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Friday, October 28, 2016

Most people who attend catered parties and fundraisers give little thought to the waitstaff that serves them.

The social hierarchy at these events is established at hello. Servers, car valets and coat check clerks wear name tags that seldom include their last names. As a result, guests feel free to call them by their first names, even as these workers address them as “ma’am” or “sir.”

In my 10 years as a columnist, I’ve interviewed hundreds of servers who work for caterers and party centers. Overwhelmingly, they are women, and most are single mothers. Almost to a person, male or female, they describe having to endure, silently and with good humor, customers’ boorish behavior. Their employers make clear that they must put up with this as part of their job.

They learn how to dodge the drunkards’ paws. They apologize profusely in the face of public dress-downs by bullies who get their jollies belittling hourly wage earners because they can. They pretend not to hear the disparaging comments by those who act as if the people who minutes earlier took their drink orders suddenly have no ears.

And so it was that at a May fundraiser at the home of a wealthy private-equity investor in Boca Raton, Fla., Mitt Romney let loose on a population of Americans that includes the human beings who tended to him and his wealthy guests in that room.

From a now-viral video of his speech at that fundraiser:

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement and the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. … These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

If you watch the YouTube video, posted by Mother Jones magazine, you’ll notice the server who passes back and forth in front of the camera. You may note the clinking of glasses and cutlery in the background as the hired help does its job.

Much already has been said and written about Romney’s heartless depiction of those Americans who do not pay income taxes. He disparaged a lot of hardworking Americans, including retired senior citizens, members of our military and hourly wage earners.

  • Perhaps he didn’t betray his “roots”. Wasn’t his Dad born in Mexico? Moreover, when it comes to social roots, he is so loyal to them that he is willing to sacrifice 98% of the American population to make sure his pals increase their share of America’s financial wealth. As for us, who cares, we are part of the 47% that depends on government handouts to exist so, in Romney’s mind there is nothing gained nothing lost when it comes to the American middle class whose votes he depends on to win.

    • kbcab

      Well Dom , you’re just another example of how good the brainwashers are doing , to bad you can’t think for yourself , maybe your grandkids can’ look after you when you’re old and sick , because the Demo gov. sure as Hell won’t , if they stay in office you might as well take a gun and shoot yourself in the head if you’re over 60 and you get real sick , it will be more humane …

      • Gov. Romney’s remark fit you to a T. No matter what you and people like you see, the conclusion will never change. The art of listening with an open mind it’s something you’re incapable of having.

        • kbcab

          Oh , I listen and I make up my own mind , not what a lying muslim brainwasher convinces me to believe , so why don’t you take your demo rhetoric and stick your head back up Obama’s ass so you can breath more bulls**t and suffer the conseqences if he stays in office , maybe your children will be real proud of you when they are all living in poverty and this country becomes a third world nation…

          • mynx1

            blah, blah, blah, Obama, blah, blah blah Hate, blah, blah, blah, nobody wants to vote with me,

            Obama 2012 and beyond 🙂

          • We came close to becoming a Third World country four years ago. What precluded that was the wisdom, character, hard work and vision of the man you denigrate in your incoherent rant.

          • looks like kb will be alone on November 7th – licking his open sores while the rest of us celebrate the fact that despite their ilks meaningless and hateful rhetoric truth and hope prevailed! OBAMA 2012 – Robme – dismissed!

          • Lovefacts

            Sigh! President Obama is a CHRISTIAN. He was NEVER a Muslim. His parents divorced when he was a toddler.

            When in Indonesia, he attended a public school, NOT a religious school 1967-1971. The Chicago Tribune reported the school was “so progressive that teachers wore miniskirts and all students were encouraged to celebrate Christmas.”

            Oh, and I’m an Independent, one of those voters Romney is so desperate to win over. So can the name-calling.

            I do have two questions for you. Why are you so angry? Also, why can’t you express yourself without swearing or denigrating the president and people who disagree with you?

          • I am afraid of people like you kb – you and those of your ilk are festering blemishes….

          • old_blu

            Come on man you don’t think for yourself.

            You think what ever your blow up doll Rush tells you think.

          • JSquercia

            So you listen and make up your own mind . Might one ask WHO you listen to ?
            If Obama is a Muslim WHY was he attending the Rev Wright’s church ?
            I notice that you chose NOT to attempt to refute any of Dominick’s FACTS . I think they have you pegged correctly as Tea Party member .

          • ExPAVIC

            KB Suggestion

            Tell you what, buy a gun and some bullets, go target shooting and have an accident. Goodbye

          • Joseph Hemphill

            I’ll bet your children are really proud of you if you were ever lucky enough to procreate ( shudder, shudder ), it never cease’s to amaze me the overwhelming generosity of the female gender to ever put up with a sorry excuse of a human being as you have put yourself up on display for all of us.

          • joyscarbo

            You keep supportin that losin ticket and watch your whole party go down in a ball of flames! You birthers are just the worst kind of stupid ever!!

          • kbcab

            WAH ,WAH-WAH , WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH .. yu so funny !!

      • I am well over 60, and one of the reasons I am a Democrat and plan to vote for President Obama is because of his commitment to save our social programs and because I believe government has an important role to play in our lives that goes beyond national security. You statement is illogical and the exact opposite to the reality that surrounds us and the record that can be easily discerned by analyzing the deeds of successive Democratic administrations. Our problems are not caused by the fact that we have social programs, but because of our refusal to pay for them, our tendency to go to war and borrow money to pay for our adventurism, our determination to remain the dominant superpower without making the financial sacrifices required to sustain that goal, and fiscal irresponsibility at all levels of society. Electing an elitist who is completely out of touch with mainstream America and whose record and values are the opposite to what we need is not a solution, it is national suicide.

        • kbcab

          If you believe that bulls**t , then you deserve exactly what you get , nothing …

          • If you missed what we got when George W. Bush was in office, with a Republican controlled Congress for six years, and you don’t understand what Mitt Romney is saying and what the GOP platform implies, you must be living in fantasy land.

