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Sunday, October 23, 2016

DrudgeReport, possibly the most influential news site on the Internet, hosted a poll asking if Boehner should still be Speaker. A vast majority of hundreds of thousands of respondents said “nay.”

The only question is who would seriously challenge the Speaker. Cantor has been accused of angling for the spot. And Tuesday, when the House was about to blow up the “cliff” compromise, it seemed to be Cantor’s Machiavellian way to destroy Boehner. But Cantor allowed the vote and showed his contempt by voting no.

Wednesday the rep from Virginia got a huge boost from Chris Christie (R-NJ). The governor blasted Congress for not passing relief for the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. He blamed Speaker Boehner, who didn’t take four of his calls, for the inaction. But he absolved the Minority Leader.

But if Cantor makes his move and fails, his career would be maimed, if not ruined.

Tom Price (R-GA), whom Breitbart is featuring saying that the GOP needs a Speaker from a red state, lost his attempt to win a place in the caucus leadership just months ago, despite his support from Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Ryan is the one man who could easily replace Boehner — at least he was before he voted for the Senate’s “fiscal cliff” compromise on Tuesday evening. The House’s Budget Chairman and Boehner lieutenant is noted for his willingness to go with the establishment on key votes, such as Medicare D and TARP. Thus far it hasn’t hurt his career. But he obviously has bigger things in mind than being Speaker of the House.

The Speaker needs to win the a majority of the votes cast, and Boehner can only lose 17 votes without sending the vote to a second ballot, something that hasn’t happened since 1923. Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle reports that 20 Republican House members are willing to vote against the current Speaker, a report no one seems to be taking seriously.

If Boehner gets another term, it will likely be because he assures the most difficult members of his caucus that he will be more like them in future negotiations. And that’s terrible news for anyone who appreciates elected officials who govern in a manner that resembles that of an adult.


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  • A truly class act that only gets better each and every day. Watching the circus would be amusing if millions of our fellow citizens were not being harmed by this clown and his caucas. He will most likely keep the job if he really wants it. Why anyone would want to be the front man for that group of crazies is beyond me. What a thankless job.

    • amazonfan

      They deserve each other.

    • one_veteran

      He wants the job due to the large budget, prestige, and large office space, as well as more “staff”

  • bardaw

    I will be one who recalls this fool’s behavior come election time…adios Boehner!!

  • Name calling, immature outbursts, offensive gestures including the simian impersonations at the RNC and other such childish expressions are classic Republican behavior. At times, they almost seem to be a requirement to be a member of the GOP.
    Boehner was probably trying to ingratiate himself with disgruntled Tea Party members, I doubt he succeeded. The sad part is that his performance during the fiscal cliff negotiations, especially his ability to avert a TP revolt and convey the dangers of letting the country go over the fiscal cliff, all but guaranteed his position as Speaker of the House. Childish behavior like this undermines his credibility as a senior statesman and a national leader.
    I would not be surprised if most rednecks are cheering him on though…
    He owes Reid an apology, but I doubt he has what it takes to do such a manly thing.

    • 13observer

      He owes NOTHING to that sponge head loony tunes fuck Reid!!!!! FYI, He has also since been re-elected as speaker!!!!! Next you will be predicting events from the Myan Calendar!

      • As usual you show what a great, caring and classy Christianyou are. And as usual you have nothing to say or anything intelligent to offer to the conversation.

        • 13observer

          Just like Boehner told Reid “fuck off”!!!!!! RETARD

          • Same to you jackass!

          • What a good example for your children. I hope you do not have.

      • since when Republicains like Bohenhner learn good manners. I am sure Reid do not expect an excuse from a childlikeman.

  • He is still better than Cantor or Ryan. Both are little tyrants that will refuse to negotiate with Democrats.

  • Tired of looking at Boehner and Cantor……they are slowly eating away at the moral of our great country. They have forgotten that they are employees of the citizens and the ‘celebrity status’ that they seem to thrive on needs to be banished. They are our representatives!….Time to start acting like it!!!!

  • ococoob

    Between Boehner and Cantor, I’d rally behind Boehner. Cantor’s a little weasel and should be watched closely! I’m not a Republican, but I, after reading and watching news, I can’t help that Boehner was doing the best he can with a bunch of me, me, me’s and whiners who have no concept of gov’t fiscal policy and with their scorched earth mentality will not think twice of putting this nation to hell in a hand basket!

  • It doesn’t matter wether Boehner is dumped or not. The DYSFUNCTIONAL Idiots on the Right will screw up everything that matters as long as they are in power.


  • one_veteran

    But there are NO ADULT republicans in congress to vote!

  • May they rot in hell!

  • Boehner is scum pure and simple. He is crafty and manipulative and a liar. It was evident that he was playing games big time in the last few hours on New Year’s. Give me a break! The guy is a con artist!

  • dalnb

    I believe the threat against Boehner’s continuance as speaker was an in-house effort by some dedicated Tea Party Republicans who feel Boehner has not always backing them to the extent they desire. They wanted Boehner replaced by some one who was more dedicated to the Tea Party! How many times have we seen him and the President start something in harmony just to have him do a 360 degree turn around. I do not believe that turn around has been because he had a revelation but rather pressure from the Tea Party.

  • The obnoxious behaver of Boehner shows a antiquated brain.