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Saturday, January 19, 2019

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John Kasich had a very unfortunate moment Monday at a town hall event in Virginia, when he reminisced about how he first got elected to the Ohio state Senate at the tender age of 26 — but even this story of youthful vigor showed how culturally dated he can still be.

“How did I get elected? Nobody was — I didn’t have anybody for me,” he recalled. “We just got an army of people who — and many women, who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and to put yard signs up for me.”

Now here’s the thing: It’s very likely that Kasich is honestly telling the story of his political career in the 1970s, and accurately describing that era. In decades past, the “little old lady in tennis shoes” was a common stereotype of Republican women volunteers (especially the very right-wing ones).

With that said, though, it’s probably not a good idea in the year 2016 to reminisce about those bygone days. And Kasich found this out, when a younger woman got up later to speak to him.

“First off I want to say, your comment earlier about the women [who] came out of the kitchen to support you,” the woman said. “I’ll come to support — but I won’t be coming out of the kitchen.”

Kasich responded: “I got you!”

Update: The Kasich campaign has responded to the controversy, in a statement to NBC News:

John Kasich’s campaigns have always been homegrown affairs. They’ve literally been run out of his friends’ kitchens and many of his early campaign teams were made up of stay-at-home moms who believed deeply in the changes he wanted to bring to them and their families. That’s real grassroots campaigning and he’s proud of that authentic support. To try and twist his comments into anything else is just desperate politics.

Video via Lauren Michaels/YouTube/ABC News.

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25 responses to “Endorse This: John Kasich’s Odd Praise For Women In Politics”

  1. Marv Nochowitz says:

    Kasich likes women so much, He Just defunded Planned Parenthood. Because women cannot be trusted to take care of their own health care They need the government to take charge of their ovaries and uterus

    • Robin Bass says:

      Thanks…I was just going to post the same thing

    • nana4gj says:

      I know. I was one of those who thought, if push came to shove, Kasich would be acceptable to me. Fortunately, I listened to and watched one debate long enough to catch in him something disturbing during the first round of “questioning”, and after I saw I had to eliminate Kasich, I switched the TV channel and never watched another. I cannot think of anything worthwhile in those debates.

      Everyday, it is one tit for tat, one accusation of who lies more and bigger and better than the other. Today, Cruz fires his campaign manager for lies and smears as a campaign strategy and Cruz has spent his time as a Senator doing the very same thing….It’s his trademark. He drops an incendiary remark about an individual in the well of the Senate, leaving toxic fumes, this short of actually claiming factual truth, and ends with “I’m just say’n”, and then leaves town.

  2. talkingpointsmemo-d51f8bad9e7c8db2174b3aa508759d94 says:

    Please – do NOT be fooled by the low key, “i am the adult in the room” demeanor of Kasich. He is being positioned as a “moderate,” especially compared to Trump and the obvious “red herring” candidates, but in reality is part of the dangerous GOP fringe. A few examples: Kasich has pushed through 17 different extreme restrictions on women’s right to choose, has signed bills to limit eligibility of absentee ballots and cut early voting, made it difficult for service members overseas to have their votes counted, eliminated assistance to the elderly in voting, vacillates on whether climate change is real, signed a bill ending collective bargaining for public sector workers (overridden by popular vote), big tax cuts for wealthy but half Billion in school funding cuts – although increased funding for religious based “charter” school vouchers, despite the fact that Ohio’s charter school system (rated “worst charter system in the nation”) is under investigation for falsifying results to make them appear successful and for misuse of funds.
    I suspect they will try to advance him eventually as the “voice of reason” candidate since he was against shutting down the gov’t over Planned Parenthood (which he defunded in Ohio), but he is just as far out there as the rest, just quieter about his fanaticism.
    His response to family leave – “The one thing we need to do for working women is to give them the flexibility to be able to work at home online,” Yes – it is so easy for a woman to do her receptionist, cashier, daycare worker, nursing, teaching or other job from home. Republicans will say ANYTHING to avoid treating women as equals worthy of respect. Kasich is even scarier than the ones who are open about their horrible attitudes and beliefs, because he is a stealth woman hater and extremist.