          • kbcab

            Well Dom , I can call you Dom can’t I , after all this correspondence I feel like we know each other enough for nicknames , if you remember the Dems took over congress in ’06 and that’s when it all went to s**t , no matter how it was before then , which I will admit wasn’t great , but if you are honest with yourself , you have to admit Obama is lying and doesn’t have this country’s best interest in mind , he is a muslim and they lie to convert or kill if they can’t no matter how its done and I don’t want to live in a muslim ruled country and that’s exactly what he is working for , if something isn’t done soon , this country is going down the tubes economicly ( I hope I spelled that right ) …

          • yes KB –

            The time is near, folks… Obama the Sleeper-Muslim Cell, brought from Kenya and raised in America all these long years, planting fake birth certificates and phony school records to prepare his political ascendancy, all to lead to this moment: his potential reelection.. so he can finally unleash the fury of his socialistic nightmare.
            Obama held back all these years, his entire first term, even risking losing reelection, because now he is finally, actually getting ready to implement his nefarious agenda. Everything that came before was just paving the way….!!

          • timeforchange321

            And I will bet that you also have a bomb shelter for the end of the world, right Liz?
            stay under your bed, cuz the democrats will be watching you

          • phantomoftheopera

            good sarcasm, lost on some

          • joyscarbo

            I got it, Liz…brilliant! LOL

          • dotutz

            Can’t understand how stupid, stupid can get!

          • timeforchange321

            Wow. I agree, yet it gets there any intelligence left on earth when you hear sch..tuff like this..

          • old_blu

            This was a pretty good exchange until you went off the deep end. Now who is the brainwashed one?

          • First of all, the surplus was wiped out within a year of George W. Bush’s Inauguration, 9/11 occurred within a year of him becoming President, we engaged in two wars, used deceit to justify them, threats to garner support, borrowed money to pay for them, hid the liabilities to give the illusion that our deficits were not as bad as they were, declared Saudi Arabia – the homeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists, planners and financiers a Most Favored Nation – and gave irresponsible tax breaks to the wealthy that contributed to the resumption of deficit spending and accumulation of debt/liabilities, long before Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. Blaming those who inherit a mess for it is something that only a Tea Party zealot can do with a straight face.
            Should we assume the Rev. Wright issue is long forgotten now that GOP strategists concluded it was more effective to perform a case of instant metamorphosis and transform President Obama into a Muslim? I am an agnostic, and I could care less whether Barack Obama is a protestant (he is), a Catholic, a Muslim or a Budhist; but if he was a Muslim so what? Demonizing a culture or religion, the way we have done with Islam is not a sign of maturity or intellectuality, but a sign of insecurity, religious fanatism and prejudice consistent with what influenced the crusades in the Middle Ages. I think it is amazing that a country that managed to put a man on the Moon, that made so many technological, scientific and social breakthroughs remains so obsessed with divine subjects to the point that they become relevant during an election process. I reckon the Constitution and our purported values only become relevant when doing that benefits some people…

          • Joseph Hemphill

            wasting your time responding to kbcab, a bottom feeding racist, no information spouting mouth piece of illiteracy and ill-education.

          • highpckts

            Dom-well said!!!!

          • No you didn’t spell economically right, just like the rest of that bullshit you are talking is totally wrong. If anybody wanted to hear that twisted lying shit that is comming out of your mouth, all they would have to do is squeeze your shit for brains HEAD. YOU IDIOT, Have a nice day and un-brainwash yourself.

          • kbcab

            Thank you big mushroom for the correct spelling on economically , now go cash your welfare check and renew your food stamp card so you can swap it for more drugs that you can sell and make more un-taxed paid money , and Oh ! by the way coming only has one ” m ” you dumb-ass …

          • timeforchange321

            kbcab.. where do you find this information that Obama is a muslim and what fact do you have to support this. Please provide facts about Obama and his lies and what makes you think he does not have our best interests in mind. please list fact web site. thanks

          • grammyjill

            if he were a muslim then why would he go to an evangical church his whole life?

          • rustacus21

            … & that is his hope, that a goodly number of Americans have joined him there (in fantasy land), so he has at least long odds at winning this. He must know that all the opposition is the results of carrying water for policies that don’t work except on paper. Spun enuff, it makes lots of sense, as the nation was ‘suckered’ into believing it (tax cuts) would work in 2001, better than they did in 1981. I remember even thinking myself – b/c of the propaganda, ‘… maybe he’s rite & they ‘WILL’ work… this time…’ Ah, the wonders of propaganda – even on a ‘somewhat’ rational mind…

          • wow kb – just SHUT-UP – you are beyond retarded.

          • FiftysRN

            Elizabeth!!! He/She has already disparaged enough people in his ill delusional and informed comments. Do not stoop to his/her level by disparaging others yourself! See how easy it is to do?

          • iowasteve

            I would rather get to keep what little I have now (as 47% of my country feels about now) than to get what little I have now sucked out of me by someone that doesn’t care about me, doesn’t know who I am, doesn’t understand me, and couldn’t give a rats ass about anyone but himself and his little buddies. When the working class is gone, the rich may have to start working – oh what a shame AND A BIG MESS that would be. Romney doesn’t know what work is. Romney wasn’t happy alienating groups of people, he decided it was time to just alienate percentages. Hmmm. What a shame he hasn’t got a chance to win the election now. I beleive he is scared to be President and is throwing the election on purpose so he can say – I lost rather than I quit. Another Palin in the making.

          • Dianes4babies

            Wow, you are really a fool! Everything that Dominick said is based completely on FACTS! Something you obviously know nothing about!

