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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WASHINGTON — President Obama will no doubt clash regularly with his newly empowered partisan adversaries in Congress. But the most important struggle in American politics over the next two years will be inside the Republican Party. And the person who can play a decisive role in that battle is Jeb Bush.

Yes, Democrats have their own divides, usually described as differences between their populist and Wall Street camps. Still, there is broad agreement inside the party, even among most of its Wall Streeters, that wage stagnation and economic inequality are major problems for the country and that Democrats need to make dealing with them their central purpose.

There also is this: For now, at least, Hillary Clinton is as close to a certainty as the party’s 2016 nominee as you get in this business.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are divided over what they believe, how they should govern, whom they should appeal to, and what constitutes success. You can already see the turmoil over how they should deal with Obama’s impending executive action on immigration.

The Rush Limbaugh-Ted Cruz Permanent Revolution Complex thinks that any Republican not willing to ponder government shutdowns and even impeachment to foil Obama’s designs is an unprincipled squish.

The party’s more traditional politicians are scrambling to sound tough while avoiding Armageddon, reasoning sensibly that most voters don’t like disruptive confrontation or fighting to the death over every disagreement.

But here’s the problem: The party’s realists have spent the last six years engaged in a massive exercise in appeasement. This applies to its entire leadership, but especially to House Speaker John Boehner, who lives in constant fear of a rebellion on the right of his caucus. To the extent that there is a party establishment, it has hung on only by claiming it agrees with the rebels on the right when it comes to substance and that its differences with them are primarily tactical.

Someone has to come along and challenge the far right’s worldview altogether. And this is where Jeb Bush comes in.

What the polls suggest is that the former Florida governor will never become a favorite of the far right. They simply don’t trust him, and they don’t trust his family, either. There is reason for this.

The Bush family, from Sen. Prescott Bush to presidents 41 and 43, has never been part of the GOP’s right wing, even though the last two spent a lot of their energy appeasing it.

Not so Prescott Bush, a proud Eisenhower Republican who separated himself from the right and spoke up for modernizing his party. He preached a philosophy he said could be called either “progressive moderation” or “moderate progressivism” — which makes him sound an awful like a supporter of both Clintons.

But Prescott Bush represented Connecticut while his presidential son and grandson made their careers in Texas, which demands a more robust commitment to conservatism. Still, both Bush 41 and Bush 43 tried to move the party toward a somewhat more pragmatic version of the center-right creed, but they also had to hedge their bets.

Recall that 41 signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, a revised Clean Air Act, — and yes, that famous tax increase that broke his “read my lips” pledge, itself an ideological concession to the right. Bush 43 started out championing “compassionate conservatism” and school reform, but his advisors came to believe that mobilizing the right rather than winning the center was the key to victory in 2004. The second President Bush ended up alienating left and right alike.

Jeb Bush can be bolder because he will have to be. If he runs, he will never out-libertarian Rand Paul and he will never out-Tea Party Ted Cruz or Scott Walker. His campaign will work only if it has a point, and the logical point for him to make is that Republicans won’t win unless they start to get very serious about governing and more open to the demographic realities of the United States in 2016.

Don’t get me wrong: Jeb Bush is very conservative. He wouldn’t be my candidate. But he does believe in immigration reform and in the power of government to do some good. He speaks optimistically about our country’s future at a time when so many on the far right think it is — quite literally — going to hell in a permissive liberal handbasket.

Republicans desperately need someone to do for them what Bill Clinton did in making the Democrats electable in 1992. If not Jeb, who?

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Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • ericlipps

    That’s the GP’s probe: the party is in thrall to what I call its “cuckoo caucus,” whose members by and large simply aren’t electable at the presidential level.

    Jeb Bush looks good for the reason McCain did in 2008 and Romney in 2012: he doesn’t sound crazy. But that’s setting the bar about as low as it can go without resting on the ground.

    • TZToronto

      Is that the choice now? On the left (center), we have a competent administrator (several possibilities). On the right we have a despicable election stealer and descendent of a Nazi sympathizer, a dismisser of half of the population, and a guy who would send people to war on a whim. And these are the best of the bunch.

