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Friday, October 28, 2016

The embarrassing fall of Todd Akin should induce Republicans to confront their own responsibility for the low quality of politicians they are inflicting on us (and themselves). Having developed an extremist culture that encourages figures such as Akin to seek legislative office, GOP leaders should hardly be surprised when idiotic and reprehensible remarks spill from the mouths of their candidates. (Candidates who insist, by the way, that English should be our official language when their own diction is often incomprehensible.)

Yet those same leaders insist they were shocked – yes, shocked and appalled – by Akin’s “legitimate rape” utterance, as if other Republican figures don’t blurt bizarre, nonsensical, and dumb comments as regularly as cows pass gas. Memories dim from cycle to cycle, but how can they forget Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Party queen whose defeat of an intelligent moderate Republican legislator sparked celebrations among “conservatives” across the country?

She had accused “American scientific companies” of cross-breeding animals with humans to produce “mice with fully functioning human brains,” and warned that co-educational colleges would lead to “orgy rooms.” Regarding evolution, she said the scientific theory is “a myth,” asking “Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” But her shaky grip on reality didn’t matter because she eagerly adopted the party line on economic and social issues.

O’Donnell was colorful but hardly unique. Across the country in Nevada, Sharron Angle became the party’s standard-bearer against Senator Harry Reid, proceeding to disqualify herself with calls for armed insurrection and ugly, racially charged remarks to Hispanic students. In Kentucky, Rand Paul easily won a Senate seat, whereupon he let the nation know that the Supreme Court doesn’t decide the constitutionality of laws in this country. Evidently he thinks that he does.

Cretinism of the same caliber can be found in news archives under the names of candidates failed and elected, from Carl Paladino in New York and Ken Buck in Colorado to Ron Johnson in Wisconsin and — topping any such list – Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, who once suggested that Democratic presidencies coincided with swine flu outbreaks because they had occurred under Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. (Actually, the 1976 epidemic occurred under Gerald Ford, a  Republican, but Bachmann is almost always confused about dates, places, and history.)

Dim politicians of all stripes have always been with us as an unfortunate byproduct of democracy. In that vein, it must be noted that there are plenty of bright conservatives and some not-so-bright liberals, too. But have there ever been so many nominated nimrods, so concentrated within a single major party, and so enthusiastically encouraged in their ambition by powerful people who should know better?

The most famous and damning example, of course, is Sarah Palin, the blindingly ignorant vice-presidential nominee in 2008, brought to the brink of executive power by neoconservative leader William Kristol and the seasoned campaign veterans advising John McCain, notably Steve Schmidt. We are meant to assume that the Palin episode was a freakish accident

We are meant to assume that the Palin episode was a freakish accident, but the irresponsibility of  Ivy-educated right-wing intellectuals like Kristol and sophisticated operatives like Schmidt in promoting her was symptomatic of a broader ailment. Major financial and media powers, including the Club for Growth, the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, Rush Limbaugh, the National Review and a host of other forces within the GOP have aggressively supported candidates whose extremist views only emphasize their feeble intellect and lack of basic knowledge. For the party of the right, no standards need be imposed on those who are supposed to write laws, negotiate budgets, and oversee executive and judicial authorities. Like in the old Soviet Union, anybody who parrots the party line will do.

Don’t expect the Akin incident – or last year’s gong-show presidential primary — to provoke introspection among the top operatives and financiers of the right. Their style of politics is a daily insult to their country, but they will continue to believe that pandering to stupid is the shortest path to power.

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  • Diarreah of the mouth seems to be a common Tea Party affliction. Unfortunately for them, Akin is just one of many. Let’s not forget Murdouch comparing student loans to stage III cancer, Michele Bachmann Muslim Brotherhood crusade, and all the other bizarre statements TP enthusiasts routinely make. Of course mainstream Republicans want to distance themselves from these nuts, the problem is that their replacements will be just as bad or worse than their current heroes.

    • Along with their diarrhea of the mouth they all seem to have terrible cases of constipation of thought.

      • oldtack

        As I have always contended – their brains must be in their ass – because their heads are definitely empty.

        • OMG! have you even picture in your mind what you are describing? “brains in the ass”. May I suggest a Theasuarus, you will be delighted to see how you will be able to enrich your ability to express yourself in a more substannitive and effective way. You’ll be happier.

          • …we are still laughing at you Jay – run your last one through spell check if you cannot figure it out for yourself

          • oldtack

            Jay Bizness

            Yes, I can easily envision what I described. This is an old Marine Corps DI description of a new recruit that exhibits the mentality that can possibly get he and his group killed in action This recruit must indeed have “brains” to have gotten into the Corp. and since his/her brains aren’t located in the proper place they must be located elsewhere. The logical location is in their Ass because they are certainly not located in their cranium. Since they seem unable to use them they must sit on them.

            If you have never heard this expression thne you must have never served in the Military. One thing is sure – you never served under an irate Marine DI on a hot summer day while undergoing Combat Training.

            You write “May I suggest a THEASUARUS”. Well that might be a great help – if I knew what this great item was. Now – in College and in Graduate School I did, at times, avail myself, of the use of a THESAURUS, especially when writing my Thesis.

            If your Theasuarus is better than my Thesaurus I may consider your suggestion – if I can find one.

            Another of your suggestions “….able to enrich your ability to express your self in a more SUBSTANNITIVE way…”Did you perchance intend to say “in a more SUBSTANTIVE way”? Maybe you should consult your THEASAURUS or better – just consult a good dictionary.

