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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mitt Romney thinks you’re dumb. Maybe he’s sure of it.

He knows he doesn’t need to release his tax returns, as his father and every major presidential candidate have done for generations. He knows he didn’t need to release the names of the bundlers who have raised millions for his campaign as every candidate has done since the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform went into law. He’s sure he can propose trillions in new tax cuts, claim they’ll pay for themselves and never explain how.

So why wouldn’t Mitt Romney believe the American people are dumb?

From his business career to his life in politics, his life has been an endless process of running as a progressive savior and governing like a Fox News commentator.

Gene Lyons said it best,“Mitt’s less a flip-flopper than a particularly shameless opportunist.”

And Mitt has suffered zero consequences for shamelessly shifting on everything. He doesn’t just lie about what he will do and what he believes; he lies about what he’s done.

He rants against debt and government spending when his entire business career was built on leveraging debt, and he “saved” the Salt Lake City Olympics with government spending. He would be better for gay rights than Ted Kennedy and as governor waged a one-man war on gay couples being able to adopt. He passed a health care plan that he said would be a model for the nation and then ran against his health care plan being adopted by the nation.

In his lifelong quest to become president, Mitt Romney has been for and against nearly everything, including grits. His goal has been to make it perfectly impossible to attack him for what he believes because you can’t figure out what he believes. Sure he said spending federal money on disaster relief was immoral, but that was before disaster relief was popular.

Being for everything is kind of a politician’s dream. But even in a trade that depends on pleasing a majority of the people all of the time, no one would dare dream to dash from stance to stance as Romney has.

Thankfully, there’s one stance Mitt Romney has taken that he hasn’t been able to erase or cloud with lies—and when he tried, he only made it worse.

In November of 2008, Romney said “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” And he meant it.

To be clear, the auto industry would have crumbled without an immediate injection of cash. The CEO of General Motors says they needed cash ASAP to survive and none—zero—was available in the private sector, even from Bain Capital. Yes, Romney was proposing government help—but only after bankruptcy.

Why did Mitt Romney want Detroit to go straight into bankruptcy? He wasn’t trying to destroy the auto industry, though he was risking just that. He was trying to destroy the auto workers’ union.

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48 responses to “LOL Of The Week: How Mitt’s One Honest Belief Doomed His Campaign”

  1. old_blu says:

    If he would have been honest about everything he wouldn’t even need a campaign, the republicans could have had someone more honest in there, at least Cain had a plan that was his own, and not Bush’s.

    I have been saying it all along “all they had to do to win was come up with one decent and honest candidate and they would have had this in the bag”, but they failed.

    Hope you are doing well Dominick.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    • foolsdance says:

      Right? if they had not piled insanity on top of insanity, there might have been a chance.
      Like you, I wish Dominick well – he is missed here.

  2. nobsartist says:

    willard has been a bully and liar since his days growing up in Bloomfield Hills in a house with a swimming pool fed by a waterfall in the living room.

    willard then graduated to draft dodger then tax cheat before he went into business with the Chinese government as their business partner that bought and moved companies to China.

    willard has hundreds of millions stashed in Chinese banks and the chinese are not afraid of the IRS.

    willard is hiding something in his tax returns, mccain knows.

    willard is nothing but a dolt who cheated his way thru high school and college and figures he can win this election by cheating.

    At any rate, 1 year from now everyone but a prison warden somewhere will have forgotten about this scourge.

    • nobs, you really shouldn’t hold back like this. If you feel strongly, you should make your opinions known.
      Oh, and I agree with you totally.

    • I agree with almost everything you say except your assertion that he’s a dolt. He has plenty of low cunning, which he used to enrich himself at the expense of American workers, etc. He is also a master of the Big Lie, repeated so vociferously that even after it has been shown false by TV and print fact-checkers, he continues to spout, like the Jeep jobs lie. That has been shown to be false by Jeep management and labor, yet he continues to spout it to his adoring throngs. I pray that most Americans, especially in the swing states, will see through his falsehoods and vote against them, even if they don’t like Obama.
      How does Romney’s religion allow him to tell blatant, easily-falsifiable lies? Maybe in the Book of Mormon it says it’s OK to lie to “Gentiles,” as they call non-Mormons. This is the case in some branches of Islam.
      I devoutly hope that you are right in predicting that Romney”s crimes will catch up with him, but I also know that no one that rich will get put away for any length of time.

      • nobsartist says:

        i know first hand that he is a dolt. he is also a snake oil salesman so he knows how to fool people.

        willard is morally bankrupt.

        he is also being paid to move American jobs to China.

        willard is a felon.

      • Talleyrand says:

        Yes…. but it’s not cunning that’s needed. It’s lack of any scruples. You, too, could be rich, but scruples are pesky, they are part of human make-up and are notoriously lacking in sociopaths and psychopaths.

