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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • Is this all you got from Rand Pauls discussion ? Do you think so little of the constitution and moral values?

    • Willnieto57

      Apparently so does your fruitfly Randy Pauly. You must be a fruitfly too.

    • highpckts

      That’s all I got from his drivel!! No President is going to start “picking off” citizens just for the Hell of it! I swear if half the people used their brains we’d be in a lot better shape but, no, you keep showing your stupid all the time! The only thing you can do is bring up the Constitution as an excuse. I bet half of you have never read the Constitution!!

      • RobertCHastings

        Rand Paul’s “rant” went on for almost thirteen hours, and ended only, as Sen. Paul apologized, he had to answer the call of nature. However, he DID accomplish his goal, by receiving an official letter from Attorney General Eric Holder stating that there were no conceivable circumstances under which an unarmed civilian, on American soil, would ever be targetedby a drone Hellfire missile. While that is extremely specific and does not necessarily obviate other scenarios, it is a clear victory, for Senator Paul and for all of us. While I love our President as much as anyone else on this site, his promises of transparency haverung hollow of late. Even the ACLU applauded Sen. Paul.

  • This president still claims the right to kill someone who deserves a trial. The Eric Holder response still leaves open the claiming of the White House that someone is “In Combat” and then claims the right to kill them even if the “combat” action is just planning something , like a protest of the government. Shame on the national memo.

    • Robert Martin

      13 hours of blah,blah,blah,dribble,dribble,dribble,me,me,me,more blah,blah,blah is ALL that was offered by this fruitcake!! Standing in the way of the way of legislation being voted on! He is a shallow, know it all knucklehead. Perhaps he should grab his club with one hand, his wife by the hair with the other and retreat to his cave so he can exercise his right to protect his property from attack by the government!

    • RobertCHastings

      Holder’s memo DID say” unarmed noncombatant”, a concession, at least.

    • Sand_Cat

      Much as I dislike Senator Paul and think he’s completely full of it most of the time, you do have a point. The president seems to like executive power as much as George W. Bush, although he either abuses it less, or is more subtle in doing so.

  • I’m not a Rand Paul fan, but I think he chose an appropriate topic and I respect the fact he actually took the time to blahblahblah instead of just filing an objection and calling it a filibuster.

  • we need a new party perhaps a retro party , Obama has turned so many away from the Dem’s than they will never win another election . the bad part is the republicans are really greedy,but that’s what your going to get, if we cant find someone with american interest at heart.anything is better than a king,we need to get rid of executive order.its bad for america .