few.

          • No Kutoed, That was “W” that has sealed his records all of his drunk driving arrests and other things that none can see because they are sealed in his Daddies Pres.Libary.

        • OK last try to help you u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d … when a person is in college it is unlikely their writings would be published, but normally, when someone runs for President of the United States the press tends to take a look back at what made the individual who they are. If the indivisual happens to be a constitutional scholar it seems relevant to know what their beliefs about the very document they will swear to defend might be. As president of the Haarvard Law Review he surely wrote an editorial or two.
          As for attending Occidental or Columbia or Harvard … It made him an eloquent reader – people love to hear him give prepared speeches and that’s all well and good but without any practical post college experience what does that really prove.

          Have a great evening.

          • Are you serious? Tell us what the Harvard Review is. You are full of BS. The press has never critically reviewed any President’s writing as a college student with the possible exception of TJ & JFK. Go to any 5 of the presidents in the 20th century and pull up their papers as college students. Hint – start with JFK and “Why England Slept.” You are just blathering pointlessly. No person could achieve what BO did as a student without being exceptionally intelligent.

          • You know, you’re probably right. So why not just provide the information, transcripts, papers, etc. and prove to everyone how smart this guy is. If he had done that with his birth certificate in the beginning the whole birther thing would have deflated.
            Afterall he did promise to be the most transparent POTUS ever! What’s the point of holding back information? All it does is raise questions.

          • Nobody but intellectual eunuchs are interested in Obama’s papers or transcripts. People who even talk about the birth certificate reveal an idiocy that is absolutely laughable. The birth certificate not withstanding, the contemporaneuos newspaper announcements of Obama’s birth prove conclusively his birth. If I were you I wouldn’t write too much more where people assume you have a modicum of decency and intelligence.

          • No it wouldn’t be over because of people like you and other birthers, wouldn’t believe his birth certificate if you had been in the delivery room when Obama was born. Why should he provide transcripts, papers,ect when no other President or presidental candidate has been asked to show all this stuff that you jellis seems to think Obama should show because you don’t like the man and the fact he is half white and half black the black shows on on the outside. Obama could have published his grades for all the years he was in elementary, high school, college and Law school you and others would still be hollering that he needs to show this or that so you will believe that he is a natural born citizen according to what the Constitution say. So until people like you and other birthers start calling on all Presidents and presidental candidates to show everything you insist that Obama needs to show so you will believe he is legally in office, then and only then will I and other people believe maybe that your aren’ t a racist. As for Romney and the state trooper uniform, it is to bad that the statue of limitions have passed because he should have been jailed for just wearing the uniform of a trooper and definitely done time for posing as a trooper.

          • Teaching Constitutional Law should say something about his experience in school and work . Look at “W’s” tran sripts he was a c- student, as he said to that graducating class. He was going to go to the University of Texas Law School, but Failed the Entrance exam! What a fu***** dummy! And No one says he DiD Not tank the Economy. Now you need to look at who is fu****** up the country. It is the repuds in congress that refuse to do anything for the USA! Bainer and the other worm in the senate have said that their only plan is to make Obama would be a one term president, even at the expence of the country!

          • Again, that’s the point you CAN look at Bush’s transcripts.

            Of course teaching constitutinal law should mean he has respect for the Constitution but …

            And as for Hillbilly … where do you get off calling me a birther. What have I said here that even remotely questions Obamas birth origin. Or for that matter any question about race.

            If all else fails claim racism. So sad.

            And why do you all assume this claim about the trooper’s uniform is true beyond a doubt? National Memo isn’t well known for it’s unbiased reporting. It is a leftwing editorial publication not a news source and I wouldn’t take it as gospel anymore than I would say Redstate.

          • I called you a birther because you repeated every thing they have had to say against President Obama and I point out the racism because you never asked or said you had asked any other President to show his grades, school papers or anything else so as far as I and a lot of other people are concerned that is racism on your part. I have read your posts on this subject of Romney masquerading as law enforcement officer that show you don’t think Romney did any such thing when there are people named that told the story years ago and some of them are registered Republicans. I read your insults to President Obama and that is another reason for the racist statement In case you think I am black I am not. You need to reread what you have posted especially about he should have done this and he should have done that in regards to his bith certificate and his college grades but you did not ask McClain for all this stuff, you have not asked Romney for the stuff that you say President Obama should have shown from the start. McClain wasn’t born on American soil neither was Romney’s dad. There is nothing in the Constitution that says a Presidental candidate or President has to show any thing in regards to his school grades, what papers he wrote in college and so on. Yet you insist that Obama should do this since the other two are white that is another reason to see racism as part of your make up.

  28. Apparently dress-up was important to young Mitt. He should have kept the lark for Halloween and left the cop outfit in the closet along with his homophobic tendencies. Fortunately for him he did not get caught playing cop, or his attempt to wear the uniform of Commander-in-Chief would not be taking place. The more we hear about this strange-O the further from the main stream he is.

  29. Hilarious in a sick way! I wonder if he wears it for Ann! What was wrong with a military uniform during Viet Nam?

  30. Those who protest too much are always suspect. Sound like a queer..really Dave? Grow a pair, stand like man and stop the sophomoric chatter.

  31. jellis, please feel free to ask you questions. Just what questions do you wish had been asked of the President? If you can’t, or won’t, your discussion is moot. Waiting????

    • So Lynda you have the answers?
      As I’ve posted already.
      I would like to know more about his association with Bill Ayres.
      What are his college records. Did he make average grades? Good grades? What groups did he hang out with? Not just for a beer or a snort – but what associations did he belong to.
      He was elected to my state senate but never really did anything during his term so there is nothing there to tell us who he is except that at one time or another he was for or against same sex marriage depending on the situation and that he was evidently smart enough to vote Present to avoid being on the recoed for or against anything of substance.
      I want to know who became our president 3 years ago. Less is known about Barack Obama than any other modern president. I bet you can tell me more personal info about Sarah Palin (a VP ‘candidate’) than you can about the POTUS and that seems wrong to me.
      What ARE his qualifications for being the leader of the free world?

      • Obama’s qualifcations are”He was born in the USA (the state of HAWAI) He is at least 35 years of age, He has lived in the USA for 14 years , and ,Most Impartant He Was Elected By the Electorial College! What else do you want to know? The Fact that John Mc Cain was born in the foriegn country of Panama Is Not talked about?! Why is that?

        • Actually Clyde it was. McCain brought it up and it was proved not not to be an issue.

          As for the qualifications … let’s see I was born in Illinois, have lived in the US 50+ years, own a business, have served on the local school board, am an active participant in community development and there is no way in hell I’m qualified to be the POTUS even if I could afford to buy the election.

          Experience in something would be a nice quality for a President even though it may not be a requirement.

          • Really? he was not elected, but someone, that most people believed is qualified, was elected. It was not the only reason that I voted for Obama. Those are the only qualifcations that are required. Look at Jr. Bush. I think that character is more important than experience.

          • Well if character is the deciding factor then you’ve made my point. Obama fails that qualification too.

            I’ve always said, and still believe, many of those who voted for Obama in ’08 did not vote for his ideas, but for the ” idea of ” him as a president.

          • jellis, it wasn’t McCain that brought up his birth. It was a bunch of right wingnuts masquerading as Republicans who tried to hound one of the great patriots out of the presidential nomination contest. They used the same loony reasoning that you birthers use.

        • The why is simple, but ugly – it’s racism… No one talked about that because he’s white… On the other hand McCain is a tough example to use – his father was a US Navy Admiral, he himself was a US Navy aviator, that was shot down in Viet Nam and was a Viet Nam prisoner of war, which also makes it tough to impugn his citizenship or at least make a comparison.

          But with the POTUS being “other-than-white” it makes it easy for the the mouth-breathing tea partiers to “notice” a difference between he and them. That didn’t stop Tea Party predecessor-Swift Boaters with John Kerry – serving in Viet Nam and getting wounded wasn’t enough to confer upon him a pass. Even though his opponent snaked a commission to the Air National Guard (I wondered where he learned to wear that poopie-suit) and still managed to be too drunk to show up for duty… Geez – between Mittens and Dubya, there’s a glowing argument for a 500% estate tax – without family wealth both of these guys would be working stiffs like the rest of us… or less…

  32. I’m sure Romney will shrug this off and say he doesn’t remember doing this, but he will admit he “did some dumb things” when he was young. “Dumb things” Romney? Try illegal things!! Admit the truth Mitt, you were a bully, and a criminal – and if you impersonated a cop more than once, you were a serial criminal!!

  33. The more we hear about Romney, the more suspect his behavior appears. His demeanor is one of a person inhabiting a suit of armour. Maybe over the years he has learned ways of hiding himself. Bit by bit, as we learn more, it truly becomes frightening. Nixon was a real piece of work but it may be that he couldn’t hold a candle to this guy. In June, the Republicans have one more chance to derail Romney and maybe save the country a lot of grief. As the layers peel away, what we are beginning to see is somebody who has lived in a pretty protected enviornment with little opportunity to be examined by general society. He did have his time as Governor of Ma. but in view of new information surfacing about his past behavior, maybe people who had dealings with him then will revisit his actions and activities in new light.

