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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Democrats can win control of the House of Representatives, governorships and many other offices in November if they do just one thing: Stop playing politics the way the Koch brothers and other right-wing billionaires do.

A surefire way to make sure Republicans stay in power is to continue pouring most campaign money into costly television commercials that sway few voters. But the path to victory is simple: Put all that money into registering voters and, especially, getting them to the polls on Election Day. Polls don’t count. Votes do.

For less than the cost of airing a major market television ad just one time, scores of voters can be driven to the polls on Election Day. All it takes are telephones, organizing, and cars with tanks full of gas. It could also be a good one-day jobs program for people long out of work.

You can make this happen. You can exercise power. You can change the direction our nation is heading in. All you need are time, focus, and determination. And you need to tell politicians asking for your donations that you’ll give not one penny for TV ads, but all you can afford in cash and time for getting out the vote.

Of course you could just keep donating to politicians who lavish money on campaign professionals, who prosper buying television airtime even when their candidate-clients fail to win despite poll after poll showing that Republicans are out of touch with what Americans want.

When 73 percent of Republicans support increasing Social Security benefits even as party leaders work to cut them, it shows that our Election Day results are out of alignment with popular attitudes.

So does this fact: Republicans control the House even though, in 2012, Americans who cast ballots favored Democratic House candidates by 60,252,696 votes to 58,541,130.

The reason the minority party has control is partly gerrymandering: The creation of districts, often with bizarre geographical boundaries, that corral Democrats and those likely to vote for Democrats (students, union members, minorities, etc.) into highly concentrated blue districts.

On the other hand, most people simply do not vote. In many off-year congressional elections, turning out a few thousand unexpected voters could change the outcome.

To get an idea of how much failing to vote hurts, consider Ferguson, the Missouri town where a white city council and nearly all-white police department abuse black citizens, just 2 percent of whom voted in the last municipal election (compared to 12 percent of whites). Because the city is two-thirds black, if Ferguson blacks voted in the high single digits, and assuming white voting is unchanged, the disenfranchised could win the next municipal election.

Republicans could, of course, also put more money into turning out the vote if Democrats change their strategy. But since poll after poll shows that strong majorities favor progressive policies, including closing corporate tax loopholes and raising tax rates on the super-rich, this is a game they cannot win.

So long as elections are dominated by money, the billionaires enjoy the advantage. The right simply enjoys far more capacity than progressives to spend on elections.

And the oligarchs benefit far more than unions or other organizations of the common people from the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision equating political dollars with political speech.

Griping about what an awful decision that was will not win elections. And like the Supreme Court’s racist Dred Scott and Plessy decisions, Citizens United is going to be with us for a long time. Better to work around that decision than to grouse.

It is also crucial to understand that many of the oligarchs see government in different terms from everyone else. They see government policy as a potential source of profits, or hobbling competition, and in general as an institution central to their welfare.

Many of those who grow rich off government policies think of campaign spending not as donations, but as risky investments, like venture capital.

In the 2012 elections, congressional campaigns spent almost $3.7 billion, far more than the $2.6 billion spent on the presidential contest. Take a look at the profits of companies enriched by anti-consumer federal policies – in banking, health insurance, railroads, or telecommunications, to name a few – and those seemingly huge figures turn out to be pocket change.

When candidates whom the oligarchs support are elected, they often – though not always — can be counted on to promote subtle but lucrative changes in laws and regulations. These include slashing audits of corporate tax returns, cutting safety inspections at job sites, and denying money or political support for prosecutions, as we have seen with the free pass given to Wall Street for fraudulently issuing mortgages and then bundling them into toxic securities to be sold to public pension funds and other gullible buyers.

The strategic big campaign donors to both parties know that while each of these investments are risky, the overall payoff from campaign donations will earn far more money than they can earn in the marketplace, as I have shown in my trilogy on the American economy, Perfectly Legal, Free Lunch and The Fine Print.

The income tax system, for example, has become a huge profit center for multinational companies, as detailed in my Sept. 12 cover story for Newsweek. The pipeline industry rakes in billions from a tax it is exempt from paying, yet under a George W. Bush-era regulation, customers are forced to pay to the industry. Nearly 3,000 big companies get to secretly keep some of the income taxes withheld from employee paychecks. Congress and state-level politicians help cable and telephone monopolists reduce competition and jack up prices. And politicians like Chris Christie, the Republican New Jersey governor who hopes to become president, enrich Wall Street by steering overpriced contracts to manage pension money to firms run by their donors.


Lots of TV ads are wasted money. As one chapter in a 2011 book on campaign advertising by Professors Travis N. Ridout of Washington State University and Michael M. Franz of Bowdoin College explains:

Your ad will be seen by your base voters, undecided voters, voters of the other party, and lots of non-voters. What you say on television, then, often can be wasted on viewers who will never vote for you, or never vote at all. In sum, television remains more of a shotgun tactic than a rifle shot.

Ridout’s and Franz’s book looks at politics as it is and concludes that television ads can be important.  But the path to electoral victory, as to profits for those taking on any entrenched business, is doing things differently.

Democrats should take some lessons here from business.

Conrad Hilton and his team came up with the idea of putting hotels at airports in 1959, and later inside the terminals. Mostly because no one had thought of it before, those who followed the traditional model of building business hotels downtown considered the idea crazy. Hilton made a fortune, in part because expense-account guests gladly pay premium rates for rooms they can walk to, avoiding the hassles of taxis, traffic and even more time lost to travel, as well as permitting more sleep before an early-morning flight home.

The Kochs grow rich refining their consumer products to please buyers, from the absorbency of their Brawny paper towels to the varieties of Dixie cups. Make no mistake; the Kochs are serious people who manage their businesses well.

The way to win, then, is to change the game. Instead of playing catchup in the money game, turn politics this fall into a get-out-the-vote game.

The strategy is for districts where the vote is not so lopsided that a Democrat could never win. If you live in one those, find a district nearby that could be changed with an unexpectedly large turnout. Call friends and start going door to door to register voters. Call people the day before polling starts to urge them to vote – not with those annoying robocalls, but real human contact. And take Election Day off so you and others can drive people to the polls.

Or stay home and watch football and Dancing with the Stars on TV.

Photo: Neighborhood Centers Inc. via Flickr

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329 Responses to Memo To Democrats: Change Campaign Strategy Or Keep Losing

  1. When will Democrats running compaigns start to get it right? Two weeks ago, I offered to answer calls responding to ads in college newspapers, in order to help students obtain absentee ballots or register to vote in the state where they attend school. These ads in newspapers would be inexpensive compared to the clunky TV ads I see in Iowa (which has lots of colleges and lets students register here to vote). Besides, many college students and recent grads like my son never watch TV anyway, but they do pick up the papers on campus. I can’t afford to buy the ads–but I could answer calls and look up registration procedures nationwide using our own Internet and phone service. I got a call back and then–nothing, even though Wikipedia helpfully lists many college newspapers.

    Here’s another frustrating example. My son, who works days and has no time or inclination to use to use the telephone, gets two or three requests daily to make calls for candidates–I get none. He sends them on to me. But I’m not making these calls yet. I need to call once early voting opens in a state and no sooner, or my one-on-one contacts will be wasted. People get distracted and forget to vote unless they can vote the day I call or the day after. That’s the sweet spot to put Democrats in Congress and in elected positions in local government.

    • Go to your local Democratic headquarters and ask how you can help. That’s what I did in 2008. Believe me, they will use you. I folded fliers and did all kinds of mundane things but I helped. I think the main thing they will need is for you to make phone calls. I don’t do that because I am terrible on the phone. I’ve tried it and I usually wind up stumbling over my words. They don’t know if you want to help. Get yourself out there.

      • Thanks, Billie, for the suggestions–and for what you do! I’m going to get on the phone when the time comes. It’s easier than you think, because the sophisticated phone volunteer banks provide you with a script to read and information to pass on. You can write your own voice mail, if they don’t give you one to use, and read it yourself. I had a great time making calls, and I bet you would, too.

      • Glad your local Democratic headquarters wanted your help, mine doesn’t seem to even want its candidates to win let any suggestions that would help them which is all I can do because of health problems.

        • Do they have yard signs? That’s how I just happened to get into it. In 2008 I went into headquarters to see if they had signs. They did and when the lady handed them to me she said “when can you work?”. I guess I just kind of fell into it. I live in SE Texas in the district that was Ron Paul’s and now we have one of those tea party nuts, Blake Farenthal. I have noticed in some yards in my neighborhood that used to be totally republican have Farenthal’s opponents signs in their yards. His name is Wesley Reed. Maybe the tide is turning. Maybe your local headquarters just need a little encouragement. They do have a script for phone calls and they will show you how to log in to the program. I have some health problems this year, too. But I’m still going to do all I can. Get the yards signs if you can, that will show that you care about our country.

          Sigrid I had the script and I stumbled all over it. I am just not a very good phone conversationalist.

    • sigrid, do you get any of the White House emails? If not, take a run through this one>

      What do you think of the info covered. Would it change some peoples’ opinions of the administration?

      If so, it seems to me there needs to be a better way to get the information here out to the public but I’m having a problem of thinking of a better way.

      • Independent1, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! It’s fresh and informative, extremely well-organized, both historical and up-to-date, and well-written. I think it would bring voters to Democratic candidates as long as they are moderates (if Republican), Independents, and Democrats. It de-mystifies many aspects of politics for those who can only glance at a site in-between running to two or three jobs–and it would be great for students writing civics papers for junior and senior high school. During a midterm election, so many voters will go the polls with a local politician in mind, someone they know who expresses an opinion about an issue having to do with their state or region exclusively. For that, these candidates will have to do something equally as well as the White House has in putting together and updating this website–themselves: This is a good model for them to use. Thank you so much for the link.

        • Thanks for your comments! After some thought, I’m seriously considering writing the President a letter suggesting that he ask the major networks to set aside time for a “9 mos report card on the successes of ACA”.

          A recent Rasmussen poll shows that the majority of Americans still believe that ACA will drive up their healthcare costs and that the healthcare they get will in fact become worse; when nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is ACA holding down cost increases, it is actually freeing up people’s incomes which is helping the economy and it’s driving down readmission rates and uninsured rates which is saving many states, even the red state of Arizona millions of dollars by reducing the amounts needed to reimburse hospitals to cover for patients who cannot pay. All of this is actually also saving lives. There are even some hospitals that are making a profit for the first time in their existence.

          That message needs to get out, and I think it’s President Obama who should give the nation that message.

  2. Give me a break….since when have you been losing? The Liberals have done so much to win elections simply by cheating, lying and corruption, I can’t even believe this article….Even though I am hoping the Repubs win the Senate by a landslide, I’m not holding my breath….

    • I see Joe Schmo is visiting us from Opposite World.

      >”win elections simply by cheating, lying and corruption”

      3 words: Bush. Florida. 2000.

        • The only anarchist is YOU schmomo. You resist the fact you were outvoted twice. That’s not anarchy? You want to reverse majority rule you hate. Not anarchy? Try looking in the mirror once in a while before you go around bitching about the President. You work harder bashing him than you do breaking a sweat Joi Boi.

          • Eleanor Schmo loves to write this crap, never offering any provable facts to support hi bs. He calls this anarchy and another troll states the US is a third world country. Those two statements shows the lack of honesty on the part of these trolls, just write some comment that proves nothing.

          • Comments filled with lies and propaganda is what happens here. There are few of us posting here that do not subscribe to being dishonest. If only you people would look beyond the propaganda, you might actually become people.

          • So show your proof of this country being a third world country. Your posting for the most are copied and pasted from some right wing website. Prove your statement “Comments filled with lies and propaganda is what happens here.” All you ever do is write crap without any supporting facts.

          • Bill, kenndeb is one of many RWNJs who apparently work for the Heritage Foundation and have no problem living with themselves after spending the day making inflammatory false statements and spewing lies and distortions all day long!!!

      • The schmo makes a celebrity of himself like all of the Twerpie contrarians always do. They refuse to act appropriately and expend one ounce of common decency. All you get from these overeducated contrarians is the word “NO.” You can get that from a toddler going through the Terrible Twos.

    • When are you going to stop with the lies Joe???

      Virtually every example of voter fraud confirmed for 2012 was with respect to REPUBLICANS. I actually defy you to search the web and find any major PROVEN incidents of Dems committing voter fraud.

      Republicans from putting up fake billboards to confuse voters in several cities, to posing as voter registrars in lines then tossing out ballots, to calling people and claiming to be qualified to take their votes then tossing them again – to on and on and on. REPUBLICANS ARE THE CHEATERS!!!!!!

      And I didn’t include the several incidents where Republicans gimmicked voting machines so that votes for Obama turned up as votes counting for Romney. (When it was clear that the maker of voting machines were big donors to GOP campaigns.)

      And more from the Huffington Post:

      From Huffington Post articles: (Just some sample articles)

      NEW YORK – The Times cites Sproul’s Republican Party ties and real voter registration abuse taking place in Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia, key swing states, in the November election. Charges include registering dead people and altering and
      faking registrations. Colin Small, a Republican voter registration supervisor in Virginia, and former Allied employee was arrested last Thursday and charged with 13 counts of voter registration fraud.

      According to the Times, Sproul’s various companies have collected more than $17.6 million since 2004 from Republican committees, candidates and super PACs.

      BOSTON – In the midst of his 2012 GOP primary campaign for a Massachusetts state House seat, Jack Villamaino changed the party affiliation of nearly 300 people in his town of East
      Longmeadow. Days later, the same number of absentee ballot requests were dropped off at the town clerk’s office, a list that was almost a “name-for-name match” for those whose registration information Villamaino had altered.

      Earlier this week, Republican candidate Villamaino pleaded guilty to felony charges of stealing ballots and changing the party affiliation of 280 Democrats during his ca mpaign for state
      representative. A judge sentenced him to a year in jail, only four
      months of which he’ll be forced to serve behind bars.

      WASHINGTON — Eight felony charges against Colin Small, the Republican contractor accused of destroying voter registration forms, were dismissed by a Virginia judge on Tuesday. The
      judge dismissed the felony charges under a probable cause standard during a preliminary hearing, Small’s lawyer said.

      Small, 23, tossed eight voter registration forms into a dumpster in October 2012, when he was working to register voters on behalf of the Republican Party of Virginia

      • Lying is a liberal trait, and because of that, you seem to think that there are no people left that are honest and honorable. I guess when you lie so much, it just becomes second nature to you liberals, but everyone is not a liberal.

        • And not everyone is a conservative. In fact, the vile and despicable Tea-Bigots have no ideology — even though they often lie and say they are conservative at the same time that they are trying to grow government big enough to invade every woman’s reproductive life and snorting up government benefits like a demon-possessed aardvark.

