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Saturday, October 22, 2016


It has officially happened: The Confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina state Capitol grounds on Friday morning, to the cheering and singing of the large crowd of onlookers.

Of course, this event was really the second time the Confederate flag was removed in South Carolina by an act of government — but then again, video cameras weren’t around for the first one. So enjoy this one to your heart’s content.

Video via Associated Press/South Carolina Educational Television.

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  • Carolyn1520

    This flag was removed from state property. A step forward.
    Those who lament that, still have their right to wear it and display it on their personal property. They can still play civil war and think of themselves as rebels. What won’t change is the mass hate. Hopefully these people, one by one, will evolve before they die. I wish that for them.

  • mossycoves

    Has the War between the North and South officially ended, and thereby RACISM has been eliminated? Would have been more appropriate for civil war re-enactors , dressed in confederate uniforms taken the flag down. But, NOW will all re-enactments stop & cease?.
    Most, the majority, do not understand the cause of the Civil War. The states secession was over Oppressive Economic sanctions and Unfair Trade Practices. First 7 states followed by 6 more. Understand Northern states held slaves at that time. More than 93% of the south’s soldiers were NOT SLAVE ONWERS. But 150 years later, academia, politicos, media and Liberals rant on about the Confederate Flag as oppressive and a symbol of slavery.

    • janis mcdonald

      The CSA lost. The flag is the flag of the losing side. Why would it continue to fly on government buildings and properties? As a symbol of what?

    • Thomas_Blaney

      The ‘States Rights’ issue is bogus. Slave states did not want new states in the West to have the choice to not have slavery. They also objected that the Fugitive Slave Act was not being enforced.

      “We affirm that these ends for which this Government was instituted have
      been defeated, and the Government itself has been made destructive of
      them by the action of the non-slaveholding States.”

    • charleo1

      Why ask if all re-enactments will stop? Because the people of SC decided it was time their gov. stopped acting as though they still supported the idea that the institution of slavery, or any other such issue was strictly a States Rights affair? You sound like the Baptists Preachers who are pretending to fear, that with Gay marriage legal, it won’t be long until they’re forced to marry Gays, and then become Gay themselves. Because we all know how that slippery slope works! The idea that taking the Confederate battle flag down off government facilities, because it represents a legacy of tyranny for millions of Americans who’s ancestors were once bought and sold like cattle in this Country, is somehow attempting to bury history is just as ridiculous. If we could only go back and change history, and our horrendous past had been more glorious. But we can no more bury our history, than we can change it. We can only acknowledge it truthfully, and honestly for what it was, and so to hopefully learn from it. As we have just witnessed in the decision of the good people of SC.

    • idamag

      Back to the history class for you. The Republican party was anti-slavery and it was started by Lincoln, Chase, Seward, and Bates. In 1858, when the anti-slavery party was formed, I am proud to say that my great-great-grandfather became a Republican. My family was Republican until it became the party of big business. Even though Lincoln made speeches that had concessions to prevent war between the states, his writings and speeches prior to his presidency showed he thought it was wrong to keep people as property. As the South was part of the United States, there were U.S. forts in them. The confederates fired on Fort Sumpter and started the war.

      • mossycoves

        A history lesson for you. The S.C. militia first opened fire on a Northern Ship, “Star of the WEST” that was positioned in the harbor, perceived to be there as a Blockade. Ft Sumter was occupied by union troops who returned fire to protect the ship. . Then the Militia guns were turned on Ft. Sumter and after constant shelling, the fort fell into SC possession.

  • Thomas_Blaney

    Suppose there were other similar examples of former Confederate states flying a flag to respect their ancestral heritage of a lost cause. Consider, just for instance, that California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Tejas, flew the flag of Mexico on their state capitols, on the insistence of Hispanics, to honor the heritage and valor of their lost cause.

    They too are still living on the land lost in a war of much more dubious origin. The war with Mexico was far more a war of “northern aggression,” than any other.
    Would Southerners show any similar sympathy for their cause? Imagine.

    The Confederacy was an enemy nation that was defeated. Flying an enemy flag on official US government property, local, state, or federal, is anti-Constitutional and treasonous.

    No civil servants can honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution where the Confederate flag is implied to have any official status.

    Ban the Confederate flag from all government property.

  • Bob Sounder

    Take a little bit of history out of our history books. noe a little more later. Take a little freedom now. Take a little more later soon people will turn on each other. Because we cannot learn from a past that has been removed.

    • Thomas_Blaney

      No history was removed, only a despicable symbol of hatred and terrorism that never had any governmental legitimacy.

      • idamag

        I can tell you are not a member of the KKK, nor a worshipper of bull connor.

  • 13observer

    Soon it will be a “hate crime” if you display it in any fashion! Trump/Cruz 2016

    • In your dreams homey.

    • A far worse crime is to make light of the whole history of inhumanity in America, which you seem to delight in doing.
      Oh well, such is the state of your evolutionary path.

  • 13observer

    Are guns next? Good luck! If so then cars too!

  • AgLander

    Northern Liberals are bad liars. This never was about the flag…never. Obama’s former Homeland Security advisor makes that very clear…

    • I see the artificial divide of North vs South is very much alive and gnawing away at your inner organs. Pretty soon you’ll just be a heap
      of protoplasm if you’re not careful to take care of yourself

  • It’s better late than never to remove that pathetic reminder of a sordid part of American History.
    Despite our problem with racial bigotry, and the equally bad flip side of the coin, “Suspicion”, this country can still assert itself as being most admirable insofar as acknowledging a wrong, having open conversations about it, and finally having the will to take action. How many other nations in the world, which have similar problems of tribal/ethnic prejudices, racial prejudices, and class differences?
    We still have a long way to go, but we’re heading in a positive direction, despite protestations from various “peanut galleries”.

  • ridemybroom

    # aaron…you sound like an idiot……more crimes and slavery not to mention bigotry and racism was fought under the american stars and stripes…stars and stripes was carried on the slave ships to africa and back and slaves were bought under that flag…so get your story together before you tell some fairy tale…Stars and stripes has killed more people than the confederate battle flag,( that was only carried into battle)…this wasnt about the 9 that was killed inside of the chruch….this wasnt about the flag…it wasnt even about racism…this is about greed and money and a Govenor that wants a bid as a running VP on a presidentail ticket…nothing more…The crocodile tears you saw coming from Jenny Horne was as fakey as fake could be….lot of untruth what that woman had said…but you guys up North love to eat that crap up…one other thing the South has to deal with is the NAACP…if you gave them swords and guns and told them to go out and kill whitey…they would be worse than Isil…and it all because they hate white people….. these people are your real racist…look at what you got Al Sharpton biggest racist of the NE and Jesse Jackson,.Soutside of Chicago…and as far as being slaves go….let us not forget that that Northern slaves didnt get free until long after the South freed theirs…Abe Lincoln told the Northerners if their slaves ranaway from them …take whatever measures you have to, to prevent them from running away and when they did runaway from their masters they were hung…thats a fact whether you like it or not…get your history straight before you amble on and spew crap out of your mouth just to be saying something….Let us also not forget that Abe Lincoln also said he didnt know if the country could really do with without or with slaves…undecided what to do on that…the rest is history……
    PS dont email me with your foolishness either…..

  • ridemybroom

    Former DHS Advisor On SC Confederate Flag Coming Down: “Allahu Akbar”,
    i suppose you people now want a muslim law and a muslim state in the U.S….!

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