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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When Republicans propose cuts to essential public services, Democrats generally respond by accusing their GOP opponents of wanting to fire teachers, police officers, and fire fighters.

These public servants are cherished members of their communities. Anyone who would denigrate them must want a dumber, scarier, and more dangerous society. In other words, as the great Admiral Ackbar once said: “It’s a trap!”

Usually Republicans tend to skip over that particular trap, retreating into blather about debt for the grandkids or overbearing union bosses. What they never do is confess to wanting fewer firemen, policemen and teachers, at least not in public—until Mitt Romney came along.

It all began last Friday, when Romney advisers decided that President Obama had blunderingly delivered a gift to them during a White House press conference. “The private sector is doing fine,” the president had said. Of course he meant that the private sector is doing much better than the public sector – not going as far as many, including Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal,who argue that the private sector actually is doing fine.

Still, Romney’s team practically ignited with glee. They pounced on May’s 69,000 jobs report, although that’s 58,000 more than Bush created on average. (And never mind that economists think Mitt’s plan won’t help and could make things worse.)

So Romney blurted an attack, shouting angrily:  “He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”


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  • widollar

    Mitt Romney needs new handlers, the current ones are on crack!

    • His handlers didn’t give him this comment. He is so stupid this junk comes out of his own mind and mouth!!!!!

    • sandyswalker

      Axelrod is the one on crack. What an idiot. Go to you tube and watch his pathetic attempt to answer a reporters question.

  • cwalter911

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    To create a historical analogy: the recall petition is the oil and steel embargo that Roosevelt put in place against the Japanese around 1940-41. The Walker recall election is the Democratics “Pearl Harbor”. Although you have a just cause in fighting tyranny your forces were asleep and the enemy was better prepared.

    I would give Walker the Joseph Goebbels award for truth and honesty. If your knowledge of history is rusty then recall he was the man who almost single-handedly developed the field of propaganda into an art form, would, for a day, be the leader of World War II Germany. Like Newt Gingrich he too held a doctorate of philosophy. Scary? Madison Avenue here is your hero!

    I wonder why President Obama does not get on a discourse of explaining the difference between public and private goods, and how public goods help business develop? How productive could labor be without education? Try to get your goods to market without roads or bridges. Go back to America before sewer systems and the spread of disease. During the 1870s Jaqcksonville, Florida has over 70,000 deaths due to a Yellow Fever epidemic. There is a wealth of history to mine!

    The National Socialists were totalitarian dictatorship. The Communists had their dictatorship of the proletarian. Do we want a dictatorship of the corpoarations (corporati)? This is the real issue with Walker and the destruction of the unions. Without the unions we do not have a countervaling power. Read Galbraith and our founding fathers “Federalist Papers” to understand that our system of checks and balances is clearly out of balance.

    Remember historically that republics degenerate into dictatorship; prime example Rome. If you think we are special then think again.

    • William Deutschlander


      If the GOP (Republicans) are provided 4 more years, our DEMOCRACY will be SUBVERTED to an AUTOCRACY which is TANTAMOUNT to a DICTATORSHIP!

      The GOP, Republicans of the 2000’s, are a GRAVE DANGER to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, their AGENDA actualy is an act of TREASON!

      CITIZENS come to your SENSES!

      • montanabill

        4 loons out of 5

    • You must be a History teacher ? Keep on giving us your comment. I, for sure need your information ! ! !

    • We already have a dictatorship of the corporations. They control our housing, finances, food sources, provide the jobs, cover our healthcare, own most politicians and often write our laws and regulations. Even most religions have become nothing more than disguised corporations with their expensive real estate holdings and hospitals.

      • you know how silly that sounds ?

        • the correct word is “scary”

        • oldtack

          Ignore Michael the Troll.

          You are right on.

          Under our system WE THE PEOPLE, through the voting procedure, “Hire” Senators and Representatives to be our voice in OUR Government. After two terms these “hirelings” cease to be OUR representatives and evolve into Career Politicians and for their ego and for their profit they become, like the proverbial Whore – for sale to the highest bidder. They only way WE THE PEOPLE can regain control is to , by virtue of campaigning and rallies, gain solidarity and, through the voting process, oust these galley rats from their dens. This is a must in both Parties.

          The Tea Party, regardless whether one agrees or disagrees, is a reality example that this can be achieved . How many galley rat whores were ousted by the Tea Party in the last election? How many more will be ousted in November?

          My Political idealogy differs from those of the Tea Party in many areas But , WE THE PEOPLE would be well served to emulate their campaign and Rally strategies.

          And you are correct on your assessement of the Mega Churches of today. How many Billion or Trillion tax dollars are lost each year due to tax exemt status of “Church” owned property far outside the place of worship?

          My once small place of worship has now evolved into a “Mega-Church” with a membership of over 15,000 congregants. The annula salary of the Senior Pastor is $230.00o.00 plus perk (car and travel allowance, fully paid life and health insurance and a home in a gated community valued at $450,000.00. GOD sure loves this young man doesn’t he?? We also pay a staff of 76 people, many of whom are Associate Pastors and various Music leaders. And yes, I am looking for another place to worship. I do not think this is what the Creator had in mind when the “Church” was established.

          Along with the other messes in Washington – this too must be addressed and changed.

        • daveleo69

          Not silly at all you ass ! 2010 supreme court ruling, allowing unlimited campaign donations will undo our democracy ! Love your victories for awhile and after 12 years of republican domination, ask yourself “why no other party can even compete? Be afraid and keep your side arm loaded at the ready, you’ll be needing it !