          • howa4x

            It is you that has been fed the BS and you lap it up willingly. Lets talk about who gets what . During the Bush presidency, one that republicans fail to mention as he was shunned at the convention, 3 events happened that changed income in America. The 1st was the tax cut which went disproportionally to the upper 1%. During those years while middle class wages and income was flat measured against inflation, while the upper 1% saw their wealth shoot up a whopping 256%. It was the largest transference of wealth from the middle class to the rich in history. This was an unfunded tax cut meaning we borrowed the money from China, and along with the other events, the 2 unfunded wars, and the unfunded drug benefit for seniors, turned the Clinton surplus into the Bush deficit.
            Now I know you say that is ok because they are the job creaters, except during this same period 2.9 million middle class jobs weren’t created here but were created in India and China instead.
            The Tax cut was never repealed, so since 01 when it was passed till now, 1 trillion dollars/yr is added to the deficit, plus add to that the cost of the wars at over 1 billion/day and you can see the entire Bush presidency was spent on credit cards. The wealthy didn’t invest in jobs and instead they put their money in financial instruments like credit default swaps and derivatives, or sheltered their money overseas. Your canidate Romney is a good example of this trend. He took his 250 million and didn’t create jobs or start a new business, but hid it in Switzerland, the Caymans and started a shell corp in Bermuda. Most people do that to avoid paying taxes
            Why not start one in NYC you may wonder, me too. The other thing wealthy companies did was, although they made their fortune here they moved their corporate offices to other countries to avoid US taxes. Cisco moved to Ireland, and Haliburton the company that VP Cheney was CEO of recieved a 6 billion no-bid contract for the Iraq/ Afgan war, then moved their HQ to Dubai to avoid paying taxes on the busines they had here. Now these are just a few of the highlites. There is a 4 story building in the caymans where 1700 corporations have an address to avoid their fair share of taxes.
            Now if you are a true government hater you may say good for them, except roads here have to be built, and infastructure has to be repaired and a giant military has to be paid for, so does medicare, medicaid, and social security and on and on. We even give Exxon money to drill for oil, and ADM to make ethanol, and someone or group has to pay for that. If it’s not them than it’s us.
            So who is the real fool here? Dominick or you who suck in all the lies from the people who are paid millions to tell them to you..

          • rustacus21

            Exactly CORRECT!!! In both the 1929 & 2008 ‘Republican’ Depressions, the absolute ‘necessity’ of crafting social programs – the likes of which Romney has slandered & would CUT, would NOT have been required, if not for the imbecillic mental disability of conservatives destroying the functional capacity of an entire world economy – & YES – the impact in ’29, as well as ’08 as we now know, was global. W/this sort of incompetence, U get the feeling it’s contagious, as conservatives voters ‘STILL’ don’t get it!!! Even after all that has happened – & Republicans giving them the finger – after stealing their money, rights & access to their OWN Democracy…

          • howa4x

            It’s a shame that the conservatives can’t seperate fact from fiction. They blame Obama for evrything Bush caused. I can’t believe how easily they are led to believe in policies that are completely against the interest of their own families. I think they confuse religion with maintaining te status quo. Jesus was a rable rouser and pushed against the wealthy to work for social justice . Today Christians act like Jesus was a corporate CEO that believed in the vast accumulation of wealth, didn’t care if he ruined the enviornment, or had workers make less than minium wage, work in hazardous conditions, be prevented from unionizing, and denied health care for their family. A greedy and selfish man.
            If they deny that, then why do they think its their Christian duty to support a political party that believes in all those principals? You can’t make this stuff up!

          • It’s not bullshit it’s math. One plan works one plan doesn’t and we have 50 years of history to back it up. Trickle down iS a proven failure! Not once …not twice …but three times it has tanked the economy and downsized the middle class. Please for the good of the country TURN OFF FAUX NEWS AND READ. You are being lied to and quite possibly counted in the 47% moocher class. I know your children or grand children are in the moocher class because Kids don’t pay taxes. Also if you want to look at tax dodgers look at the investor class who’s “capital gains” (you know the stuff the middle class is forced to call income) cap gains are taxed at 15% so the one year that Mitt will show us his tax returns for 2010 he made 21 mill adjusted gross and paid 3 mill in tax. If he had to pay working mans tax rate it would have cost him 7.6 mill…so his moocher class got a 4.6 million dollar tax break (Read HAND OUT WHICH HE COMPLETELY BELIEVES HE IS ENTITLED TO.) BTW 4.6 mill in food stamps would feed Mitt until the year 4867 unless he bought caviar with them then only until 3248. Now that’s a hand out. and he gets that or better everyyear. so your kids and my kids and vets and disabled people and seniors (oh yeah they are in the 47% that he talked about..seniors on social security which they paid all their working life for, now according to Mitt they are moochers for feeling they are “entitled” to collect it) all those who ACTUALLY built the country and all in it they are now mmochers.

          • kbcab

            Joel , Romney made his money and doesn’t owe us a damn thing and if he can create jobs and make something work as good as he has then he will be good for this country , unlike Obama wanting to make it good for counries that hate us , and while we are on taxes , Obama’s tax czar was three years behind on taxes and had no intentions of even paying them at all untill he got the top tax job in the country and all of a sudden he paid them up , if he did at all , Obama hasn’t never made a damn dime of his own , just got it from communism an Gov. grants and other America hating org. , no I’m no moocher and my family has never taken a dime that we didn’t earn , but if Obama stays in we may have to , along with you…

          • highpckts

            Oh here we go with the communist and socialist labels!! Geez! Aren’t you afraid to go outside for fear of being accosted by all these unsavory characters lurking in every corner?? Sad!!

          • highpckts

            It’s you who have nothing!!

        • dotutz

          One of my Democratic Cousins who was a Senator was one of the votes for Social Security! FDR was the President who insisted that we have that “welfare” program to take care of our elderly and disabled, so I don’t think we have to worry about which party would take care of our senior citizens. Thank God I don’t have to rely on my kids or grandkids to take care of me in my old age.

        • timeforchange321

          Well said in response to DBCAB… go get em Dom.. Obama/Biden

      • Kbcab, you know nothing about medical costs and what it can become. As someone on dialysis. who had some 6 major operations over a 5 year period, along with numerous hospital stays, under any Republican proposed system (what they are promising for the “younger” people) I would have had every penny of my pensions wiped out, along with all assets, along with hundreds of thousands of debt, if the hospitals and doctors would even let me owe them.. I guess your point of view is if you can’t pay for it, go and die somewhere.

      • Excuse me KBCAB – Mr. Vila is one of the most eloquent, sanest and educated people on this or any blog… please don’t diss him….Fox News misses you….go back over there where they don’t even give people an opportunity to speak their mind…

        • latebloomingrandma

          kbcab is more than just a little unhinged.

        • Dianes4babies

          Very well said and I totally agree!

        • You Go Girl!! But It Is Impossible To Cut Thru That Brain Dead Tea Bagging Home Schooling!!!

      • And I guess Flush Rush is a Sunday school Teacher! I’m in the same boat with Rom and I seriously doubt if that boat is sinking an time soon. Better do some fact checking kbcab. Oh I forgot Carl Rove dosn’t trust fact checkers.

      • Dianes4babies

        Talk about being brain washed! It sounds to me, after a statement like that, that you are indeed brain dead!

