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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Today the conservative pollster Rasmussen Reports found that 45 percent of respondents want to keep the Affordable Care Act. This is the highest percentage to support the law since it passed, which suggests efforts to explain the law’s benefits at the Democratic National Convention succeeded.

The best sign that ObamaCare is polling better is that Mitt Romney said that he would keep parts of the law in place if elected. His staff then revised the comment to make it consistent with Romney’s previous stand that he would try to replicate some of the goals of ObamaCare – just in ways that have never worked.

ObamaCare provisions like ending restrictions against patients with pre-existing conditions are extremely popular, because medical care is one thing all Americans know they’ll need — eventually. The provisions in the law not only make sense financially, they also save lives. According to a Harvard study conducted before ObamaCare became law, 45,000 Americans die every year for lack of insurance. Another study suggested that 85,000 lives could be saved (PDF) if disparities in health care were reduced.

Here are five ways the Affordable Care Act can be classified as “pro-life.”

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37 responses to “Five Reasons That ObamaCare is Pro-Life”

  1. Obamacare is pro-life for one simple reason, it protects the lives of the living, not only the lives of the unborn.

    • You Got That Right!! And To Think That These Nuts Who Vote For Romney Who Made Money Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses!! Romney Will Say And Do Anything To Make Money Same Way He Tell All Kind Of Lies To Become President!! Romney Is A Liar And A SOCIOPATH!!

    • charlesu says:

      The Republicans are pro-birth, not pro-life. If Planned Parenthood is gone, many women will not receive pre-natal care. If there is a reduction in the food stamp program, poor children may go hungry. If Head Start programs are abolished, then poor children will lag behind educationally. If school subsidies continue to be cut drastically, then full-day kindergartens will become half-day kindergartens or no kindergartens; therefore, our country’s children will not be able to compete globally. So when Republicans talk pro-life, do they really mean pro-birth and then you’re on your own?

      • phantomoftheopera says:

        yes, once you’re born you’re on your own. remember the tea party members in florida who chanted, ‘let them die’ when asked about what to do with the uninsured? they don’t care about anyone not rich like them!

    • phantomoftheopera says:

      yeah, but in the republican world those lives don’t count–unless they’re rich.

    • Plznnn says:

      How does Obamacare protect the lives of the unborn Dominick? Obamacare pays for abortions will our money.

  2. When it covers abortion, how exactly does it protect the unborn?

  3. howa4x says:

    This is the interesting part of the abortion debate. Is it only about the fertilized egg, or about the life of the child? The republicans think it’s only about the egg, and democtats think it’s about the life of the child(and parents) This is why people accuse the republican base of voting against their own interest and that of their children. The ACA did so many things for children and people that I won’t rehash them again. Even Romney liked it so much he passed the forerunner in Massachuttes. The right wing are so easily misled that they we made to think that this is socialism, which it’s not. A single payer system like medicare is closer to that. How can it be socialism if you have to buy insurance, that seems like capitalism to me. What really has republicans upset is one of their sacred cows has been gourged. Under the old system if you want to call it that, Wall st made the first .20 of every dollar paid in premium cost since the insurance companies were publically traded, as profit. Each insurer was projected to make a 20% profit by WS anaylists. One example of this was Atnea. One quarter they only acheived a 18.5% profit and their stock was downgraded. Atnea responded by kicking 8.5 million higher risk people off coverage to join the growig ranks of the uninsured. GWB was president and the republicans controlled congress and there was no moral outrage expressed by any of them. They didn’t care about those people because they idolized the capitialistic system and profits were always more important than the lives of people. Under the ACA that 20% profit was removed and 80% of premium dollars have to go to patient care, and if not it goes back to the insurer, or private person if they buy their own policy. This is the main reason that people like Mitch McConnell is so upset.
    The reason that everyone has to buy insurance is simple. The insurers said how can we be forced to insure only high risk people if we can’t drop them or deny people with pre existing conditions(there are 129 million with them) how do we stay in existence. The answer was in Romneys plan. Have everyone even healthy people buy insurance and that would provide enough money to cover the sick ones. The other choice is a public option. This plan relies on individual responsibility for health care, ansd not just the nanny state

    Remember the republicans only care about the fertilized egg, and these were the same congress people that fought Wall st regulations, even though we had the second biggest collaspe since the great depression.