          • oldtack


            When did this Country devolve from a Republic to a Democracy?

        • hubydoll166

          What do the GOP feed you man? seriously? are you that much in the dark or what?

          • hubydoll166

            If you knew the facts and truth would it even matter? I was a republican for years before I knew what they were really you somehow think the GOP are actually conservative? Hell no! They just want you to be while they go on huge spending binges..dems arent sainst either but at least they fight for the have a lot to learn…Im for the politician thats for the people..the way it should be…the GOP give your money away to rich people for nothing in return! and make you pay for it.

        • You might try studying a little more before you tell someone something sounds silly. Find out which corporations enjoy government subsidies. Find out how much tax they pay. Find out who bankrolls politicians. Who are they? What will they gain from voting in favor of that corporation. Study the housing bubble. find out what kind of loans were offered. find out what derivitive speculations are. Some entities are worse than Las Vegas for gambling, but unlike Las Vegas, they are gambling with taxpayer money.

    • ObozoMustGo

      cwalt… Anyone that has read the Federalist Papers and understands them would not think like you do. Further, the true statement is NOT that republics degenerate into dictatorship. That is clearly wrong and misleading. The actual message of the statement is about the fact that DEMOCROCIES devolve first into anarchy, then into tyranny. Because of this, our Founders knew exactly what they were doing when they set up the country as a Representative Republic. To prevent the tyranny of the majority over the minority and to make it purposefully difficult for any one of the 3 branches of government to gain too much power. Clearly, there is NOTHING in our founding documents, or any of the writings that justify our founding, that suggests anything but individual liberty and free market economics is the way our country should work. You lefitist nutjobs who are working overtime to find a justification for socialism in our founding documents are clearly wasting your time.

      This whole fear of “corparations” taking over America is nonsense. A corporation is a legal document, a piece of paper. That’s all it is. Some businesses are organized as partnerships, others limited liability partnerships, some are corporations, and some are just sole proprietorships. All of them are represented by papers that are filed either with a State, locality, or Feds, or all three. But they are just papers. Nothing more. Moving beyond the papers, they are groups of individuals that are committed together to produce a product or service that others want or need. The common purpose of the company is most likely the only real unifying aspect of all the people that work for the company. They go to work, then they go home. Some are Dems, some are Repubs, many are independents. But they are just people like you or anyone else reading this post. So, this whole notion that the old boogieman “evil corporation” taking over the country is nothing more than leftist jargon and hyperbole that has NO basis in reality. The fact that you even state such nonsense discredits all of what seemed like a marginally informed post before you went in this direction.

      Have a nice day!

      • teachyourchildrenwell

        Too bad you left the phrase “leftist nutjobs” in your diatribe, or YOU, too, would have borne more credence. The corporations are not the cause of tyranny, but what they lead to: GREED. Because money talks, it also leads to power. There are few human beings who can resist that deadly duo, and corporations are set up to lead to those things. I think you need to re-examine your own “old boogieman”, socialism. I think you need to look further than FOXNews for your definition thereof.

        • ObozoMustGo

          teach… what makes you think that government politicians and bureaucrats are immune to GREED?

          Have a nice day!

      • oldtack

        Well stated OMG.

        Have a good and relaxing day.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Thanks oldtack. We havent really chatted in a while. I hope you are well, my friend. I am doing well. Been very busy lately with new projects overlapping old projects that just wont go away.

          Have a great day! 🙂

    • montanabill

      I rate this 3 loons out of 5.

    • The President makes speeches about investing in education and infrastructure every other day. I watch many of them and he is making this case. If you don’t believe me you can see the links on “The Obama Diary” or on the Whitehouse website or the President’s FB page. I am getting tired of people saying the Pres should be doing this or that when he his already doing it. There is a media blackout on this stuff. They simply won’t report it. Check it out for yourself and you will see.


  • montanabill

    Excuse me! It seems to me that unions and Democrats in Wisconsin did start attacking early. Did you miss that? They were also spending large amounts of money, long before any counter spending. Charismatic alternative? Barack was busy.
    You have to know where the center is to be able to move to it and it was already occupied.
    But I do agree again that the President should keep telling the American people that the economy is doing just fine under his leadership and that he is a job creator. In fact, at his current rate of job creation we will have full employment in only 120 years.

    • And the people of Massachusetts would disagree that Romney’s experience at Bain Capital qualified him to be Govenor – ranked 47th in the Nation on Job Creation.

      President Bush – worst job creation record since President Truman according to the Department of Labor.

      • montanabill

        Did you talk to the people of Massachusetts or did you get your information from a cherry picked Democrat talking point?
        Not quite, Barack Obama has him beat thus far. Worst period for Bush, his first term with 9/11. Increase 0%. Second term increase 0.21%.
        Obama first term: -0.28%

        • That with Obama having to work around the republicans

          • montanabill

            with full control of Congress for two years.

    • CPANY

      Dear Montana Bill:

      The Republican neocons’ hypocritical harping on the Democrats’ inability to create jobs ignores Bush 2’s role in creating the economic mess in which we now find ourselves. Now we see those same neocons trying to get us into a war with Iran because they might attack Israel. Meanwhile, Israel has been arming its submarines with nuclear warheads. I’d call this mutual aggression in a nuclear context.