  34. Just a note for all the baggers defending Romney as a “Prankster”:

    Impersonating a police officer is a FELONY, not a prank. You really should know and understand the difference.

  35. I jest wush me and the other stupid consurvative posters on heer was half as smart as these colleege educated liburals. Corse if we lived in one of them citys insted of out heer in the stiks we might have a chance to go to one of them big name UnEeversitys and lern us sumpthin like Eagle05 and Tally (she’s shore kewt though)

    • We almost agree. You are not a conservative. Conservatives are friends of mine and you are no conservative. Secondly, I live in a very small rural town 160 miles from a large city. The remainder of your comment I agree with. Particularly your confession that you do need to “lern . . sumpthin.”

    • I apologize for the “she’s shore kewt though” remark (not that Tally’s profile pic isn’t attractive, it is, but I should not say so and I especially should not use the word cute which might seem demeaning to some.)

      It was not but, may be misconstrued as misogynistic. It was meant to help enforce the picture of obvious low regard so many on left seem to have for anyone who dares to question their beliefs or anything having to do with this president.

      It’s really too bad liberals aren’t liberal anymore.

  36. Dave, If you condone portraying yourself as a police office shows your lack of what reality is. First of all it’s against the law and why did his father give him the uniform? He has spent his entire life as a priviledged little rich boy who has no
    grasp of what real life is. This shows in his younger years and his adult life. He wanted to play governor and daddy helped him to be governor. He tired of that after screwing things up . Then he wanted to be richer than dad and through his raping of businesses and selling them off ,he did become rich.Now he thinks it would be neat to be president. His entire life has been one of wanting things but not able to get them honestly. He joined the Mormon church to get out of serving in the army. What next will he want to be? A fireman,Indian Chief, superman or King!

    • Mit was born into the church. he went on a mission for the chruch to get out of the draft>. read my posts if you need more info on him. as I almost alway say, “if the info is wrong let us know, it is all in the Book of Mormon.”

  37. Romney is a sick turkey. There is more to come. He was arrested when his father was running for President, surely someone has those records. The man is a hideous individual, propped up with Morman. Obey in a foreign bank account.

  38. You are all FN nuts. If you want to give attention to something harmful a young man did then look at the pot head marxist freak in the WH!

  39. I think it’s lost in the posts here with the partisan back and forth that whether Willard is “sick” or not, he’s done things and said things that smack of an entitlement mentality. His wife said in an interview that it “is Mitt’s turn” to president. What the hell does that mean? It’s no ones “turn.” You are not entitled to the position but I guess it must be nice to have every opportunity afforded to you and still feel it necessary to bully people and lie and now we know he committed a felony that as a woman is beyond creepy. What happened between him and the people he pulled over? Why did he do it? What was his intentions? He abused the public trust by using his fathers office to obtain cover and a uniform for these activities. What would he be willing to use the cover of the White House to do? How many lies will he continue to tell and positions will he be willing to change? I can’t understand how a conservative or anyone could vote for someone so obviously proven by his own words and actions to be morally, and ethically challenged.

    Mitt lied and said he wanted to be in Vietnam when he dodged the draft deliberately by asking for 4 deferrals while the less well off had to fight. No one wanted to go, but why lie about it? Why not admit you didn’t want to go? He has proven himself a hypocrite since he actual was in rally’s in support of the Vietnam war while simultaneously requesting deferrals and living quite comfortably on the countryside of France. What a life for this man! Everything given to him. Would it have been to much to have been kind and befriend that boy whose hair he cut off and committed a violently felony against? Something is wrong with that man and the more I know about him the more scared I get of him.

    • You think Mitten’s is bad? You must not have gotten the dirt on Dubya, now HE was a mental case THEN he became president… TWICE!! (be afraid, be very afraid).

  40. Sounds like this guy was always a little desperate for attention at any cost. Is that the kind of person we need leading our country? He tries to be funny now, but just can’t cut it. This is the guy who never quite fit in and still doesn’t. Maybe he should go back to destroying companies and firing people like his buddy, Trump!

  41. While Mitt was playing police officer Obama was doing lines and smoking pot, you decide which is worse.

    • Neither one of them are worse!! My gawd, they both did these things when they were young, weren’t you ever young? We need to get off this nitpicking BS and concentrate on the issues.. I’m sick of hearing, “He did this”.. “Well HE did that”.. Who gives a $hit??

  42. Imagine that he has the ability to make prank calls to World leaders who may or may not be in a position to start WW III. More reason to get out and vote for Obama in 2012. God help us if Mitt wins in November. God help us.

  43. Here we go again!! More fodder to get our minds off the issues.. The guy was still a young school lad for chrissakes.. I’m sure he doesn’t go about doing it now.. Do you still pull girl’s pony tails or drench kid’s heads into unflushed commodes? You people need to stop being distracted by shiny things and get with the program else somebody’s gonna become head clown that you may not want.

    • DurdyDawg, it’s good to see that ones in a while you can come up with something that makes sense: I am glad you understand that probably Romney is doing anything to any parts of girls’ bodies no longer. You might even turn out to be a good guy/gal if only you could permanently take off your liberal tin-foil hat. Try to read Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels and Cloward and Piven destruction of America manual: the smart individual like you should be able to see striking references to what Obama is doing to OUR country NOW.

      • I’ve always found a sense of humor how the opposition always refers to ‘libs’ in derogatory terms.. They are NOT the enemy.. They just disagree on matters that you seem is going to make things better.. And don’t give me that ‘lesser of two evils’ rhetoric. The fact is, we’re all disappointed in the choices we have (that others have chosen for us). I’m not saying that one will be better or worse than the other, what I’m (we’re) saying is that your idea that Romney is going to make things better is like them saying Obama will do just as well. Of both there are flaws and misconceptions involved. You will blame them if Obama gets back in or they will blame you if Romney gets in.. So in conclusion, I feel everyone will lose either way so why spew hatred because they don’t see things your way? If you don’t see things their way I’ll just chalk it off as “You’re choice” and refrain from assuming that your an enemy. I defended Romney because I saw the ridiculousness in it. What we (all of us) did when we were young has nothing to do with who we are now.. Women don’t play with dolls nor do men play cowboys and Indians yet when we were young, we lived to do just those things and at times we did ‘nasty’ things too. I think we all should stop the snide shots and concentrate on who we want as President without judging the opposition and calling them names (on both sides) simply because they choose the opponent. It’s all OUR vote.. mine and yours, do you think making others vote your way is justifiable in this ‘choice’..? Then call them names, idiots and even communists if the choose not to.. You say ONE man is in the process of destroying the America we all were raised in while totally ignoring the masses of mongers all around him who are initiating these atrocities’ right under our noses.. These leeches will not hide under the wood work no matter who becomes head clown, don’t you realize this? You give Obama too much credit.. Your viewing him as possibly the smartest, mastermind in the Nation.. He can’t do the things that you accuse him of without the cooperation of the Congress who are the very ones who are implementing all these programs. Romney will also have to face the very same bottom feeders if he gets the brass ring.. I’m sure you will come back with your version which will place the guilt upon everybody who sees Mittens as the white Obama but at least I got to have my say, and no.. I’m not on drugs nor do I drink kool ade.. I’m just one guy with one vote.

  44. And this is a person that is running for president.I wonder how many of these pranks he is doing today.Bully AHA,that’s almost how he ran Massachusetts as governor,my way or the highway.

  45. Hey, Dave, you are sounding a bit like Ted Nugent. Romney was not good as a gov. of Mass., and he sounds like a spoiled brat who likes to bully people. Cutting someone’s hair against their will is assault and battery. The uniform thing sounds like a large lack of respect for others. I never knew anyone who would try to wear a policeman’s uniform. Isn’t that illegal (impersonating an officer). You can’t see past your teapubism.

  46. having read down the list for some distance, everyone, but one, got it right, except for one thing. Republicans stand for different Principles’, especially the wealthier ones. As far as they are concerned, it is their ENTITLEMENT. In business and politics they can lie as long as it gets them to the goal they want, and they can correct others of even the truth, if it means that their goal is compromised. Look at the recall election in Wisconsin, or Newt actually saying, “What I said yesterday about Ryan’s Budget, isn’t what I mean today.” Our Friend Dave, isn’t quite on the ball, to reply, in a polite form, even if his words have no fact, but he is passionate in what he thinks, desperately, has to be true. But then bigotry, prejudice, and fear mixed together has that problem. His fear, is as the rest of us realize is misplaced, we should be weary the amorality of the republican leadership, and it’s constant quest to destroy the American Dream, including the destortions they hand down to those that can’t think for themselves.

  47. Mitt Romney is in a pickle! These details may come to haunt him as he presses his case to become President. President Obama just needs to remain Presidential. He has guided the country astutely and should reap the rewards come the elections in November!

