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Friday, October 21, 2016

Conservative pundits exploded on Thursday when CBS announced that Stephen Colbert would be replacing David Letterman as the host of The Late Show. And they weren’t just mad because a highly paid and powerful position didn’t go to a member of the Bush family.

“Low-Rated Hyper-Partisan Lefty to Replace David Letterman,” screamed a headline from Breitbart‘s resident funnyman John Nolte.

Nolte’s colleague Ben Shapiro — whose act is based on calling liberals “bullies” — went further and accused Colbert of “conservativeface,” which to him is like blackface, but worse because it’s “racism” against conservatives. Shapiro says that it’s impossible to watch The Colbert Report, where Colbert performs as a caricature of a blustery right-wing O’Reilly wannabe, “without coming away with a viscerally negative response to conservatives.” And frankly, that’s Shapiro’s job.

But when it comes to bluster, the godfather of monetizing right-wing outrage, Rush Limbaugh, is still the alpha of the Fox pack.

“I’ll give you the short version: CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America,” Limbaugh said.


As many people have pointed out, Colbert is a practicing Catholic who literally teaches Sunday School. But the right has a point in that he’s a worthy target of their hate.

In 2006, Colbert performed at the White House Correspondents Dinner “in character” and delivered a searing indictment of both the failings of the Bush/Cheney administration and the media’s complicity. Though the Washington insiders at the event mostly reacted frostily to Colbert’s routine, the video went viral and helped put a crack in the baffling veneer that had shielded the administration from so many of its foibles.

So the anger is real, but the bluster is so comically inflated that it points to one of the charms of Colbert’s conservative character. He seems to be playing with a long-held liberal suspicion that the loudest clowns on the right are putting their fans on because they know extremism sells.

When Ann Coulter tries to speak for black people… when Michelle Malkin — author of a book defending Japanese-American internment — joins a short-lived movement accusing Colbert of racism toward Asian-Americans… when Glenn Beck takes a break from calling liberals Nazis and tearfully threatens to leave America because of the left’s incendiary rhetoric…

It’s a relief to imagine they’re parodying themselves.

And if Coulter, Malkin and Beck are joking, then Republican politicians too must be “in character.”

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  • Dulcinian

    We’ll miss the “mirror” when he goes.

  • I got as far as this:

    “Nolte’s colleague Ben Shapiro — whose act is based on calling liberals “bullies” — went further and accused Colbert of “conservativeface,” which to him is like blackface, but worse because it’s “racism” against conservatives.”

    when I lept out of my chair went over to the wall and started beating my head against it repeatedly. The resulting pain and goose egg are a lot less painful than the amount of stupid in this sentence.

    • charpro

      Now that is an intelligent response to satire! lol

  • Ann-Marie Poli

    Wow, that’s a thinker. I’ll take it a step further. Limbaugh, Beck, and Malkin are parodying their audiences. They make a living playing a character who riles people up about SSI, Medicare, & healthcare. They are making fools of the people who watch them, just a s the Duck Dynasty people dress up as stereotypical rubes and make a fortune. They are like TV evangelists who prey on people who can ill afford to be taken advantage of financially. Here, the political evangelists get people to vote for things they cannot afford. What difference does any of it make to these multi-millionaires who don’t need any of it?

    • MVH1

      LOL. the Duck Dynasty people are rich rubes and they’ve dressed up like that for a long time. They’re still Republican rich rubes and disgusting, but then they always were.

      • joe schmo

        Yes, they are rich rubes and pretty clever ones at that. A&E just wanted to make them look like dumb hickabillies….What they got were smart, Christian, businessmen in camo…. Who’s having the last laugh now.

        • MVH1

          You’ve never been to Louisiana, have you? They are hickabillies but nobody said they were dumb about business. They’re backward and I didn’t know there was anything in this that was a laughing matter.

          • joe schmo

            You’ve never been to Watts or Compton or the Ghetto’s of NY nor the streets of Detroit have you?

            Your social programs have really helped the African American and Hispanic communities hasn’t it……

          • MVH1

            Typical Tea response, dear. You lose and you change it to something else. And actually I have been those places, which has nothing to do with the FACT it’s obvious you know nothing about Louisiana and its culture. The duck guys like being hillbillies. They cultivate that. I don’t know why you have a problem with the truth.

          • joe schmo

            Really…you mean you would walk the streets of Watts all by your lonesome with not a soul around. Not me! You are a bigger fool than I am.

            I’m not a Tea Party person. You don’t know Conservatives very well otherwise you would know the difference.

            Not a Southerner, but have been in the South.

            If this country ever had problems, I think I would rather be on the side of the bikers, the cowboys, the hillbillies, and the military veterans, thank you very much. I would not want to be on the side of marshmallows and ignorant imbeciles.

          • sleepvark

            Yo schmucko, how well would you do in a fight in Watts et al? I don’t think I would want to be on your side there. Trust me on that one.

          • joe schmo

            How well would you do? Seriously!

          • guest

            Hmm, another statement made a fact by a conservative about a part of our society, but has never been there to see for himself. How exactly do you know the result of social programs in those areas if you have never been there? How would you know the effects of social programs in those areas if you have never actually sat down and talked with those who do live there? This is a classic example of why the conservatives, republicans, and tea partiers do not have a clue about what their policies are doing to those groups as well. Maybe, just maybe, they the politicians really knew what they thought in those areas, they would be able to do something to actually help them where they need it. But since the GOP is not interested in those people, the only fair thing for them to do is to prevent them from voting, because those people will certainly not vote for the side that doesn’t give a rats ass about them.

          • joe schmo

            Really….you want to go there. I have not been around what you admiringly call ‘hickabillies,’ but I have been around the farmer/rancher/cowboy types in the West. In your opinion you would put them in the same category. However, these people who you are funning at are not at all so stupid. They can be very calculating and strong minded and smart…and above all tough. In a fight, I don’t think I would want to be on your side. Trust me on that one.

          • guest

            Joey – just wanted to remind you that you were the first one to “admiringly” call them “hickabillies”. don’t you just love a conservative that lies so much – they can’t keep them straight after a while?

        • guest

          Actually, those who were against them are having the last laugh. Again – you spout because you check facts. When the “hickabiliy” went back on the show, ratings plummeted and the show may end up cancelled due to ratings this time. After all of huge support wasn’t needed any longer, the truth came out. Hmmm, funny how that happens. Sounds very political to me. Oh wait – it was political all along! Conservatives enjoy running their mouths in support of things, but when it no longer will benefit them – they turn their back on it.

      • idamag

        Maybe it is a conspiracy to dumb down America some more. That way they’ll be easier to take their democracy away from them.

        • MVH1

          One certainly wonders. It’s easier to control a bunch of dummies, I’d think.

          • joe schmo

            ……and by that you mean yourselves?

            Cicero said it best:

            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

            But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

            For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

            He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”


            “Governments don’t want a population capable of
            critical thinking. They want obedient people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.” –George Carlin

          • sleepvark

            Nice description of a conservative, el schmucko.

          • joe schmo

            ….and Conservatives are obedient….. Think again. We know what is going on. You all are ‘ass-sleep.’

            Posted from another site aware of our situation:

            “How I wish the federal reserve was the worst of our problems. Our government has abjectly FAILED to do the very things they are specifically tasked with in the constitution, yet they somehow manage to meddle in all of the things that the constitution specifically FORBIDS them from tampering with.

            The articles assign ONLY the following tasks to the federal government:

            – Accomplish foreign relations – FAIL – Obama is making a LOT more enemies than friends.

            – Protect our borders – EPIC FAIL – 1/10th of the population is now illegal.

            – Promote commerce (build highways/infrastructure to help trade) – EPIC FAIL – Infrastructure is crumbling while crippling regulation and taxation are stifling business at all levels.

            – Coin and manage our currency – EPIC FAIL – The congress pawned their duties off on the “fed”, who are now printing 40 billion dollars a month, and weakening our currency daily.

            – Maintain the military and wage war when necessary – EPIC FAIL – Military spread thin and spending cuts are crippling capabilities.