      • Incredible; I keep looking for comments worthy of discussion – but, all this hate-filled and empty-of-substance comments do not add up to a point to discuss. What is our educaiton system producing? OMG!…folks, can we expand our vocab beyond the adjectives “diarrhea”, “consitpation”, “ass”, “terrorist”. Very sad, very sad. Please educate your opinions, it will sustain this great country.

        • learn to spell and then we can still dismiss your ridiculous rants…..

    • Mr. Vila – I so enjoy reading your comments. You have a keen grasp of what is going on in this country and an absolutely spot -on eloquence in getting your thoughts out here for all to see…shame that you’re basically preaching to the choir, as those that should be comprehending what you write will only argue for their side with their limited gray matter and all-consuming prejudice. Run for President Sir – you’d have my vote.

    • What They Mean By Wanting Smaller Government They Want To Use It But Don’t Want Us To Use It!! All Of Them Got To Use Government For Themselves One Way Or Another In Their Lifetime!!! It’s Just More Do As I Say Not As I Do GOP/Tea Party Bullshit!! And Now That They Have Got Rich They Want To Shut Government Down So No Body Else Can Advance In Life!!

    • Again…interesting facts-less and irrational comments about a group of American (the Tea Party); if you were to go back and research how the Teat Party began, you will probably look back with an Oops! reaction – when you learn that this group of people came out of both democrats, independents, republicans, blacks, hispanics, whites, etc….who were simply asking for accountability from what the government was doing with our taxes; ordinary people who dare question the behaviours of the people we elect into office. But, don’t listen to your research and then come back with a more well-rounded post. Otherwise, ignorant and baseless diarrhea of the mouth from any person, does not make for an honest debate. Educate yourself before posting, it benefits everyone.

      • grammyjill

        But we are expressing our thoughts and opinions of our elected officials. Some of them really need to go back to second grade and start over. Maybe they could get it right the second time around but only if they pay attention in class this time.

  • WhutHeSaid

    And please don’t forget the nutty Allan West, who still sees a communist under every bed even though communist scares went out of fashion long ago. Perhaps Mr. West can see Cuba from South Florida, which would tend to support the theory that Tea Partiers have good eyes (Sarah can see Russia from Alaska) but little else of value.

    The nuttiness, hate and intransigence of the Tea Party has now been clearly demonstrated. Willing to shut down the entire federal government just to attack Planned Parenthood, these nut-bags dance in the halls of Congress at the thought of the USA — the richest nation on Earth — defaulting on it’s debt obligations.

    You had your chance, Tea Party — don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    • That’s Why I Call The GOP/Tea Party The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight They Are No Different Then The Middle East Terrorists!!! Terrorizing & Fear Mongers Is What They Do, Always With The Lies Is How They Roll!! 🙁

      • Mocny3

        You are an AWFUL hateful person. Just awful…shocking that Americans like you exist nowadays. YOU are the example of what is going wrong with our country. Hateful, dividing biased people like you who really have no clue what they are talking about. Just talking,not thinking. You haven’t one clue what you are talking about. You just say what the media has trained you to think and say. You are awful!

        • LOL Your Whole Low Life Party Is A Bunch Of Liars And IMMORAL DEMONS JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!

        • WhutHeSaid

          I sure hope you never show up in Fern’s workplace, where this ‘awful’ person has to help save your life. Then you might even feel compelled to apologize despite her having strong opinions about things that matter to her.

        • You My Thug Can Kiss Your Own Awful Ass!!

      • Mocny3

        You are an AWFUL hateful person. Just awful…shocking that Americans like you exist nowadays. YOU are the example of what is going wrong with our country. Hateful, dividing biased people like you who really have no clue what they are talking about. Just talking,not thinking. You haven’t one clue what you are talking about. You just say what the media has trained you to think and say. You are awful!

        • James

          when Ryan and Akin brought forward the SHARIA LAW changes to the Defition of Rape what do you expect us to think ?
          A Government small enough to fit in your uterus ???

          • Mocny3

            You have no clue what you are talking about. Akin made comment not Ryan. Check your facts.

          • metrognome3830

            Go a little further back in time. To a time in the not so distant past, when Aikin and Ryan attempted to constitutionally re-define rape. That’s a fact. The only difference between them is that Ryan is smart enough to avoid making such a statement publicly during a presidential campaign.

          • James

            So the changes to the Definition of Rape are NOT in the ” No Funds for Abortion Act ” that RYAN AND AKIN BROUGHT TO A VOTE AND VOTED FOR ???????
            FUNNY AKIN SAYS IT IS AND RYAN SAYS HE HAS CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT IT — fact remains the Bill PASSED THE HOUSE and awaits the Senate Vote !!!

          • grammyjill

            Akin and Ryan co authored the bill HR3 to determine the difference between legitimate or forcable rape and non rape. If woman is badly beaten, shot or stabbed then it’s legit rape. Any other is not rape as far as these jerks are concerned. If legit rape they think there is no way woman could get pregnant. And these are the mental giants you support.

          • Mocny3

            This site is good for you type of people. It allows you to rant, hateful false things and then agree with each other about your crazy political views. As an Independent, I think you guys are ALL crazy. It is shocking the stuff you all come up with here. I think you are all one step away from the looney bin.

          • So You See There’s No Koch Brothers Ass Kissers Like You Here Then GO!!!

          • metrognome3830

            AAbsolutely! I think you should run away. Get as far from this site as you possibly can. There are many kind, gentle, soft-spoken, fair-minded “conservative” sites you would be happier with. Go, quickly, before you become corrupted.