  48. Great job Mitt ,Detroit needs more police,to make the streets safe for people to walk,U got my vote!!!!

  49. If this is all the dirt that National Memo can dredge up on Mitt Romney…Obama has a long hard fight ahead of him.

  50. Isn’t it a little suspect that when I really starts looking like BHO is going to lose the election that bull crap like this begins to come out. Where was it six months or so ago? Are we to look for more of this crap in the days and weeks to come? No one is perfect and to hear the MSM and others talk it sounds like we are looking for another Jesus Christ and we know what happened to him and he was perfect. Well guess what there isn’t another Christ we all have done stupid things we wish we hadn’t done. Find something BHO can run on it isn’t his performance so far.

    • It’s a wonder ANYone even wants to run for any office these days. You have to wonder who is out there that would make an excellent public servant but choose not to put their families and self through this kind of crap.

  51. Mitt Romney, Koch Bros, Carl Rove & Assoc have an abiding ambition to establish an AUTOCRACY to replace our Democracy, that will further their conspiracy to loot all of the nations treasure.

    With the 2008 Republican Great Recession, unbeleivable under employment and unemployment, stagnated wages for the 99% for the past 33.5 years, a slow miserable slog to work our way out of the 2008 Repub Depression and a general feeling of government malfeasance due to Republican OBSTRUCTION, the Republithugs see an oppourtunity to create an environment of distrust, to accomodate their takeover of the U S A Democracy for the 0.50%.

    If you look at history that is what happened in Germany with the Hitler regime!

    • 100% agreement. In front of us we are seeing an American Apartheid created along the lines of massive wealth/elitist politics, gender and culture.

  52. It saddens me to read stuff like Dave and 4buisnessonly, it proves that ignorance and closed minded people still exist EVEN after the 8 years of destruction from the bushwack administration. You all have dug a hole so deep that the US may never get out of . If you support this sick repug you can expect it only to get worse !! O12

  53. He is such a slime bag, and then he hides from the draft just like GW!!!!! Just what we want, another GW to take this country down farther. I guess the right wants the market to go down below the 6000 that GW drove it to. That way the 1% can heavily invest and be even richer. You can’t take it with you and from the bible:

    “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:23-24″


  55. Joe Conason…. why am I not surprised at you? You are such a hack for the Obozo campaign propaganda machine that it’s almost not funny. Are you kidding me? First, “the hair cut” that was FORTY SEVEN YEARS AGO when the guy was in high school. Now the cop uniform from FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO???? Are you so lazy that this is the kind garbage that you waste your time writing about and posting as if this is some sort of new scandal and a reason to not support Romney? How stupid do you think people are? Obviously, as a leftist nutjob and useful idiot, you think everyone is dumber than you and your masters of the universe inside the hardcore leftist elite. But we are not.

    No one except the drones that already love their messiah, Obozo, will give a single crap about this. You are actually doing your side a disfavor with this kind of reporting because anyone with sensibility knows that your only purpose is a hit piece to discredit someone. And if you’re going back 40+ years to find dirt, that only affirms that Romney is actually squeeky clean and a straight arrow. I’d say nice try, Joe, but it’s not even that. It’s pathetic!

    Have a nice day!

    • Quite the contrary Edward.
      According to Clyde Mcwhorter the only qualifications needed for Obama being president are …
      “He was born in the USA (the state of HAWAI[sic]) He is at least 35 years of age, He has lived in the USA for 14 years , and ,Most Impartant He Was Elected By the Electorial College! ” That’s all it takes. No experience necessary. Good reading skills a plus, but not required.

      Romney was also born in the USA, he is at least 35 years of age, he has lived in the USA for 14 years, and most importantly come November he will very likely be elected by the electoral college! As an added plus Romney does have government and buiness experience, he too is a competent speaker.

  56. The real story is his service record that the AP reported on and no one else has touched. As a freshman he protested protesters of the Vietnam (war?) carrying a sign that read “STAND UP DON’T SIT IN.” Later he got a deferment, then another, then another, then another. Then he went to Paris as a missionary. The Mormon Church was FOR the war as you’ll recall. When he came back from Paris, early 70’s, the war was wratcheting down…PHEW!!!! In the 90’s he said ” I had no ambition to be a part of that war although I ask for NO DEFERMENTS to avoid it.” Then in 2007, Boston Globe Interview, he said ” I would have loved to have been a part of the war effort. to be a part of such an historic time would have been immemorable.” Once again Mitt, which way was it and which way would you like it to be???!!!

  57. So not surprised by this! The man walks around with a hue boulder of entitlement on his shoulder daring anyone to knock it off. This man is a Douche!

  58. Focus People!! What he did as a college freshman is, in my opinion, irrelevant to this campaign. I am far more worried about a return to “trickle-down” tax cuts that don’t trickle and more losses in the realm of civil liberties. We already know that he is a little rich boy, all growed up and ready to take over the world. This kind of stuff is redundant and ridiculous. I didn’t hold Clinton accountable for smoking dope in college, I’m not going to hold Obama accountable for eating dog meat when he was 6. And I’m not going to hold Romney accountable for childish pranks when he was 20.

    • No RNC, it is not ridiculous. It is not a run of the mill college prank. It is a manifestation of a long standing and ingrained personality defect where he has to elevate himself falsely & demean someone else to make himself appear/feel adequate. This is a guy that likes to fire people, a guy that likes to whip up a mob and throw a “different” kid to the ground and attack him with scissors. He likes to tie dogs to the top of a car and drive six hours to a vacation destination. He wouldn’t let his kids stop to go to the bathroom on long trips except when he scheduled it. Well, Seamus fixed him and we should do the same. Look, the RNC didn’t want this guy. You had to hold your noses to pick him. Now he will marry with the radical elements who have stolen the GOP and if he wins the Presidency we will soon experience a radical shift politics in this country very similar to Germany in the 1930’s. All the earmarks are there. The gilded governor doesn’t have the moral or political standing to handle the job.

    • Exactly JohnRNC! While we (the greater we) may not agree on what’s the road for our country to take these little side trips are nothing more than distractions. I want to hear the candidates (at all levels) present their points of view and what they propose to get people back to work and our economy back on track.
      But that’s probably asking too much from a politician.

  59. I think that this policeman uniform thing is just another example of a man who is immature and lacked character. He won’t admit to bullying a classmate and he certainly won’t admit to illegally using a police officer’s uniform. But this is the type of man that republicans like and want- a “religious” man who really has no conscience for others less fortunate than him, who gets a kick out of sucking a company dry then leaving it for dead along with the people who made their living wages there, who has no problem saying he is for something and then saying he’s against it when it’s convenient and who knows actually NOTHING about running an entire country!!!! If this is what all you neo-conservatives want, fine. You can’t explain him, you just hate Barack Obama so much you don’t care of Hitler himself was running on the republican ticket.

    • No. I don’t hate President Obama, but I do very much oppose the type change he wants for our country.

      Why is it liberals find so many faults in those they oppose while overlooking the same faults in those they support?

      • And what, praytell, do you not like bout the “type of change he wants for our country?”

        Tell me…color me a piture of what this change looks like for your country.” What does Obama want to do to this country?

        I can’t WAIT to hear your reply!

  60. My problem is more about our current president refusing to play a cop when our entire financial industry forges millions of documents and commits perjury millions of times in court rooms across the country in order to steal the homes of Americans that they don’t have a penny in and no legal claim to, due to the fact that they broke our economy in the first place. We have long voted for the lesser of two evils but never before so much lesser or so evil. Obama is a clown and Romney has some very bad company in his corner. We are screwed and you are worried about what this jerk did when he was younger for a gag? Do you really suppose anyone cares? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  61. Hey Dave…Middle aged jealous men bash Obama because they are so wound up in their own narcissism and corruption they have nothing of value left in their lives. Impersonating a police officer IS a crime in my state. What’s with making clean boi RoMONEY look like it’s “bois will be bois”?

    And, this wouldn’t be the first Republican candidate who got himself into trouble with the law. Bush ’43’s college antics got him and his college rowdy bois in trouble and jail in Princeton NJ.

    Republican men loooooooove to play the big deals until they make stupid decisions. Then, they tuck those too long tails between their legs and scurry off like hideous wounded animals ready for slate cleaning by their partisan peers.

  62. Got news for you. Most Republican men ARE bullies. They just make it look all purty by wearing their Little Lord Fauntleroy silks suits and slicking back their hair, spending trillions on dentistry for those perfect too white teeth and all for what? To look pure, righteous and holier than any thous in the thouest country. Too bad we can recognize these phonies so easily.