      Given the hatred that exists between the Muslims and the Israelis, I don’t think that their problems with each other are going to be resolved anytime soon. Given that belief, I want to see the United States stay out of any war between the Israelis and the Muslims. It’s not our fight.

      • montanabill

        Most turnaround specialists have about two years to work. Barack noted that too, in his 2008 campaign speeches. He was also correct when he said that if he didn’t get it turned around, he shouldn’t be re-elected. You can point to Bush, to Europe, to China, to ATM’s, or whatever, the fact is, someone who knows what they are doing gets the job done and doesn’t blame others.
        I don’t see a rush by Republicans to attack Iran or Syria. However, if Iran does get a nuclear bomb, who will you blame for that?

  • howa4x

    The Republican party has always been anti union and pro big business. Nixon was the only Republican to be pro environment with the creation of the EPA. Think about that NIXON!!

    They are now trying to pit the middle class against the public sector . They use phrases like “they have benefits and you don’t” Like Christe has said in NJ when the real question is why dosen’t everyone have them. They win by division and the creation of a boogy man. Now the public sector unions are the boogy man. It used to be the tree huggers killing jobs.

    The recall was not that significant because there a large numbers of Obama supporters that voted for Walker because they didn’t think this was the right way to handle it, and a lot of people think the public sector is over paid so they were the wrong ones to start it.

    Romney left alone will make enough gaffes to make the people worry. soon he will join with other Republican hawks beating the drum for war with Iran, or intervention in Syria, even though Americans are tired of war. Obama just needs to continually compare his polices to Bush 2 since we all know the outcome, marry him to the Ryan budget, show his anti women, Gay and Latino positions and statements , and of couorse his famous flip/flops

  • stsintl

    Government is not a corporation and taxpayers are not stockholders. Public sector employees belong to the middle class. Their consumption creates ripple effects in the economy creating private sector jobs [70% of GDP comes from consumers]. A billion dollar spent on weapon systems create multi-million dollar bonuses for the defense contractor tycoons, which end up in overseas banks. There are no ripple effects in the economy. One must understand that Republican Party consists of three categories of people. Paliniots– their IQs are less than or equal to Sarah Palins’. Newt-wits– their IQs range between Sarah Palins’ and Newt Gingrich’s. Murdochites– the smallest but financially most power full group who manipulate the other two.

    • William Deutschlander

      You summed it up TRUTHFULLY!

    • ObozoMustGo

      sts… where does government get the money it uses to pay government employees?

      • Peoples425

        Taxes from the people who are spending and earning within the country, you know… the very thing that those few rich and powerful, greedy ones are consistently trying to escape from paying?

        • ObozoMustGo

          Peeps.. Taxes from those greedy rich people? Exactly who pays the taxes in America? Do you know? I’d be interested to see your breakdown. Maybe you’re right!

          Let me see your numbers about who pays and what percentages of total taxes each income grouping pays. Thanks for you input.

          Looking forward to your information, I remain….

          Have a nice day!

          • Peoples425

            The breakdown as of right now is as such…
            Top 1% has more than 25% of the wealth and yet pays, on average, less than 20% of their income in taxes (thanks in large part to the Bush tax cuts and oversea banking industry)
            The bottom 99% maintains the other 75% or less of the income in the country and pays, on average, around 30% of their yearly income. This has been stated on a regular basis consistent with news stories including that of Warren Buffett and even the current POTUS paying less, percentage wise, than those with a job that is “below” that of their position.
            Considering that much of the additional money that is received by the bottom 99% goes right back into the economy through goods, services and the like, it is a boost to the economy. Given the fact that much of the investments that big business and corporations do overseas and within their own companies, it doesn’t do much to stimulate the economy.

          • ObozoMustGo

            You are regurgitating the same old leftist mantra you get from the leftist nutjob websites that confuse the reality. Of the 100% of taxes collected, what is the breakdown of where the tax revenue comes from? By income class? We already know that 48% of Americans pay no federal income tax. Where does 100% of the revenue come from?

          • Peoples425

            Why is it that facts that support data that actually illustrates reasons for why the economy is suffering as it is, it is leftist propoganda, but when conservatives wax philosophic about how they’re job creators (Public sector unemployment – 4.2% has paled in comparison to private sector unemployment – 14.2) and talk about how they are “taxed to death” (tax rates on the highest quintile is lower than that of moderate of lower earners) it is called fact/truth?

            The breakdown by income class isn’t listed on the IRS website and my time is too precious to waste with much more debate with such willful detachment of reality. In the past decade, the taxes have been cut for the richest in attempts to get back to the “trickle down” theory and we have seen where it has gotten this country (an economic “recession” that is about as close to “The Great Depression” without getting there). Even some of the richest of Americans have clearly stated that they have had a “successful run” over the past decade and now that it is time to give back, many are having a temper tantrum because of the greed that this capitalist beast has bred. Sidenote: The least amount of taxes comes from corporate tax (anyone surprised about this one? In all honesty this is the saddest piece considering that corporations are the ones netting the largest amount of money. GE didn’t spend 1 dollar on taxes in 2010)

            The truth is that ALL Americans in some fashion or another pay taxes federally. It may not be through income (some get tax credit), but all Americans pay taxes in some way (even unemployment receivers pay taxes through their payments or at the end of the year).

          • ObozoMustGo

            Peoples… you are such a fool! There really isnt any other way to decsribe you. Well, maybe useful idiot is an appropriate term, as well.