  3. Leftout says:

    Women should be in the kitchen supported by their male counterparts. But in reality only the pretty ones can be afforded this life style. I know most of my married friends are very happy and doing well, it is an idyllic traditional life style . Unfortunately I am
    Ugly and have to just admire them.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Yeah, God only knows why a woman would actually WANT to do anything other than stay barefoot, pregnant, and home. I mean, how many women want the career choices that Carly Fiorina made? Or Kathleen Sebelius? Or Barbara Boxer? Or Barbra Streisand? Or Natalie Cole? Or Liv Tyler? Or Elizabeth Taylor? Who’d want all that praise, money, power, and control other than a man?

      /sarc off

      • Leftout says:

        Most went down in flames, all were married I believe and more than once . Women are sexual animals as well as men….. More power to them. Many of these well to dos take on men as loves , obviously much below their financial status, but the same goes true for a successful male. Trump at least takes
        Care of his women……. Not to mention Bill Clinton. Jist sayin’.

        • nana4gj says:

          I don’t know how much better Trump cares for his women. He has extra marital flings, impregnates the women, divorces the wife, marries the pregnant girlfriend, then divorces her, and finds another and they all resemble each other, because women who do not look like that are “disgusting”, as are their physiological functions.

          Bill Clinton seems to actually like women; Trump does not.. That is the ONLY difference.. A man can learn to control his behavior if he values his wife and respects her and all women. But a man who does not value and respect women, and sees them only as objects, cannot control behavior that is a part of his character and psyche make up, his personal belief and value system. One doesn’t need to look too deeply to see that belief and value system, that psyche and character, extends to more than just women.

          • Leftout says:

            Only we know in our own mind/hearts how much we will be accountable after we digress from norms”. Trump has taken care of his offspring and the women. They all
            Knew what they were getting into as well. Love/passion certainly overcomes most of us, and as you know there are always interesting ying &. yangs taking place in dalliances. It takes a responsible person to follow through on all commitments following these aberrations. bill Clinton was just a player, no investments in the others emotions ….so it seems, but who knows? I speak from my own observations, never had to worry about such things since I am thankfully ugly. I pity you others with these kind of issues. ?

          • nana4gj says:

            I am not beautiful, nor am I ugly, and neither are you. I am told I was beautiful when I was young…I am 73 yrs old now, but, I feel beautiful now because of the person I have become and continue to become. I did not take advantage of that beauty back then, nor, of course, now. But, I do know that women who agree to relationships with married men, carry equal responsibility and should have no expectations of anything more. Therefore, Bill Clinton may have been a player, but, so were the women.

  4. pmbalele says:

    I have told you Repubs and TPs are immature minded people although they look old. Immature people usually lie, are insecure, think of themselves more important than the rest of us. That is what we are getting in the GOP line-up now except Don Trump. Just imagine what Rubio and the non-citizen Cruz are calling each other-liar. That is why Trump is trumping them out. Now we have Kasich talking low about women and white men who campaign for him. Republicans do not respect women and poor White males as regular people. Remember what Mitt Romney said about 4 years ago. “I do not care about 47% poor people. That is their problem.” This is after he had shipped his money to foreign countries leaving people here jobless. Also look what Dr. Carson is behaving. He does not respect Black people although he looks Black to me. Carson hates Obamacare which enable poor Blacks access to preventive medicine. He thinks he is GOP rich white male. How can anybody in proper mind vote for these Repubs and TPs? Not me. We are better off with Hillary to take over from President Obama.

    • nana4gj says:

      Trump is a non starter, for me. No way. But, neither Rubio nor Cruz….I don’t know where to begin. Cruz is out, altogether, like Trump. Rubio will be their default nominee, perhaps, but, my, oh, my, is he immature and just incredible, in the unbelievable, literal, sense. It isn’t his chronological age; it’s his level of maturity and competence and such a thin record of accomplishment, with not even community service, and slim on intelligence or intellectual curiosity. He is not very courageous, either, and if it isn’t good for his career, he doesn’t do it.