      • You need to learn arithmetic, kbcab..for starters..when, Bill Clinton, was in
        office…the rich were paying their tillion dollars in taxes…meaning their fair share on how much they were making…and were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel…and then one of the worst president’s we have ever had…younger man Bush…not his father..said the rich did not have to pay their fair share of taxes..even his father didn’t say that or rule on that. With just the middle class..and the poor paying into the tax system….we don’t have to pay for the salaries of the million americans..that need a job..because most jobs..are paid by the taxpayers monies..and just think the lawyer that represented, dear, Casey Anthony, was paid by the taxpayers monies..and it is still in going on…and even the men that work for the highway department..are being paid by the taxpayers monies…those trillion of dollars that the rich should be paying would have prevented us from digging the well where that president caused all of this mess..believe me…remember, even his father had the rich paying their fair of taxes..and like Clinton said he worked with the republicans and they worked together…Bush…the stupid young son of his…was a law unto his self.
        so, unless the rich pay their fair share of taxes…trillion of dollars we will not get out of this, stop blaming either party for this don’t know your the fact…that everytime a republican went into office…we went to war..remember, Richard Nixon, he was horrible…so, again…I want to remind you…the middle class and the poor that make mininum wages don’t make enough to carry the load of getting back on our feet or the jobs to open up or to have the training programs so necessary to train people to get certain jobs…you make me want to advise you…go back to school and learn your arithmetic..all the programs for the poor and the needy didn’t get us in this was a stupid president that got us into a war..we should have never gotten into..because the taxpayers monies were and are still paying for the salaries for the men in service plus their families health insurance..and then when he stopped the rich from paying their trillion dollars worth of taxes..and we needed that money..not only to help pay those men’s salaries that were fighting over crippled us..and then those programs for the middle class and the poor that were losing their jobs..didn’t have a let to stand are heartless and don’t have any common sense…their is a mouth and insert foot..and that is just what you have that “foot in mouth disease”..and their is another saying..”stupid does as stupid is”..and you cannot fix stupid…so, again..learn you arithmetic..stupid.

      • You are so backwards. Are you from Kansas?

      • Lair Lair Romney make Bush look like angel. Anyone think that Romney give a sh-t about them is crazy from 47% to 100% when he was calling 47% of america lazy bum and looking for a hand out. He didnt bring up welfare until tape of his mother saying that the family was on welfare for a few years so i guess for those years his father was looking for a hand out. Mr Romney i bet i paid more in taxs out of my pay check every week than a lot of you. I never receive a income tax refund for over 20 years. When i worked over time i had to pay uncle sam so done call me lazy.

        • kbcab

          Opie , one of the big reasons that you don ‘t get a tax refund is that Obama is redistributing it among the illegals and the lazy ass people that have no pride and want to live off the hard earned money that you and I make and if he goes back in it’s gonna get worse..One good thing , maybe , coming from him being re-elected is that we all can loose weight ’cause we just about can’t afford food now for our families and as long as he’s in office , energy will be just about un-affordable too …

      • highpckts

        Kbcab-Seriously!! You are incredible!! You are still bringing up the death squads!! Mentality -zero!

    • Romney Betrayed His Country Long Time Ago When He Gutted Out American Companies And Shipped American Jobs Overseas!! Like Rick Santorum Said ” We Will Never Have Smart People On Our Side” In Other Words He Telling Us ( Like We Didn’t Know) We Can Only Get The Brain Dead And The Dummies To Buy The Bullshit Plan We Are Selling!!!

      • kbcab

        That’s exactly what Obama wants , I glad you see the bullshit factor in the Demo plan…

        • Rod

          LOL ……damm der dude you are so intelligent!

          • kbcab

            Fank yu , i gwadd yu wiked it , keep wistning I’s goonna wite sum mo stuff…

    • latebloomingrandma

      And yet when George Romney ran for President (I’m old enough to remember that), I don’t recall anything in the newspapers DEMANDING his birth certificate, or any issue made about his place of birth.

      • I don’t remember that either, and I don’t remember the “birthers” making an issue out of Sen. McCain being born in Panama either. In adition to a well orchestrated campaign to distort Barack Obama’s policies and accomplishments, there is also a well coordinated effort to demonize, ridicule and insult him at a personal level.

        • Fortunately, Dominick, I don’t think the American people are buying into these ridiculous attacts.

          • Joseph Hemphill

            a lot of them are, educated, non educated, racist’s, demagogues, it is truly frightening how divided this country is and how demonized this President has been.

    • his dad was born in a Mormon compound in Mexico- it had nothing to do with the Latinos. They were a disposed group of Mormons who moved to Mexico because they were disliked.

      • The Mormom commune where George Romney was born was in Mexico, which means that he was not a natural born citizen, and neither is John McCain. Their eligibility to run for office was not challenged, and that of a man born in Hawaii is.

      • Elsa

        Gee, it is interesting that you defend Romney, I hope you do the same for President Obama, who was actually born in the United States.


          haaa haaaaaaa Good one!!!!!!!!

      • ellisbrown

        If you were born in Mexico you are Mexican… aren’t people who are born in the USA …Americans… regardless of their nationality… you can’t have it both ways…..

      • phantomoftheopera

        it still was in mexico. last i checked, not the united states.

    • Bob Williams

      If you are a member of the tax takers as opposed to the tax payers, then there is nothing Romney could say or do to get your vote, short of “We gunna get you moochers more free shit!”

      Romney’s objective is to make it possible for the tax takers to become tax payers, but for some of you, that is an absolutely disgusting thought to even consider.

      Grab yourself another 44 ounce malt liqueur and park your ass on the sofa. Springer is about to begin, and “Jersey Shore” isn’t that long a wait.

      • sn77339

        Well Bobby Boy, there are a whole bunch of us who are employed, pay taxes, and who probably make way more than you do, who are still going to vote for Obama, because we can see through Romney and his handlers, and we know that the direction he will take us is no way but down. So take your stereotypes and complain to someone who cares.