      • joe schmo

        Yes, you have a choice between a little Communist and a big Communist. Guaranteed if the big Communist wins for the Democratic side, the Left is sure to lose. We don’t want another Obama.

        Clue for you, most Conservatives are not Jeb Bush fans…..Same ole, same ole.

        • ericlipps

          Joe, are you sure your real last name isn’t McCarthy? You certainly seem to see Reds everywhere the way he did.

          • TZToronto

            I was thinking the same thing. A lot of people on the far right probably see Jeb Bush as a communist or at least a fellow traveler.

          • Theodora30

            Which is pretty bizarre given Jeb’s association with the whackos in the rabid ant-communist Cuban community in Fla. (See link in my post above.)

          • neeceoooo

            A troll usually has little or no interest in contributing to the development of the site in question and is interested in some or all of the following:
            Deliberately angering people.
            Breaking the normal flow of debate/discussion.
            Disrupting the smooth operation of the site.
            Deliberately being annoying for the sake of being obnoxious. For instance, using abusive names to refer to all the members on the site.
            Pretending to be profoundly ignorant or stupid, gleaning some weird sense of having “won” when other users subsequently come to believe this.
            Making itself the main topic of interest or discussion.

          • joe schmo

            Huh! Fat chance. and you contribute constructive criticism? Rarely.

            Many Liberals abstain from inferring factual information indicative of an intellectually maligned and flawed thought process. Ineptness of leaving one-sided way of thinking would evoke a casualty of sorts resulting in a fate worse than death. Compromise is futile for the disarmed Conservative who wants nothing more than to maintain some semblance of what America once was which evokes annoyance in the peremptory Liberal because they have become audacious and nontolerant verging on impetuous in their transgressions and evolving nonthoughtfulness. They have been misinformed about their one-sided agenda, thereby; preying on innocent and ignorant victims who look to them with stars in their eyes while stabbing a knife in the back of the very countryman they share America with. Individuals who are trying to make them understand. In essence, they become just as virginal in the face of what is unbeknownst to them by refusing to listen or share. This all for the sake of an anti-colonial apparatchik mentor who speaks in tongues like an anti-christ leading the masses to slaughter. Your misguided ideology has broken the spirit of a nation juxtaposed next to an ideology foreign and suffocating every breath we now inhale as a free society. A freedom that no longer exists due to heavy serveillance under the ever watchful eyes of a devil dictator’s technology bent only on destroying the very good in all our souls, and once again a blind eye is turned and turned and turned until it’s too late because you just didn’t know or care to…….

            Disrupting the smooth operation of the site? That’s a laugh. I am merely here to rectify the lies your media spews or forgets to tell you about.

            Don’t really give a flying ‘F’ what you think.

          • ericlipps

            Don’t really give a flying ‘F’ what you think.

            We all know that, Joe. Rest assured, at this point the
            feeling is mutual. (Except that I doubt you actually think.)

            Nice to know, though, that you think you’re here to redeem us all. But isn’t that role already taken?

          • joe schmo

            According to the map after the election, I certainly do see Reds:) But not the kind you are referring to. That’s more your speed…..


          • ericlipps

            Go ahead and gloat. All this means in that Republicans get another chance to disgrace themselves and hurt the country they so loudly claim
            they love.

          • joe schmo

            You no longer love this country because all you want to do is change it, and the direction you Liberals are headed in does see Red on the horizon. Along with the hammer and sickle.

            Of course I am eluding to that fact because that is what you are becoming. Of course I know what ‘ad hominem’ means. I have a Masters Degree. Gives me a clue:)

            Cussing are we. Means you are losing the argument……

            Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a socioeconomic system structured upon common ownership of the means of
            production and characterized by the absence of social classes, money, and the state; as well as a social, political and economic ideology and
            movement that aims to establish this social order.

            Here ya go, enjoy:)

            ‘Brain Dead Americans Are Too Busy Watching TV To Realize How Communist we are becoming.’

            Today,most Americans have no idea that the foundations of our modern State are based – nearly verbatim – on the demands of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

            In 1848, Marx threatened to organize a worker’s revolution unless European governments:

            1. Abolished property rights and applied all rents towards public purposes.

            (Modern Day Equivalent) Don’t pay your property taxes, lose your house. So who really owns your house?]