          Tea Bigots are the runaway champions of lying and hating, and that’s why all of America has quickly come to despise them more than any other group.

          • A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots and Tyrants!

            If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more tha…n ten rounds, but gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

            What a country! Now you can replace “idiots” with TYRANTS in this screed!

            How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

            This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

          • Speaking of ‘spreading it far and wide’, I’m surprised that you aren’t in prison yet for your terroristic threats against the US President. You vile and despicable bigots would no doubt feel right at home with ISIS, but your hateful behavior is more likely to see you spending quality time with Bubba.

          • Back on the coke again? Last time you thought I was standing outside your door during one of your binges. Drug induced paranoia is a bad thing. While you are getting help for your drug problem, they might be able to help with your liberalism.

          • I must say that I’m surprised to see you out here lying today. Isn’t Saturday when you have your NAMBLA meeting?

          • That’s typical kenndeb comments, full of outright lies or inaccurate statements. Calling Liberals liars is the width and breadth of all he can come up with. It’s amazing that these trolls denigrate this country that they profess to love.

          • There’s the door out of the US…Kenndeb…don’t let it hit you in your double wide. If you hate your government, hate your president, hate Americans who refuse to pander to your hateful BS, what the hell are you still doing here? I’d suggest North Korea Bully CON…I understand you’d fit in perfectly. Mommy forget to change your Pampers today?

          • kenndeb would be the first to blame the president if he boarded a plane with a terrorist aboard. Damned if the president does and damed by kenndeb and their ilk if he doesn’t. Who lives according to freaks rules?

          • Anyone with half a brain knows that you have to show identification anytime you vote. That is not the problem!!

            The problem is when states DICTATE the form of ID YOU HAVE TO HAVE and it’s clearly a form of ID that many millions of people don’t have and NEVER NEED -EXCEPT FOR VOTING!!

            That’s the kind of ID that JUDGE AFTER JUDGE is ruling UNCONSTITUTONAL!!!

            You prove our ignorance and cluelessness by not even being aware of what the true problem is!!!!!


          • Columnist here…

            Since I first voted more than 40 years ago I don’t recall ever having to show ID. So I don’t think “anyone with half a brain knows that you have to show identification anytime you vote.”

          • Here in Maine; my wife and I usually vote absentee and are required to match our name and address with our Social Security number on the returned ballot. I haven’t voted in person in quite a while.

          • Touche, David. I really didn’t take the time to think that one through.

            It’s getting tough here for the truly loyal NM posters in doing much other than reacting to the constant barrage of hate rhetoric often backed up by clear lies and distortions from trolls such as kenndeb who is posting from the Heritage Foundation’s website.

            Ideally, those of us who are honestly wanting to post here should be ignoring the trolls, but it’s often difficult to let their outlandish rhetoric stand without responding – sometimes irrationally. Which I think you may have noticed today.

            I’ve written to Joe Conason a couple times asking if something couldn’t be done to at least weed out some of the more flagrant abusers like kenndeb – who rarely posts anything meaningful – simply throwing out inflammatory remarks just to disrupt those wanting to discuss the article. I really don’t think the editors would find it difficult to review some of the flagrant trolls postings on the internet to identify those who are just here to create trouble.

          • You forgot to include in your post any factual information to refute the CRIMINAL charges listed and documented in the post to which you “replied.” I get the impression you don’t actually “respond” as much as regurgitate talking points.

            By the way, some other things noted in the 2012 elections include posting billboards in lower income neighborhoods FALSELY claiming that it is illegal to vote if you owe money to anyone; calling naive voters and claiming to be election officials who can take their votes over the phone; and in one state with heavily Latino populations, a “misprint” in the Spanish version of a voter information brochure (printed by the election supervisor’s office) listing Election Day as being ONE DAY LATE! In that case, the Latino voters who COULD read English obviously clued their neighbors in to the deception.

            If your “openly socialist” leader presides over an economy which brings the stock market to record highs after taking office in a depression (face it, that’s what it really was), he’s not a very GOOD socialist, is he?

            If the “harmful” health plan gets insurance for many thousands of people who could not get it at all before, thus saving thousands of lives, yet the people you worship are blocking it from saving thousands more, who is the “idiot?” Those who VOTE FOR those people!

          • Columnist here…
            Whuthesaid, please read my comments above and try to avoid the bigotry and focus on issues in a way that throws less heat and more light.

          • Are you trying to censor this forum? While I’m happy to have a civil debate when the opportunity arises, I am equally happy to call it as I see it and put vile and despicable bigots and racists in their place. When you decide to single out any posters here for censorship, I’d suggest that you start with those trolls who make public death threats against the US President, immigrant children, and other posters.

            Some of our best and most considerate posters here suffer a constant barrage of hateful and insulting rhetoric from serial liars and racists, and I’m not at all shy about giving them a taste of their own medicine. If you would like to have a loving conversation with kenndeb about his/her recurring public wish to execute President Obama, by all means give it a go. I won’t make any attempts to censor you, I promise.

          • You are such an idiot. Even when rational people call you on your vile nature, you are clueless. I actually do have conversations with resonal people. You just will never fit into that category.

          • And you are a lying asshole. You don’t have conversations with rational people — who are you trying to fool? Even the most patient posters end up putting you in your place. A good indicator that people dislike your bullshit is the fact that you’ve managed to accumulate less than one up-vote per post.

            When you can’t even get one up-vote per post it means other people find you despicable or boring. In your case it’s both.

        • And the HATER ISIS American Terrorist Kenndeb is offf………and running….Like all CON artist CONs…just filled it, pack it and stuff it with as much BS as you can. Then, when it reeks of hypocrisy, treason, anarchy and sedition, Little Kenndeb will go search for the biggest bus he/she (still doesn’t admit which gender a Kenndeb is) can find to throw everyone but her/himself under. See the duplicity yet?

          The word CONservative and CONfederate both start with the word “CON”…Kenndeb isn’t a conservative. Eisenhower and Stevenson were Conservatives…Kenndeb is just another tiny rabble rousing bad mouthing, self-serving CON hater who shill for the rich while living in a welfare state.

          Don’t look for the American Society of Kenndebs to Ever stand together united with their fellow Americans….it’s ALL about them.

          • Isn’t that a pile of dirt you should be crawling under? Most snakes in the grass need to hide. And from the look of most of your prattling posts, I’d say you’ve already expended nine-tenths of your hatred. The one you hate most is yourself…I can see why.

          • My hate threshold is limited, but I can extend it to stupid, ignorant people like you. My guess would be you are a spinster that could not find a husband because you are so vile.

          • I agree. Your hate is so limited that it ends up appearing stupid, lacking in common decency and accuracy. Who and what I am is well known sugar pants. You can find me in any bookstore or online. I’ve already told you I’m a published author of 2 suspense novels and an SEO copywriter of more than 3500 blogs and business websites..Now can you get your lazy ass business and do something that can identify you as a gainfully employed American citizen? Or is your only job limited to your limited hate for this president?

            Sorry if we can’t overrule majority rule for you so you could have won the past 2 elections. That really is the burr up your butt isn’t it?

            Sorry if majority rule so offends your sense of “entitlement” to be the last word on everything in life..OH gee..I just described a certifiable control freak. Didn’t I?

          • I believe you as much as I do your bud, stupidvark. He started out by being a fighter pilot, then a black ops seal, then a submarine captain, then a starship captain, etc, etc. He has done everything, like you, in his long life of, what, 10 years? I don’t believe anything a communist has to say, and you definitely fit that description.

          • Sick minds like yours have a knee jerk reaction to believing anything you don’t create in the fantasies of your La La land world. Your posts lack any credibility for one reason: You cannot prove them. I can. I provided a response to your post using the Constitution. You came back with same lame ass post that you can’t prove. If you want credibility, it’s common knowledge what you say must have the basis of proof. Intelligent people know this. Perhaps, you should have paid more attention in schools instead of looking around you for people to hate.

          • What would you like me to use for proof? I can do that. You can’t. I prove you are a hateful, willful little liar and CON who can’t prove single statement you make. little child what you post…Prove one single lie of the liberal using facts not bias. You can’t can you?

          • No ken you are the one who never offers any provable facts. You just find some bs on a right wing site then copy and paste it here. You are the liar not the Liberals. Your tirade on losing rights is just another of one of your imaginary events, name a right you have lost. Freedom of speech you can write your trivial bs here anytime.

          • Thanks he tends to write the same old bs – Liberals are liars, the president is an Emperor., losing his rights (though never responds when challenged on this.

          • Yes, it is probably the printed script from the Kochroaches. There are about 4 or 5 trolls on here who all look like they are using the same script. Happy day.


          • My two books both have ISBN numbers..You can’t read an intelligible sentence. One is “Barrow House” and the other, “The House at the End of Langdon Road.” ISBN numbers if you can actually read, 978-1-4512-3412-1 and 978-1-4626-6096-4….Look them up..It’s called proof. And, God could ram proof down your sick pup throat and you’d still deny it. That shows just how sick you and your ilk really are.

            You think you can reinvent history to your particular preferences? Think again.

          • Are you trying to prove just how stupid you are? You just posted, in a public forum, enough info for someone to find you. Seeing you are such a vile, nasty person, I’m sure there are some misguided liberals out there that might use such info. You really should not give out personal info like that. You are setting yourself up for disaster. Not the brightest move, even for someone as stupid as yourself. Let me repeat this, just so it sinks in. NEVER GIVE OUT ANY INFO THAT COULD LEAD SOMEONE TO YOUR FRONT DOOR.

          • In the words of George W. Bush …”If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

            No..YOU are the stupid one. If I’m published online and off, I KNOW people know who I am. They did long before I became published.

            Sometimes, when a non-productive, jealous little twit thinks they have to try to hide the failures of their lives, they post hate like you do.

          • I’ve lead a very long productive life, filled with wonderful things. I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren(I have 3 now) to have the same opportunities that I did, but with liberals in power, all that they will see is slavery. I have no need to prove myself to anyone, especially the likes of you. I also would not be so stupid to post personal info on a public forum. You are really asking for trouble, especially seeing how vile you are.
            You might want to start tuning up your broom. It is almost Halloween after all.

          • You are stupid, ignorant and too lazy to do any research. Your grandchildren as slaves is just another example of right wing hyperbole along with your other rants. It’s fun to read your ignorant comments, they just show how biased you are.

          • I’m glad you are entertained. Now if you would only learn something. Might I submit that it is you that is too lazy to do any research past what is given to you by the regime? Maybe if you would open your mind just a little, you would see what is happening to our country. They aren’t lies, they are truths that the regime would rather you not know.

          • Again I will ask you t prove you statement that your grandchildren will be slaves. Typical of your lack of anything original you take my complaint about you and try to use it against me. The regime, the regime, the regime, your use of this is so juvenile the term is administration but we know you right wing trolls are a bit dense so you will continue you juvenile writings.

          • Why don’t you just crawl on back to the Kochroaches and tell them that your cover has been blown. We all know you are working for them, you useless POS. Go get a real job.


          • Eleanor, I think the reason kenndeb doesn’t identify with a gender is because kenndeb is a paid troll from the Heritage Foundation website and can be either a male or female depending who is available at the Foundation at any specific moment to spew the Heritage Foundation’s typical brand of hate, lies and distortions of the truth!!!!

        • Columnist here….

          No, kenndeb, lying is no more a liberal trait than a conservative one. There is actually research on this that shows what you wrote has no basis in fact.

          Some of us — right and left and more complicated that those binary descriptors — work very hard to make sure we deal in empirical facts that have been tested, that others can verify and to encourage others to think about what they imagibne to be true, but that may not be as they imagine.

          Your comment does not inform. It does not help make our democracy function better. It does make clear your bigotry — that is, your intolerance of people with whom you disagree. You can be better than that if you choose. Democracy works when all people try to find common ground, as our contentious Founders did.

          As I wrote in four NationalMemo columns earlier this year, we need better quality civic debate — and one way to do that is for people to stop cowering behind noms d’Internet, hurling invective without taking responsibility. I hope you will try to hep elevate our debate rather than resort to fact-free flippancy.

          • Good luck with that David. I started out trying to reason with some of these trolls but it soon became clear that it wasn’t their objective to be reasoned with. No matter how many facts you could pull out to support your position; they simply find ways to discredit your facts and when that is accomplished, they simply change the tract of their rhetoric to get back into hate and inflammatory comments.

          • Perhaps you should chastise your readers here? I tend to mirror responses in kind. I actually accidentally ended up on this site. Most likely an article on gun control that rerouted me here. When I posted something I know to be true, I was attacked. I’ve noticed a pattern emerging. Anyone that posts anything that is not in step with the maybe 2 dozen regular posters are set upon. When someone responds to me in a courteous, respectful manner, I respond in kind. When I, or others , are viciously attacked because of an opposing viewpoint, I also respond in kind. What I see out of the handful of regular posters, is similar as a gang of bullies on a schoolyard. This group is not helping in any debate or conversation, as they are not content unless everyone is agreeing with them. I like to have conversations where an exchange of ideas occur, and I prefer to share my own experiences, as , at my age, I have had many. I also know that my personal experiences are true. Yet anything I say is a lie because it is contrary to the few on here. I come from a time and place where someone’s word and a handshake was all that was needed. Where words like honesty and honor really meant something. I did not see deception , dishonesty, and dishonor in people then, but now it seems to prevail, perhaps because it is showcased in our White House. I think, if you would actually look at the comments posted by this group of bullies, you would see why someone would think poorly of liberals now. I was a loyal democrat most of my life. I supported democrats and what they once stood for. Now I tend to see nothing good about either party. If you would like to have an actual conversation, without all the background noise, perhaps emailing would be best. You won’t see much of a comversation on this site. Far too many jackals to have that occur.

          • The use of invective, rudeness and fact-free assertions is found as easily at sites on the right as on the left.

            As my posts here show I directly engage people on the facts, but I also thank them for thoughtful contributions and I respond with references or links to facts.

            I examined this in a 2008 review of a book by Farhad Manjoo titled “True Enough,” titled ”
            My Facts, Your Facts — America and the pursuit of willful delusion” –

        • Prove it!!! You make nothing but inflammatory statements and can’t PROVE A WORD YOU SAY!!!

          You’re just like the typical Republican!! An empty suit!!!!

          • Prove what? That you have no clue of what you say? That most of the stuff posted by regular posters, a consistent group of maybe 2 dozen ultra liberals, are lies and nothing but hateful smears? Just read for yourself. Can’t you find your own “proof” just by reading what is posted by you people. It doesn’t take a very high IQ to see that, but you might have some issues considering.

