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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


House Speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has realized it maybe wasn’t such a good idea to brag on national TV that the Benghazi committee was put together to bring down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers. Now he’s gone back on Fox News — this time to say that his previous declaration on the channel wasn’t true at all.

Watch as McCarthy insists that the investigation has nothing to do with politics — and what’s more, he says, the committee has been “applauded by all sides of the aisle,” and nobody questions the integrity of its chairman Trey Gowdy.

So on what planet is any of that true? It could only be one — Planet Fox.

Video via Special Report with Bret Baier/Fox News.

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  • patrick g van meter

    I listened to this guys speech and he is a war mongering GOP idiot. I honestly believe if the GOP doesn’t make some serious changes they will go away. They don’t talk about anything that the people want. They do nothing but pander to the people that own them.

    • mpjt16

      They pander to the 40+% who believe them. If this guy does get a war started, he better institute the draft and a tax surcharge to pay for it.

      • Jim Myers

        I thought the Modus Operandi was, “Make War, Give Tax Cuts To The Wealthy.”

        After all, Ronald Reagan taught us that “Deficits Don’t Matter!” Just ask that “Illustrious Warrior,” DICK, the Cheney.

        • Joseph Kelsall

          What good is a flaccid Dick?

  • Phil Johnson

    And he’s from California, too. Quel dommage. I am embarassed.

    A guy that discombobolated (“band of America”, “untrustable”?) in his syntax and unaware of his errant mental synapses cannot be two heartbeats from the Presidency. Just can’t.

    aures lupi

  • C K Johnson

    Another John Boehner just different name. Another Obama poster BOY

  • TZToronto

    . . . I think I’ll tell the truth. Everybody likes to hear the truth, right? Trump tells the truth, and everyone likes him, right? And after all, nobody likes Hillary, right? Nobody will mind if I tell the real reason why we want to investigate Benghazi for the fifth time, right? . . . What? I’m not supposed to say that? Uhhhh . . . OK, I’ll just say that what I said was misspoken. That always works, right?

    • mpjt16

      Don’t forget to invoke Jesus’ forgiveness.

  • yabbed

    Ah, the face and voice of desperation. What a goofball. Just what the House needs: a complete ignoramus in charge. He will be a gift to the Democrats.

  • FT66

    How many McCarthys should we listen to? The first one who said the committee was set to get Hillary, or the second McCarthy who says no it wasn’t to get Hillary. I make my choice. I take the first McCarthy as it is as a rule, “first come, first served”.

  • Bren Frowick

    It is yet another “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” moment for the Republicans, as the GOP’s horrifying downward spiral starts to accelerate…

  • mpjt16

    Too bad the interviewer didn’t ask him just exactly what has the Benghazi committee (s) accomplished? If it isn’t political, what purpose does it have?

  • paulyz

    The Benghazi investigations were started because of failed responsibility from the White House & State Dept. that led to the death of 4 Americans. They LIED about the violence that they were warned was ensuing, was because of a youtube video. These are all facts. That the investigations led to Hillary’s drop in the polls was just a byprodt of these investigations, not the purpose of them. Everyone knows this, just Liberal media & low-info, gullible Liberals grasping at any propaganda straws.

    • Joseph Kelsall

      Wake up! You cannot even control massacres taking place in your own schools!

      • paulyz

        Are you an idiot? What does the school shootings have to do with Benghazi? “I” can’t control the massacres taking place in “my” own schools? Duhhh!

        • Joseph Kelsall

          It is to do with the allocation of blame but you couldn’t ‘get’ the analogy. That is because Americans are educationally sub normal and treat FOX and O’Reilly as serious news sources. Hence your stupid gun and your penchant for attacking weaker sovereign nations for fossil fuel. The USA is a global joke!

          • paulyz

            Yes, under Obama we are becomming a global joke, thanks for the verification.

          • Independent1

            You’re so stupid you don’t even get his meaning!! He’s basically saying, if we can’t prevent even school massacres in our own country, why are we turning the killing of some people in a foreign country where we don’t even control the security into such an outright nonsensical media circus??????


          • Joseph Kelsall

            Well, Thank you Independent 1. I was just about to respond to paulyz when I spotted that you had understood my analogy so comprehensively. That is exactly what I meant. Well done!