      • schmelltest

        You do realize Mr. Williams, that many of Mr. Romney’s remarks, whether in private (caught on tape) or publically stated, are designed to rile up racist sentiments in people such as yourself. It is clear to me that he is successful when I read your comment, “Grab yourself another 44 ounce malt liqueur and park your ass on the sofa”. Undoubtedly a statement crafted to display your personal racist sentiment.
        For all of Mr. Romney’s “I want to unite, not divide” rhetoric, it is abundantly clear that he intends otherwise. And you Mr. Williams, are walking, talking evidence of that assumption.
        Schmell Test:
        Hold Nose Bad

  • nerhardt

    Oh, Connie, I want to be a a writer like you. You are the best.

  • kbcab

    Romney didn’t betray anything , this is another lying demo supporter spinning something around to hurt the other party , people , don’t be the stupid public the Demo party thinks you are , read and listen to whats going on and make your own dicision , not what the brainwashers want you to think…

    • You should learn to listen.

      • Brain Dead People Don’t Listen They Are Programed!! You Have To Sell Them Some More Snake Oil With Your Message Programed In It!! In Other Words If You Are Not A Snake Oil Sells Man You Are Wasting Your Time!!!

    • mynx1

      Ok, I re-read the article, I again reviewed the fundraiser video. I don’t feel brainwashed. Quite the opposite, my mind has never been so clear. I still think Romney is a heartless selfish bastard.

      • kbcab

        If the video was so important that it took 4 months to reveal , then why was 2 minutes edited out if they want everyone to know the truth about Romney..Just more Demo smear..You know , I don’t particularly like Romney all that much , but if I’m gonna get screwed more in the future , then I want someone new doing it , not the same old lying ass-hole that’s been doing it. Maybe at least this time I will get kissed first…

        • you Sir or Madam are a delusional idiot….Please don’t come to our celabratory party on November 7th….

        • BDD1951

          Acturally, it has been on you tube for a while, just that no one found it before. Someone went looking for somthing and found it.

    • hellowoman

      May I ask where you are getting your news from kbcab?

      • There is only one possible answer to that, hellowoman: Fox News!

        ALL other media (involving thousands and Thousands of people!) collaborate in a vast, left-wing conspiracy! Didn’t you know that?

    • Mike McLaughlin

      ” read and listen to whats going on and make your own dicision , not what the brainwashers want you to think..”

      oh, you mean like when you say the President is a muslim?

    • fedupwitgop


  • Gov. Romney’s father was a self-taught CEO and someone who appreciated what the government
    did for him that gave him the opportunity to achieve in his quest for the American dream. From
    everything that I have read about him he was a great man. I am certain that he would not agree
    with his son’s remarks about the 47%. He was very successful but I will bet you that he never
    forgot his roots. No great person ever does.

    • And his father probably didn’t hide his money from taxation either.

    • …and, I think that therein lies a great deal of what drives Mitt. He is just not made of the same stuff that his dad was….and in an attempt to “please” his father and strive to be more like him he fails miserably over and over again….that is enough to drive anyone crazy….and, I believe he has reached that point…one day he will implode….I just hope that he does it privately.

      • grammyjill

        No I want it live on TV, to make sure he can never come back again.

    • grammyjill

      Bet he wouldn’t vote for Mitt either.

  • dellmartin

    This was the first thought I had when I first watched the video. Obviously Mitt had no compassion or respect for “those people” working at this event because they witnessed first hand the ugly comments he made about themselves: “And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

  • 1standlastword

    I’ve come to doubt Mitt’ mental health! I think we should be concerned. If he were 25 years older than he is his and making the kinds of comments he makes and lying people would be asking for his health records

    • grammyjill

      I want an IQ test and a mental evaluation

  • kbcab

    You know you people need to get some coffee or maybe drink a little less , you are right on the job this morning , what ever you believe , you will have to suffer with the end results and I hope your families can get help when you are gone…

  • Excellent Point! How insensitive! At a $50,000, a Plate Dinner, the guy rails against the 47%, all the while he is being served by People he has written off, and said, “forget them.”

    This guy has, and will continue to divide the Nation between the Rich, and the less fortunate; or Poor. He represents, Nothing,! that our Founders stood for; nor, the Greatest Generation.
    He has lived a sheltered, and privileged life. He does not know what is going on in the Neighborhoods surrounding Main Street.

    If Romney is Elected, 47%, of us will be disenfranchised; with few speaking on our behalf in Washington. Further, our Numbers will grow, as the Rich continue to pick the Carcass of the American Eagle Clean! Why would anyone vote for a Party that has abused and stolen so much from the Middle Class and the Poor? Why would anyone vote for a Party that supported Globalization, that saw 20 Million Manufacturing Jobs overseas? Why would anyone, vote for a Party, that made a Pledge to some Political Hack in Washington Lobby Circles – – thus violating the Spirit of Compromise, fashioned by our Founders? That is Treasonous!

    Why would anyone vote for a Party that started two Wars; with no way to pay for them? Why would anyone vote for a Party that is licking their Chops, to get into another War with Iran? Why would anyone vote for a Party that gave the Rich the Largest Tax Cut in the History of the Country; and, not get anything for it? Why would anyone vote for a Party that wants to give the Rich, yet another Tax Cut; and put the burden back on what’s left of the Middle Class?
    Why would anyone vote for a guy that places his money in off-shore Banks to avoid paying income taxes? Need more reasons NOT to Vote for Romney – – just ask!


    • grammyjill

      I was good with seeing him as Gov of Mass. He really sucked.

  • Me

    Mitts father was raised in Mexico, they were running from the law. In the United States, polygamy is not allowed. Some nuts believe that the Mormon religion is the same as the Christian religion, but real Christians know the truth.

    • Alexa Robinson

      So how many Mothers does Mitt have? No wonder he’s from another planet!

      • grammyjill

        Only 1 mom but several grandmothers

  • kbcab

    Hey Dom , That’s is exactly the opposite of what I am trying to say , right now we have medicare ,SS , and medicaid , but for how long and I truly believe that death panels are coming under the Dems..I sympathise with your health problems , and sympathy is , I ‘m sure , something you don’t need , ( my Father died of a diabetic stroke , so I know what it can be ) , I’m 64 and I just want a secure America for my family and don’t think it’s gonna happen with Obama. Now I’m tired and quitting for now and will get back on here later , it’s my aniversay and I got things to do…

    • KB,

      Please know that I am not picking on you. I too, like my Social Security and Medicare. Yet, with the Baby Boomer Retirement Explosion, Rational Decision making (Death Panels), are inevitable, regardless of who is elected. The Country will not be able to pay for Medical Treatments that will prolong life for a rather short period of time. No one, can afford that – – unless, one can, “out-of-pocket, all expenses and costs. Just too many Seniors – – with too many health problems – – who have too little Money! Consider the Financial Condition of the Nation today! There is no Money! And, the Rich Republicans do not want to pay anything related to health care for you, me, and others.

