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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

WASHINGTON — The United States faces a crisis in our political system because the Republican Party, particularly in the House of Representatives, is no longer a normal, governing party.

The only way we will avoid a Constitutional crackup is for a new, bipartisan majority to take effective control of the House and isolate those who would rather see the country fall into chaos than vote for anything that might offend their ideological sensibilities.

In a democratic system with separated powers, two houses of Congress, split between the parties, a normal party accepts that compromise is the only way to legislate. A normal party takes into account election results. A normal party recognizes when the other side has made real concessions. A normal party takes responsibility.

By all of these measures, the Republican majority that Speaker John Boehner purports to lead is abnormal. That is the meaning of his catastrophic failure to gather the votes for his “Plan B” proposal on the “fiscal cliff.” Many of his most radical members believe they have a right to use any means at their disposal to impose their views on the country, even if they are only a minority in Congress.

There may, however, be good news in the disarray: The right wing of the Republican House has chosen to marginalize itself from any serious negotiations. The one available majority for action, especially on budgets, is a coalition uniting most Democrats with those Republicans who still hold the old-fashioned view that they were elected to help run the country.

To avert a fiscal nightmare in the short run, this potential majority needs to be allowed to work its will. The result may well be a modestly more progressive solution than President Obama offered Boehner, a deal with somewhat fewer cuts and more revenue. That’s the price the right wing will have to pay for refusing to govern.

This is almost exactly what happened in 1990, when the most conservative Republicans rejected a deficit-reduction agreement negotiated by President George H.W. Bush and Democrats in Congress. After a conservative rebellion brought the initial bill down, a more progressive measure was enacted with more Democratic votes.

In the longer run, the non-Tea Party wing of the GOP will have to decide whether it wants to be subject to the whims of colleagues to their right or look to the center for alliances with the Democrats. The choice is plain: We can spend two years doing absolutely nothing, or we can try to solve the country’s problems.

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156 responses to “It’s Our System On The Cliff”

  1. Could it be that a large number of Republicans in the House are loyal Norquist rather than Boehner? Could it be that some concluded that letting the Bush tax cuts expire for everyone is better than reverting to Clinton era tax rates for 2% of our population, while letting 98% of Americans and 97% of small businesses continue to enjoy the current tax rates was too offensive for them? Or could they still be following the McConnel dictum to ensure President Obama fails?
    Whatever it is, the 53% that voted for President Obama on 11/6/12 will remember in 2014. The best thing the obstructionists could do at this point is update their resumes.

    • Lisztman says:

      Or could it be that a large number of Republicans in the House are loyal Norquist rather than loyal Americans? Article 6 of the Constitution asserts that Senators and Representatives take an oath of office; the current oath reading: to “bear true faith and allegiance to the [Constitution]” (which includes the 16th Amendment), and, further, that they “take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation.”

      It strikes me that any member of the Senate or House who abjures budgetary responsibility, in allegiance to Grover Norquist, is in direct violation of this oath, and any corresponding statement of adherence to an oath to Mr. Norquist constitutes a breach of his/her oath of office; such Congresspersons should be immediately subjected to trial by jury (I don’t know the specifics but I’m sure a good Constitutional lawyer can supply suitable charges), and, upon a verdict of guilt, summarily removed from office.

      • MrStoneheep says:

        Yeah, that’s the answer, all right. “If they don’t agree and vote our way, illegalize them so we only have ourselves left.” Think that through, sir. Do you have any idea what, whe,n and where that sounds like?

        • Lisztman says:

          Sorry, sir. Until they (the Republican obstructionists) put something of merit on the table, including the obvious necessity of increasing revenue to meet spending levels, those who spout Norquist crap are in violation of their oath.
          I know exactly what that sounds like. Except you twisted my words. I did NOT say “vote our way”. A significant portion of the House wishes to cut my soon-to-be Social Security that I already paid for; to cut the Medicare for which I will be eligible in a few years, for which I’ve already paid. So that people, with far more assets than I, can hold on to a greater percentage of their wealth than I.
          I keep hearing “close loopholes”. But I have yet to hear WHICH loopholes they will close, and the SPECIFICS of how this will fix the budget issue. And there is zero valid reason why the entitlement called “capital gains” should be taxed at a lower rate than the income for which most of America actually goes out and WORKS.

          To the Norquist people: Meet us halfway. Or even one-third. Right now the House is doing zero.

          • MrStoneheep says:

            I didn’t twist anything.
            “allegiance to Grover Norquist, is in direct violation of this oath, and any corresponding statement of adherence to an oath to Mr. Norquist constitutes a breach of his/her oath of office; such Congresspersons should be immediately subjected to trial by jury (I don’t know the specifics but I’m sure a good Constitutional lawyer can supply suitable charges), and, upon a verdict of guilt, summarily removed from office.”
            You typed these words, not me. I copied and pasted them. What did I twist? If that isn’t saying voting any OTHER way will call for their removal, what IS it saying?
            I’m already in that social security and medicare crowd so don’t presume I don’t see the concern. If your that close to the time, your personal benefits from same would not be affected. That would be to the younger that have time to build from a different direction. I’m not stating one is better than the other, but stripping 700Billion from the existing medicare program to fund Obamacare doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy all over,
            either. For sure, SOMETHING has to give there or you won’t see them through your lifetime.
            Percentages? My math is pretty good, so I’m trying to see how one taxed at a higher percentage than another could be holding on to a larger percentage of their wealth than does the one paying the lower percentage.
            Personally, I’m in agreement with those that feel this is merely a case of class warfare incitement to keep the eye of the American public off the real issue. That little dab he’s asking for with the increase only on the 1+% is ludicrous. With 47% of the American public paying ZERO tax, it’s fairly aapparent to me a far greater gain would be to just get them to pay something. Only a 10% tax on this group would bring in a far greater amount and be only right as they are the bigger recipients.
            I like the idea of capital gains being at the AGI tax. Agree, it only makes sense – – – – BUT, be prepared. That would hurt the lower income more than the upper income. Losing the mortgage interest deduction, then paying a cap/gain with no ability to pick it up isn’t going to hurt the wealthy, but it will the folks that may have that ability once or possibly twice in their lifetime. This does not speak of the federal tax on home resales coming at us either. Actually, they’ve been quite specific as to some of the ‘loopholes’.
            There are benefits to seeing the automatic cuts happen, biggest being the cutback on the military spending. As to the Repubs being blamed for the fiscal cliff debacle – who cares. They can’t do anything about it anyway with Obama where he is and Reid as he is. To give in completely insures a 20 Trillion dollar deficit by the time the next four years is over.
            I went in as you showed and suggested: sites down, but there are other ways to it. (S-3) A blog by the Obama’s people For Obama, so it’s no surprise to me to see it skewed in his favor, with many untruths and many “hopes”. All conjecture – except 2011 and 2012.
            They are IN the history book and were NOT met, nor were his 2009’s or 2010’s, which of course, are scubbed out. I wonder why.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            How could ANYONE claim that 47% of our population pays ZERO taxes is totally absurd.

            If one means IF you pay NO taxes, in as far as for receiving Medicare and SS, that might be true, since if you fall below the Federal Poverty Level, you’re not taxable, which most Medicare recipients are. And, by the way, that’s going to be the majority of our population in the not too distant future since the elderly are going to be in the majority of our population.

            Asside from this, EVERYONE pays taxes in one way or the other. People buy food, gasoline, smokes, an unlimited amount of products which also includes sales taxes, sin taxes as well.

            Actually, we ALL are taxed to the hilt. And, lets not forget, realestate taxes, going for schools, police departments, fire protection, who knows what else.

            Most of these various “taxes” are self-imposed to boot. Most of us don’t vote with our minds, we usually vote with our emotions, which imposes even more taxes due to funding programs that cater to hot-button issues.

          • MrStoneheep says:

            Well, since this topic has been going on about taxes versus spending cuts and whether the Repubs are obsructing, I thought it would be ASSUMED I’m speaking of Income Taxes, not taxes on day to day activities. How dumb of me. Please accept the apology for not being clear as to WHICH taxes. I WAS speaking of ONLY taxes as reported on your annual IRS return. And Merry Christmas.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            NO, you weren’t dumb at all. I sort of assumed you meant Income Taxes:)

            I threw in all these other taxes to show that income taxes is a very small portion of ALL the taxes we pay.

            It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that for every dollar we earn, we pay out in real and hidden taxes; Income Taxes, Sales Taxes, Sin Taxes, Realestate Taxes, Hidden Taxes on Smoke, Beer, Booze, Gasoline, Fuel, Electricity, Natural Gas, Food (eat-ins), Services Performed, Medications and Doctors – at least $.90 in taxes.

            And, there are probably more categories of Taxes I didn’t mention. And many of these taxes would be nearly impossible to declare on a IRS form for deductions because to declare them, you have to meet certain thresholds, income levels, etc. to file them.

        • MrStoneheep, members of a party that reject compromises extended by their own leader (s), like the Norquist disciples did with Boehner’s “Plan B”, they have two choices: come up with their own plan or go home. Unfortunately, the Tea Party plan, beautifully articulated by the likes of Moudouch during the campaign (the only compromise I would accept from the Democrats is accepting our proposals), is not a realistic or viable option. Obstructionism has no merit in governance.
          Politicians on both sides of the aisle have compromised and reached consensus since the earliest days of the Republic, until the Tea Party decided their subliminal views can not be challenged and it is either their way or the highway. I agree with the latter, we should send them all packing.

          • foolsdance says:

            So very well said, as usual, Dom. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

          • MrStoneheep says:

            Just because the talks have broken down, this means they are over and it’s the fault of the Tea Party Republicans, who we now label as Obstructionists. Is there a glimmer that perhaps they want to avoid the fall as well, but don’t feel enough has been done to warrant caving in, i.e. enough spending cuts? Make the deal as is and they lose all leverage to get any cuts, so yes, they may be better served to gain those cuts because they are automatic if a deal is not acheived. Compromise is a two way street, and I’m one Democrat that wants to see more cutting than anything else. I’ve no problem with the whole country going back to the Clinton taxes, after all, I do believe HE was a Democrat, too. I don’t agree with either party right now as to which is better. I feel we have both, a revenue problem AND a spending problem, so I feel we need both, the Clinton Taxes AND huge spending cuts. Social Security? No cuts, but restructured. Medi-care? No cuts, but some tweaking here, too.
            Let’s not label them just yet. It may work out for the better if we DO fall off and it’s not totally ANY one groups fault. It’s the fault of PAST groups.

          • Hillbilly says:

            You are no more a Democrat than there is a man in the moon. Everything you post and say shows you are a Republican trying to make others believe you are a Democrat. If you are a Democrat how come you are always defending the Republicans and their ideas which is only to help the rich and not the whole country.