    • Say Joe! How about spending about 12 minutes watching a video of a Rachel Maddow show from last summer where she exposes how vile the GOP of North Carolina is with their voter suppression tactics. While I was watching the video, it gave me the feeling that what I was watching was a reenactment of how Hitler went about beginning his take over of Germany back in the 1930s. Some of
      the GOP’s tactics in working to suppress voting in NC as depicted in Rachel’s expose were as Hitler-like as it gets.

      How Hard Is It Going To Be To Vote In North Carolina?

      Last Thursday Night, Rachel Maddow detailed just how difficult it is going to be to vote in North Carolina after Governor McCrory signed the most disenfranchising voter suppression bill since the days of the dixiecrats.

      In an 11 minute expose, Rachel shows at great length all the hoops and roadblocks that voters will have to jump through and hurdle on the way to their polling place. It is staggering.

      • NEVER! Your people are revolting and decadent Communists why should I do that.

        For example….MSNBC:

        1) Martin Bashir so reviling Sarah Palin that he not only called her a “dunce” and an “idiot” but prescribed for her an old slave treatment in which he said someone should defecate in her mouth.
        2) Alec Baldwin lost his short-lived MSNBC show after allegedly shouting ananti-gay slur at a photographer outside his New York apartment.
        3) Melissa Harris-Perry and her MSNBC panel, mocking a Mitt Romney family photo because, amid a sea of white faces, Romney’s adoptedblack grandson was on his knee.
        Harris-Perry later said that she herself had been born into a white Mormon family and that “without reservation or qualification, WHAT A HYPOCRITE
        4) Ed Schultz apologized for calling Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut” andwas suspended for a week. Chris Hayes said he was “uncomfortable” calling fallen soldiers “heroes”

        “MSNBC is now 85 percent opinion, according to a recent Pew study. Thechannel doesn’t have its own reporters and has no problem having such commentators as Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews anchor news events,
        including conventions and election nights.

        With so many opinions being flung around, perhaps there is subtle pressure to push the boundaries of acceptable commentary in an effort to break through the static.

        Personally, I hope things settle down at MSNBC. It’s good for the country to have three healthy cable news networks and a vigorous debate that doesn’t descend into offensive bile. ” (Howard Kurtz)

        Not to mention some news lately where different schools, univerisites and professional teams were asked to remove Christian symbols from clothing and helmets…..

        Child threatened because she said the Pledge of Allegiance for a commercial on television because of (One nation under God) so they pulled it.

        Classless, tasteless, cheap, decadent…. Typical

        Totally UnAmerican…..If you find this Country so offensive why don’t you all leave and take up residence in the Middle East or North Korea. Better suits your ideology.

        • joanne schmo, you are the unamerican one. You weren’t even born here in America, were you. You homeland was so disgusted by you that they all rejoiced when you left to come here.
          We will all rejoice when you go back.

        • Fox news, the favorite show in every redneck goober trailer park after Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo and Duck Dynasty, was proven to actually LOWER their viewers’ knowledge of current world events. You can’t get any worse than that.

        • The only poster more revolting than Schmomo is Kenndeb. You fool no one with your Great Middle Aged Man anger and contrary BS. It takes a country united, not divided to accomplish great things. All you bitchy Twits of the Twerpie Generation know how to do is divide and conquer. With your fantasy friends maybe. Not with Americans who have invested their entire lives in progress and unity.

          • The liberal ideology is that of communism. Communist lie constantly, just as most liberals do because they are the same animal. You might be fooling your low info base, but most Americans have waken up to the lies and deceit. The party of love and tolerance is neither. Just smoke and mirrors to fool people into thinking you are for the people. You are not.

          • Really? So that must mean you are a fascist right? Every one of the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution upon which our country maintains order and not your brand of BS anarchy.

            You need to get professional mental help. Your insistence on your brand of hatred for your government, the president and anyone not your brand of conservatism…which by the way isn’t conservatism of Eisenhower or Stevenson, is a clear indication of your sociopathic narcissism.

          • Liberalism is a mental disorder, but I doubt you are worth saving. However, you still may want to see if you can find someone to help, if you haven’t alienated everyone around you.

          • first, woken is the past tense, not waken

            you throw the word communism around quite a bit while it very apparent that you do not know the meaning of the word. For instance, you think Obamacare is communism, but show me anywhere in our entire healthcare system that the government has taken control (other than VA care)?

            Let me help you out since it’s obvious you’re too lazy to do any actual research other than what you hear on Fux

            Communism: a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.

        • Wow! You really are small minded aren’t you??

          I pointed out to you what a political PARTY is doing to disenfranchise millions of voters, and you come back with some idiotic examples of some random individuals who are jerks. Of course there are jerks in every party and in every stripe – and with respect to that, you really don’t want me to start giving you examples of how big the jerks are in the CONSERVATIVE RANKS!!! I could go on for days with examples of clearly vile despicable people!!

          That does nothing to change the fact that the GOP in North Carolina clearly AS A GROUP have acted every bit like the Gestapo during Hitler’s time. Something that totally transcends anything your childish response tries to depict.

        • Schmo where is your proof of the child threatened for saying the Pledge of Allegiance? Classless, tasteless, cheap, decadent…. Typical – these describe you and your buddy kenndeb. Liberals don’t have a problem with this country, you right wingers are the ones complaining about the US.

  3. We cannot fix stupid, but we can certainly get rid of them with our votes;
    to be sure you are not putting in another tbagger/thuglican



    • If you want to continue to lose your rights and freedoms, vote blue.
      If you want to have every aspect of your life managed by government, vote blue.
      If you want America to continue down the road to becoming a communist regime, by all means, vote blue.

      • kennboobs, you’re back. Your husband needs some coffee, You need to get at least a 3rd grade education. Now go adjust your bra and panties, and get a life.

        • Kenndeb has stated on one other thread “he/she” was a “he.” Then, on another thread, “she” becomes a “she?” And this my friends is the credibility Kenndeb wants everyone to accept?

          • he/she/it sounds rather hermaphroditic, not that that’s a bad thing. Don’t want to be judgmental. But the utter lack of intellectual capacity is what is so amazing.

          • Now, now….isn’t that one of your sides mantras? You are supposed to ACCEPT everyone for who they are. You are such hypocrites! CoExist my ass.

            We will never have peace in the world unless we accept each other for who we are. We don’t, so we won’t. I don’t believe we have evolved enough for this to happen. As far as I can see, you just can’t take the ‘primitive’ out of humans. Especially where your side is concerned:)

          • Only you and stupidvark are holding on to the misconception of me being a woman. That is because you can’t have an original thought. All you do is parrot whatever someone else says, and you did just that when stupidvark started calling me a woman because he was confused in one of his drug induces rants. Get a brain.

          • I know what I saw on another post about two months ago. You claimed you were a woman. Now you’re a man? Or, should that be WUSShood?

          • No…YOU posted on another thread you were a woman. Why are you denying this? Ashamed to be caught in a lie? Unlike you, I’m no parrot. My posts should have more than proved that to a birdbrain of your ilk.

          • So…when King Kenny Boy speaks…only Kenny boy sociopath is truthful? No it isn’t clear enough. Most men who are insane can’t be expected to make anything “clear.” It’s why they, like you, are mentally ill. You are pathetic, desperate and so grossly insecure, you can’t post a single sentence that would be rational to the rest of humanity. Who expects pond scum to be rational?

          • ‘Thar she blows.’ Doesn’t she realize that her ‘potty mouth’ really does nothing to get rid of us. Like most liberals she just spews ridiculous out of her brain and she expects her ass to follow behind her only she’s left it behind in lala land.

            We don’t scare that easily, Eleanor. It makes you look even stupider when you say nothing. Seems to us that you have then lost the debate because you have no factual information or anything credible to share.

          • joanne schmucko, go back to bizzarroland where you belong. You and KKKendebbie sound like you have been holding hands and sleeping together for a very long time. Your long term lesbian relationship must be why the two of you sound so exactly alike.

          • KKK-Originally a Democratic terrorist organization. You might as well get off that one. The KKK barely exists anymore. They only have about 2000 to 5000 members in the U.S. (Look it up, I did) Now let’s start talking about the terrorist groups on the left….The New Black Panthers, LaRaza, NAACP, ACLU….should I continue?

            There you go again spewing the ridiculous. From my end you sound almost prejudice agains that very group you seek to protect. Oh that’s right, it’s all fake because the real reason you preach diversity and accpetance is because you want the vote. Not very sincere is it?

            Just like you all we Conservatives/Independents stick together. Sorry, in that way we are no different than you. Only difference is we tend to think for ourselves and you lean on the government for assistance.

          • joanne schmucka, your expertise on the KKK is quite revealing. How long have you been a member?
            You try so pathetically to show your cleverness, but all you show is your ugly behind. What you know about US politics is poisoned by your tendencies toward your evil dark side. That is why I despise you, and everything that you stand for. You show yourself to be in an unholy alliance with all that is unamerican. Go back whence you came. Or go to hell. It matters not to me.

          • No, I informed my spouse about what many of you say and they told me the story. I had to look it up which of course you all never do and, wala, there it was. Made my day.

            Cuss all you want. I’m done with your silliness on this subject. As usual, I see you have nothing ‘sensical’ to contribute.

          • Of course, they never read anything we write unless they feel we are fuel for fodder. Skimming over is not reading.

          • Maybe he/she is a tranny? I notice that the vote and comment numbers are low, so may be just working thru the election? Obvious Koch whore.


          • Tyranny? Learn to spell. In a sentence your statement would be ‘Maybe he/she is a tyrant.’ Normally I wouldn’t give a shit how you spell, but since I am constantly being corrected, I felt the necessity here. Your Liberal education is showing…..

          • You need to learn to read. That is not what I wrote. I wrote Tranny, you do know what that is short for, don’t you? (Transvestite) Worry about getting educated yourself and don’t worry about mine.


          • Of course, you would know that….shock of shocks…..I can’t help but feel that is a cut to transgender people. Aren’t you supposed to love and accept them for who they are?

            My education is just fine thank you very much. Probably a lot better than yours:)

          • You are the one with the reading disability. It was a description of a person calling himself a he at some times and a she at some times. Thought you would be able to figure that out.


          • kennboobs, you talk like a girl. There’s no misconception there. Your irrational fears of the big scary black man in the white house and your pusillanimous rantings are so girlish as to be pathetic for even a ten year old virgin.

          • Don’t you need to accept kenndebs gender preference. Aren’t you supposed to accept the transgendered, and don’t you support the LGBT. Oh, I forgot, it’s only if they believe in the same things you do. What a hypocrite!

          • jolina, we don’t need to accept anything from lowlife scum like you and kennboobs. Your gender preferences make no difference whatsoever. You are a couple of jerks.

          • Now of course you don’t. But we don’t have to put up with your crap either. You back a wild animal into a corner and most often they will pounce back at you won’t they? That’s why we are here. You are beginning to push us to the brink and here you thought you held the title on protesting. However, you do it in a violent manner. Peacemakers, diversity seekers, equality for all purveyors….phewy on you.

          • It is unfortunate, but all I see on sites like this one is hate. Whatever happened to common courtesy and respect for one another? It is sorely lacking on most liberal sites. Any time anyone has an opposing viewpoint, one that does not parrot the regimes talking points, they are viciously attacked. All it takes is someone saying I don’t agree, and they are responded to with name calling and threats. I guess I came to my senses just in time, just before my party became something unrecognizable to long time democrats. The democrats use to be a reasonable, same group. Now they act more like rabid jackals, and talk most like communists.

          • Absolutely! There used to be an understanding between the parties. An acceptance that we no longer see amongst our two sides. That is why America worked. Our ideology usually slopped over on both sides. Of course, we were either more Liberal or more Conservative, however; nowadays it is all or nothing. I hate to say this but, Liberals have become more Marxist and our Conservatives representatives more Liberal. So where do most of us like you and I stand. I suppose out in left field fighting for a cause that used to be what America was. That very thing that you call reasonable. That fight for America is a very noble fight I might add. Confronting the Jackels in this battle is more than worth it. They are the ones who have always been confrontational bordering on violent while we have been sitting idly by for far too long. The time is nigh to stand our ground and I am glad that many of us are:)

          • schmolina, what cause is it exactly that you are standing for? Your every word glows with hatred for everything good and holy. You act as if you were dispatched from the evil depths of Mordor on the one hand, and then like an offended little girl on the other hand. You can’t have it both ways.

          • but KKKenboobs, you are the one who brings all the hate with you. My hatred for you is just a reflection. There is no need to ever tolerate the likes of you.

          • paulysleaze, so good to hear from you again old girl! But lets get one thing perfectly clear. There is absolutely no duty, explicit or implied, to tolerate the hate filled drivel of you and your girly cohorts. On the contrary, to stand idly by while you ooze your filth would be to surrender to the darkness.
            Not bloody likely in this lifetime.
            Bring it on, bitch!

          • Once again Intolerant Liberal that can’t accept opposing views. Just like your socialist pal Obama & most Democrats that ONLY want it their (enlightened) way. What a MORON! Gee, sure takes a lot of intelligence to rattle off some name-calling, LMAO!
            Got to run, gonna vote early & often!

          • pollyzits, damned straight I’m intolerant of evil idiots like yourself. Funny thing is, I really enjoy this!
            Village Idiot Weekly deeply appreciates your contributions.
            Keep ’em comin’, silly girl

          • Stupidvark is number one on my list of vile creatures that roam this forum, followed by whathesaid, then Elenor the hag. The rest are just rabid jackals, but this group excel at hate and vileness.

          • joline, methinks the maiden doth protest too much. Nobody is backing you and KKKendouche into any corners. You are always free to leave. No one will follow you.
            You are just pathetically paranoid.

          • “Backing you into a corner,” joe schmuck? Please enlighten us as to how WE back YOU in a corner when you come here with all manner of PURE bullshit?

          • What I accept is truth and fact. What Kenndeb hides is identity. He/she posted that in a prior post. Who and what I support is truth, fact, common decency and honesty. As for Joi Bois like you, you’ve skanked off the Middle Class so long you can’t accept that dirty mitts are a sign of slime balls.

          • Well, of course I hide my identity, as should any sane person should do when posting on a public forum. Apparently, especially when posting on this site, where anyone with an opposing viewpoint is attacked and threatened. It is very sad that people with such hate prevail on this website. You are one of the worst on here for being rude and vile.

          • Kenndeb believe me there are some that are even worse…. I also have to hide my identity. I don’t trust these people. Between you and me and the fence post, I have been threatened by some on this site so I choose to keep my identity private. I have never seen a Conservative on any site do this to any Liberal.

            Honestly, their threats will lead them no where because I have a brother-in-law who was a detective for LAPD until he retired and he now is a detective for a local Sheriff’s department. Anyone gives me any issues and all I have to do is just let him know. In fact, at some point I already have.