            A few things the federal government is NOT supposed to meddle in (per the 10th amendment): Healthcare, abortion, education, housing, energy, (or any of the myriad other issues they’ve become embroiled in. These are STATES issues, period, end of story.
            – The federal government is now stomping on the 1st amendment, ignoring the 2nd amendment, shredding the 4th and 5th amendments, and CLEARLY in violation of the 10th amendment.
            -Fellow Conservative-

          • guest

            Almost everything you mentioned that is an “EPIC FAIL” is only a failure due to the republicans in congress preventing those things from getting done! And you missed something else that the government is supposed to do. Protect and serve the American people. GOP gets an EPIC FAIL on this one. And the ACA has done just that. Nobody is bothering the 1st and 2nd amendment in anyway. Not sure where you got that nonsense – other than FOX News. Yes, actually I have heard all about Nevada. I completely understand that this rancher dude is trespassing on government land and refusing to pay his “rent” like every other rancher has done. I also know that he is in violation of several court orders and t hat his “clan” has used illegal armed intimidation against federal agents and are very lucky they didn’t respond – but they will and they have every right to. I also would suggest that every one of those should be arrested for assault against a federal officer. The most recent court order for mr bundy clearly stated that if he did not comply, his property would be taken. This is not a violation of any constitutional right – including “due process of law” as he had his day in court and he was given a legal order by the court. The officers have the legal right to enforce that court order. Regardless of what you may believe, this property he is occupying is NOT his property. The media HAS covered it and you just don’t like what some are saying because they don’t agree with your stupidity and total inability to understand the legal process here. Just because it is federal government land does not mean you have rights to use it as you wish. The ranchers were given a deal to utilize this land under certain conditions – Bundy decided he didn’t like the conditions. How about the articles and amendments in the constitution that says Bundy is guilty of treason??? Hmm, that just doesn’t apply does it? Of course not. This case has nothing to do with gun control, violation of personal rights of Mr. Bundy, it has to do with Bundy violating the law (not the government) and using illegal means to fight off the feds. Trust me, they aren’t going to just stop trying to enforce the court order and when they try again, it won’t be as pretty as it was this time. And there will be jail terms for not only Bundy but those loudmouthed right-wing gun-nuts that supported and helped him. And Hanity should be arrested right along with him for “inciting a riot” – yes, another illegal act committed right on live television. This is a legal issue – not a GOP, liberal, republican, conservative, or even political issue. Conservatives never want to follow laws if they just don’t like them. I’ll end with a great comparison to prove my point. Obama’s right to be President -vs- Ted Cruz’s right to be President. But the GOP supports Cruz to the end of the days. How is that?

          • joe schmo

            Epic fail is due to Conservatives….Nope. Your side is doing that all on its own.

            Ahhh…Internationally Obama has been a total failure. You can’t see that? He did that to himself. You have to be a firm but gentle leader. No one respects him. Putin and the Middle East have been stomping all over us. China uses us, steals our business and is allowed a free ride with regard to imports. He has abandoned allies like Isreal. LOL good try.

            Sure we have had illegal problems before Obama was sworn in in 2008 but it has only gotten worse. Regarding the borders, like the people that were before him, he has done very little to curb the issue because when it is even mentioned online it creates a huge firestorm of resistance. He just released thousands of crime creating illegals back onto the streets of the US. He wants to allow criminal Moslems into the country.. and he wants a comprehensive immigration program. No way! 12 million has turned into 24 million. This is merely a political ploy to invite in more Democratic voters. MY PARENTS WERE IMMIGRANTS. THEY CAME HERE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY. THE QUOTA NEEDS TO BE REINSTATED AND THE BRACERO PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE REINITIATED FOR WORKERS, PERIOD.

            Commerce and rebuilding. Now they want to enact a mileage tax to cure that problem. Mainly because of that stupid electric car. The government has to find some way to get money from people driving them. This idea flops back over to gas gusslers. They have to pay double duty. Besides, those wonderful electric cars that every Liberal has to have is powered by electricity which comes from ‘Nuclear’ or ‘Fuel’ power plants. Just one more way of taxing the people to death.

            Oh and what about that Currency and our standing in the World. You do realize that our standing went down during Obama’s reign. We print and print and print useless money while Russia is planning to no longer use the dollar and China is following suit. Will we end up like Germany before WWII or Haiti? You tell me. We need to rethink the wheel. Oh and what about that ridiculous stimulus and the bail outs. I may remind you of GM (Government Motors) fiasco. Look at all the issues they are having. How many recalls has it been lately?

            Cutting the Military was the biggest mistake ever! I am not a person who believes in fugtal wars and in being the aggressor, however; I do believe in a strong military. Because the world respects you more.

            Again, the 10th amendment – meddling in Healthcare, abortion, education, housing, energy – they are STATE issues. Your side is stomping on our freedom of speech and the 2nd amendment gun issue. DUDE, THEY ARE IN THE CONSTITUTION?

            I would ask you…How are the Conservatives responsible for any of these latest blunders?…and, by that, I mean, give me facts.

            About the rancher, I agree he was guilty of not paying his taxes to the Government but the reaction by the BLM was OUTRAGEOUS! Domestic terrorists? OMG, you might as well have called the ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ movement people terrorists. He said he would pay the State. What’s wrong with paying the state and then the state paying the government. There could have been an easy fix.

            Read this. It has nothing to do with paying the Government….


            “One of the silliest and most serious paradoxes of American life is how little the wisdom of the Founders actually guides our political conduct today. If we obeyed the wisdom of the Founders, we would never have formed political parties. Even a fellow American waving the Declaration of Independence and the Collected Speeches of Abraham Lincoln will not cool the heads of normal Americans.

            That’s because the realm of politics can’t provide us a foundation for neighborliness and forbearance. At a time when so many expect government to save us because nothing else seems up to the task, we ought to realize that one thing government definitely can’t save us from is our mutual enmity. In fact, the more we believe that our political challenges can only be solved at the national level, the more angry we’ll grow with one another, as all possibilities of governance become an all-or-nothing game. Lincoln was just wrong to hope that “reverence for the laws” would become our “political religion.

            We’d sooner revere the government than revere its rules and regulations. That’s why the left is apt to fear Bundy and the right is apt to celebrate him. Bundy wants to challenge the scope of government authority, not harm the agents of its power. For liberals, that’s a much more serious political problem than terrorism. For conservatives, that’s a call—sometimes literally—to arms. Each side offends the other by seeming to justify their sense of doom.”

            This is sooooo true. Good luck with your destrictionism ideology.

          • STMBT

            I could have sworn he was talking about the republican party, till I seen his name.

        • joe schmo

          Dumb down America? I think the Liberals have done a pretty good job of that….(Remember education is a Liberal unionized institution.) ‘No child left behind’ and ‘Common core,’ have been and will be the ruination of our youth. What they need is discipline and core studies to compete with the rest of the world.

          I’m glad I went to Private College because my elementary and secondary educations were deplorable…..

          • Grace Kelly

            You know Bush was behind No Child Left Behind?

          • joe schmo

            Never said I think Bush was a good president. Not many Conservatives do. At least we are willing to admit that..

          • MVH1

            he’s only been programmed to spew the party line and insult until he gets insulted.

          • sleepvark

            Yo schmuck, your deplorable education has been rather obvious from the content of your every comment. Whatever private parts you attended later didn’t quite fix it.

          • MVH1

            You are the sheep they’ve been looking for. So there is a reason they do what they do. They’ve got folks like you to count on.

          • guest

            I think the concentration on sports has played a huge part in “dumbing down” education. In secondary schools we should be eliminating sports and concentrating on those extra-curricular activities that induce learning or expanding the brain. Of course, those are the kids that succeed the most and they are the same ones that get made fun of and get bullied by those stupid kids in sports. It was not the liberals and the poor who use sports for making money.

  • Lynda Groom

    One of the major character flaws of many conservatives is their thin skin. They love to point fingers, call names but rarely get the joke….in particular if it is on them.

    • stcroixcarp

      Their thin white skins!

      • CamCubed

        Non-white skins, too, though they’re rare and generally “token” faces of conservatism. Carson, Cain, Rubio — they lack a complete understanding (either willful ignorance or a lack of decent education) of how minority group identity politics work. Thus, when they’re teased for “selling out”, they do. not. get. it. Naturally then, they quickly scream “reverse-reverse racism”, which is contradictory nonsense.

        • joe schmo

          ‘Token’ faces of Conservatism….LOLOLOL They have tons more Common Sense than you all do. I’ve never heard one of them scream ‘reverse-racism.’ That’s a term most often used by you all….