      As an example, if Medicare is so good for us Geezer’s; why wouldn’t it be good for everyone? The point is, IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR ALL, THAT WANT IT; AND, DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! A Universal Health Care Plan like this would save about $400 Billion Dollars a year. The President wanted this two years ago; but the Rich Republicans blocked it because they just could not bring themselves to take huge profits away from the Large Health Care Insurance Companies! Imagine! A savings of $400 Million! per year.

      There are two ways for the Rich to thin the Herd (the Poor): Choke off Medical Care to the poor and unfortunate; or, use Death Panels. So called, “Rational Decisions,” are easy to make when one has no insurance, and no money! “He’s Terminal! Whose Next?” Get my Drift?

      With 80 Million Baby Boomers; and millions more already drawing Social Security and using Medicare; it will advantage the Nation to find ways to choke us off, from the support that is needed to sustain one’s life. Seniors are spent; used up; and, serve no useful purpose. They are draining the Coffers, beyond the ability of the Country and it’s People to Support!

      There are a couple of other Ominous Problems looming in the future; but, enough for now, unless someone asks.

    • lavorne46

      Go ahead and vote for Mitt . You are another one that dont read and learn the facts before you speak. You cant control a thing for your grandchilden. All you can do is pray, teach them them to respect each one another and use their gifts God has given them.

  • BDD1951

    Only us 47% are invited.

  • We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union (for 53% of the people), establish Justice (for my rich friends), insure domestic Tranquility (by dissing half the public), provide for the common defence (by starting another war), promote the general Welfare (by taking away any and all programs to do so), and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity (my kids), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    ~ Mitt Romney

  • Alexa Robinson

    How short people’s memory are.. Does anyone remember the state of the economy Bill Clinton left to Geo W. Bush?? Bushwhacked that should be as where or how the Republicans wrecked the economy and now try to blame it on Obama is beyond rational thinking. As for the rich getting richer – all things must end, and maybe they’d better study some history before they suggest we eat cake…

    • Alexa,

      Unfortunately, people’s memories are short – – too short! Clinton gave the Country FOUR Balanced Budgets, and left Bush a Cash Balance of something close to $300,000,000,000!

      Now comes Bush who was the Real Poster Child of Fiscal Irresponsibility! How so? He started two wars with no provision to pay for either. That cost today is somewhere between $2.3 – $3 Trillion Dollars. Then, he gave the Rich the largest tax cut in the Nation’s History; and got nothing for it. Nor, did he find an alternative source of revenue to make up for this despicable transfer of wealth. This little gift, cost the Revenue side of the Nation’s Budget – – literally Billions of Dollars.

      It get’s worse – – much, worse! Bush pushed through a very expensive Prescription Drug Bill for Seniors. How this huge expenditure was going to be pay for; was never given much thought.

      Then, the appearance of the first of several fraudulent Financial Schemes. Under Bush, $635 Billion was lost due to the so-called, Sub-Prime Loan Scandal. (When Reagan, Clinton, and Bush, loosened Regulations on the Financial Sector; it brought out the Beasts on Wall Street; and, in the Real Estate Industry. We all know how these Loans worked out. Wall Street followed the Sub-Prims, with a couple of other exotic fraudulent Invests: The notorious Credit Default Swaps; and the Grand Daddy of them all: The Derivative!
      The Crash which occurred on September 18, 2012; cost Middle America about $10 Trillion Dollars! We are talking about the Moms, Pops, Grands, and Kids, that lived in the Neighborhoods surrounding Main Street. Millions of Jobs were lost; Parents lost their Homes, cars, retirement savings; and, college funds.

      The Grand Insult of all, occurred when the Big Banks took huge risks with OUR Money; and lost! Then, Then, the Banksters promptly lined up at the White House (or was it at the Treasury); and, asked for a Bailout. Within 72 hours, the Bush Administration had promised $750 Billion, to an Industry that gambled – – and lost – – Billions and Billions of Dollars! We were told that these Banks were, “Too Big To Fail!” We learned later, that these Predator Capitalists, were too big; and too powerful – – to Indict!

      Obama was left one hell of a mess! He is still sorting it out. If Bush’s Financial Infidelity wasn’t enough; the President had to deal with a Congress that was determined to undermine his every effort to jump-start the Economy. The Party of, “NO,” blocked his every attempt to get something done! They also made some silly Pledge to a Washington Hack, not to raise taxes for any reason! In my view, this was Treasonous, because it undermined the very notion of the Spirit of Compromise, which was the very basis for the approval of the United States Constitution! It constituted a refusal to do the People’s Work. Why, in Heavens Name, would the American People return the GOP to the White House, when they caused the Crash; then tried to cover it all up, by scape-goading, the President?

      • lavorne46

        You go Don. Thats what I’m talking about , you read and learn the facts. Thank you.

  • 13observer

    The democrats have been stating that “99%” of Americans want to take from the wealthiest “1%” so………………..Romney was right and he should then lose by 99%…………… right?

    • old_blu

      You’re a liar and a fat mouth.

    • grammyjill

      NO we have stated several times, we want them to pay their damn taxes!

  • Well, now everyone should know and realize where average Americans stand with Mitt. I believe that includes a majority of us. Right?

    • lavorne46


  • misha28_patriot

    The biggest mystery of this election is that the Republican party choose someone like Mitt Romney instead of Newt or John Huntsman. The President despite all the economic difficulties and the staggering unemployment numbers with 24 millions and 47 millions under the poverty line is going to win with more than 340 electoral votes though he inherited over eight years of Jungle Law and is far more intellectual and understand the people than this incredilble liar and moron who will say anything to be in the media. Bill Krystal could not have been more accurate in his description of the Republican Party. They deserve the loss of the White House.

    • grammyjill

      And congress.

  • 13observer

    Hey, don’t worry according to calculations from the democrats……….. 99% of the people want Obama re-elected so he can REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH in this country providing illegal alien criminals the opportunity to have a “fair shake” at the American Dream and join those 99% already needing the social economic lift up. You truely can’t make this sh*t up!