            2. Levied a heavy, progressive income tax to equalize wages.

            (ModernDay Equivalent) Combined federal and state marginal income and payroll taxes approach (or surpass) 50% in many U.S. States.

            Abolished all rights of inheritance.

            (Modern Day Equivalent) The estate tax.

            4. Confiscated the property of all emigrants.

            (ModernDay Equivalent) The 2008 “Hero’s Act,” which forces people leaving the U.S. To pay the equivalent of their estate taxes on the global assets before they turn in their passports.

            5. Centralized access to credit in the hands of the State by means of a national bank and an exclusive monopoly.

            Day Equivalent) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which make more than 90% of all of the mortgages in the U.S. And have dominated the market for mortgages for decades.]

            6. Centralized the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

            (ModernDay Equivalent) AT&T was a legal monopoly for decades. Amtrak is a ward of the states. The government owns all the roads. And the State controls all air traffic.]

            7. Provided free education for all children in public schools.

            Day Equivalent) Note the emphasis on public schools. Paying for education isn’t enough. What counts is indoctrinating the kids in glorifying the State. (SO TRUE!)

            8. Produced a common agricultural policy to maximize the productivity of the land.

            (Modern Day Equivalent) Massive ethanol and agricultural subsidies.

            Most liberals in democracies like these ideas for one simple reason: They hold the allure of getting something for nothing. They are the siren song of living at the expense of your neighbor.”

            By the way, my father escaped European Communism and he claims there is beginning to become a parallel…..

          • ericlipps

            What your father claims is his own business, Joe, but speaking for myself, I reject your claim that I don’t love this country and long for a day when it lies under the hammer and sickle. I suggest you look up “ad hominem” again (or for the first time, if you’ve never done so).
            Your tirade against liberals and “progressives” (not necessarily one and the same) merely demonstrates once more how ill-informed you are. You rant against liberalism but have only a cartoon idea of what it is.
            As for the “cussing” bit, I don’t see it. Or do you consider it “cussing” to use a Latin term?
            And aren’t you and your father the ones who “see Red on the horizon, along with the hammer and sickle”?

          • joe schmo

            History always repeats itself. My father is a very wise man. He knows what he is talking about and what he sees happening. Sorry, I’m sure you are too young to know what he has lived through.

            Your sides ranting about Conservatives and Tea Party also not necessarily the same, shows how uninformed you are as well. I have been on this site long enough to know a bit about you people and how you tick. I am almost sure you don’t or won’t do the same. I also live in one of the most Liberal states in the union. Yes, I do know how your side works.

            Yes, we do see Red on the horizon. Judging by the way our rights are being stripped. Besides, as a child I visited Communist Europe. I do know how it works and what’s involved. I can assure you of that. Guess you didn’t read what I included about Communism. If you look really close, you might notice how much you can relate…..

            As for ‘ad hominem.’ You are correct. Just as you Liberals have always stood up for anything relevant to your beliefs, I am doing the same. Many of the articles here are not true or misconstrued. At times, you are not even informed about an incident that occurred. There are two sides to every story. Doesn’t mean your side is always right. Does it?

          • ericlipps

            Of course it doesn’t—but that applies to you, too.

            I’m not going to get into a debate about your father. He’s entitled to his opinions, just as you are, which doesn’t mean he’s always right either. I do wonder, though, about your comment that you visited Communist Europe “as a child” and therefore know how Communism works. Leaving aside that I think it’s irrelevant, since I don’t share your belief that Communism is on the march here in the U.S., how well would a child understand how any political system works? (You don’t say how old you were; for all I know you were a three-year-old. Even if you were in your teens, though, the point applies.)

            As for “conservatives” and the “tea party” not being exactly the same, you are of course correct, as conservatives include many people who are not “tea partiers” and it’s arguable that the “tea party” is not conservative but merely cuckoo. On the other hand, many of those who call themselves “conservative” are nothing of the sort, as they demonstrate over and over by blathering about “revolution” and threatening “Second Amendment remedies”—i.e., armed revolt—if they don’t get their way. And that’s without even getting into their beliefs, which range from standard-issue hard-right to plain crazy. And I don’t see garden-variety conservatives making much effort to distance themselves from the “tea partiers”; after all, the former want the latter’s votes, and of course their money.

