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Thursday, October 27, 2016

GOP Rep. Stands By Comparison Of Birth Control Mandate To Pearl Harbor, 9/11

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) is refusing to back down from his outrageous declaration that requiring private insurance plans to cover birth control for women is equivalent to Pearl Harbor or the September 11th attacks.

Kelly originally made the ridiculous comparison on Wednesday morning, saying in a press conference on Capitol Hill:

I know in your mind, you can think of the times America was attacked. One is Dec. 7, that’s Pearl Harbor Day. The other is Sept. 11, and that’s the day the terrorists attacked. I want you to remember Aug. 1, 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. That is a day that will live in infamy, along with those other dates.

Kelly’s tone deaf outrage was caused by the fact that many parts of the Affordable Care Act that directly impact women’s health took effect on August 1st. As this infographic from the Center for American Progress illustrates, as of yesterday women will receive a number of preventative services — including HIV testing, counseling for domestic violence, and access to contraception, among others — with no co-pays.

For women, this represents a tremendous step forward. For Kelly, however, it apparently represents “the day religious freedom died in America.”

On Thursday, the Pennsylvania Republican refused to back down from his attack. Kelly’s spokesman told Newsmax that “The HHS mandate is an undeniable and unprecedented attack on Americans’ First Amendment rights.”

“Our freedoms and way of life have been under attack before, from both internal and external threats,” he continued. “If we fail to defend our constitutional rights, we risk losing the freedoms that so many brave men and women have given their lives to defend throughout the course of our nation’s history.”

Kelly’s comments were immediately criticized by Democrats, especially those who represent New York and Hawaii.

“Equating women’s health care and contraception with two of the darkest days in American history is not just wrong — it’s shameful,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY.)

“To drag the memories of those lost and those still grieving into the culture wars is unforgivable,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY.) “And to equate those terrible attacks with the safe and legal availability of contraception for women — ostensibly to score political points — is stunning. The American people deserve an apology.”

World War II veteran Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) also called Kelly’s statement “misguided,” and suggested that Kelly “share his comparison” with veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars.

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  • johninPCFL

    What an ignorant toad. How do such complete jackasses ever get elected?

    • Tripp47

      Because voters buy the fear mongering of people like him and overlook the damage he and others like him have done to their jobs, their savings, their lives. They have stopped using their higher centers of the brain and given in to the primitive partd

      • ace

        There is no one in this country that can screw as many peoples as this Communist all you half wits put in White House

        • ttekcloc

          You racist only talk about communist because a black man is the President. Do you think all black people are communist, you probably dont know what a communist is explain to all of us sane people what the definition . What was Bush.

          • It’s a fact that 70 Democrat members belong to the Democratic Socialists of America. Black & White.

          • dtgraham

            I thought Allan West said that 78 to 81 Democrats in the progressive caucus were members of the Communist Party. Just tellin’ ya what I heard.

          • Who are they and where are photo copies of their signed communist party cards, which he said they were “card carrying members of the communist party”. Just because you say it does not make it fact. As I have been saying for 2 years to the Republicans in Congress – “Put up or shut up”.

          • dtgraham

            I was just having a little fun Lorraine. I’m no Republican. Sorry.

          • Just ask them :
            1. Define Communism
            2. Explain to me in what way this applies to the President
            3. Define Fascism
            4. Explain in what way this applies to the current Republican elite .

            Easy Questions

          • Justin Napolitano

            Actually, John a better word for the Republican party is Oligarchy where business interest run the government.

          • Justin Napolitano

            Have you lost your mind? Please don’t look for it here because most people on this message board have no idea when or how you lost it.

        • johninPCFL

          Bush isn’t president any more.

          • ttekcloc

            Thank god Bush is not the president we dont need anymore dumb folks in the whitehouse. Answer my question what is a communist.
            Are there any klu klux klan in the rep party.

          • johninPCFL

            They all left the Democratic Party during the Goldwater election in 1968. Here’s an interesting poster from that era (part way down the page): http://breaking-historyDOTcom/2012/02/14/shocked-by-hoekstras-racist-ad-you-probably-shouldnt-be/

            While all GOPs aren’t racist, all racists are GOP…

          • Ron Hetland

            I am not sure that all racists are GOP, for there is a substantial number of racists sprinkled throughout every party but as a generality, I would concur that the vast majority of racists are GOP registered/voting carbon life forms.