    • Can’t make this stuff up? You just did four times! 99% of the people want Obama re-elected? That would be a, “WRONG!” 99% want Obama re-elected so he can Redistribute the Wealth? That would be the Second, “Wrong!” A fair shake for illegal alien criminals? NOT So! The term, “Illegal,” Aliens is really not correct! The flood of Mexicans crossing the Border over the past 30 years; IS A PART OF OUR SHADOW, PUBLIC POLICY! What the Rich want – – the Rich get! First, the Growers wanted the Cheap – Slave, Labor. Then, other Industries wanted some of that Cheap Labor as well. Thus, the Mexicans spread out, and began to take jobs in Slaughter Houses, Fast Foods, Home Building, Lawn Care and Landscapping; hotel/motel servants; Domestic Work; and so many more. Neither Party had the Guts to tackle the so-called, illegal alien problem. So, in the absence of a Law, Past Practice becomes your Law! Admit it? Hell No! Lack of enforcement and neglect, in essence has given us Defacto, Public Policy.

      The last incorrect statement is your assertion that 99%, want, and need, some kind of economic lift-up; is clearly not accurate! Where does all of this, “JUNK,” information originate ?

    • lavorne46

      Talking ignorant again.

  • edwardw69

    I believe the great irony of all this is that the camara belonged to one of the servers.

  • We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union (for 53% of the people), establish Justice (for my rich friends), insure domestic Tranquility (by dissing half the public), provide for the common defence (by starting another war), promote the general Welfare (by taking away any and all programs to do so), and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity (my kids), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    ~yours truly,

    Willard Robme

  • debra15

    i was wondering when someone would make this observation and discuss it. It reminds me of the slave owners talking about the slaves while the slaves were serving them. The height of arrogance.

    • My sentiments exactly.

  • romney is exposed by the people he slams..true karma in action

  • As long as the party of Abraham Lincoln keeps giving us these zeroes to vote for it will become more and more irrelevant.

  • 50 years ago I heard Republicans talk about the Future of the middle case worker.. exactly what has happened was what we`ve come too. At that time they predicted we`d all be working Service Jobs. and what sticks in my Memory was the Fact that they Laughed about that.. While we were in Our Comas they did work that plan.. but, the Coma state is over now and We`re Paying Attention.. I only Hope its not too late. Vote Carefully.

  • Sorry thats Middle Class worker

  • there one thing that get me going its a LIE and Obama has done it againe and againe!

    • lavorne46

      You need to learn how to read and read with understanding. Find out your facts first before you open your mouth so you wont sound dumb.

  • Ron

    There’s is so much insolence in those comments, I didn’t like much Romney before then, but now I really don’t like him at all. Where in the world he came up with that 47%? Could someone explain it to me as I am part of that 47% . The only thing where Romney is right is that we, the “underclass, the victims, the dependents of government handouts, the educated and non-educated middle class” will never vote for him and his camarades d’armes. It’s obvious he’s an elitist (meaning an elitists for those who have a fat wallet and accounts in the Caiman Islands, Switzerland and other hidden capital heavens)
    I am so glad that his true being was exposed and hope more americans will see through out his rhetoric and lies

  • Elsa

    Romney has made it loud and clear, that he does not identify with most Americans. I don’t blame it on his background, his money or his parents. He is a flawed person. There are many Rich, Famous people in the history of this Country who clearly understood and identified with the struggles around them. Good examples include: Presidents Roosevelt and John Kennedy and there are many more. It is a very good thing, if his campaign is lost, the last thing we need is a President who is unconcerned about half of the people who could vote for him. Obama 2012; and let’s try and give him a Congress that will work with him instead of blocking everything he tries to do.

  • The 47% that Romney refers to are comprised, in large part, by the working poor. As a percentage of gross income, the working poor pay about 6% to 8% of gross income in Social Security, Medicare, etc. It may actually be a higher percentage than that.
    And he does not have to deal with those taxes, because the vast majority of his income is in dividends, etc.

  • ryueire

    Whatever comes out of Romney’s mouth doesn’t matter. It is empty, lacking in any depth because he is the ultimate narcissist. Nothing he says is ever wrong or causes him to lose any sleep. At this point, I think he is seriously pathological. He now speaks of how it’s the “100%” that matters to him. Yeah, the 100% is all about him. The ease he about faces on things he has said, the purity of how he goes about saying what he thinks the particular audience wants to hear is amazing. I truly wonder if he even has true emotional connection with anyone, his wife his sons.
    In a way, I can see how he is so successful at business. No guilt, remorse, and no morality to bind one ‘s conscience is a great instrument to paving the way to amassing great wealth.

    • lavorne46

      Well spoken.

  • This article speaks to exactly what I was thinking as I watched the video. Fortunately the wait staff was disciplined enough to properly carry out their duties and ignore the jackass in the room.

  • As I read this article, I’m reminded when I saw the film about Leona Helsmely. She was having coffee al fresco and talking on the phone. The lady serving her, (dressed in her black outfit and white apron, overheard Leona say something like, “Taxes? Only poor people pay taxes.”

  • 13observer

    From the “left press” of course! The democrats contend that 99% or the “Occupy” people have a finacial bone to pick with the 1%. Unless you don’t follow the News, you know about how slighted 99% of our population is up in arms with the wealthiest 1%. So…………are you saying the dems never professed that 99% was the number they have been using? This is Obama’s game of class envy played out to divide the country however most of the middle class refuses to be indentified with the likes of the poor and lazy opportunists!

    • lavorne46

      The Bible says” there will always be the poor” and the strong bear the infirmatives of the weak. So if you have a loving and giving heart God will truly bless us all and all your needs will be supplied. Stop talking and try doing a good deal each day and your life will change.

  • 13observer

    Illegal alien criminals are just that, and should be prosecuted the same as I should be if I were to come to your home and give you a royal thrashing! Ilegal immigration has been the scurge of America! The cost has crippled California and many other states as well. It must be stopped, not encouraged by this President any longer!

    • lavorne46

      I think all need to to go back and read the very first book of the Bible. God created
      all people born with freedom. Man sins brought on oppression by greed. God made man dominion over the animals not man. God did not
      give one race to rule the world and belittle the rest, God did not call his children minority.
      So you be careful what you say because your tongue can speak death or life whichever
      you choose. Please rebuke those demons that have taken over your soul.