          • MrStoneheep says:

            I believe both parties have good AND bad points
            and at this time, I feel the good points of the Democratic Party outnumber those of the Republican Party, but to say they have nothing good to say is wrong and less than helpful. Here,
            it seems all anyone wants to do is slam the Republicans, regarless of topic or content. Just because I’m a Democrat does NOT mean I need agree with everything the Party does and says. OK, it may eventuate we go over the cliff and all here seem to think that is such a bad thing and want to villianize all republicans for it. And as Mr
            Kollmorgen correctly points out, the President doesn’t HAVE to compromise on ANYTHING. OK, refuse to give at all, and what do we have. A return to the Clinton Tax structure, and as Mr Kollmorgen likes, and I agree 100%, tremendous military spending cuts. To that alone, I say WHOOPEE !!! Personally, I’m tired of being the world’s protector like the Republicans want.

            6:00 on Christmas Eve, ya’ll have a Merry Christmas ans I’m done for the next day and a half.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Hillbilly – I hope you get your tax increases – it such a pitiance compared to what our country needs. Then I can see you yell and holler that it’s not enough. Then where do you think the money will come from then? Where?

          • Michael says:

            You all have relevant, good points that you have made here. All the bickering and posturing by both sides of the political aisle is why I became an Independent. I am disgusted with both sides. I have some issues that I agree with the dems and some that I agree with the repubs.

            It is fairly evident that spending needs to be addressed. But not in the way, or to the degree, that the repubs are proposing.

            First, mandate that Congress repay those monies that took from the SS Trust Fund, with interest. And do not allow them to ever touch it again. Period. Then, for SS, gradually raise the retirement age to where it is in line with current life expectancies. Then, remove the cap on payroll tax deductions, totally. Whatever you make in income is taxed, for SS purposes. Finally, a small increase in the percentage taken out of paychecks for SS and Medicare, is called for. That solves any problem SS may or may not have.

            For Medicare. Get away from the fee-for-service system and pay based on outcomes. Turn to more preventative medicine. Introduce full competition into the Part D, Prescription Drug Program, under Medicare. That is currently a ‘gimme to the prescription drug industry. Go to fully integrated electronic medical records and billing. Put a cap on what amount hospitals and labs can charge for their services. Put in a public option for the Affordable Care Act, with no loopholes.

            Defense cuts. Do away with sole source contract awards. Do away with cost overruns all the time. Shut down all unnecessary current and future projects. Start closing down military bases around the world, where we are neither needed any more (if we ever were), nor are wanted for any thing other than our money. Stop trying to be the world’s policeman. Stop trying to impose our version of the world on other countries and peoples who may not agree with us. Our defense budget could be cut way more than in half and we would still have the world’s strongest and mightiest military.

            There are many other things that could be done with minimal pain for recipients of goods and services.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I agree to a great degree with you.

            Yes SS should stay the way it is, Medicare/ MediCaid should be tweaked. There is a lot of profiteering from the medical sector of our economy which should be outlawed. Price Caps is a strong possibility with me.

            Maybe YES, drop back some of these corporate Taxes, ONLY if the corporation brings our jobs back and hire ONLY US Citizens here in the US. I also include all small businesses. They must show a track record of new hires, full-time with full bennies to receive these tax cuts. And, no LAYOFFS after the tax expires, if they expire.

            Increase the tax on the rich to the hilt. More the better! Anything over 500K in income gets taxed to the max.

            Close all Tax Loopholes for the rich and corporations.

            Disallow all non-profit tax statuses for any religious organization. Most are nothing but political action groups too involved in Politics anyway. Run them like any other business would. Within a few years, we’d probably pay off the national debt just doing this alone. That’ll take the Snuff out of their tails. We’ll all be better off for it.

            Propose a new Constitutional Amendment specifically spelling out in exacting details what the TRUE Separation between Church and State should be. No Loopholes, no more Waffling on the issue.

            Many countries are now disallowing American Citizens from depositing their money in their banks. That closes that loophole without us doing a thing about it.

            Reduce our Military Spending, at least in half. We have enough weapons and men to do whatever we need to do without developing more modern weapons. Besides, IF we kept our noses out of other people’s problems, we wouldn’t need such a large standing army anyway. Do we really need 15 Carrier Groups? I don’t think so! Drop them back to 10 or less.

            Within out Capacity, we still need to protect Isreal within reason. But, they can’t receive a Carda Blank check from us any longer.

            Yes, put the blame SQUARELY on past administrations. I’d start from Bush and back. But, regardless who we blame, the damage is done. We and our future generations are left to clean it up.

            Yes, let us go over the so-called Fiscal Cliff. Obama should stand firm and hold Republican’s feet to the fire. If it takes an Executive Order to maintain our Social Programs, so be it.

            The Federal Government, not the states, needs to start investing in our Infrastructure once again.

            We also need to tighten our laws and programs concerning the Mentally Ill. They’ve been neglected way too long. Opening up new Mental Hospitals would be a good start.

            We also need to de-criminalize many of our laws which only support the Justice Industrial and Prison Industrial Complexes.

          • Jim Myers says:

            Replying to Dominick Vila –

            Actually, they made the choice, and it was not another plan as you suggested.

            Instead, they went home.

        • Sounds like a rational response to an irrational abdication of duty IF thier allegiance is not to their oath of office. And it should apply to all public servants that take an oath. It is an oath, not a suggestion.

        • Yes it sounds like Idaho where the teabagger repugs control everything and respect nothing but them selves.

        • Jim Myers says:

          Replying to MrStoneheep –

          Actually, that sounds like the attitude of George the Second, and his sidekick Dick. If you didn’t like the term “FREEDOM FRIES”, you were not considered “A TRUE AMERICAN.”

          Of course, outing a covert CIA agent in retaliation for her husband telling the truth, instead of abetting their lies, was deemed okay by this same team.

      • Norquist and other Conservative “activists”, like Jim DeMint, have already threatened any Republican who strays from their version of party purity will face a primary opponent who will be a “purer” Conservative! These primaries are at least 18 months away and they are running scared already. That means these guys do not belong in govnerment of any sorts if they can be intimidated that far in advance.
        It is time for the adults to take control back, and place these unruly children in the corner. Boehner and the Republican leadership has already started this process by removing some of the more vocal and less cooperative members of their caucus from certain committees. More needs to be done from the man who is two hearbeats away from the Oval Office if he wants to have a legacy of a leader of a spineless follower of ideolouges.

        • daves says:

          The republicans made the same point as this article about obamacare. I would say most people opposed obamacare because of all the misinformation about it. Still, democrats pushed it through without the support of the majority.

          We democrats should not be hypocrites.

      • truthhunter13 says:


      • you are absolutely correct. These people are mis-represenatives. They are , in my veiw, traitors to the nation and their constituents

      • RobertCHastings says:

        Sounds like you are talking about impeachment, for a large number of sitting congressmen. Since only 16 states legally allow recall elections, impeachment looks like a more feasible route. Hopefully, after the next Census, the Democrats have enough sense to be in control of the large majority of legislatures around the country.

      • dalnb says:

        I agree 110%; we need to find every possible legal way to have these people removed from office. America has suffered far too long due to elected officials who put personal interests over America’s needs, party preferences over America’s needs, radical high financing special interest groups over America’s best interests and needs.
        What can the America people do to see people are removed from office – NOW, not in another two years, NOW?

    • RonaldS says:

      I’m afraid that it will take the 2014 election to make any meaningful progress. If the majority of Repugs were smart, they would cooperate with the Dems. Many of the more sane Repugs are also worried about the stock market and the adverse affect on it by going over the “cliff”. But who really knows. Going over the cliff may at this point be the best thing as it may further galvanize the country against these extremists. Many Tea Partiers are really middle class who vore against their own best economic interests for the wrong reasons. Some ignorant people can be educated bt real stupidity is forever.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Yes – Repugs it such a helpful and respectful term, and I am sure you must be the nicest person in the world to know.
        We need more like you – that way we can make even more progress and continue to compromise in the world of sane and personable adults that live in our country.
        Let me stoop to your level… are a jerk.

    • B4Real2012 says:

      Or they can do us ALL a favor and FALL OFF A CLIFF OF THEIR OWN, as soon a possible.

    • Grunge45 says:

      There is evidence that Norquist has followed a policy of catering to outwardly “moderater” Muslim groups that really seek to destroy the US. Perhaps that is why he introduced this “no increase in tax” which has led to a dysfunctional government.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      What has been talked about at other places on this forum is that, rather than concede and allow taxes to go up for the wealthiest, thereby compromising their position, the extremists in the Republican party would rathersee us go over the cliff, have EVERYONE’s taxes rise, and then look good by REDUCING taxes for the middle class, etc. To me, this seems illogical and flawed, but it appears to be what they are thinking about. Mr. Dionne’s articles suggests that the more moderate wing of the Republlican party should unite with the Democrats, compromise, and in a reasonable fashion rescue us from the “cliff”. With only a few more days before Jan. 1, what do you think is more likely to happen? I should have cashed out my IRA, regardless of the tax penalties, and bought gold or a few restored antique cars. I have a bad feeling that 1) the stock market will do what it did in 2007, 2) we are going to be facing another credit downgrade, 3) we will slide into either another recession or (combined with the double-dip recession in Europe) a full-blown Depression. If that happens, the only consolation we can have is that at least some of the wealthy will be as poor as the rest of us.

  2. Annemb says:

    Thanks for a great article, E.J. Dionne.

    It clarifies the cloud that has overcome the Repubs and shows their inability to govern and the solution if they choose to remain in their positions as representatives of the people and not pseudo-representatives.

    BTW, I enjoyed your comments on “Religion and Ethics Newsweekly” several months ago.

    Blessings to you and your family during the holiday and in the new year.

    • MrStoneheep says:

      Pseudo-representatives??? MMmmmm………. It seems they may be the only ones truely following their oath. The rest are voting their Party’s directive rather than their constituent’s desires. Who voted them into their Seat? Their constituents, and THAT’s whose choice they should listen to, not the President, the Speaker, or the Whip.

      • Lisztman says:

        Sir: You have little concept of the underpinnings of the American government. Yes, Congresspersons are to hold to the needs of their constituency. But their oath is NOT to their constituency. It is to the Nation, to the Constitution. We expect our Congresspersons to meet our needs.

        At the same time, we are supposed to be electing Senators and Representatives of intellect; sufficiently skilled in oratory and debate to achieve compromise as their constituency requires. It is presumptuous to assume that the exact needs of the electorate in East Cupcake matches the exact needs of the electorate of West Willowdale. Compromise is therefore absolutely REQUIRED. Which is what the Norquist jerks absolutely refuse.

