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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Well, it only took him about 12 years to figure this out.

Former Florida governor and current GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush (R) is backtracking from his major blunder earlier this week, when he told Megyn Kelly on Fox News that even knowing everything we know now, he too would have invaded Iraq in 2003 just like his brother, then-president George W. Bush.

Bush initially responded to the controversy by saying that he hadn’t understood the question. But now with all the public blowback against him — including from fellow Republican presidential contenders — Bush appears to finally be seeing the light.

“If we’re all supposed to answer hypothetical questions, ‘knowing what we know now, what would you have done?’ I would’ve not engaged — I would not have gone into Iraq,” Bush said Thursday, at an event in Tempe, Arizona.

He then continued, however, to praise the Iraq War itself and all the people who served in it — though very interestingly, with an apparent error in his grammatical syntax.

That’s not to say that the world is safer [sic] because Saddam Hussein is gone — it is significantly safer. That’s not to say that there was [sic] a courageous effort to bring about a surge that created stability in Iraq — all of that is true. And that’s not to say that the men and women that have served in uniform, and many others that went to Iraq to serve, did so [sic] — they did so, certainly honorably.

But we’ve answered the question now. So now, going forward, what’s the role of America going forward? Are we going to pull back now and be defeatists and pessimistic? Or are we going to engage in a way that creates a more peaceful and secure world? That is what 2016’s about — not about 2000, not about 1992, not about 1980 — but about the future. And I hope that you want leaders that are going to be forthright in their views, that will express those views with compassion and conviction, and do so, so there’s a clear understanding for America’s role in the world.

Okay, good thing that’s now all clearly understood.

Video via CNN.

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  • charleo1

    Well Governor, being POTUS is all about answering questions in the hypothetical. It’s about making the tough calls in real time. If I do this, what could be the consequences Here, here, and here? Touchy subject. But it also involves understanding the questions those around you are asking. Then, using all the intel they give you, so as to make damn sure you’re not going off half cocked. Because there are no mulligans, or do overs for presidents of The United States. And lives, usually many lives, and limbs, much treasure, and the security of your country depends on your decisions. So a lot of the job is about your judgement, and your capacity to be a leader worthy of the greatest Nation on Earth. And let’s face it, Governor. Before you have any chance of winning this election, you’re thinking of entering. You’re going to need to tell the American people why you think your brother got it so wrong, and why you would be so different. So that said, given what you’ve learned in Iraq. Do you see how that horrible experience could influence your policy relating to Iran? What is your agenda specifically, concerning Iran? Should you become President? Can we expect any warnings from your National Security Advisor, or other members of your administration, of impending mushroom clouds over an American City? Or a lot of who shot John, about why we can’t wait for smoking guns? Are there any Iranian ex-pats turned confidential informants in the wings, planning on moving into the basement at the White House? Any axis of evil, or evils, you would care to share Hypothetically of course.

  • porter

    Haven’t we heard that compassion speech before yeah his brother remember the thing about the compass, conservative how well did that work

    • charleo1

      Compassionate Conservative: An oxymoron. Believed to exist only by morons.

  • FT66

    Jeb is another Bush. Four days consecutively answering one question with different answers? This is beyond me. How is he going to do debates? Is he going to make corrections, one debate after the other? Republicans, be wise and use big lens to do your searching. You just nominate Jeb, know for sure you can’t get there. You are liberty to prove me wrong after Nov. 4, 2016.

  • itsfun

    If memory serves Hillary and John Kerry both voted to go into Iraq. Didn’t the House and Senate vote in favor of going into Iraq. They were using the intelligence available to them. The very same intelligence President Bush used.

    • FT66

      There was little information when John Kerry and Hillary voted to go to war then. The question which I do think you are trying to avoid as Jeb did is: “Knowing now what wasn’t known then, would anyone authorise/vote to go to war”? The question is not: “Who voted to go to war then”?

      • itsfun

        Jeb Bush said that if he had known then what he knows now he would not have voted to go to war. He also said that at the time only knowing what was know then he would have voted to go to Iraq.
        You did help make the point I was going after though.

  • 1Zoe55

    Vietnam was my era and I well remember those young men who were either drafted or upon failing grades in college enlisted in the military. Some of these men never returned whose names appear on the Vietnam Wall. It’s okay If Jeb Bush tried to get a deferment due to his being a pacifist, but I see that Jeb is surrounding himself with the very same chickenhawks that love sending other people’s sons and daughters to fight in senseless wars. I get so disgusted with all of these cowards because it seems they never learn. It’s always about the profits and to hell with supporting our military, either active duty or retired veterans. By the way, wearing an American flag lapel pin does NOT a patriot make.

  • 1standlastword

    “Bush initially responded to the controversy by saying that he hadn’t understood the question.”
    The art of “undoing” a fire escape for all inveterate liars, especially politicians of the Bush variety….read my lips!