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Monday, October 24, 2016

Tonight’s first debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will be very hard for Obamacare — like watching mommy and daddy fight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

Hosted by PBS’s Jim Lehrer, the topics to be discussed include economy, health care, the role of government, and governing. You can watch the debate on C-SPAN or streamed on YouTube for the first time in history. If you’re like me, @LOLGOP, you’ll be watching with Twitter open — getting instant commentary from a few thousand of your closest Twitter pals.

Now, don’t expect anything to match the hilarity of Rick Perry’s “oops” moment or Rick Perry in general from the GOP primary debates. Nothing will reach the heights of self-parody of a Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann. But wherever Mitt Romney appears, you can expect humorous attempts to approximate humanity.

Earlier in the week the Romney camp was suggesting that the GOP nominee would be loaded for bear with “zingers.” Then they suggested that the “zingers” were a ruse and he’d actually be showing empathy. So they’re aware of Mitt’s weaknesses. But it’s easier to change Mitt’s positions than make him the warm, funny person they wish he were. But we can enjoy watching him try.

So join in the fun by following these great Twitter accounts for tonight’s debate.

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  • bcarreiro

    hey smithers………we the people will enjoy watching you eat crow.
    Then someone can hand you a tissue for your issue.

  • lana ward

    They never have a Republican for the monitor,only Dems. Real fair and balanced?

    • They want moderators who are objective but tough. Jim Lehrer won’t be pushed around by Romney as in the primaries. We want objective people, and people who will ask follow-up questions and push for specifics, not sloganeering, which is al Romney has. Candy crowley is as close to being a republican as you can want. Who do you want? Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter? Have them and all you have is a side-show which we already saw some 20 times already. give me Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace (not his Fox son).

      • lana ward

        Yes, Chris Wallace would be great!!

    • ralphkr

      Well, lana, there are two possible answers to your question. One: They are not interested in having a radical lie spouting conservative Republican moderating a debate (particularly since they are incapable of moderation) and, Two: Perhaps they are NOT all Democrats. I have noticed that anyone who does not toe the TEA Party line is automatically labeled a radical left wing Democrat by the most vociferous of the political yappers.

  • Johnq_public

    Obama is already down playing his role to being effective debating Gov. Romney. I have never ever seen a person in a leadership position downplay that they are not good enough to win…. that is a loser!

  • lana ward

    Obama his down playing is debating because he has to remember so many lies. All Romney has to do is speak the truth

    • Whatever Mitt’s “truth” happens to be at the moment.

    • Romney tell the truth? You are day dreaming that man doesn’t know what truth is even when it hits him in the face.

      • lana ward

        Nice debate don’t you think? I think Obama was looking for his teleprompter to help him out

  • Sand_Cat

    My suggestion for “enjoying tonight’s debate”: watch something else you like.

  • dljones

    Obama is without prompter and stutters incoherent explanations. Times out on response clock. Lies and blame dialogue caught in view of 60 million views. Moderator Lerhaer incompetent and biased to the left. Romney by a land slide!!!!!

  • socialworker27 are saying this before the debate even begins??? If these debates are live…you should only be watching this now..