          • Ron Hetland

            Historically, the Dixiecrats (including the KKK and other vermin) swung over to the GOP when Johnson promoted and enacted the Civil Rights Legislation. There may be some lingering sentiment about LBJ, especially regarding the actions he took in escalating the Vietnam War and the trumped up Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (a war can get ginned up by either majority party), but it is vividly clear that LBJ can be lauded for his efforts towards achieving civil rights legislation.

          • And thank God. 8 years of that moron destroyed our country. We may never fully recovery from his presidency, especially when the GOP is trying to install another one just like him.

          • Mitt Romney Is Like Bush On Meth!! Robme, He’s Worst Than Bush!! And His Company Bain Is Till Striping And Shipping Jobs Overseas!!

          • True, although he’s left his mark deep and ragged in our nation’s economic health.

            That aside, it’s still a valid question: What was Bush, especially since Obama has merely continued many of his programs?

            And don’t forget… it was Bush who bailed out the banks.

          • BDD1951

            Thank God

        • Isn’t amazing how the rich have been able to achieve historically high levels of wealth under this “Communist… in the White House?”

          You don’t actually know what Communism is, do you?

          • of course not, the morons don’t know what a socialist is either.

        • Ron Hetland

          Big talk for someone hiding in the anonymity of the Internet.

          • DurdyDawg

            What a dip wad! Do you actually think we’d believe your Jack Nicholson? I’m not even certain your using your real name. Face it chump.. We’re all anonymous.. not a bad thing since the words are what we feel at the time, not necessarily who we are.

          • Ron Hetland

            I’ve dealt with bullies/cowards like you DD before. Big talk; little willie. FYI, the correct word is YOU’RE not YOUR. Your feeble attempt to wax philosophic on words was quite amusing and ironic following your flawed example of usage just noted; please do more. Nothing so reveals the wit — or absence thereof — as what some present as prose. BTW this is my real name.

          • DurdyDawg

            You’RE a total idiot scumbag, just another bot trying to make a name for YOUR masters on forums you have no association with but enjoy propping your useless life in so you can feel better about bothering others with you stupid English lessons… What do you think this is, a jr. high school class? YOU”RE a dummy! I can write what I damn well choose, how ever I want, I don’t need Ur sorry ass or any other phrase police trying to correct me. I think your ass sucks wind and I no longer want your vileness around me. Good bye.

          • Ron Hetland

            The lady doth protest too much, me thinks. Your tantrum provides the proof and the poof. Curse words reveal the condition of a man’s heart. DD you should schedule a visit with your cardiologist. Ta ta sweety.

          • Joseph Hemphill

            fanned, nothing like education, intelligence and facts to fan the flames of ignorance.

          • atlanticxing35k

            Please; take your medication.

        • patmcoll

          So over half the country is made up of half wits? I am sorry you have to live in a rotten place like that.

          • Ron Hetland

            How else do you account for the election and re-election of Shrub (POTUS 43)? Fraud, perhaps? Disenfranchising millions through voter fraud efforts of the GOP? Or perhaps something more sinister within the SCOTUS? Need some proof? See Vincent Bugliosi and Jerry Spence: The Betrayal of America.

          • atlanticxing35k

            By definition; half of the people are below average.

        • ragtop97

          Ace, the saddest part of your comment is that it is only “us people,” the half-wits, who would lift a finger to help you if you were in need.

          “Those” people you seem to prefer would find you so far beneath them that if they did notice you it would be as if to swat at an annoying gnat.

          To allow your prejudices and hatred of others to twist your thinking so much that you would deprive yourself and your family of a decent chance at life is just pitiful. I hope that you somehow, someday, find your way out of your bottomless pit.

          • DurdyDawg

            Hell, I don’t want the idiot up here with us, let him waller in the mire of his brainless rhetoric, it would serve the acehole right.

        • BDD1951

          Let me explain Communism to you since you don’t seem to know. Communism is when all the power is taken away from the middle and lower class and given to the richest and most powerful. Like the republican are try in to do now.

        • I’m shocked that you can spell communist let alone know the meaning of the word. You actually believe all the lies you hear because you want to believe it. Facts and truth would only get in your way. Rep. Kelly is counting on ignorant bigots like you.

        • Hey ace. You certainly didn’t ace political theory. You wouldn’t know a communist from a facist. You have the brain of my chair. Crawl in your hole, idiot.

        • highpckts

          And you’re a half wit for believing that!!