            Threats are going beyond debates and border on violence which I don’t put past some Liberals….Look at Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill.

          • scholina, really? Do you hide your identity everywhere you go? Can’t really blame you.
            And you pathetically refer to your brother in law in the LAPD, as if this guy was some sort of magical talisman whose sole purpose in life is to protect you from all the lions, tigers and bears (oh my) that lurk in places like this just waiting to pounce on poor little darlings like yourself. You sound as if you have been wetting your bed every night since this site came out. I can just imagine what your alleged brother in law must think of you, if he really exists (yawn).
            But please, send him my way. I’d love to meet him. Be sure to pay his expenses.
            What a pathetic little tool you are.

          • LOLOLOL! Oh, so you come here starting trouble and then whine to your brother in law like a two year old? Dammit, joe schmuck! Grow up and grow a pair! For Pete’s Sakes! You sound like a whiny two year old!

          • Wrong…Try again. You HAVE TO hide your identity…because you have much to hide. As for any sane person posting on public forums hiding their identity, do you live in a Neanderthal Cave too? I can take attacks and threats. I’m more dangerous publicly visible than hiding behind a kenndeb post name like you.

            You accuse ME of hate? When you are the one who posts hate for the president of the United States and your government every day?

            You’ve gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far with your ideological and partisan BS.

            When your ideology and party comes before your allegiance to the country that keeps your double wide free, your insanity is all too “visible” publicly.

            Here’s how I’ll prove your insanity. I love our President. I love MY country and my government and those who work hard to keep democracy in place. I think my President is far too intelligent for partisan red state regressives who live in cocoons paid for by liberals, moderates and hosts of others with differing views than yours.

            I think President Obama is so intelligent and so strategically sophisticated, idiots of your ilk just can’t keep up. How’s that for Hate?

            Now…Everyone on this thread can predict just how fast your morons who must always have the last word on everything will jump on my praise of my President and my country. Ready? Set? GO! Moron!

          • Seeing you have no fear about posting your private info, why don’t you post your full name, address, and phone number here? Or I can for you, if you like. I can se why you are so fearless. With a pointed hat and a broom, you would scare anyone. Most likely, you could leave the hat and broom at home. I’m sure you would still be scary.

          • Sorry…I never kiss CON ass. And you don’t get what you ask for just because you think you can. You have a lot to hide don’t you? Of course, I’m fearless..unlike you asses of the right I don’t go around hiding my name and my identity so I can rip everyone else off. You need to stow those horns and that penis brain/vagina brain. You can find all you need to know about me as I posted it…in any bookstore.

            Don’t you love it folks? Kenndeb who has to hide his/her gender AND identity now thinks “it” can make demands and everyone will just dance to “its” tune? Think again jerk.!

          • You have a real problem. I’m not sure it just liberalism that you suffer from, but a whole myriad of mental illness. I certainly hope obamacare will cover all that you need. We taxpayers sure can afford to take care of someone so super valuable to society. Please get help soon.

          • kenndeb…I’m very sorry your brain is so blockheaded. Your posts have been responded to by others than me. The 2 other posters who agree with you are in the minority…Just like YOU and they are in the minority over your hate for this president.

            I can’t afford to pay for MY healthcare and YOURS too. That’s what happens whenever slugs like you and your ilk think you can trot off for medical care in ERS all over the country and then walk off scott free of having to pay for what YOU received.

            You hate the president because he plays fair and forces YOU to pay what you use? For what you’d rather dump on the rest of us?

            You aren’t a taxpayer. Your state gets more of MY state’s tax dollars in tax subsidies alone…this doesn’t begin to count the phony SSDI you and other like to collect for debilitations the rest of us work with every day.

            But, as we all know…blockheads like you and your ilk simply must have the last word even when you can’t grow the hell up and play fair. If you want it? Pay for it.

            That includes the roads you drive on, the hospitals you dump your healthcare bills on and the schools our taxes pay for.

            I paid for my healthcare and yours. I’m fed up watching lazy asses like you sit back and post all day and then collect a paycheck from the Koch billionaires. Get a life. You are a loser. You prove that with every post. No one agrees with you..oh gee…that must mean you’re a moron who doesn’t know how to take the hint.

            All anyone has to do to see what a freeloader you are is to read your selfish, self-serving, self-important BS posts.

          • Since your posts seem to get the MOST negative responses from more than half a dozen posters, who needs the meds? Your posts indicate what any professional clinical psychologist would tell you to your face (something an insane person like you can’t EVER stand) that you need help.

            Read your posts. Full of hate..your posts sound like you should be a member of ISIS.

            Let me guess…McMommy dropped her lil sweetums on his/her ass and it caused brain damage.

            Do you want to deny that you receive the most negative responses to your posts? You have no friends…only enemies because you are a bona enemy of the US. You’re a traitor to your country because you can’t even stop your BS divisionist attitude when it matters most. It’s really ALL about YOU YOU YOU isn’t it? Enjoy your narcissism…by yourself. I pity anyone who would come within 5 ft of you. You’re a plague of terrorism that needs to be seen to and altered.

          • While you were burning your bra and the American flag, I was serving. Unfortunately it is people like you that is the biggest threat to our country. Unless you have done something other that rabble rouse, and had actually served this country, go take a flying ****.

          • Of course you were “serving.” Time in a state mental institution. Or, perhaps, a state correctional facility? 3 hots and a cot on MY tax dollars?

            You are the biggest threat to yourself. You prefer to insist you are the only one who knows what’s best for the country even when it is far beyond the pale of human or civil rights. No insanity there in your expectation that you can have it all and get it ALL from the rest of us?

            Time for you to grow up. You are not going to be the last word. You can post until your brain festers into mold and turns green. Who cares. A cheese brain like yours hasn’t anything of true value to the country to offer. You are one sick individual.

          • Yeah. I didn’t figure I was done with you yet. You seem to be putting in a lot of time on here. Writers block? No one buying your romance novels? It’s hard to write about something you apparently know nothing about. I do see how no one would want to spend time with such a vile nasty excuse for a liberal. Go pet your 50 cats.

          • You? Done with me? I’ve have more fun tantalizing you and making you prove how mentally unstable you are.

            By the way, check the book store, I don’t write “romance novel.” I write suspense novels. I grew up unlike you.

            I never dignify a CON artist’s feeble ideas that they have EVER won anything but a roll of Charmin their McMommies have to hand them.

            I am grateful to you, however, for showing the entire world what a bunch of childish, self-important dung brains you CONs are.

            Having to try and write intelligent responses to my post must be the ONLY labor that’s ever caused YOU to break a sweat. roflmao

        • Honestly, Conservatives have nothing on the word ‘sexist’ and ‘bigoted.’ You all do that so much better than we ever could:)

          • joline, conservatives have had a corner on sexism and bigotry for a very long time. We don’t care what you are genderwise. Your postings are just plain pusillanimous, girly, silly with irrational fear and loathing for everything sacred to any real American.
            Go back to where you came from.

        • You see kenndeb, this is the problem with these idiots. They never quote facts because they are so reliant on Father Government that their voice escapes them. So all they can do to us is spew their decadent viewpoint through garbage language. Oh, and tell us if we spell a word wrong.

          Get a life ‘potty mouth’ you need to produce facts so that you don’t not look so ignorant…

          • And out of the idiots mouth spews more lies!!! The progressive posters on this blog provide VERIFIABLE facts multiple times more often than you clueless RWNJs!!!!

          • Very rarely….otherwise why would we say this so often…. I think you are actually learning something from us….LOLOLOL

          • actually kenndeb and joe schmo, it is a fact that Wisconsin Republicans espoused vaginal probes for women, so much for your rights and freedoms being upheld by Republicans, or is the fact that it’s only for females that you don’t have a problem with their rights being taken away?

          • ….and I might add sexist too. Unfortunately, your education is showing……and for your information how are women’s rights being taken away by the GOP. I certainly haven’t seen that. In fact, quite the opposite is true. If you are referring to the ‘Planned Parenthood’ debate then I honestly have to say, this is one area where I believe it is up to the woman to make a choice. Why should we all have to pay for that. As far as I know choice is something all humans innately have. Since when did it become a political issue?

          • “and for your information how are women’s rights being taken away by the GOP. I certainly haven’t seen that”

            you’re not looking very hard, I hate to do your work for you, but obviously you only parrot what you hear on Fox News, Wisconsin isn’t the only state that the GOP has stepped on women’s rights, Virginia has as well


            the law provides that women seeking an abortion in Virginia will be forcibly penetrated for no medical reason. I am not the first person to note that under any other set of facts, that would constitute rape under the federal definition.*

          • Huh! You have to do my work for me. That’s a laugh and a first. Adding facts for a change are we. Seems we are training you well:) ….Again, a misconstrued lie told by your media:

            Mark Twain once said, “A lie can run around the world six times while the truth is still trying to put on its pants.” When it comes to the breathtakingly false, not to mention hypocritical, attacks on Virginia’s
            ultrasound bill, this galloping lie is one both of commission and omission.

            Pervasive, not Invasive: The lies told about Virginia’s Ultrasound Bill


          • joe schmo and kenndeb, two sickos that are really the same. There cannot be TWO more idiotic people who sound so much like you. You may think we’re stupid but you take the cake, goofball. Look up the definition of Troll and that’s you, you old geezers. Geez, and I thought my great grandpa was clueless…you take the cake and you show your age. Thankfully you and your ilk will be pushing up daisies soon and we can get on with life in the 21st century without your idiotic ideology. Time to step to the future, joey and kenny (who are one and the same) adios and hasta la vista baby!

      • Which party has in nearly all 17 states attempted to force women to earn less than men? Which party seeks to steal half a century’s payroll deductions from SS to hand to their hot shot cronies on Wall Street?

        That would be YOUR GOP…do you EVER tell the truth?

        • Didn’t you read Eleanore….Kenndeb is a Democrat. Unfortunately, if you keep up this kind of attitude with any Democrat who chooses to think closer to the Republican cloth, you may lose votes:) Keep it up….will make our day. We will be more than happy to welcome them with open arms…..

      • Tell us, Boi Toi, what rights and freedoms have you lost that were caused by Dems. The only ones lost were to women by the Rs.


      • If you want to give up control of your vote to the richest people in America, vote red.

        If you like the idea of allowing people like the Koch brothers to hand pick their paid lackeys to do their bidding, then by all means, vote red.

        I do agree that the Democrats are not the ideal politicians.

        However, when compared to the IDIOTS and the WORSHIPERS OF MONEY AND POWER, the choice is clear.

        The Democrats will look out for their own best interests. Many of which will align with the wants and needs of their followers.

        But, those who bow down to the Koch brothers and kiss their hand will deliberately do whatever is necessary to destroy what little is left of the middle class.

        If that is the vision of America that you want to pass on to your children, then you must vote Republican.

        Which, by default, is a vote to do the bidding of the Koch brothers.

          • I actually took the time to read the trash in that link.

            Of course, no mention of “Turd Blossom” or DICK Cheney, no mention of Mitt Romney, who made a massive amount of money by over leveraging companies, bankrupting them, sending everything to China, and stripping the retirement funds, (without getting his hands dirty), George the Second, who managed to bankrupt everything he touched, (except the Baseball Club handed to him by the rich and powerful friends of George the First. I have always believed that he would have bankrupted that also, if he had anything to do with managing it.)

            I am convinced that the “Money People” told him to keep his hands off of it.

            Of course, the most evil and contemptuous of the bunch, The Koch brothers, who, by the way inherited a fortune, and proceeded to turn it into a massive fortune, which they use to circumvent the Democratic process by buying the worst politicians money can buy.

            I don’t care what else you write, I will not respond.

            My time is too valuable to waste more of it responding to RWNJ’s. And, you are one of the worst.

            In fact, I shouldn’t have wasted any time replying to your insane rants. Just a waste of time..

          • Thanks for reading this.

            Upsets you doesn’t it because it is so fricking true.

            No the most evil is George Soros. Jim I think you better take a second look and a third look at what you are thinking.

            This article is from a Canadian blog:


            Not only that he corroborated with the Nazi’s against his own people and tried to break England. Now he’s doing it to us and you fools are practically hugging him….LOL


            The ‘Koch’s’ have nothing on this dude.

          • George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

            The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

          • The only disrespectful turd who calls the president an “Emperor” is a pathetic turd who can’t flush himself without help.

            He IS the president. You lost 2 2 2 2 2 elections and will continue to lose more. Why? Read your posts hater. Most Americans won’t don’t live in DogPatch like you do. Most of us pay our loyalty to our country. But, I guess when you live in DogPatch, that porch is your only true view of life.

          • You fit in with the mental patients. Any professional would tell you you are one sick pup. Professionals all know that the most insane fear being labeled insane and do all they can to try and hide it.

            Unfortunately, you lost that ability to hide your mental illness with each of your irrational posts.

          • Yawn… repetitive. Get back on subject, Eleanore.

            Wasn’t the subject matter:

            “Memo To Democrats: Change Campaign Strategy Or Keep Losing”

            Not exactly sure what to think about the article since I believe the liberals may pull a corrupt and devious rabbit out of their asses. We’ll see…..

          • Kenndeb, I challenge you to just once mention ANYTHING that has any basis in reality whatsoever.

            It doesn’t even have to be remotely related to the topic of discussion. Just reference one single thing that is actually real.

            I’m not convinced you can do it. Because in the months on end that I have seen you trolling the living crap out of this website, it’s been nothing but low-IQ grunts out of you.

            Stop wasting oxygen you miserable P.O.S.

          • Kenndeb just ignore this child. He’s kind of wet behind the ears. He thinks he knows it all.

            Child, if you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all. If you cannot produce factual information then don’t waste your breath. Low-IQ…. Hmmmmm….If you want to compare educations, seems I am more educated than you.

            All of you on this site say the same thing to all of us Conservatives that venture over to this site. Kind of redundant and uncreative isn’t it?

          • Sleepbarf…I was NOT indoctrinated by my Liberal professors:) I kept my wits about me and my strong will. More than I can say for you.

          • What wits, joanne? You have the decency of a witless skunk. Everywhere you post the stench is overpowering.
            And a strong will? You are powerless tool, driven by the most extreme hatreds of the right wing, drifting along and obediently wetting your bed every night over the fact that things are not going the way your right wing masters would like.

          • If they would only treat others with respect and kindness, we could actually have a conversation instead of constantly bashing each other. It’s really sad that some people, and it is only a handful of them, are so full of hatred and vile that anyone reading this would think all liberals are this way.

