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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WASHINGTON — To be deemed a serious analyst at the moment seems to require a lot of hand-wringing and sneering over how awful Congress looked over the last few days as it rushed a fiscal cliff deal into law.

So permit me to burn my membership card in the League of Commentators and Pundits.

Of course, there was much wrong about how Congress, particularly the House of Representatives, dealt with the best-known deadline in recent political history. A better deal was available weeks ago. But in the end, some very important and positive things happened.

Democracy, in its messy way, worked. An election had a real impact on public policy, moving it in a more progressive direction. Thus, for the first time since 1990, a significant number of Republicans voted to raise taxes — and they raised them most on the very rich. House Speaker John Boehner allowed a bill to become law on a vote in which far more Democrats (172) than Republicans (85) said “aye.” The old rule that Republicans would only allow floor action on bills that could pass with GOP votes was swept away, at least this time.

The cliff deal made our tax code more progressive. The top income tax rate is back up to 39.6 percent. Capital gains taxes, cut repeatedly since the 1970s, were raised. Consider: The provisions enacted Tuesday night combined with the tax hike in the Affordable Care Act mean that capital gains taxes will now be 18.8 percent for couples with annual incomes of more than $250,000 and 23.8 percent for couples earning over $450,000.

True, Democrats caved in by failing to tax dividends as ordinary income, as they used to be. Capital gains should also be taxed as ordinary income, or, at the least, at around 30 percent. But is this progress? The answer is yes.

There are other pieces of good news in the bill, including an extension of unemployment benefits and the various refundable tax credits that are especially helpful to lower-income people. The estate tax rises to 40 percent on fortunes of more than $5 million. Yes, it’s still too low. But at the end of George W. Bush’s term, we were looking at a complete repeal of the estate tax. Isn’t 40 percent better than zero?

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60 responses to “It’s Better Than It Looks”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    Obama has probably done most of the “hanging tough” for his second term, surrendering on the income level at which taxes would be raised and letting the repugnants know he’s likely to roll on the debt ceiling, and everything else.

    And he signed the renewal of the FISA law (the reason I didn’t want to vote for him in 2008). Although one news commentator said this would not affect American citizens, the original bill most certainly did, and I’ve noticed no sudden development of moral courage in either congress or the executive.

    • amazonfan says:


      Great term!

    • Normally I would agree with you. But look at the people President Obama is trying to work with. They will not negotiate. They don’t know what bi partisan looks like. They don’t care if they hurt the country in their one sided pursuit to get what they want. The Teapubs are not professional politicians. At least professional politicians know at the end of the day-neither side will get exactly what they want. I long for the days of professional politicians who were Capitol Hill insiders. At least when you are inside, you know what is going on. Teapubs are so not professional they actually think that everything they have to say is God’s truth. It makes it hard to negotiate when you are trying to negotiate with people who think they are God’s representative.

  2. bchrista says:

    Sand_Cat I did vote for Obama and I’m afraid that he will cave in because he let up on the pressure and allowed the Repubs to change his mind on several issues and went soft where he should have been tough and shoved his demands down their sorry throats and use Execative Privilage if he had to they games are over the public well being comes firstfuck them basrards.

    • labrown69 says:

      After laying down and “spreading them” for the financial industry for the last 4 years and sitting idly by while our banks stole the homes of millions of Americans after destroying the economy of the entire world, does anyone really believe Obama is going to grow a large “S” on the front of his suit and become a real reformer? Don’t hang by your thumbs until that happens. Dodd-Frank, while better than nothing, is too little, too late, and this president has made clear that his style of politics is to be the tiniest fraction better than the bad guys in order to defeat the bad guys politically. Now that we have exercised the demons of Romney and Ryan we are stuck with this.

      • So why didn’t you run? You know all the answers and how easy it is to implement them. Maybe if you and others like you would actually get with the program and help things might just get a little easier and better.

