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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Republican polling guru Frank Luntz once said, “If you have to assert you are human, there’s no way you are going to be elected.” What is most amazing about this quote is that it wasn’t referencing Mitt Romney. Luntz was knocking Al Gore. The former vice president once jokingly insisted that he was human after a reporter questioned him about being born on the same day as the “Roswell Incident.”

Gore — who before he grew a beard and tried to save the world suffered from what some might call a “humanity gap” — was wise enough to pick Joe Lieberman, a man no one has never been accused of being charismatic, as his running mate.

Mitt Romney, however, chose Paul Ryan, who is the closest thing to a “rock star” the GOP has left since Sarah Palin moved on to reality TV. Tuesday at a rally in Ohio, the crowd was so enamored with Paul Ryan that they were still chanting “Ry-an! Ry-an!” when Mitt took the microphone. In one of the most awkward moments in human history, the GOP nominee for president taught the crowd a new chant that included his name. As you can see in the clip above, just watching Mitt awkwardly coach the crowd nearly gave MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough an aneurysm.

Here are five more Mitt moments nearly as awkward as this one:

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  • Buying groceries in a hardware store must rank pretty high on the list of the ridiculous…

    • Only Five???????? Hell His Whole Campaign Is One Big Awkward Moment For The Smart American People. We Are Praying Other Countries Are Not Seeing All This Lowlife Lie Of A Campaign Romney Has Been Running, I Bet They Are Laughing Their Ass Off Cause Romney No Doubt Most Likely Shipped Jobs And Hiding His Money In Their Country Also!!!

      • onedonewong

        Compared to Barak his campaign has been flawless. How many americans have been killed due to barak’s incompetence??? 2100 and counting how many americans have been injured because he places more value on mooolism lives than our trooops 20,000
        As a matter of fact how about naming 1 just 1 accomplishment that barak has had in 4 years

        • onedonewong: Name just 1 accomplishment that Obozo has had in 4 years? Come on, onedonewong !! Obozo has accomplished a LOT in 4 years !! Here’s the list of accomplishments:
          1) Blindly steering this Nation (and all the useful idiots) towards socialism…

          … And here is the list of his accomplishments if we re-elect him:
          1) Blindly steering this Nation (and all the useful idiots) ALL THE WAY towards socialism…


          And soooo many others like these !!!!

          • Why do you want to prove everyone that are a fool?

          • no he’s not JUST A FOOL; he’s a bigot who lives in a bubble too. can’t you tell

        • that proves it; i thought you were JUST a bigot, o but your an idiot too…………

          • onedonewong

            Other than the ad hominem you offer nothing…my post is 100% FACTUAL

    • SaneJane

      I particularly liked the the hammer handle sticking up out of the bag. Are we supposed to believe that he was doing handyman chores on the campaign trail? These adolescents need to grow up.

      • Maybe He Took To Hammering On The Polls LOL That Wont Work Nor Do His Magic Underwears Not Working Either!!!LOL

      • onedonewong

        I like the one where barak is carrying a book on vacation as if he can read

        • yeah, if your ancestors had; had their way; blacks would be horse whipped for learning to read. tell me again how race isn’t part of this election, …..while your at it explain why gw bush would not go to the convention and make a speech for romney; and why won’t ronald reagan’s son vote for romney;

          • onedonewong

            Race isn’t part of the election rather incompetence and quotas are. Why wasn’t Barney Frank at the Dem’s convention, nor was Corzine or Jesse jackson



    Now what would any reasonable person conclude about the result of a contest comprised of contestants such as Perry, Cain, Santorum (don’t Google that word), Gingrich, Bachman, and the winner (?) Mittens RoMoney? From a list of loosers there emerged a winner?

    Where did the GOP find these people and where are all the GOP’s real politicians?

  • turnipgreens

    The GOP has a major power vacuum at the moment because they equate money with influence. After all, the results speak for themselves. Koch, Turner, and the other multies.

  • latebloomingrandma

    They should have included appearing in “brown face” before a Hispanic group. I was amazed at the “handlers” doing this to Willard, yet the lack of guts on his part to finally put his foot down for something so ridiculous. No character at all. A president Romney would be manipulated all over the place by those who paid for his election.

  • I never got why asking Rick Perry to put up or shut up made Romney look bad. I thought backing down made Perry look like a wussy.

    • jarheadgene

      It was the flippant way of betting $10K and absolutely meaning it, that made him look ridiculous in front of an audience of people with upside down mortgages and bankruptcies running rampant in the U.S.

  • Not even close to the five most awkward. Nice try and better than Mitt’s shown. LOL. But still, dig a little deeper guys.

    • In and of itself, the $10k bet was only mildly douchey (contrast with the Univision “brown face” debacle). However, when your opponents and the CW all have you pegged as an out of touch, insular multi-millionaire who has no sense of what it means to struggle to survive, unlike roughly 90% of the populace, the criticism is quite cogent.

      Go back and watch the tape – the ease with which Willard says “Ten thousand dollar bet?” is comparable to you or I wagering a dollar or five. The event is significant because it speaks to the larger narrative of Willard being an out of touch, insensitive, uncaring plutocrat.

      So, yes – the “wager” was a top five awkward moment for Willard. Sorry about that.

    • CAThinker

      I imagine this could be stretched into Mitts’ Top 40… One of the biggest reasons I wake up to Morning Joe at 4:00 Pacific is to see if Mitt said anything really dumb the day before… He hasn’t failed me yet in the past month… Of course, it was much richer during the Talipublican primaries… There was anyone of four or five guys that were brimming with dumb, ready for it to leak out…

  • daniel bostdorf

    The National Memo stated it correctly a few days ago in the article about the signs of Romney’s campaign crumbling:

    “Inventing Gaffes, Ignoring Policies”

    Howdy, I’m H. Michael Karshis….As former Bush speechwriter David Frum asked, “How do you message: I’m doing away with Medicaid over the next 10 yrs, Medicare after that, to finance a cut in the top rate of tax to 28 percent?”

    The answer is, you can’t.

    Mitt Romney’s hope was to appease his base with policy, impress swing voters with his competence and tear apart the president for his failures. His competence has become questionable and his failure narrative replaced by Bill Clinton’s retelling of the past four years.”

    There is absolutely no way “Mr. 47%” is going to be elected.

    His most awkward moment is ahead during the debates.
    Obama will destroy the fascist facade and tyranny of the rich against the middle class and poor. Romney, and his Gestapo of supporters, will not and cannot prevail.

  • daves

    These are pretty dumb. There are plenty enough political reasons to not want to vote for Mr. Romney, I am not sure why we need to discuss his awkwardness.

  • citizenmb

    No reputable politician would embrace what the Republican Party has become: home on the range for the Tea Party. Thus, no reputable Republican politician ran for president this year…or will in any year unless they can drop-kick the TP’s back to the 18th century where they belong.

  • onedonewong

    Well we have barak impersonating someone with an intellect, we have barak never accepting responsibility for his actions, we have barak apologizing to his mooooslim brothers for a movie, we have barak taking out ads in Moooslim papers apologizing for the anti Mohamed movie and apologizing that US personnel trier to stop the savages from trying to kill them.