          • joyscarbo

            Tell your party to quit yapping about government being wayyy too big. They want to get rid of the EPA, Dept of Education and gut medicare, social security and every program that remotely helps poor and disabled people. YET, the wish to prevent women from having insurance-paid birth control and they want to force women to continue pregnancies that are the result of a RAPE (of any kind) and incest.
            If you want people to agree with you, I suggest you go to a website called, “The Blaze.” They will welcome you and your beliefs with open arms.

          • DurdyDawg

            Here’s you perfect watering trough: Google “Personal Liberty Digest”.. Their you’r kind of people. And if you like it, remember.. We won’t miss you.

        • george

          its more shocking that folks like Atkin exist.

          • Mocny3

            I agree he is ignorant and a damn fool he needs to go.

          • personally I find it more shocking that folks like obozo, our clown in chief, exist.

          • george

            I understand. Just like I am shock that Herman and Eddie Munster are trying to run the country.

          • Oooooh Oooooooh SARAH PALIN

          • DownriverDem

            and whoever Mocny3 is too

          • cmc1026

            Atkins is an idiot but not for the “legitimate rape” comment. It’s because he said “a woman’s body could reject the pregnancy” in case of “legitimate rape”. And by the why genius, Atkins was not the tea party candidate.

          • Mocny3

            You have just confirmed the accuracy of the article you think is awful. In other words, confirmed all our suspicions that many from the GOP are playing cards with less than half a deck.

            If you want to argue that such and such is awful, why not try addressing the points in the article and making a semblance of an argument with a reason or two thrown in, instead of name-calling without substance.

            Or do you think, like Akin, that women really can shut off their reproductive organs after rape?

        • jebediah123

          Yeah, Mocny3, I am a hateful person—so get screwed!

        • DownriverDem

          Oh yea? You are awful because it is clear to us all here, that you have been totally propagandized and brainwashed by the repubs for years.

          Your views are just awful to educated people. So go back to the teabaggers. They love clueless folks.

        • MBM

          And just what is it that you support? Do you support the neanderthal belief in a ‘legitimate or forcible rape’ or that rape is rape? Do you support dog fighting or blood sports, as King from Iowa does, just because humans choose to fight and are paid for it? Do you support the elimination of Medicare, Social Security and an increase in taxes for the majority, except the very wealthy? Do you support a weak privileged, elitist candidate who has demonstrated that he could not create jobs in Mass, destroyed companies & lives for his profit while off shoring at Bain; has selective amnesia regarding his own bullying episodes as a young adult; and can’t think without a panel of experts, except to change his mind… so tell us, just what do you support?

        • You Are A Low Life Haters Bitch Stop Talking To Me Asshole!! You And Your Low Life American Taliban Party Can Go To Hell!!!

        • You Want Tax Breaks For The Rich, Stop Millions Of People From Getting Health Care, Stop Seniors And Kids From Going HungryYou Vote For Getting Rid Of Education ,EPA, FEMA, Privatizing SS And Medicare, Also Want To Start Another War This Is What You Voting For?? And I’m Hateful !! LOL Here A Clue You Just A Brainwashed Damn Fool If That What You Think!! You More Than Likely Still Living In A Cave And Trading Chickens For Health Care!! YOU MY THUG ARE THE ONE WHO’S HATEFUL!! Stop Looking At FOX FAKE NEWS AND RUSH LIMBALLS!!!

        • Romney Hood And Little Paul Are Low Life Knuckle Dragging Demons !! You Need To Get Off The Computer And Get A Job Or Did Romney Strip The Companies In Your Neck Of The Wood And Ship The Jobs Overseas !! Romney Is The Problem And People Like You Who Vote These Demons In Office!! More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy Going To Help You How??

        • metrognome3830

          What? If you’re looking for hateful, divisive, biased people don’t overlook your good friends in the Tea Party. Very productive hunting ground there.

        • And you support who? I too decry the exagerated expression and stupid comparison name calling. Of course the Tea Party is not equal to the Taliban. They are just misguided souls with little or no sence of history or proprity. Republicans are not facist or Hiler. Thay too are clinging to old failed and monitary elistist policies that have failed and caused misery for the majority of the population over and over again. However, people with a single or mini agenda, i.e. abortion, race or same sex marrriage are sucked in again and again by Roveian plans and schemes to support a financial srtucture that has been designed to support the rich and surpress the working people. These repeated and continued failures do not seem to stop some poor fools from espousing policies that are clearly against their own interest just to get recognition of their single interest. the name calling is a poor policy, Obama is neither a “socialist” nor a “muslim” but that doesn’t stop those who disagree with him from calling such names. Perhaps a fair and careful examination of the various possitions and policies of each side will reveal that neither is demonic nor angelic.

        • Dick Nye

          Do YOU have a clue, Mocny3? It appears to me that Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are the ones spewing hate. I can’t remember one thoughtful comment from them. Why don’t you post something else that shows us how thoughtful you are?

        • Donna26

          Really?? Hateful, dividing?? I assume you are part of the Republican party, because you are defending them. Please look at the facts. The Republican party has been dividing this country for years. The nonsense that comes out of the mouth of party leaders is laughable. Example: Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin. Look those names up and see what you read. These are representatives of your party. We need intelligent representatives, not people, who quite frankly, don’t even know simple history or geography. The media isn’t training me to say or think anything… I barely watch TV… I read… some of these representatives should try it, they actually might learn something.

        • highpckts

          Mocny3 – Hateful and dividing? All
          words learned at the knee of Republican policy! If they won’t vote for you lie and scare them to death!!

        • joyscarbo

          I don’t think that comparing the neocon, right wing, tea party and republicans to the Taliban is fair. But many people here have been branded with many distasteful labels by them. The right leaning folks who frequent the National Memo have made some very sexist, bigoted and disgusting commentaries. I don’t go to conservative websites to insight them and call them names. I come here because the views posted here are more in keeping with my personal values, which does not make me a leftist, marxist or communist.