        • MrStoneheep says:

          Let’s see, from your diatribe above; To listen to their Constituency and vote the same is a violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution. I’m not twisting anything you said, I’m just curious in how we arrived at this revelation. Seems to me they could be, in fact, are one and the same.
          Here we go again, agree or be branded a “jerk”. What is presumptuous is to think there can be any meaningful dialogue and resolvement of the issue
          so long as that type attitude prevails.
          Senator Reid: “It’s dead on arrival” Compromise?

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Actually, Obama doesn’t need to “compromise in any way.

            In the latest polls, he is more popular now than at any other time in his Presidency, in fact well over 60% of our population.

            So, in my book, he has full authority and from opinions alone, has a public mandate to peruse whatever liberal agenda, the majority of us who voted for him to peruse, including but not limited to keeping SS intact, keeping Medicare intact, reducing our military budget, taxing the crap out of the rich and holding the lesser half, the Republican’s feet to the fire.

            Anything less from this President is not performing what the majority of us elected him to perform.

            If it takes our nation to go over the so-called Fiscal Cliff to do it, so be it. Be aware though, Republicans are going to pay an extremely heavy price in 2014 and once again in 2016.

            In any case, the Republicans are going to be on the losing end of a stick they coated with shit all along. I advise these Republicans to start liking ass in a literal sense. They’re going to be eating a lot of it sooner than they realize……….

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            No – he’s not popular with over 60% of the population. At least not where I live.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Sorry, look at the latest poll numbers nationally.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            And, I quote, ‘at least not where I live’.

          • truthhunter13 says:

            I know your little game, not interested, thanks.

      • Yet the people (at least 53% of them) say the Republicans should compromise more. Their stance is just the opposite position from what the people want.

      • So you would have us (US) believe everyone of their constituents are T-Party thinkers? Your answer will probably be one that stresses the majority of them are and that is at the root of the problem. Not how or what they think but the word majority, as in majority rules. This is how we govern, how we have chosen to govern and I do not remember voting to change that rule of law. A child who does like that rule tends to stamp their feet and scream and cry when forced to go along but then they normally compromise and return to governance. The key word again here is compromise. Show me where any of your vision has either of these two words in it. What your precious little party has as its desires is irrelevant with respect to what the MAJORITY of AMERICANS HAVE VOTED FOR. Time to grow up, get over your loss and deal with it. Or time for you to go into time out.

        • MrStoneheep says:

          So all of the Congressmen and Senators from districts that are in the 47% that did NOT vote for Obama or other Democrats, are supposed to roll over and play dead and give him every toy in the store, is that right? Excuse me, but I do believe they were sent there by people that want them voting the way of the Constituency that sent them, not the other guy’s choices. See, they don’t agree with what he wants to do with THEIR money, especially so since it’s them that put up the greater share of those funds. If that means falling off the fiscal cliff, so be it. It seems Obama feels it best, and we agree as it seems the ONLY way to get any sizable RIGHT NOW cuts out of this guy. (have no fear, he’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat soon with another of his Executive Orders) Since we’re so irrelevant, do it without us and quit crying, and do NOT presume to rewrite the Constitution into your own ideals. It is what it is, YOU live with it.

          • MrStoneheep says:

            Also, no, not all areTea Party folks, but obviously enough were, so go by the other posts anti tomy own: accept that THIS person was voted there by a majority of people thinking differently than the Democrats’ desires. And quite honestly, what is a Tea Partier? I don’t really know. What is their belief system? I thought it to be a strongly Constitutional America with self responsibility and self accountability.

  3. There is no sanity in the repugnican party. They have proved it time and again. This time they will destroy our country just to prove how stupid they are. Not one of them serves this country.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Ignore the facts – you have been given a false enemy and you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.
      Such a shame.

      • Lisztman says:

        So when can we expect the House leadership, and the House itself, to propose a working package that actually has a chance of meeting one from the Senate (presumably endorsed by the President)? That actually has a chance of MOVING toward compromise? The word “compromise” is almost totally absent from the GOP vocabulary; it is anathema to the Norquist crew.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          There will not be a true comprise from the Republicans.

          They are still in a mindset of getting rid of Obama, at ANY COST. IF they can’t get rid of him, they will try their damnedest to make his administration look totally worthless.

          And, if it is true, by them all signing a pledge, meaning they do not represent the people any longer, but their own political futures, Recall every single one of them and force them out of office.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I don’t think that the majority of Republicans are going to waste their time getting rid of Obama. To what end?
            I think they will spend their time trying to stop out of control spending and getting our liberties back.
            Obama seems to think unlimited detention is some great thing. I think it is as scary as hell.
            So – do you want to go back to the days when the US government rounded up individuals of Japanese descent after Pearl Harbor? Is that what you want?
            Because that is what we are getting. Courtesy of your president.
            Obama’s administration has not been worthless. He’s been just as effective as Bush. At spending our money and signing away our liberties. Congrats – he’s continued the Republican way. And sent out more Drone strikes than Bush could have every dreamed of. Congrats. He’s been one upstanding and trustworthy guy.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            As far as Gitmo goes, No one really knows what’s going on down there. And, the government isn’t going to tell all either.

            These people are not regular citizens, they are Military Detainees. If they held a gun or spoke of terrorism, they are Military.

            Please explain to me in Exacting Detail, what Liberties Obama is Quashing of our US Citizens.

            As far as the Drone Strikes, what would you rather do, send a rocket or send troops? Would you prefer to open another war on Pakistan? Remember also, they have Nukes.

            You want to solve our “military problems”? Close all these bases overseas and return all our troops back home. Get the hell out of Iraq and Afganestan completely.

            Of course, you do know what that is going to do, don’t you. That would increase our official unemployment figure to double digits. Our government has to have a large standing Army to keep the unemployment figure as low as it is. Also, military spending keeps this country from collapsing.

            This country doesn’t know how to run a Peace-Orientated Economy.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I did have a long reply to this. Unfortunately the moderator must not have liked the websites that I listed to back my points as to the Liberties that Obama has taken away. I did not save it. Plus, you can google it for yourself just as easily as I can type it.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            That was unfortunate. I would have liked to read your reply.

            Yea, I’ve done the same thing, forget to save a comment.

            I don’t think the moderator deleted your post. You, just like me on occasion, probably just forgot to hit the reply button.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I would be inclined to agree with you; however, the National Memo website stated that my post would need to be over viewed by the site moderator.
            That has happened to me on previous occasions.
            I need to learn not to add web links in the body of my posts!

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      You are also a jerk [‘repugnican party’]. I can’t wait until you get your tax increases – I can not wait. No crying after it is all over. I won’t want to hear it.
      It’s no wonder I went libertarian….. reading the posts of wonderful Democrats like yourself….I should have left the party a lot sooner if you are the best the Democrats have to offer now.

  4. docb says:

    There is no common sense when the other side of the table is populated with immature incompetent false premised newbies..who choose ideology over Country!

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      docb – what a shame that you have also fallen for the ‘common enemy’ phenomenon. Again, such a shame.
      Open your eyes. Both parties are to blame and it is ridiculous that any American should think that this is all one-sided.

      • Lisztman says:

        Right now it seems pretty one-sided to me.

        The GOP forgets what was endorsed by the electorate seven weeks ago. If the GOP fails to understand that their losses were a renunciation of their policies, they will lose still more representation next time around.

      • docb says:

        You open yours, nonliberty! The shame is in the false rhetoric that lead to the debacle in the first place!

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          The debacle began many, many, many years ago.
          I hope that you get your tax increase on the rich.
          Then I can be a snot and say ‘I told you so’ when you realize just how LITTLE moneys that will bring into our country.
          Obama was given the opportunity to run our country at such a critical time.
          He promised to cut spending. FINALLY. A president who was going to listen to us, the people, who had voted him in.
          What spending cuts and what budget has been passed? Nothing has happened. I know, I know, it is not his job to pass the budget. What a sad state of affairs that during his historic presidency there was NOT a budget passed. Debacle? Yes, I would say so.
          And how about his 4 million dollar taxpayer vacation that he just has to have? People are without homes, without jobs, without healthcare, without clothes.
          Maybe he should, just this once, put his money where his mouth is. And stop decorating the white house with 50+ Christmas Trees and STAY HOME in the white house and not waste taxpayer dollars for his glorious vacation to the warm state of Hawaii.
          My husband reminds me that every other president has done the same thing. Ok. Fine, I know that to be true. But………
          I say – that if Obama wants the RICH to pay their fair share, mayhap HE should demonstrate and lead by example. Stay home, Mr president. Four million dollars could make a lot of mortgage payments and buy a lot of health insurance for those in need.

          What a waste. Just a waste.

  5. William Deutschlander says:

    It is unfortunate that the political party of Lincoln and Eisehower of the 21st century, does not have a clue how to govern in our republic.
    The 21st century republicans do not understand that they are charged, as elected representatives of the people (constituents), to govern (negotiate, collective bargain), of by and for the majority of the people. The MAJORITY elected President Obama to govern for them, as he had promised to do in his re-election platform.
    Our country still faces major challenges brought about by the republican malfeasance from 2000 thru 2008, but under the Obama Administrations leadership, we have put in place a governing philosopy that is correcting the previous republican malfeasance and is moving the country on a positive path of recovery.
    It is past time that the republicans join in this responsibility to govern for all our people!

    • MrStoneheep says:

      Negotiate? Where’s Obama’s negotiation? Where’s the spending cuts, and NOT cuts that happen 4 to 8 years from now, but spending cuts NOW? !!

      • Lisztman says:

        Right here, sir, as you requested. The cuts are already in progress. Not merely promised in the future.

        You also seem to forget that Mr. Obama WON the election. Mr. Romney lost. The GOP lost seats in both the Senate and the House. This is a direct repudiation of the GOP platform — meaning that compromise is expected, and due, more from the Republicans than from the Democrats.

        Sorry you lost. You can either get on the bus and help out — or get off the bus completely. Mr. Obama is driving it. You don’t get another chance to drive for four more years.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          His budget cuts amount to a drop in the bucket and lead us down a path of a 20 trillion dollar deficit by 2020. His OWN people have these figures.
          So, kudos on your link. But it means nothing in the real world of economics because it is NOT ENOUGH. It’s only enough to fool people like yourself into believing it means something.
          A trillion seconds takes 32,000 YEARS to pass. We are on our way to 20 of those. Congrats – your president is doing a bang up job of protecting your future. You have NOTHING (ha, I meant, everything) to worry about.