        • labrown69 says:

          The answer to that is if I was ten years younger I just might “run”. I will qualify this answer by stating that I am politically very active, I write lots of letters at the local, state and national level voicing my opinions and I donate to various campaigns, the campaign to re-elect President Obama among them, not because I think he is all that great but because today’s GOP is like our version of the Taliban, racist, sexist, homophobic and plutocratic. Fact is, every day is a new day and I might just run for office yet, but having been a musician most of my life, in my youth I was not exactly the poster boy for a clean living god fearing boy scout type of guy that makes a perfect candidate for a fairly ignorant American electorate. I do think I would make an excellent representative and my answer to getting things done would be to take my message to the voters and allow them to turn up the heat. We shall see what the future holds. After the 2004 Democratic Convention, we all thought Obama was this brilliant fiery orator who could take his message to the people. When AIG was getting bailed out with tax dollars and simultaneously handing out million dollar bonuses to the same clowns who crashed the economy, a real speaker could have and would have harnessed that anger at insurance companies and financial institutions to pass the real “public option” we elected him to pass and to get real financial industry reform and not just Dodd-Frank which while far better than nothing is too little too late. I don’t know “all the answers” as you say but i know a lot of them and it aint because I am so smart but rather because so many others are so f-ing dumb!

  3. Compromise means both sides have to give something. The Republicans agreed to raise taxes on the top 1%, which regardless of what Mr. Norquist says means they broke their pledge, and Democrats had to agree to raise the threshold from $250K to $450K.
    The next step must be to find ways to reduce spending without impacting national security, the economy, and our standard of living. There are ways to achieve that goal, but doing that requires a bipartisan effort, courage, patriotism, and sacrifice. Hopefully Congress will start working on the spending reduction goal immediately, or we are likely to face another last minute crisis two months from now when the national debt ceiling debate starts. Quite frankly, I don’t expect much from the House or the Senate in terms of being proactive. They seem to love drama and the feeling of power that comes from keeping us hostage to their childish games.

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      Our representatives are supposed to be educated, patriotic people. I continue to be stunned by “junior high” behavior and really stupid rhetoric.

      • Jerry Beck says:

        I am too,still think they need to be reminded,they work for us and take away all the expensive perks we pay for. Save a ton of money by taking away the health care they have and making them use what ever other american has.

    • magic2114 says:

      I agree with you completely. There is enough blame to go around. It’s time for action by elected officials to clean up the mess created, and give our nation a fighting chance to be great again.

  4. frida says:

    One thing which my republicans friends do not get it is: we have election for massive reasons. If the person loses, it means he has lost what he intended/campaigned for to do. If the other person wins, it means he has to implement what he campaigned for, as people bought what he sold to them and hence, elected him. Is this difficult to anyone to understand??? Why are they pretending that they didn’t lose the election?

    • Maybe no one told them they lost. When their source of news is Fox news, they cannot be the most informed people in the world.

      • tman000 says:

        Most Republicans are in denial, they still can’t believe the losses…

      • labrown69 says:

        Actually they “lost” the presidency for a variety of reasons but they held the house so it is not exactly accurate to say “they lost”. The result was mixed. The sad reality is we DID have all three houses of government from 2008 to 2010 and those years were largely squandered on trying to be a centrist in the middle of two unacceptable extremes.

        • Sabreen60 says:

          First the Democrats gained seats in the Senate and are still in the majority. The Democrats gained seats in the House, but not enough to have a majority. However, the Congressional Democrats won 1 million more votes than the Republicans. The reason the Democrats didn’t get the majority in the House is due to gerrymandering. Actually President Obama was not sworn into office until January 2009 not 2008. Also, President Obama had a 60 filibuster proof Senate for about 7 months and then Ted Kennedy died. Also, there is a fair number of very conservative Democrats (aka Blue Dogs) in the Senate who was never going to vote for “progressive” issues, e.g., the public option. This myth that President Obama could have done anything he wanted or the implication for such needs to stop.

          • labrown69 says:

            Actually … what “NEEDS TO STOP” is partisans making lame excuses for Obama. We thought he was a fiery orator but he failed miserably to take his message to the people and/or harness the anger of the American public at insurance companies or we would have a real “public option” instead of this gimp Frankenstein Monster we call Obama-Care. This dude and his drones have killed more people in Afghanistan in his first term than Bush did in8 years. He had a perfect opportunity legalize Marijuana and failed to stand up, the war on drugs costing tax payers billions annually and making Crips and Bloods into BMW driving land barons. Enough excuses already. We get the leaders we demand.

        • TokyoMix says:

          The even lost the House in terms of popular vote, as opposed to the post-census gerrymandered district vote. The people spoke loudly and clearly. It was a proud moment for America and a refreshing affirmation of Democracy.

          • labrown69 says:

            Let’s hope that we can get the house back and get rid of more of the Tea Party types which given current trends does not seem unlikely. It would be nice to see Obama make the most of his last two years in office as he has accomplished a lot but has also squandered some big opportunities.