          • Kenndeb, I have tried in the past. It is no use. I have seen Dems bash each other for the most mundane things. You won’t find that on the Conservative sites. Yes, they do chase off Liberals. However, most Conservatives on this site actually come up with new ideas, compare notes and state factual information. Check out GOPUSA.
            Mostly wonderful intellectuals on this site. You may like what they have to say:)

          • Something based in reality? The sky is blue. The grass is green. Liberals are destroying our country. The democratic party now talks as if they are communist. The Emperor almost never is honest. Enough reality based comments? Or would you like more?

          • Dumb shit didn’t get anything right.

            The sky used to be blue, but it’s now gray because the G.O.P. doesn’t want to do anything about pollution. The grass, meanwhile, used to be green, but is now brown because Rick Perry still insists the only way to fight drought is to pray for rain.

            Liberals are not destroying our country. Republicans, on the other hand, very much wish they would so they wouldn’t have to try so hard to do it themselves (really, tea-bagger, did you think we would forget about all of your House representatives celebrating on Fox News after they caused the shutdown?).

            The democratic party never has been, nor ever will be, communist. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is not support nor opposition to capitalism. It’s that one (Democrats) wants to hold corporations accountable for their actions while the other (Republicans) wants to give them a free pass.

            And finally, there is no emperor. There is only a democratically-elected president whom the Tory traitors who want to abolish democracy insist on calling an emperor because they can’t stand the fact that he was democratically elected.

            You fucking fail at everything, Tory.

          • Again, they are not my representatives. I am not a republican. I am a democrat that feels betrayed by my party, and can not support their communist ideology. Personally, I don’t think the shutdown was long enough. The republicans should not have caved. It was the right thing to do.
            On another note. Is there any way we could have an actual conversation without being rude toward one another? I find that I can usually talk to someone for a few minutes and find some common thread. What is ours?

          • Yet you spout forth Republican talking points, recite Republican conspiracy theories, and have devoted a disturbing amount of time to trolling around the internet looking for Democrats to but heads with.

            Bullshit you’re not a Republican. You’re just claiming not to be because you think momentarily that not being a Republican would be convenient for your argument. Much the same way you only give a flying crap about civility all of a sudden because you were not the last one to use vulgarities.

            There is no common ground, Tory, and that is entirely your fault. You have clearly decided that Republicans are always right, Democrats are always wrong, and that God is calling on you to be as big of a prick to as many non-Torys as possible.

            It took this long to even get more than two sentences out of your lying oxygen-thieving hide. You clearly always have been, and clearly always will be, devoted to being as big of a dick as possible just because you can’t stand the fact that you and your Tory ilk have failed to kill democracy.

          • Thank you and welcome to the ‘dark side’ or what the Dems consider it to be. The only breath of freedom left….the Conservative constituency:)

            I totally agree with you, kenndeb:)

          • I was visiting an ultra liberal friend that lives down the street from my daughter in the NYC area. While chatting with her, I mentioned that my viewpoints had changed. That I no longer supported the Emperor or the democrats. She gave me this shocked look and said ” no. Don’t tell me you went to the dark side.” I had to crack up. LOL
            I wonder if much of our divide is more of a urban vs rural. People that live in large urban areas are use to having police watching over them. They are use to less freedoms than those in rural areas enjoy. People in rural area are use to taking care of themselves. They grow their own food, and supplement with harvesting from the woods and waters. When you live out by yourself, your first line of defense is the shotgun setting by the front door. Most city folks have never built anything, or had to depend solely on themselves. I think the pioneer spirit is lost on urbanites.

          • Well, I am, or perhaps was is a better term. Just can’t take what you people have done to the party. Guess I got out just in time before the communists took it over. I also seldom get lost. Great sense of direction. Guess that comes from growing up in the woods.

          • KKKenndebbie, your boobs are jiggling so hard you are having trouble focusing on reality. They might even be manboobs, an even grosser deformity.
            And you don’t know dick about Hitler, Stalin and Lenin. Double your education by learning to read at the third grade level.

          • And yet those few vile posters here constantly scream for hard sources, but only those that are approved by the regime and liberals. No room for anything else but the same skewed data from government sources. You are right, this is supposed ton be an exchange of ideas and opinions, but instead, anyone that differs from the hive thought is attacked.

          • I most certainly am questioning your education. By the way, I do know about all three regimes. Especially the later two because my father escaped Communism and HE HATES IT. I’m assuming you were born here? I am first generation American and bilingual. I know how Europe and it’s politics work because I grew up hearing from family there. So don’t even go there with me.

            Maybe you are the one that needs to look up each person. What you will find is the fact that your ideology nowadays relates very closely to Communism. Sad but true.

      • Actually, what you should be pointing out is “If you want to live a 3-6 year shorter life, vote Republican”. GOP governance is proven to be HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH!!!!!!!

      • I get a daily letter from the President, and I am subscribed to the White House page, etc., but I don’t think I get this particular one, will try to subscribe to it. Thanks for the info. I think the best way to get it out to more people is to put the url on any appropriate posting. That is what I try to do, but don’t always have enough time, and of course, some sites don’t like it if you post the info a lot of times. But I do that too, just post it randomly on the appropriate article to get important info out there. Good luck, keep doing it the way you did.


          • Thanks a bunch. I was on one of these stories several weeks ago and an attorney said that that can be done. He told how to do it, and all. I commented that I hope that someone would start the petition, and a week or two later, I received the petition from one of my friends who had found it on there. Of course, I signed it immediately and have been passing it on, even on C2. If nothing else, it will wake them up to know that we can take this action.


  4. The GenX and Millennium middle agers are not handling middle age as well as they did their carefree teen years. The minute life reminded them it’s all about responsiblity, they became the Great Right White Angry Middle Aged Bullies who just expect everyone to step aside for them.

    They just need to be reminded WHY their teen years were so carefree and whose MONEY paid to keep their butt ends so cushy and comfy. Now, it’s their turn and all we hear out of these Twerpie Generation Twits is what everyone else must and should do in order that the Twerpies never have to break a sweat.

    Wow…do they have surprise coming to them. If they thought seniors would work half a century to keep roofs over these Twits heads and food on the table and then just fade off into the sunset, they’d best remember it was the Boomer Generation who made changes that the Twerpies today take for granted.

    Twerpies are basically lacking in work ethic which is why they never move up the ladders. They lack initiative and expect it all to be handed to them so their lives remain effortless. Because they preach their gospels of getting it all without breaking a sweat. They are totally incapable of seeing the handwriting on the wall. And, the worst part? They gain zero life experience living in their silly, overindulged, pretentious, duplicitous cocoons. You can see what happens when their kids are young adults. McMommy and McDaddy will become the US’s most bewildered generation.

  5. Cute Schmomo and Kenndeb’s posts all sound all too similar. Don’t they? Anyone want to bet they are one and the same disgruntled, lazy CON living off our tax dollars?

      • And you are certain of this because in your super powerful egotistical minds you know each of us individually? You two are sick sick sick pups.

        I have no reason to lie. You do. I have no reason to hate my country, my president or my government. I am the one who votes, elects and supports with my tax dollars the country of my birth. I don’t childishly balk when the majority rule elects a president I feel isn’t suited to the job.

        You do. That’s why you need professional mental help. Your contrarianism is akin to deliberate treason because you insist ONLY YOU know what’s right. ONLY your rights are important…Narcissism? Worse…sociopath.

        • Eleanore, can’t you do anything but cuss? Your ranting is typical. You say nothing. It shows ignorance.

          WE DON’T HATE OUR COUNTRY! If anything we are more patriotic and Americana than you will ever be. What we are not fond of is the ‘Emperors’ policy which we feel borders on Marxism. How many times have you heard this from us lately. We are not copying each other. Fox never told us we are going in that direction. Many Conservatives feel this. I know this because my family escaped from Communist Europe. We have less and less freedom. For some misconstrued reason you all think we have more. Guess it hasn’t hit you yet. That makes us wise beyond you. Obama is an anti-American, anti-colonial narcissist. He seeks to cut us down to size and become more like a 3rd world nation. He hates success or making it in America which is a bit hypocritical since he is a millionaire himself and the ‘first African American’ president.

          Cut the crap….you aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.

      • Thank you…I shall…Just between you and I and the 3 walls of the voting booth, I think the GOP actually believes they can buy the 2014 and 2016 elections and get away with it. If they do try that, they will have single handedly created a revolution they’d best be prepared to fight in the streets.

        • Yes, the crooked GOP and their crooked sponsors are trying every dirty trick in the book, and it just may come back and bite them. We want this to stay a democracy and we certainly don’t need a King Koch, which is the path they are taking us down. We need to find a way to eliminate the Kochs and send them out of this country so we can be a great country again. I heard talk on the news that the US is considering rides in space for those who can pay. Hope they take those buffoons on a ride and let them out up there. lol. Anyway, we are fed up with the nastiness of the tbagger/thuglicans and we should not take it any more. We need to support those whose votes are being suppressed. I also hope that Anonymous is watching and will be sure that the voting machines are not rigged as they were in PA and OH last time. That is why Romney and Rove were so dumbfounded that they lost, as it was rigged. Anonymous found it on the machines before the election started and fixed it back. We need them here in Michigan and in Wisconsin too. The GOP are in for a big surprise. They are already trying to brainwash the people on the news reports, etc., that the Rs have all this big chance of taking over both houses. What a lying hoax that is. Of course, we know they are only talking to the R, or just pulling numbers out of their own empty heads and just making them up, like FAKE NOOZ does.
          Thanks for getting that around. It had over 64,000 signatures the last I looked, and needs 75,000, so not many to go if we can get more involved. It would be a real eye opener to the GOP if nothing else.


  6. Kenndeb claims the country was founded by geniuses. He/she is right. It was. But not ALL were Christians. In fact, more than half were avowed atheists. Not all were conservatives. More than half were liberals. Apparently, the Twerpie Generation of Twits is desperate to rewrite history.

    If you read what they post, it flies in the face of the intent of the Constitution which was written to promote prosperity for all (The Bill of Rights) and equality for all. When you read Kenndeb’s posts do they reflect this? Or do they imply little Kenndeb has the mentality of a spoiled Terrible Two toddler?

  7. You forgot to mention the Billionaires supporting the Democrats and their causes. Gates worth $95,000,000,000,Buffet worth $65,000,000,000,Bloomberg $33,000,000,000 etc.

      • And hater Kenndeb strikes back…using a straw in the usual. Gates gives back. Did Madoff? Did Adelson? Did the Kochs? The last thing the Koch bois donated had a demand with it…It was a grant in the millions to a college “if they would teach only conservative ideology and education based on conservatism.

        See what’s wrong with that yet asshat? Education is supposed to have the ripple effect of inspiring creativity and further research and development. Your brand of conservatism does the opposite by seeking to stifle free thought and instead bullying students into falling for CON BS.

        • Like any rich person, of course they give back

          Adelson and his wife Miriam, a doctor, give a lot of money to Medical Research including cancer, immunological diseases and neural repair and rehab.
          The Adelsons have also given millions of dollars to various charitable organizations, many of which support Israeli and Jewish causes, including Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, and the Museum of Holocaust Art. Adelson is a member of the
          board of directors of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

          In 2007, Sheldon Adelson established the
          Adelson Family Charitable Trust, which is expected to donate $200 million to Jewish and Israeli causes.

          The Kochs. Of course. I know they just contributed 25 million to the United Negro College Fund. A very worth cause:)
          100 million to NY Presbytarian Hospital
          City Center of Music and Drama
          Metropolitan Museum of Art
          American Natural History Museum
          Mount Sinai Medical center.

          The Koch’s give back to good ole American Foundations…

          Stupid….Bernie Madoff was a liberal.

          “By swindling clients out of up to $50 billion, hedge fund manager Bernard L. Madoff has hurt — and in some cases fatally wounded — scores of nonprofit groups and charitable foundations.

          Through his Social Security-like Ponzi scheme that paid older investors with incoming funds from newer investors, Madoff, a heavy donor to Democratic candidates, also did irreparable harm to the liberal and far-left causes he loves.”

          Of course, this is just another example of the corruption by liberals. Soros is no better:) Next time I would double check your facts before you post, Eleanore:)

          • They give only what their tax accountants say will give them the best tax breaks possible; just like Mitt Romney and many other cheapskate Conservatives!!!

          • Hello..I am a 1 percenter..Now quite a few of you have worked for me for years and years..And I appreciate how hard you work for me ( like you have a choice snicker snicker) And while my
            income has grown by up to 300 percent I would like you to know that those poverty level wages I pay you will eventually go up to the point you MAY be able to get off food stamps and out of an existence of poverty ( although I am sure you have a refrigerator right so there should be no hurry) and help your family out..Now in the upcoming elections I am asking you to get out there and vote Republican because it is VERY important that we continue these tax breaks. deregulation etc that I have been given over the course of the last 20 years so that I can give you that raise sooner.. Trust me it is in your best interest..Don’t listen to those nasty liberals like those protestors at those fast food joints or Occupy Wall Street.. They don’t know how hard the one percent are working for you and we are so misunderstood..We just need a little more time to flourish and you will see your impoverished lives blossom into a glorious and fruitful life that we shall provide for you! Again thank you from the bottom of my heart..Now get out there and vote!

        • Stifle free thought? Are you referring to the government mandated common core program? Now that does really curtail free thought and individualism. It tends to teach liberal propaganda to our kids, and dumbs them down to be good pliable subjects of government.

    • Columnist here….

      Suzanne I did not forget anyone. Please re=read my column and note the focus is on relative capacity.

      Buffett is the focus of my Newsweek cover story, linked to above. I have written many critical pieces (and whole chapters in my books) about how regulatory rules and laws juice his fortune and drain your pocket. Buffett is not, however, a big campaign donor as you can tell by looking up records on him at, which gathers the required disclosure reports and makes them searchable.

      Bill Gates is not a major donor. The Kochs are investing north of $100 million this year alone and they are doing so in serious ways. Gates? Chicken feed by comparison, though big money for most people:

      Bloomberg is focused on social, not partisan, issues. His giving is modest given his wealth.

    • Suzanne, t here’s a big difference between donating to political candidates or to a party and deliberately creating fake TV ads that spew lies and distortions intentionally designed to mislead voters against a viable candidate by deliberately working to destroy their political credibility. Far and away the people that are doing the latter are Republicans!! RWNJs keep trying to discredit George Soros yet none of them can post facts that show that George is using his money to sponsor groups that are peerforming the clear dirty tricks that the Koch Bros, Karl Rove and other Republicans are doing.

  8. Kenndeb and that ilk call liberals liars? After everyone in the US heard George W. Bush lie about Iraq having WMDs and the 9/11 Commission reaming Rice’s butt for those lies?

    Do these CONs actually expect educated people to accept their psycho need to divide and conquer using their lying revisionist history?

