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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Liberalism Unlimited? Finding The Boundaries Of Policy Is What We’re All About

Liberals aren’t seeking a limitless welfare state, but the right balance between competing approaches.

Breakthrough Journal, which I predicted would offer a significant contribution to the political debate when it launched last summer, has doubled down on expectations by publishing a companion to their challenging “Modernizing Liberalism” article from the first issue with “Modernizing Conservatism” by the Reagan biographer and AEI scholar Steven Hayward. The path forward for the country won’t be found just by identifying some middle ground between two unyielding ideologies or some magical third way. It will be found by creating some real conversation among people who are fully engaged in reevaluating the future of their own assumptions.

The editors of Breakthrough invited my comments on Hayward’s essay, which I tried to offer in a respectful spirit, although of course I’m not a conservative and conservatives don’t need my advice. Hayward’s main point was that conservatives should back down from the “starve the beast” strategy of cutting taxes and hoping that government will shrink as a result and acknowledge that they aren’t going to crush liberalism forever. But before conservatives can make those compromises (which seem more like common sense than compromise), Hayward insists that liberals would have to back down from our aspiration to extend the “welfare state” to infinity.

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