        • mbee1 says:

          Exactely what is unacceptable about not giving our kids a bill of 200000 dollars when they are born? The Feds, Obama in charge borrow 5000 dollars for every man woman and child each year and have zero plans to stop doing that. Greece and Spain did the exact same thing, both are bankrupt and the foreign bankers are telling them what to do. The USA in 10 years or less will be in the exact same boat as we are currently bankrupt but the world just does cannot believe it so they lend us money.

          • labrown69 says:

            “WHAT IS UNACCEPTABLE” about not giving our kids a bill of 200K is you full o’ crap right wingers were perfectly happy giving “our kids” a bill of $150K when it was Bush doubling the debt after inheriting a fat surplus and an incredibly productive economy and using three quarters of the debt you are NOW so worried about to put more money in the pockets of millionaires while allowing our infrastructure to crumble, allowing banks to make liar loans so they could turn around and steal our homes and running the country into the ground without even paying for the dirty little wars that are still anchors on the ass of our economy … so just stow all your idiotic blather about “job creators”, your ridiculous comparisons to Greece and Spain and your bogus newly found fiscal concern when it comes to this administration spending to restore the nation that the same morons you support trashed. On the other hand, on the outside chance that you are really as stupid as you sound you will benefit from the social programs which support those who are intellectually impaired!

    • Ed says:

      Having failed to make Oboma a “one term president” they are determined to see him go into the history books as a failure. It doesn’t matter that everyone will suffer. After all, republicans have been trying to replace democracy with “corporate control” for30 years.

      • And it’s scary just how close we came to turning America into the first corporate run country on the planet. Romney was all set to do just that when at a meeting of corporate donors he quipped that they should let their employees know that if Obama got elected they may end up being laid off. And wouldn’t you know, the Koch Bros and a number of other CEOs did just that: sending out letters to their employees just like Romney suggested. So if Romney had been elected, you can be sure that corporate intimidation would have been a big factor in the 2016 election and maybe for many after; and that Romney would have done everything in his power to see to it that as much legislation as possible was passed that hightened corporate profits and their influence on our government.

        • labrown69 says:

          All true, but all the more reason that Democrats are tragically lax in fighting for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United and setting an example that distinguishes them as not doing much of the same plutocratic stuff.

      • labrown69 says:

        ” Trying to replace democracy with corporate control” for 30 years and doing a damn good job of it. While I don’t think anyone, even Republicans, anticipated their excessive deregulation to result in the complete collapse of the US economy, let’s be fair. It was Bill Clinton who signed Phil Gramm’s repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999, deregulating the entire banking industry and setting them free to plunder the world and rape tax payers and Bill Clinton again, who signed Gramm’s 2000 legislation, assuring that the sale of derivatives and default swaps were sold over the counter bypassing any government oversight whatsoever by the SEC or the CFTC. This has swollen into an $800 trillion dollar market in a world in which all countries combined have a GDP of roughly $60 trillion and although they are called “assets” they are nothing more than gambling markers, not even good for wiping your *** with. They are a Cancer in our economy. Dodd-Frank is too little too late but the Republican mantra of deregulation distinguishes the GOP as believing that “free markets and fraud” are synonymous! Nonetheless, nobody twisted Bill Clinton’s arm to sign these bills and one of the biggest cheer leaders was Chuck Shumer. This is all quite easy to research and document. You can not hang this on the Republicans alone although having learned our lesson, at least the Democrats appear willing to make minor adjustments. Why they did not call “Dodd Frank” something a little more appealing like for instance “the greater transparency and accountability act” is beyond me. Both of these men had a hand in making the mess and they might as well have called finance reform “The Leopold and Loeb” bill.

      • MARK says:

        Actually their efforts go back further than that.The gop aligned Morgan and Dupont industrialist families tried to overthrow the FDR administration and replace it with a fascist government because they were upset with the New Deal policies and ever since have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans.How could any political party be so consistently wrong unless it was on purpose.Sure they spout the propaganda for family values but deep in their dark hearts their purpose is fascism.Sadly,it did not die with the defeat of the Nazis. They call every program designed for the public good Socialism,because it has no direct benefit for them specifically.Look at folks on the social programs.While someone may get a raise in benefits on one hand,any advantage they had on the other is reduced.This is not an accident,it happens by design.These crooks have been queering the deal since it was writtenbecause it keeps people trapped while the money machine keeps running.

