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Sunday, October 23, 2016

You might have believed that Mitt Romney’s campaign for the presidency was somewhat competent until the afternoon that he called for Todd Akin (D-MO) to quit the Senate race.

At first, it seemed like a brilliant move — Mitt’s very own Sister Souljah moment, where he turned against the extremes of his party to make a stand for decency. Akin had humiliated the party by touting the palaver of fundamentalist email forwards as actual science with his now-infamous claim that victims of “legitimate rape” cannot get pregnant.

Here was Mitt’s chance to join the moderate voices in his party like Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and his own party chairman Little Lord Reince Priebus in shutting Akin down — thus convincing women that he really isn’t as scary as liberals would like them to believe.

Akin heard the full-throated plea of his party nominee to step aside and then went on Sean Hannity’s radio show and said, “Why couldn’t he run his race and I’ll run mine?


That Romney went out on a limb and proved to the country that he has no sway with the extremists in his party proved that he was a candidate with no discernible “Souljah.”

Republicans continued to call for Akin to step down when there was still a chance of getting another Republican on the ballot in the race that could decide the Senate.

Then came the final deadline for Akin to leave the race. The congressman was defiant, and chose to remain. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich —  the guys who almost beat Romney — rushed to Missouri to join Mike Huckabee – the guy who could have beaten Romney —  in supporting Akin.

And they weren’t alone. On Friday, Reince Priebus told a reporter that he “absolutely” supports Akin and may even send him money — completely reversing his stand of only a few weeks ago.

What changed? Had Akin moved to the center and become more rational?

Actually, he’d embarrassed himself and his party twice in the days before Preibus’ comments. Once by saying his opponent, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), wasn’t being as “ladylike” as she’d been in her last campaign. Then he argued employers should be able to discriminate against women because that represents “freedom.”

But will the GOP support him?



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  • Not_Phyllis

    Once again, history disappears down the rabbit hole.

  • old_blu

    So, who is in charge of the GOP? (Not Romney.) Maybe Palin and her tea baggers.

    • neeceoooo

      Hey Old_blu, can you believe that no one is in charge. That is why things are such a mess.

      • old_blu

        I think you are right neece, I think they just keep getting deeper and deeper.

      • I know Mississippi is one of the highest illiteracy rates. Is Missouri right up there with them?

      • BDC_57

        All ther worried about is beating Obama. ther not who’s leading them
        becuase ter


    • wtny64

      The contemporary (can’t call ’em modern) GOP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fox News and Koch enterprises.

    • BDC_57

      Rush blow up doll is ther leader.

      • old_blu

        That’s funny and very much right.

    • Actually, it is the Koch Brothers.

  • I expect Akin to win reelection, but I hope I’m wrong. Akin has been the one Missouri’s U.S. House Of Representatives members since 2001, and before that he was Member of the Missouri House of Representatives for 8 years. Voters in Missouri know who he is and what he represents. As repulsive as his comments are to us outsiders, his attitudes are quite familiar to Missouri voters.

    • wtny64

      Is Akin simultaneously running to keep his House seat? That’s the only way he could ‘win reelection’.

  • It is all about the Senate. No matter how offensive this cretin may be the GOP will hold its nose, pump up the money and pull the handle. If they further offend women so be it. They want the power and they will get in bed with that idiot Akin if necessary. It is politics and just follow the money to see who the players are.

  • Todd Akin–the GOP Elephant in the room.

  • wtny64

    If a single solitary woman from Missouri votes for this assKlown it’ll be stunning.

    You can’t win an election if 53% of the electorate, ie, women, votes en mass against you…

    • Jim Lou

      I am sure that there are many women who don’t care and will vote for him based on his “conservative” views. That seems to be true for many of the conservatives in this country. As stated already he has served as Congressman for several terms and his view didn’t seem to stop him from getting reelected.

  • The support that Todd Akin continues to get from the Tea Party says more about their values – or lack thereof – than anything we could say about them. The bizarre statements made by this man are second only to the support he enjoys from those whose views are akin to those espoused by the Taliban. Their determination to defeat a woman running for the Senate in a state where dynosaurs and naenderthals rule is consistent with the way of life in prehistoric times. I reckon their next move will be to level their houses and move into caves…

  • The problem with living in the extreme extremes is that the GOP is increasingly marginalizing itself and any more moderates that they sucker in are then repulsed.