          • joe schmo

            Of course. No one is that perfect, right?

            You won’t get in a debate with me about my Father because you don’t know a damn thing about how Communism operates. My Father is very political, I grew up knowing about Europe all my life because we have most of our family living there. I also knew how ill informed Americans were. I actually visited Europe quite a few times in my life time. My Mother, my brother and myself visited Eastern Europe when I was 12. I knew full well what the scoop was and I also remember how scared I was because you could feel how restricted everything was. People had to stand in line for necessities, clothes were about as plentiful as the food which was in small portions. Most people were miserable and unfriendly, The towns were still remnants of the war with buildings and roads in disarray. Toilet paper was newspaper or very course. Cars were old and a rarity. Televisions were expensive and most people could not afford them. The guards at the border were very intimidating. This scared me the most. It was like stepping back in time. Hunger Games scene is a good comparison.

            As for the Tea Partiers, your media makes them look bad. Guess I could say the same about the Progressives in your parties camp. They are true Comrads in every sense of the word, but, of course, you also need the money. George Soros and the Hollywood dunce heads are a good example on your end.

          • ericlipps

            Joe, it’s pointless to keep bringing up Communism as you do. Whatever you may think, “progressives” (and personally I dislike that label, as it was hijacked by the Communists in the 1930s, though the non-Communist left—yes, Joe, it exists—still uses it) aren’t Communists, don’t want Communism and won’t produce Communism here in America. The U.S. isn’t
            going to turn into East Germany just because it enacts a few liberal reforms, although conservatives have been warning about this sort of thing for eighty years. The minimum wage and Social Security were going to make the U.S. a Stalinist nightmare, right-wingers said back then. The religious right has always said the same about the teaching of Darwinian evolutionary theory. Saying it doesn’t make it so.

            As for George Soros and Hollywood liberals, the money they put into politics is a fraction of what right-wing corporate interests do. And calling them “comrades” isn’t going to change that; it’s just more cheap name-calling.

          • joe schmo

            Bill Ayers, Columbia, University, Bernadine Dorn, Dari Frego USC, Ward Churchill UC Boulder….

            These Commies who educate our college aged students, can’t get fired because they have tenure. Several are retired and continue to lecture.

            As for the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) which includes the involvement of the head of the AFL/CIO and lead for the Progressive Party, Richard Trumka, they meet with Obama at least once a month or more.

            Now you tell me if this does not sound like your belief system:

            “We also have to anticipate that multiple parties and movements will be a feature of the U.S. path to socialism.That said, I would argue that our party has a unique role both now and in the future.

            Our embrace of a theory of society and social change that is historical, ecological, dialectical, comprehensive and independently elaborated – without shortcuts, simplifications or official boundaries.

            -Our affinity to the American radical/democratic tradition.

            -Our use of class analysis and categories in a way that is broad and unifying.

            -Our focus on the real needs, struggles and interests of the working class and people.

            -Our commitment to equality and internationalism in their various forms.

            -Our determination to assist (and lead) in the building of a broad people’s movement at the core of which is the multi-racial working
            class, people of color, women, and youth.

            -Our understanding of the special (central) place of the struggle against racism in the fight for social advance and socialism.

            -Our disposition for action, but not any kind of action, but united action along a specific strategic and tactical path.

            -Our accent on social processes and contradictions.

            -Our conviction that the multi-racial, male- female working class and its organized sector play a decisive role on the path to social progress
            and socialism.

            -Our refusal to confuse slogans and militancy for analysis.

            -Our insistence on making a concrete presentation of every question.

            -Our belief in the necessity of a broad strategic perspective.

            -Our use of flexible tactics that unite and move forward the labor led people’s movement

            -Our appreciation of the interconnection between the struggle for democracy and the struggle for socialism.

            -Our ability to stay clear of false oppositions between partial and more advanced demands, between gradual and radical change, between
            electoral forms of action and direct action, between patriotism and anti-imperialism, between struggle against the state and struggle within
            the state, and between anti-capitalism and rifts in capital.

            Our insistence that the electoral/legislative arena grows in importance as we move down the road to socialism.