      • Doctor T says:

        Yes, and they think they can survive without the 98% of us don’t they?

    • Wasn’t it some sort of election process that produced a republican majority in the House of Representatives? Ooh- and democrats sure got behind that Social Secuity reform Bush won on in 2004. Or do elections only count for you if your side wins?

    • sunmusing says:

      Sometimes, we have to really look at the actions of our elected officials before blaming them for something…I think back to the Wisconsin fiasco…these Koch/republicans campaigned on one level, and when it came to governing, they did exactly the opposite of what they campaigned on…I think the wingers/republicans cannot be trusted about anything the tell us…and I won’t get into false blame them all stuff…The over riding concern here is will they do for We the People, or will they do for the We the Corporate/person…

    • mbee1 says:

      I bet you have no republican friends as they would point out the Republican lost by 3 percent plus 1 vote, a pretty small margin. Those people do not want your future, a future of a bankrupt country being told what to do by foreign bankers. a country which has no money for SS or medicare, no money for education, no money for infrastructure, no money for defense as this generation, us, or rather you 53 percent spenders spend trillions on yourselfs and gave the shaft to your and our kids.

  5. Stop congressional BULLING NOW!!!

  6. These BULLY laws are for everybody whether kids in school ,or congressional leaders, medical profession trying to get one more procedure to put off death all undue force on another is bullying

  7. labrown69 says:

    Duh! I said weeks ago, exceeding the deadline was the only way we were going to cut the military budget but kicking the can two months down the road is hardly a resounding victory about which this crop of Bozos should be patting themselves and each other on the back. They are all basically cowards and our side our only marginally wiser cowards.

    Here is some reality for ya:

    Twenty-one of 22 incumbent senators were re-elected, and 353 of 373 incumbent members of the House were re-elected.

    The American people have re-elected 94 percent of the incumbents who were running for re-election to an institution that has an approval rating of about 9%. This indicates we are a nation of idiots.

    We are now stuck with the dysfunctional government that we deserve.

  8. Maybe we should actually have a news black out on the House if they do this again. They love the posturing and the sweating and the dramatic looks. So next time this happens, no news bites for them, until they get the job done. The Senate seems to be able to work. But the House is full of self important individuals who have forgotten why they were voted in. Civil Servants should never have gotten this much power or glory. When I worked at the state, I didn’t have cameras following me to work. We have made them more important then they really are. We can make them unimportant too.

  9. m8lsem says:

    Capital gains having a different rate is analogous to the income averaging law … if today I get a bonus based upon years of labor on a new idea that just turned into profit and did so handsomely, then the bonus can be spread back over 5 years in essence to treat it as earned in each of five years, amending the returns for past years in essence.

    Income averaging is a way of avoiding being shoved artificially into the 39.6% bracket by an unusual event it would be artificial to call earned just in the current year.

    Capital gains could be dealt with much the same. I buy a house in 1998 and sell it in 2018; over the twenty years I owned it the value steadily increased to a total increase of $100,000. The theory of capital gains is that in each of those 20 years some portion of the gain occurred, and to tax it as if it was all earned in one year is denying economic reality.

    The answer in my mind is to quite assuming something about capital gains, and rather permit one to average the gain over some number of years with a calculated increase of a percentage of the gain in each of some number of past tax years as well as the current one.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to m8lsem –

      Since you indicate that the property mentioned is an investment property, you have been able to deduct a portion if the “depreciation” over the last 20 years.

      That pretty much kills your reasoning about spreading the profit over many years, since you effectively have been doing that ever since the property was first placed in service.

      This argument may hold water for other assets, such as stocks, but not for Real Property.

      • m8lsem says:

        Provided its depreciable property; besides which, your basis on sale is the depreciated value, not the purchase price.

        However, the way to make it come out even is income averaging, whether the income is capital gain or ordinary income.

  10. pqp1 says:

    Listen don’t you dare make it look liket congress was actaully functioning because very simply they are an embarrassment to this country & they should hang their heads toward the ground when they walk, they had how many days before the last minute. This is about every american just not a few that think they have priviledge. They caused fear in the market place, and uncertianity about the future. This is not what global leadership looks like. This is the same bunch of monkeys that caused the USA credit rating to drop.

  11. pqp1 says:

    You know if you compare slavery to the middle class, the GOP stance would be the same, keep em uneducated, & broke . The GOP wants the middle class to do the majority of the work while there rich buddies enjoys the profits. The only real difference hear is the fact that skin color is no longer the dividing marker. Just saying. Think About what & how they respond to what they call the 48% of american on assistance. They are simple saying you middle class are not equal, but you have the right to shine my shoes and all yeah give me more of the money you worked for.