    And, there is more than one way to lie. The other way was Cheney’s stock in trade operative: Lies of omission. Refusing to tell American taxpayers what we had every right to know…Start with Bush’s visit to Alberta Canada in 2006 to check out the Hardisty Alberta Tar Sands and set up the Keystone Pipeline. Every Canadian paper in 2006 was full of calling Keystone a done deal between Bush and then Alberta Premier Ralph Klein..So why didn’t US media titan billionaires publish this in US papers?

    It wasn’t until Klein visited Bush in 2007 to “seal the deal” without a word of public approval from taxpayers that US papers “hinted” at the Keystone Pipeline.

    And, if Keystone was kept from the taxpaying public, how many other lies of omission did the Bush puppet pull off in 8 years?

    • Educated people you are not. Over educated Liberals tend to leave the realm of common sense.

      Yes, Eleanore we know you are the queen of the Environment. Might as well start calling you ‘Mother Nature.’ So Mother Nature why don’t you enlighten us with your knowledge of the environment and tell us how that pipeline would be a pollutant? Last I heard the pipeline in Alaska is a refuge for reindeer. It keeps them warm in the winter months….. Have you ever heard of any problems with that pipeline? I sure haven’t.

      You hate fossil fuel and nuclear energy. If there is no longer any of these used to produce energy, how do you propose we supply energy to the entire Country? Wind machines or solar? One is an environmental pollutant the other is produced by chemicals that are a human hazard:

      “Last September, hundreds of Chinese villagers protested a solar panel plant for high levels of pollution, especially high lead levels, dense smoke, and toxic discharges to a river killing the fish population.

      It’s no huge surprise, since PV manufacture requires over 50
      dangerous chemicals in its production, including potent greenhouse gases, carcinogens, and toxic chemicals. The chemicals range from arsenide to cadmium and lead, sulphur hexaflouride (the most potent greenhouse gas known), thiourea (carcinogen), selenium hydride (highly toxic), nitrogen trifluoride (significant greenhouse gas), indium phosphide (known carcinogen), hydrofluoric acid (inhalation or skin
      contact can be fatal), hexafluoroethane (greenhouse gas), germane (extremely toxic), chromium VI (known carcinogen and toxin), carbon tetrachloride (carcinogen), arsine (carcinogen with high toxicity), and others. These are good things to realize when weighing solar pros and cons.”

      Either way, a lose, lose situation…..and you were saying?

      • Once again, where do you get your misguided information? Those chemicals you mention are also in fossil fuels. In fact, you use petroleum to make plastics so these chemical are rampant in the environment because of petrochemical use.

        While you are parroting the propaganda of the petroleum industry, the Chinese are leading us in the use of alternative energy sources. They are also investing in anything to them clean their air and water polluted by their rapid growth.

      • Do you realize dunce that a couple Sundays back, that more than 75% of the electricity used in Germany was produced by non fossil fuel sources, solar, wind and hydro. And that Germany figures within the next couple of decades that fossil fuels will only be used for energy production in Germany and most other EU countries in situations where non fossils can’t create enough – which will be a rare occurence.

        And that although what you describe may be true, that in creating solar panels there may,in fact, be some generation of pollutants, that these operations creating dramatic levels of pollution is finite!! As the electricity produced by solar, wind, hydro and plasma makes fossil fuels obsolete, the creation of that pollution will dramatically taper off or become very minor because it will only be needed to provide products for expansion or maintenance; whereas, continuing to use fossils for our energy will require pumping their pollution into our environment and atmosphere AT ENORMOUS LEVELS for decades upon decades to come.

        And the story that you were reporting was A FAILURE of the Chinese government in not overseeing the production of those solar panels in order to ensure that the plant was adequately containing the chemicals needed to create the panels – in other words, it’s no different than the U.S. continuing to allow companies like the one that runs the XL pipeline which just encountered another oil spill in Michigan to continue operating as it creates one disaster after another which most likely dwarf any pollution that Chinese solar plant created.

  9. Yes, we need to get out the vote–if we are allowed to vote. I live in Costa Rica, and the last state I lived in was Arkansas. I was registered to vote there, and for some years I received absentee ballots. I have just been informed by the office of the Secretary of State that I will no longer receive an absentee ballot, because I no longer reside in the state. I am a US citizen, retired from the Army, and I have just been disenfranchised. I wonder if it had anything to do with me being registered as a Democrat?

    • Doubtful that your political affiliation has much to do with it. You are more likely allowed to vote IF you are a liberal. Dems like to keep the opposition down by whatever means possible.

      • More rambling nonsense from a totally empty suit!! You never add anything of value to any blog!!!!! Which is the exact example of every GOP politician – in politics for themself and therefore THEY ADD NOTHING to the value of our government.

        • Conservatives add nothing to the value of YOUR government? How arrogant. How dare you! Let me remind you, Liberals don’t own this Country. The president does not own this Country. Our representatives don’t own this Country. WE ‘THE PEOPLE’ DO. This is not a one-party system like you would like it to be. And those corrupt Liberal Representatives aren’t in it for the money and power? Yah right. LOL

          ….And by the way, Voter ID is a very important facet of making voting honest. Sorry you don’t see it that way but maybe that is because your side really did do something illegal with regards to the last election……

          • Well, I’ll tell you what, if you really think I’m being arrogant for making that statement, Identify for me anything really meaningful (in a good way for America) that a CONSERVATIVE has done for America in the past 5 decades.

            And the following don’t qualify as really meaningful “ln a good way”.

            Cutting taxes at every chance which has exacerbated the income inequality in our country and have driven our debt to historical highs.

            Destroying the fabric of America by destroying the bond that had existed between a worker and his/her employer of “you do good work for me and I’ll do right by you”.

            Creating a fantasy in the minds of millions of Republican politicians which has been disproven numerous times, that ‘trickle-down’ economics really works. Another driver of America’s enormous income inequality today.

            Starting unwarranted wars based on lies that have resulted in thousands of Americans dying and being maimed; while also working to drive up our debt.

            Shutting down our government on a couple occasions which has cost our economy billions of dollars.

            Passing a Medicare drug benefit which wasn’t really for seniors but rather a give away to the Big Pharma lobby so it could rip of our seniors by billions because the GOP wouldn’t pass it if it didn’t include a provision that our government couldn’t negotiate lower drug prices.

            Trying to privatize Social Security for the financial industry lobby so it could rip off our government with high investment fees while putting our citizens’ retirement benefits at sky high investment risks.

            Committing treason by purposely sabotaging peace talks that could have ended the Vietnam War years earlier and saved thousands of American soldiers lives.

            Signing a bill that allows every America, whether really sick or no, to waltz into an ER, run up medical care bills they clearly can’t pay for, which is the main driver as to why America’s healthcare system has become the most expensive on the planet.

            Being America’s only clearly drunken sailor spending presidents while spending billions of dollars that were never included in their budgets that together with unwarranted tax cuts are the main driver as to why our national debt is now over 17 trillion dollars.

            And there are more but those will do for now.

    • I hope you will research this online and, if necessary or possible, go to the U.S. embassy or consulate near you and inquire about this, passport in hand. Secretaries of state are often in charge of elections statewide: sometimes, they do extremely partisan things in the exercise of their office. I have learned, as the parent of a person with disabilities, that when “officials” say no the first time, they are sometimes testing you to see if you will just go away (I might have said tricking you). Persistence often results in a fuller understanding on both sides (I might have said, reveals the truth). Maybe the Arkansas Secretary of State meant (while omitting to say so) that you could not receive an absentee ballot NOW: Most are not mailed to local voters until a month or so before the election. Maybe you can’t receive one unless you pay the mailing costs, which this secretary of state’s office omits to tell you. Make this office show you the documents (i.e. laws) that have resulted in your being disenfranchised before you give up your vote.

    • Columnist here…

      You can register with the State Department and vote in the Presidential election, as a child of mine who emigrated to Canada does. If any readers here know the process and can send links please do.

      • Yes, I know. However, I am no longer represented: I have no Congressman or Senator. And a Presidential vote would be recorded in DC. For a Democrat, that is like “carrying coals to Newcastle.”

  10. I totally agree with you, Mr. Johnston because it is up to the VOTERS to use their voting rights it is What? makes our Democracy work, with some Critical Thinking the Vote is still Supreme. MONIES do not mean a thing When? you know What? and Who? is the Right thing for your Country. What? the hell is going on in America, today, well, MONIES are trying to destroy your Democracy with Greedy Capitalistic Pigs, non-tax paying Corporations, Plutocracts stealing your ASSETs and privatizing your armed forces these forces are real and it is up to you, the general public to start taking care of business and VOTE these pieces of S***** OUT, because they are about making America theirs, When? we know that America is about Democracy For, BY, and Of All the People, I say Again, All The People not just Greedy Capitalistic Pigs,or our States and Federal Representives, Republcans and Democracts being paid by our tax dollars and Not doing their jobs, Well, I say VOT their Sorry A**** out, Out, OUT, we don’t need their help. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING. P. S. Those Plutocracts(commissioners) these pieces of S***** are for real.

  11. I am shocked that the internets are not even mentioned. Come on guys, I am in my 70’s and even I know that the best way to get to the youth is via text and email messages. I think the internet is also a great place to put adds and yet I see very few political ads put there. I agree that TV advertising is not as effective as it has been in the pass, more and more people are leaving traditional TV behind for internet streaming. I will not knock on the ground activities to get out the vote, but I also think organizing people to send emails and text messages to everyone they know the day before and day the elections would be just as affective as phone calls. I do it every year. It is also good to do what businesses do – send advertisement to anyone who buys off of their sites. How about a little pop-up for everyone registered as a Democrat telling them where to vote, who their Democratic candidates are and reminding them to vote sent the day before and on voting day. It would be cheaper, better and more green than the dumb, expensive full color mailer I get every year.

    • I think the pop-ups on the Internet are a great idea (as are many of your others)! I wonder if campaigns would buy them from cable and satellite providers, just like ads, and targeted like ads, so times and polling places–or link to this info–is matched to the person seeing the ad. There could also be link to a brief precis of the Democratic platform and Independent platforms, where applicable. Hard for us to believe on this comment thread, but many busy Americans among the 53% who did not vote in 2008 (best year of voting numbers so far) might appreciate a quick review just before going to the polls.

      • I am not sure how they are bought, but I would guess a good internet engineer could tell them. I think sites like move on and most of the more liberal internet new outlets could easily push the texting and email reminders to their followers. I live in a 55 and over community and you would be surprised how many are daily users of the Internet and text their grandchildren. I think it would help with all voting groups and it takes does not take a lot of effort to do it. I think all visitors to democratic sites should get email and or text reminders to vote along with a number they could call if they need a right or some other kind of assistance to vote. My dentist and doctor both use them.

      • Interestingly, and judging by the pop ups I get demonizing President Obama, it is readily apparent that the GOP is well ahead of us on this front. The sad truth is that the GOP has dominated the airwaves, the Internet, and public opinion, almost without ever being challenged, during the last 5 years.
        The outlandish claims highlighted by the NM every Friday, and some of the conservative posts in this forum, are evidence of a well crafted strategy that relies not only on radicalism and lies, but on effective tools to reach and motivate their constituents. We should have never allowed their allegations and propaganda go unchallenged, but we did, and we are now in the uncomfortable position of playing catch up less than two weeks from a critical midterm election.

        • I hasten to allay your anxiety a bit: We have less than two months, which is only slightly better than less than two weeks, but it’s something. The GOP does not dominate ALL airwaves, I’m guessing, as my son Alex, a recent college grad, tells me there are AM, FM, and satellite radio stations devoted to very specific audiences for many distinct types of music, covering unique ethnicities locally and (for satellite) regionally. Do you remember when the radio was the “music of our lives,” playing the latest hits and commercials for local businesses all day long, if you had time to listen? When I taught public school in Chicago, all of my students–black, Hispanic, Arab, and Eastern European–lived in families that listened to their own radio stations broadcasting in their own languages, as I did when I was a teenager in the suburbs. In college, we dropped out of radio (and television) in my family; but in graduate school, I used to listen to “The Prairie Home Companion” on NPR on Saturday nights along with a few of my friends, and I produced a public affairs television program to pay the bills. For the next two months, but especially during the early voting period, I will be on the volunteer telephone banks getting out the vote for Democrats and Independents nationwide. The equivalent of a pop-up will my snappy voice mail if the people I call do not answer. This is a drag, but you can listen to great music while you make your calls.

          • I listen to “oldies” every day, I enjoyed Prairie Home Companion on NPR, and I managed to find a local station that does not spend their time bashing Barack Obama. The key to keeping control of the Senate after the November election, however, is to convince an indifferent electorate to vote.
            I suspect that my negativism is influenced by the fact that I live in a heavily Republican district, where even an Obama sticker is enough to get dirty looks and lose friendly neighbors.
            Yes, 2 months is better than 2 weeks, but we should not have allowed the GOP to control public opinion the way they have, and should not have allowed their outlandish claims to go unchallenged. I find the fact that we are playing catchup and on the defensive perplexing, considering the many accomplishments made by President Obama,both in domestic and foreign policy, during the last 5 years. Anyway, thank you for volunteering and doing everything you can to motivate fellow Democrats and convince them to vote. I am sure your voice messages will be a lot more effective than the monthly calls for financial donations we all get from the Democratic party.

          • Thanks, Dominick. In the 2012 election, I was able to call in other swing states once the polls were positive in my own. Talking to people from out-of-state was a real tonic that gave me hope about the nation as a whole.

    • Columnist here….
      Sending a message is not the same as motivating people to action. In fund-raising for example, the ask is what matters, not the campaign. So I am a big proponent of the direct, personal approach; telephones for those 30+ and for those under 30 Internet messaging. But personal contact– direct and in person — motivates people to act, not just to be aware.

      • David I did not mean to imply that internet and text messaging would be an replacement for the telephone calls but rather more that is an excellent way to ensure that more people get contacted with an invitation to vote and information that will help them vote if they need it. I’ve done telephone banks before and I can tell you they are work intensive and many of the calls are not answered. I am a retired Public Health Professional with decades of experience trying to motive people to act – all the research will tell you that awareness is a very important step in getting people to act and I can tell you that my professional experience confirms that.