            Here are the data below from The IRS themselvs broken down by income class. You are a lazy dope if you cant find this. 2009 data is the latest released so far.

            Because we can’t post a nice and neat chart here, I’ll clarify for you. The Bottom 50% paid only 2.25% of all taxes. The top 5% paid 58.66% of all taxes.

            Despite that fact that the top 5% earned only 38% of all income, they paid a disproportionate share of the taxes at 59% of all taxes paid.

            You’re assertion that workers pay higher rates is a flat out lie! 80% of Americans have an actual tax rate, after deductions, of about 11% to 13% on average. That’s less than the 15% either Buffett or Romney paid.

            So looking at the actual data and facts from the IRS, your obsession with tax rates over actual tax revenues is nothing more than you being a fool and a tool of the leftist nutjobs and useful idiots in the Obozo campaign propaganda reelection efforts. You have been suckered into thinking that a tax rate is more important than taxes paid. You have been suckered by a phony class warfare argument that Obozo is stoking as his only hope of being reelected. Too bad you’re too stupid!

            Who Pays Income Taxes and How Much?
            Tax Year 2009

            Percentiles Ranked by AGI
            AGI Threshold on Percentiles
            Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid

            Top 1%

            Top 5%

            Top 10%

            Top 25%

            Top 50%

            Bottom 50%

            Note: AGI is Adjusted Gross Income
            Source: Internal Revenue Service

            Have a nice day!

          • Peoples425

            I wasn’t giving this subject much of any really substance because the argument boils down to how much money is substantial for one to survive and live with an acceptable amount of freedom.

            The share of the total amount of taxes (income at least) has and probably will always be taken care of by the top 25-50% because the money that is made at that point is enough to support a given number of people. The reason for the tax breaks and credits given to those on the lower end has and probably will always be because of the inability to support one person on that particular income level. Minimum wage was established to be very minimal that one would need to support oneself thereby become a productive member of society, however given the inflation rates and the lack of wage hikes has led to that minimum wage doing less and less for those on the lower end.

            The disagreement that I have with your assertion that it is a simple matter of class warfare. It is not a simple matter in the least as you have the richest country in the world who at the same time has a poverty population of that equivalent to that of some third world countries. Also… if these particular individuals that are paying such outrageous taxes and such, then how is it that they are not hurting, but actually recording record breaking profits over the past decade? It’s because they are receiving tax breaks and credits just as with other individuals while cutting jobs and not doing much to stimulate the economy.

  • I am glad Romney, keep blurting out! This will help get more votes from Teachers, policemen and firemen! Thank you!

  • Of course the Republicans want less government employees. That’s what they’re all about. Less government and more privatization. They’ll sell our country to the corporations a little bit at a time. That’s what their vouchers for medicare and schools are all about. Look at New Orleans. After Katrina, when the government came in to help, the public school system was seriously underfunded. They use the fact that the schools aren’t performing as an excuse to gut them even more. There are 1/3 the number of kids in public schools (that would be the 1/3 that can’t afford charter schools). Republicans and corporations would love the chance to make millions off our children’s education. I sure hope people wake up before November or democracy will be for sale to the top 1% and the rest of us will just have to fend for ourselves!

  • ObozoMustGo


    1. Successful, self-made businessman. (Dad didn’t give him a hand-out … he and Ann had to make it on their own)

    2. Been married to ONE woman his entire life, and has been
    FAITHFUL to her.

    3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?)

    4. Can’t speak in a fake southern black preacher voice when

    5. Puts his dog on the car as opposed to eating dogs. (As Obama did in Indonesia)

    6. Has pots of money (made it all himself) and since nobody else in this country has any desire to have pots of money….we don’t like him!!!

    7. Has a family of great boys….none of them are in drug rehab.

    8. Doesn’t smoke (even in secret), drink alcohol, or do drugs (not even in college, where other people were NOT inhaling)

    9. Represents an America of “yesterday”, where people believed in God, went to Church, didn’t screw around, worked hard, and became a SUCCESS! (We can’t relate to such an anachronism)

    10. Oh yes…..he’s a MORMON. That horrible religion that teaches its members to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, honest, upright and MORAL!

    And one more point … pundits say because of his wealth, he can’t relate to ordinary Americans. I guess that’s because he made that money ALL BY HIMSELF … as opposed to marrying it (as in John Kerry) or inheriting it from Dad (as in Jack, Robert & Ted Kennedy.)
    We didn’t understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money made you unable to relate to Americans. Strange.

    Have a nice day!

    • 1. Sorry he inherited money from his father he was never poor or struggling. His money is not the issue no one cares that he made a lot of money.
      4. Lies like Pinocchio on Steroids
      5. He was a grown man when he did that and President Obama was what 5 or 6.
      8. He only bullied people who were different when he was in school
      9. Forcing your Religious beliefs and morals on all Americans is against what our country stands for.
      10. Apparently this Religion demands they give 10% of their income and those funds raised through Tithering is used within the Mormon Community. They condone lying to achieve what you want.

    • Thank you for the clever misdirect. Just enough half-truths to appear legitimate. In particular I enjoyed the dog reference. Priceless!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Hi Lynda! I hope you are well. And yes, the dog eating thing is just too funny. It never gets old, does it?

        Have a nice day!