        • Unfortunately there seems to be millions of you who are 40 watt bulbs trying to work in a 100 watt world supporting someone who has nothing for you. Why do you think Romney or the GOP will help you? Do you really believe they are speaking to you? Why? When you realize you are not invited to the GOP party what will you do? You really sound like Madoff’s investor, you know the one’s throwing money at him only to find out that HE took their money, HE lived the good life, and HE got away with it for years; and now, all of them are broke and whining about how he lied. That will be your future with Romney. You too will find out that in a short time, if you’re employed you will lose your job to outsourcing again. You will be thrown into poverty or working poor status while the rich will be getting richer. If that is OK with you, go ahead and support Romney. But please, when your kids are hungry and you can’t get food, are sick and you don’t have insurance, don’t run to the social services offices looking for help. Don’t whine about needing help from the community. I for one won’t be bringing any boat around to pick you up. If you wish to sink with Romney and possible drown–go ahead.

          • atlanticxing35k

            Many would rather live on cat food than see Obama re-elected.

            The Rethugs have done everything possible to keep the economy down.

        • adler56

          Take your racist butt to some other country- we don’t want your kind in America.

        • Wanna Bet…Obama hasn’t costed no where near as many jobs as the prior administration did…
          Bush over 20 million lost thier jobs.
          Obama, approximately 1/2 of that, if that much even.

          Better to be a “half-wit” then a total dim-wit.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Ace, do they call you ace because because that is your IQ?

        • Ron Hetland

          So, ACE, can you provide something positive, something uplifting, something encouraging about your candidate for the POTUS election?

        • Reading your comment, reminds me that Joseph McCarthy lives on in the paranoid rantings of people like you.

        • DennisRL

          This is a typical response of people on the right. They’re incapable of making a salient point or any kind of intelligent argument so they resort to name calling and the equivalent of raising the middle finger.

        • Joseph Hemphill

          just let that third grade education work for you boy !!!

        • Oh yeah, there is, Ace. Rhymes with “Mitt Romney”. And the worst part is compared to Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry and Cain – he actually looks like only half of a complete idiot by juxtaposition.

          Only after four years of the “Old White Backlash” in US politics would you see just how much worse things can get.

      • Just like all the “brain dead’s” bought into “Hope and Change”.

        • ttekcloc

          Tell me what is brain dead you must be talking about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman also stephen king they are looney tunes folks.

          • BDD1951

            Oh, they’re not braindead. They’re just plain ole CRACKPOTS.

        • DurdyDawg

          Hope and change.. Sounds like a righteous platform. Don’t tell me your party don’t want hope and change.. What exactly DO the Pubs want (besides to rule the world)..? Hope is an endeavor that all should rally around.. Change can’t occur when the hope fails.. Who has kept us from this change?

      • dalnb

        Fear Mongering is the best excuse:
        For the past three years we have heard the Republicans repeatedly say this is not the time to start a new business, to expand a business or be hiring new employees. According to them the policies, laws and Regulations of the Obama Administration are hurting small business. If that is not fear mongering I don’t know what it is – AND, it has certainly worked as it has kept job creations down and unemployment numbers up!
        If they know of these laws, regulations and polices why have they not tried to change them rather than obstruct any efforts to fix them and work at national recovery – BECAUSE THEY DO NOT ANT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO ACHIEVE ANY SUCCESS THAT MAY BE IN CONFLICT WITH THEIR “MISSION OF FAILURE!”

        • Hello dalnb, I have lost my home through the economy in 2007 worst times, voted the election 2008 for President Obama, I have trusted him and I still trust him, he’s worst enemy was the GOP-R IN CONGRESS ALL THE BUNCH OF GOP ELEPHANTS SENATOR’s that just spell opposition to President Obama policies to get the economy to work. They were the responsible JERKS that permitted our economy to succumb!!.
          They still are with MITT A CLUELESS BILLIONAIRE THAT HAS SENT AMERICAN JOBS OVERSEAS ON BUSHE’S ERA, HE’S AN EXPERT ON OUTSOURCING JOBS TO INDIA, PHILIPPINES, TAIWAN……I know that for a fact…working for so many years in Health Care, he made those countries richer!! and we lost!!!! I have never recoup my job, I thought going back to school was going to be differente, I did and got A CERTIFICATE & SPECIALIZATION….. no jobs for me, or because of the depression companies they did not want to hire……or pay you 50% less for what you used to make!! HORRIBLE…. that wasn’t PRESIDENT OBAMAS FAULT…..he will make it in the next 4 year’s but without GOP IN CONGRESS, we have to eliminate this rats, that want to pay lower taxes, before, now and in the future, MITT ROMNEY???JAJAJAJJAJ CAN NOT COMPARE WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA……>>>>> I tell you let’s wait for the first, second and third DEBATE!!!! TO KNOW WHO THIS MITT ASSHOLE IS?