  12. The advice detailed in the article is sound. And, we know it works, because, the man sitting in the White House was elected and re-elected employing that strategy. Getting people out to vote is the way to do it. As the article correctly points out, “polls don’t count…votes do”.
    The article makes another very good point, one that helped to cause the GOP “autopsy” after the 2012 elections: buying TV ads doesn’t work as well as it used to. Conservatives like “Turdblossom” (Bush 41’s nickname for Karl Rove) found out the hard way that, in today’s multi-media environment, you have to target your audiences more effectively to get votes. The GOP seem to have received that message and I have the proof.
    On YouTube, I have a few “playlists” of music. While listening to one of those playlists last night, I heard the same commercial made by the GOP, an anti-Jeff Merkley commercial about how “Washington politicians, like Jeff Merkley”, are running up a huge tab and expecting the younger generation to pay for it. That commercial was run nine times (in between tunes on my playlist; they don’t have the “skip ad” function to employ) while one Pro-Merkley commercial, from his own campaign, ran.
    Of course, since I actually possess intelligence and sanity (which means I don’t vote for Republicans or Libertarians, who are insane), I know the anti-Merkley commercial is simply Fascist GOP “gaslighting” propaganda. But, the fact that the GOP are smart enough to buy commercial time on YouTube to get their message out shows that they now understand.
    However, the key point is education. We know that Fascist regimes like the GOP depend upon uneducated and uninformed voters to keep power. This is where the GOP Progressives and Moderates come in.
    What everyone needs to understand is that there are huge differences between the two major parties. Claiming that they’re the same is called “False Equivalency”. Probably the biggest difference between the two parties is their makeup. While the Republican Party is full rich, old white Conservative (Con) men, the Democratic Party is much more diverse. More than 90% of the wealthy men in this country are Republicans. The GOP need to spew Fascist gaslighting propaganda to make up for the fact that there aren’t enough Fascist and psychopathic rich old white men in the party to win elections. Those same Cons refer to everyone else in the party to be “Useful Idiots”. And, when the GOP Progressives and Moderates do vote for the GOP these days, they prove the Cons correct.
    The overwhelming percentage of donations to the GOP are made in huge chunks. The Democrats usually end up getting the same amount of money donated as the GOP, but that’s because they have millions more “small” donations made.
    The sad fact is that the GOP have gone so far to the political right that they truly represent only three groups of “people” now: fetuses, those rich, old white Con men and big corporations, who happen to be run by those same rich, old white Con men. Everyone else is truly represented by the Democrats. This is why GOP Progressives and Moderates need to go to the polls this fall en masse and vote for Democrats. Such a thing is not unprecedented. The 1930-1966 forebears of today’s GOP Progressives and Moderates had the courage and intelligence to do it. I call that effort the first Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution. We need a second one, pronto.

  13. Dem’s can also win with just 1 strategy and it won’t cost a cent. Have Barak resign that will show the electorate that they made a mistake and the Dem’s are willing to address the issue

    • Indeed. We would be better off with Biden who would, hopefully, surround himself with competent advisers rather than letting someone like Chicago slumlord Valerie Jarrett be the decider.

  14. It seems that all the Dems have to run on is class warfare .. Lets raise the minimum wage appeals to their low information base who are conditioned to believe that they are victims . Minimum wage jobs were never intended to be thought of as something that you could raise a family on but with the economy Obama has built that is all these people can find . Minimum wage jobs before Obama were always starter jobs for kids and teens . Jobs for people with minimal; skills and experience . There they could learn a work ethic and gain experience to put on their resumes … But under Obama we have the greatest number and percentage of Americans working Minimum wage jobs so this plays well with these people .. Well the Dems cant run on their records .. they cant run on the economy they cant run on domestic policy they cant run on foreign policy and none of them are running on Obamacare sooo ,,,lets play class warfare

    • If you think you are seeing class warfare now, just wait until the richest 2% has 90% of the wealth; then, you will see class warfare. Perhaps you should study-up on the French and Russian Revolutions.

      • The UBER rich always have controlled most of the wealth . The bigger problem is we are making more and more poor people . It seems the only thing the Dems have to run on at this point is class warfare . It is easy to convince poor people that are usually less educated that they are victims .. they want to believe theyr are poor because some rich guy got wealthy off the backs of them and other poor people . It’s hooey but it sells well . Most of the wealthy I know got that way because they took risks to build their own companies . They also have a work ethic most people dont have . I personally know to millionaires who own manufacturing companies . Both in their 70’s and both work 7 days a week to this day . Both of them supplied company health plans for their employees up until Obama care … Now one of these men is going to have to split his company in two so he can get below 50 employees in each company and none of the employees will have company supplied plans . He basically has to sell half of his company . You are not poor because someone else is wealthy that isnt even up for debate

        • Most wealthy people inherited their wealth. Some worked and increased it, and some (Donald Trump comes to mind) decreased it.
          Many of them haven’t worked a day in their lives.

          • Some do inherit wealth and that is great for them . Many more create their own through risk and hard work . These people are not getting rich on the backs of others .. They employ others . Mt friend who owns the manufacturing company in Mt Prospect Il wont retire because he is so loyal to his employees . Hell he built a brand new state of the art facility with air conditioning for them ( unheard of in manufacturing industries ) .. Im tired of those talking points . It used to be a lot easier to build a business in America but why start one now when the government is going to take everything you earn and create and give it to others

          • All I am saying is that for 30-40 years now, wealth has been accumulating at the top, at the expense of the middle class. Eventually, it will be redistributed, and that can happen peacefully or violently. It is up to the obscenely rich to decide which it will be.

          • Ok .. But forced wealth redistribution has never worked anywhere because it deincentivizes anyone from ever creating wealth again .. We are already seeing the early returns of that failed socialist style of policy .. So lets just hope it doesnt lead to violence .. Also remember it inst because people are rich that the middle class is losing ground .. It is because of failed programs like Obama care … They should’ve just done a single payer and based it on a National Sales tax of 1%

          • I am not saying whether forced wealth redistribution has ever worked or not. I am just saying that that is historically what has happened.
            I seriously doubt if the ACA is responsible for 30-40 years of upward wealth accumulation.
            I completely agree with you about single payer and a tax to pay for it: Obama wanted single payer, but Joe Liebermann was opposed. (His wife is a lobbyist for the health insurance industry.) Obama got the best he could get, under the circumstances. He needed that 60th vote.

          • You make some good points ..Obama wasnt too involved in how the bill was crafted other then a few things he wanted to make sure that workers paid for non workers and such . Mostly this is Pelosi Reid and Ezekiel Emanuels doing . The rich always get richer so Obamacare isnt responsible for this but you have to examine what the rich are compared against and why they have gained . To the point they are gaining at a record rate because the middle class is averaging $4000/yr less in income and we are making way more people poor and dependent . So when those go down the incomes and wealth of the rich grows exponentially in comparison . I dont think Liebermans vote changed the way this law was written … IMO

          • True, about Liebermann. But others, Democrats, who could not publically oppose single payer, hid behind him. He was the point man.
            The ACA is a poor law, that contains many good points. It could be fixed if it wasn’t for the intransigence on both sides.
            At the time, I was in favor of putting all uninsured children on Medicare, and gradually putting everyone on it. Those who wished to do so could have their private insurance.

          • My plan is real simple but the Dems would never go for it . Everyone from the President to the Public Unions to Congress to working people to entitlement people get the same exact plan and the same access . It is paid for by a 1% National Sales Tax . Everyone pays in NO exceptions . As the rich spend more they will pay more and even poor people buy stuff so they too get to help pay . As for entitlement people take it right from the EBT card They wont notice $2 off of $200 in EBT or 1 % off their welfare checks . The Public Unions get Obamacare instead of their Tax Payer funded plans ( this is why the Dems wont go for it ..) .. pretty simple

          • Have you read recent polls about Obamacare….seems most people are very happy with it? I guess you didn’t read that….either that, or you ignored it because you can’t get it through your skull that Obamacare has actually worked for a goodly amount of people in the U.S.

          • There has never been a credible poll done that shows a Majority of Americans like that Train Wreck and that is even though the people getting free plans are already getting them and the fact that Obama has Illegally delayed the employer mandate so most of the cancellations havent happened yet .. 3 things are already becoming crystal clear and they are that people are already being transitioned into part time jobs thanks to this law .. ( see Walmarts announcement ) Most Employer Plans will go away ( see what Ezekiel Emanuel predicted and Obama’s Illegal Delay as proof ) and Costs will sky rocket ( you cant even get a price quote for next year until after you vote ) … These are all things that Conservatives and the Tea Party didnt LIE to you about and Obama and the Dems did .

          • Yes, they “employ” others who build their product, which brings them profit. So, who’s getting rich? The worker who is barely getting minimum wage, or the owner who is raking in the profits of his employee’s hard work? Give me a break!

          • The owner should be the one making the profits he has assumed all the risk . An employee with little job skills little education and no or little work experience certainly shouldn’t be the one getting rich on the backs of the person who mortgaged everything he has to start that business .. If that minimum wage person wants to make that type of dough let them assume all the risk and let them pay other people .. Your argument is not logical

        • Apparently, the fact that your “friend” is choosing to break up his company into two entitles just goes to show how uninformed you are. Obamacare plans are excellent, oftimes better than company-supplied plans. As for being more poor people….have you ever given a thought that the reason might be because the conservatives have cut unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc, for people who REALLY need these to survive while they seek employment, and some are taking low-paying jobs because they have to bring home something in order to support their families, even if it’s a pittance. Not everyone is a “taker.” Some people need a helping hand, but the GOP doesn’t see that point….to them, everyone is “taking” from their money, which is BS!

          • That is a talking point and a LIE . Show me one person who prefers to have the company plan they didnt pay for replaced with a plan they have to pay 8K for with a 6K deductible …the ONLY cuts to non discretionary spending came about as a result of Sequestration that wasnt a Republican Plan it was Obama’s TOTALLY .. learn the facts

    • Columnist here…

      bikejedi, the stagnation in wages started long before Obama.

      The median wage has been stuck at basically the same level since 1998. In 10 of the 12 years that the Bush tax cuts were in effect (2001 through 2012) average income was lower than in the year that President Bush said his tax cuts would rise us above by stimulating growth. As a result Americans made $6.6 Trillion, or $48,000 per taxpayer, less than if we had just stayed at the level of Mr. Bush’s choice of base year (and he promised with absolutely no equivocation to lift us higher).

      The median income of the bottom 90% has fallen back in real terms to the level of 1966 — that is not a typo. 1966. You can read at great length about all of these long-running trends by Googling the terms above and my name in quotes.

      It is also important to understand that the minimum wage in the mid 1960s was more than $10 an hour in today’s dollars and that many people who make more than the minimum wage have their pay set by the floor government establishes on pay, as I wrote about elsewhere last month in a series of columns on the most precise and reliable pay data that exists.

      • Some of what you say is true , however income disparity has grown at its fastest pace under Obamanomics . Avg incomes are also down across the board ( approx $4000/yr ) .. The reasons are obvious as businesses get out ahead of the employer mandate of Obamacare .. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Fed Dept of Labor we now have the greatest number and percentage of Americans working part time jobs . So now you know another reason that Obama Illegally and UnConstitutionally delayed the employer mandate . Still companies are getting out ahead of it in anticipation . . We also have the greatest number and percentage of people working Minimum wage jobs which is also impacting the drop in avg salaries . It is also one of the reasons the Dems are all running on a platform of raising the minimum wage as their entitlement voters dont realize how that will negatively impact employment and also how it really wont raise their standard of living as everything they buy will go up a like amount . Its real simple .. You cant raise employers overhead from Approx $9hr to $15 hr and not expect them to have to raise their prices a like amount to cover that overhead so it’s a wash but they don’t get that . With Black Youth Unemployment at all time record highs do we really need fewer jobs and more unemployment ?

        • Columnist here…
          Having written far more than anyone else in America on the income disparity issues going back a long long time, I can tell you you that you are wrong. The polices that resulted in 16,000 taxpayers enjoying a third of the reported income increases 09 to 12 (compared to a decline for the same statistical group 1933-36) go back far before Obama. I have been a severe critic of Obama and wrote the first harsh critique of his administration 9 days after his 2009 inauguration, but the income issues are very long term trends involving subtle government police stat take from the many and give to the few, as documented from the public record in my books and numerous articles.

          Your understanding of labor economics is deeply deficient. You might study the matched counties study in which a county in a state that raised the min wage was compared to a bordering county that did not; or the San Jose versus the rest of Santa Clara County. You also ignore the reduction in welfare costs from restoring the 1960s minimum wage rates and the spillover effect. See my three AlJazeera columns dissecting the best wage statistics we have, a database literally no other journalist (and as best I can tell no published economists) analyses, as I have for years.

          • I’m glad you think so highly of yourself and you have appointed yourself the leading expert . However , you seem to not want to use data readily available or interpret it with common sense and logic . While some of what you say is true you seem to ignore that the rate of income disparity is growing at an all time rate .. You seem to ignore the obvious reasons for that . Yes the rich get richer ( your 16000 number ) that is nothing new but you are neglecting all the new Entitlement people , Part Timers , and Minimum Wage earners who have grown exponentially in the last 5 years. This is what is really driving this income disparity .Then you tell me my understanding of Labor Economics is deeply deficient ..

            I have to ask have you ever held a non Journalism job ? Im betting the answer id NO . Well I have worked for IBM, I have worked in the Nuclear Energy Industry ,and I have owned two successful businesses . I would NEVER read Al Jazeera the fact you work for them speaks volumes . Try using some present day data and common sense before you tell someone with a better grasp of real economics that they are deficient … And try not to think you are the expert in this field when you really have never owned or operated a business

          • I teach business, regulatory and tax law in a graduate business school and law school and have run businesses, including a continuing prosperous enterprise with 25 employees (retired) that we could scale up to many times that if we chose more income over family. I have met payrolls. I have negotiated a multi-hundred million dollar contract with exceptionally favorable results. And I have shown very successful enterprises ways to increase profits by operating more efficiently (and failed at trying to show some others, which fell on hard times because the senior executives failed to address these issues). And I can point to people I trained and mentored who became high level and even senior national and global executives.

            Actually the incomes of the very rich are declining, though their wealth is growing, which I am surprised you do not know since you assert expertise. The number and average pay of high end jobs is down, facts I reported most recently in the forum you refuse to read, showing you are not interested in knowledge if it comes from a place you imagine is unreliable (and which in fact is the most professional news organization I gave ever worked for and I have worked for the very best for almost five decades.)

            Again, the structural problems in our economy and labor market go back long before the incumbent, though he has not done much to address them except for the flawed but better than we had ACA. Did you now we spend $2.64 per capita on health care for each $1 our 33 competitors spend? That our competitors are highly unionized (including those at the executive level in Germany and the US-imposed requirement that Japanese workers have unions)?

            And what of the he massive stealth upward redistribution? From your posts I would expect would appall you especially because of its job-destroying effects. This gets little attention because so much of the data, while technically public, is not gathered in official statistics, but my WSJ and NYT best sellers show how they work and who benefits. Getting the facts has required many years of painstaking work by me (and some others) to collect and analyze from the public record, though you seem to think journalism is not hard work. I suggest you read my Tax Analysts work on MLPs (linked at Newsweek) which by regulation force you to pay them the grossed up corporate income tax even though they are exempt from paying it –and how the managers sweep this bounty away from the investors for their benefit.