        • DurdyDawg

          Wait a minute! If you believe in what you just spewed, just where do you get YOU’RE information? Do you have a direct link to you”re representatives? Maybe go golfing with Mittens? What gives you the right to degrade someone’s opinion and tell them they’re whats wrong with this Country and are trained media hounds? You too must follow the media.. Possibly curl up with a good high ball watching Limbaugh fart.. You’re also guilty of what’s wrong with this country because you are believing in only one idea yourself. If you think you’re beliefs are just and correct, don’t assume that others are wrong.. Answer me this: In the war with Japan.. Which side believed they were right? We didn’t win that war because we were right, we won it because we beat their ass. If they had won it would they had been right? If we had lost it, would we have been wrong? You disagree with others, don’t come back sounding pious and self-righteous.. Just give you’re opinion as to what you feel about you’re candidate and be satisfied. No type of degrading is going to make anybody change their mind of who their going to vote for.. It just sounds insulting (like what I just did)… Now..

        • excused me but what the heck are you saying .If you would imply a objection. Please do the rest of us a favor an make it clear and not just ramble .thanks

      • george

        I call them the tea party Taliban too.

      • cmc1026

        Fern, I want to learn more. Tell me some of the Tea Party Lies.

    • Mocny3

      Lol… your an idiot

      • old_blu

        I just read you telling someone how full of hate they were, and then I read this, maybe you are the problem. (hypocritical) much?

        • Must I really point out the difference? These peop;e are NUTS and want to direct the resources of our nation. They are promoted by
          those who should know better, and the comments do not reflect hate, they represent the despair and disappointment regarding the GOP hierarchy. They say anything, do anything, that they believe will win an election. They are pathetic.

        • Mocny3

          Yes,exactly I comment on a hateful comment that was utterly ridiculous and false. Then YOU send me this post. I say back to you HYPOCRITICAL MUCH?
          Before commenting helps.

          • You Are A Low Life IDIOT HATER!! And You My Thug Can Go Peddle Your Bullshit Somewhere Else!!

        • The Whole GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Are Hypocritical ASSHOLES!! Michele Bachmann Made Lots Of Money From Fostering 25 Kids And Got Money From The Government For Her Farm! Ryan Lived On Social Security And Took Bail Out Money And The List Goes On And On!!

      • no Sir – you are…the correct spelling of your rant should have been “you’re an idiot” pick up a dictionary – it’s that big book with all the words in alphabetical order….

        • Mocny3

          Oh thats a good one..I see you must have young children you are picking up their lame jokes. LOL

          Dont comment if you dont know what you are talking about.. Thanks.

          • metrognome3830

            Why shouldn’t she comment? Because she is literate and you are not? “Don’t comment if you don’t know what your are talking about.” Is your keyboard missing an apostrophe? Or don’t you know what that is, either.

      • metrognome3830

        Why are you still here?

    • My first reaction when I hear comments from people like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Todd Akin, Allen West and others is to ask myself if they are insane, ignorant, or suffer from a severe case of paranoia, but I have come ot the conclusion that more often than not, it is none of the above. Comments like the one Akin made are intentional and meant to send a message to his base. He was talking to his audience and fed them what they wanted to hear. The same goes for the rest of the gang. We are doing them a favor when we call them crazy or ignorant, they are deceitful opportunists, cynics, or hypocrites who intentionally mislead a naive electorate to achieve their goals. Even the comment of the “thing” that is shut down by a mysterious female mechanism that is activated in cases of legitimate rape was not a mistake. His oblique reference to ovulation was, very likely, well received by those who consider female biological functions something to be ashamed of and hidden, and that includes the root of life. Maybe his next topic will be about the sanctity of apples, but unless his wife and those of his bethren, are good bakers the only thing they may get out of that is a good apple pie.

  • old_blu

    Bwahahaha—-I know I shouldn’t laugh, but if you have a brain that you use without the help of the Tea baggers they are very intertaining.

    It’s too bad there are some who let someone think for them, and don’t think it’s a joke.

  • His opinions are pretty much that of the Republican party. He just wasn’t suppose to say it in a situation where it would be heard by the public or recorded for future reference. That is their biggest complaint not the statement content.

  • This man needs to go, and thats what all Republicans are saying! What about Joe stick my foot in my mouth Biden? He is a total moron, but you Democrats play by a double standard! Most of the comments I read on here come straight from the MSNBC retard crowd!

    • johninPCFL

      Idiot. Covered in the first sentence of page two. Perhaps you are a teabagging pol?

    • oldtack

      Hey bombie
      Read my reply to Pac – that description fits you to a tee. Need I say more?

    • BDD1951

      As do you republicans. Fox News? Really?

  • Scooterdoc

    Mr. Bombastic….Ever here the phrase, “stupid is as stupid does?” Reading is one thing, twisting what you read is another.

  • Mr. Vila – I so enjoy reading your comments. You have a keen grasp of what is going on in this country and an absolutely spot -on eloquence in getting your thoughts out here for all to see…shame that you’re basically preaching to the choir, as those that should be comprehending what you write will only argue for their side with their limited gray matter and all-consuming prejudice. Run for President Sir – you’d have my vote.

  • alumahead

    If anyone doubts the Republican party is no longer a political party, but a religious one based on Evangelical dogma, this should put that doubt to rest. The GOP leaders were so bent on maintaining a shrinking white base that they allowed, and even encouraged the takeover.

  • Kansan

    Well, I’m disappointed with the Memo.

