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Saturday, October 22, 2016


You have to give Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) some credit: He gives the same exact speech to any audience — even if the ones outside of his Tea Party base aren’t going to cheer him on.

Click above to watch a clip reel of Cruz’s standard lines all going flat, when he journeyed this week into the Fire Fighters union convention — then share this video!

Video via NowThis News/MSNBC.

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  • jointerjohn

    What a dumbass! He addresses a group of public employees, who earn their living through taxes, and gives them the anti-tax speech? Why not promise to abolish Social Security and Medicare at an AARP convention? This is proof that this man is just fatally stupid.

    • jmprint

      It’s all about TED.

  • Manuel Rivera

    What a clown. His name is Rafael; How do you get to Ted from there?

    • johninPCFL

      Just lie about it really often.

    • jimbeau

      the same way you get Bobby from Piyush.

  • KarenJ

    Did you know Ted Cruz has a “truthiness factor” of only 35.7%, as rated from his speeches and statements by PolitiFact?

    Pathetic. Even Scott Walker beats him in the truth factor by a lot — 52%. Other prospective GOP 2016 candidates: Marco Rubio 61%, Rand Paul 65%, and Chris Christie 68.5%.

    Texas must be so proud.

    • jmprint

      He is a lier. His father was in the United illegally for a long time, but we are not going to point that out in the speech.

  • a80a

    all any republican start’s a speech with is repeal Obama care and they know they can’t repeal it .they fed the general public a line of B S about it causing your insurance to go up well some did because the big insurance companies are in bed with the GOP and Obama care hurts their business so to keep the money coming the GOP has the insurance companies to raise the premium on the coverage so you cant afford to pay it then they blame Obama care to turn you against it .one day people will wake up and see what is going on .

  • Steven W

    Tarrant County Texas is still supporting our Jr. Senator. Doing the things he was elected to. Most of the Texans I was raised by and with believe in less Govt., securing our borders, the rule of law and Jesus

    • johninPCFL

      Certainly explains why they celebrate Rick Perry’s job growth record. After all, 40% of all of the new hires were government employees.

      • jmprint

        And it is a wonderful feeling to be lowest in the totem poll in education and insurance.

    • jmprint

      He is an a’hole, he doesn’t know the constitution as he says he does, or he wouldn’t have signed that fricken letter that make you and me look sad. He is consistently berating and disrespecting the president, but yet has so answer, no clue to do better. Securing the border is not going to benefit you or anyone else. So you can stick him up where the sun doesn’t shine, Ted Cruz make me sick to listen to his lies. The rule of Jesus is to help one another, not to degrade, not to tear families apart at the seams, not to bring emotional stress to the children that come to this country for a better life, you think about that one.

    • Sand_Cat

      Yeah, that’s just great. What. you figure Jesus is coming soon, so it doesn’t matter how much damage lunatics like Cruze do: in fact, the more the merrier. A lot of you wacks seem to think you can force old “Jesus” to come back sooner by wrecking the world..
      Only problem is, he seemed to think he was coming back in the first century, but apparently has made it, unless a group of his “followers” murdered him in secret when they learned he didn’t like the liberties they took with what he supposedly said.
      This is supposed to be a secular republic. You are free to worship the imaginary entity you choose, but the sane ones of us would prefer you didn’t try to impose your twisted “Christianity” on us.

      • Steven W

        I will pray for you

        • Sand_Cat

          Don’t need your passive-agressive “prayer” for me and the judgment it implies.
          So what about it, Steven? How much does your anticipation of the “Rapture” – a completely unbiblical, made-up charade – with all the blessings for you and suffering for the rest of us, drive your support for destructive and warlike policies by lunatics like Ted Cruz?

          I have no doubt he represents you well: ignorance, bigotry, and self-righteousness all in one package.

          • Steven W

            I have found humor in being called passive. Senator Cruz is a Constitutionalist.

    • STMBT

      He is one of them 47 traitors. how in the hell did he even get an invitation to the fire fighters union convention? I would think that they know that TURD CRUZE and all his REPUBLICUNT party are out to get rid of unions. it is jut a matter of time when they go after the Fire Fighters and the Policemans Union. the only reason that Scott Walker of Wisconsin didn’t go after their Union contract when he reniged on the State workers is that he needed them (Fire Fighters & Policeman) in case the peoples demonstrations got out of hand. just wait and see they (REPULICUNT”S) will go after them, it’s just a matter of time.

  • kiptw

    I wish they’d left longer silences in. I want to watch him dangle there.