          • CamCubed

            a) They talk about it all the time. But you’re right, I’ve never heard them -literally- scream about it either. Well, actually, you might count how they shout over each other on Faux News as “screaming”. I don’t. I call it what it is: angry masturbation. Setting semantical idiocy aside, however, they -do- talk about it and if you haven’t heard them talk about it, that’s your own dang fault for not paying attention.

            b) By “you all”, I assume you mean liberals. Insofar that reverse racism refers to racism by blacks or other minorities against whites, it is most definitely not a commonly employed liberal concept. Liberals acknowledge its existence; conservatives cry about it every time there’s a push for egalitarian justice. Because conservatism, as it slowly dies a slow, painful death, has resorted to the underdog’s tactics of moral relativism. Shameful. Yet amusing, for us at least. What’s less amusing is the abuse of calling out reverse racism as an attempt to mask the continued threads of authentic racism, deeply entrenched and institutionalized in every facet of American society, which conservatives (by the very definition of what it means to be conservative) wish to perpetuate. Unwittingly at least, I’ll give (most of) them that much credit. Not that being witless is much better than being willfully oppressive. Ignorance is never an excuse.

            c) Conservative “common sense” is as far removed from genuine common sense as it’s ever been. I bet if I asked you to define “common sense” right here and now, you’d either be stumped, or give a half-azed nincompoop definition for us all to LOL at.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Just about everyone is prejudiced against other races or religions to some extent. Those who are in ethnic groups that feel despised react the most violently. The more they are despised by the other groups, the more violently they react.

          • CamCubed

            “Those who are in ethnic groups that feel despised react the most violently.”

            That depends, but it’s generally true. Take Jews, for example. In this country, Jews rarely lash out at the antisemitism still rife in this nation. But in Israel, where antisemitism often takes the form of indiscriminate violence, many Israeli Jews are understandably very aggressive in their defense.

            In this country, racism is rarely flagrantly obvious anymore. As a result, unperceptive dunderheads have concluded that it no longer exists and that even talking about it makes it worse. As if sweeping institutionalized social problems under the carpet has ever corrected anything. That’s just “common sense”, but also why ignorance of racism’s perpetuation (often taking the form of microaggressions) results in its tacit, unwitting support. And this is a doctrinal mistake of conservatism. Liberals want to talk about and resolve the problem; conservatives want to forget it ever happened and pretend it doesn’t exist and live in denial (until something happens to affect them personally, of course, which generally causes shrieks of reverse racism to begin).

          • Grace Kelly

            They were tokens. Did you notice all the non-whites waiting at Romney headquarters election night 2012? Oh, that’s because they weren’t there. CPAC had a panel on minority outreach this year, and no one showed up. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

      • joe schmo

        Go stuff yourself….I believe the Conservative African Americans (Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain…..) have more Commons Sense than most of us and especially the Liberals…..and you would call them ‘Uncle Tom’s.’ Shame on you. How hypocritical can you get.

        • Lynda Groom

          That is sure some trifecta you’ve got there. I certainly would not call anyone an Uncle Tom. Their faults have nothing do with race, but ideas and policy.

        • sleepvark

          hey schmucko, go stuff yourself. The company you keep sux. That racist turd that just killed all those innocent people in Kansas the other day definitely considers himself a conservative. He has just been acting out the what the right wingers dream about all the time, going after and doing away with others who don’t fit his idea of “real amuricans”.
          It goes all the way back to the founding of our republic. The conservatives back then were called tories. They loved having a king and would do anything to keep things the way they always were.
          Then there were the southern slaveowners. They used religion and whatever other power was available to maintain their way of life. Very conservative. Those vile ideas and tendencies continued with Jim Crow and other silly things to keep certain segments of the population in their place. Now it’s blatant racism thinly disguising itself as conservatism that hates our black president with an intensity that oddly matches the fervor of their historical idols in the tory and slave owner ranks. Reminds me of ducks, you know, looks like, walks like, stinks like . . .
          Pull your head out of your lily white behind and smell the fresh air. You will be amazed at the difference that will make.

          • joe schmo

            You really want to go there….. Do you know anything about Cliven Bundy and what just happened in Nevada. Of course not, your media is hiding the truth from you……

            Your favorite Reidtard made a deal with the Chinese (outsourcing again) for solar farms on the land that Cliven Bundy’s family had leased from the BLM since 1887. So they decided to go after the ‘little’ guy and take the ranch like they have done to many others in Nevada. Honestly, there are thousands of acres of desert in Nevada for that frickin farm. Reason I know. I grew up in Las Vegas. The STATE owns the property not the government. It was just not returned to them in 1976. Bundy was paying the state and keeping up with his taxes on the property so the Government had NO RIGHT.

            As a result:

            1) The BLM stole the cattle from him and ruined his infrastructure. Waterers, corrals, killed cattle etc.
            2) The sales yards and cattle people stood behind each other in Cliven’s defense because they feared being blackballed by other ranchers and farmers and, I know for sure, out of respect. Not only that the people of Las Vegas stood behind the Rancher.
            3) The governors of both Utah and Nevada were against the raid by the BLM and stood behind Mr. Bundy.
            4) The BLM offered a sales yard $900,000.00 in Utah to take the cattle for sale. Much more than they would have gotten from the backpay of the supposed nonpayment of the BLM by Bundy. The sales yard refused to do it.
            5) The governor of Utah told the state that under no circumstance is anyone in the state to take those cattle.
            6) I’m almost sure Arizona would have also stepped up to the plate.

            Do you see where I am going here. Wake up you moron. It just happened to you yet! The people in this Country especially on the conservative side have a clue. WE ARE SICK TO DEATH OF THE GOVERNMENT BREATHING DOWN OUR NECKS AND DICTATING POLICY.

            You would like to think that all Conservatives are like that idiot arrested in Kansas, like the slave owners, like the torries. Not even close. We are far from that. We are true blue Americans who believe in the red white and blue. We believe in the Constitution and Amendments. We believe in small businesses and their success. We believe in innovation. We believe in help your neighbor. We believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. We NEVER want to take a thing away from you. We just want the freedom to be left alone like we always have been to believe in what we want and for you to do the same.

            You can cuss me all you want. You are not only destroying us but you are also destroying you….and the Government fat cat wins…..

          • sleepvark

            schmucko, people like you who like to equate and conflate cow farts to wanton murder are the problem. You hate America, plain and simple. And your priorities are evil; property over people.
            Land this and cow farts that. In Kansas, innocent people were murdered! Got that! By a conservative neo nazi, your kindred spirit, someone who believes as you do. That’s why you are so despised by the good people of this country, many of whom are proudly liberal. That would be over half the population of America, the majority of Americans, the heart and soul of this country which you hate with all your being, which is why you hate America. You are stupidly unpatriotic, and you can’t even see it because you are so blinded by your irrationality, much of which may be caused by the company you keep. No matter, you are still responsible for your evil words and actions. That is why I hate and despise you, and everyone like you.

          • joe schmo

            Sleepvark you are a bully…and you will be one of those who will be the ruination of this Nation. I love my Country but I do not like the state that it is in at the moment. It is foreign and corrupt. You are condemning the very people who are the MOST patriotic in this Country. Your liberal laws and Communist ideology is stifling. You have a disregard for the Constitution and everything that it stands for. YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT.

            The dude in Kansas is a nut case, period. I would never consider him part of the Conservative cause.

            What do you think would have happened if the BLM authorities would have let loose with bullets on American citizens. Would that have been alright with you? The government lets in tons of illegals but goes after a poor farmer in Nevada. Just wait until something like this happens at your doorstep. I say this, yet you have little regard for your own neighbors. ‘Free speech zones!’ Seriously! You claim to be the saviors of humanity but in this case you are silent.

            You can hate me all you like. It will only put an even bigger divide between the people in this country. I don’t hate you, I dislike the fact that you don’t see what is before your very eyes. The dissolution of what was once a great Country because of the Man in office. The Man who has been a divider not a uniter.

            You attack and attack me in hopes I will just go away. I am only sticking up for my side and trying to get you all to open your eyes before it is too late. I realize you will never agree with me and I do not expect you to. Please do not threaten me. I have not threatened anyone. I am only trying to make you aware. Someone has threatened my life on this site before. I do have a family member who was a detective for LAPD and he is now working as a sheriff detective. I have my reasons for having a vague profile.

