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Friday, October 28, 2016


Donald Trump still has some personality adjustments to make as he campaigns for president with a party that purports to stand for things like “family values” and “traditional marriage.” Watch CNN’s Jake Tapper pop the question everyone wants The Donald to answer: What exactly is so “traditional” about being on your third marriage?

We may disagree with Trump on most everything, but we do see eye to eye on one point: We don’t blame his wives for divorcing him, either.

Video via State of the UnionCNN.

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  • jakenhyde

    Of course The Donald is for traditional marriages……lots of them.

  • Looner

    That is so much of a lie! It was a big thing in the media when he dumped his wife Ivanna for a way younger woman. She had supported him and helped him and gave birth to his children and he hooked up with a young bimbo. She was furious about it and went on all the media outlets. This guy is such a clown.