    They believe if they take all the rice, they shall never starve. The ancients knew better. You have to nourish the rice farmer, or the rice WILL run out.

    Just something to consider.

    • CAThinker

      Wow – excellent proverb, Lao Tzu? Whoever it was, thanks for sharing – I hope you won’t mind if I reuse that one…

  • Jim Lou

    Extremism on either side is detrimental to one’s health and sanity. The GOP has sowed the seeds and now it must reap the results….

  • morgan520

    “He believes Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional” – does that mean that when he turned 65 this past July he did NOT files for Social Security and Medicare??? Hum, I wonder – bet he did… Repulsive little toad!!!

    • 13observer

      I’m sure how he felt about it had NOTHING to do with his decision to take it….as he paid into it like everyone else and was as damn deserving as anyone else!… question?

      By the way, Todd Akin’s comment certainly got alot more PRESS from the “left wing” media than Obama’s awful remarks about the lives lost in the embassy raid referred to as “BUMPS IN THE ROAD” how fu*king awful!

      The “spin machine” is working overtime however, you must ask yourself; what percentage of Americans VOTING will buy into this bullsh*t?

      • I am asking myself (BTW I come up with about 60-67% of the voting public is whole heartedly backing Obama) but I don’t need to ask myself all the polls say it plainly your boy is losing and is sliding off the map into oblivion…your senate hopes are crumbling and between this round and the next your house majority will be lost. You and your bullshit are on the way to being completely irrelevant. We will move forward with a wonderful brand of compassionate capitalism and your angry white cronies will be a pissy little footnote in history by 2020..good bye 130…punkass dipshit. And now back to the real discussion sorry for the interruption. BTW did you see Akin’s photo op with women voters he had 3 women holding up a sign and one of them was the dem who was hired to watch his campaign…so let’s count now that’s 2 women who MAY vote for him….2…that’s right 2…can you count that high??? Go to the mirror and smile …count all your teeth…there you go 2 see you can do it.

  • Akin is truthiness personafied. That is why he and the Tea Party are so dangerous. Insulated by money they have created an alternative universe. They can live there if they want. I just don’t want them to legislate this “real” world from their imaginary one.

  • bcarreiro

    His mother thought he was illegitimate and she wished she had “Plan B” literally!!!

  • 13observer

    I can remember back when a fella by the name of Reagan was behind in the “polls” and as it turned out…………he set a new landscape for the country based on “WELFARE REFORM”!

    • You really aren’t smart enough for me to respond to, but I remember when a fellow (that phony country Palin talk, i.e. fella isn’t as cute as you think it is.) named Truman was so behind in the polls that the papers went to bed declaring him the loser.

      • 13observer

        Hey fella, can I call ya fella? Your guy aint behind! Did I mention that we just love hearing from folks fella……………….. next. P.S. I’m trying to talk down to a level you will understand fella!

  • How any woman would vote for Atkins, Romney, Ryan and any other Republican is something I don’t understand especially since I am a woman. When a man says that a woman can’t get pregnant in a “real rape” that statement a long shows be how stupid this male is and how little he likes women. Romney, Ryan and the rest of the Republican candidates having a platform saying they will do away with the Roe vs Wade decision by the Supreme Court and make abortions illegal again and outlaw birth control pills,which do more that prevent woman from getting pregnant,that help a lot women’s problems like not getting crevix cancer, and other problems that only women have not only shows they hate women but that they want to make women 2nd class citizens once again. Also how they could vote for anyone that when asked what his plans for country were if elected and Romney replied with this answer” If you knew that you wouldn’t vote for me” or vote for Ryan when he says the math is to complex to explain his tax plan right now. Both Romney and Ryan refuse to say anything about what their plans for the country are until after the election, to me that means if we all knew that none of us would vote for them because the only plans they have will make the rich richer and the rest of us poorer.

    • With people, like Santorum, wanting to outlaw birth control because it is against their religion, is like if Romney was advocating banning coffee or tea because it is against his religion. We should not be legislating morality or lack of thereof because it is something that is different for different people.

  • Could someone please change that D to an R? I’d rather my party didn’t look like a bigoted, disgusting clown like him was in it.

  • 30309guy

    Ummm, you called Todd Akin a Democrat in the first paragraph. A little editing please.