  • rustacus21

    The gap between income, economic mobility & opportunity has never been greater, while simultaneously, the application of Democracy has grown more selective, favoring the very wealthy & corporations, since 1981. Americans losing the opportunity in High School & as required courses at the college level, to be exposed to rudimentary civics instructions, has left Americans simply DUMB about what Democracy is, it’s absolutely & unequivocal Liberal/Progressive roots & it’s bastardization by contemporary conservatives, making it an unmanageable MESS!!! Having to study up on the period in which the originating documents were created, is now left up to the individual American & is a daunting task, but well worth the effort, in order to understand that citizens are the ‘sole authority’ in ‘THIS’ our nations Democracy. It therefore behooves each & every American to do their homework, participate in civic activism, make sure our Public Schools teach our children the utter urgency of existing in a Democracy – or else once lost, life in a dictatorship, a tyranny, or plutocracy, is not a recommended lifestyle, as Russians, Egyptians, Afghani’s or Chinese will attest. & being much harder to reverse – as compared to the struggles to maintain & advance Democracy on citizens terms – is what the Constitution envisioned. President Bill Clinton’s Democratic Convention speech is highly recommended on both theory & practice of Democracy, by a Liberal/Progressive student of the living Democratic model, per our Constitutions authors. Check it out & recommend it to those unsure, fense-sitters, who seem still undecided. Then have them view President Obama’s speech & viewed together, give an idea of the superior benefits of Liberal/Progressives, who believe in ‘BOTH’ the theory & practice of Democracy. There’s no need trying to depend on Mitt Romney to explain any of this, as it makes absolutely no sense to he or any living conservative…

  • This is a well written article. Point well stated!

  • ktrmnd

    Excellent article!

  • flyfshr1cd

    Know we know how Romney really fells about the 47% who are seniors, unemployed and underemployed. The story NOT told, even though inferred, is his utter distain for the middle class that does 99% of the real work in America for more hours and less wages than ever before while HIS ruling 1% pay less, or no taxes than they have in the last 60 years.

  • I am 0ne of that 47% who don’t pay taxes. You know know why Rum head? Because I payed them in for 60 years. I still have to pay into Medicare that the GOP don’t think we are entitled to receive. Even at my age, there is nothing wrong with my memory. I still remember the days of Hebert Hoover and mass unemployment. It reached 24.9% in 1932…
    Romy Is a carbon copy of Hoover. I puppet for big corporations…
    Wonder if he counted himself among the the 47% who don’t pay Taxes

  • joyscarbo

    I saw a mormon bishop denounce Mitt Romney tonight. It was quite startling. This bishop said that Mitt has abandoned his LDS principles: above all else, for those who have they must use it to help the needy and poor.

    I don’t subscribe to the mormon faith, but I had to respect this bishop calling out Mitt for his bullcrap and betrayal to his religious teachings.

  • flyfshr1cd

    How can anybody still vote for Romney when he kicks to the curb 47% of all Americans?

  • joceandre

    Mitt has no soul.

  • lavorne46

    All you have to do is read his mother’s word. She spoke the truth bless her soul.
    Unfortunately her son took the path of greed, power, heartless, and a liar.
    It’s so sad he did’nt learn from his parents. Feel sorry that the sins of the father will fall on his five sons and I pray they are a bigger person than their mom and dad.

  • kbcab

    Lavorne46 , do you relly believe that way , because if you do , the only thing I’m praying for is there isn’t anymore around like you , God gave us a brain to make decisions for ourselves and that’s the reason Obama won the first time ,unfortunatly , because a lot of narrow-minded people voted for him , And yes , I can help prepare my grandkids for a better life and if you don’t think you can then I pitty your’s if you have any…

  • irishtap

    To think Mitt Romney is the best the presidential candidate the GOP can muster is clear, overpowering evidence of a once proud political party in certain decline. Romney’s gaffes not only illustrate his own proud economic indecency, but, shine a light on the remarkable vacuity of what passes for leadership within the ranks of this psychopathic lot. The Republican Party is going down in flames, while Mitt fiddles and befuddles. Keep up the great work Mitt!

  • daniel bostdorf

    Romney’s campaign is dead.

    What ever language you want to spin it:

    Romney campaign está muerto.
    Campagne de Romney est mort.
    Romney Kampagne tot ist.
    Is é Romney feachtas marbh.
    Campagna di Romney è morto.
    Kampania Romney jest martwy.
    Ромни кампании мертв.

    As my grandmother would say:


  • 13observer

    The wealthy will pay more taxes in one year than you will pay in a LIFETIME chump!

    • you must be the other 57%. That is, no matter what Mitt does or says you’ll vote for him.

  • 13observer

    Please take some time to review the Mexican laws that deal with illegal immigration………………then come and we will talk about what makes them so fu*king special!

  • 13observer

    Sorry you can’t handle the truth!

  • daniel bostdorf

    130observer…..this article has absolutely NOTHING to do with your juvenile posts.

    This article is about Mitt Romney’s betrayal, not Obama, Mexican laws or anything else.

    Quoting the article:

    “Much already has been said and written about Romney’s heartless depiction of those Americans who do not pay income taxes. He disparaged a lot of hardworking Americans, including retired senior citizens, members of our military and hourly wage earners.”

    Romney’s own words:

    here are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement and the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. … These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

    130observer: You have no original thoughts of your own, other than a “bumper sticker” approach to your really well thought out profane, inane postings. You intentionally distract us from thoughtful dialog and discourse.

    Quit hiding behind a fake name. What are you afraid of?

    Are you a propagandist for Karl Rove? You sound like Limbaugh/Beck and foxnews..make up a lie and say it is the truth.

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Keep lying and distracting us 130observer….we know what you are.

  • mkzp

    OMG my hatred for Willard grows more and more with each passing day.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Ecomonic Partriotism!

    Grow the economy with middle class….not the 1% class!

    Romney’s own words:

    “here are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement and the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. … These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

  • 13observer

    I am the UNION %………….. you know the ones who fought for a “middle class” and are the ONLY reason one still exists today……………… something the democrats have forgotten along with every other “free loader” that isn’t UNION PROUD!