    Akin made a lot of crazy statement in the St. Louis Fox 2 video interview.

    Here’s a few more: Repeal the 17th Amendment. States should be able to decide what votes get counted and he references, of all things, Florida 2000, where Bush/Reagan/Nixon appointees carried out a coup de etat, taking the decision making away from Florida. Regulations and taxes are unnecessary and bad for business.

    But the Memo also goofs: The Club for Growth (or as Mike Huckabee termed it, “The Club for Greed”) is not exactly “Manhattan based.” It is a Koch front, along with many others, i.e., Forward America, Citizens for a Sound Economy, the Tea Party and a hundred Koch supported propaganda factories which they claim are “think tanks.” Just because David H. Koch’s major domicile is on Park Avenue, they are Kansas boys, born and bred. Their dad, Fred Sr., bankrolled the John Birch Society, which claimed fellow Kansan Eisenhower was a “conscious agent of the communist conspiracy” and “reds” were trying to poison our “precious bodily fluids.” (See Dr. Strangelove)

    Akin’s weird notions are not unique. The imagined “protection” from conception as a result of forcible rape is just one of many widely-held delusions they harbor: “Abstinence only” sex education works. Evolution is a satanic plot. The world is only 7,000 years old. Hispanics are sneaking into the country by the millions to steal the identity of white people and elect those who would restore “Aztlan.” There’s no such thing as global warming.

    The Kochs are billionaire secularists who find that the fundies are easily affordable conscripted tools to deregulate, disenfranchise, privatize, and absolve from paying all and any taxes. They are, for instance, not specifically anti-education. They attack K-12 because they don’t want to pay property or other taxes to support them, they want to destroy teachers’ unions, they want to resegregate society, but on an economic, rather than an exclusively racial basis.

    These purported “constitutionalists” such as Akin (for the 17th Amendment repeal effort, see the case of banker/railroad/mining magnate William A. Clark, who bought himself a US Senate seat in 1899), also want to get rid of or modify other amendments, including the 16th, of course, and parts at least of the 1st, 4th, and 14th.

    “You can look it up!”

    I expect the National Memo might find the time to do just that.

  • sleeprn01

    The only reason that the GOP is upset with Representative Akin is because he let the cat out of the bag. Both he and Representative Ryan sponsored an anti-abortion bill that included the term “Forcible Rape” in their personhood law; in fact representative Ryan in 2002 stated in the House of Representatives that he even opposed abortion in cases where the mother’s life is in jeopardy. He stated that the mother’s life is in jeopardy clause “has loop holes so big that you can drive a Mack truck thru. them”. And, now the personhood amendment is part of the official GOP platform this year, which Gov. Romney has signed off as agreeing with this platform. No, I don’t think that that GOP disagrees with what or how Representative Akin said what he said, it’s that he drew attention to their standing platform of eliminating abortion in all cases. I won’t even approach the topic of the GOP attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, when abortion makes up less than 6% of the overall reproductive and health services that Planned Parenthood provides to both men and women!!

  • It seems that the extreme right wing of the Republican Party wants government in our lives and controlling them. When a Republican says that they want smaller government and they want government out of our lives, they are bold facedly lieing. The old saying about politics has changed to: “the Republicans want the rich to get richer and the middle class to be gone”. The facts prove that so why would we want to give these people any power over our lives. I think they are seeking their own form of Sharia law in this country, so we don’t have to worry about the muslims taking over. Head scars for every woman and a vaginal probe ordered by the government! Sure scares me.

  • jarheadgene

    WELL the cat is out of the bag on their thinking re Women. But let us not forget to get back on track of why WILLARD M. ROMNEY has refused to show his tax returns, because he has been ripping off this country by not paying his taxes. Be aware if he does…GOD FORBID, get elected the D- Senate will seek retaliation, subpoena his taxes, and bamm….we have another SPIRO AGNEW. Then we will have AKIN’s congressional boyfriend RYAN as President….so let’s nip this in the bud and get those taxes out NOW…….OMG…..and EdSanJuan …you should be calling for those returns too, or you will be stuck with a nutjob like RYAN. BTW….they must be embarrased by AKIN, haven’t seen any posts from them since all this started.

  • howa4x

    Well heeled intellectuals have always found a home in the GOP. William F Buckley was the champion of conservative causes but did so elequently stating why the rich should be praised and railed against the womens movement, kinda a George Will type. The current crop of neanderthals are nothing like the conservatives of old, with their wacky ideas, and their limited grip on reality. The difference is this group was created by cynical 1% ers who have realized that we are not really a lot of smart people once you move away from the coasts and deeper into the heartland, and south. Not all of America has more than a high school education and are easily manipulated by catchy phrases, and simple jargon. They lack the capacity to undersand the complexity of issues so people like Beck, and Rush play to their fears, and create boogey people for the masses to vent their rage on. They have been convinnced to vote against their own interests by this group at Fox and Friends that have recreatd reality so that while every thinking person knows that the 1% are the job out sourcers Fox turns them into the job creators to be revered. Failing to mention of course the jobs are created in China. These people are angry and F&F have taught them that it is the womens movement, Gays, Latinos, Afro Americans that is really pulling their idea of America down. They say even that guy who is in the White house has a muslim name, so now can he be one of us?
    The Tea Party was created byDick Armey a shamed former congressman. He was always a reactionary that voted to the extreme right. He never met a regulation that he didn’t like and called Rep Barny Frank, Barney Fag because he was gay. He was a promoter of the super rich since he came from Texas oil people. He fostered an enviornment where extreme prople had a microphone and used them effectively to shut down the debate on Health care. The Tea party is in his image. Wacky people side track debate on important issues by making outlandish claims. It’s all part of the plan of pitting one group against another. It works though. Where else but the tea party can you get a senior citizen to wear a tee shirt that demands that the government keep their hands off my medicare!
    Need I say more?