            Our belief that popular majorities make change.

            Our vision of Bill of Rights socialism.

            Our confidence in the democratic and revolutionary character of the American people.

            I could go on, but I think my point that our party is unique and necessary to the revolutionary process at every stage.

            What will it will look like

            Socialism USA will not be drab. It will have a modern and dynamic feel, celebrate the best traditions of our nation, and give patriotism a
            new democratic content.

            -It will bring the social and democratic into the heart of our government, economy, media and culture.

            -It will complete the unfinished democratic tasks left to us by capitalism.

            -It will expand the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

            -Our socialism will embrace people-centered values – in place of profit-centered values – as we overcome divisions of class, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual preference.

            -It will encourage new social arrangements to care for the very young and the very old.

            -U.S. socialism will insist on the separation of church and state, but it will also assume that people of faith and non-faith will be active
            participants in society.

            -It will also bring an end to exploitation of wage labor, not in one fell swoop, but over time.

            -A mixed economy operating in a regulated socialist market and combining different forms of state, cooperative and private property
            will define the economic landscape.

            -Such a mixture of ownership relations and market mechanisms does not preclude economic planning or a national investment strategy.

            -Finally, socialism will give priority to sustainability and sufficiency, not growth without limits.”

          • ericlipps

            Not sure where you’re quote-mining
            from, Joe, but wherever it is, it doesn’t matter much.

            Let’s see what you’re objecting to:

            Refusal to confuse slogans and militancy for

            The belief that popular majorities make change.

            Confidence in the democratic and revolutionary
            character of the American people.

            [Expanding] the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

            [Insistence] on the separation of church and state, but [also the assumption] that people of faith and non-faith will be active participants in society.

            [Bringing] an end to exploitation of wage labor, not in one fell swoop, but over time.

            [Giving] priority to sustainability and sufficiency,
            not growth without limits.

            Gee, Joe, it kind of sounds like your real problem is with democracy, not socialism or Communism. Communists talk a good game on all of the above, but their record in power is one of almost complete hypocrisy on each and every one. As for socialists, ask someone from one of the Scandinavian countries if he feels his life is a totalitarian hell.

            Regarding Bill Ayers et al., you can bark and foam all you like about the fact that they’re still teaching or lecturing and not starving in he gutter or breaking rocks in some Communist Containment Camp (side by side, of course, with everyone else to the left of Ronald Reagan), as you seem to wish, but that’s the price we pay for freedom of speech and freedom of belief, Joe: “Freedom for the thought we hate.” (Look it up.)

          • joe schmo

            If you Progressives are selling it. I ain’t buying.

            1) Analysis? LOL

            “Democracy is a form of government in which eligible citizensmay participate equally – either directly or, through elected representatives, indirectly – in the proposal, development and establishment of the laws by which their society is run.

            Oliarchy is more your speed – Democracy contrasts with forms of government where power is either held by an individual, as in an absolute monarchy, or where power is held by a small number of individuals, as in an oligarchy.” (Democrats and Obama)

            Gee, equally? Hmmm, seems you all want a one-party system. Where does the word sharing even come into play. Sounds more like an oligarchy to me…..

            You are so right, Ericlipps. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck. Communism is hypocritical. I’m sure you can relate. Oh and about European Socialism. I know very well how it works because my parents immigrated LEGALLY from Europe. I have tons of family there. There is a reason they came to America and to be reintroduced to Socialism was not one of them. No thanks!

            Don’t care if they say whatever the hell they want. Still a free country, kinda. It is their propaganda that sucks. Their uber indoctrination of young people who don’t know any better. Just as Religion should remain out of the class room so to should politics.

          • ericlipps

            Ooh, I’m so impressed. Especially when you can’t, or won’t, even proofread your own work. (What is an “oliarchy,” Joe? Rule by butter substitutes?)

            I’m not going to get into an argument about your parents, Joe. That might lead me to be tempted to remarks about your parentage, and I won’t sink to that. I’m sure they had their reasons for coming here, like everyone else who does so, whether legally or not.

            I will note, however, that capitalism often produces oligarchies, while oligarchies have no problem with capitalism. (Look at Saudi Arabia for an example of the latter.)