      • pmbalele says:

        You made my evening. These Repubs and TPs candidates are out of their whack. Who will work on the farms and hotels if all illegals are shipped back to Mexico. Just go to all hotels, Burger King, McD and dairly farms. You find illegals working there. Local men and women are in Florida sun-tanning. I hired 30 homeless people and payed them above minimum wages. As soon I paid them the first week 1/2 were gone. Thank God I do not drink beer or do drugs. It seems after paying them they had money for beer and drugs. I had to hire illegals. But same people who had left after paying them came back and cursed why I had hired illegals. Now these Repubs and TPs want to ship illegals to Mexico. The economy will fail.

        • Leftout says:

          I work on a farm, this argument about kitchens is more typical and there is nothing derogatory about it. There is nothing to see here, move on.

  5. nana4gj says:

    I guess Kasich was in Isolation at about that same time when Women across this country were so repressed and typecast, that not only were we telling each other there was a special place in hell for those of us who did not support and help each other, as a rally cry, and, always tongue in cheek, but also in response to the counter calls of “Women’s place is in the House”, we yelled, “Women’s place IS in the House, the US House of Representatives!”

    Tpday’s young generation of women may not feel so “offended” if they had to contend with what our generation did before they were born or when they were in rompers. The US Congress did not always look like it looks today and all of the choices you have today were not available 25 to 30 years ago.

    We do not ask you to vote for anyone’s uterus, or penis. We ask that you respect the work of what went before you and to appreciate that it was not accomplished by being sweet and nice and inoffensive.

    • Leftout says:

      Kasich lived in a different time there were plenty of jobs and traditional families were still in vogue. Men made enough to support a family and have the very hard working MoM at home ! And was able to save money, and went on vacations and paid for schooling….Salary erosion has been devastating – a luxury car in his day costs $4200. Today modestly. Lux autos are $45000. A 15,000 salary of the time did not go up to $150,000 in the same time period……where is the difference going?????anyone????

      • nana4gj says:

        Kasich was 26 yrs old when all those women came out of the kitchens to help him with his first campaign, he says. Born in 1952, that would have been 1978, if he has his age correct. But he was a commentator for Fox in 1981, and this movement of women was still in progress because it took a long time.

        I don’t consider it “a big deal”, really; he was not alone; my own Father of three daughters still thought like that, although he always wanted us educated “to take care of ourselves if we needed to”, but, not for “careers”, necessarily. We were teachers, nurses, and an executive secretary, and that third one, the eldest, made more money than the teacher or the nurse and had a great retirement w/nice fund, stock shares, et al. She also stayed single, so always had a nice car she kept for a long time, replacing with a new one; her own home; foreign travel, et al.

        There was a middle class, not everyone had what you describe, vacations, etc., but, my parents did save and pay for private Catholic schools, but, they could not have everything. I have never been able to have everything, materially.

        I think part of that “difference” is consumer demand and the available credit to satisfy the demand. My generation or Kasich’s, my younger sister same age, had to have it all, right away, and what could not be paid in cash, they did not need to save until they had it, they charged it. They married and had right away what took the parents years to accumulate because they lived a great deal on credit. Demand, credit, etc., and salaries that sounded good but did not go far after paying credit card bills as well as other expenses that are part of life, depleted that salary. The next generation didn’t need to establish credit, they were mailed cards while in college by credit companies. Debt, big debt is a huge way of life in the US. When salaries erode, as they have, people still live on credit, almost as necessity, I guess, because, if not, standards of living would drop to what they should be paying as you go. Although I could never amass a lot of debt as a single Mom, when my kids were grown and independent, I began paying off any I had, and when I retired I purchased the car that would go to the grave with me, cash, and I live on that “fixed income” I heard about. I have savings, a good bit, but, I only tap the emergency fund for major repairs, etc; the big savings remains intact.