      • Hillbilly says:

        As I said earlier Mr. Stoneheep you are no Democrat as you claimed to be in another post on here because you should just like Boehmner, Ryan, and McConnell when screaming about cuts now. All the Republicans want to cut now is Social Security, Medicare, Medicade and programs that help the poor, why don’t the Republicans want cuts to corporate welfare, paying the moving expenses for companies that are shipping jobs overseas and to the military who has said their budget does not need to be as high as it is. If you knew anything about economics you would know that you have to spend money to make money and that is why some of the cuts are years down the road. Like most Republicans you don’t care that they cuts the Republicans want will leave many of us seniors having to make decisions between having a place to live or our medicines or food and our medicines and very a lot of us a place to live or our medicines and food because a lot of us lost our savings when Bush 2 was in office in the stock market fiasco or used all our savings looking for a job after being laid off from a place we had worked at for 24 or more years when Bush 2 and the Republicans were in control of the economics of the Country.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          ‘If you knew anything about economics you would know that you have to spend money to make money’.
          Interesting. How about stopping government waste and corruption to SAVE money.
          I, for one, am sick at heart that Obama thinks it is ok to go to a 20 trillion dollar deficit by 2020. Yeah…what a GREAT idea.

  6. Inthenameofliberty says:

    VERY well said Mr Lisztman. Very well said, indeed.

  7. Nivek says:

    What the Republicans need to do is agree with EVERYTHING the Dems want to do, with the condition that if in 2 years certain benchmarks are not met, then the Dems will do EVERYTHING the Republicans want to do for 2 years; then we’ll see who has better ideas. I know its sounds simplistic, but the results would speak for themselves, and its got to be better than what we have now. What we need to remember as Americans is that we have the government we vote for and that, for better for worse, is a reflection of us. It could also be said that we truly do have “the best government money can buy… ” I truly believe that a viable third party is the only thing that will save the Republic. Let’s call it “The Common Sense Party”

  8. Nivek says:

    that was supposed to say ‘2 years’ followed by 2 years of Repub ideas.

  9. As a new Independant of 5 years ago, I saw this day dawning. Thank God, maybe this will wake the public up to the hidden agenda, held by that party I used to be affilated with, May God have mercy on us all.

    To all a Merry Christmas and a HOPEFULL happ New Year.

  10. Robert Gat says:

    Repulicans agresive redistcition is for their gain. Congressionaleader only objctive president should lok bad not public interest. They are not for the country just for the party.

  11. ChristoD says:

    This is not a potential two year problem, as implied in the summary of this article. This is a forever problem. Extremism has been on display from Hitlerto Stalin to Mao back in history. To accept that extremists MUST get their way or else is not only a non-starter, it is a giant red stop sign. Accepting that a minority of voters will dictate their will is beyond reason. We must not only stop them but, unless they change their tactics, eliminate them from the American discourse in any manner possible, save for outright violence.

  12. Ron says:

    There are a lot things wrong with this goverment. Taxes should be on a scale for everyone and not pick and choose who should pay taxes. Payroll tax should be put back in place, that is Social Security money. Another thing, people who are not citizens should not collect Social Security. Just for a start

  13. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    What you have failed to point out is that our system is not a Democratic System, but a Republican System. America is a Republic. By this measure our system is working as planned. Congress represents the people in their Districts and a majority of those Districts wants the Federal Government to be held in check and thus voted for their representative who would do just that. What would a real compromise look like that took into account the results of this election?

    In my opinion we are seeing it take shape. Without borrowed money at the end of Bushes presidency and throughout Obama’s presidency, GDP is negative. We simply have no “Real” economic growth. So the best position is to keep tax rates fair and go back to the Clinton ERA rates for everyone. American’s are fair people. To be balanced we should be cutting Federal Government Spending by an equal amount as will be raised in “Real Revenues”. I am not talking about planned increases. If the American People are going to live on less dollars next year then its Government must do the same. A Balanced approach is just that, it is Balanced.

    If we raise $130 Billion in Real Taxes during 2013, then Real Spending must be 2011 spending minus $130 Billion. No increases should be allowed until we are indeed balanced. This is how we will save this country.

    The sequestration appears to be the only way we can get an out of touch Federal Government to correct any of its out of control spending. When the Debt ceiling comes up for a vote then we will have to cut again with sequestration if necessary. We do not have many in the Federal Government who know how to do what is right. This is not a Conservative or Liberal approach it is just common sense. Americans found themselves with cost that exceeded their incomes and cut back. When household expenses exceeded incomes in 2008 to 2012, American’s didn’t go out a borrow more money or buy new cars, they cut back and got their house in order. Why is this so difficult to understand. Are we going to have to “Short Sell” our Government?

  14. mavilasr says:

    The Republicans are themselves on the Cliff. How can those on the Cliff solve the Fiscal Cliff
    problem? Who put the Cliff in motion? Wasn’t this Fiscal Cliff created during the Bush Presidency? Republicans must now be labelled as useless” non-compromisers”. No matter what our duly elected president says or do will not make a difference in the eyes of close-minded Republicans ruled by EXTREMISM. Let’s face it. These Republicans do not care to hurt those they represent. They are COLD-HEARTED AND DESTRUCTIVE. They continue the road of the DO NOTHING CONGRESS. The president must be given his due authority to save this country from the CLIFF since the Republicans appear to be unable to do so. REPUBLICANS ARE PAID TO BE PROBLEM SOLVERS AND COMPROMISERS NOT OBSTRUCTIONISTS. I question whether we are still living in a Democracy. Where would we be had the selfish extremist Republicans had won the election? The very idea of the Fiscal Cliff is UNCONSCIONABLE.

    • oldtack says:

      This “Fiscal Cliff” deal is a carefully crafted script fed to us by the Mass Media. Call it fiscal Cliff, mix in dire predictions, feed in some fear factors and – ratings rise, there are more viewers , more Advertisement is sold and the Media Moguls make Billions and the “talking heads” get increases on their already multi- million dollar salaries.

      Will it be serious if those in power fail to reach agreement before January 1? It will be a jolt to be sure if everyone see their taxes revert back to the rate in effect in 2001 but it is not the cataclysmic event the Media wishes us to believe.

      Hopefully our “Leaders” will come together in an agreement . But, the bottom line is – Government spending has to be cut and revenue must be increased or this Nation really will go off the “Big Cliff”. If that comes about then we all will have ample time for “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

      Avail yourselves of your own cognitive reasoning and quit wasting time listening to Mass Media “talking heads”.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      “I question whether we are still living in a Democracy.”
      Again, with this ‘Democracy’ crap.
      Seriously, folks. We DON’T live in a Democracy. I know I am an ass for getting on my high horse. But for crying out loud – get it into your heads once and for all that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. If you can’t understand the government of your country then what makes you qualified to criticize it?
      Try reading the Constitution. Maybe then your eyes will be open.
      Mavilasr – you make me tired. You and folks like yourself that rant and rave about a single political party being the source of all this country’s ills. Yes, I am sure you are (not) correct.
      I’ll be further politically incorrect now – have a Merry Merry Christmas. I will pray that next year is better and not the next Great Depression that so many economists seem to fear we are heading for.
      And it is NOT because the political parties can not compromise on the fiscal cliff. It’s because our leaders are STUPID and think that printing money out of thin air [leading to inflation] and spending money we don’t have [which will further downgrade the USA’s credit] will lead us down a road of prosperity.

  15. Robert M says:

    So we face a tax increase across the board. I will live even though the added taxes will hurt me greatly the people who seem to be suborning our government will not feel a thing. I have to say I feel like we’ve returned to the 1890’s in government where wealth equaled power and money allowed for the complete ownership off workers. Those folks might want to remember what eventually happened with that.

    Meanwhile the fascist party continues to cow its less strident members with threats to their position and the power that it brings. Damn them all. We cannot exist as a two layer nation with one the chattel and the other immune to the realities and responsibilities of their political power.

  16. TSB says:

    How tragic to have a Republican majority in the house that cannot govern but has the power to obstuct progress. When will we ever learn?

  17. David says:

    What comes out of all this is that the American people actually get a damn memory. It is that memory that we point at who the culprits are in this negotiation. We need to point the finger at the people who actually stop progress. We need to work hard at getting these people out of office and get smart educated people who will do the job for all Americans regardless of color or gender. Its very important that we remember the past in order not to repeat it

  18. jennymacgil says:

    Well said. Most Americans fervently hope something less than tragic will come out of all this. Too many in the far right would like to see another Civil War before they compromised….and any one who knows anything of history knows how well THAT worked last time!

  19. If you ask me i think that all the repukes need to threatened with HIGH TREASON for trying to wreck this countrys economy just because of their STUPID ideologies and that ASSHOLE norquist. And if they wish to call this a bluff MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      I been saying all along these Republicans and the Corporate CEO who back them should be put on trial for Treason and executed in the most gruesome means possible.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        You are a fool. And so is Mark Ickowski. Both Bush and Obama should be held for high treason because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to go to war, or perpetrate acts of war, without permission from Congress.
        Shove that down your throat.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          Some of this is called Executive Powers. IF you don’t like it, take these powers away from his office, legally and through the Constitution.

          Good Luck, you’ll need it!

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Yes – you are are a respectful member of society and I am sure that your mother would be proud of the upstanding man that you have become.
            I am not a republican.
            You fool.
            You are not worth the time I am taking to type my response. People like you rarely are. No one will ever change you. You will remain self-righteous and spout your belief that all of our recent Presidents have followed the constitution. And have ONLY used their ‘Executive Powers’ when it was legal to do so, even when many who study the constitution, and know it a lot better than you and I do, tell us otherwise.
            You will bury your head in the sand and forgive all of Obama’s wrongdoings.

            Did you read the Time article that came out during the debates? It found that the higher the intellect, the more forgiving a person would be of the wrongdoing of that individual’s choice for President.

            Really? How smart are you? I can’t decide. You write with just SUCH poetic flare.

            Perhaps you have missed your calling in life and should change careers. I am sure there would be a market for your witty prose.

            My ignorance? At least I don’t bury my head in the sand and blindly follow the leaders of this country, especially when they lie to my face and break campaign promises even when they were SUPPOSED to be different.

            For the most part, politicians lie and warp the truth to suit their needs. Including the one currently in the oval office. Time and time again. Yet, you will defend him, I am sure, and say he had to do it. Or some bullshit like that.

            Too bad for you. And for all of us. Both nominees were wrong for this country. Both lied. Yet, you only seem to have the power to forgive the one you are blindly following.


          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            So, what do you propose? Tearing down our system of government to suit your agenda?

            I’ve been a card-carrying Democrat all my life and I don’t have any plans on changing that.

            The only mistake I ever made was voting for Nixon.

            I am Liberal, very much so in many ways. But, that don’t mean I don’t have some very conservatives views.

            In social policies and programs, I am extremely liberal. In family matters, I am conservative, to a point.

            I believe in Parental Rights, and I our children have too many rights.

            I support Abortion ONLY in the case if incest, rape or if the welfare of the mother is at stake.

            I am an Atheist, but I also believe you have the right to believe in whatever religion you choose as long as it don’t interfere with my privacy and way of life.