  63. Hey Dave ….what it proves is his cowardice to EARN a uniform. If he tried to stay out of the Vietnam war based on protest, that is one thing; however, he sounds very willing to send
    EVERYONE ELSE’s Sons and daughters to war. None of his kids have ever served our country. Hey 4Business… if you think Romney has a clue how to help business, you are sadly wrong. He made is fortune like the movie character “Gordon Gekko”. A man who knows how to help himself at the cost of “who cares”. Bush and Cheney (2 more cowards)
    put us in a downward Spiral the minute they made up the WMD. Again like Romney they know how to help out HUGE Corporations not small businesses or middle class America.
    One of the biggest profiteers of the 2nd Iraq war. KBR/Halliburton directly tied to Cheney.
    As for Cannibus, being a crime…that is a very very expensive joke played on ALL AMERICANS by our Govt. And unfortuately both parties play the game. Quit watching FOX news and wake UP AMERICA….FOX NEWS wants to continue to DUMB YOU DOWN.

    • News

      During the Vietnam War, while this writer was in Vietnam, Mittens was in Le Havre, France, passing out condoms to street hookers and trying to convert them to Mormonism.

      And he says he cares and wants me to vote for him.

  64. Maybe Mitt Romney really is a sociopath, which his career as a vulture capitalist and his bullying, illegal behavior in his youth would suggest. Add to that his veneer as a Mormon when Mormons are known to subjugate their women, and you’ve got a frightening portrait, especially for American women and gay youth.

    • Maria

      Nicely put. At the American Taliban Republican Party convention they are going to pass out burkas to all the women.

  65. I am a registered Democrat and not a Mitt guy, but I don’t see the relevance of this story. Silly season has started!

  66. Thank you. You have done a great job. We need to know what our future president hopefuls did in the past. Now, please do some on Obama’s past. There is much on Obama’s past, and 99.99% of it deals with anti US feelings and activities, anti capitalism feelings and activities, anti US system stuff, etcetera. I know you can. You have proven your abilities by doing this on Romney. Expose Obama’s spiritual advisor who is a self declared marxist (marxists do not believe in God), so how could he be a spiritual advisor. Come on, expose what Obama wrote in his school essays, how Obama applied for scholarships and what last names and citizenships he used to do so. You can get some information from Obama’s own books. That is where I read that Obama preferred Marxist professors and Chicanos. Chicanos are communist Mexicans such as UCR (University of California Riverside) Armando Navarro who wants California, Arizona, Texas, and many other states to go back to Mexico. Come on, there is a lot of information on Obama and no one has put it on MSNBC; I know you can do it. You did prove you have the ability!

    • So Globetrvlr, you believe Chicano=Marxist, and that Obama’s Christian preacher was not a Christian. You know, there is a thing called logic. It requires compiling evidence to reach a conclusion. You have lots of conclusions, but no evidence. You appear desperate for someone to come up with evidence to support your conclusions, but no one ever does. Considering the millions spent by right wing media investigating the president, you think they would have come up with something. The sad part is, people like you don’t need evidence. You have imposed your vision on the president, that he is a lefty…when the most left thing he has done, healthcare, is based on the Mandate, a right wing idea straight from the Heritage Foundation, and championed by Mitt Romney, both in MA, and in his advice to Obama. Using your logic, he must be a Marxist, too.

      • You have done a great job. Please, go on. Cover all the background info on Obama; when you are done e-mail it to me. Please, do not just pick on one or two things. Write about all there is to write about Obama… there is a lot.

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Did Young Mitt Romney Impersonate A Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes

  67. This man is stupid and thinks he can do anything he wants and get away with it. Putting on a Police uniform when he wasn’t a cop would be illegal—would be for anyone else and he is no better than anyone else. I still haven’t gotten over the sadistic act of putting his dog on top of his car. He might do the same to his wife or kids. If there enough idiots who are willing to overlook his lies and “pranks” to vote him in as president, we are all very much screwed. He has no comprehension of money for the middle class and the lower income citizens and already said he didn’t care about them. And Dave–Biden has every right to support his daughter. Evidently you wouldn’t support yours. Putting on a cop uniform as a kid on halloween is a lot different than posing as a cop in a real uniform as an adult. Consequences will eventually bite him in the ass.

  68. SO he abuses power, position, and authority in a cavalier and unapologetic manner, and is an egotist to boot. He uses deceptions and false pretenses to gain power over others from a young age. He is not trustworthy at all, but loves the vestiges and benefits of power, and thinks nothing of abusing it’s priveleges. All the makings of a psychopathic career criminal. He is NOT presidential material.

  69. Romney was involved in a fatal car accident in France while there as a missionary. He was declared dead by the first officer (a real one) on scene, who wrote in his passport, ‘il est mort’. He was not dead but was so severely injured that he was in a coma for 2-3 days and took over a year to recover.

    So, he was a bully beforehand and not worried about getting caught because his daddy was the governor. Then he sustains severe brain damage and his own wife said he came back from France ‘a different person’. What kind of different we don’t know, but I find his stuttering odd, his inability to remember critical incidents in his past even odder (how can you not remember that you attacked a fellow student after hunting him down with a posse and taking a scissors to him, which is assault and battery?) and now he, and his wife, just call these incidents Mitt being a prankster?

    Either the guy is a sociopath, he’s a liar, or his memory is a real ongoing issue. Which one do we want (again) in the White House?

    There are other choices besides Obama and his lack of real change.

    Gary Johnson for President.

  70. […] Creepy young Mitt Romney: did young Mitt Romney like to impersonate a police officer? Another witness says yes — When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes disguised himself as a police officer – a crime in many states… And he had the uniform on display as proof. […] Said Madden in a recent interview, “He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father,” George Romney, then the Governor of Michigan, whose security detail was staffed by uniformed troopers. “He told us that he was using it to pull over drivers on the road. He also had a red flashing light that he would attach to the top of his white Rambler.” In Madden’s recollection, confirmed by his wife Susan, who also attended Stanford during those years, “we thought it was all pretty weird. We all thought, ‘Wow, that’s pretty creepy.’ And after that, we didn’t have much interaction with him.” – National Memo […]

  71. Now he has the balls to impersonate a presidential candidate as a tea party right wing nut “birther” repulicrat. Whats next i wacko Romney land he got all the cooks, Donald “Quack” Trump. Newt Gingrich that stold christmas, Mitch”Pumpkin Puss” McConnell, Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan and Bone Head no balls Boehner.

  72. Ann Romney’s claim of Mitt’s being a ‘wild and crazy guy’ under the surface was. in my opinion, a way preparing of voters for all this stuff ahead of time rather than allowing it to be sprung on them all at once.

  73. The operative word here is “prank” and no one got hurt. I pulled some ridiculous pranks in my late teens and early 20’s , that many would think to be not so amusing and frankly pretty obnoxious (no one was hurt). Thank God for “change”, for maturity. Obviously I would never consider pulling those pranks again and admit I was pretty silly. As an Obama supporter, I totally will cut Mr. Romney some slack on his juvenile sense of humor way back when. No one was hurt, goofy pranks. If that’s the most horrible law he breaks (or broke), then he’s doing all right. I suspect he is no longer that obnoxious prankster he was in college. Neither am I. I have a huge heart for others and for helping others. Have a little grace people. Is that the best dirt you can come up with…seriously.

    • Dude put a dog on his roof. He hasn’t changed much. And his job at Bain is consistent. He doesn’t seem to have any appreciation of the misery and terror he causes others. The scissors incident is of course the most telling one of all — that we know of so far. I suppose we have to tolerate all kinds in this world, but do we really want someone who thinks such things are funny in the *White House*?? Obama has proven repeatedly he’s got the guts to make the hard decisions, but he does them consciously, knowing and feeling the consequences. Please, no more sociopaths like GW Bush and Romney. We’re better than that, we deserve better than that, and we can’t afford any more major mistakes like Bush committed.

    • Sure there is nothing wrong with Dressing up as a Cop & pulling people over Heck Rapists Prank women all the time dressed as cops. It’s all victimless fun ya know… More proof that you Republicans are too illiterate & void of ANY morality & decency to ever be trusted voting.

  74. Unless Mr. Romney tells us he did thes things, I don’t believe he did them. His real friends
    tell us he isn’t that kind of a person. Anyone have a photo of him in the uniform?
    Was it a Highway Patrol uniform or some other uniform, maybe Boy Scout?

    • Yes, people who commit horrible shameful acts are always the first to admit them and if they don’t, despite numerous independent witnesses coming forward, they can’t be true.

  75. OH please….compared to Obama’s smoking MJ, sniffing up some cocaine and meth…..these are minor growing up that we’ve all experienced!! Time to trash! But, I’m sure the media will be on the CIC (Celebrity in Chief) side. But, I will say, he sure can sing…love the way he could croon any of us. Right?

    • Dressing as a police officer and faking arrests is creepy as heck, come on, admit it. Obama joining in the normal behavior of his generation is regrettable, perhaps, but not creepy. I think we tend to try to forgive Mitt his mormonism and overlook his personality. Besides, he’s too much like GW Bush that way. We don’t need another irresponsible frat boy in the White House. The world is in enough trouble as it is.

    • There was a guy busted for molesting children a few months back he too liked dressing up as cops. but hey as long as he’s a Republican then that makes raping children ok too in your book doesn’t it.