    • 1bythebrooks2 says:

      I have said, ever since Mitts refused to release more of his tax returns(after releasing at least ten years to McCain), that that is the reason that McCain did not pick him for his V.P nominee. By law, McCain can say nothing of what he saw. Privlaged information. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  3. ryueire says:

    Romney is more than just opportunistic. He is criminal. Shameless in how he turns what he does or fails to do and accuses others with no moral responsibility. He may have the bank account that many would envy, but he is bankrupt in terms of that moral strength which makes a man great. Religious Mormon, so what? Actually devotion to a religion has nothing to do with being spiritual or respecting God’s highest principles.

    • Sandra says:

      Mitt Romney is a high priced pimp in expensive suits and ties nothing more. The msm should have informed the public of this man’s questionable and unethical business’ pracitices but then in America it doesn’t matter how one makes money as long as they do esp. when in doing so, they rely on Government ie taxpayers’ millions to give them an advantage. The msm should be called out on not doing their job and allowing this predator to get away with this crimes against American business’ and American workers.

  4. Don Ramsey says:

    This central idea, or theme, that the workers inhibit the gathering of wealth by the 1%, is what Willard sold to the money men to finance his nomination, and ensuing presidential campaign. The notion that so many of us commoners could actually quash his grand design is just unbearable. Repugs = bug,……Reality =windshield !

  5. BDC_57 says:

    Willard the rat Romney as no clue about the people. He thinks we are stupid people,but
    he is more stupid then anybody I have ever seen and big liar.

  6. Lynda says:

    Mitt and his ilk have always feared unions. The reason are various, but the main one being the voice and protection from employers that unions provide. Better pay, the 40 hour week, overtime, sick leave, vacation, health care and protection of First Amendment Rights are all good reasons for a union. Lower pay, management control of the labor force and power being the opposite.

    • idamag says:

      Lynda, every type of profession has an organization to further their profession and to speak for them. The AMA (American Medical Association) is one of the strongest lobby groups that goes to Washington. The Chamber of Commerce is the strongest group. If you check it out you will find national associations of whatever for a lot of people. So, it seems that if working people want a lobby voice, how presumptious can they be? Everyone on this board should look up “Ludlow Masacre.”

  7. He definitely has no shame!

  8. I agree with almost all these comments, but I am still worried about tomorrow because if it looks like Romney lost this race the Republicans will hold the voter recount for months, once again holding this country hostage.

    • barbarahugh says:

      That is so true!! What I want to know is why are they so sure that he is going to win??
      Unless there is something they know or will be doing to try to win?HUMMMM!!!!!
      Lie ??Cheat???

    • 101strac says:

      If the vote count turns out to be overwhelmingly in Obama’s favor, even in the so called key states( Ohio, Florida, etc) how could they possibly demand a recount? The best advice is, don’t assume anything. Get out there and vote. Myself? I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket. I have no trust at all for the republican party. I will be voting that way for the forseeable future, because I do not see that party changing it’s radical ways anytime soon.

    • grammyjill says:

      Not if it’s a big clear win.

  9. Mr.D says:

    Like the article says, Mitt Romney looks upon the middle class with disdain. Everything he’s done in his life says so. The middle class are a necessary evil at best or no better than ants at worse. Why pay ants a livable wage here when there are so many ants in China who will work for crumbs.

    Outsourcing jobs overseas has become the bane or Bain of job protecting unions. With corporations able to ship jobs overseas, unions no longer have leverage. They can no longer strike. Only laws designing to curry and protect American Jobs can ultimately save them and somehow, I don’t think Romney is the man to do it.

  10. Paul Colby says:

    The reason Democrats can’t really attack his policies or pin him down is because he hasn’t really anything bad in his closet, that’s why his opponents keep focusing on all these distractions instead of how bad the economy & debt really is.

    • idamag says:

      He may have policies, but they are abstract, exactly what does he intend to cut to help the economy? Simple economics in a nutshell: If every faction does well it helps every other faction to succeed. There is only so much money in existence. If most of the available money, in this country, is concentrated on one faction, it destroys the other factions; hence, recessions or depressions.

    • old_blu says:

      Ahh that’s BS and you know it, the reason they can’t pin him on anything is because he hasn’t taken a stand on anything and stuck to it.

      Now go vote for him you poor blind sheep.

    • foolsdance says:

      Nothing in his closet? Are you kidding me? For starters, how about the $20,000 per laid off employee (adding up to millions) that went into queen ann’s blind trust when he screwed over Delphi? Take the blinders off, Paul. mittwit is a trojan horse candidate, and his triumvirate of evil – Rove/Koch/Cheney – are just waiting in the wings to take over if he wins. Those men are who romney as president will be – as evil, criminal and dispicable as they come.

    • nobsartist says:

      if he has nothing in his closet then why wont he make his tax returns public?

      willard is hiding the fact that he is in business with the chinese government.

      you are a chump.

  11. Mimi2kool says:

    Mitt Romney is for one thing in particular: himself. Gordon Gekko would find him hard to stomach, his appetite for greed is so immense.

  12. atc333 says:

    Should “Magic Mitt” win, in January, half of his supporters will be waking up to the fact that “Moderate Mitt” lied to them, and there is not a single thing they or any other moderate voter who made the mistake of believing his lies will be able to do about it.