          • sleepvark

            Schmucko, you are still an idiot.
            The nutcase in Kansas considers himself part of the conservative cause. He seeks your approval with his actions and reasonably believes he has it.
            You poor baby, why do you feel threatened? If you don’t want to be ridiculed for your silliness, why do you gloatingly log in here and say such vile and idiotic things? And after all that, you feel entitled to be thin skinned? What a wuss you are! Go cry somewhere else. No one here is interested.
            You bring up the Constitution now. Have you ever actually read and studied it? No empirical evidence of that exists in anything you have ranted about so far.
            Communism? You would not know a real commie if one reported to you wearing a hat with a red star.
            Your comments about the president reek of racism and ignorance. Because of that, I like abusing you, and you make it so easy to do. I’ve been fighting America’s enemies all my life, foreign and domestic. I’ll let you guess where you fit in.
            Now go get a job.

          • joe schmo

            Sadly, you just don’t get it. Oh well.

            Not sure why you keep harping on this dude in Kansas. As usual you would think all Conservatives are racist pigs. Simply not true. I’m very happy because I see more and more diversity on the Republican side and all you do is put these people down. I think you are angry because some of them are leaving your camp. They are smart and they get it.

            Believe me I get Communism. My family escaped from it. I grew up with family in Communist Europe. I went and visited Communist Europe as a child. A family member who came here in the 50’s thought America was the land of milk and honey. Nowadays they think this Country is looking more and more like Communist Europe. Sad but true. I abhor that type of socialism.

            Go ahead and keep abusing me. It won’t change a thing. Seems you are on here wasting your time berating me. Maybe you also need to get a job. I rest my case.

          • sleepvark

            Oddly enough, I detect a bit of common ground. I have always thought that if you translate the idea of the TSA into the Russian language and bring it back to English, you would get KGB. I abhor that sort of thing too, but I think you mislabel it when you call it socialism. More like fascism, with the attendant lack of humor and no tolerance for questioning its authority. Check your dictionary for clarification.
            I’ve been around conservative types long enough to conclude that the presumption of racism is valid. If you call yourself conservative, you are a racist till proven otherwise. Especially if you are white and you start off every rant with the silliest and most far fetched garbage about our black president that fux news can make up. You label yourself with your own words. Try not to do that so repeatedly.
            I have too many jobs, keep giving them away and more come back.
            Your experience with European communism sounds less than wonderful. I’ve spent enough time in Europe to have a feel for what went on there. But that was a failed system from the get go. It started with jo stalin using an “end justifies the means” kind of philosophy. Gulags and mass murder tend to desecrate any possible good that might come out of a system. The current mess over there illustrates that point rather well, if not rather sadly. Perhaps we can even agree on that.
            On the other hand, there is China . . .

          • joe schmo

            Regarding Obama….I voted for him in 2008. When I listened to the ‘Conservative’ news the other night one of the commentators made a great comment: ‘We have had plenty of lousy white presidents, now we have a lousy African American President. It has nothing to do with his race rather his policies.

            Thank you. You see there is a bit of common ground in everyone who lives in this Country. Meeting in the middle comes to mind. I certainly hope we get back to that point one day. I think this blame game is simply useless and unconstructive.

            Fortunately, I do know the difference between Communism and Fascism. Neither social order I can tolerate. Where Communism has a governmental hierarchy with everyone on the bottom at the same suppressed level, Fascism stands firmly behind the middle-class and the farming community suppressing every facet of civilization and brainwashing citizens with their horrific agenda. If you look at socialism they are both on the list in different forms.

            I agree with you about Russia. I think Putin started out with good intentions, however; he is showing a different side that seems to be very scary.

            China is a different matter altogether and I totally agree. How did we ever sell our souls to that Country. Largely due to the internet, I believe in technological change and global business is inevitable.

            Great article but you may already know this…..

            “The biggest difference in the way the Chinese and American governments
            raise revenue is that Beijing relies much more heavily on import taxes.
            More than 20% of Chinese central government revenue in 2009 was
            generated from import taxes, while the comparable figure for the US was
            just 1.4%.”

            “The difference in border taxation between the US and China is a major
            reason why American companies have difficulty competing. Chinese border
            taxes make it more difficult for American manufacturers to export to the
            Chinese market, even as Chinese companies enter into the US market
            essentially tax-free.”


            Thus, is the tragedy of our business community.

          • guest

            You asked what we would do (we as in liberal) if the cops came to my door like Bundy? Well, let me explain my position on the cops coming to my door. First, I would be really stupid to have an armed militia waiting for them, which would give them the RIGHT to defend themselves – just as my right to do the same would be observed. This has nothing to do with 2nd amendment, by the way. However, if this happened to me, I would go peacefully – because i would have already known that they were coming and that it was my fault for continuously violating a court order and that they would have a legal right to execute that order – which was almost a year old. So, I guess the correct answer to your question is that I wouldn’t be in this position because I’m a law abiding citizen of this country. When a court judge issues an order, it must be followed under the laws of this great country that you claim to love so very much. If you believe that the order is wrong, you have a legal right to appeal this decision by the court. You can go all the way to the supreme court if you wish – like many people have done over the many centuries. However, if I resist the police when they arrive, I would fully expect force to be used against me as they are doing their job and I have no legal right to prevent them from doing this. Again, I will have my day in court and can present my case at that time. The issue here is that Bundy had no case or no appeal as he was clearly in the wrong. And decided to get others involved in his plight and I hope everyone involved pays dearly for this action. Everyone with a weapon is guilty of assault against a police officer with a deadly weapon – all felonies. They are very lucky no body fired a shot, it would have been messy and the cops would still have been in the right.

          • joe schmo

            Yup, your a sheeple. No doubt about that. But let’s say your environmental issues were attacked or women were forced to not have abortions, or the poor and needy had all their welfare money taken away from them, or Unions were no longer allowed or all the ILLEGALS were made to go back where they came from and that Gay rights were infringed upon and guns were allowed to be carried on the streets by everyone. Some of these issues would also upset me but the point is, the Conservatives are be squashed, you are all getting your socialist way and we are pissed because we are being infringed upon.

            You see it was not merely the fact that Bundy was in the wrong. The whole idea of this is the fact that the Conservatives see the Government in our faces. Telling us what to do. In other words, they have over-stepped their bounds and that is why it all went down in Nevada. It’s all hunky dorey with you all because everything is going your way.

            If the BLM would have fired on these people and, they know this, it would have created a firestorm across the Country. So….there is fault on both sides. Not just one like you would like to believe.

          • guest

            It’s a great story there Joey. Too bad it is all made up. Everything except that part that Bundy did not pay the owner of the property as he was ordered to by a court order obtained in a NV courtroom over a year ago. He had plenty of time to either fight the court order or just pay – he did neither. Instead he committed treason by denouncing that the federal government exists – all the while taking subsidies from them though. And the whole chinese thing is also a lie. Better stop listening to Fox News and do your own research to find out that FOX lies as well – but then they know that their followers will not only believe anything they are told, but will repeat it over and over until the rest of the conservative parrots do the same and then believe their lies as truths. Neither the 1st or 2nd amendment were violated in this. In fact, the 4rth was not either as there were several court orders including the last one that actually stated they would be removing the cattle if he did not. That was the time to declare that he had an issue with the court order in a lawful method of an appeal – not this way. They whole bunch of them should be arrested and may still be arrested. Conservatives ONLY believe in the constitution until it doesn’t work for them – then they don’t even mention it.

          • joe schmo

            Liberals ONLY believe in the Constitution (capitalized) until it doesn’t work for them – then they don’t even mention it. LOL, sounds like the mirror image of you. I think we are living breathing proof of upholding the Constitution and the Amendments within.

            ….and FOX news has nothing to do with it. All this dogma and indoctrination, as you would like to call it, was instilled in me when I was young. I maintained this thought all the way through Grad school. Because my family is from Europe, I know all about the consequences of a Government gone bad. Maybe you should do some research on all the political regimes in history and find out for yourself:)

    • MVH1

      They get furious if they perceive the joke is on them but they don’t mind hurling insults from the bottom of the dirtiest barrel.

    • idamag

      Thin skins reminds me of what is happening in my state. My House representative is conservative (what else in this state?). He usually goes along with the crackpots, but isn’t as crazy at they are. Then, he voted the way he was told not to. Now, the state Republicans, headed by a tp nut, brought up a candidate to replace him. B.S. (that really is his initials) started with the nasty attack ads. M.S. answered them asking people to look at his record. MS has been labeled a RINO. A letter appears in “What Our Readers Say” in the local paper accusing MS of attack ads. Thin skins.