  76. Who the hell cares? This is trash reporting and the whole thing stinks of the “character assissination politics of the Democrates and heard Mutt Obama

    • Yes, the republicans are clean as a whistle and any attempt to claim otherwise is ignoring the fact we must as patriots forget McCarthy, Watergate, the 1980 Iran deal, Iran-Contra, Abramoff, New Hampshire, Ohio, Florida, Plamegate, Bush’s sadism at his frat in college, the subsequent unnecessary punitive wars, one of them against a country that had zip to do with 9/11, Walker’s John Doe investigation, the latest revelations about the robocalls in Wisconsin coming from a GOP HQ phone number …

      The dems can’t be guilty of character assassination because republicans generally except perhaps those from a few grandfathered-in abolitionist families don’t have character to begin with to assassinate.

  77. Finger you are on the right track. If someone does dress as a Police Officer /Trooper and stop cars and tell people he is a law enforcement officer and he isn’t you are right he is breaking the law.
    President O Bama is who he is but negative finding came after he was elected . Mitt has a proverntrack record. Maybe he will do a GW and make believe he is a fighter pilot , declare the war won and eat cake . where do we get these people

    • President Obama wrote in his biography that he did drugs as a young person. I don’t remember reading about this or about chasing down a gay kids to assault him in Willard’s bio. Did I miss that chapter?

  78. Seriously jessis? Are you really that dense or are you just pretending. Driving around in a police uniform and pulling people over is not the same as drug use. Sure they are both against the law. For one playing cop can get somebody killed. The the Trayvon Martin case ring any bells? Also playing cop over and over again is a sure sign of mental problems. Get it!

  79. Really, college pranks. Is that like selling coke, Joe? Pushing girls down (I’m sure you are a big “violence against women” guy are you not).

    You liberal press people have simply become stooges.

  80. Unfortunately that number grows each and every day. Instead of growing a pair, pulling themselves up by their bookstraps they whinne, bitch and moan about the ‘other.’ Sign of times I suppose.

  81. So he behaved like a creep and a jerk in his youth. Puts him right on a par with Dubya’s history. More reasons why we don’t want this person as POTUS.

  82. you must have the “right stuff” to be president of the usa , romney has all the wrong stuff . he is without question a bully wimp.

    • w.b. by “right stuff” to be president, I assume you mean a willingness to kiss Empire ass, and carry out the disguised Empire’s orders both ‘abroad’ and ‘at home’ like Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama have done in foreign wars of aggression and imperialist extraction, and domestically in economic oppression, spying, torture and when necessary assassination of Americans.

      As Col Jessup (Jack Nicholson) would say, “Are we clear on that? Absolutely clear on that?”

      Yes, w.b. Romney seems more than capable in taking his place in this imperial rogues gallery —- in that he seems like a typical ’empire-thinking’ sociopath! In point of fact, he’s already proven himself to be a damn fine Private Equity Pirate on the global prowl.

      Best luck and love to the “Occupy Empire” educational and revolutionary movement.

      Liberty, democracy, equality, and justice

      Alan MacDonald
      Sanford, Maine

  83. […] we have learned about a number of stories detailing his unusual, weird, and strange behavior. This just might be one of the most bizarre stories yet: When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he […]

  84. Obama pushed around girls, ate dog, did cocaine, and was constantly high in his youth. But we heard a new rumor about Romney, so never mind all that.

    • Obama revealed all of this youthful indescretions in his autobiography. Mitt has to be outed by all his old buddies — and even then Romney does not ‘remember’ these things happening, while his old school mates remember them vividly. That is pretty weasily on Mitt’s part. And most people who dress up as police officers and pull over innocent drivers usually turn out to be serial killers. Mitt is definately on the creepy side.

  85. […] In Madden’s recollection, confirmed by his wife Susan, who also attended Stanford during those years, “we thought it was all pretty weird. We all thought, ‘Wow, that’s pretty creepy.’ And after that, we didn’t have much interaction with him,” although both Madden and Romney were prep school boys living in the same dorm, called Rinconada. Source:  National Memo […]

  86. It was about that same time, in the Cincinnati area, that someone dressed as a policeman was pulling young women over then raping them. Not to say this was Romney, however if the story above is true, he is definitely not someone who should be president

  87. Guess his grades at Stanford weren’t good enough to get him a deferment. So he took the mormon way out. Hid out in France- how many converts was williard able to collect in those two years?
    I’m guessing none.

  88. Typical Asperger’s behavior. A high-functioning autistic teenager thinks uniforms are impressive and likes the sense of power. But has no real idea of the legal and social implications of what he is doing. And showing off the uniform? Bad judgment call there. But to try to take the role of impersonating the President? Been done already…

  89. Just another reason not to vote for Romney. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and has an attitude of entitlement. He is weird and cannot relate to ordinary working people. Why should ordinary working people vote for him?

  90. Maybe it was a sexual fetish. It wouldn’t surprise me. Think Village People meets Wide Stance. Not that Republicans or Mormons ever go on the down low. Nope, never happens.

  91. Where Romney came from? Wall Street, so he got be one of scammers, seriously! Why do Americans need that? Go back to awful disaster time? I really don’t think so. Republicans can try whatever but any one of them should not to concern.

  92. This is just one more thing in a long line of things that Mitt Romney does or has done that is creepy or not normal. It is not normal to strap your dog on the roof of your car for a 1200 mile trip and continue to keep the poor hound up there even after he gets sick. It is not normal to lead a posse of classmates into another student’s room and hold him down while you cut off his long hair. It is not normal to change your beliefs and positions as often as you change your underwear. It is not normal to serial lie even when you know your statements are easily checked within minutes. And it is definately not normal to dress up as a LE officer, stick a red light atop your car and go on patrol, pulling people over. This incident seems not to be a one time thing to prank his friends who were on a double date — he apparently went on lone forays, pulling over random strangers and even brought his “uniform” with him to California where he attended college. Yeah, this was over 40 years ago, but to me it is very disturbing behavior and gives more than a little insight on Mitt’s personality. Creepy.

  93. Nobody should convince you or anyboby that the man Mitt Romney is a crook-he would be a crook president-at least you have seen him flip flopping on all issues-I dont trust him and will not want nobody to TRUST him with middle class America-He would tell a lie now to win the presidency and will do another thing when he goes to the white house thats why he has never metioned his faith abt mormonism- our faith guides us to do the right thing but his -he knows is the wrong kind of faith- thats why Im suprised with southern evangelicals trying to mingle or flirt with UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF MORMNISM

  94. Hey “Dave” and “4businessonly. you both need to get your heads out of the sand right now. you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to President, Barack Obama. You need to do your homework first, before you make such rediculous statements as the ones you both have made. I know you don’t like YOUR president, simply because he’s a black man. I can feel it in your writing of your STUPID statements. Pfft! you both need to go back to school, and then, get a life of your own. Mitt Romney wasn’t qualified in 2008, and he’s still not qualified in 2012. The only reason why you’d vote for him now, is because he’s white. you know it and so do I. Which, if your vote is based on the color of your skin, well….you may as well consider yourselves toast too. If you think for ONE second that Mitt Romney will do anything to make your lives easier, you both better think again. Have a nice day, in S.D. you don’t need to know my name. It’s of no importance to you.

  95. I totally agree with you SHM1026. As you can see, Dave immediately tried to take the focus off Romney, and talked about old, old news about HIS presient, Barack Obama. He really needs to do his homework, before he opens his mouth, or uses his idiot fingers to type anything.

  96. You said it before I could. I totally agree. Obviously, Dave and the other one DIDN’T read the book, but I sure did. He most certainly mentioned it in the book, but did Mitt Romney mention any of his bad habits, like impersonating a police officer, and on more than one occassion, so why is it he didn’t go to jail for that felony? had he, he wouldn’t be able to run for president. He didn’t win then, and as long as God has anything to do with it, and I know He does and will. Mitt Romney won’t win in 2012 either. People need to never forget what Barack Obama inherited from the Bush administration. He hasn’t even been in office a full 4 yrs yet, and the people are expecting miracles out of him. Only God is a Miracle Worker, not Barack Obama. He’s doing a very good job, considering what he’s been faced with.

  97. What are you saying here? who are “they”? what difference does it make if he confessed, put it in his book, etc…you said “you guys”, who are you speaking of here? You? I bet money you voted for BO and if you have any sense, you’ll vote for him again, but if you didn’t vote for him because he’s black, then…you are wrong as two left shoes, but I’m sure that’s always the case where you’re concerned. Least of all, it’s clear to me in your statements you’re making here. Pfft!

  98. All I can say to you sir, is, thank you for what you just said here. It’s the truth from here to glory!

  99. You just said it all right there! think long and hard. You have time Dave, it’s not until Nov. you best to believe, if you think Mitt is the answer, you should just leave the country, because it won’t be a country left when he’s done. that’s exactly why I will continue to pray that God will not allow such a person to run my country. Let us pray! We need it! oops! no. Dave needs it for sure.