        I don’t know why I am going on and on about all of this. Salaries need to be addressed. But spending habits need to be addressed and Debt is a problem. Maybe if we wouldn’t buy so much, cost of living would go down, although utilities, rent, etc, just keeps rising and one cannot do without those things ! Cable TV/internet/landline phone, is my biggest monthly expense; I need it to not be isolated; but it really riles me !

        • Leftout says:

          A beautiful narrative , and I must say it is more typical than you may know. You have hit upon the key points that illustrates how we got here. Most people in that era , we’re not subject to excess credit card , we seem to pay our way. I seemed to have more spendable money back then. i live at the edge of my limits, enjoy what I have been Able to save but I paid my way through to several degrees , and lucky enough to be still viable and somewhat charitable to people who do not whine, but put out. Thanks for your perfect story of self reliance to give people hope that may read it.

  6. Grover Syck says:

    The real Kasich “shining through”.

    • nana4gj says:

      It isn’t the kitchen thing of 1978, it is the defunding of Planned Parenthood, health clinics, in 2016, that disappoints me. Instead of taking away all healthcare, even when some of that healthcare that is objected to is not paid for with federal funds, why don’t they just go ahead and try to repeal Roe v Wade and be done with it, instead of punishing not only women who seek medically safe and legal procedures, but everyone else who seeks care from those clinics.

  7. Grover Syck says:

    In relation to some of the post below about women in the kitchen, I am in the kitchen as much if not more than my wife. We work as one.

    • nana4gj says:

      I have always loved being in the kitchen; I love grocery shopping, cooking, and feeding people. Even when I worked full time. This “women in the kitchen thing” as well as the “women burning in hell….thing”, were all just rallying calls during a time when we were trying to strike for choices and independence….nothing wrong with being in the kitchen and, of course, women are not going to “burn in hell” for not supporting “womens lib”. The whole point was for women to have choices. It was just a “call to arms”, like the kitchen thing, but, I thought it was cute of that woman to say what she did.

      PS: My son, too, is in the kitchen a lot….think he does the clean ups during the week after dinner and cooks often on weekends, either on the grill, or big breakfasts, etc. His wife stays at home, but doesn’t. She is always in the car, busy at school, volunteer work, etc. Actually, they are a pretty efficient team on everything, especially with the two children, now teenagers.

  8. Ken Stevens says:

    This is such a stupid issue. The man was obviously NOT saying anything along the lines of “a woman’s place is in the kitchen”. Point A: probably the only women with the flexibility to jump into his campaign with both feet were stay at home Moms. Point B: as almost anyone knows, in most homes, at least 40 years ago, the heart and soul of the place was in the kitchen. It’s where meals are prepared and where most meals are eaten eaten. It is where real friends sit when they visit, and back then where most telephone chats took place. It was the “office space” for most homes. And for many homes the kitchen window had the nicest view of whatever greenery/garden might have been there. I doubt very seriously if the lady at his rally who decided to be offended would have been willing to quit a job to campaign for Kaisich. He was obviously talking about a very specific group of women. There was nothing demeaning or offensive about his statement. My Mom was a hard working woman held down at the phone company by the glass ceiling. She was a feminist before the word probably even existed. But she would have been the first to understand exactly what Kaisich meant and the last to take offense. There really is nothing to see here.

    • MJRinPA says:

      We’re not talking about 100 years ago! Forty years ago there were many women working, and working full time. If Kasich thinks we all had to come out of our kitchens, he doesn’t have an accurate view of women or the time period!
      And why do you assume women would quit work to work on a campaign? Did all those men quit work also? NO, they worked evenings and weekends.

      • Ken Stevens says:

        MJR if you take another look at my post you will see that my point was that Kaisich was not talking about all women; it was not a general statement but rather a statement about a specific group of women who came to work on his campaign. I seriously doubt if any of those women quit 9-5 jobs to work on his campaign. As I said I’m pretty sure those with the flexibility to do so we’re stay at home moms. I know that many if not most Moms worked outside of the home in 1978. I gave the example of my own Mom who worked outside of the home. But many did not.. And I’m sorry but you don’t have to go back 100 years to find a time when kitchens were the heart and soul of a home.

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