    • joe schmo

      What a stupid remark….Liberals don’t know how or when to laugh at themselves. At least Conservatives have a sense of humor, and they can certainly laugh at themselves and some of the ridiculous remarks you all make about them….

      • CamCubed

        That’s why every other week a pundit on Fox is whining about something Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert said. They’re comedy hosts, yet conservatives take them so very seriously.

        When satire stings, you know it’s true.

        On the other hand, I haven’t seen or heard a funny conservative comedian in over a decade. Are they even trying anymore, or do you merely count Duck Dynasty fart jokes as conservative comedy?

        • joe schmo

          ,…and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are a joke. Although Jon Stewart…..he has some good ones on the Liberals too.

          Seriously, with people like Gutfeld and Milller, I don’t think we need the likes of Stewart and Colbert.

          You probably haven’t because you don’t listen to anything Conservative. Besides Hollywood would roll over if there was ever a comedian of the Republican persuasion in LA. Hmmm, well one thing about the Duck Dynasty crew….to you they look like rednecks but they are smart as it gets….8 million people can’t be wrong. They are laughing all the way to the bank. LOL

          • CamCubed

            Gutfeld’s a libertarian, but same difference (despite their insistence to the contrary). Most libertarians are fiscal conservatives with progressive stances on different social issues and an irreducible affection for moral relativism derived from an ignorance of the contingent circumstances (over which they had no influence to start, and very little once they reached what they assume to be a point of self-autonomy) that produced their existence and everything in it.

            Miller hasn’t been funny since 1990. He was, and still is, the sarcastic and self-denigrating face of Reaganite yuppiehood. It was only funny in the 80s.

            But yes, since conservative “comedians” find themselves ostracized from mainstream comedy channels (channels in a broad sense, not necessarily TV) because their political views would, ironically, cause the censure of their comic careers, I haven’t seen much if any of them.

            As for “8 million people can’t be wrong”, yes they can be. Very, very wrong. Lots of people are laughing all the way to the bank, and even more people are cheering them on because the bank is all they care about. Like most conservatives. If it makes money, that’s all that matters. No matter how disgraceful, shameful, and spineless one must be to “get ‘er done”. And it doesn’t take intelligence to flush your scruples down the drain and sell out and get rich. Which is really the grand story of the Duck Dynasty crew and many others (politics notwithstanding).

          • joe schmo

            Like all comedians….they come and they go. Their jokes get old after awhile.

            ….And why do you suppose the Conservative comedians are ostracized? Get a clue…. It’s not because they are not funny, it’s because of Hollywood’s POLITICO affiliation. Hollywood is so left that they no longer live in ‘real time.’ Trust me I know, my Masters is entrenched in the film industry. Lunatics!

            So what’s wrong with the living the American dream. Is it no longer politically correct to slave hard and have something to show for all your labor. Oh that’s right it isn’t ‘en’vogue.’ Nothing normal and moral is. I’ve never been one to go along with the sheeple, but you go right on ahead. Leave growth and innovation to the rest of us while you fidget around with your emotionally charged social issues. Oh and by the way, the most generous and charitable Americans….are the middle class Conservative church goers:)

            Making money, what money? Seems like everywhere we turn we have a new tax and another tax and stealing from this fund and that. Robbing the American people of their very existence. Like vipers, the government under Obama is sucking the middle-class dry. Seems history is repeating itself once again. Rome, Germany, Russia……and the list goes on and on.

            …and if you really have a dander to gander at an article that I think says it all about the 1%, check this out:


          • CamCubed

            “Hollywood is so left that they no longer live in ‘real time.'”

            Hollywood’s problem isn’t its political views, it’s its spokesmen’s egos. The few Hollywood actors/producers who have their heads screwed on straight are both liberal and brilliant. It really is a matter of comedians’ aptitude at being funny that counts, however, and not merely the entrenchment of “liberalism” in the artistic community (which has been the case for about 2,000 years now…).

            “So what’s wrong with the living the American dream. Is it no longer politically correct to slave hard and have something to show for all your labor”

            No, the death of the American Dream is the assumption that there is only ONE American Dream and if you don’t buy into it, you’re a gay Muslim Communist radical hippy.

            “Leave growth and innovation to the rest of us while you fidget around with your emotionally charged social issues.”

            Yes, if you consider iPads “innovation”, then yes, Steve Jobs was an innovative genius, and not just a talented salesman. We haven’t had real innovation in decades. Considering the steady rollback of anything remotely socialist in federal and economic policy, and in fact a more emphatic embrace of “free market” policies, it seems to suggest that capitalism — at least the way it ends up being executed (not the way it’s painted in theory) — isn’t as conducive to innovation as its very vociferous proponents claim. In fact, plenty of innovations have derived from statist efforts (e.g., the Space Race and the countless domestic and military technological innovations it spawned that we now take for granted).

            “Oh and by the way, the most generous and charitable Americans….are the middle class Conservative church goers:)”

            False. A recent MIT study reveals that charitable giving is about the same between liberals and conservatives, except liberals tend to donate to secular charities and conservatives give to their churches. While both serve their communities, the secular charities are less inclined to pursue biased religious-based agendas. Which of course is the churches’ prerogatives, but also demonstrative why taxes to subsidize a social safety net is needed. Can’t depend on churches to spread charity in a just, unbiased fashion.

            At any rate, both innovation and charity are contingent on economic position in society, and that’s arbitrary in any given society, and in our society that arbitrariness still hinges a great deal on the social issues you poo-poo.

            “Seems history is repeating itself once again. Rome…”

            Rome, yes. Exactly. And it’s not a recent trend. We’ve been going the way of ancient Rome since the election of populist dimwit and racist egomaniac Andrew Jackson — our very own Gracchus.

            “If we don’t start getting along this democracy that you hold so dear will be history……”

            That -I- hold dear? Don’t you as well? Perhaps you should recognize that to re-establish public reason, the parties involved must be -reasonable-. For every moonbat crazy liberal, there are a 100 sociopathic shithouse crazy conservatives. For every Huffington, there are a dozen Breitbarts. And while the Left tends to ignore the moonbats — which is a mistake, it should dismiss them more vociferously, the Right not only fails to ignore its fringe, it -embraces- it. Thus, there can be NO public reason until conservatism returns to some modicum of “common sense”. And that does NOT include forcing both sides to drift to some imaginary center and pretend “both sides are right”. That’s not reasonable compromise, that’s moral relativism.

            But there is a bright side to it all. If American democracy collapses, that’ll be the end of…American democracy. That’s it. We’re not the alpha and omega of the free world, no matter how much nationalist nincompoops might insist.

          • idamag

            I reminded the troll, once, that conservatives have their celebrities. They have one who craps his pants and one who talks to chairs.

          • Grace Kelly

            There aren’t Conservative comedians on because there aren’t any that are funny.

      • Lynda Groom

        Perhaps you’ve not noticed the title of the article. ‘Middle-Class Conservatives Don’t Get That The Joke is On Them.’ Trying to conflate this piece with liberals a poor attempt at non-sequitur.

        • joe schmo

          Yes, and if it were up to the Liberals who are the real 1%, you would love to see everyone as poor hunter/gatherers. A little backwards don’t you think…

          • Lynda Groom

            Would you like to present some evidence to back up your remark. Fact is that anyone earning about $343,000 is in the top 1%. That includes loads of ‘liberals,’ ‘independents,’ and ‘conservatives.’

            If you want to take it further into the weeds check out the true controllers of our political system…the 0.01 percenters. They come from all walks of life, but mostly CEO’s and other wealthy types.

            Check out for a real education. That is list of the top billionaire political doners from both sides of the spectrum. About 42 from the Democratic side and 58 from the GOP side.

            As you will find the real 1% come from all sides and they are interested in them….not you!

          • joe schmo

            Linda, really want to go there with me. Read this. It pretty well says it all….


          • sleepvark

            Hey el schmucko, your ignorance is showing again. You don’t know jack about liberalism.
            Get a job!

  • Lovefacts

    I hope once Colbert steps in Letterman’s shoes, he retains his biting political humor and keeps ALL politicians on the hot seat. Someone needs to make them answer for the actions, non-actions, and votes. The mainstream media, including cable, doesn’t.