    It’s all about the money. That is what healthcare was prior to passage of the ACA. A for profit system that cared more about organizational profits than the health of the general population, and this is the real fight, as always. Are we going to stand up for the people, or stand up for profits!

  4. LOVE that the latest Romeny blab is that he likes ‘certain parts’ of Obamacare. In other words throw out the ‘other guys’ idea(s) and vote for mine (same plan but now it has my name on it). Oh…and never mind that for the past four years, “I know how to make the plan more efficient/better but I’m not going to tell anyone”….not even the Republican party!

    News flash for politicians everywhere!!….
    The American public is tired of your constant political spats!
    We want results!….
    Share you ideas now…..don’t wait for your guy to get in office!
    The rest of us are trying to make ends meet…keep our homes, buy groceries, etc.
    and we don’t have four more years to give you to reveal your secret solutions!

    • Just More Flip Flopping!! What Make It So Bad Romney Put Into Law This Very Same Health Care Bill In The State Of MA. When He Was The Governor!! But The Koch Brothers Told His Not To Let It Now!!! What You Bet That If The Koch Brothers Told Romney To Stab Himself In The Eye With A Pitch Fork On The Capital Step At High Noon I Bet Anyone This Month’s Paychecks He Would Do It!! Romney Is A Lying, Butt Sucking Puppet Who Happens To Also Be A SOCIOPATH!!! Romney Made A Good Living Off Of Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses!!!

  5. emadis41 says:

    The Republicans want to repeal ACA (ObamaCare) and to return to the insurance market healthcare, they want to convince us that the insurance market is better than ACA.
    GOP claims that Obamacare is socialized medicine, and I wish it is. Currently we rank #30 in the World, after all the industrialized nations. All other industrialized nations has socialized medicine, including #1 France, # 8 Germany and #10 UK. The small nation of Oman is #7, and they spend no more than 8% of their GDP on healthcare compare to 13% GDP in US.

    Let us also ask how they want some people not to contribute to their own healthcare because they are now healthy? Then what will happened if they get sick? Will they ask their parents for a loan, or ask for charitable donations from their neighbors? Or, they would forfeit their bill to the Gov. as being happening now with uninsured people. It is tax payers money that should be spent on other economy areas, such as infrastructure, education and research.

    • We Are Losing Our Spot In The World Cause We Are Being Destroy From The Inside Out!! Why Look To The Middle East For Terrorist When They Are Right Here Born And Raised!! The GOP/Tea Party The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight< Lying And Hating Is What They Do, Fear Mongering And Terrorizing Their Own People Is How They Roll!! It's Not That They Are out Of Touch The Fact Is They Don't Give A Damn!! These People Are Not Christian nor Are They Patriots, What They Are Is Terrorists And Traitors To Their Country And The American People!!

  6. onedonewong says:

    A bill that kills 1,000,000 babies a year and you contend its pro-life??? I wonder what a pro murder law would do??

  7. phantomoftheopera says:

    i didn’t realize it required abortions. how do they pick them? or is this just another republican falsehood? of course, you’d prefer they all be born, then lead miserable lives.

  8. phantomoftheopera says:

    i didn’t realize it required abortion. how are they chosen? or is this just another republican falsehood? you probably prefer they all be born, then live miserable lives. must make you feel good.

  9. Bruce says:

    The only thing not covered, is what happens when the “breadwinner” of the family gets sick, for
    a long enough time that they can’t afford the premiums? The Affordable Care Act doesn’t go far enough!

  10. This article implies that 19 to 25 year olds need to be students to remain covered by a parent’s health plan. That is NOT correct. These young adults can be covered as dependents on a parent’s plan even when they have full-time jobs and are no longer claimed as a dependent on the parent’s tax return.

  11. Plznnn says:

    Millions of Illegal Trespassers are extremely happy with Obamacare, they will have great health care without the burden of expense like the rest of us. When the fees, restrictions & taxes kick in, Illegals will be even more grateful.

  12. Ed says:

    So now you know why the insurance companies are bankrolling Romney.

  13. Madinda says:

    Obama is the Presidet for the people . Give him more time.

  14. akadaka says:

    Funny that the “pro-lifer’s” are all for the death penalty. Plus, seeing that all babies ( no abortion) are delivered …so they can grow to age 18 to become gun fodder for our biggest employer, the war machine.

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