  12. elw says:

    Yes our form of government is messy and slow. I have to agree the compromise is in the right direction and I expect that will continue in the next four years. Boehner deserves a pat on the back for showing enough leadership to break with his more radical members. Most of all it showed that our President is a great leader who has steal in his back, knows when and how to bend and is working for all the American people, even the ones whose hate for him is unreasonable.

  13. stsintl says:

    I disagree with the author’s statement – “Thus, for the first time since 1990, a significant number of Republicans voted to raise taxes — and they raised them most on the very rich.” No taxes were raised in the new law. G. W. Bush era massive tax cuts [for the rich] were only TEMPORARY to expire automatically at the end of 2010. All those tax cuts were extended again for two years, against President Obama’s objections for extending them for the very rich. The new law does NOT RAISE taxes on anyone. The temporary TAX CUTS for the rich automatically expired as they were supposed to.

    • And now you understand how Grover could say they weren’t really raising taxes nor breaking his pledge.

      • stsintl says:

        Yes, this was the loop hole for the Tea Party extremists to vote for the latest bill. However, these “Murdochites” who voted against the bill are directly or indirectly on Rupert Murdoch’s payroll.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to stsintl –

      The reason the tax cuts were set to expire in 2010 was that the cost of them was so great in the out years that the American public would have never allowed them to
      go through otherwise.

      Also, there was supposed to be a “FAIL SAFE SWITCH” to stop them if they created deficits that were higher than expected.


      Also, the so called CONSERVATIVES were spending junkies while George the Second was on his binge.

      But as soon as President Obama took office, the deficits were his fault, and had to be corrected.


  14. At Frida, I am a republican and I have to agree with you one hundred percent. You are so right on this statement. Everything is right all the way. So you see some of us can agree with Democrats and inderpentants.

    • I long for the days when there were real Republicans who actually had important ideas to communicate and debate. We need that in our political process. When I think back over the important compromises made over the past 100 years and see nothing but a very bleak picture in our future with the current cast of clowns I am glad my days are short but that is a very sobering and saddening thought.

  15. Andrew Rei says:

    The worst part of the “fiscal cliff” deal was the extension of pork for some medium-sized businesses. What needs to happen now is for the other group of “Welfare Queens”, big corporations, to stop receiving corporate welfare and start PAYING TAXES! Between the amount given to big corporations as corporate welfare and the amount in taxes they don’t pay, it costs us more than $700 billion per YEAR! Not in a decade…PER YEAR! If you want to truly balance the budget and start reducing the deficit, getting big corporations to PAY TAXES will do the trick. Seriously….between that and reducing the defense/military budget by $200 billion, you’d have a balanced budget and a surplus with which you can start deficit reduction.

  16. So how are more taxes going to help us grow our way out of debt? We have spent more than five trillion since 2007 on stimulus, where is that promised “broad based growth?”

  17. sleeprn01 says:

    The major mistake of the GOP is that they will not own up to their roll in creating the current fiscal mess. It was under President Bush and VP Cheney that they spent 1.3 trillion dollars on 2 worthless wars that hasn’t increased our safety. Then they gave the wealthiest of the nation over 2 trillion in tax cuts believing in the faux trickle down theory; I’m still waiting for my 1980’s trickle down check. Until the GOP acknowledges their culpability in this fiscal crises, every fiscal issue is going to be a battle because they,the GOP, have President Obama to blame for their misdeeds and this they believe is true. I guess that I’m not as optimistic as Mr. Dionne.

  18. howa4x says:

    The republicans forget they only have a majority due to gerrymandering, and not because they have the will of the people. In fact 1 million more democratic votes were cast for the house than republican. Boehner knows that, and the risks of loosing more seats in 2014. He also knows that actions of the house downgraded our credit rating and the his backers on Wall st are plenty mad. Dark money couldn’t save them and the country is turning in a different direction. His only chance to have a place in history and a ruling majority is to find a place between the moderate republicans from the Blue states and just enough sane republicans to get things done. He had 2 years of obstruction and it got the republicans no where. Ceremonial votes to repeal Obamcare dosen’t impress anyone when the country has real problems. His throwning up his hands jesture and tossing McConnell under the bus for the compormise showed his lack of leadership for everyone to see. The house will now go thorogh the same civil strife that the made the democratic party famous. Not a good time to be the leader of the republicans.