  • ps0rjl

    I came from a Union family and was schooled for years on the difference between us and Republicans. I was very liberal in college and was even a member of the anti-war movement and a member of the SDS. But my true revelation that I was not an upper class or even upper middle class kid is when I got drafted. I looked at the kids showing up and they were mostly minorities and white kids either from ethnic neighborhoods or from rural areas. Upper middle class white kids and upper class kids no matter how stupid they were had 2S deferments. Vietnam was not their war. Now the GOP and the right wing talk show idiots uses socialism, guns, patriotism, and God to keep the stupid people voting for them. One thing most of these right wing talk show hosts have in common is that they actually took a powder when they were young and could be real Americans by serving their country. They don’t love it near as much as they pretend. For them it’s all about the money. I love Colbert because he skewers these people.


      You describe the very same reasons, after serving in Vietnam, that this once-a-Republican saw the light and became an honest and caring Democrat.

      Hopefully we will not see another Republican POT in our lifetimes.

      • joe schmo

        Really, I guess you would rather be a Communist then because that is what you are asking for. The narrow-minded of the narrow-minds are certainly not the Conservatives. It is none other than the Liberals.

        You act like Republican’s don’t care. That is plain flat out bull. Middle-class church going Conservative’s give more to charity than any other group. You can take your rich Liberal’s comprised of all the non job producing Soros types, our imperialistic government and, add onto that, the ‘.commers’ and Hollywood elites and stuff them where the sun don’t shine.

        • CPAinNewYork

          Present day Republicans are either elderly middle class fools or rich people who are screwing the middle class and poor.

          • joe schmo

            I love this article. It is so on the mark.


            “And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

            This runs contrary to the media fiction that the rich people in America are Republicans. This fiction is repeated over and over in the media in order to win over ignorant people to the Democrat party. And there are plenty of them, mostly among the angry, envious poor; in the agitated and shrinking middle class; and in the perpetually enraged labor union movement.”

            Guess what moron, all Conservatives agree with Liberals in regard to corporations and outsourcing. The sooner we get on the same page the sooner this divide will disintegrate.

            …and yours is the party of the innocent ignorants and old doped out hippies. Can’t wait til my generation steps up to the plate:)

            NY….East Coast….loud mouth….no wonder you are such an imbecile.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Your alias describes you well. When or if you ever “step up to the plate”, this country will be in bad shape. It’s foul mouthed pieces of garbage like you who know it all until you have to do it.

          • Fred Bohm

            That must be why all the low information, redneck, uneducated, white trash “buy-bull” bimbos always vote for the Republicunts.

          • joe schmo

            Really, have you ever visited any Conservative sites? I’m guessing not. Because if you did you would find that many Conservatives are well informed, educated, problem solving, hard working business people.

            I visit both Conservative and Liberal sites to 1) learn more about what makes Liberals tick 2) and to become more informed all the way around. As a result, I am able to deduce why I think the way I do. Once in a while I agree with what you all have to say, however; most of the time I don’t and I follow my reasoning with mostly factual and life experiences.

            LOL…I am far from the redneck, uneducated, white trash “buy-bull” bimbos you mention…..I’m not a redneck although I have rancher friends. I’m very educated (have a masters degree). I am white, but I am definitely not white trash. I actually come from a very refined, educated European family of immigrants.

            Actually cussing at me makes you look cheap. Not being informed shows your ignorance. Not mine.

        • hard2findu

          you spelled it wrong, your name is Joe smuck

          • joe schmo

            No, I meant to spell it that way….

        • guest

          The issue is not that they don’t give to charity. They have to do that to keep from paying income taxes. It’s the charities that they donate to. Generally the largest is the church, which by the definition of the IRS tax code, should not be tax free – and this in and of itself would eliminate the country’s debt in one year. Especially the catholic church. The conservatives do NOT generally donate to helping the poor or the lower middle class – because they are poor due to their own reasons. Conservatives help no one but themselves either directly or indirectly. Conservatives flip flop so much that they really don’t know which way is right or wrong anymore anyway.

          • joe schmo

            ….total bull! I just heard the statistics again. The middle class Conservative Christians are more apt to give to charity than any other group. Talk about write-offs. The wealthy do that all the time….Give me a break. Christians are usually the first in line to help rebuild homes for the poor after a catastrophe.

            Eliminate the debt! Your kidding right. LOL, what are you? I think excess spending of social programs and freebies, plus Congress which includes Conservatives and Liberals giving themselves a pay raise didn’t help excess spending. I think there is way to much unnecessary spending within the government. GSA is an example of outrageous misuse of taxpayer spending, and Obama flying all over the planet on our dime during a downturn in the economy, could have been curbed. In the meantime we are taxed too death while there are no real incentives to get the economy rolling like lowering taxes on business. Trust me, if I were in office I am damn sure I could find ways in which to cut government spending that would be fair for everyone.

            ….and you don’t do anything to help only yourselves… Come on, you hate anyone who is Conservative and would like to see them suffer.

            The Liberals are good at using corruption to get and keep their people in office. Subliminal brainwashing of the masses. Well, I don’t buy it. Conservatives are much much more skeptical of both parties. That’s why you think they are wishy washy. Visit some Conservatives sites and you will see what I am talking about.

            …..OK you win. I hope you will be happy with the end results. I am not all that happy about living in a Communist Country but, in the end you can thank yourselves for having nothing:)

        • Fred Bohm

          they only give more to charities if you consider their church a charity

          • joe schmo

            You often give to charities and nonprofits, right. Don’t you ever wonder where that money goes? It may surprise you.

            Either way, Christainity has always led to the good will of man (in this case the middle class) to others who have less. In Europe, the church is government run. In other words the pastors get paid by the Government. I think it is only fair that the churches in America remain tax free. This way they are able to give more. I see it from a totally different perspective than you.

    • idamag

      I worked with a kid who got a draft deferment for going on a mission for his church. The mission lasted two years. The war did not. He started some college courses and put in for an education deferment. That worked for awhile and then he was told he had to be going to school full time. I also had a relative who was gung-ho about us going to war in Viet Nam. Then her son turned 18 and she was doing all she could to keep him out of the war she approved of. Dick Cheney got five deferments and and never served. He was gung ho to go into Iraq and neither of his girls served.

      • ps0rjl

        Long before the term chickenhawk and neocon (which are certainly interchangeable) came on the scene we use to call these people “John Waynes” because they were long on talk and short walk. To me most neocons who favored going into Iraq and Afghanistan were once chickenhawks who when they got older wanted to show how macho they were.

      • CPAinNewYork

        That kid was a Mormon, right? Mormons are not big on meeting their responsibilities to the country. They’re generally focused on their church.

        • idamag

          Well, yes, as a matter of fact, he was a Mormon. However most religious people would rather pray about a problem rather than work to fix it.

        • sleepvark

          With respect, I have to stand up for the Mormons. I have known a lot of them in the front line units I was in. The foreign language skills they develop while on their missions give them capabilities that are sorely needed in a lot of military endeavors. They are good neighbors and take direct responsibility for the behavior of their kids.
          Church leadership can be a problem, but that is endemic, not just the purview of the Mormon church.

  • jakenhyde

    It’s amazing that many dyed in the wool conservatives actually think Colbert IS a conservative. They’re so brain dead……. :o)

    • joe schmo

      I think Colbert is an idiot and I am a Conservative……Don’t think I am brain-dead…..

      • jakenhyde

        Colbert is much smarter that you and me put together. btw….you may not be brain dead. I was referring to those who actually think Colbert is a conservative….and there are thousands of them out there.

        • joe schmo

          LOL, btw one of my Liberal friends thinks he is a conservative too…. So who is having the last laugh.

      • sleepvark

        Guess again schmo. You’re as brain dead as they come. And ugly too. But stupid as you are, compared to a lot of your fellow conservatives you’re a genius. Congratulations. You may legitimately consider yourself idiot in chief. Now go get a job.

        • joe schmo

          Nothing factual as usual. Just that mundane boring cussing me out…. yawn! Says nothing. As usual your emotions are showing….