          • joe schmo

            Oops, my liberal education is showing. Another English professor? A union man. Who knew. Older generations were taught better English. The younger we get the worse our grammar and spelling becomes. I guess that’s why we are last in reading within the civilized world. (Most likely includes all Language Arts)

            How do I know this. Just recently talked to a college English professor about incoming Freshman, and she concurred with the statement I made above.

            Seems you no longer care whether or not a person is LEGAL or ILLEGAL Not the way our laws say it, right? You think allowing everyone and their mother into this country isn’t going to create future havoc (may I remind you, drug cartel including other unsavory individuals. What about jobs? Just like Obamacare, you people really don’t think about the end result.)

            Doesn’t matter where they come from, I have a HUGE problem with ILLEGAL. According to the elections which you all just blew off as a farce most of the country thought the same thing. In polls, just before the election, it came right in under the economy which was first. Trust me, because of this influx and amnesty business, the economy WILL get worse.

            Dude, it’s called freedom of speech and tolerance which, apparently you no longer want or have. Oh and by the way, when you revere people like Ayers, I guess it is OK then for me to admire folks like Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy without getting shot down, right? It’s called tolerance, something you have forgotten about. Then why should I be the same. Hey, it’s still a free country or is it?

          • ericlipps

            Seems you no longer care whether or not a person is LEGAL or ILLEGAL

            Oh, I care, Joe. I just don’t think it’s practical or desirable to turn the border into a continental Berlin Wall in reverse, or to hunt down millions of people (many of whom have been here for years) and throw them out of the country—or did you envision shooting or gassing them instead? After all, they’re all criminals, aren’t they, just by being here illegally? (Just as an aside, I’d love to know how people supposedly know how many there actually are, when the last thing most of them want is to be counted, or noticed in any way, by the authorities.)

            “Dude,” I don’t see where your freedom of speech has been threatened, especially given the number and length of your posts here. And don’t blame your own sloppy English writing on other people; man up and take personal responsibility, as Mitt Romney recommends.

          • joe schmo

            Really, sure couldn’t tell. Well we also don’t want the border to be a busy highway where people can come in at their own whim and sponge of the taxpayers and take all the jobs from CITIZENS now would we? They already do this in California. How do I know. I live in Mexico 2. I truly believe open borders is what you are shooting for. Then we will be graced with Mexico. Isn’t that a stellar Country. So upstanding and wonderful at running their government. Say, wasn’t it recently where all those students were killed for protesting? Found in a mass grave. Corruption at its finest. Quite a contrast from our country and funny how the reverse is true for them. Every time we cross over the border we are either held captive (Tahmoorissi) or killed (David Hartley). Nice Country, huh? And just think many don’t have past a 10th grade education, but it’s more likely not past a 1st.

            Do you know what the term ‘Quota’ means? Let me spell it out for you -a limited or fixed number or amount of people or things, in particular. Makes it much more fair for everyone don’t ya think. It’s just a hell of a lot easier for these people to steal over the border and get a get free pass than it would be to go through ALL that paperwork which they most likely need an interpreter for anyway. Imagine how much it would cost but then again, Obama’s asking for 2 trillion to take care of amnesty to make these people citizens. Geez, genius where do you suppose that money is coming from? We are over 18 trillion in debt. What’s another 2 trillion right:)

            ‘Shooting and gassing’….yes, this ‘uber’ extreme comment would come from you. Because you Liberals are extremists moreso than any Conservative has ever been in modern history.

            Awwww, I guess they want to be counted and come out of the shadows….God bless each and every one, the vagrants that they are. Trust me, they know how to work the system. While you are feeling sorry for them, they take advantage and laugh all the way to the bank.

            WORKER PROGRAM – Bracero Program. Now we’re talking. Take the money home after the season and fix up that God-forsaken Hell hole that they are sooooo proud of.

            LEGAL means LEGAL. ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL. Guess you don’t know the difference.

          • ericlipps

            You know better than that, Joe. But since all you want to do is moan about how the brown-skinned
            üntermenschen are pouring over the border and toss dim-witted insults at people who presume to disagree with all-wise You, there’s no point in continuing this discussion.