  100. You just made the most stupid statement, well…one of the most stupidest statements I’ve read thus far. If this is how you think….that just tells me, you don’t even know what a dot is, let alone know how to connect them. You are a IDIOT! plain and simple, and so you don’t open mouth, and insert foot, you should stop while you’re ahead. and please do this for your own sake. There’s a saying that goes like this. “You can think a man is a fool, but once he opens his mouth, that takes away all the doubt”. Think about it fool!

  101. What Romney did in High School and now this HOW can this Country even let this man run for President,if that was you or me we would be in jail

  102. America has seen nothing yet and the country does not know how crookish Massachussetts found things with Romney. Impersonation, bullying, and corporate manipulations aren’t small illegal things.

  103. Not sure where you’re from at this point. If one jumped off a small bridge on a bet or otherwise, one would be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! not a suicidal maniac as you call it. ummmm! I see the the elevator has a top floor, but it seems, no one’s home. Let us know when you come back to earth, but most importantly, back to your senses. Pfft!

  104. This is the most serious reason I have ever heard for a man not to be President. The assumption that he did it as a joke is disturbing. What kind of person finds breaking the law a joke. That reminds me of the thugs who raped a woman in Central Park. Their friend said they were “wilding” or “just having fun.” I have never heard of a man impersonating an officer where there is any kind of good intent. And who could do something like that and not have someone report it?! Surely, word got out; so surely someone reported it. And one must think that he went unpunished because his father was Governor of Michigan. He went to Stanford ’65-’67 and then its reported that he went to France for Missionary work when others were dying in Vietnam. I’ve heard there are people in France who don’t remember him. Well, he should have some people in France who remember the tall, handsome missionary from America! The next thing we read about him is that he married his wife in 1969. Well, riding around California in a white rambler in the 1960’s sounds eerily like the Manson Family. He should have thought about guilt by association when he was committing what is a felony in a lot of places! We just are supposed to think he couldn’t have done anything awful because his father was rich and powerful. Well the children of the rich and powerful have done terrible things before. But let’s laugh and be merry because its just one of Mitt’s little pranks, like using the family dog for a “hood ornament” or “putting a gun to his chin” for a picture pose, or running down a student assumed different with a pair of sissors to cut his hair. Everything Mitt does for fun is just fun. If any of us had done it then it would be labeled disturbing behavior…a danger to ourselves or others…enough to get thrown in the nuthouse let alone White House.

    • LOL his actions as a kid is your best reason he can’t be president! Then you go on to compair to a rape….you’re a special kind of crazy lady. Yep…you have a president who admits to doing drugs, maybe you can compair that to a drive by shooting….hahaha

  105. I concur. Let’s not forget where he got the uniform from in the first place. Didn’t he get it from his daddy? Hummmm….that’s suspect right there. The fruit usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. Again, anyone who thinks Mitt is the answer for America, is seriously sick or prejudice. meaning…it wouldn’t matter to Dave who the president is, as long as that man isn’t black. That’s what I’m sensing here. I’m sure I’m right too, but I know Dave, in in ficklemindness, will never admit this.

  106. I concur. Listing to Mitt is like Charlie Brown’s Blah, blah, blah! I have yet to hear him speak on what his plans are for America. Least of all, his sound plans. The only thing I ever hear him talk about is how he wants to defeat Barack Obama. He’s even went as far as telling one of the S.D. Journalist last week, when asked the question: “Mr. Romney, what would you have to say to Barack Obama now”. His only response was; “Well…he can start packing”. Now you tell me, does he think he’s got this election in the bag or what? Pfft! He better think again. If you know like I know, Barack Obama needs another term. If they gave G.W. another chance, just because…I guess….because he certainly didn’t deserve a second term, but he was re-elected anyway. Pfft! I’ll say this, if Mitt becomes president, I’ll be very willing at that time, to leave the U.S. may as well, because we can certainly kiss any chance of this country recoverying with Mitt as president. That would be the biggest mistake Americans could ever make! Let us pray!

    • Good point….instead listen to Obama who will promise you the moon and has 4years of proof he can’t deliver….well done!

  107. So I guess you won’t be voting for Romney like the rest of us? Want someone serious like Obama that was a pothead as only serious teens are potheads. If you really think that behavior as a teen is really your criteria as President then you will stay home as bothof these men appear to be flawed in some way and this writer was must have been a perfect teen. It is a real shame he is not running for President and save the day. Romney 2012

  108. NO it’s not! so what’s your point? I’m sure you’re probably doing something illegal right now. Pfft! Please…get a life why don’t ya?

  109. Romney is chicken sh-t, and you cant make a chicken sanwich that taste good out of it, and so goes Romney, him and all his cohorts are scoundrels and you know it, low lifeted, with all the money in the world wont make you anybody! you people think he is good, wait until he give you something to suck on! he have said he love to fire people! wait until the big hoodlums withdraw their money like donald trump! and see what you will have, and romney dont care if you starve suckers, see if you can eat bigotry!

  110. I don’t know if I would want a commander and chief who hadnt colored outside the lines. He without sin cast the first stone? Good luck finding tat saint

  111. In the tradition of chickenhawks, “my life is too precious to defend America, my daddy will keep me safe, I don’t have Man Up.”

  112. Young Romney was one extremely geeky and weird dude. No doubt a result of being raised in the Mormon cult by a bigamist father, and all of the weirdness that went with that. Probably a lot of isolation from “normal” people as a child, until he got to college, where from the sounds of it he just didn’t know how to be “normal”. The pranks he pulled show a real lack of empathy on his part. The lies and accusations and crap he continues to pull out of his Republican hat these days proves to me that deep inside, he’s still that geeky weird prank-pulling kid that he always was.

  113. What’s next?! The next think you know, Romney will be going around the country claiming he wants to be President! It’s only a practical joke if someone believes it to be real. In this case, it backfired on Romney, most people know he won’t be President except Romney himself. He’s setting himself up for disappointment.

  114. The more one finds out about Romney, the clearer it becomes that he should not be anyplace near the White House! ” Now is the time for all Americans, who love America, to come to the aid of our beloved country.”


  115. I don’t believe this period. It is so ridiculous. Guess Dems can’t run on their policies, so have to make stuff up about the other candidate. Oh well, better than being a drug dealer, like other people we could name!!!

  116. Oh my God ppl he was a teenager back in the 60’s there wasn’t all the PC bull crap… He dressed up in a Cops uniform to prank his friends and their girlfriends.. All this PC crap is making our kids soft.. I’m not saying that hazing doesn’t go to far and that bulling is fine it just there are different degrees.. You can’t lump it all into one… I got hazed in the navy and hazed in HS.. It made me feel apart of the school pushing the senior ring across the school emblem with my nose.. Harmless and fun.. but now they can’t do anything to show school pride.. ppl even walk over it like it’s nothing now… I think we have the same problem with our country/flag… kids aren’t taught by parents or schools to have pride in there country/flag.. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen ppl talking and wearing hats during the National anthem or won’t say the pledge… Its very sad….

    • This has nothing to do with PC and I don’t think what Mitt was doing at the age of 18 and even older, by some accounts, can be classified as harmless pranks. The only thing I agree with some is that it happened a long time ago. It does, however, give us insight to his character. We are not talking about a young adolescent, here — Mitt was fully grown when he was cutting off the hair of a classmate who he perceived to be different and when he was impersonating a cop. The creepy thing about the LE impersonation thing is that he did it more than once and not just to prank his friends. Apparently, he was pulling over strangers. My brother is almost exactly to a month the same age as Mitt Romney. I assure you if he had been doing what Mitt Romney had been doing, no cop in our town would have considered it a harmless prank. Picture this embarrassment for Governor George Romney:

      Governor’s son arrested for impersonation a Michigan State Trooper. Willard “Mitt” Romney was spotted by a Lansing police officer on patrol after the young man pulled over a woman on I-496. Mr. Romney, a recent graduate of Cranbrook Prepatory, was wearing a Michigan State Trooper uniform and had a red flashing light attached to the top of his 1965 Rambler. The young man could offer no explanation why he was dressed as law enforcement.

      At the very least, even in 1965 or 1966, Mitt would have been required to get some help. Or maybe not.

  117. This is the kind of story that might bounce around the liberal “echo chamber”, but if we judge candidates based upon what they did in their youth, then nobody would be qualified to be President – least of all Barack Obama. This looks like somebody’s desperate to me.

  118. Mitt Romney is a real idiot that deserve to have been ponished on numerus occassions. He is a draft dodging coward that do not deserve to be the chief commander of our military .It would spell disaster if this idiot decide to pull a prank at this level noting his background as a demented prankster…R U LISTENING AMERICA THE MAN IS VERY DANGEROUS…VOTE OBAMA 2012

  119. Wasn’t there a guy in California somewhere who was convicted of wearing a uniform, perhaps it
    was a military uniform when he was not a member of the armed forces? If anyone recalls this, please respond and post here. Many thanks. Mel

  120. Please, I am a Democrat and intend to vote for Obama, but this Mitt Romney bashing is making me sick. How can MSNBC claim to be a news outlet with this partisan stuff. You guys are as bad as FOX. You have thrown away all boundries and all sense of human decency. If you think you are helping my candidate you are misguided.