          • sleepvark

            C’mon, schmuck. Facts? You’re an idiot, brain dead as they come. Conservatives are idiots, unwilling or unable to accept new thoughts or ideas.
            Cussing? we seem to have different ideas of what constitutes that fine art. But perhaps you object to someone pointing out the painfully obvious about yourself. So be it. You dolts do tend to be a bit thin skinned.
            Now get back to finding that job. Any job.

          • joe schmo

            New thoughts and ideas? You mean the decadent half completed idea-less concepts that spew out of the mouths of people like Obama and Peloser and Reidtard. Talk about ‘un-ingenius’ and, oh, I won’t even mention corruption in overdrive. Ever heard of out-of-the-box thinking or research? Guess that hasn’t occurred to most Liberals. Part of my job. I do it all the time.

            I suppose I could accept your new ideas if I lived at the end of the Roman Empire.

            LOL, thin skinned just about as thin skinned as you all. Get real.

          • Grace Kelly

            No, we don’t like you. You speak in RW talking points, and they aren’t true. Lots of people see Faux News as the funniest thing on TV and feel sorry for all the fools who believe what they’re told.

          • joe schmo

            Of course you don’t and, to think, your President has only added to the conflict. Keep it up and then thank yourself for our rapid decline, comrad:)

            …..and I think your responses are hilarious…

  • Bob Williams

    The joke is on the Republicans? You are referring to Obama – right?

    • latebloomingrandma

      Try to keep up, Bob.

      • BillP

        He can’s, he tends to be a bit slow on the draw.

      • Bill Boltz

        He’s obviously a GOP devotee. Way to go Bob….keep maintaining the GOP idiot standard.

    • charpro

      Obviously, Republicans are their own best joke.

  • SAJP

    I know it’s a seemingly long, slow, painful process to get the Sleeping Majority to wake up, but gooberism is dying, and via bellowing imbeciles like Lush Limbo, we can hear their death moans and must dodge the putrid spittle of their sucked-up little minds. But since Prince Dubby and Dead-Eye Dick started their Lemming March–turning a country that was founded upon principles of the Enlightenment into a myopic, isolationist, corporate-sponsored war machine–we see our youth far more free-thinking and less subject to the right’s Elmer Gantryism and criminally perverse ideology. With Colber’ in place, I am even more optimistic.

    • ps0rjl

      Hopefully young people will wise up and realize that the war machine depends on the middle and lower class youth to fight their wars. Tell them instead to send their sons and daughters. I hope are youth aren’t fooled by their flag waving and tell them to send their kids.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    I’ll tell you about something I’ve been saying/writing for quite some time now: Karl Rove, who was nicknamed “Turdblossom” by Bush 41, appeared on the Fascist GOP’s cable TV propaganda arm, Fox “News”, and, for once, told us the truth about something: the rich, old white male Conservative power structure of the party consider everyone else in the party to be “Useful Idiots”. Allow me to interpret that for you: if you’re a GOP Progressive, Moderate, Libertarian, Tea Partier, woman, minority or “middle class Conservative”, you’re considered a Useful Idiot. That means that the headline for this story is partially correct. The joke is on ANYONE in the GOP that isn’t a rich, old white male Conservative.
    I’m a Non-Affiliated voter that hasn’t belonged to a political party since 1990. I can tell you this, though: I’d NEVER be a member of a political party that considers me to be a “Useful Idiot”…the question becomes, “why would the Useful Idiots of the GOP want to?!?”
    P.S. The results of a study of self-professed “Conservatives” was released last year and those results were not at all a surprise to me. As it turns out, many “Conservatives” are actually Progressives! The study asked all respondents a dozen questions whose answers specifically peg the respondents’ political philosophy. There were two questions in particular that really drove the point home: most of the respondents are “Pro-choice” and support Progressive taxation. True “Conservatives” are radically anti-abortion and support our current “Upside-Down” federal tax system.

  • elw

    I really do not think anyone has to worry too much about the Joke continuing to be on the Republicans. We live in a 24/7 news world desperate for new information to report. I am sure that as the election season heats up we will all be privileged to many comments from GOP mouths that will make a joke out of them. It is about the only thing they are good at. In the meantime do not forget to vote – there are way too many people out there who honestly do not recognize the difference between the fake, comedy news programs and the real ones. However, in all fairness, that might be because many of the real news stations do a pretty good job of making a joke out themselves on regular basis.

    • mah101

      The people who watch the fake comedy news programs are better informed – perhaps those shows do a better job of conveying events in perspective than the CNN, Fox, and others?

      • latebloomingrandma

        There is nothing like well crafted and brilliantly executed satire to get to the heart of what’s really going on, and expose the rampant hypocrisy present in our politics. Many people don’t understand satire. Thank God for comedians, so we can laugh instead of cry all the time. I will sorely miss Colbert’s character and wonder what his new take on politics will be..

      • elw

        That is because you have to be somewhat informed to even understand the joke mixed in with the actual facts. It is the people who get angry over the skits as if it was a real news program. I never watch CNN or FOX – occasionally I watch MSNBC. I do not get regular TV or cable and get most of my news from the Internets.

    • ralphkr

      Unfortunately, elw, there is a large group of people who ALWAYS vote who believe everything a conservative says, no matter how stupid, as coming straight from God.

      • elw

        I guess how much you worry about that depend on your view of it. While is true that the Conservative have a base that vote for them blindly, it is not that big about 30% and their numbers are steadily shrinking. Democrats also have a base that votes for them blindly. However, when it comes to the issues polls consistently show that significantly more people support the Democratic stands on issues than the Republican stand on the issues. The GOPs biggest advantage is that their base is older and more likely to vote than the Democratic base is. But that is something we can change and all it would take is nagging every person you know to get out and vote even in those annoying midterm elections. If you really want to do something work with your local chapter to help them with their get out the vote campaign. I think the President Obama showed in both his 2008 and 2012 elections what happen when you can get people to the polls to vote.

        • ralphkr

          You have reminded me that back in the 40s & 50s I lived in an uber-conservative northern Midwestern state that had proof that there were fraudulent votes being cast. Their proof: There was a smattering of votes for Democratic candidates.

          • elw

            That is because they base everything the believe on the people with whom they attend church. All five of them.

  • charpro

    While it is not true that all conservatives are stupid, it is true that most stupid people are conservatives. ~~John Stuart Mill

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      I’ve long known of Mill’s comment-thank you for writing it for all of us. Of course you understand that the conservatives in 90% of cases have no idea of who Mills was.

      • charpro

        Conservatives do not want any new or better ideas, the ones they already ignore are good enough.

        • joe schmo

          Wow, this sounds more like you all. Conservatives are more apt to be skeptical about everything. They question authority, whereas you idiots are like a suppository up you know who’s behind.

          • Lynda Groom

            Perhaps you mean conspiratorial rather than skeptical? Conservative don’t question authority, they crave authoritian figures for leadership. Seriously friend, you’ve got to do a little research on the character traits of so-called conservatives. At by that I mean the definition of conservatives today. When I volunteered for the Goldwater campaign we weren’t like todays variety I can assure of that.

          • joe schmo

            Ms Groom, then you don’t know Conservatives very well. I read a report about Liberals and Conservatives the other day…..Let’s see…Both groups were given a test where they had to follow an object with their eyes. The Liberals followed the object without even a blink. Conservatives on the other hand did not. As a result, the researchers found that Liberals were like followers and Conservatives tended to look around more for other options (objects). Sad but true.

            If you look at the latest incident with Cliven Bundy which was not introduced to your media, you would realize that Conservatives are somewhat rebels not easily manipulated by the government.

            I can somewhat remember Goldwater. I was quite small at the time, and I believe we have less freedom now than we did then…..

          • sleepvark

            schmuck, you claim to have actually read something? above 2nd grade level? You have no credibility whatsoever with such a claim. Perhaps you saw it on fux news, and have learned to parrot that toilet waste verbatim. Congratulations. You are a regurgitant idiot.
            I remember Goldwater too. He would not even qualify as a conservative these days. Much too liberal in his views according to current conservative standards.

          • joe schmo

            Dude, I remember from Johnson (one of our worst Presidents ever) forward. Vietnam and Huey. Who knows he might have been the demise of Kennedy. What an idiot he was. He was the beginning of our end. With the exception of Reagan, most of our presidents have leaned towards the Liberal side. Doesn’t surprise me that America is going down the toilet.