            I believe our Constitution, which everyone brags about is a piece of junk. Things like Freedom, Liberty and happiness in it are just concepts, nothing more. It’s totally outdated for our time and problems.

            And, trying to look back and read and discuss what our founding fathers thought is pure BS. They had NO idea how complex our society was going to become.

            I am 63 years old. I just qualified for SS Disability due to severe Arthritis which prevents me from doing any major work. I worked all my life and paid into SS like everyone else does, well most of us anyway. And, I better dam well get out of it what I paid for.

            I don’t believe I’m off the mark with most of my opinions. I’m not radical whatsoever. And, if I am, it’s only on issues which affects me directly.

            As far as this Fiscal Cliff crap, none of this affects me. Even if it did, how could I alone change it? No one can. Haven’t you figured out yet, that every single one of us are PAWNS, on a huge Chess Board controlled by people who serve their own goals and agendas.

            This is how this country was designed to run from its first foundings. Even the first settlers who came here thought they were free. Most of them were in servitude, some in open slavery.

            The only difference between 200 years ago, people wearing chains and now, we are wearing Economic Chains and Ideological Chains.

            And, things are going to get a lot worse if we don’t contain the Republican Juggernaut. We, as a nation, has always been Progressive-Minded. This is what made our country great.

            We got stop this decline into anarchy. And, if voting every single Republican out of office does it, so be it.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            ‘ Haven’t you figured out yet, that every single one of us are PAWNS, on a huge Chess Board controlled by people who serve their own goals and agendas.’

            Well, we can both agree on that, at least.

            I don’t have all the answers. But the hatred of one peoples’ party towards another is not the answer.

            I don’t believe that the founding fathers had it all wrong. They had a lot of complexity in their, time, as well. They did the best they could. They knew that every Democracy to date had imploded. Seems to me they tried to give us a system that would prevent the masses from self-imploding.

            The checks and balances are there for a reason. I am beginning to see that going over the cliff will not kill our country. But, if the government continues to borrow, print and spend then we are screwed. How did so many uneducated and horrible people get elected into office by us?

            I was so busy going to school and carving out a life that I let the politics pass me by.

            Maybe we just need to get people to wake up. Watch. Listen. Learn, somehow, to get along. Become a part of something bigger than themselves and make positive changes.

            Problem is that everyone is so bitter (myself most of all) that being an adult and putting aside our differences is going to take a lot of effort. Placing all the blame on just one party or another is not going to make our problems go away.

            Yes, we have been pawns. Question is whether or not we can all pull together to leave the chessboard.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I think the only way we are going to “leave the Chessboard’ is to completely dismantle this government and create a new one. I’d favor a Parliamentary form similar to Canada’s from the bottom up.

            The entire political process has become corrupted with corporate money, lobbies and special interest.

            And, NO, our Constitution is not working, maybe it never did in the true sense of the word.

            Yes, I’d totally approve of closing all of our overseas bases, drawing down our military forces. And, start minding our own business for a change.

            We can’t take care of the world. We have enough problems of our own to solve first.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I agree with much of what you said.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Not enough space, again:(

            Anyway, the biggest worry I have about bringing back our troops is what that’ll do to our unemployment figure. It’ll skyrocket.

            The Domino effect of dismantling much of our Military Complex will also increase our unemployment figure.

            Our country is a Warring Nation, our economy reflects that in almost every way – externally AND internally.

            What generation has ever been born here that didn’t experience at least one war or police action? Not once.

            This country can’t exist as a Peace-Orientated Country.

            We’ve made too many enemies over the years.

            And, we’re only around 300 years old to boot.

            Not a very good track record for being so young.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Oh – and I apologize for the mean things that I wrote previously. It was Christmas. It is supposed to be a peaceful time. I am quite anxious over the current state of affairs in our country. That often causes my to loose my head and say inappropriate things.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Oh – and Happy New Year!

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      You are an ass. And so is Michael Kollmorgen.

  20. robert says:

    The defeat in November hasn’t diminished the Republican/Tea Bag perception of the people they work for as “those people”. It is a long generated perception conceived in Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution and their “contract on America”. They are a bunch of low-life traitors parading as elitists, and don’t give one whit about Americans or even their republican/tea Bag trolls scanning blog sites and regurgitating partisan slime in their posts. We should have made all of them a bunch of lame ducks. It would be more palatable to accept knowing they are on their way out anyway. Now, we have to put up with their obstructionist crap until 2014.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Did you ever consider the possibility that perhaps some of these people you hate so much may be doing their job by being obstructionists? That they might actually believe in a system of checks and balances?
      Just saying that they are not all bad. Many, yes, but not all. There are many good people in both parties trying hard to do their job.
      Problem is that adults are horrible people and many of them are just big bullies that want to get their own way.
      And some of them actually do believe the garbage that they are spewing forth, and will not see anyone’s views but their own.
      HHmmm, kinda sounds like a familiar theme here…………
      Maybe it is time that our government step up to the plate and balance the budget. If I am not allowed to spend 1-2 trillion dollars more than I take in, why should they be permitted to do it?
      Time to end to wars, close overseas bases, and bring them all home. That alone, supposedly, would save 1 trillion dollars.
      That would be a good start.

  21. montanabill says:

    With over 30 bi-partisan passed House bills on his desk, which Senate Majority Leader isn’t compromising?

  22. MrStoneheep says:

    To: Lisztman; Sorry, sir. Your statement:
    ” the obvious necessity of increasing revenue to meet spending levels, ”
    Perhaps this isn’t so ‘obvious’ to everyone. Just as ‘obvious’ to others, it could be
    “the obvious necessity to cut spending levels to meet revenue”. This is the way it works in my home and I’d bet in yours too.

  23. jcurtis595 says:

    Here is the answer.

    The Democrats should nominate a liberal Republican to be speaker and all of them agree to vote for him, going away from strict party lines. In turn, all the liberal Republicans would vote for him as speaker as well. The new bi-partisan coalition would then pass out of the House reasonable, compromise legislation that the Senate could embrace. These liberal Republicans need to get some backbone and put the interest of the country ahead of getting reelected (or rather facing the wrath of Jim DeMint and Grover Norquist at reelection time). It could just be that supporting legislation that’s good for the country might get them reelected over the filth that would be put against them on television (which has less and less effectiveness as we have seen in the last election).

    Oh, and while we are at it, the Senate should definitely gut the filibuster rule, so no one can delay a floor vote more than say one week. Starting at 60 votes to end the filibuster on day one, 56 votes on day two, 52 votes on day three and a simple majority after that, plus requiring the filibuster Senators to stand on the floor and argue their case for the entire three days, DAY AND NIGHT, 24 hours a day. That plan has merit and keeps the filibuster in existence but restores actual democracy to the Senate rather than the now ineffective “one man, one veto” rule over all legislation.

  24. Ed says:

    Tyeb Repubs have been working to destroy the democracy of the US for 30 years.

  25. Jim Myers says:

    After we go over the cliff, the President and the Democrats should hold their ground on ALL social programs. No give backs at all.
    Remove the cap on Social Security and Medicare taxes. Tax ALL income equally for these “entitlements”, regardless of how much a person makes.
    Let the Republicans give up some of their sweetheart tax breaks for the military-industrial complex, gas and oil industries, agriculture, etc. for tax rates that are slightly HIGHER than they were under President Clinton.
    But make sure the ratio of NEW tax breaks to spending cuts is at least $5 of new revenue from income above $250,000 per year to $1 of new tax breaks for the wealthy, instead of
giving $2 to $10 dollars of spending cuts for $1 of tax breaks.

  26. Bob Williams says:

    You are absolutely right! What’s $16 trillion dollars in debt, anyway? We will all be dead and buried by the time the note comes due. Then it’s our kids problem to worry about.

    Like the famous quote goes “I can’t be overdrawn at the bank. I still have checks left!”

  27. I am so sick and tired of the congress not remembering that they were VOTED to do the good of the American people, be their voice in what they want their Representatives and Senators to do their job to not let their egos and thoughts of stepping stones for the next political office they maybe able to hold and pick a part the bill that will not pass and work with the president on ones they know will pass to avert the danger of taxes being raised for every one but the members of congress and those who are rich like them. They fail to see that the middle class and the poor voted also. the disabled voted. The seniors voted. the unemployed voted. The men and women in the military serving over seas voted. I think Boehner needs to be replaced with some one who knows that the American people think he is not any good at what he does and have an older person who remembers why they are there. The American people can”t afford their taxes being raised especially when so many are unemployed, loosing their homes, becoming homeless and a lot of people going hungry every day. I say this because a lot of programs to help so many are going to be cut and the ones who can’t afford that to happen are going to be hurt some more. this just totally wrong.

  28. buriedsecret1 says:

    A lot of the republician party has gone crazy over a DEAD ATHEIST……AYN RAND, If you watch her video….she sounds mentally ill, Rand PAUL ….Was named …AFTER HER. PAUL RYAN……WORSHIPS….HER. The republician party had a lot of these …VIEWS, To begin with, now they feel they can COME OUT WITH IT!!!!!!. A lot of our”republicians” say they are ….CHRISTIANS!!!!!!!. How can they belive in …JESUS/GOD And go bonkers over RAND When the teachings DO NOT MATCH!!!!!!, read the BIBLE AYN RAND IS SO FAR FROM …..JESUS TEACHING, IT IS UNREAL. She did not care for poor, middle class, elderly or disabled. she did not think people ought to have soc. sec.,, etc,, ryan paul is a TRUE HYPOCRITE!!!!!!, He got soc, sec. when his father died!!??!!. Ayn Rand got soc. sec. and I believe …..MEDICARE!!!!!. IT seems she, and members of republician party or I call them THE AYN RAND HATE PARTY……..THEY CAN GET ….THEIRS, But we are NOT supposed to have ours. they are “ENTITLED” For us it is “ENTITLEMENTS” !!!!!!. Yes the republician party needs something done they do not have the mentattly to work for ALL the PEOPLE…ANYMORE!!!!. THEY ARE FOR….RICH…ONLY And will not do their jobs for all the people that voted them….IN!!!!!!. I have tried to get through recall/impeach the “sick” members start with ….BOEHNER, he really is a mess, and will allow nothing to be done, just to protect…rich, AS NOW RICH CONTROLS….THEM!!!!!.

  29. bchrista says:

    This is a bunch of bullshit the many are bowing to the few, there must be some kind of law or mandate that can be inacted to take down these radicals and throw them out of office because of the distraction and the distruction they are causing the country, we the majority are being held hostage by a few and it’s because they are protecting the 1% rich and their own pockets It don’t seem right, these assholes took an oath to abide by the laws of these US and to protect the rights of all it’s citizens not just the few that line their pockets, that’s the great mistake the people of this great country have made they elected these money grubbing lawyers to represent them and enact laws that benefit all the people and these bastards are only looking to get elected so they can line their pockets and pass laws that only benefit themselves and the hell with the rest of the country, empeach, recall, arrest them but do something to get the country back to the people enough is enough we have been held hostage long enough.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Grow up. Seriously. Grow. Up.
      Taking all the money from the rich will run our country for less than 1 month.
      Yet, these people are ‘holding you hostage’? Seriously?
      Get a grip on reality.