      There you go again OMG… Then President Obama, by your standards, is the ULTIMNATE SELF MADE MAN …went from an impoverished single parent family living on food stamps to become the first black president of the USA and ALL BY HIMSELF. Pretty good don’t you think???

      • ObozoMustGo

        Storm… all that and he never had a real job in his life with any responsibilities. I’d say that’s pretty damned good. Not sure that he did it ALL BY HIMSELF though. And Obozo is NOT black. He’s white. Wait… he’s black… no.. he’s white…. wait… he’s both! hehehehehe

        Regardless, Obozo’s rise and accomplishment to become President is certainly a wonderful American story. Anything can be accomplished by anyone who wants to accomplish it in America. This is the only place on earth where that is the case and brings to mind a few questions:

        1) If America was so racist, how did Obozo win the election?
        2) If America is so evil, how does someone rise from poverty to become President?

        Just curious..

        Have a nice day!


          I don’t know what you consider a ‘real job’ but being a professional community orginizer is a challanging and not at all easy job. President Obama is a self made man who has worked very hard to get to where he is now. Mitt inherited his money and has sat in his ivory tower/s most all of his life. So Obozo who do you think is really closer to the common people?
          And OMG I don’t believe I said anything about Racism or America being evil!

          • ObozoMustGo

            If community organizing is hard work, so is watching grass grow. You have to be a complete idiot to believe that bullsheet. Obozo is nothing more than a Chicago street thug and a socialist. Romney gave away every penny of his inheritance. I’d say that building a business and being a governor are waaaayyyyy more qualifications for being in touch with Americans than being a street thug who’s only expertise is extortion.

            Have a nice day!

  • 1standlastword

    I just look forward to the nationally televised debate

  • Of course everybody knew what the President meant. Everybody that is except Romney.

  • karinursula

    I’m afraid that the voters will not wake up soon enough. Romney has an even chance
    to win the presidency. It really scares me. I wonder what NY would have done on 9/11 if
    there had been fewer cops and firefighters. Are the voters really this stupid that they
    think we can do without teachers,cops and firefighters? Romney did not think about creating jobs at Bain, he only cared about his own bank account. Are the voters really this ignorant not to see this?

  • Ed

    Well, there are a few of us that know history. But most americans just follow the “one liners”. As Goebbels showed it you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough the lie becomes truth. A lesson well learned by Madison Avenue and the politicians.

  • Hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals are not working right now and more are being layed off daily because the tea party republican house didn’t pass a highway bill by April. Now states are cancelling projects because they cannot be completed before the winter. What do you suppose motivated the tea party republicans to do this to the American people?

  • Maggie1955

    Yesterday on the ABC talk show Ann Coulter, heroic wicked wirch of the Tea Party generosly allowed that “Oh, teachers are all right.” But who needs more firemen and policemen? apparently the Republican/Tea Party are counting on more want-to be cops with concealed carry permit to handle the public peace. Fiiremen will just have to do with less personnel and more ladders.

  • Holly Adams

    I really can’t understand why people aren’t giving Governor Romney an obvious response (to the man who gave us “Corporations are people too, my friend.” How about : “Firemen, policemen teachers are American people too, MY FRIEND.”

  • oldtack

    It really hurts me to “defend” Mittens on anything but on this subject there is a misdirection in play. President OBama was speaking of Government involvement in hiring of more Teachers, firemen and Policemen – sort of a “Stimulus package”.Romney was stating “We need less government assistance on what should be State and city responsibilities.

    I think the worst thing that has occured in our Education System was the Establishment of a National Board of Education under the auspices of Jimmy Carter. Since that time Public Schools across this Nation have been swamped with inane rule, regulations and requirements. Teachers no longer have ample time for insruction to students because most of their time is spent “teaching” to the various tests thought up by some idiot in Washington or entering volumes of government required information on daily functions.

    This Country is in need of more policemen and , in my part of this Country definitely more need for Firefighters. But this should be the function of the States and not that of our Federal Government.

    For every well intentioned program instituted in Washington there invariably springs forth a bloated “Beuacracy” to “oversee” and expand the powers controlling each program.

    If Washington and state Governments would embark on a mission to dismantle ,if you will, every Program and restructure those deemed necessary and dispose of those that are not feasible we could realize a substantial decrease in expenditures.

    Also – read what Obozo said – this country was established as a REPUBLIC for a purpose as he outlined. A Democracy is what leads us to destruction. NAZI Germany was a Democracy. Rome in the latter years was a Democracy. What does the Pledge of Allegience asy? “I pledge allegience to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands ….”

    We desperately need to return to the Concepts of a Republic and operate our government as visualized by our Founders.

    • DurdyDawg

      Good luck pushing that!.. Even our politicians operate under the democratic curtain until they can squeeze more funds out for themselves via capitalism. To them, Republic is merely a word (like ‘yawn’ and ‘fart’) and until we can dump these idiots we’ll be forced to abide by their so-called wisdoms and that includes BOTH corrupt parties. Forbid personal contributions and instead allot the dollars we contribute to on our IRS taxes each year (you know, the ‘lil box that say’s “please donate $1.00 per head of household and spouse.. limit $2.00”) then set a ceiling and make the candidates foot the bill beyond their shared allotment then vote in new meat with stone cold warnings that if they don’t officiate exclusively for the constitution and the people then they’ll be ousted just as swiftly.. Mandate a quota and if they don’t fulfill it then they don’t get paid for that year. Eliminate congressional raises to one time a year THEN only if they warrant it AND no more than the percentage that retirees receive for cost of living (when they actually get it).. Do NOT offer pensions, only 401k or similar investments that they have to invest into just like the working stiff.. Give them a choice to participate in the Social Security system and make them live off it when they retire at the current retirement age (67 today) if they decide not to go the 401k route.. Make them live like mid-America and they may understand their true calling, and for the frogs who wouldn’t stoop so low?.. We didn’t want their narrow asses anyway.. We need advocates to be strong enough to kick start this and in no time we’d be in the black and Red China would be just another Country. And as I’ll tell myself in like manner.. Good luck pushing that.. !

