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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jon Stewart looked at Jeb Bush’s contortions this week over whether he would have invaded Iraq — and wondered if, despite what Jeb says, maybe questioning that war isn’t really the biggest “disservice” that’s been done to the troops.

David Letterman presented the “Jeb Bush Gaffe Report” — though as it was noted, this sort of thing never actually stopped Jeb’s brother from becoming president.

Snoop Dogg appeared with Jimmy Fallon, and told a great story about the time he hung out with Willie Nelson in Amsterdam — and after enjoying a certain shared hobby of theirs, they went for some KFC.

And James Corden got together with pop group One Direction — to play a game of dodgeball.

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  • Daniel Jones

    I think anyone that is pretending they’re not running for President in order to coordinate with a SuperPac should be handed a contract.

    The contract is simple–to coordinate with the Pac, they have to not run.. AT ALL. Maybe next time, see you in four Goddamn years!

  • Dominick Vila

    The only option left for Jeb, after his admission and numerous excuses that dug the hole he was in much deeper than it was originally, was to appeal to emotion by citing family loyalty. The part that he, and his handlers, don’t seem to understand is that most people do not expect him to be disloyal to his family, we just want him to be honest. The question posed to him did not require or encourage betrayal. It was presented with an out: knowing the real truth and the destabilizing consequences of invading a country that was not a threat to us, would you have invaded Iraq? The question was presented in a way that exonerated W, by implying that he was unaware of the truth, and that he had reacted to bad intelligence, which we all know is a load of manure since his sidekick not only knew the truth, but was the grand master of the deceit and opportunism used to justify an injustice bordering on crimes against against humanity. Jeb’s tap dance may very well be the last nail in his political coffin.