  19. Nancy says:

    They keep calling it a “Bipartisan Agreement”. WHERE was ANY Bipartisanship? Once again, the president bent over while the Nazi/Fascists screwed, not only him, but the rest of this Country as well! MOST of the “shrub’s” (Thank-You, Mollie Ivins) Tax breaks for the Mega-Wealthy remain Permanent! WHERE is any Victory for WE, the People? It seems laughable at best and soul-killing in reality.

  20. bchrista says:

    In response to Richie T I think you got it all wrong partner those IOUs are like a loan at the bank, when you borrow money from an instituation you don’t just pay back what you borrowed there’s a small thing called interest on money borrowed and that little thing doesn’t just go away until the loan is paid. So if you borrowed 10T you must pay back 10T plus Int. and that’s the reason all those good ole boys are trying to do away with Social Security because if they succeed no Medicare, no Medicaid and no SS since they don’t exist there is no money owed and fuck the Seniors let them figure out to make it on their own. Republicans are a stinking, rotten, snake in the grass mother fuckers that ever lived they got theirs by hook or crook the hell with everyone else and we Seniors can’t allow that we paid into the system some of us for 50-60 years on a promise the government made to us many,many,many years ago, pay as you go collect later now these bastards are trying to welsh on the deal because it doesn’t effect them just the program they are trying to steal it for.. Our monthly checks hasn’t caused the problem leave us out of it, we had our own money just put it back and leave it alone go somewheres else to get what you need to repair the problem.

  21. bchrista says:

    I am a bonified Democrat and will stand with the Democrats all the way, however, we keep saying they lost the election, but in a way they didn’t lose ,Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost the election, Congress won their election they still control it no matter how they went about it they were elected back into their position by their contituents and they out number the Democrats and until we can get them out Obama has to deal with them. We keep saying wait until 2014 well brothers until we the people can figure out how to undo what they did to get elected, we can talk about it until the end of time and at the next election we,ll probably have the same results because if you check how they accomplished what they did you may find that they protected their position by some rule they invoked so you can’t get them out unless you can convince and prove to their constituents that they must go I hope we can prevail but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

  22. bchrista says:

    The trouble with the Blue Dog Democrats is they don’t want to tip the boat and anger anyone Repubs or Demo they are comfy in their jobs and don’t wnat to cause ripples and that is the whole problem when they controled the Congress they didn’t want to get off their asses to do their jobs and the Republicans seized the opportunity under the tutledge of Newt Gingrish they had most of those misrable nonperforming Democrats where they wanted them and got the Teaparty elected in their place, so once again we were not minding the store and for that we only have our selves to blame. The difference between the Republicans and Democrats is simple their mean streak keeps them constantly scheming and figuring out ways to get their hands on controlling the country and the money, while the Democrats are laid back and kinda lazy and won’t do anything unless things get dire enough and by then the Repubs got a leg up on them and that’s why we find ourselves in the mess we are in, they went along with Bush and Cheney like good Congressmen without questioning anything that was going on and by the time they did we were trillions if dollars in the hole. We need to elect Democrats who really love this country so much that they are willing to Die if they must in order that something like this doesn’t happen again so that our xhildren will inherit a properous country to live with out the shit that is going on now, damn it if you love your children then lets get started and go to work, lets take the power out of the hands of the TeaBaggers and these sorry Republicans and start rebuilding our country back to what it once was if the Republicans want to be obstructionist then fuck them we will do it our selves.

  23. CYNICALZ says:

    Our tax code got more progressive? Where does Dionne live, Europe? Bill had pork and more pork. Democrats ever see a skinny pig? Obama’s Socialist campaign keeps coming true. More lies.

  24. ayayaboy says:

    Gov. Christie finally realizes who Boehner and Cantor work for … only rich people and corporations.

  25. mbee1 says:

    This guy needs to get an economic education as he apparently is under the impression money grows on trees and tooth fairy magic exists. The Feds are broke, 16 trillion in the hole, 50000 dollars for every man woman and child, 5000 more every year for every man woman and child which our kids will pay back. Johnny when born owes 200000 dollars. That is immoral and insane policy. We need higher taxes, clinton era taxes and cuts of at least one third in federal spending each year. If we did that our kids would in the average family avoid 18000 dollars in debt every year in return for 2000 dollars of current taxes every year.

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