      • oldtack


        Overhaul of our government is only impossible if WE THE PEOPLE continue to lament the demise and NEVER act to stem this blighting tide that has infiltrated and defiled our Government Structure.

        Our Government was established as a Republic with three separate branches, Executive, Judicial and Legislative. My “definition” of this was that it kept crooks in one area from stealing and corruption without being exposed by the other two branches. Sort of a check and balance. Through the years those “lines” have been diminished to the point that now our Government is an amorphous mixture with zero checks and balances. Thus it has devolved into the total unrestricted, convoluted mess that WE THE PEOPLE have been saddled with paying for.

        WE THE PEOPLE can acheive this if we lay aside our political, religious, and philosophical differences and address the problem before us. We can address those other differences at a later time.

        The time to act is NOW.

        • DurdyDawg

          I concur completely yet a good portion of America either don’t pay attention or they think things will work out for the best in the end thus they strike out at their opponents instead of focusing on changing our g’ment. It’s like all other wars, we try to skate by until it hits us in the face.. I’m a bit pessimistic that we can even unite, primarily because of who is running. I don’t have anything against Romney, I’m sure he’s human just like all of us but he doesn’t have the qualifications that we’re looking for in a leader and because the GOP refuses to offer other better qualified politicians, which there are several in their party, we’re given the choice of the lesser of two evils and look where it got us last time when this ploy was initiated. If the powers that be would offer better material then I’m sure we could unit but until then, as I said, they’ve got us just where they want us.. Hopefully this election will produce someone that we all could stand behind but I don’t think the Pubs or the Dems really want this. We don’t have powerful advocates to help us find our way and we’re too lazy to create it ourselves. It’s really sad that we’re concentrating on the ‘I’.. ‘me’.. ‘mine’ and are totally ignoring our future heirs and what they will face because of our selfish pettiness. If you have a better solution then speak up and let others read your thoughts on the matter, I will definitely read it.. Thanks.

  • KEEPING IT THOUGTHFULLY HONEST: Well, Mr. “pandering flip flop” positions that leaves a Big gap between his record and his rhetoric, Romney continues to be caught in another of his many etch sketch moments which started quite early in his political career! His new words on the War on Middle Class America continues by the “Republican nominee’s comments that the nation should have fewer teachers, firefighters and police officers, somehow Republicans are saying there was “wisdom” in Romney’s remarks. Hum…

  • noneedtocomment

    If elected we are in worse trouble than imaginable. These people in this political party are amazing. In Washington state we dont have enough Police as it is.

    And I think as I recall it was the Republicans who said they would not pass any JOB Package Obama presented.

    I think once and for all they should just come out and say. We will not agree with anything a black person presents to us.

    In my memory I believe it was the Mormons who did some of the first mass Killings of Native Americans.

    Is the food we eat destroying OUR memories or what….

  • stsintl

    Reply to OMG- Same place where government gets the money to build the economic infrastructures for the Neo-Capitalists to run the corporations and maximize their bonuses.

    In democracies, governments serve the needs of all constituencies within their jurisdiction for legal and physical infrastructure, their general welfare, and for protection of the weakest against the excesses by the strongest and/or criminal elements in the society. They must administer and govern with consensus and bear social responsibility. By design, they are not as efficient as dictatorships or fiefdoms, but they are an essential pillar of democracy. On the other hand, business enterprises operate with the mission to maximize wealth for the capitalists and their managers. Top executives are not required to operate with consensus or bear any social responsibility, even for their own lower level employees. While capitalists look for individuals with feudal lord and/or dictatorship qualities to run their enterprises, governments must look for individuals with compassion and commitment to social responsibility. Therefore, corporate tycoons, like Mitt Romney, lack the basic qualifications to serve in democratic governments.


    How About This

    The more I see originating from the Republicans, the more this writer is prompted to term them “The American Taliban Party.”

    This overly critical, shallow, dominance-seeking group of self-righteous individuals brings to mind their likes found in the less developed areas of the world where literacy is measured in the simplest form and there is a gross assumption of the stupidity of their opponents.

    Follow some of their holdimgs and trains of thought and the same should appear clear to you. Do not ignore, too, the narrow mindedness of their ideals and held beliefs.

    • stsintl

      To- ExPAVIC- You are on the mark with your comment. If the Republican Party takes over the White House, the House of Reps., and the Senate in November, US would be under the control of the War Lords and Religious Extremists just like Pakistan.

  • President Obama included $35 billion to prevent layoffs of police, firefighters & teachers in his $447 billion jobs package, but the bill was overridden by the Republicans in Congress. We would have a lot lower enemployment rate if the Repulicans did not block and filibuster virtually everything that President Obama is trying to do for the country. The Republicans also held up unemployment aid for millions of Americans until Obama agreed to keep the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans.