          • Independent1

            And I’m sure you’re aware of the answer to my question about why we’re making a spectacle of Benghazi; it’s because the GOP has long since moved away from decency and everything the party does these days is either politically motivated or about shoveling more taxpayer money into the pockets of themelves and the already wealthy.

          • paulyz

            You need mental health screenings since you somehow know that God sent His Holy Spirit down to Earth to spread Communism. His analogy was stupid so no sense responding, especially when it’s Liberals like “yoooze” that don’t ALLOW security in our schools by training & arming school personal, but instead want to take guns from the hands of good guys.

            p.s. What about the 15 year old Australian Muslim killing a cop with a gun in GUN FREE Australia? And the anti-Christian minority killer in Oregon, when you claim they are all White.

          • Independent1

            And it isn’t Obama that has turned America into a joke – it’s the GOP Congress with it’s magnitude of outright clowns that make a farce of the politics in America that has made the U.S. an enormous joke around the world!!


          • paulyz

            That’s why Americans voted OUT the DSP(Democrat Socialist Party), from power in Congress, they have had enough of the DSP allowing Obama to do whatever he pleased. Take a trip to OZ & ask the Wizard for a brain, Dummy!

          • paulyz

            Are you one of those educationally sub normal Americans? “My” stupid gun Laws are OUR Countries gun Laws, as are all of our Bill of Rights, unless you don’t consider yourself an American!

          • Joseph Kelsall

            Oh. I’m not an American. I live in a democracy.

          • paulyz

            Since youare NOT an American, keep your nose out of what you don’t know. Or maybe you are an ILLEGAL Alien. Our Country, thank God, ISN’T a democracy, where ignorant Socialists run everyones’ lives.

          • Joseph Kelsall

            Paulz – I will mind my own business when the USA keeps its hands off foreign sovereign nations. Your successive governments have caused more violence because of their actions and will continue to do so; 9/11 is just the beginning. Thankfully Obama has not emulated the knee jerk reactions of his educationally sub normal predecessor and fortunately there is no chance of the Republicans achieving power in the foreseeable future.

    • mpjt16

      Not exactly. The ambassador did not want heavy security because he thought he was making progress with the local war lords. Every other mission left the city every night, except him. The State Dept offered more and he turned them down. The initial demonstrations were in response to the You Tube video. The violence escalated and, since every house in Syria has a gun or three, the shooting started. The war lords were told that US security had shot Syrians so they stayed away and thing went bad from there.
      This wasn’t some trumped up BS by State. It was simple facts about the Ambassador’s efforts to interact with the locals. And no one but FOX news lied about the issue.

      • paulyz

        This was on 9-11, so there was increased risk. In the aftermath of the attack, State Dept. officials were criticized for denying requests fir additional security at the consulate “prior” to the attack. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she takes full responsibility for the security lapses.

        The White House claimed that this was a response to a youtube video, which they knew it was not, this was their go story. They refused to even call it a terrorist attack. Subsequent investigations determined that there were no such protest & that the attack was premeditated.

        • Independent1

          Wow!! and the lies just keep on rolling!! The State Department wasn’t even responsible for the Benghazi facility, it was a CIA detachment not a State Department consulate and the CIA did respond to the threat which is why 2 CIA people were killed. And Stevens himself REFUSED ADDED SECURITY 3 TIMES WHEN IT HAD BEEN OFFERED JUST DAYS BEFORE THE ATTACK.

          And the guy that was caught as being the mastermind for the attack ADMITTED THAT THE VIDEO YOU CLAIM WASN’T RESPONSIBLE WAS IN FACT PART OF THE REASON FOR THE ATTACK!!


          • mch111

            Paulyz is stuck with one mindset and doesn’t know how to get out of it. He is convinced that he has the right facts and it does not matter what anyone that doesn’t agree with matters.

          • paulyz

            Yup, stuck on the Right mindset. Very easy to see from listening to Liberal Lunacy constantly on the Memo. It is actually worse than imagined.

        • Independent1

          Say, you seem so concerned that justice be done. If so, why aren’t you concerned that justice be done about the deaths of 241 Marines who died in their sleep in Lebanon be placed on Ronald Reagan??