  • montanabill

    Right on again! The GOP has produced some of the most disgraceful politicians ever known, people like Elliott Spitzer, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Rod Blagojevich, Charlie Rangel, Edward Kennedy, Jon Corzine, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Kerry Gauthier, Jim McGreevy, just to name a few. Here are the words of a sage:
    “There’s no such thing as an ethical violation if you’re a Democrat. Only Republicans are capable of that because Republicans publicly state that they have standards. They have morals, they have this or that, and they think people ought to live by them. The Democrats say, “To hell with all that!” and so they can’t be accused of hypocrisy. See, hypocrisy is the real crime, and there’s no hypocrisy here, and nobody is surprised.”
    …Rush Limbaugh

    • Nice non-sequitur.

    • BDD1951

      And republicans? Everyone is lily white?

      • montanabill

        No shortage of problem Republicans either. However, the article is an example of throwing stones in a glass house.

  • QA Partners, LLC

    So, why do the democrats breed idiots like “foot-in-the-mouth Biden”; where his remarks were blantantly racist. So, it’s ok for the democrats to make disgusting things? Huh? At least republicans were honest enough to criticize Atkins; where is the backbone of the democrats to do the same with Biden? Hmmmm.. I here crickets.

    • grammyjill

      Watch the conventions and the debates.

  •… is clear that this country’s greatness is being destroyed by the ignorant vote. Comments uttered without a foundation of facts or moral equivalence is a sad statement as to the results of our education system. Our system is obviously failing to produce deep analytical thinkers – that explains why someone can make an irrational comment about A. West about communism, without mentioning the long-time communist friends of our president, and of his deep relationship with a racist preacher. As thinkers, how did these facts get by you?

  • For those spilling hatred towards republicans here – because of 1 person’s stupid comments – I welcome and love the idea of us Americans discussing and exchanging views – no matter what views you may hold, you are able to express it because of the freedom this country offers you; but to live a more fulfilling life by expressing your ideas with others – especially with those you may disagree with……you really have to enrich yourself with the same level of education that democrats like Obama, Biden, Gore, and the rest of them have enjoyed with you taxes. But you don’t need their money to do this; simply spend more time researching and reading on topics that you want to express your opinion on, and then you’ll even the playing field. I’ll leave you with this thought to ask yourselves: “why do democrats always criticize the rich republicans, but fail to tell you that they too are rich; that they too invest money in the same companies the republicans do; Romney is bad because he’s rich? Oh! Then what about Nancy Polouzi, the Kennedys, Al Gore, Obama, Biden? Even worst, at least Romney got rich working in a private business. The democrats I mentioned above have all gotten rich with the payroll checks you have paid them with taxes. Educate – Think – Research yourselves. America will be better for it. Good luck on your journey.

    • grammyjill

      You seem to like facts. Here are a few. Mitt Romney: was govenor of the state of Mass. During his time there he raised taxes, put in all kinds of fees, so many that the people of Mass called him fifi. The infrastructure was severly falling apart. Bad pot holes and rusting bridges. He shipped out so many jobs that LOTS of people left the state. When he left, he left an 18billion dollar deficit. Gov. Ducasus said it will take Gov. Patrick two terms to straighten this mess out.
      Now Mr. Ryan. He voted for both wars(unfunded) voted for all three stimulas deals during Bush(unfunded) voted for auto bailout under Bush(unfunded) voted for medicare part d during Bush(unfunded), co authored 8 bills to outlaw abortion for any reason,authored bill 212 giving more rights to a fertilized egg than the woman carring it. Wants to pass laws to keep women from having any kind of preventitive health care. And the last real job he had was a paper route when he was a teenager. He has been living off us for way too long.

  • “The greatest threat to the liberal/democratic party is not another republican or conservative, but an educated minority (especially a black or hispanic, the base of the party)”

    • I’am black can’t wait to join the party of DAVID DUKE, OH I don’t know if I’am educated or not dose college count? The David Duke I’am speaking of is the one who said If Michael Steele was President of the dixie-can in four yrs he would take 80% of the white folks and form a white people party. By the way the base of the demo party is still white, that 43% that Obama got in the last election.

  • “The greatest threat to the liberal/democratic party is not another republican or conservative, but an educated minority (especially a black or hispanic, the base of the party)”

  • They pander to stupid because they know they can use them as puppets.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Good article and so true. The quality of the tea party and rightwing candidates is so lacking. Paul Ryan drafted a bill with Akin and now they all run from Akin’s statements like it is new and out there when the truth is so many believe it. They don’t accept global warming and think like hillbillies. This new ignorant, bigoted, stubborn rightwing coalition of tea party politicians are like a disease on the USA system. Many rightwing fanatics still question if President Obama was born here. They think he is a Muslim while their own candidates are the true loons. The rightwing fanatic politicians want power for big money and the rich and corporate power; they want more loon judges and to own the Supreme Court. We need to fight these zombies and not let them give tax breaks to the filthy rich while taking down the middle class and urinating on the poor.

  • The taliban/GOP/Tea Party will end over time as the elderly expire from old age. The Taliban/GOP must be stopped to save the youth of this nation so they too don’t think it is OK to behave like these elderly wack jobs.