            Your post shows you don’t do research and deal in empiricism. You can do better. Start with learning facts that affect what you imagine because the state of things often turns out to be very different than we imagine. Or choose to blind yourself to reliable and honest sources of information, some of which you declare you will never consult just because of what you imagine without knowing the facts.

          • Well if what you say is true you should be able to look up and interpret raw data and stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Dept of Labor . I am glad you arent just a journalist and have operated a business . It is a shame you think of yourelf so highly you wont even consider someone else’s postings . I am glad you are not just a drone for Obama and I have read Al Jazeera and discount everything about them , but compared to what passes for media and journalism in America these days Any way keep thinking yourself the expert and keep trying to convince others of that

          • I use this data all the time and other data, including showing to Wall Street and academic economists data sources whose details they were misunderstanding. If I did not have my facts right Congress would not have passed laws, presidents would not have changed policies, CEOs would not have been canned or in the case of Jack Welch given up his retirement perks – adv I am glad you look at NarionalMemo and AlJazeera, which like all sources should be read skeptically.

          • I will read the articles you wrote when I get a chance but right now Im going Bike riding … Have nice Sunday

          • I’d believe David’s data before I would believe yours…and I’m sure others on this thread agree.

          • Unfortunately, David knows MORE about what’s going on than apparently you do….all you can do is blame President Obama for things that happened well before his administration. The fact that the economy has improved considerably during his administration speaks volumes!

          • No I am blaming Obama for what has happened under HIS watch and due to HIS policies … Who do you want me to blame for that Bush ?

          • Ask yourself one simple question and it will explain it in crystal clarity . If Obamanomics is so wicked awesome as you and David claim and if Obamacare is so wicked awesome as you and David claim why is their NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT RUNNING ON THAT IN THE MID TERM ELECTIONS ??????? Simple answer … they know America would laugh at them and that they cant sell that soap … So why do you allow them to use you as a useful tool to try to sell what they wont attempt to sell to other people yourself ????? I mean they are so embarrassed by their record they aren’t running on it so why are you trying to sell that ????

    • Very well said and so true and, I might add, many young people that I know have to work several part time jobs, and live at home with mom and dad because they can’t afford a place of their own.

      • And you can thank nitwit Republicans in states that have enacted ‘RIGHT TO WORK LAWS’ while destroying unions which have allowed companies to get away with paying their employees poverty level wages!!!!!!!

        And maybe you should have sent a thank you to Ronald Reagan for being the starter of all this demise in being able to earn a living wage.

        • Union Man?…. The unions are part of the reason we have ‘outsourcing.’ They need to be revamped. Good riddance. ‘Right to work laws’ are a good start:)

          The last three yahoo’s thereafter could have made changes to Reagan’s initiatives. They didn’t. If anything they only built upon the demise of this Country. Times change and laws are taken too extremes. Immigration is just another extreme example of that.

          • More pure hogwash!! The reason outsourcing has increased is because of unAmericans like Romney who couldn’t have cared less about leverage buying out American companies, destroying them in America and shipping them ALONG WITH THEIR AMERICAN EXPERTISE to foreign countries where labor costs were much cheaper.

            Had Romney and his ilk not destroyed and shipped an American company with our expertise to build solar panels, it’s quite likely Solyndra would not have gone belly up. It was a Chinese company, that was once an American company. that flooded the US market with super cheap solar panels that made it impossible for Solyndra to compete.

            And undoing the damage Reagan did by his evil rhetoric that convinced the American public that government is evil, and that the wealthy are benevolent benefactors, is not something that can be cured by passing legislation or during any one presidents time in office. Reagan damaged America for decades to come!!!!!!

          • As usual, more distortions of the truth – you’re obviously preaching more Chamber of Commerce propaganda:

            Regulations, taxes aren’t killing small business, owners say

            WASHINGTON — Politicians and business groups often blame excessive regulation and fear of higher taxes for tepid hiring in the economy. However, little evidence of that emerged when McClatchy canvassed a random sample of small business owners across the nation.

            “Government regulations are not ‘choking’ our business, the hospitality business,” Bernard Wolfson, the president of Hospitality Operations in Miami, told The Miami Herald. “In order to do business in today’s environment, government regulations are necessary and we must deal with them. The health and safety of our guests depend on regulations. It is the government regulations that help keep things in order.”

            McClatchy reached out to owners of small businesses, many of them mom-and-pop operations, to find out whether they indeed were being choked by regulation, whether uncertainty over taxes affected their hiring plans and whether the health care overhaul was helping or hurting their business.

            Their response was surprising.

            None of the business owners complained about regulation in their particular industries, and most seemed to welcome it. Some pointed to the lack of regulation in mortgage lending as a principal cause of the financial crisis that brought about the Great Recession of 2007-09 and its grim aftermath.

            Read more here:

          • And from another article:

            Weak demand is small business owners’ biggest problem: 34% of respondents said weak demand is their biggest problem, while 15% cited the cost of health coverage and other benefits. Only 14% said it is the level of government regulation. The level of taxes came in fourth place with 12% and competition with larger companies garnered 10%.
            Small business owners see regulations as a necessary part of a modern economy and believe they can live with them if they’re fair and reasonable: 86% of small business owners agree some regulation of business is necessary for a modern economy, and 93% of them agree their business can live with some regulation if it is fair, manageable and reasonable.


        • You can’t say that. Just because the Emperor said that, the liberals will say it isn’t true, even when you can provide transcripts of his speech. You know that any negative comment about their messiah is forbidden. You will soon have the thought police knocking on your door.

    • Next to the idiot below..joewhatever…this has to be the dumbest comment I’ve read in quite awhile. You can either cut and paste well; or you can actually write a sentence with correct grammar. But if you actually believe the drivel you write, you are a complete and utter tool of Fox News/Koch Brothers…which of course makes you a complete and utter ignoramus and asshole. There I’ve said it. Now you can whine that I called you a Name. Oh boo fucking hoo. Get over it.

  15. There is only one way for the Democrats to win, and that is to employ the tactic used by Obama which is to LIE. Hopefully, enough low-information voters will believe and turn out to vote, and the liberal press will not vet any of the Democrat candidates.

  16. I worked on the Obama campaign both 2008 and 2012 and they used all the methods of campaigning. From what I see local groups have learned a lot from those campaign and they are concentrating big time on registration of new voters, vote by mail , phone banking ( almost to the point of driving people crazy with phone calls) and limited but targeted TV ads. I know the one thing we are missing here in Florida is getting the young voters charged up . We need to find a way to get the young really involved in the more local campaigns as they were in the Presidential campaigns. In my town in Florida during the 2012 campaign we had two Obama headquarters , one was run by very young men and women brought in by the national campaign and these young people were highly trained in running a headquarters, very organized and gave meetings with lots of energy . When they handed out jobs for the day they knew who would be at what site to register voters, who would be knocking on doors , who would be in the office making phone calls and shifts were set up in advance for people .If you were not there when you were suppose to be they dropped a call asking was everything all right and did you forget you were to be doing a certain job. They were not nasty in anyway they just in a very enthusiastic way made you feel having you there to do your part was really important to them and the candidates. Each time someone came in from completing their time out walking and talking or registering voters they cheered them and even if you only got to talk to two people they made it sound like it was a thousand. It made you want to get out there the next time and do better and make the cheers louder and it made you feel all the exhilaration on election night because you really felt a part of the team. The local campaign headquarters was run mainly by seniors and they did a lot of work and made phone calls but the difference in the excited atmosphere of working with the young crew to working with the old crew of our own age group was like existing in two different worlds. We need the old retired people without a doubt but we absolutely need the young , tech savvy full of themselves and energy young people to run a really great campaign.

    • Thanks for all the support you’ve provided in the past and I can only hope that there are more people like you willing to help with the upcoming election. We really need to all pitch in if we hope to ever make any headway with turning America more blue. (The fact that it’s really 14 blue states that are supporting our country makes that effort even more important. The more states we lose to the GOP the deeper America will sink.)

  17. David Cay Johnston has it right the key to winning the midterm elections is getting out the vote. Far more effort has to be made in seeing voters get registered to vote and turn out on election day. This is where the limited finances should be spent by campaigns. This is how Democrats have always won in the past. The key is people meeting people and helping them understand that voting is one of the most important things they can do. It is the way for their voice to be heard.

  18. The ideology of liberalism is little more than an ever-shifting mirage of doom-and-gloom prophecies conjured up by self-interested fortune-tellers and greedy soothsayers.

    • Columnist here…

      How interesting that your nom d’ Internet leaves off the first part of that name: Good.

      The goodwill of progressives and liberals has promoted an ever-better future. They gave us the Enlightenment, the Reformation, the end of the English Forest Law, the end of slavery, universal education, public health laws, the 40-hour work week (and thus invented weekends) and many other ideas that have enriched our lives and grown our wealth and lengthened lives — and the six noble purposes of our Constitution: a more perfect union (one with the power to tax and regulate commerce, unlike the failed first American Republic), justice, domestic tranquility, the common defense, promoting the general Welfare (capital in the original) and individual liberty.

      That is not to say progressives and liberals are perfect or always get it right. They don’t. But conservatives, when each of these issues arose, favored looking backwards. Imagine a world today with the forest law, instead of the restoration of the ancient idea that the king doe snot own every twig and rabbit and can torture and kill those who take either to warm and feed themselves,

      • I would agree that some ideas that have come from liberals have not been bad, and many social programs are important for the well being of our society. Ideally, the welfare system is there to help those in need, as a helping hand to keep one afloat until they can get back on their feet. Unfortunately, as most programs run by a government, it has become perverted into a lifestyle. There is no incentive to find work, or to better yourself when you can have everything handed to you for nothing. What liberals and progressives want is more government, more regulations, less rights and freedoms. I just saw the movie “the Giver”. I highly recommend it. Not only did I find it entertaining, but also a glimpse into what a society run by liberals would look like. Yes, it is a utopia, where everything is provided for you, but there is no choice or freedom. Everything is decided for you. What you wear. What you eat. What work you will do. No choices. No freedoms. Perhaps this is the world you would want, but for most, this is just another form of slavery.

        • Thank you for your thoughtful response.

          May I suggest you read up on the massive and growing welfare we give to the richest among us — the subjects of my books FREE LUNCH and THE FINE PRINT. This has grown under both parties even as welfare as we know it was ended almost two decades ago — and food stamps are a temporary phenomena that will go down when, and if, we get back to a normal employment market as aggregate demand rises.

          When government forces you to pay a tax to an enterprise that is exempt from taxation (Master Limited Partnership pipelines) to cite one example (that happens to be from the GWBush era), your welfare is reduced, billions are concentrated the hands of a few (the pipeline managers, NOT the investors) the beneficiaries make billions and the deadweight loss hurts us all.

          I have exposed numerous such devices that redistribute upward, but on which there are exactly NO official statistics so how sat this system is we do not really know. Indeed, I can point to many politicians on the right who hold themselves out as protectors of the taxpayer and yet work hard to keep secret the transfers they support that take from the many to give to the few. (See Boeing, Thyssen-Krupp and the nearly 3,000 company stat get to permanently pocket some of the taxes withheld from their workers gross pay.)

          The US ranks lowest among modern countries in downward redistribution — some of which we must always have, so I am sure that if you seriously study the record you will see that the reality of redistribution is the opposite of what you clearly and I am sure sincerely believe.

  19. Apparently more Americans have seen just how bad the policies of Obama & the Liberal/Socialist Democrat Party has been, plus the fact that in order to pass their agenda, they needed to LIE to everyone. Many Americans have seen the HUGE spending & debt, plus the economy is still terrible, gas is high, Millions are unemployed while they push “another” Amnesty & the growth of terrorism the last 6 years because of this administration claiming it wasn’t a major problem after Bin Laden was killed just before the last Presidential election.

    • Columnist here…

      GWBush was biggest spender, more than LBJ, and Obama is fastest reducer of deficits, as official data below shows. (The 2009 figures include the stimulus, which was post GWBush):

      Fiscal Year (starts Oct 1, prior calendar year) and Deficit

      2009 (1,412,688)
      2010 (1,294,373)
      2011 (1,299,593)
      2012 (1,086,963)
      2013 (972,902)
      2014 (744,189)
      2015 est (576,472)
      2016 est (528,385)

      2017 est (486,906)
      2018 est (475,266)

      Change 937,422 reduction

      Percent 66% REDUCTION

      If you want greater employment you should support a significant increase in public investment in the future, especially when we can borrow at the lowest real interest rates in 700 years. Fixing up our roads, bridges, dams, etc., MUST be done and the sooner we do it the more it will help restore a higher employment/population ratio and the less we will pay in accidents, deaths and damage to vehicles and other property,

    • Columnist here …

      Same as share of economy:

      Fiscal Year % of GDP
      2009 -10.1
      2010 – 9.0
      2011 -8.7
      2012 -7.0
      2013 -6.0
      2014 -4.4
      2015 est -3.2
      2016 est -2.8
      2017 est -2.4
      2018 est -2.3

  20. Mr. Johnston..thank you for this cogent and well-thought out article. Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears at the DNC. They are too isolated and way too arrogant to listen to you or anyone else that suggests anything outside their own Bubble. It is the single reason that I have stopped contributing any money to them at all. The DC Dems suck; they are mostly corporatists; they have abandoned the poor and the Middle Class. They will continue to take large donations from Wall Street and spend lavishly on idiot consultants who probably get kickbacks on expensive media buys while dining at five-star restaurants and flying on private jets. So sad.

  21. The real issue is that the two parties have degenerated into money machines that support the same economic system. Both the democratic/republican parties had a hand in creating the income in equality we have today. It has already be proven that in the bail out of Wall st most of it went to the 1%. That was democrats that did that. Aside from social issues that are around the edges, what separates Chuck Schumer the senator from Wall st from any republican, on the economy? One party is a little more greedy and one less. We won’t have real change until an independent runs for president and independents form a majority in both houses.

  22. I have a request for Nationalmemo commentators, if interested….please don’t address or comment to Joe schmoe or kenndeb anymore. First of all, they are the same person. Secondly, he gets a kick by getting a rise out of everyone even though the things he says are completely moronic and irrelevant. If we don’t take notice to him, he has lost all of his power. He thrives on getting us angry, so don’t give in to him. Especially after my post, I’m sure he will be in full force. I know he’s hard to ignore because he says such stupid things. He makes my blood boil at his stupidity but I will stay strong and ignore him because I know he’s just a very sad excuse for a human being. Too bad for him. I pity him and figure he’s just a lonely guy with no friends who needs to antagonize others just to get attention. Please don’t give it to him. bye bye joey and kenny……As far as I’m concerned, you are blocked.

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