          • dalnb

            Romney has remarkable talents and has used them to earn a huge net worth for him and his family. We have to appreciate anyone who can do so and we should never harbor ill-will against them for doing so — that is; if it was done honestly and not at the cost of others.
            That is a part of why I feel Romney is not the man to serve as our nations president. His job at Baines was to advise huge corporations’ on how to streamline their business resulting in greater earnings for the companies and their investors. He did what he was paid to do; but, in doing so he recommended sending huge numbers of jobs overseas. I am also concerned about his loyalty to his faith. The Mormon religion puts great stock in helping those in need of help. Romney has never shown that to be one of his traits or mindset; on the contrary- he has put himself first. Obama on the other hand spent his early life in helping those people who needed help. I believe if we ever see Romney’s Tax Returns we will see he has paid some taxes but very little consistent to his true earnings and he has most likely hid his true income from his church who expects 10% of a members income as church tidings’.
            The Republicans made and continue to make Obama’s birth certificate an issue but they (at least most do) back Romney’s hesitance to release the tax returns. Senator McCain let the cat out of the bad when he said that after seeing Romney’s tax returns he elected to accept him as his VP selectee.
            Communicate, coordinate and cooperate!

      • These People Out Here Is Buy The Venom These Snake Oil Salesmen Is Selling Them, GOP/Tea Party American Taliban, And Now They Are Just Brain Dead!! While The The American Taliban 2% Get Richer!!!

    • eyeblion

      Take a look at half of america and you have your answer!

    • AMADAL

      They get elected by running on the Repukelican’t ticket because they know Democrats wouldn’t elect such a moron.

    • Ron Hetland

      That is a true puzzle. The same question can be posed for other elected officials: Michelle Bachmann suddenly comes to mind but more recently Rep. Kelly Keisling (R-Byrdstown, Tenn.) for his brainbuster conspiracy theory. What is more challenging to understand is how they get re-elected. Is it like the jury of your peers thing? Are these government representatives merely reflecting the beliefs of their wingnut constituencies or are they independently bat-shit crazy?

    • Because there are other people who think like he does.

    • DurdyDawg

      They know the art of coming in like a lamb and going about like a vulture. . THAT’S politics.

    • As the late great Gore Vadal said ‘half of the people don’t vote, half of the people don’t read newspapers…I hope they are the same half.’ Truer words have seldom been spoken.

      As to that idiotic gentleman of our do-nothing Congress, one can only hope he gets some badly needed help from a mental health professional. I was not surprised that one of the crazies would make such an invalid comparison, but it was strange indeed to see fellow representatives from the female gender. I wonder what kind of tea those ladies are drinking?

    • He’s Just One Of Many Jackasses Who’s Been Elected In Office Now!! Let Me Name Just A Few, Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Boehner, Cantor, Need I Go On!!!!!!

    • Ron Hetland

      H L Mencken put it this way: “Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.”
      Mencken had a rather jaded view of religion – organized or otherwise – but he was even more critical of the mindless, ignorant, stupid, and dumb. “Nature abhors a moron.”
      But more than anything else, I find his insight to the human condition profound:
      “It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.”

    • Beacuse they scare the s–t out of people into voting against their own self-interest.

    • What do you expect of a party which views Critical Thinking and Analysis as evil?

    • Unfortunately this moron is my Congressman. Our district is very diverse. We have a City that is heavily democractic and independant, and then we have quite a bit of rural area that vote with the Republicans for the most part. Sad thing is we never see him in the City. His home town is in the southern part of the district and that must be the important part to him because the people he represents in the City never see him. He’s up for re-election this time and I’m hoping he packs his bags, but I’m not counting on it as the democratic candidate hasn’t been seen much.

  • Mike Kelly is totally sick. He’s probably one of those staunch catholics who favor molesting little kids along with the bishops.

    • I sure wouldnt want him teaching our kids history!

  • ace

    Sounds pretty good to me these damd bums just keep wanting something for nothing hell let them get a job or use food stamps instead selling all of them .

    • johninPCFL

      Idiot. They’re looking for health coverage in the insurance plans THEY PAY FOR.

    • Landsende

      Ace, your ignorance is showing! Bet you don’t complain about your insurance paying for your Viagra.

    • Ron Hetland

      Ace: Hang in there. Your people are rallying. Some will be a few minutes late: their hoods are in the spin cycle at the Laundry-Mat. Others are running late buying more locks and more guns and more ammo and more weapons and survival gear and DVDs of Road House. What great bunch of guys you hang with!