  121. I agree with Fingerlakes54. Many on the ‘sex offenders list’ committed way less offenses (mooning) than Romney, yet had their lives ruined by a ‘youthful prank’. He deserves no less. Of course, you can’t tell that to the ignoramouses complaining about Finger’s observations. To them their beloved hero can do no wrong, even if we find that he fired his own spkoesman, Richard Grenell for being gay. Same for Richard, he still supports the guy that discrminated against him.

  122. look lets just stick to the campaign I could care less about his pranks as a youth any more than I cared if Clinton tried pot in college.This article is not worthy of the things to report

  123. …a cop, a job creator, a Governor, a politician, a good American, a caring politician; Mitt has impersonated all of these things – I truly hope the American voters don’t give him a chance to “play” POTUS.

  124. What about using coke and MJ?? I think that’s a crime. What about taking a bribe from the Mafia isn’t that a crime

  125. “In The Real Romney, a biography published by Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman this year, another former friend recalled how Romney had “put a siren on top of his car and chased two of his friends who were driving around with their dates.” The two friends were in on the scheme, but the girls were not. There was beer in the car trunk, according to a prearranged plan. Mitt told his two counterparts to get out of their vehicle and into his car. Then they drove off, leaving the girls behind”

    That is hilarious! It’s a prank from kids in high school. Lighten up, Francis!

  126. Wow. If only The One had gotten the same kind of PROCTOLOGY exam from The Press before his candidacy. One might actually be forced to accept the notion that they weren’t ridiculously biased.

  127. “Did Young Mitt Romney Impersonate A Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes”

    During the run up to the campaign, did another voter say “Who the eph cares!?!?”
    It was 35odd years ago, and he was a college freshman.

    Yeah, Barry never did anything stupid as a freshman. NAWWWW.

  128. >>> Madden, a native Texan who graduated from Stanford in 1970 and went on to become a successful television producer and writer

    Ah, yeah. A 10 year career 20 years after graduation, focused on two whole shows, and hasn’t done a damned thing for over 10 years.

    Sounds more like someone desperate to get noticed again in Hollywood.

  129. Just because you go on a mission for the Morman church, does not get you out of military duty. Mr. Roerink, you need to check your facts before reporting something on the National Memo. My nephew was a Morman missionary, and also served in the military. He also had a military funeral, along with the Morman church.

  130. How about Romney’s father and grandfather? Perhaps we can go back to find more evidence of human behavior as a youth. No wonder we struggle!

  131. I’m more distressed by Romney impersonating a human.
    He’s almost life-like at times, but that his creepy soulless alien might
    get elected is down right scary.

  132. This story is only illustrative of how fun and breezy and cool it is and always has been to be a rich, white boy. Mitt’s changed. Now he’s an angry, white,middle-aged multi-millionaire.

  133. If you didnot live during the draft era then you have no idea how pitiful people were that avoided the draft! My dad was a Vietnam War Vet and I am very proud of his many years of service, for he retired after 25 years. My father was in Vietnam twice. I am understanding how blessed our family has been that he returned to us. As for the Police Uniform incident , people there is a difference between putting on the uniform and truly serving. Romney has a commercial where he has a ROMNEY PRESIDENCY! Well Romney, I will say this:If you do become President.. Fun and Games end! You will truly experience what your party destroyed in this country…hopefully you will not come against a Democratic Congress to knock down all your bills as President Obama has come against in a Republican Congress. It will be hell for you, worser then President Obama!

  134. I say we’re better off disregarding the criminality aspect, since, after all, Obama did confess to getting high. Apparently a better tack to take with conservative or undecided voters would be the disclosure that Mitt speaks French. After all, it was part of Kerry’s downfall!

    Yeah, around those years, no one who had a clue would be caught dead looking like a police officer, Dave. It was very odd that he wanted to do that, and I think telling, along with the bullying. He certainly liked to intimidate and frighten others, and that’s not a good sign.

    • He was a young adult/teenager when he did that stupid crap. Everyone does ridiculously stupid crap like this , both in college and high school. If THAT is how far back you have to go to dig up ‘dirt’ on someone, then you really haven’t accomplished anything but display how desperate you really are.

  135. This is terrible! I’m changing my vote right away. How can I possibly vote for a man who dressed up (maybe) as a policement 40+ years ago, when I have the opportunity to vote for a man who smokes marijuana and snorts coke and brags about it, not to mention destroying the American economy in a mere 3-1/2 years, while he claims publicly that ‘the private sector is doing fine’?

    My God, is the best you imbeciles can come up with?

    And BTW to all libs who read this – serving as a missionary is a calling for members of the LDS Church, as it is for some other religions. I guess since you are most likely all atheists, you wouldn’t know anything about this, or about serving others.

    Waiting to read this fool of a writer’s’ next article about all the libs that ran like hell from Vietnam military duty to live in Canada for years, until a president eventually pardoned them.

    And oh yeah – Obama lied when he said the security leaks didn’t come from his administration. The NYT article clearly stated who ‘leaked’ the information to them. Just thought you might want to think about that, and perhaps look into the possiblity that he may have told more than this one lie.

  136. For you lurking conservatives…
    It’s true Obama smoked pot in high school and early college days. He did something illegal. But here’s the difference between Obama and Mitt: Obama doesn’t DENY he did something illegal and/or wrong!!! He owns, accepts responsibility for it, learns from it and keeps it moving.

    Mitt Romney denies his wrong-doing, doesn’t accept any responsibility, which suggests he has absolutely no remorse or regret for what he’s done. He doesn’t CARE how his actions hurts others. This is the sign of someone who can take a crap on virtually anyone and sleep like a baby- a near sociopath. Mitt also likes to say whatever is necessary in the moment if he thinks thats what others want to hear. I don’t think there is one political or ethical issue that Mitt Romney hasn’t flip-flopped on. He’s pro-choice, then pro-life. He’s for gun control, then against it. He helped design and inact Romneycare, but against Obamacare (nearly identical programs). He’s for gay marriage, then against it. He likes the idea of firing people, then he says he’s not. He puts people out of work, then says he’s created more jobs than Obama (a false statement). And by the way…6 previous American presidents were businessmen, and all were considered some of history’s LOUSIEST presidents. (Do an internet search- it’s all there.)

    So I’ll ask AGAIN…for you out there who are republicans, how do you defend your candidate? I can defend mine and have many times here. But no republican, neo-conservative, birther or right wingnut can.

  137. Republicans are already saying , “Yawn, so what?” What happened to the former standards of the party of “Let him die”?

  138. This is fucking hilarious. A hero of the Democrats was a man who’s daddy worked with the Nazi’s and was by all accounts anti-semetic. The same man who repeatedly cheated on his wife while he was president. Then theres a man who got blowjob in the Oval Office from an intern. And a man who’s youth was fueled by drugs, who was hanging out with a domestic terrorist and was a member of the New Socialist party.

    But by all mean, lets look at stupid pranks – and yes, it was just pranks – that occurred 40 years ago. If you want to take on Romneys record, by all means go for it. Of course you’ll get rushed if you compare records so I guess you have nothing left but to drudge up things that happened 40 years ago.

  139. Sounds like the little rich Governor’s son could do just about anything he wanted. Why would his dad ever give him a police uniform? How crazy is that? Why would he want to dominate people so much as to impersonate a police officers and carry out fake arrests? That’s not a prank, that’s a sickness. I think we are starting to see a pattern here…bullying a gay guy by holding him down and taking a scissors to his hair while he screams.
    Then, His famous quote….”I like to fire people” explains what he’s been doing at Bain Capital. too. He’s just a big time bully, but yet not brave enough to put on a military uniform and fight for our country. Think about this…He used a 3 year church missonary wavier to avoid the Vietnam war & had deferments for 5 years… and now he wants to be our commander-in-chief! If he’s a missonary can he also be in charge of our military…that’s a conflict! Will he send the troops in when needed or will his conscious suddenly bother him?
    After all, he told Massachuettes he was in favor of a women’s right to chose and then when legislation came across his desk, he’s conscious wouldn’t let him sign it… will his conscious tell him not to send the troops too? Who knows where he stands on any issue because he’s been on both sides of all issuses.

  140. So, who here DIDN’T do stupid stuff high school or college? Let THEM be the first ones to try to dig up dirt here!

    Just another stupid (yes, it was stupid) college prank.

  141. If we only knew 1/100 of what Obama has done, where he got the money to go to such nice schools, where his REAL birth certificate is, where his REAL loyalties lie, etc, etc, etc……. Kinda makes ya go, hmmmmm.

    • Ah yes,
      Karl Marx got together with Rasputin to conjure an evil institute that Saul Alinsky administered and left George Soros to finish the job and cultivate such an intricately created beast that Barak Obama became.

      Hmmmmmm, it sounds unlikely, but how else COULD such a monster exist?

