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Friday, March 22, 2019


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10 responses to “Honey, They Shrunk The IRS”

  1. GoodGuyNY says:

    The IRS is a strong arm agency of the US Government. There is no other agency in the Government that has as much control. The IRS can, at anytime, walk into any bank or business and literally shut them down with out a warrant or any particular reason. I have heard of case where they take a persons assets)no matter if it is $4 million or $4 without any cause or concern of the welfare of the person. No. Do not expand the IRS. Eliminate it. A basic single form tax return and a “Revenue agency” to collect and disperse the income.

  2. RodgerMitchell says:

    The more budgets get cut and taxes go up, the weaker economies become. Federal taxes remove dollars from the economy. Increasing taxes is like applying leeches to cure anemia.

  3. Normal Guy A2 says:

    I am an IRS revenue agent who performs tax audits. The article is 100% accurate and true. The commentators thus far are simply repeating their own fantasies about the IRS. We are not like Hitler’s secret police. In the United States we have laws that governs collections. Taxpayer’s have appeal rights to dispute disagreements. We respect those rights. If you own tax you are expected to pay just like anyone else. But we don’t just storm in and steal people’s money as goodguyny and others suggest. Lastly Federal tax dollars go back into the economy to pay for a host of things. The money doesn’t just disappear. Unfortunately too many politicians on the right have demonized the federal government to the point that made up negative comments aka lies are repeated by the ignorant and gullible to get their votes. Look this is the United States of America. We are a nation of laws. In my experience, most taxpayers are trying to do it right and get treated with respect. However the criminals get what they deserve which is their day in court.

  4. dpaano says:

    We need to GROW the IRS, not SHRINK it. The monies lost because we do not have enough auditors to go after tax frauds is ridiculous and would more than pay for the IRS several times over! Do we continue to let companies and individuals cheat the government of money that they are owed just because people don’t seem to understand that the ONE agency you do NOT want to cut is the IRS. They MAKE more money than they cost!! It’s a ridiculous idea to shrink this one government entity, especially when it’s a branch of the government that brings in revenue!! Is this another Republican idea? If so, this is the most ridiculous one I’ve heard and can ONLY help the 1% of the public escape the taxes they are supposed to pay but manage to hide.

  5. madtaxman says:

    I don’t know who the employees (IRS) are but I worked for the “Hitler” group and they are not accountable to anyone other than a “Hitler” leader. I now work for the taxpayer and the IRS is “it is your way or the court” Little people have NO power. Make the IRS account for each case and each letter they must reply to.
    Flat Tax, Single form, go back to the orginal Tax Code.

  6. Epicatastasis says:

    Wonderful comments from dpaano and Normal Guy. There are capitalists all over the world and always have been. What has made this country great has been our government and its founding principles. When the economy is bad, people panic and look for quick, easy answers to complex, difficult problems …..and fall prey to opportunists….rather than standing firm and doing the basic things which will start us on the slow, hard but steady road to recovery. Now is the time to protect our time-honored government institutions and strengthen them. All this talk about Big Government is annoying. We need to cut where appropriate and strengthen where needed and stop speaking in over-simplistic cliches. With tax being the forefront of national debate, we need to fund and staff the IRS to do its job.

  7. freethinker says:

    The real problem is not the IRS, it the requirement that we have to have such an enormous bureaucracy to handle tax collection. The insane tax codes that our legislatures have cobbled together only serve to confuse, pick winners and losers and make it difficult to tell who is intentionally cheating or just totally confused. The President and the Congress should get a clue from the followers that Herman Cain gained over his 9-9-9 plan. It wasn’t necessarily that it was a good plan, but it was an understandable plan. A simpler tax code is desperately needed. That, in turn, would allow the IRS to become a much smaller bureaucracy.

  8. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    This is the problem with america, stupid people happily admitting to authority that has special rules for each “class” of people. Various people have authored books on how to pay no taxes legally. Remember, the rules are made by the pawns of the wealthy. Their goal is to make a fortune and pay no taxes legally, while the part-time McDonalds hamburger flipper has taxes deducted while making a portion of a way below minimum poverty level wages, and must still file a tax return. This is insane. While every employee must have a car(presumably?) to go to work, the value of five part-time employees total income will pay only for the benefits of one IRS agent.It’s simply another group of government parasites who have a phobiatic quest for authority to the extent they can destroy all in their path with however much force it takes to subdue their target, and with an unlimited budget, and 3-million man military behind them, also being paid with printed money, no gold backing. This brings to mind the occasion of the death of my wife’s uncle, who we had helped keep the last 8 years of his life, he even left a big electric bill. Before we could have his estate settled, we had to have a safe deposit boxd rilled open IN THE PRESENCE OF AN IRS AGENT, WHO SUMMARILY ITEMIZED EACH DOCUMENT and then valued to contents to be worth about 50 bucks, no necessary to report as any worthwhile property. The cost to drill the box lock was 80 bucks, so his life’s worth was _30 bucks. I think it appropriate to make IRS agents a special class of people, as they truly are, but deny them 2nd amendment rights, and have them with only their own muscle, take down drug dealers and audit them. For the first time in their worthless parasitizing life, they will have to show their true cowardice as human beings. Maybe they could use stones to throw at the armed drug dealers. It has gotten to the point in this country that drug dealers are the only people with cash, so c’mon IRS, show us the guts you profess to have. Before you can take down the drug dealers, we need to cancel your health insurance.

  9. Normal Guy A2 says:

    I feel sorry for those of you who think of the IRS in such negative terms. I personally know that the IRS works with the DEA and does go after drug dealers to both prosecute the crime of drug dealing and to pay the tax. It seems appropriate to remind many of you that it was the IRS that got Al Capone on tax evasion not bootlegging during prohibition. As an IRS agent I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The same oath I took as a second lieutenant when commissioned in the US Army in 1967. As an American veteran like many IRS employees, we’ve proudly worn the uniform of our country and continue to serve with honor. My dad served in the US Army during WWII in Gen. Patton’s Third Army. Dad saw the effects of Hitler’s weimar republic. If you think for a minute that the U.S. is in any way shape or form resembles Hitler’s Germany, you are a total uneducated idiot. As for the big government claim, wake up people it’s a big and complex country in a big and complex world with big and complex problems. A “small” government cannot respond in an effective way to the potential calamities that dawn each day. Who you gonna call when the crap hits the fan in your neighborhood. I often wonder how big the dots have to be for republican voters to make a connection. When the right wing rancher in Wyoming complains that someone should do something about the contaminated ground water on his ranch maybe he should pause and realize it was he who voted for the guy who wants to shutdown the EPA. Go figure!

  10. Connie says:
    Thursday, September 9, 2010; 6:28 PM
    Capitol Hill employees owed $9.3 million in overdue taxes at the end of last year, a sliver of the $1 billion owed by federal workers nationwide but one with potential political ramifications for members of Congress. The debt among Hill employees has risen at a faster rate than the overall tax debt on the government’s books, according to Internal Revenue Service data. It comes at a time when some Republican members are pushing for the firings of government workers who owe the IRS and President Obama has urged a crackdown on delinquent government contractors.
    The IRS information does not identify delinquent taxpayers by name, party affiliation or job title and does not indicate whether members of Congress are among the scofflaws. It shows that 638 employees, or about 4 percent, of the 18,000 Hill workers owe money.

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