      Do me a favor – go work really hard, become a millionaire, then give all your money away to help the country. Your whining is annoying.

      Sorry for being an ass again – you are bringing out the worst in me.

      ‘bastards are only looking to get elected so they can line their pockets’ – what a crock if you believe that the Democratic leadership would NEVER do something like this.
      Another fool in the sea of fools that post on this sight.

      Wow – congrats to the people who post on this sight. I don’t think I’ve ever written so many nasty things in one sitting.

      Congrats! You have turned me into YOU today!

  30. howa4x says:

    The republicans are once again ignoring the will of the majority for their own ideology. Obama won on raising taxes for the upper 2% of all Americans and the tealiban can’t even deal with that. If Republicans keep being seen as an obstructionist party they will disapear as a national force and be replaced by being an extremeist regional entity. Republicans only make up 28 % of the electorate, and the tealiban less than that, yet want to exert their dogma on everyone who rejected their message. The real problem is for the east coast and west moderate republicans, who are now caught between knowing what is good for the country and the party line. Some of them are begining to break away. Also over 400 millionairs/billionairs have already signed a letter saying they would pay more taxes. We are going to find the Koch bros who fund Norquist on his mission to protect them, at the villians behind this drama. Their obcession with greed is the driving force here. Would anyone worth 31 billion even notice a slight bump in their tax rate? They swing their wealth as a club against the middleclass. The more they do it and the more the tealiban wants only to cut senior benefits, while protecting them, the more that average people will be turned off by them. Between this and their zeal for assualt weapons, the tealiban are driving more people away from the republican party

  31. B4Real2012 says:

    Basically, it’s hypocrisy and stupidity to the 100th power. At this point, these people were actually elected to do NOTHING productive, as it stands. Plus, the way the system is NOW, it’s a conflict of interest for them to allegedly represent us. I pray that someone with the correct knowledge WILL start a PETITION that calls for the senate and the congress to ONLY have the same things that they vote on, or don’t vote on for us. They should not get any more than we do, but exactly the same. What hypocrits….How do they get FREE MEDICAL FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILY, PENSIONS, don’t pay SSN, etc and more, but leave us out in the cold, more often than NOT for slugs like GROVER Norquist? IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AND WE CONTINUE TO TOLERATE THIS CRAP. It’S madest and we accept this CRAP TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

    • oldtack says:

      Federal employees (Politicians included) do not get FREE MEDICAL. Federal Employees pay into Medicare the same as everyone else in the workforce. Federal Employees pay a substantial % each month for their Health Insurance as does anyone that works for a Firm that has a Company Insurance. At 65, like all others ,Federal Employees are placed into Medicare with their principal Insurance becoming secondary Insurance ( pays % of what is not covered by Medicare).

      Federal Employees do not pay into Social Security because they pay avg 10% of their Salary into a retirement plan. At retirement they are not eligible to draw Social Security benefits unless they had paid into the Program before they began Government work. Even then they cannot draw the full 100% as would those outside Government employment draw. They draw about 30%.

      No Government employee (Politicians included) draws retirement at full pay. Retirement is based on years of service with a cap of 80% after 42 years.

      Get your “facts” straight before you begin casting aspersions.

  32. Jackmack says:

    I had feeling the Republican Congress was going to do this that is why I didn’t want them to return with the majority so now I have to deal with the Republicans again so let’s see if they learned their lesson

  33. Charles says:

    GO OFF THE CLIFF. Everyone should be happy then. They get to tax the rich and have there cuts to.EVERYONE SHOULD BE HAPPY NOW.Everyone will get what they want.

  34. Bob Ridge says:

    From what I have read from the Democrat posters I can see why we are going over the cliff they sound like a bunch of ignorant SOBS that should be committed in a mental word be fore they blow all of us up .

  35. truthhunter13 says:

    The way these Republicans have been behaving ever since Mr. Obama became president, have brought me to this conclusion:
    They are going out of their way to make the President’s job as difficult as possible, just to prove that a person of color does not belong in the White House.
    I also believe that all those spewing hatred against our president are NOT people of color. Please prove me wrong.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      You’re right on the money.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Man – I agree with you on just so little. See my reply to truthhunter13.
        Perhaps where I live is not representative of the rest of the country. Maybe we are more tolerant, educated and progressive than the rest of the country that you think just HAS to dislike Obama because of the color of his skin.
        Really? Is that the only reason I could possibly have for NOT wanting him as my president?
        I am not a bigot. Don’t you dare try to make me into one.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          I’m not trying to make you into a bigot.

          Racism in this country, so we thought, was for the most part cured. That was until Obama ran for President. The Republican Party said off the cuff, they were going to do whatever it took to make him look as bad a possible from the very beginning.

          This has been a huge Republican Conspiracy all along. Unfortunately also, most of the Republican Party is composed of old white men and dominated white women, usually bigoted and racist.

          Look at the polls for this election. The vast majority of people who voted for Obama was not white. This is also a reflection of how our society is changing. The White Race is becoming a minority race. And, as such there is a backlash from the white race, seemingly loosing power. And, this alone, in and of itself, is driving the re-surfacing of racism, among many other reasons.

          I don’t know if you are bigoted. But, your opinions here point to a person who carries a grudge against Obama. You, overall, appear as the typical Republican Mouthpiece, not much original thought and all from the same lockstep playbook.

          Yes, he has failed even my expectations to a point. But, with all the problems he was saddled with from the Bush Administration, I’ll give him a little slack.

          In reality, Obama is an Academic, someone in the vein, say, like Carter. He’s not a Politician in the pure sense of the word. I think this time around though, we’re going to see a different Obama – hopefully evolving into the Politician we all hoped him to be.

          But, we as Democrats did not vote for a waffling President. We expect a Moderate Liberal President, with a Moderate Liberal “Progressive” Agenda, plain and simple.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Alright…..I do believe that you have some valid points about Republican leadership. But I believe they just think they are above ANYONE they don’t like -white, black, it does not matter to them. It’s what they believe to be true that is important and they will steamroll over anyone that gets in their way. And, watching the Republican primaries, they have no problems stooping to fraud to get their way. Problem is, they don’t hold the patent on the fraud thing.

            I am really upset with our current president. My spouse keeps saying that I was a fool to believe that he would be any different than any other president. You see, I did not vote for him because he was black. I did not vote for him because he was not white. I voted for him because I truly believed him to be an individual of the utmost integrity and values. I saw him as the leader I had longed for.

            There’s a problem with that – the higher the pedestal, the greater the fall.

            He did not have transparency; he did not uphold the constitution; he allowed for party bias when democratic GM business owners were given their dealerships back; he’s encouraged unions to be even more unruly and permitted them to bully their members even more……he’s made back room deals and killed more innocent people overseas with his precious drone attacks….Mr ‘the first thing I will do is end the war’. He was going to crack down on lobbyists…NOPE, not done. He was going to label GMO foods……NOPE, that priority was so ignored that he hired a previous Monsanto official to head the FDA. May I please say, conflict of interest? He was going to help decrease the cost of healthcare….OOPS, got that wrong, too. Health care premiums are going up in response to the health care mandate. And I will try, hard, to keep my mouth shut about the lack of good doctors in our country as they leave the profession.

            I understand that the presidency is not easy.
            I don’t care.

            Anyone who undertakes running for that position should be doing it because they have some clue about how to make something run. Not because it inflates their ego.

            I am being harsh. But if he did not have the skill set to lead my country and get people to come together across party lines, then what the hell is he doing running for that position in the first place?

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            AS far a doctors leaving the profession, that is not entirely true.

            What we’re seeing is specialization. There aren’t enough general MDs only because these people are going into specialties that pay a whole lot more.

            What is forcing some to not even to go into medicine is the threat of possible lawsuits.

            Want to talk about an over-inflated Ego, Reagan would fit that bill perfectly.

            I doubt with Obamacare our medical bills are going to go up. In fact, they may go down. But, doctors, hospitals, support groups are not going to get a rich as fast they had been.

            I’m on SS and Medicare now. I’ve never had better medical coverage, even when I was working and full fringes. Office visit – $10. Drugs – $2 each. Services such as testing – maybe $15.

            Yes, I pay $99 through AARP United which covers part B and D. Big deal!

            I just had a Colon thingie a month ago. I only paid $165 for it. The actual bill would have been $3400 if I paid out of pocket.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Well, I will need to respond to your comment about Specailist Dr’s not getting rich as fast……

            Many have over $200,000-300,000 of student loans at 8% or greater interest (unless you are a minority, then you just might get a free ride).

            They put their personal lives on hold for 4 years of college, 4 years of grad school, 1 year of internship, then 4 years of residency.

            They have a high level of divorce, because who can sustain a relationship with all the time and stress spent working and studying?

            And some of the medical professions have the highest rates of suicide.

            YEP – Makes me want to go to med school tomorrow.


            It’s a quandry. I know what I am talking about. I have personal experience to know the above to be true from friends and family in the medical profession.

            And doctors are leaving – OBGYN’s, general practitioners, surgeons – YES THEY ARE.

            Where I live. I base all of my comments on my experiences where I live. I can not comment on other parts of the country. I live in a primarily democratic area that has very high local tax rates and whose residents can not get along any better than those people that post on this website.

            And you deserve to have better medical coverage. You earned it. You PAID into the system.

            My biggest problem is the free loaders who never paid a dime.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I agree, the freeloaders shouldn’t be able to have coverage.

            But, I also wonder what is meant by Freeloaders.

            There are lots of types of people who have massive amounts of coverage which never put a dime into the system.

            I could piss off lots of people mentioning a few of these types of people which receive their share, if not more than there share of the pie, so to speak.

            I know personally a few of these medical people also, probably more than I really want to. $70K for a Kitchen Floor? $50K for a Spiral Staircase. $15K for a Sauna/Shower which had to have the back of the house torn off to put it in on the second floor.

            I’m not begrudging anyone a good living. But, get to personally know some of these people, any sane person would think their
            “excesses” are way overboard.

            And, we’re paying for these excesses in our Medical Bills, most of us can barely afford.

            Yes, they have loans to pay off. But I’ll guarantee you, within a few years of going into practice, IF they really wanted to, they could pay them off without any troubles. 6 and 7 figure incomes is not unusual for anyone in the medical profession to earn within a few years of entering practices.

            Hell, RNs now turn $50K a year within a year of graduation. Even LPNs make real good income these days.