  • AdamMos

    I still do not understand this argument. If you do not believe in using contaception then don’t use it. If you do not believe in abortion then dont have an abortion. If you do not believe in gay marriage then don’t marry someone of the same gender. Why are these people so insistent on telling everyone else what to do. What is the point? This is so Un American!

  • mad46

    What does it have to do with the constitution giving women the health care they need? He is an absolute moron.

  • dennisglodzik

    Actually, I see this mess as really involved with religious freedom. The Catholic church wants to FORCE anyone even just working for them to adhere to it’s own religious agenda.

  • Just when you think you’ve heard the worst that teabaggers can come up with. Then comes Mike Kelly. He has unilaterally raised the bar on stupid. Someone should tell Michele Bachmann that she just lost her crown.

    • He’s no doubt getting plenty of viagra from his health insurance company.

  • When you hear the word MORON you think of Mike Kelly. I know of no school in my part of PA that would have helped to educate a person to this type of thinking. To even think of comparing all this is insane. I believe they have a bed waiting for him at his nearest insane assylum. And the fact that people in PA put a jerk like this in office is even more unbelieveable. I am glad he is not my representative!!!!!!

  • And by the way, why is this giving up consititutional rights, he is just speaking to his hand!!!!!!

  • bestofandy

    This sounds EXACTLY like Jerry Falwell’s comments on 911, saying that 911 was CAUSED by gay’s and lesbians. Shows what happens when religious JUNK gets to people’s heads.

  • The American people were all shocked, saddened and outraged by Pearl Harbor and 9/11.
    We were glued to our radios or with 9/11, our TV sets in stunned disbelief waiting for more information.
    So what is Kelly talking about? Do you see anyone behaving like this?
    It’s simply a bill passed to help women get affordable health care which includes birth control.
    Apparently most of today’s more enlightened Americans feel that saving women’s lives is more important than strict adherence to outdated religious dogma.
    Maybe we’re starting to finally grow up.

  • Rep. Mike Kelly is NOT an expert of recent history or of the opinions of most women whose bodies he obviously COVETS. He wants to control them. Remember that there is a commandment regarding coveting that which is not yours. What other SINS has this douche committed?

  • It’s simple girls “Stop Screwing”.

    • johninPCFL

      Most BC users are married. Now you want the government telling married women what to do?

    • Funny, I guess girls get pregnant all by themselves. Personally I’d like to see ALL women boycott sex, married or unmarried. Then see how fast these moral legislators turn around.

    • Landsende

      If men “stopped screwing” women wouldn’t need birth control.

    • Men would never allow us to stop “screwing” as you so delicately put it.

      • Yet Patricia I never knew any man who can get it up, make a statement like that Stop Screwing.

        Whats up Mr Landsende

  • What about other religions and the freedom the constitution provides them.

    • Yes, like freedom “from” religion.

  • Chuckl8

    Instead of being outraged by Kelly’s insane comments, I’m sure we are secretly welcoming them, since each such moronic observations from the GOP translates into votes for Obama, or at the very least, a stay-at-home response on election day by some of the more reasonable GOP voters.

    So, keep it up, Mike! The crazier the better!

    • sigrid28

      It will be a very close race until election day. Feeling righteous anger over these ridiculous comments, or enjoying making fun of the shameless idiot who made them, sucks energy out of the Democratic campaign, energy President Obama desperately needs to be re-elected. Not to be too conspiratorial, I wonder if members of the GOP might actually put distracting spokespersons like Representative Kelly out there on purpose, just to waste the time of Democratic voters like us, knowing we won’t be able to resist spending a whole day taking pot shots at such a big, easy target.

      Meanwhile, voter suppression initiatives that got in under the radar are going on under the radar. We need to put our energy and intelligence into overcoming the real threat these pose. This is grassroots ground work for which there is no substitution. Dumb, destructive people will win in November if smart, well-meaning people can’t vote.

      On another front, I hope researchers are creating dust clouds in libraries and, figuratively, on the internet, uncovering more GOP surprises awaiting us if Mitt Romney wins. Let these outrages come to light no matter how many decoys Republicans set up to get us off track and keep us in the dark.

  • wesley rasmussen

    Don’t forget – women will be paying for his Viagra.

  • It is really scary when these old white men think they have the right to tell women how to manage their vaginas. It goes all the way back to the metal “chastity belts” some women were forced to wear during the middle ages. There are several countries even today who cut off women’s clitorises once a girl reaches puberty or even sew up women’s vaginas. And, of course, it’s always men who think these are good ideas — that they are just “protecting” women from themselves.