            By the way, if “every time we [Aryans] cross over the border we’re either held captive or killed,” and you live in Mexico, why hasn’t it happened to you? If illegal is illegal, Joe, “every time” is “every time” too.

            You don’t know what you’re talking about. Too bad that doesn’t keep you from talking. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak up and remove all doubt.

      • plc97477

        Don’t forget the bully christie. He may have lost his chances but that won’t stop him from trying.

        • TZToronto

          Yes, the Grid-Locker in Chief.

  • Budjob


  • Theodora30

    Mr. Dionne and the rest of the villagers need to stop enabling the Bush family’s hiding their true positions. Begin by researching and then reporting on Jebbie’s strong ties to extremist criminals in the Cuban exile community. Jeb personally lobbied his daddy to get the known terrorist Orlando Bosch who we knew was guilty of blowing up a Cuban passenger airline. Though he was not convicted, when asked Bosch replied that he was supposed to say no but then went on to justify such tactics. And this is not Jeb’s only strong tie to that radical community.
    Jeb and his brothers are also hard right when it comes to turning over our government to the privateers of Wall Street. Just like Reagan these guys know how to appear as reasonable moderates. Fool me once….

    Read the review of this book to get a feel for just how shady the Bush’s dealings are. And don’t fall for the innocent dupe excuse. Poppy has long had close ties to the CIA even before becoming the Director.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    Jeb’s only real advantage, as far as the GOP leadership is concerned, is that he’s pretty much the only one of their potential candidates who’s not batboop crazy and has an actual chance of appealing to the mainstream voters. Which really is a sad commentary on both their base and their slate of potential nominees.

    The base wants real, live honest-to-god red meat eatin’, gun totin’, bible thumpin’, flag wavin’. truck drivin’, wife beatin’, beer drinkin’, minority hatin’, sister bangin’, born agin’, southern redneck good ol’ boy conservative as their presidential nominee, and they’re going to go on a rampage if the GOP moderates try to shove another country club republican like Mitt down their throats again. Which means that their primaries are going to be a series of chainsaw deathmatches as they fight it out over the body & soul of the party.

    This means that if and when the establishment GOP tries to stuff him down the base’s throats like they did with Romney, the base is going to hurl like a tailgating teenager after his second bottle of Jack. This is why I think their primaries are going to be so thoroughly enjoyable to watch. The GOP leadership knows that the Teas Party brand is toxic to the mainstream voters and that they HAVE to run a moderate in order to have
    even the ghost of a chance. However, the base really religiously believes that if they run one of their own (Ted Cruz), they’ll be invincible.

    Oh, boy, this is going to be SO much fun to watch!

    • JPHALL

      But the Republican party leadership knows that the primary season will be suicidal for the final presidental nominee. That is why they are trying to limit the damage by limiting debate.

      • plc97477

        Maybe they learned their lesson with mittens. Letting him speak lost them the chance of getting him elected.

    • plc97477

      Unfortunately for the gotp, jeb is no where near crazy enough for the republican base.

    • neeceoooo

      We can hope that they bury themselves in the debates and campaign.

  • joe schmo

    NOOOOOOOO….not another Bush!

  • Freethinker

    I’m for Bernie Sanders.

  • Scottiemom

    This country has been Bushwhacked enough. Our economy was in the toilet at the end G.W’s 8 long years of damaging our country. We need fresh ideas, not the same horror over and over.

  • BOC

    Wage stagnation and economic inequality continue to be major problems for the country thanks to conservatives. Democrats have been dealing with this obstructionist attitude and inaction since they took office from the GOP. The democrats central purpose has been and continues to be getting around political roadblocks that conservatives continue to create and the expense of the American people.

    The GOP continues to struggle when it comes to fielding a strong and credible candidate. Jeb is not the answer either, just ask his mother. Besides, we are ‘Bushed’ out.

    Anytime you keep hearing ‘Mitt’ in the background noise, you know its a Hillary ‘cake-walk’.

    The Republicans have already demonstrated how they would govern and it almost destroyed this country. They still refuse to adhere to lessons learned. They haven’t learned because they continue to push the same political and economic ‘voodoo’ that has poisoned the system and economy that democrats still are trying to fix.