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Friday, October 21, 2016

So apparently, Barack Obama is finally done evolving.

That, you will recall, was the president’s word for the process of reconsidering his opposition to same-sex marriage. Last week, after being publicly and inadvertently (?) prodded by his vice president, Obama announced the results of all that cogitation. He told ABC News he has “just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

It was a historic statement from a historic president, a moment of political courage from an administration that has provided fewer such moments than you would like. And the timing was serendipity itself.

Obama’s statement came a day after North Carolina enacted an amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage. This, on top of a law already on the books that does the same thing. No one will ever accuse the state of excessive subtlety.

In the context of that dispiriting defeat, Obama’s embrace of marriage equality offers not just a rebuke to one state’s atavistic backwardness, but also a bracing reminder that progress will not be denied, that change comes, come what may.

It is an irrefutable truth from which, pardon the tautology, conservative Republicans have long been in full flight. The amendment, placed on the ballot by Republican state legislators, is only the latest in a series of recent efforts to turn back progress. In this case, the Grand Old Party went after progress that is still in the making. Alarmingly, however, they have also sought to turn back progress that was made decades ago.

Who would have thought that in 2012, we would be debating a woman’s access to contraception? Or re-litigating the merits of the Civil Rights Act? Or fighting to prevent a key provision of the Voting Rights Act from being repealed?

In “B-Movie,” his scalpel-sharp skewering of the Reagan revolution, the late, great Gil Scott-Heron derided what he saw as a tendency “not to face now or tomorrow, but to face backwards.” That song was released in 1981, and the tendency has only grown more pronounced since then.

Hence, the re-election slogan that Team Obama has been test-driving in recent days: “Forward,” they say. The implied suggestion, of course, is that the other party will take us in the other direction. But that is not simply the choice that frames the balloting in November. It is also the choice that frames this era.

  • knowthetruths

    About what the President said, He is not the ONE who wrote Leviticus 20:13 and Leviticus18:22. the Almighty God, Creator of this earth and heaven spoke these words to Moses to write down. The President is ONLY doing what he as a man with the authority that he has, should do.
    I DO NOT agree with men having sex with men and women with women, but it will happen. It did in the days of Abraham and Lot with Lot only escaping death by a snatch of God’s hand, so don’t blame the President for them coming together, blame them and watch the destruction that WILL come!!! The President is the President, but God who is Jesus Christ is and will always be GOD!!
    The President is called by the people, for the people and of the people!! God created the people and God will not be guided by the people, He is God and besides Him there is not another God, even He don’t know another God!!
    Let the President be the President, I WILL STILL VOTE FOR HIM!! Stop trying to make him AS God! He only works by the Constitution and whatever other laws that govern America. Keep up the good work, President Obama, you inherited a MESS and only you can get us OUT!!!

    • ThyGeekGoddess

      THANK YOU!
      Funny how they’re so focused on THAT bit of the OLD Testament while disregarding the rest of the chapter about incest and bestiality….just sayin’.
      Even if it were relevant to a country that separates church and state, if they’re gonna wail about the little parts they might be obeying when it’s convenient, they might wanna check themselves against the basic Ten Commandments they violate on the regular.

    • Educated enlightened people have come to learn the truth that your little fairy tale of the bible is just that, a fairy tale. While it is your right to believe this fairy tale to bring yourself comfort ir whatever you call it, it is not your right to force it down the throats of people who do not fall for this line of crap.
      The point is that your religion has no place in the rights of inividuals to live life in a loving and monogomous way with each other, regardless of sexual orientation. This same argument was used in trying to maintain laws that disallowed interacial marriages. Just more proof that the Christian faith has been designed for bigots.

  • rights ,are rights,we shouldnt have to vote on rights. thats just part of the contitution


    • Kevin Allen

      Donald, if you’d be well honest with yourself, you haven’t read it. And if you have, you wouldn’t have made such ignorant comments about it; and if you did, you sure as well didn’t read all of it well enough to know which laws were repealed and which weren’t. If being upright is something that you see to be a lack, then I can only tell you to change your mind from your rebellious standpoint because not only is it an unruly sight, it is unjust and an abomination.

      • joyscarbo

        Kevin….Same sex marriage isn’t a religious issue at all. You have the right to believe homosexuals are an abomination and I’m not going to try to change your mind on that. But here’s the deal… our country was founded on the prinicples that all humans are created EQUAL and have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We’re not talking about letting murderers kill because it makes them happy. We’re talking about allowing two individuals who are in a comitted relationship to marry and enjoy the same legal rights that us heterosexuals enjoy. It’s exactly the same thing as not allowing people of different races, religions and even national origins to legally marry. Which was illegal until 1964, when the federal government, via the Supreme Court, found it unconstitutional to discriminate on this basis. Not allowing homosexuals to legally marry is unconstitutional as well. It IS the job of the government to make sure that all citizens enjoy equal rights under the constitution.
        You may not agree with that based on religious beliefs and y0u have the right to feel that way! Trust me…if homosexuals are given the right to marry, your church-nor any other religious institution for that matter- would be suddenly forced to perform marriage ceremonies or to even allow gay people into congregations. Your religious freedom doesn’t change. Your beliefs and church ideology is protected as well under the constitution.
        Consider this as well….if homosexuals are allowed to marry, does it risk you not being admitted into heaven? No. You are only responsible for your own soul and no one else’s. Using this logic, I don’t get why religious people are so upset!? Can you PLEASE explain this to me??!!!