  • dpriver

    How ironic to hear from a religion that has spent the past 600 years trampling all over the rights of “unbelievers”. Sorry, Kelly, but I’m afraid your Inquisition is over. Birth control is used by almost everyone, including Catholics. It is a legal and altogether appropriate medical process and can no more be denied to employees than could blood transfusions to those who happen to work for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • desertdustoff

    Where does the repugnican party come up with these losers and what does it say about the people who vote for them? It is further proof that the gop (greed over people) party is the American taliban. Let’s see: religious zealots, attack women’s rights, racial bigots, anti middle class…yup…the repugnican party is the American taliban, no doubt about it. WOW..such hysteria, such medieval (I was going to say thinking, but) knee jerk reactions. I used to be able to say the word “republican”, but that label has changed to tea bagging, repugnican, American taliban. Unbelievable!!!!!

    • Ron Hetland

      Loved your rant. There is a group of lefties – including me – who use the term rethuglians after what the fascists pulled in Florida 2000, storming the voting offices, the prelude to Bush v. Gore farce. Pure thugs but repugnican is quite fitting, too. Keep your powder dry and your doors bolted.

  • Ron Hetland

    The King of the Wingnuts is Rep. Kelly Keisling (R-Tenn.) who sent an email from his state email account to constituents containing a rumor that Obama and the Department of Homeland Security are planning a series of events that could lead to the imposition of “martial law” and delay the election. Among the events hypothesized in the email is a staged assassination attempt on the president that would lead to civil unrest in urban areas and martial law. Mike Kelly is, by comparison, quite lucid – still a wingnut!

    • ExPAVIC


      Anyone who votes for these American Taliban Republicans should seek help for they clearly are not capable of thinking for themselves, or their thought processes are faulty.

  • patmcoll

    He obviously knows little about either birth control or Pearl Harbor. Washington is adrift with mindless mouths. Sad.

  • Does not the House leadership have the ability to censure such nonsense on the record? Where are they in this matter?

    • Ron Hetland

      Demagogue: One who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots. H L Mencken

      ibincuft: The House leadership is in cahoots with the wingnuts like Kelly et al.
      The House recently voted to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress for not turning over documents that would compromise the security of the United States of America. The House tried to overturn the ACA 34 times — each time unsuccessfully.
      Don’t look to the current “leadership” of the House to censure one of their own. They would put laurel wreaths on their heads, while the other side of the aisle would be content with their heads on the end of a spike!

  • Hey REP.KELLY,you’re ridiculous!I’m glad you don’t represent me!

  • Hey rep.mike kelly,you’re ridiculous!I’m glad you don’t represent me!



    It appears that the American Taliban Republican plutocratic, obstructionist, elitists, anti-everythings have no shortage of short-sighted, narrow scoped morons and it appears that Rep. Kelly (R-PA) is one of their best.

  • So are the people who buy into what that moron is selling.

  • mills0069

    Amazing how these half wit idiot Repubicans get into office

  • dggrundhoffer

    He had money on his side . He outspent his rival. Besides he could not get a job elsewhere. We use heavy equipment to dig ditches . He only qualified to run for office and be a politician. Lets give such people opportunity to be able to dig ditches. Ok. Maybe a goverment grant or program would allow him to work in a postion which fits his skills .

  • He needs to be forced to resign

  • dalnb

    Give him a break; he is getting paid to say these tings. Most of what we hear from people like him is only nonsense and most do not even believe what they are saying but in order to stay in good grace with GOP leadership they are required to front the GOP talking Points. If they hesitate to do so the GOP will not support any of their bills and they will not get financial aid for their reelection.

    Mike most likely has some feelings in the area and he may well believe some portions of what he is saying but my guess is he is looking out for his personal standing with party leaders. Sad we elect people we expect will take care of our national problems nut rather than taking the lead we would like to see they turn out to be good followers

  • I suggest that he go to a VA hospital and say that, I don’t think he will.

  • republicans needs help ,,,they have gone nuts this year ,,to much fox news ,,,lol they think its bad now ,Mitt get in there they will be crying like a republican lol

  • teapartyisanalkaidacell

    It is no surprise that the republican and tea parties are made up of barbareous and igorant people.