  142. I find it funny the b/s people have to try and drum up on Mitt… “Let him without sin be the first to throw a stone”. I wonder if Obama has ever done anything wrong?….

    • George Bush liked blowing frogs up with firecrackers, how well did that work out for us?

      The GOP needs to offer a candidate that we like, who doesn’t deserve to be despised for his character flaws, and maybe Americans would actually vote FOR their man instead of against some socialist bogeyman trumped up by their pundits.

      Really, a bully wannabe cop who went on to a career in eating companies alive leaving the former employees jobless, pensionless while he builds houses with elevators for his cars?

      And we’re supposed to believe that treatment will help us?

      What part of “freedom” is that?

  143. If he did not do, what he’s supposed to, and he was playing stupidly police officer and scaring people instead of been defending our country, when it was most needed. He do not deserve to be our leader (president), period. I am a real estate agent, and know how economics in our country work, and despite for the past few years business for us have been terrible, I don’t blame BO, BC I understand is not his fault. Said that. I prefer to keep BO for 4 more years, he will make it one way or another. Instead of having a coward wierdo in the white house. This is a big deal. Be our president, has nothing to do with inpersonate a police officer. His family has to stand him. Not us. He can impersonate himself as a police officer. Impersonate a Presidente of USA of America, it’s a bit more complicated.

  144. Yes Dave, you said it!!!! For Halloween or a custume party BUT not out in public. And IT IS A CHILD’S FANTASY!!!!!

  145. Back to the initial issue at hand: About a year ago, in California, there was a news story about a man dressing as a highway patrolman, and in his personal car – also with one of those siren/flashing mars lights would stop people – women in particular. They couldn’t get this guy fast enough with an all-points bulletin in tracking down and arresting him. Need I say it, he is serving some serious time in prison.

    Then in reference to the Mitt and the Gang hair cutting incident, he admitted he could not remember this particular incident so he gave a blanket apology to ALL of the hi-jinks and pranks of his high school days that “may have gone too far.” As another student stated during those high school years, “it was like being in ‘Lord of the Flies’.” And because George Romney was governor at the time, who was going to defy this immature gang of five – students and/or faculty. Just imagine the cajoling from the Governor, laced with mild threats when everybody wasn’t getting on board in overlooking the Young Mitt’s indiscretions.

    The Republicans started this interest in the life of the young Obama more than two years ago. Actually, his past is rather run of the mill. But for Romney, I’m willing to bet there is a police record in one of these fifty states.

  146. this is what the ppl. of this country wants to lead us ? he broke thew law who,s to say he wont again ? as for it being in the news how many police dose he put at risk now . ppl. might see a cop pull them over and ones that have a permit to carry a gun can shot the cop thaT pulls them over and say thy thought the cop was a fake and was going to rob me . or even have other ppl. wear a police suit and pull over ppl and do just that rob them . ppl. hear things not just in these days but any days . and thy think of ways to use what thy heard to do things to break the law . and say why not romney did it . if i do it i might be able to make some money and for a pres. that says wel for all you ppl. that will fight for our country you deserve a green card . because you are doing something id never do . heck i ran from fighting for the country . so we need ppl. like yopu here and not cowardly ppl. like me //Following his sophomore year at Stanford, young Mitt left and never went back. For more than two years he served as a Mormon missionary in France — thus avoiding the obligation to wear a very different uniform in Vietnam.

  147. Interesting,where are the people who went to school with Barack Obama???????????? Are they all dead from cocaine overdoses????

  148. When Romney was in Prep School he was a weekly customer at my young man’s clothing store in Birmingham, MI. He pulled some “doozy” pranks at our store such as, but not limited to, pretending (under disguise) to hold up the store with a fake “Tommy-Gun”, impersonating a Birmingham fireman in uniform (yellow slider/yellow helmet) carrying an “ax”, and to cap it all off, his mother, Lenore, called our store once to ask us if we would just give him a job “TO GET HIM OFF THE STREETS!” [sic]. Sorry, he failed the necessary requirements for the job. Bad resume! – Apparently Romney has denied the carrying of the “Tommy-Gun” (wrong) and carrying the “ax”. (also, wrong) BUT! allegedly never denied he pulled pranks in the store. Oh, yes! he sure did those cop impersonations. … and what about the “Hair-Cutting” incident? Come on now – Over-Privileged “kid”! Under-qualified for President! All he can do is fire people and become a top contender for the top 1% of this country! What a sad lot the GOP put on the dais this year.

  149. What a total jerk ! He thought it was funny leaving two innocent girls on the roadside ?
    What an ignorant ass! Story after story about this guy just seems like everything is a game
    bullying dressing up like a cop playing jokes (which couldve been dangerous) and then his adult life he makes his millions by screwing over other people ruining their lives just another prank at someone else’s expense and once his millions are made his only real job is to “game” the system by playing shell games to avoid paying a 15% tax. What an absolute Ass!

  150. Yeah, a more trustworthy person is one that hides his college and citizenship past, smoked weed and snorted coke with Communists and Marxists, then promises to fundementally transform the USA and does everything he can to repeat all the economic failures made in the 30’s and 40’s, tear the country apart with class warfare and abuse executive privlidge to protect his cronies that allowed thousands of guns to walk across the Mexican border into the hands of drug cartels.
    No, I think I’m voting for the former wannabe cop prankster with a commitment to God, family and country.
    USAF Veteran ’65-’89

      • I’d kick her butt for allowing herself to get into the situation.
        But we don’t know the whole story, because the writer doesn’t complete it. What happened later? Did the guys go back and get them, likely. Did the girls get killed, beaten, raped? Unlikely.
        I’ve played similar harmless jokes on friends at that age, and also been at the end of such practical jokes. It’s a part of growing up.
        But on the other hand, you’d have me prefer the kid that did drugs and hung out with Communists and Marxists….you just don’t get it, Linda.
        The FACT that one played practical jokes and later in life became a God-fearing respectible businessman and father, and the other did drugs and befriended Communists, and is fundementally reaching a goal of tranforming the USA into something more Socialist, economically broke and financially dependant on China, and culturally divided, possibly to the brink of civil war.

        Are you really so dense that you can only ask such a lame question to get me to prefer the other? Maybe you’ve been the brunt of such jokes too many times and you can’t stand people that play these jokes, well, then, I’m sorry for you, but I see running the USA as a much bigger issue than practical jokes 45 years ago.

  151. Herec we go again! Rich boy has nothing better to do than to harrass the poor struggling public…..for kicks. What a sorry example of character! I guess we’re supposed to shake the Etch a Sketch and make this go away.If he was so anxious to wear a uniform,Why didn’t he join the military?

  152. Just a note of truth in your innuendo infused piece. Two and a half years as a missionary for the church, which Romney did at the same age, and as was typical for young Mormon men would not have kept him out of the military. It would only have deferred him for that time. Since the war went on much longer, he was eligible for the draft unless subject to student deferments later as were thousands of others in college. Try a little truth and a little relevance. Whatever pranks Romney was involved in at a 18 year old at his first year of college has no relevance to who he is now.

  153. You idiots sound like you are teenagers. How immature to answer questions about someone’s misconduct with trying to call attention to someone else’s conduct. This is about Romney not Obama. And by the way Obama is one of the kindest good hearted Presidents we have had. He is not a rich fat cat who only cares about lining his pockets. I live in Ohio and the GOP are running ads with people saying Ok, he is a good man, we have to admit it, but maybe not the best choice for President. They are saying that because any normal thinking person sees that he is a good man. But you want to think of him as a snake so it is easy for you to hide your racist hatred. What in the hell has he done to you to make you so hateful? You act like he personally killed your mother or something. And this is not something he has done because from the time the man entered office all you did was bad mouth him. You wished that your fellow Americans would do badly just to try to disgrace a black man who you think is too uppity for his breeches. he will win again because God is with him. No one cares about God’s words. Jesus said you are to follow God and not Mammon but you want Mammon. The Devil rules the earth but God rules everything. Romney is a Devil. The white knight that we were warned about. I suggest you pick up a bible you will see. There are hundreds of places in the bible that warns us against him and the GOP. Why in the hell do you think that the state he is from and the the state he was govenor in both are likely to vote for Obama? Both hawaii and Illinios are likely to vote for their native son Obama. Don’t you think something is wrong there?

  154. Your kidding right? The country is going broke, we have children starving…….this is an absolute desperate attempt to take the subject off what really matters. The National Memo is an absolute joke!

  155. Look you can wipe this away by saying liberals are desperate, youthful teenage pranks, there are more important things to talk about…but Romney refuses to talk about the “important” things. And these incidents do point to some major character flaws in the man.We should consider these incidents and the myriad amount of others because if Romney wants the job..he needs to pass our tests!! He has never had to apply for a job before and is unprepared to deal with the press and the focus on his character. He sends his wife and sons out to defend him and they are just as angry about having to defend him as he is! He should not be elected President because he might have more business acumen…the office of President requires much much more that he does not appear to have the capability of doing.

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