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Monday, October 24, 2016


It was a historic day in Havana, when Secretary of State John Kerry presided over the raising of the American flag at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba — where it will fly for the first time since 1961.

Watch this powerful, albeit belated, moment of reconciliation unfold, as the two Cold War foes walk together into a new era.

Video via the U.S. Department of State.

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  • Irishgrammy

    Way past time for this to happen! We recognized Vietnam over 20 years ago and we lost over 54,000 military men/women in that insane venture in futility. Time to move on. I am certain the Cuban people will ultimately prevail and democracy or something close to it will happen, frankly from all those who have been going to Cuba over the last 50 + years say things have changed dramatically especially over the last 10 years………Communism does not work for anyone except those at the top of the food chain and really doesn’t work that well for them…..AND THAT IS A FACT! For those in this country who want to hang on to the past, since most are Republicans and or old Cubans who won’t let go of the past and their anger, what’s new, the 50’s are where they are at home while the rest of the world moves on to the future, so either join the world or wallow in the past and be miserable and frustrated with YOUR choice…..what a waste of time!!!

    • jiro tanaka

      Well said. Only Conservative Hateful Christian Cuban-Americans will hate this historic moment especially those in congress because they make tons of money by denying their roots a better life. Shame on them.

      • David

        What about Liberal Hateful Non-Christian Cuban-Americans?

  • Dominick Vila

    The rapprochement with Cuba, and the raising of the American flag at our Embassy in Havana, signify a departure from policies and actions that should have never taken place. The sanctions, embargo, and isolation of a small island for ideological reasons only reinforced the status and stature of the despots we were trying to harm, and punish instead the very people we were purportedly trying to help.
    The time to end half a century of myopic and ineffective policies was long overdue. Certainly, if Richard Nixon could shake hand with Mao, and re-establish diplomatic and trade relations with a country that had hundreds of nuclear warheads aimed at the USA, and renowned for its despotism and human rights abuses; if Reagan could agree to a rapprochement with what was left of the Soviet Union, and engaged in nuclear disarmament discussions with a country that had enough nuclear warheads on ICBMs aimed at the USA, we can certainly re-establish relations with a Caribbean island eager to change and benefit from better relations with a neighbor 80 miles away. The best way to achieve meaningful change is through dialogue, and by demonstrating positive deeds and willingness to find middle ground, not stubbornness and refusal to acknowledge mistakes.
    Hopefully our elected officials will understand the value of diplomacy and dialogue, set aside their narrow goals and prejudices, and agree to the nuclear weapons development agreement with Iran, to pave the way for an era of peaceful coexistence and cooperation, instead of continuing to embrace policies designed to perpetuate turmoil to justify material and geo-political goals that are unworthy of a nation like the United States.

  • Nick

    Great for the U.S. but bad for Cuba.

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