  • Would be nice if our Congressmen would at least read the Bill of Rights. It says ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ” No one is prohibiting the free exercise of the Congressman’s religion, it is adding to requirement for a business to provide access to birth control to people who have a different religious view. There are two ways to view this. Congressman Kelly (R- PA) believes busineeses are people or he thinks it is OK to violate the Bill of Rights by the utilizing the “establishment clause” subjecting everyone to his religious view. Either way is a vile diminution of the personal rights of the individual.

  • The man’s a total idiot
    “The law violates the 1st amendment.”
    The actual wording of the 1st Amendment.
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress
    of grievance
    The Government cannot support any particular religion, or deny any religion.
    IE; there can’t be any laws based on, influenced by, or that deny any religious belief.

    ” HIS” religious beliefs.
    The law is not denying anyone the right to practice their religion.
    If it WAS supporting any religious belief, it would be, it’s not.

    “Abridge” is old English for limit. That’s why it’s used in the Constitution so often.
    “Free exercise thereof” is why churches don’t pay taxes. That’s already been through the courts.

  • alumahead

    What a complete and utter dolt. The radical right has gone completely off the rails. Rarely a day goes by one of them isn’t saying something insane or leveling an unwarranted charge at someone. Easier access to contraceptives and reproductive care is a good thing for women and the country and should be compared to women’s right to vote, the civil rights campaign or some other positive event that has moved our country forward.

  • I’ll tell you how they get elected…these elected officials will promise you anything!
    Anything and everything “They” feel “you” want and need to hear….!

    Its called the “Emotional Hook”…

    Thats there “Platform”….

    Gullibility is rampant in America….if Americans don’t wake up, “Wise-Up”, they will pull that “””platform””” right out from under your feet… after they are in Office.

    One thing you can do to verify what I just said, is do a little background reading on the State of Texas, specifically, about “””R- Francisco Canseco”””….and his platform before the election, now newly elected…by the people of Texas…. and today read and hear about his current “Political Stand”, how he “Really” is, how he really feels, and how he returns the favor, trust and belief in him… to “Fellow Texsans”..

    He was, as he put it back then….””Against””, Bush Tax Cuts…. “for”… the Millionaires/Billionaires in our country. They should pay more taxes…..and so on!

    Well guess what….recently he “Voted” “Yes”, to extend the Bush tax cuts for Millionaires/Billionaires………he pulled the platform right out from under his voters feet!!!

    Two Faced Hypocrisy at it finest….

    I didn’t vote for him, by the way, the “R” and the look on his face told me something, everytime I saw his television ads….!

    I see that on “Romneys” face, and I’m reading about it all aswell! FYI………..

  • Jay

    ignorance at it’s best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deniswinkle1

    It’s very strange he doesn’t see “war” as the greatest “abortion” of all. But that’s self-serving justification for yah. Even as its done invoking ” God bless our noble cause”.

  • AreYouFree

    Aren’t you glad your mother didn’t abort you ?

  • How radical and stupid can the Republicans get: attacking contraception!

  • William Deutschlander

    What you must realize is that in Pennsylvania, a dysfunctional state, inhabited throughout it’s expansive rural geography, by dysfunctional Republicans (Generational), it is very common that these type of moronic bigots get voted into office. Rural Rennsylvania has a Republican voter registration margin of more than 2 to 1, as a consequence rural Pennsylvania is impoverished and economicaly depressed, but the Republicans residing there are not inteligent enough to recognize that fact.

  • Which idiots were you listening? Do you actually believe that? He is now going to sell you an island that doesn’t exist.

  • BDD is exactly right on.

  • jointerjohn

    Don’t forget that his type also despise the contraception mandate because it frees and empowers women, and the republicans have always been against that.

  • jointerjohn

    Don’t forget his type also despise the contraception mandate because it frees and empowers women. Republicans have always hated that. They are afraid of free-thinking independent women socially, sexually and politically.

  • What do he mean the attack that he and other GOP have on Women.
    This insurance coverage for women has nothing to do with a Mother F–k— Man
    You got to Hate Woman if you didn’t want them the same Health Care that all of Congress
    and there family have.

    That We The American People Pay For.

    We Pay for Rep Mike Kelly (R PA) Damn insurance coverage, But We American People
    Can’t Have it. Now this is What I Call Outrageous.

    Any Women Who Vote for these A–Holes Republican party, Is Out of there Mother F–k— Mind

  • highpckts

    And this is a sample of the people trying to run this country??? What’s next? Will every employer want access to your health records to make sure you aren’t using constrceptives?? Rediculous!!