    And what many people do not understand about Macro Economics is that running a large deficit is not a problem when you have the lowest long term interest rates in history, which we have. When the economy is slack, every dollar spent (in America) by the federal government makes our gross national product go up $3-$4 dollars. The Federal Government needs to spend a lot more money to get the American economy turned around, not less — but the Republicans in Congress will not let the Democrats & Obama do it.

  • the Private Sector is doing Just fine …That’s great news . After November it should be super easy for a failed Community Organizer and Socialist Narcissistic Aroogant ” DUDE ” to find Work …Maybe at ACORN

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Are you still here? Are you still watching Fox tv? wakeup and look around, dude, get your head out of your anus and smell the roses. why are you such a racist? The only reson you have to dislike President Obama is because he is black(!/2). If he was a Socialist, he sure is bad at it! Look at how much the capitalists are making! It sure is not the working people.

  • suskopo

    If your house gets on fire, Mitt Romney cannot help you. He wants to fire firemen. He said firing fremen is helping the American people. Who are the American people?

    If your child is learning very little and idle most of the time becuase he is in a classroom of 50 children with but just one teacher, Mitt Romney will not be of help. He wants to fire teachers. He said the government is already too big, cutting down on teachers will cut down deficits….LOLOLOL!! But your child cannot stay as young as he is…he is going to grow without learning anything and will not be able to land a job as an adult. Who does Romney wants to help?

    If a burglar invades your house, Mitt Romney cannot help you. He wants to fire policemen! He said firing policemen will shrink the government and then he can balance the budget. LOLOLOL!!! To Romney, the choice is clear: cut spending forget about increasing crimes.


    “I stand by what I said, whatever it was.” Romney

  • DurdyDawg

    The Mittenhead just keeps on doing it… Whadda guy. By the time the election commences, the only one’s who will vote for this lackey will be pompous sympathizers. I believe it’ll get to the point where his own party will wear masks when in his presence. If the Koches and bilderbergs had even half a brain between them they would have backed a much stronger puppet, you know.. One who didn’t see through $$$ eyes.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Look…all you need to do is force those corporations who help themselves to your tax dollars most to be cut off from the taxpayer teat. The whole point of the back room Republican agenda is to create a surplus out of taxpayer dollars so they can hand it to their crony corporations who pump the most moolah into their campaigns.

    Look at where the pork barrel funding goes…red states who rely all too heavily on the federal taxes you pay to support what their state taxes are intended to do. It’s the reason nearly every piece of Republican legislation passed has pork barrel earmarks embedded in a covert way.

    You have every right to an expectation on return of your investment of your tax dollars. You do not have to be a safety net that keeps Big Businesses and the 1% in wealth.

  • The Republicans are insane and Mitt Romney is the craziest of the bunch. Keep these people as far from power as possible if you want America to have a fighting chance.


    Montana Bill:

    Who do you blame for the fact that Israel, North Korea, India and Pakistan have atomic weapons? Israel is putting them into their submarines. Trying to stop any country from having nuclear weapons at this point is ludicrous. The horses are long gone from the barn.

    As far as a two-year turnaround is concerned: The crooks who caused this meltdown, and that includes Dubya and his rich cronies who lied us into invading Iraq, did their work all too well. It’s going to take a great deal of time to undo what those criminals did.

    Finally, if you don’t see any pressure by the Republicans to attack Iran or Syria, you’re not looking very hard. John McCain has been beating the drum to go into Syria and the neocons, who front for Israel, want us to attack Iran.

  • Barry Feist

    What everyone seems to keep missing is the Wisconson recall election was NOT a local election. Instead, it was a battle between the local folks who wanted a recall, and the NATIONAL conservatives who outspent the local recall supporters by a 7 to 1 margin, (most of it from OUT OF STATE!!). It is time for campaign funding reform.

  • oldtack

    Ah Bill’
    AHH Bill

    Relax- Get your gear and go fish the Yellowstone – for both of us.
    Have a good day – and enjoy any fish you catch -again – for both of us.


  • oldtack


    When did this Country of ours change from a Republic to a Democracy?
    Just curious.

  • hubydoll166

    Wisconsin had nothing to do with anything other than a lot of people didnt want to oust a sitting governor or shame him but rather not reelect him in another term. It had nothing to do with people wanting less public sector although they may have wanted the public sector to at least match the private sector on contributions into health care, pesion contributions ect, which is understandable. For those out there and what Mit Romney said in his gaffe were way off the mark and not what wisconsin wants in the way they put it and it should backfire. Why would we as a society want to axe public service/ sure we can and should make refinements. We prosper in good times and have to contribute a little more in bad times, thats just fact that I agree with. I have very mixed feeling towards unions, although I know they are essential, they like the corporations have changed. We the People need big money representation and the GOP play on the unions in a bad way for very different reasons than they say. Thats the problem, they dont tell the truth. I hope to see a day when we can all iron out our differences because its not as hard as some would make it out to be. We all want the same things in the end and the issue is how to get there. I dont think by giving up our democracy to the wealthy is a good way to go at all but thats what is happening. The people are the jobs creators because twhen we purchase it causes a demand that allows employers to hire more workers…not by giving them more tax breaks to create jobs because that doesnt create jobs when people dont have money to spur demand. Emphasis on the middle class is the answer..and only answer that will get us moving forward..its very simple concept.