            The biggest problem with the medical profession is GREED, simply put.

            Why can I get my Inhalers from Canada for 10% of what it would cost if I were to buy the same exact thing locally at Wallgreen. I get them in bulk, order from Canada, shipped from another country within 2 weeks.

            Why does a Bed Pad (my mom used them when she was alive) cost 3 times as much from Wallgreen, more from a medical supply house, THAN if I bought the same exact thing at a Pet Store? No difference, same size.

            The entire medical profession stinks to the high hills. And, the rest of us who have to rely on their services are caught between a rock and a hard place. Either you pay, or you suffer or die.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            The biggest problem with the medical profession is the lack of tort reform and the Drug Companies that are having a say in how doctors are being trained. Have a problem? Take a pill! Look at that – richer drug companies. What a shock.

            Lack of tort reform has lead to many doctors to practice medicine in such a way as to prevent lawsuits. After all – we live in a country that gave, what, a million dollars to the person who sued McDonalds for a cup of coffee opening up in her lap? Holding a cup of coffee in between your legs while driving – yeah, that was really smart.

            Why would you begrudge a nurse from achieving a good salary? If it’s that easy to graduate from nursing school then everyone could do it. Let’s face it – you need to have a high IQ to make the grade and be good at nursing.

            Doctors…back to doctors again……. Anyone who spent 12 years of their life getting a degree had damn well better be able to spend 70K to put in a new kitchen. Good for them. They work 50-70 hour weeks. They had better get some nice things. Do you work that much? I used to. I worked 60-70 hours weeks for years and I did not make anywhere near what doctors make out of school. And yet, ironically, I am not upset about this.

            But you sure are.

            How do you feel about lawyers? They earn just as much as many doctors. Do you hate them too?

            Don’t forget that the people [like you and I] that pay for health insurance are also paying for those that can not afford health insurance. It’s the same for car insurance – do you hate State Farm and other insurance companies for making us pay high premiums? What say you?

            I don’t claim to have answers. But you are barking up the wrong tree to blame someone who worked hard for a third of their adult life to achieve a career.

            How about blaming the fat, lazy, diabetic [not genetically induced], smoking, hooked on drugs, high blood pressure, depressed population of the United States of America that has begged for a pill to fix all their ills instead of getting off their asses and adopting a healthy life style????? Have you ever considered that if our nation were not so sick, then there would not be a “”””Health Care Crisis”””””””??????

            Let’s play the blame game then – I blame the American People – you, me, others that post on this site – for the problems in the coutry and for enabling people like our current politicians for ripping us off and sinking us into this hole.

            WE are the problem. I am looking in the mirror and making changes. I sure as hell would bet that not too many other people on this site will EVER bother to do the same.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Once again, I don’t have the space to appropriately respond with a large comment;(

            I do agree, we are the problem. Some of us are ruining the system by wanting to sue for a Hangnail, a bump on a bumper, a fall in a driveway, a kid gets a bruise at school.

            The Lawyers come running!

            However, I do know personally more than a few medical cases where lawsuits were more than warranted.

            But, this also includes any big entity such as school systems, large corporations, etc.

            These Corporations and the medical community needs to be held more responsible. Along with this, we need serious Court Tort Reform to prevent some of these “petty” lawsuits as well.

            Yes, that McDs cup of coffee was one the court should have just thrown out.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      I am not a ‘person of color’ and I believed in Obama’s hope and change in 2008.
      Unfortunately for me – He lied. And broke campaign promises and caused me to loose faith in him forever.
      I do not find most people disliking him for the color of his skin. Many people I know that voted for him the first time around are disillusioned by those first four years in office and wanted to see him gone.
      They, too, were not ‘people of color’.
      The only ones that I see making this an issue of race and skin color are the Democrats. And not the Republicans and Libertarians that I know.
      Yep – that is all on YOU.
      How do I PROVE that? Not sure. I am telling you of my experiences in my area, where there area is predominantly white and Obama won most of the districts.
      There – is that proof enough for you?

      • truthhunter13 says:

        By no means did I say that all white people hate Obama. In fact, I know many white people who voted for Obama and they are good, kind people. I said: “All those spewing hatred against Obama are NOT people of color”. It isn’t the same as: All whites spew hatred, right?. Sorry if I confused you.
        Merry Christmas!!

  36. Isn’t threatening the governmental stability in a time of war an act of treason? If not, it should be. These sad excuses for legislators should be declared incompetent by staff psychiatrists and sent home with a chemical lobotomy. Surely they can be removed from their seat if they are incompetent? Should be a slam dunk. Merry Christmas Everybody. Try to forget about these extremists for awhile.

  37. Canistercook says:

    We are faced with a choice = spend our way to oblivion like Greece or turn a lot of people into ‘slaves’ to prop up the socialistic spending spree. Obama could start with his cuts in spending and could compromise but he is on his ‘tax the rich’ kick because that is what buys votes for him. Could it also be that Obama wants the tax rates to expire for all because that might help pay for his socialistic spending apree and really redistribute the wealth and yet he can blame it on the Republicans.
    Seems to me that since Obama entered the white house our whole system of government has become a mess and it looks like it will continue to be. Prior Presidents have led the country and united the country, Obama is the ‘Great Divider” We are Democrats and Republicans but beyond that we are Americans and right now Leadership and compromise is needed from both sides of the aisle and neither side shows the willingness to compromise.

  38. Andrew Rei says:

    How nice of E.J. Dionne to come to the realizations of the current GOP several weeks after I did and started writing about it. On 2 November, 2010 (The Day America Slept), I had a Facebook and Twitter account for only 19 days and spent that time trying to warn people about the Tea Party Militia wave. That day, only 27% of Democrats voted, allowing 55 Teabaggers to be elected to the House and five more to the Senate. And, as Dionne mentioned, because the 2010 midterms were a Census-year election, the party that had the power got the “spoils of war”, the ability to gerrymander districts. That gerrymandering not only helped the GOP keep the US House majority, it helped them keep control of many state legislatures, as well.
    I’ve been writing for several weeks that none of that gerrymandering would have mattered if GOP moderates, especially in the suburbs and boonies, hadn’t lied to us about disliking the GOP enough to vote for Democrats.
    Now, we’re stuck with a situation where 190 House Democrats (there are about a dozen “Blue Dog” or “Corporate” Demos that can’t be trusted, which is why that number dropped from 201-smh) need about 30 GOP moderates to overcome Speaker Boehner and 55 Demos (53 Demos plus a pair of Independents who are caucusing with them) needing 5-7 GOP moderates in the Senate to overcome the GOP’s childish overuse of the filibuster (if the rules aren’t changed) in that House of Congress. Will that happen? I guess we’ll find out, but, remember this: while the 2012 elections saw the Demos make gains in both Houses, the GOP voters strengthened the Conservatives and weakened the Teabaggers, which would have been fine if the Cons and Baggers weren’t on the same side of the GOP “Civil War”. So, what we need are 30 patriotic GOP moderates in the House and, to be safe, 7 in the Senate…I suppose we’ll find out quickly whether that happens.

  39. bchrista says:

    Please (inthenameofliberty) I think you need to grow up or get older to get your mouth out of your ass, to start with I am 82yrs old and I think I have seen alot more in my life than you have also I am a very objectable person and don’t have to be hit between the eyes to be able to form a logical opinion without your help like for instance when people keep getting richer because they are outsourcing our job overseas this is what you consider hard working earners, I consider that traitors to the american system. Have you ever talked to someone In India trying to order a part that you should have been able to order in the good old USA, you call me a whiner if that means that I am a proud american you can bet your sweet ass I am. It’s amazing when Reagon and Clinton instituted the higher taxes during their Presidency our country was doing great everyone was doing fine then Old bushy Boy took over and everything went to hell and everytime the Republicans have been in power we are in a war and the rich get richer ask Cheney how his friends are doing in the company he founded to provide everything for the military the billions they stole or ask Romney about Delphi the company him and his friends bankrupted and then sold to China and the millions he and his wife made, but according to you these are hard working people that Obama is trying to take their money from, let me tell you something asshole when you can talk every one of these millionaires that outsourced work overseas to bring those jobs back to america and tell all those teabaggers and the rest o the Republicans to get their shit together and working for the american people then you can write me again and call me anything you want unless you can perform all these feats, keep your shit to yourself i’m not interested, by the way I am a Democrat and proud of it.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Well – you are another witty Democrat – aren’t you?
      I never said that I liked Bush.
      I just find it Oh-so-interesting that Obama gets a free pass from you when he has committed some of the SAME EXACT CRIMES as Bush.

      I will get my head out of my ass when you do. I buy American over 80% of the time. At it takes TIME to do that. And lots of computer leg work. I am trying to do my part.

      Sorry to be disrespectful to my elder, but your being 80-yrs-old does not make you any smarter than me. You’ve seen more, and I truly believe that our nation is now losing the best generation that it’s ever had – my parents are in your generation. So, I am not as young as you seem to believe.

      But thank you SO much for thinking that. You have made my day.

      A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!

      Hope you enjoy my other post. Obama is the SAME AS BUSH.

      And I WAS a Democrat. Obama cured me of that affliction.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        Yes, Ross Perot would have made an excellent president, IF both parties didn’t try and make a fool of him.

        His Predictions were right on the mark also. Remember that sucking sound?

  40. Eleanor says:

    If you are referring to those on S.S. and Medicare, that is bullcrap, too. It is those recieving help with housing, utilities, food stamps, medicaid, and so much given to the illegal aliens. I am on S.S. and Medicare, and because I am fortunate enough to draw from my good retirement, I still pay Fed and State income tax on at least 85% of my S.S. And by the way the interest on mortgages is not deductible cause I don’t file long form not having enough expenses to pay to do it. While we lived in Florida, I was working at a $50,000/yr. job and we were able to claim the interest on our mortgage, our CPA did our taxes as well as our business taxes. It was usual that we paid $2400-$3000 over what was deducted for Fed income from my paycheck, and at that salary, claiming 0 dependents, It was a goodly amount. So I do feel like I have paid into S.S.and Medicare for 40+ years, and still pay for Medicare plus supplemental. Those who use the ?unearned income and child credit deduction are dragging in anywhere from $2500 to $3500, and most of these are only part time workers, being paid under the table for most of their wages. The illegal aliens, the do nothing freeloaders are the ones who do not and will probably never pay into the S.S. Medicaid/Medicare program that gets my hackles up. Darned shame, I can tell yyou. I believe both parties are dragging their feet, Obama wants to go over the cliff, so he can blame the Republicans, which he has already said he will use in his inaugaration speech. That sounds like blackmail or getting more points in his favor. The parties are not reaching across the aisle, but the hatred, class warfare and racism has totally devided them. Not to mention Obamacare.