  • highpckts

    I bet there are “card carrying” Klu Klux Klan members and also Muslim infiltrators in the GOP!! Isn’t that Michelle Bachman’s accusation of the DEMS? Funny thing is, no one can prove it! The GOP want Obama out so badly they would lie about anything!!

  • highpckts

    So much for separation of church and state!! The Catholic church has always been a hyprocrite! I was raised a Catholic so I know. It’s always “do as I say, not as I do”!! When fully 3/4 of Catholics already practise birth contol and their priests and bishops molest kids why should any one give them any credibility??

  • highpckts

    And don’t get “raped” either!! I’d like to see every man practise denial and see how that works for them! Doesn’t work for the Catholic church!!

  • These Are Some Of The Worst People I Ever Seen In Office!! They Are Just A Bunch Of Selfish, Greedy,Lying Drama Queens!!

  • adler56

    This bozo should make anyone living in Pa. ashamed to have such an ignoramous
    representing them.

  • JSquercia

    As a Catholic I am outraged that institutional church which finds it so hard to admit the awful TRUTH about the molestation committed by Priests that was aided and abetted by the church hierarchy has the unmitigated GALL to talk about requiring Catholic Institutions to make Birth Control available is a BLOW to Religious Freedom. Many of the institutions are staffed by NON Catholics who are not bound by the Church’s stand on Birth Control.
    The overwhelming majority of Catholics IGNORE the Church on BIRTH Control. As an older Catholic I remember in the 60s when we Priest Shopped until we found a Priest who grant absolution in spite of the penanitant having used Birth Control .

  • In the early Catholic films, a priest was portrayed as heroic and righteous, but often they are shown as flawed of utterly out of touch with human life and social reality.

    This kind of crap is why.

    I’ll tell you a death knell; this pustular moon-calf is the final proof that for all the talk of separation of Church and State, the major churches are dominating and will continue trying to dominate the political behavior of this nation.

    Philadelphians!! Show support of true religious freedom–mount a recall election against this *clown* before he drags your state any further across the muck!

    • Ron Hetland

      “pustular moon-calf” — Yikes, that is brutally vivid imagery. I may have to steal it and use it on some other blog. Thanks and keep up the ire and rage!

  • It’s The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban That ‘s Should Be Compared To Pearl Harbor And 9/11!!

  • A Card Carrying Member Of The American Taliban, Kelly!! Just When You Think They Are At Their Low They Get Even Lower!!

  • You just cant fix Tea Qaida crazy and stupid.

  • Pretty soon, Kelly’s name will come up on a whorehouse madam’s list of frequent clients, or he will get caught in bed with a dead woman, or filmed screwing or being screwed by a live boy. Every time a Republican begin to spout morality, there’s always something in his closet. Stay tuned.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      or tapping his foot from his stall in the men’s room……

  • Are there any people left who do not believe there is a War on Women?

    When did women become the enemy? This guy is equating birth control with actual attacks on America. Can someone vote that guy out of office?

  • What an ignoramus. Does he know that his religion freedom is others religion persecution

  • What an ignoramus. Does he know that his religion freedom is an others religious persecution

  • jzmam

    I cannot believe there is such complete ignorance in this country and in PA (unfortunately I am a resident there!) How can this @$$hole get away with saying something so rediculous? I am amazed that there were women at this location who said this was a terrible thing for our country. WAKE UP REPUBLICANS, your country is moving forward without you. I don’t know what we can do to make them realize healthcare is an important thing, maybe the insurance lobbyists just throw too much money their way and they just can’t see beyond “the green”.

  • Since when does the First Amendment allow some misanthrope mind-controlling Republican congressman to shove his particular and peculiar “religious” beliefs down MY throat. I’ve read the bible all my life and have yet to read the part that makes an egg or sperm a “human life” or declares birth control and women’s health services immoral. Mr. Kelly has the right, under our hallowed Constitution, NOT to use birth control if he chooses. He does NOT have the right to tell me what to belief. As Thomas Jefferson once put it, the First Amendment implies freedom FROM (someone else’s) religion. This so-called “freedom loving” American would DENY ME (and millions of women) my First Amendment rights in favor of his. Let’s compromise; do it MY way! Quote Garrison Keillor: “God has already chosen the Republicans; Why haven’t you?” LOL

  • Quite honestly I compare the GOP with both the Japanese Imperial Navy and Al Quida , there are all destructive, sneaky, underhanded, lying, backstabbing worthless ball less bullies.

  • Jay

    What. An. IDIOT.

  • Yeah, well, it’s against MY religion to allow this sack of dung in office. What about MY religious freedom?