  • hubydoll166

    Once again to the conservatives…how do tax breaks to huge corporations bring jobs? It doesnt, pure and simple. How will corporations create jobs when givin tax breaks? There must be a demand for products to do so. By stimulating the economy with putting money in the people’s pockets is the only way because the people are the job A corporation will hire more employee’s when demand rises and in order for demand to rise people must spend..put money in the hands of the people and the government hiring more public sector workers and the GOP helping pass the JOBS act will begin to recover our nation because when people have jobs and money it creates demand for business to hire…investing in major infrastructure will get people working and place demand on private sector business to hire!! Think about it..why would anybody give the wealthy more money? It cant possibly create demand, the people do that. Its just giving rich people more money you have to make up for….PASS JOBS ACT, INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING! The last three GOP presidents got to do this but the GOP awant obama to fire, not hire…Tell the GOP to support the JOBS ACT and get people working to spend and create demand for business to start hiring again!! Thats the answer out of this hole. iTS THE ONLY THING THE gop COULD DO IF ROMNEY IS ELECTED BUT THEY WONT LET OBAMA DO IT! The Gop have basically denied every person who voted for obama his presidency becsuse they didnt want a colorful person to succeed and to hell with the people if they suffer in the process. I didnt vote obama in 2008 but IM VOTING FOR HIM IN 2012!! He has done good despite the best efforts of the GOP to sabotage him and having to work with only half of congress. The president cant possibly do everything alone or why would we have congress to begin with..suppoort your president and dont let the bigots win by lying and mad because im very mad and they are not getting away with it when we needed them the most..our damn country was sinking under bush and the GOP done everything to keep it sinking..MAKE THEM PAY!!! MANDATE OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS WHO CARE ABOUT YOU….

  • ClydeMcWhorter

    Rip Momoney just can’t help himself, the true romoney just keeps coming out! mittens is just telling the truth. He really will do just what he says he will. mittens and his familly do not have to worry about surviving a depression, or any kind of financial problems, he has hidden money in off shore accounts and trusts. He will promote giving the people that give the money to elect him, more tax breaks and less wages to employees. romoney has never been about creating jobs!! His business plan is to first, leveraged buy out of a company. LOad the company with debt, charge the company consulting(very large ones)fees based on borrowed money,pay stock holders dividends,(less taxes). cut jobs, because wages come out of profits. Give the stock holders the wages saved by fireing workers dividends that are not taxed as much. Then he strips the assets from the company. Then files bankruptcy himself, or sell the company, or give the debt riddled company back to the owner, who has to file bankruptcy, and let the government (we the people) pay the stripped pension funds, at about 40% of the pension that was in the workers pension fund’s contract. Bankruptcy voids all contracts. All of the money that is taken from these business deals are not taxed at the higher wage tax rates. They are taxed at less than 15%, if taxed at all!

    How would you like a 15% pay raise? Tax Reform! The money that rip money gets(for doing nothing) goes into the off shore accounts, therefore is removed from the economy. When you take money out of the system, the economy contracts, therefore creating recesion! The only way to replace that is by government intervinsion. That is the way Eisenhower(R) did it with the interstate highway system 60 years ago. Lincon (R)did 150 years ago with the continental railroads. Nixson(R) had a 10% sir charge on income taxes and stimulated the economy. Reagon(R) cut taxes, saw the debt grow, then raised taxes 11 times, and stimulated the economy. Clinton(D) raised taxes,and stimulated the economy and balanced the budget.

    Then, Bush(R) comes along and cuts taxes, starts two wars, without paying for them! Now we are finding out that Allen Greenspan(the Fed) created the housing bubble to “fix” the downturn in the economy. The Fed lowered the standards for getting a housing loan, and loaning money to people that normally would not qualify for. Then regulations were removed on selling loans and derivities(sellers were insuring the loans they sold, so “if” they failed they would get paid again. Whow, double payment on bad loans!!! The borrowers were paying for insurance if the loans defaulted the government (again we the people) would pay off the loans!! What?? banks were getting paid 3 times? Yes!! Sounds like a ponsey scheme, doesn’t it?? Home owners have to be foreclosed in order for the banks to be paid by the government (again we the people), then the banks sell the foreclosed houses for whatever they will take. Wait a minute, the banks get paid again? The government bails out the banks and we the people pay for it again.

    Now the banks and companies are fat with money, they are saying they don’t want to spend it to hire anyone because they don’t know how the Tax Laws will be changed,and if they will have to pay taxes on their profits. Now all of this money is taken out of the economy. Now we need to repair, no, we need to rebuild our US infarstructure. It is 60 years old or older in a lot of cases.

    Oh, We almost forgot, The republicans will not pass the jobs bill.What? We the people are the ones paying again. These repulican tee party stooges refuse to do anything that President Obama puts out becase they can not accept that “We the People Voted for a Black man for President”! Racism is alive and well in the Republican party. The “leaders of the republican congress will do anything to keep Obama from being Relected!! Including Tanking the Economy! What the Hell? They get $184000.00 plus a year, and they don’t even show up for congressional meetings! We Must Re-elect President Obama and elect a Democrat controled Congress so that change we need can be made!

    Now, the defence contractors have told congress that they have to give 60 day notices to fire one million workers if they cut military spending and do not speed money for war machines. The 60 day notice comes one day before the electiuon in Nov. Now What?? If rip money gets elected he has said he will fire teachers,fire fighters, and cops. he will fire more and more people. Remember, He Likes to Fire People!