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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Without any fanfare, 166 House Republicans voted to fund Obamacare on Wednesday.

The next day, 17 Republican senators did the same thing.

The belief that voting to fund the government means you are endorsing every single program the government funds is a new phenomenon in American politics, popularized by one man — Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The junior senator from Texas entered the upper house of Congress when the Republican Party had hit rock bottom, after losing the presidency twice to Barack Obama and blowing its second consecutive chance to regain control of the Senate. Things were so bad the party quickly raised the debt limit with no substantial demands, then went as far as speaking publicly about “rebranding” and attempting to appeal to “minorities.”

Senator Cruz wasn’t about to let that happen.

He seized on the fear of a House Speaker who nearly lost his gavel in a coup and a Senate Minority Leader who was facing a Tea Party primary challenge that could cost him his career — right as the party faced a third chance to retake the majority.

With the help of outside groups like the Club for Growth and Heritage Action, Cruz toured the country announcing his plan to shut down the government over Obamacare, then blame the president for the shutdown.

The idea of holding the government hostage wasn’t unique to Cruz. House Republicans had done that with the debt limit in 2011. What was new was the idea that anyone who eventually agreed to keep the government open without forcing a newly re-elected president to give up his signature accomplishment was a RINO, a liberal and Neville Chamberlain in Munich all rolled into one. He helped embolden the party’s base, which forced Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to turn against immigration reform — his one legislative achievement and the GOP’s only significant act of outreach in years to minorities who aren’t George Zimmerman.

Cruz’s plot won over the House GOP’s  so-called “suicide caucus,” and Republicans stood together for 17 days without funding the government — then it crumbled within a few hours.

By the end of the shutdown, Republicans had reached new levels of unpopularity and briefly seemed in danger of losing their gift-wrapped-by-gerrymandering House majority. Luckily for the GOP, the briefly disastrous rollout of the Obamacare online exchanges wiped the shutdown’s hangover from the news. However, the unpopularity lingered, putting the party in a fundraising slump it still hasn’t broken out of.

So when it came time to vote on a two-year budget agreement negotiated by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Ted Cruz and the outside groups that champion him warned Republicans that they’d better not vote for it or they’re gonna get it, somehow, some way. You just watch!

The budget passed easily, but before it came time to fill in the actual numbers and fund that budget, Cruz demanded a vote to defund Obamacare. The senator’s spokesTwitterer summed up what happened:

LOL. How the mighty have fallen.

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9 Responses to How Ted Cruz Helped Fund Obamacare

  1. Where does the Texas Republican Party keep finding idiots like this? With any luck, Karl Rove will find someone to challenge this guy in the primaries and he will be One-And-Done.

  2. The GOP, who are puppets of the wealthy, whose plan it is to completely control our government and the nation as a whole, and the Tea Party, who really are the American Nazi Party, with ties to the KKK and the John Birch Society, plan to dismantle our democratic/republic government and replace it with a dictatorship! This plan is headed by the Koch Brothers and their wealthy henchmen. Their plan is two-fold: destroy the middle class and replace the government with a dictatorship, much in the same way the Nazis did to Germany in the 1930s. After doing this, when they are in complete control of America, they’ll set their sights on becoming a world power. If this sounds scary, that’s because it is! It’s up to the 99% of us, the middle class and the poor, to rise up and prevent this from happening! So, DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS! We’re going to need them to fight to regain our democratic/republic government and our way of life! If you middle class people can’t understand or realize this, and keep on voting for the GOP & the Tea Party, then I question your intelligence. Because you are voting for the very people who are destroying you and your way of life! It’s like shooting yourself in the foot! Stop listening to the wealthy people’s propaganda on the FOX channel & FOX NEWS. They are a mouthpiece for the GOP/Tea Party! You will NEVER hear the truth from them! They brain-wash you into believing they’re going to help you to live the kind of life you’re used to living and everything will be all right! Nothing could be further from the truth! Don’t wait to find out the hard way!

  3. This clown will spend his entire career in the Senate having proudly passed zero laws. Lets hope that entire career is only six years and Texas finally comes to its senses.

  4. No question that Republicans have engineered their own irrelevance. I even agree with some of what they preach, the problem is it’s all talk. They perpetually talk of balanced budgets, low inflation, American jobs, and a return to America as the world manufacturing center. Then they start wars to justify huge payments to military contractors, increase the deficit to pay for their wars, sponsor trade and tax policies that push business offshore and send American jobs with them. And they don’t see the fallacy in that strategy???

  5. Cruz missed the GOP memo about showing a kinder gentler face. His plan financed by the Koch’s is to take the party as far to the right as he can. The shutdown was a first attempt at a House coup by forcing tea party members out into open revolt against the speaker. When the smoke cleared the GOP is now less liked then anytime in the modern era. To a person like Cruz who sees himself as a true believer this is perfect. Once the moderate center is driven out of the GOP then there will only be the base who will support more subversive actions like the shutdown. Cruz’s goal is to paralyze the government to allow the wealthy to take more of a hold on everything with out pushback from moderating forces. The war on gays, women, minorities, Gun laws and the environment will continue as way to attract the most ardent supporters, and present a clear alternative for once and for all to the American people. I don’t think it will work but who knows

  6. First of…let me educate you on the “Conservative Party” it is Democratic or Republican….they do not want to have the middle class or the poor or the needy to come to the government for help…an example is when the 103 Conservative Democrats voted to get rid of the “Snap Program” or the “Foodstamp Program”…which is just a suppemental monies to help the middle class moms with children to feed who are just earning minimum wage and paying high utility bills, etc…and to the needy and the poor…who are on low income…but, the taxpayers pay those people that are high in the goverment, salaries…and pay their rents on their expensive homes…and pay for their health insurance and give them their spending monies…they are becoming super rich…look at Claire McCaskill of MO…she is worth millions…this is just like the Communist Party where the people who are high in the government are the richest and the poor or the needy or the middle class have to struggle at all times…according to my, Jesus Christ or God..clearly are liberals as I am wanting to give to the middle class and the needy and the poor…they are just like the Koch Brothers who lived in Russia before they came to the USA…and they are true, Naxi’s believe me…so, according to the way I look at it…the Conservative Party on either side….are like Nazi’s the Koch Brothers wanting to have all of the monies of the taxpayers…and get those high raises..for themselves only and don’t care one bit for the middle class or the poor or the needy…it made me sick to my stomach…we need more liberals within our government and that is into the “WE GENERATION”…and not into the “ME GENERATION”…only concerned about themselves being rich…and not wanting to help the middle class, etc…they are turning their backs on the poor and the needy and the middle class…so, think about it…it isn’t just in the Republican Party they are also in the Democratic Party…do your homework…they act just like those “Satainists Groups” “The IIIuminati Group” which, Rick Perry, belongs to who have taken programs to help the middle class and the poor and the needy out…and that group “The Skull & Bones”…And these groups cater just like the conservatives on both sides just to the rich and the elite..and who want to keep giving those big tax cuts to the rich…believe me….they are all, Nazi’s which are Communist where the people who are high in the government are the wealthiest..

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