  • this is what the GOP does the repubilcans love to put their foot in their mouth now let’s see how many more they will do it , the GOP have foot in mouth Syndrome

  • 1TexasHoney27

    It’s sad but true when I say that nothing the Republi-pricks can do to shock me anymore. They’re just a pathetic n greedy organization that plans to protect only what benefits them.. We can talk each event to death or we can get off our asses on Nov 6th n put them in their place which is ” Out of Office “.. Take their jobs n lively hoods away just like they did so many in the the middle-class American work force. Expose them as they sorry S.O.B.’s they are and guarantee ourselves to never let this happen again by not letting Dumbasses back in office such as the likes of what fills the Repub seats now… It’s up to you n your neighbors. Stand Proud n Speak Loud… United We Stand & Divided We Fall. God Bless America!!!! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012…. MAJORITY OF THE SEATS FILLED WITH DEMOCRATS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THE CESS POOL WE WERE DROPPED IN.

  • wow as if the democrats don’t have loons speaking.

    Anyone remember the congressman that was against more troops going to Guam because he thought the island would tip over from the weight.

    How about the congressman who put thousands in bags and put them in his freezer, his comments were hilarious.

    how about “spread the wealth”

    “you didn’t build it”

    visiting 57 states.
    and the list goes on.

  • DownriverDem

    The teabagging repubs are who they really are. Why don’t sane folks get it? They took over the repub party and are going to do whatever they need to do to get rid of the RINOs. Women 25-54 support Obama by 31%! This is a huge gap. Women will decide this election and repubs are fools to have decided that we don’t matter to them for support.

  • nococidences

    I believe I said this in my sleep and you printed it. Thanks.

  • mocny3: I think its the other way around. The republicans are trying to make everyone think like they do. But the average American can’t afford to go around the block let alone think like a republican — THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO!!!!

  • curious1956

    Even though I am not at all in Aikins camp, I am uncomfortable with the language used to discredit him. I doesn’t lead to any dialog. The history of a fear of education in many parts of our country and among our Christian fundmentalist neighbors are a root cause. States which continue to underfund education become partners with a fundamentalism which refuses to give science its proper place (as I believe) in understanding how evolution can actually be “The Language of God”. (Title of a book by Francis Collins, Drector of the National Institute of Health) It’s no wonder that people who have little to hope for turn to religion which promises a great life in some future. I believe that any country which gives more than lip service to “feeding the hungry”, “clothing the naked”,”accepting the unacceptable” ,”welcoming the outcast” is not only getting rid of a blight in our country, but doing the will of the founder of Christianity. So in some ways I contend that some portions of fundamentalism border on a heretical Christianit as it fights against funding for the least of our neighbors, many of whom would be recipients of our help.

  • embo66

    The GOP was “shocked” and “appalled” by Akin not because he said a lot of stupid things, but because he made overt the GOP’s latest tactic in their war against choice and women.

    By continually adding new limitations to the whole pro-choice sphere — age/consent requirements, funding reductions, curtailing medical options, adding onerous clinic facility requirements, etc., etc. — Republicans over the last decade have successfully made it nigh near impossible to exercise choice in at least 50% of counties in FORTY ONE states. And counting.

    The newest assault on choice is to try to limit abortions to cases of rape or mortal danger to the mother. A possible death blow, they hope, will then be to “redefine” all rape as being “legitimately” rape only when classed as “forcible.” [Forgive all the quote marks, but these a-holes love to speak in code, which is how they fool the uninformed into backing so many policies which actually hurt them.] Forcible rape would only be your classic stranger-assaults-female-in-dark-alley type — and woe betide the woman if she were wearing a short skirt or a low-cut top!

    Spousal rape? Date rape? Family incest? Not obviously “forcible,” and therefore probably “consensual” and therefore not rape at all. And so, like ultimate Soup Nazis, Republicans would say: “NO abortion for YOU!!!”

    Maybe this regressive aggression wouldn’t be so killing if conservatives weren’t simultaneously so intent on abstinence-only sex education, killing funding for unwed mothers, reducing spending on early childhood programs, nixing healthcare for the poor, building more private prisons, denying ex-felons their civil rights, on and on.

    I guess they’ll finally be happy when the 1% are reigning supreme over a huge underclass kept barefoot, imprisoned, permanently ignorant, and constantly adding new fodder — er — members.

  • “All Dark Wizards Come From Slytherin.”–Ronald Bilius Weasely.

    They didn’t.

    Michele is just as bad, if not worse in that she never stops.

  • “The function of the President of the Galaxy is not to exercise power, but to distract attention away from it.”–Douglas Adams’ *The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy*, describing just why a lunatic like Zaphod Beeblebrox wound up the galactic President.

    Basically, in this lobby-subsidized shadow governing system, the business bloc likes the Republican Party because they let the businessmen run wild and distract the voters with all of their insanity.

  • DARWIN PRIZE for all who believe in CREATIONISM !

  • James

    These Religious Freaks are messing with my Daughters Rights, my Wife’s and all the members of my family !

  • lawoman32

    Seems like we’re living in a Twilight Zone dystopia where fools like this are elected to Congress. There does seem to be a move afoot in the Republican Party that wants to control the most intimate lives of women. Even if they were to get their wish and pass a “personhood” bill, just how would they enforce. Chain unwilling women up in egg hatcheries for 9 months until they gave birth to an unwanted child? It is indeed a nightmare to think that this is the face of one of our national parties.

  • Todd Akin’s comment was not an isolated incident or a mistake, it is a reflection of the anti-women rights policies advanced by the GOP and reinforced by tenets in their 2012 political platform. The GOP breeds people like Akin, West, Ryan, Palin, and Bachmann because they are the GOP. Most of the old fashioned conservatives whose differences with Democrats were based mostly on the best course of action to achieve a common goal are no longer there. They have been replaced with right wing extremists whose stated goals include making sure President Obama is a one term president even if it requires ruining our economy, prolonging the agony of the unemployed, damaging our international credibility, and influencing the downgrade of our credit rating with their threats of defaulting on the debt and their refusal to embrace policies conducive to lowering our budget deficits and accumulation of debt.