    Wake up, a Romney Administration will be nothing but “Bush II 3.0”. with a large dose of “Marvelous Ryan Budget” mixed in, once it becomes apparent that Magic Mitt’s Federal tax “revenue neutral” tax revisions only redistributes the tax burden downwards, but does not increase revenues, just as he told us. That means Ryan’s across the board spending cuts in entitlements, and safety nets will go into effect, along with more tax cuts for the “job creators” to reboot the economy.

    We have been there, done that. 10 Trillion in Federal deficits, and one Bush II economic melt down proves that it does not work.

  13. I hope more organizations and people join in and sue this sorry excuse of a human being.

  14. Lovefacts says:

    After Romney loses, I hope the auto companies sued the man for hurting their brand. It’s one thing to say something and write if off as misreading an article. It becomes another thing when told by the companies in question that what is being said is wrong, and then doubling down with TV and radio ads spreading this lie. This is intentional harm and damage to a brand all in the hopes of scaring workers.

    Wonder what would happen to Romney’s wealth should Chrysler win. I mean its deep pockets going after deep pockets, and Chrysler have plenty of lawyers on tap.

  15. foolsdance says:

    Well, Tag romney owns the voting machines in Ohio… They’ll steal it if they can.

  16. If by “msm” you mean “mainstream media,” then I agree with you completely. Romney’s business practices should land him in Purgatory, assuming Mormons believe in such a place. Otherwise, Hell would be appropriate. But in the meantime, his occupancy of the White House, which he appears to want solely so he can cut his own taxes, would be very, very dangerous.

  17. dljones says:

    You can not deal with the reality of truth. Bankrupt GM and you build a leaner corporation to restructure its debt so the taxpayers are not left out in the cold. Now we have the debt and stockholders of record have stock almost one half of the initial public offering. And again. identical to the failed solar companies of half trillion dollars, no plan to repay us. You guess it, the unions are solvent, bonuses are being paid, workers did not take a hit in wages, and Obama left us to struggle.

    I want a true president than a mooch who never worked in the private sector, and aided with a pedigree in professional campaigning. This guy is lost, inexperienced, and needs a Chicago vacation.

    • The only debt Robme wanted to eliminate was workers pay. Businesses have other debts or costs as they are called in doing business. Try 1/2 billion not trillion as you state here about failed solar companies. Again we have to thank our partner China for that. They immediately undercut American businesses in pricing and as the price of oil fell in the World so did the thinking we need that particular energy in the future. Well guess who is gearing up to be 100% renewable energy in the near future? Saudi Arabia. But they want to keep selling their oil to us (US) because they don’t think we can change our thinking as to how we develop alternative energy here in the US. By the way workers took a severe hit with their pay and in their pensions to stay in business. The only time this country was great was when we had strong unions and fair pay and manufacturing jobs. That is what built this country. We can see how that was destroyed by moving the manufacturing overseas which left no reason for good pay and benefits for the remaining service industry jobs. You are not only a troll but a clue-less troll. Better for you to go watch Faux News all day and night and shout at the TV when they tell you how awful it is here in America.

      • dljones says:

        This has got to be an Obama whopper. Where did you obtain your facts, MTV or Sponge Bob. Hop on your electric scooter and live the lie.

  18. ExPAVIC says:

    RoMoney’s Problem

    Trouble with Mittens is that he allowed a few words to come out before his feet slipped into his mouth.

    Any questions?

  19. It’s hard to believe there are Ameican people who are stupid enough to believe anything Mitt Romney says! He’s just another George W.Bush! In addition, he is forever flip flopping with his responses on issues that matter! His own home state of Massachusetts is not even backing him up in this election! The reason being is they know the debt he’s left that state! Common sense should tell the average Joe if he put the state of Massachusetts in debt; imagain what he will do if/when elected to office! The man already stated what he was going to do if elected! Yet, we have people who are dumb founded to believe this lying, flip flopping jackass! Tsk Tsk Tsk! Some American people are glutton for punishment, stuck on stupid, riding of retardation, and dangling from dumbness! What a shame?!

  20. adriancrutch says:

    Mitt has to use superglue to keep his gigantic buttplug from glushing lies and his moronic religious beliefs, Sorry mitt, Jesus ain’t coming back for you to party with! We treated him so bad& if he did it would take the 1000 years to clean up the mess! Everybody! jesus sez bye!

  21. ArticleIsFail says:

    What a great, unbiased article!

    The professionalism really came through in the line… “L-O-L.”.

  22. Hillbilly says:

    Two things that Romney supporters either don’t understand or want to understand about Romney is #1 Romney is all about Romney not the Country, not the citizens just himself #2 the only reason he wants the job of being President is so he can brag he finally did something that his father George was unable to do and that was to become President of the United States. Romney does not care if this Country goes down the drain all he wants is to fatten his bank accounts, his trust accounts and his overseas accounts no matter who or what gets hurt while he is getting richer. His running partner Ryan is the same type of person as Romney.The only thing the two of them care about is money and the more money they get the more they want.

  23. Robert says:

    thankyou Willard for showing who you really are we could not have won the election without you.

  24. Lord Barrington says:

    Mitt who? Never heard of him, but the guy described in the story sounds like a D*CKHEAD.

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