          It was Ronnie Boy how negotiated to have them put in harms way in Lebanon, while also agreeing that the guards who were supposed to be guarding their compound would not carry loaded guns while on guard in conformance to some law in Lebanon about people with loaded guns. So Ronnie edicted that these Marines had to be there, even though he knew the people guarding them, weren’t really guarding them because they had unloaded guns.

          Well guess what, this truck loaded with explosives came driving toward the compound gate, the guards knew it wasn’t going to stop but they couldn’t get bullets in their guns quick enough to stop the truck from crashing the gate, driving up to the compound where the Marines were sleeping and blowing itself up killing the Marines.

          Now if you want to put blame on someone for clearly being responsible for Americans dying, don’t you think Ronnie Boy was clearly responsible for the deaths of these 241 Marines??

          But once again, because he was a Republican president, the GOP vultures never pounced!! Even though 241 American lives were lost!!! Interesting isn’t it???

      • paulyz

        The Benghazi violence was on the anniversary of 9-11, so security should had been top prioity. In the aftermath of the attacks the State Dept. was criticized for allowing additional requests for security at the consulate “prior” to the attack. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the (security lapses).

        The talking points for the White House, State Dept., & Media were that the attack was because of a youtube video. They even denied this was a terrorist attack. Subsequent investigations determined there were NO SUCH PROTEST, but that the attack was ‘premeditated’!

        • Buford2k11

          you were there? they have proven nothing except they have wasted lots of tax money, have found no wrong doing, and used their influence to ratfuck HRC…ok then back to your own little fake world…

          • paulyz

            You are a fool, just because the State Dept. & Hillary have been stalling & lying, doesn’t mean we just give them a free pass. Hillary admitted there were security lapses, lied about the youtube video, & lied that the Benghazi I vestigations are the longest in American History, when in fact, there were several Congressional Investigations FAR longer.

          • Independent1

            You’re the fool!! Were you this upset when 13 Benghazi’s happened during Georgie Boys 8 years and 70 people died?? Including 18 who died in 3 ATTACKS ON ONE CONSULATE OVER 3 YEARS???




            And average of more than 50 people died in attacks on our overseas offices during the terms of the last 3 Republican presidents and there never was any investigations like Benghazi!!! Why????

          • paulyz

            13 Benghazis? Wow. The difference in the Benghazi attacks are that the Obama Admin. refused to admit they were a TERRORIST attack because of upcoming elections, lying about attacks caused by a youtube video, & failure in security lapses that even Hillary admitted. Get off the blame Bush nonsense already & admit Obama’s failures.

          • Independent1

            This is my absolute last post to you. I’ve concluded that you are certifiably insane. No sane person can rattle off lie after lie after lie without at some point feeling some remorse for the lies. You clearly are too mentally retarded and insane to even understand that you’re a pathological liar. Therefore, conversing with you is a total waste of time.

            Here’s a link to the transcript of Obama’s Rose Garden announcement on Benghazi. 1) He does say it was an act of terror (whether he used the word terrorist or not is only meaningful to insane people such as yourself); and 2) nowhere does he mention that the attack was the result of a youtube video. Both of these just more indications of your insanity and pathological lying!!!

            From the Wall Street Journal (a brief excerpt from the transcript:

            “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

            And here’s the link for you to look at to prove those words are actually there and there’s absolutely nothing about a youtube video.

            Goodbye Paullyz go stick your head somewhere in an outhouse where it belongs; you are clearly an absolutely corrupt individual.

          • paulyz

            So glad I won’t hear dumb responses anymore from you. You live in a completely, gullible, Socialist world, never listening to any other sources but Leftist ones. Especially after hearing some of your completely unstable rants. Posting more of your leftist copy & paste “stats” are useless as you won’t see the facts as they are.

            Check out Fact Check for just 1 example that Obama & his advisors were slow to claim this was a terrorist attack, they KNEW it was when it was going down, but got together for talking points to claim it was the result of protestors upset with a youtube video. EVERYBODY but you & your gullible, low info dummies know this, it was like ALL over the news! Damn, fools like you are dangerous.

        • JPHALL

          The ambassador should not have been in Bengazi. The embassy and armed Marines were in Tripoli. What investigations? The man arrested for the attack stated that the protests were used as cover by his group.

    • Buford2k11

      Nope, wrong….