  • joeinthebluehouse

    I know Republicans have their share of less than top notch politicians, but the Democrats have had their fair share as well. I can’t say that there are any outstanding ones on either side of the aisle. I can’t get myself to trust any of them any more. No matter what one says, the opposite political party says they are lying. The electorate has become unable to determine the truth any longer; even the media (both print and television) has become so biased that one can no longer believe what is written in a newspaper or magazine or what’s said on the television.

    It is a sorry state that we are in right now, and I believe that all these “PACs” have made the situation even worse. Shame on the Supreme Court for ruling that they can exist with unlimited money to spend as they see fit for or against candidates or for forcing their own views down our throats.

  • WilliamGoldstein

    Can’t believe that these folks are born that stupid. There must be a secret Moron University somewhere – like Hogwarts – where they got their training!

  • The overwhelming shock of the Akin comment is not it’s sexism, but it’s incredible ignorance of simple fact. As your article implies, ignorance, is indeed, the great hope of the
    Republican party, and it’s absurd subsidiary, the Tea Party.
    That Mitt Romney, himself no intellectual heavy weight (unlike our President) should be running within 20% of Barack Obama speaks ill for our country’s future, especially considering that the smartest President in 100 years will almost certainly face another 4 years of Republican obstructionism in the House.
    That the American Middle Class should vote itself into servitude to Wall Street, Big Pharma,
    and the Burgeoning Health Care Profit Machine is a fact of history unparalleled since the
    free election of Adolf Hitler, by the most sophisticated electorate in the world at the time.

  • joyscarbo

    Todd Akin is wrong- physiologically, ethically and morally . A woman’s egg (ova) has absolutely NO WAY to discriminate a “rapist sperm” from a “noble and good sperm.” It’s laughable and I can’t believe there’s an actual “doctor” behind it- Dr. Wilke- who has been a Romney surrogate. Paul Ryan sponsored a bill that spoke to the idea of “forcible rape,” as opposed to what other types of rape? Will they begin to debate levels of incest?
    And the whole “personage,” issue boggles my mind. When ova meets sperm, there are cells. Can those cells live outside the uterus, independently? No…well, maybe in a petrie dish but not without some major interventions. But what of a couple weeks later? No viability. You can see where I’m going with this? I do not believe that a zygote is a person with civil rights independent of my uterus. I feel there is no ethical dilemma for me. If I am wrong, it’s my between me and God alone.
    You’re going to put me in jail for wanting to get a medically safe abortion? Really? Why?! You’re going to make me cover up in dress

  • highpckts

    What the hell are you talking about?? Do you or do you not go along with Akins remark, who, by the way, is echoing Ryans thoughts that he just won’t say out loud!

  • highpckts

    mocny3 – Us “type” of people?? And what is your “type”?? Please explain . I am curious as to how you see yourselves! Saviors, Gods, dogooders? Just what are you?? We can’t seem to find out from Romney/Ryan then maybe you can enlighten us!!

  • highpckts

    EL – well said!

  • highpckts

    Mocny3 – Oops do I hear name calling from this Republican who doesn’t say anything hateful?? tsktsk!!

  • highpckts

    Jay Biz – I don’t care who started the tea party! The fact remains that what started out to be maybe a good thing has morphed to something unrecognizable! They have lost their original intent and purpose! Power corrupts!!

  • joyscarbo

    Lets not mince words. I AM PROUDLY AND STAUNCHLY PRO-CHOICE!! I will fight for the right and continue to educate and do all I can to reduce the need for abortions.
    The right wingnuts like to suggest that they are somehow being surpressed and that what the people really have always wanted was Roe vs. Wade overturned. If this were true, Roe vs. Wade would have already long been overturned!! The subject of abortion isn’t a pleasant one, nor an easy decision for any woman or couple to make. I wish we lived in a world where every relationship turned into blissful marriage and children. I wish that there was no such thing as an unwanted pregancy. Unfortunately, we live in a complex world and our lives can be very complex. Abortion MUST REMAIN legal and there MUST BE facilities where women can have a medically safe abortion- preferrably without the harrassment and violence perpetrated by opponents of abortion. Those who seek to cause the harm or death upon any abortion practitioner should be charged and prosecuted as a domestic terrorist.

  • hey berry opps my bad. barry have you look in the mirror

  • nomaster

    He was a Teabagger Party special with all of the wrappings. What else could be, ignorance and obstructionism.

  • >Yet those same leaders insist they were shocked – yes, shocked and appalled – by Akin’s “legitimate rape” utterance, as if other Republican figures don’t blurt bizarre, nonsensical, and dumb comments

    They insist that they were shocked just enough to go on and complain that any Democrat or liberal who dwells on the outrage is a particularly low sort of opportunist.

    They might have a point if the statement were a moment of random gibberish. But this one is entirely consistent with the extreme opposition to abortion touted by many Republicans, including Romney’s VP pick, and written into the platform. If such loony ideas are behind the proposed policies even implicitly, they need to be exposed for what they are. If they are not behind the proposed policies, then let’s hear some better ones.

  • The late Ernest Callenbach wrote in a valedictory letter to his readers published after his death:

    As an empire declines, its leaders become more and more incompetent, to the point where we don’t need playwrights or fiction. Abundant comedy around outrageous events can be found in the daily news.

  • I still say you can’t fix idiots.