            My parents were very political. They came from Communist Europe. I learned about what happened in Europe during and after the War. When my parents came over to America they said it was truly the land of milk and honey. During that time, the world was your oyster. America was revered all over the world. However nowadays, my father said that what is happening with the politics, specifically now during the Obama Administration, appears to be more and more like the Communism he escaped from. Fox news didn’t have anything to do with it.

          • sleepvark

            Surely you jest! The sounds of silence from the idiot right-wingers were deafening during the shrub administration’s criminal actions, like torture for instance. Skepticism requires rational thought, utterly lacking in your quarters.
            What toilet are you drinking from to come up with this rubbish?

          • joe schmo

            Hmmm and how many blunders has Obama made to date. Let’s see….2 dozen and counting.

            1) IRS
            2) Benghazi
            3) Watching the AP
            4) Rosengate
            5) Holder perjury
            6) ATF Fast and Furious
            7) Sebelius blunder and Obamacare rollout
            8) The Pigford Scandal: An Agriculture Department
            effort that started as an attempt to compensate black farmers who had
            been discriminated against by the agency but evolved into a gravy train
            delivering several billion dollars in cash to thousands of additional
            minority and female farmers who probably didn’t face discrimination.
            9) GSA gone wild
            10) Veteran’s affairs in Disney world
            11) Sebelius violates the Hatch Act
            12) Solyndra
            13) Lisa Jackson incident
            14) Libya without Congressional approval
            15) The Black Panther incident
            16) Biden bullying the press
            17) AKPD not A-OK
            18) Sestak, we’ll take care of you. Rahm Emanuel incident
            19) I’ll pass my own laws.
            20) The hacking of Sharyl Attkisson
            21) An American Political Prisoner
            22) Get rid of inconvenient IGs
            23) Influence peddling

            Oh, and let’s not forget that at one point and time he approved drilling in the Gulf and right after that we had the Gulf Oil Spill. Gee, I wonder how that happened….and he payed Brazil 2 billion to drill in Brazil. Taxpayer money?

            Remember…we have to sign it to find out what’s in it….and then we are going to extend the sign up date for Obamacare and we are going to extend it one more time and one more time…..

            My, my we Conservatives didn’t like Bush much but this guy takes the cake of cakes. Vark you need to go back to sleep and wake up when you finally get it which will probably be never….

          • sleepvark

            Come off your drugs for awhile and smell the coffee. Everything you list about the current administration is a non-event. Reading it is enough to put anyone into a deep and restful slumber.
            You have absolutely no concept of right and wrong, no moral basis for your political opinions whatsoever. This makes you evil. I don’t know that I hate every idiot conservative, but I do hate you, because you openly support evil as perpetrated by dirt bags like the cowardly shrub and his cohorts, d head the draft dodger cheney and super chicken hawk rummy. Would you care to deny your support for those dirtbags?

          • idamag

            Joe is about to get kicked out of the tp Republican Party. He said he has liberal friends and that is not allowed. He is probably a shrinking violet and those friends don’t know about the ugly names he calls them on this board or they wouldn’t be his friends. Or, and this is quite possible, he is lying again.

          • joe schmo

            That’s because I get along with most Liberals believe it or not. Some of my best friends are Liberals. Makes you sick doesn’t it…… Fact is, you don’t know me. Honestly, the way we get along is the way this Country used to be. Too bad you don’t get it.

            Keep it up people. The bigger the divide the closer to chaos we will get.

            Not allowed….how dare you tell me what to do. As far as I know this is still a free Country, for now.

          • joe schmo

            Never been on drugs in my life. Nor have I smoked. Drank a little but not all that much either. Not like you Liberals. Most of you have a wavering load on from the time you were adolescents which has left some of your brain cells dead. Oh, and I don’t drink coffee either. Actually, quite health conscience. That’s how I was raised:) My brain has never been sharper.

            It’s a non-event because you people walk around with eyes wired shut.

            I beg your pardon, right from wrong, no moral basis? Wow you really don’t know me. Your opinionated decadent ideology is killing America. Free love and all that jazz just isn’t going to fix the current situation. Hate me! OK….LOL that really makes me laugh because I don’t care…..and you preach that discrimination is wrong. What do you think you are doing to me? Hypocrite

            Newsflash….didn’t care much for Bush……many Conservatives felt the same way but of course you wouldn’t know that because you live in a narrow-minded lalaland.

          • sleepvark

            So you defend your stupidity by removing all the normal excuses. Okay, you damn yourself with very faint praise.
            Your brain has never been sharper? Sharper than what? The leading edge of a fog bank?
            You are ugly and your mother’s a bitch. The dog next door has a good excuse for being that way, and he’s honest about it. What’s your excuse?
            Discrimination is a fine thing, as long as it isn’t racially motivated. I discriminate against you because you prove yourself to be an idiot.
            Free love my sweet arsch. I hate you because of what you stand for, and because you poke your nose in where you are not wanted, again because you enjoy speaking like a fool and acting like a tool.
            Don’t know you? I know enough to know that I know all about you that is worth knowing, and that is mostly that you are worthless.
            And yes, your every word reeks of evil. The stench is overpowering. It makes you so easy to identify and easy to deplore.
            Perhaps if you had a real life you wouldn’t be wasting your time as a common troll.
            So go get a job.

          • Grace Kelly

            They do have their conspiracy theories. That makes them so much more unbelievably stupid.

          • joe schmo

            Grace, stupid is as stupid does. You inevitably don’t seem all that bright to me, otherwise you would have contributed some cognitive supposition to the conversation.

    • Independent1

      It’s not just John Mill’s who thinks most low IQ people are conservatives, it’s also research done by LiveScience that seem to prove that:

      There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

      The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

  • paulyz

    I’ll be watching Fallon, way funnier and isn’t afraid to make fun of Obama’s idiotic policies, lol………Colbert to me is just another leftie loon, not funny, and get’s really weird in his political comments. Letterman was so obviously very pro-Obama & Liberal. When doing comedy, I don’t need to hear a so-called comedian’s biased politics……….

    • ThomasBonsell

      So you must really hate Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson.

      PS: Letterman was obviously very intelligent.

    • ps0rjl

      paulyz, we gladly missed your inane and stupid comments. Mommy let you use the computer today?

    • Independent1

      When are you ever going to enlighten us by listing some of “Obama’s idiotic policies” that you constantly harp about but which you apparently aren’t intelligent enough to even identify?????

      Are you really nothing more than a Faux News low IQ parrot as virtually all of us posting on the NM believe???

      • idamag

        Let paulyz watch that which is level with her intelligence. She probably would have a hard time following Colbert.

    • Bill Thompson

      Hey, what happen you didn’t vote for yourself.

    • sleepvark

      paulyzitface, you are a troll, and an ugly one at that. Go get a job. Any job. If you can.

  • MVH1

    This is the best I’ve seen on the subject in a long time. Another one out of the ballpark.

  • charpro

    Being and living as a “conservative” personally does not preclude the ability to be in favor of allowing freedom and happiness for all humanity (liberal), and yes, women are people too. Corporations are imaginary constructs, but very real, and still not people despite the fact they they are run by people who already have a right to vote individually.

  • Bryan Blake

    I enjoy Colbert but when it is all said and done he is first and foremost an entertainer. Anyone worth his or her salt is going to give their all to their craft. Colbert has made his choice to step up to the pinnacle of his craft. But in the end he is just like the rest of us – he works for his paycheck. The Colbert of the Colbert Report may shine through once in awhile but his new bosses will make sure he toes the line or his new job will disappear as quickly as it was given.

    • plc97477

      I hope it is more than just once in a while, but I don’t think the bosses will have to worry much. Gotpers don’t watch much late night tv and the ones who do would love it.

  • Richard Piamai

    Sure there is freedom of speech, but should there be freedom to lie? I commend the creation of the internet, because it really helps people to learn and understand what is really going on. It helps people read between the lines and can make a true informative decision that makes sense.
    And for those right wing idiots, well, they are idiots.

  • Angel Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Colbert may be a little too intelligent with creative originality for these right wing pea brain clowns to understand! So they would continue there disinformation dosage and just stuck with FOX!

  • CamCubed

    You know satire is accurate the more its targets get steamed and defensive.

  • joe schmo

    At least that is one thing Conservatives can do that Liberals don’t. That being laugh at themselves….

  • thowedthanka

    modern american “conservatives” arent really conservative so “racism against conservatives” is just some BULLSHIT!!!! if its not already just by using the tem “racism”…