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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) had a peculiar time defending his state’s new “religious freedom” law on Sunday, when George Stephanopoulos asked him on Sunday whether it would indeed authorize discrimination against gay people — and then asked it again, and again, and again, after Pence just wouldn’t answer.

Click above to watch Pence repeatedly extoll his state’s virtues — while dodging the actual question — then share this video!

Video via This Week/ABC News.

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6 responses to “Endorse This: The Hoosier State Of Confusion”

  1. sealbeams says:

    I went to your state and everyone was so nice. At least they looked nice. I’m not sure because no one would answer me.

  2. AlfredSonny says:

    Are Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity going to defend Governor Mike Dunce in their Faux News tonight?

  3. MichelleRose3 says:

    How have any Christians had their right of religious freedom restricted? Name ONE incident where a Christian was prevented from practicing their religion by ANYONE.

    One. Just one. Name it. I dare ya.

  4. Ms. Newton says:

    As part of its war against Western civilization, Obama’s criminal regime has obstructed pro-life groups health care summits.

  5. ResqDogz says:

    Just ANSWER THE EFFIN’ QUESTION, you evasive bigot!!

  6. Angel Perea says:

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Government over reach by the extreme right wing republicans to legislate a
    Religious Freedom Restoration Act to legally allow service providers a
    legal defense for refusing to
    provide services, goods, facilities or accommodations has back fired. It
    is important to note that Pence in Indiana and Hutchinson in Arkansas come from that right
    wing club in the House of Representatives that did nothing obstructed as
    well as make attempts to legislate their extreme political views.
    Main stream Americans are getting sick and tired of these political
    clowns that are dangerous and threaten to our U.S. Constitution and Bil

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