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Friday, October 21, 2016


Scott Walker is now clarifying his position on Donald Trump’s most controversial proposal, to end the constitutional right of birthright citizenship in order to fight illegal immigration. Walker’s new, bold answer: “I’m not taking a position on it one way or the other.”

Watch this great moment of statesmanship — and just remember, this is a man who gave his book the title Unintimidated.

Video via CNBC.

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  • Dominick Vila

    Gov. Walker just proved that he is the ultimate politician. His position on eliminating the birth rights specified in the 14th Amendment? No opinion!

    • TZToronto

      There seems to be an inability among some on the far (lunatic) right to comprehend analogies. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that little Barack was born in Kenya to an American mother (he wasn’t), and let’s say (and we know this IS the case) that little Rafael was born in Canada to an American mother. What is the difference? Why is one baby considered by the far right to be an American citizen (Cruz) while the other is considered by the far right to be a usurper? (We know the answer, of course.) To those on the far (lunatic) right, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to grow a brain and to admit that your argument is specious.

      • Dominick Vila

        Like you said, we all know the answer to your question. Obviously, their argument has absolutely nothing to do with constitutional rights, existing laws, or even logic. In fact, most of them don’t even try to hide their hatred and prejudices.
        This circumstance is one of the most important factors behind Donald Trump’s popularity. He is articulating the thoughts and wishes of a relatively large segment of our population in a way that his followers consider evidence of “authenticity”. Whether or not the sentiments expressed by Donald Trump, Cruz, and now a desperate Jeb, appeal to a majority of mainstream Americans remains to be seen.

        • Walker sucks

          There’s a lot of pent up hate, anger and stupidity out there.

      • jsjca

        TZToronto I entirely agree with you. I have also noticed in talking with the Right that they don’t seem to understand analogies. Amazing!

    • Walker sucks

      But he HAD an opinion at the Iowa State Fair. He wanted to do away with citizenship for kids born here of illegals. He stopped short of saying he’d deport the babies, but he clearly gave an opinion. Kasie Hunt from MSNBC asked him the question TWICE. He went on to actually quote Harry Reid!!! what an effing idiot. The donors to this guy gotta be thinking ‘what the hell did we just waste our money on’?

  • Jinmichigan

    Funny he had an opinion on it earlier in the week. I guess the Koch’s didn’t like that answer.

  • underledge

    What kind of a person would want this man to be President?

  • Jerpell

    We can talk about these republicans all we want but I don’t think any of them have as many scandals and corruption wrapped around them Like our own Hillary Clinton. …We need to clean our own house!….Why on earth are there no Qualified democrats in the running? Where are they all?

    • Dominick Vila

      Bear in mind that a new Democratic party front runner, no matter who he/she is, will be subjected to the same attacks and innuendo that is destroying Hillary’s candidacy. Rest assured, if a resurrected Mother Teresa was our standard bearer, she would be cut to pieces by the most effective disinformation apparatus in the history of humanity. The GOP has turned the destruction of opponents, including some within their own party, into an art form. They don’t win elections on merit, they win by destroying the opposition.

      • [email protected]

        Remember when John Kerry ran for President and although he was awarded several purple hearts and a Silver Star he was portrayed a French war criminal.

        • Dominick Vila

          What amazes me about the political assassination tactics used routinely by the GOP to win elections, besides the obvious evidence that they cannot win on merit, is their ability to convince millions of Americans to take that bait over and over again.
          The most embarrassing was the Third World style pregnant chad tactic, and the successful recount delay tactic that resulted in W being selected President. I never thought the American public would put up with something like that.

    • Independent1

      Nonsense, Hillary Clinton isn’t guilty of any of the charges being levied against her. It’s just like WhiteWater, false accusations being perpetrated to sully her reputation. The GOP knows that even when she’s cleared of all the charges, that there will be millions who won’t pay attention to the fact she’s not guilty but still hold misguided impressions of her.

      Just like all the fake scandals that were levied against President Obama, none that the GOP even after spending more than 100 million dollars and countless clownshow congressional investigations, could get to stick – NOT ONE CHARGE to stick, not even an innuendo!! Why BECAUSE IT’S ALL A LIE FROM THE GITGO!!! AND SADLY, GULLIBLE PEOPLE LIKE YOU BELIEVE THEIR LIES!!

      • Jerpell

        I cannot just be a blind sheep and just follow because Hillary happens to be a democrat, I just wonder what we would all think if this were a republican with all these scandals, corruption and illegal activities wrapped around one of them…..Would we just discount it like we are doing with Hillary?…Would we give one of them the benefit of the doubt or are we just blind sheep?

        • Independent1

          You’re clearly nothing but a trouble maker. You paid no attention to my comment: Hillalry isn’t guilty of any scandals or corruption or illegal activities IT’S ALL A REPUBLICAN LIE!!!

          • Max_

            Ha ha ha ha ha GodDamnYou’re Dumb.. Ha ha ha ha … But Funny..

  • Walker sucks

    Walker is going nowhere nationally. He’s losing republican support at home, from 40% to 25% of Repubs that would vote for him in WI. When the blacks turn up in a presidential year, 1.3 mil republican votes doesn’t look so effing hot. This guy will be out of WI politics in 15 months, WI really needs to recall him again this November and have the election with the general election. Minorities will turn out in droves. Barrett would beat him, Burke would most likely slaughter him. Ideally we run a much stronger candidate than either of those 2. Lets take advantage of that 20 point disapproval gap! Bounce this joker to the curb!!!