        • John McCollam

          The forefathers who wrote the constitution were God fearing men, and in stating that all men are created equal, they did not mean sexual perversion. You probably support the lobbying group Man boy Love, that wants to make it legal for men to have sex with young boys. What group will you support next men allowed to have sex with young girls? You must think that pedophiles have equal rights too? What about with animals? Where does your animalistic mind go from there? You want to subject this nation to the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, now your thinking is clearly an abomination.

          • joyscarbo

            Your arguement is just ridiculous at best.

            You need to study your Bible more as well. God condemned and destroyed Soddom & Gomorrah because of sexual perversion- such as adultery and gang raping. In addition, God was angry that the people of this city were rich, lazy, fat and self-indugent in their decadent lifestyles. They used their wealth only for their own pleasure. God destroyed them with equal vengence for not concerning themselves with the needs of the poor, disabled and disadvantaged. Pride, selfishness, self absorption and extreme indulgence in sexual perversion are what sealed their fate. The forced gang rape and all the of perversions that you described is what God condemned and destroyed.

            I am talking about two people- adults of consenting age- who love and care deeply for one another and are in a comitted relationship only.
            As I had mentioned before, no one is asking you to change your religious views or allow any gay person into your church or parish. You can continue to be as hateful and bigoted toward your fellow human being as you wish. But the LAW says we all should be afforded the right as a human being to pursue our own happiness. Marriage is an institution between TWO people, period.

    • oldtack

      If you will go back and RECERH? it you will find that King James ,in order to have the Scriptures in a the English language, gathered scholars versed in language to translate the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into English. Thus you have what we know as the King James version of the Holy Bible. He didn’t seek Holy Men with slanted views. He picked Scholars. They followed different paths in life. Now if you will go farther to Old King Charles you will be more near someone that persecuted prople because they erred from the Church of England – But that’s a different story so you may want to RECERH that one before you make a comment.

  • hdges41

    Thank you, Leonard. Why this issue is not number one in this election year is a total mystery to me. There is nothing so fundamental tha freedom under the law for all, and the absolute separation of church and state. Why is it that a major politial party and millions oftheir members can’t see this?

  • So that the uninformed people ( who think they know it all ) and I myself have been a hetrosexual man for my 73 years on this earth.I informed myself this morning on the definition of MARRIAGE.
    According to the thesauris,
    The definition of marriage
    A legally recognized relationship,established by a civil or religious ceremony between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners.
    As you can see nothing is mentioned about man and woman,man and man,women and women.All it states is two people.
    I called my congressman this morning and asked him to inform his colleages and then get back to running the country on the important issues.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • ObozoMustGo

    Hey Lenny… Obozo will realize that he is once again wrong on “gay marriage” once he’s wrung them out of campaign cash. Before Obozo was President, he said it was his Christian faith that made him against “gay marriage”. When he said he was for it, he said it was his Christian faith that made him for it. Hmmmmmm

    He’ll change again when he needs more campaign money from the center who are against gay marriage. You’ll see.

    Have a nice day!

    • mynewusenm

      WOW, your comment sounds so much like Romney and not Obama….

    • Bozo I’m bedazzled by your brillance.

      You’re a deep thinker because your head is up your ass.

      Have a nice day!

  • Forget about sex. Two people loving each other and committing to each other is already a miracle by itself.

  • joyscarbo

    I don’t get it…nothing changes for christians if gays are allow to marry!!! Their religious institutions won’t be forced to do anything like perform marriage ceremonies or accept gay people into their congregations!!! (Although, they ought to seriously reconsider allowing gays into their churches, since most christian churches are having really poor attendance! No congregation, no church!)
    What is christians (and other religions) risking by allowing homosexuals to have civil rights??!! Would a christian please explain this???!!!

  • I voted for Obama, what a missake that was,I don’t think he is a Christian, I don’t want him realected. We need a true Christian leader that follow the the Word of Christ… Obama is going to put America under. Who does he worship, i think i know.

    • Jesus Christ, he has made that clear many times. He’s not ashamed.

      • John McCollam

        Wrong answer, Jesus Christ was the God of the Old Testament and was the one who gave the laws and commandments to His people coming out of a pagan worshiping Egypt. Homosexuality was forbidden in God’s word from the beginning and He does not change, it says in the New Testament that sodomites will not enter the Kingdom of God. Obama is a closet Muslim out to destroy America, he was the only Illinois senator to vote to kill a newborn child that escaped the abortioners from ripping the child apart or sucking their brains out with their tortuous vacuum cleaners. Muslims are allowed to lie to further their destruction of the great Satan that the muslim world considers America, so wake up.

  • Back in the closet? Not likely! Being Gay is not a choice. It’s your life and being as a gay person is not attracted to the opposite sex they turn to each other for love. Why shouldn’t they have all the same rights in marriage as a heterosexual? Sanctity of marriage? Sorry but how does sanctity cover for half the marriages ending up in divorce. Marriage sure isn’t magical. It requires all your love and hard work at times.
    Churches have tried to deliver gays from their gayness. Some change for a short while, but you are who you are and some haven’t been able to live with it and the condemnation the church lays on them, so they choose suicide. Sad.
    I’m glad our president made the right choice! OBAMA IN 2012!

  • John McCollam

    Mr. Pitt, is is obvious that your mind is in the pit when you say North Carolina is going backwards, but the opposite is true where these are steps toward the light of being in obedience to the Bible. Progressives want no control over immorality and that has been the down fall of many great past kingdoms. This president defies God in condoning sexual immorality, he clearly thinks he knows more than our Creator, and he is setting up this nation for a great fall. You cannot be in disobedience to God and expect Him to bless this nation, it does not work that way, but I don’t think you believe in God because you embrace sexual perversion and immorality.