  41. bchrista says:

    inreply to (inthenameofliberty) Cheney’s company is called Haliburton and if the truth be known Old Bushy Boy probably profited from the billions that Cheney and Haliburton stole and they also enjoyed the extra money the Bush tax cuts allowed them to collect and I bet they really worked real hard to earn that, just think if I only had a tiny, tiny portion of that I wouldn’t have to live check to check like there are times that two weeks after I get my check I’m broke waiting for the next check and they want to cut that, anybody that defends the Republicans and the millionaires can kiss my royal ass because they are as sorry mf as the afore mentioned sonsabitches Just think of the millions that the super rich were able to make thanks to the Bush tax cuts and the two wars he started and there are still bastards that defend the super rich and bitch because Obama is trying to get some of the money that was made because for more than ten years the millionaires and Billionaires didn’t pay their fair share. I think I have every right to whine I paid my rightful amount I got no tax break now is time they paid theirs.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Ha – but Democrats do the same thing…….how convenient that in my area DEMOCRATIC car dealerships that were closed when the government took over GM – GOT THEIR DEALERSHIPS RE-OPENED and WERE GIVEN THEM BACK.
      Yes, yes, much smaller scale. But since I am not as well versed on millionaires as you seem to be I could not come up with a faster example.
      Oh. Wait! Yes I can.
      Solyndra – or however you spell it – was a prime example of people, who donated to Obama’s campaign, being given moneys to develop green energy. Where their executives made MILLIONS of dollars, then OOPS the company went bankrupt. Over 500 MILLION DOLLARS. TAX PAYER DOLLARS. Or perhaps I should correctly say – CHINA DOLLARS. Still feeling self-righteous?

      Mayhap you shouldn’t be so hypocritical of Bush if you won’t return the SAME FAVOR onto your esteemed leader.

      Once again I will say they LIE, they CHEAT and they are DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS.

      What say you now?

      • LA_CC says:

        I seem to recall reading the Solyndra program was begun in the Bush administration. Our current system of campaign financing sets up the political system for corruption. Until campaign finance and media reforms happen, both sides will have to constantly be fundraising. The amount lost investing in green energy such as Solyndra’s solar panels is a far better use than subsidizing the oil industry year after year at a cost of billions (multiple times what was lost in Solyndra).

        The fact that GM was rescued and survived rather than allowed to go belly up destroying many thousands of jobs bothers you? The government didn’t actually lose money on that deal, so what’s your problem with it?l

        The bank and finance industry also contributed to Obama in 2008, but he pushed for financial reforms anyway. So, they switched to funding the GOP and guess who wants to eliminate those reforms? The GOP is much more blatant about their pay to play scheme.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          You make some good points.
          But if the government is going to distribute tax payer money, I am wondering why it does so without over site? (Solyndra is just one of many belly-up ‘green’ companies that money was given to).

          I can’t get a loan for free. Five hundred million dollars wasted, no matter who started it (I don’t like either of our two political parties at this time in my life), is beyond disheartening.

          I can only imagine what a cell phone would cost if government was producing it. The private sector is what causes competition and drives costs down.

          Yes, GM survived. But at what cost? From what I am reading, the company has actually not yet paid back what they owe. And one of the reasons why the company looks so good on the books is that (more) taxpayer dollars are buying (government-owned) GM vehicles for employees. From what I have read, there are more GM cars being purchased at the state level than at the federal level. But, more taxpayer dollars buying cars from a company that was saved with taxpayer dollars. And at factcheck . org, it states that much of the bailout money given to GM will never be repaid to taxpayers. That site has been pretty non-partial in the past. So I am inclined to believe them until proven to me otherwise.

          Yes, I am pleased that more American made cars are being purchased by local and federal agencies. But I wonder how much of the sales are still from taxpayer dollars, and not sales to ‘civilians’ like you and me? If GM had gone under, the debt would have been liquidated and we would not be in this mess that the government remains involved in car sales.

          If I start a business and make poor business decisions that causes me to go bankrupt after ten years (I picked a number out of the air), then who is going to give me money to bail me out?

          No one. The answer is, no one.

          Why was it determined that GM was too big to fail? I can not fathom that private business persons would not have stepped in and purchased some of GM and restarted it under other names. It happens all the time in other industries.

          I need someone to educate me why GM was so crucial to the American way of life that my government bailed them out? I am being serious. I can not really understand the intricacies of what made that company so much more special than the thousands of other companies who have gone belly-up —– leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

          Thanks in advance.

  42. Let it cvollapse. Who has the most to lose from a collapse? Certainly not the 47%’ers.

    The only way to bring parity to this nation is to trash the dollar so the billions of them held by the 1%’ers aren’t worth anything more then the paper they’re printed on.

    Then after the collapse the people will administer their own brand of justice on the Republicants.

    It’s the end of AMerica and the beginning of anarchy.

  43. tobewan says:

    To our friends at Memo and all online, each and everyone, as we view the season at hand in the closing of the year AD 2012.

    The prospects of the kingdom for the entire resurrection work is really what the Savior’s birth was about, yet God waited for 30 years for His GIFT to begin to be expressed. And nearly 2000 years later, the results of that GIFT are yet to be made manifest to the entire world, the very ones for whom God’s GIFT returns to open and shower the benefits of peace, sang about, and intended by the Giver of the GIFT.

    We are grateful at this and each season to worship and pay tribute for that GIFT which provides the needed redemption for all sinners, each one.

    May we all then rejoice for the kindness of His loving GIFT, bringing salvation to all of mankind, in His due time.

    Happy Holidays to one n’ all! Tobewan

  44. craig says:

    as has been said before by many, including me, the tea party is strictly a party of protest, with not an inkling of an idea of how to govern. since they came into the govt. in 2010, the machinery in washington has ground to a disturbing halt. even when they pass a bill , with their ideological riders, they just know it will not get by the senate, or be signed into law by obama, due to their far rw radical nature. then we have the idiot mcconnell, the ‘patriot’, who would rather show minority power by filibuster, than get the country moving forward. reagan is turning in his grave over this new g.o.p.

  45. jstsyn says:

    And a merry xmas to all. Thanks to our Congress for letting all our jobs be outsourced, our wages too poor to live on, health care we can’t afford, our crumbling infrastructure, our worthless homes, no mental health so crazy folks are killing our children, and new laws to make us even more destitute (cutting social security, medicare, and medicaid) while they, corporations, and the wealthy continue to fleece America of any and all of its wealth. And a happy new year too, I’m sure they have some nice cuts for us.

  46. dalnb says:

    As we continue to send our young men and women into harms way where home, family and Christmas is only a wishful thought that may end at any moment leaving family and friends to suffer the loss of another American hero we have elected officials taking time off from the critical needs of our nation without doing the job we elected them to do and what we are paying them too do.

    Not a one of those people we elected and sent to Washington to attend to the ever increasingly pressing needs of our nation should have left their office for the holidays until the budget mess was fixed. We do not have that ability at home, on our jobs, or on the field of combat; why should Congressmen feel they should be allowed to do so? How can congressional leadership allow them to leave until the job is done?

    They took several weeks off, came back- worked a few days, took thanksgiving off, worked a few weeks and again take time off ; all at a time when we all know we are facing a major catastrophic situation. They are lazy, unscrupulous, uncaring and worthless. Not one of them should be returned to congress and if anyway possible can be found to do so they should be recalled and impeached! Their leadership is incapable of achieving any thing! Congress is a failure and will forever be seen as a black spot in America’s history!

  47. lana ward says:

    Omuslim may be going to prison for murder and treason!!! Best Christmas news ever!!

    • Stella53 says:

      Christmas is over and President Obama is still in the White House and will remain there for another four years! Deal with it. Have George W. Bush, Dick “Vader” Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld been arrested yet for murder and teason?

  48. gargray says:

    All the republicans want is for Obama to fail, their policies are going to bring America to its knees and ruin our economy.

  49. The Norquist/AntiAmerican GOP is doing what it always does. When they and their friends in banking and big business created the illusion that they where in a grave financial situation. They saw that the “Majority” of true, working Americans had a surplus that would have put many of those not working back to work through a “public works” program. Now, again, they see that most American working class people understand that their president truely cares to do “Right” by them. So they want to “punish” the Majority for supporting President Obama. However, I believe that we “the people” should not have to wait to fire those employees who are causing us to fall into futher financial problems. Dominick Vila, Lisztman, I ask you….is there a clause or amendment in or to our consitution to protect us from such crazyness?

  50. Mac_C says:

    Why does the GOP House speaker John Boehner want to hurt the American People so much? Have we, the American People, not compensated him enough, and infact, all his colleagues, and ALLOWED them to line their own pockets? I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’d like to know how we can REMOVE John Boehner and any other person not working in the best interest of the American people OUT OF OFFICE – NOW by having him resign, impeached, or Executive power to make this process happen NOW. I can’t believe this country would allow ONE man to hold this country hostage. We need the PRESIDENT not to allow ANYONE to go home until the Fiscal Budget is done. I know when I was a Store Manager that if I didn’t have my fiscal budget done by a dead line, I would be FIRED.

  51. Angel says:

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: So let’s go “Over their Cliff” that all of politicians agreed to set up a few months ago! Cut everything since most of it has benefited a few special interests, not Middle Class Americans taxpayer that paid for most of it! So Boehner where are the JOBS as you asked during the Romney campaign? It is the responsibility of our National Press News to accurately on this “political hostage” issue? FACTCHECK who is conducting the republican clown show in House of Reps.? Publicly name each clown! Everyone is entitled to its own opinions but its own facts! But our Free Press and News needs to responsibly remind everyone including Boehner and his republican clowns of the results of this election. So where are the negotiations on the election issue of Government stimulus funding to facilitate more American new jobs growth for the middle class? THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The republican’s election issue of 10 years of the continued Bush tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires that significantly contributed to our national debt and created new jobs in Communist China lost! Fiscal Responsible Debt Reduction is secondary. The Ryan Plan was defeated- No voucher or cuts for Medicare and leave Social Security alone for now! This is not rocket science! That’s it! The National Press stop trying to be politically correct, but responsibly call out the republicans that their “hostage taking obstruction” to undermine our economy and intransigence’s on their unacceptable defeated policies will put them out of the political business! America’s middle Class is fed up with you irresponsible idiots with their years of class war on the American Middle Class! The majority of Americans have spoken so deal with the new reality! So where are the jobs?

  52. MARYB says:

    Don’t you Republicans realize that we are paying you to cut our throats? The less people having a job the less monies are collected, therefore less for the country. You’ll be ruling a bankrupt country, Where do you think your salaries come from? You can be assured you’ll be voted out in the nest election, then mayube we can get down to business of running a DEMOCRATIC country. Mary Lee Bonagurio

  53. daniel bostdorf says:

    Grumpy cat’s opinion.

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