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Saturday, February 23, 2019

WASHINGTON — Instead of fighting a phony mommy war over what Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney, we should face the fact that most families these days cannot afford to have one parent stay home with the kids. This is not about “lifestyle” or “values.” This is an economic struggle highlighting yet again the social costs arising from decades of stagnating or declining wages and growing income inequality.

There is a profound class bias in our discussion of what mothers should or should not do. The public debate seems premised on the idea that all two-parent families have a choice as to whether one or both work. That’s still true for the better-off. But this choice is denied to most American families. They have had to send two people into the workforce whether they wanted to or not.

Thus the importance of a study released this week by the Center for American Progress that deserves wide attention. The report demonstrates conclusively that the ruckus over Ann Romney’s decisions is 30 years out of date. Its core conclusion: “Most children today are growing up in families without a full-time, stay-at-home caregiver.”

“In 2010, among families with children,” the study notes, “nearly half (44.8 percent) were headed by two working parents and another one in four (26.1 percent) were headed by a single parent. As a result, fewer than one in three (28.7 percent) children now have a stay-at-home parent, compared to more than half (52.6 percent) in 1975, only a generation ago.”

And these changes are driven more by economics than by any of the mommy war issues that provide so much fodder for television and radio brawls. “Breadwinning wives are even more common in families with lower incomes,” according to the CAP report. “Seven in 10 (69.7 percent) working wives earn as much or more than their husbands in the bottom 20 percent of income distribution for all families. And about half (45.3 percent) of working wives are breadwinners in families in the middle of the income distribution, up from four in 10 (39.1 percent) in 2007 and only 15.2 percent in 1967.”

So here’s the deal: If you want more households in which one parent can stay home with the kids, you need to boost the incomes of average American families — and especially of poorer families. For millions of American moms and dads, debates about “feminism” or “social conservatism” are irrelevant. It’s about money.

The timing of the report was not driven by the Romney-Rosen kerfuffle. Written by Sarah Jane Glynn, it was an update of an earlier study by CAP senior economist Heather Boushey that was part of a project on working women organized by Maria Shriver. Tuesday was “Equal Pay Day” and Boushey said the new study sought to underscore that equal pay “isn’t just about women, it’s about their families, because women are the breadwinner or co-breadwinner.”

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60 responses to “Money Struggles, Not Mommy Wars”

  1. Say what you want about Mitt Romney, but at least he only put a dog on the roof of his car — not the roof of his mouth

    • louis jones says:

      O was seven years old in a country where dog meat consumption is the norm – the ahole that put the dog on top of the car was an adult….still want to compare the two??

    • louis jones says:

      O was seven years old in a country where dog meat consumption is the norm – the ahole that put the dog on top of the car was an adult….still want to compare the two??

    • EdC says:

      Lets see we stick a dog on the roof of the car, whre he gets motion sick and has no heat, turn the hose on him and put him back on top of the car in cold climate, made colder by a wind factor, What do you think that he would do to country which he cares for the filthy rich.

  2. rosspoling says:

    Face it if you vote for MR then you are saying it ok to destroy the middle class MOMS.
    Its proven that if one parent stays home then the child is not going to get into trouble which saves tax payers money in long run.
    The RNC has aways sided with big buz and screw the middle class.

  3. rosspoling says:

    Face it if you vote for MR then you are saying it ok to destroy the middle class MOMS.
    Its proven that if one parent stays home then the child is not going to get into trouble which saves tax payers money in long run.
    The RNC has aways sided with big buz and screw the middle class.

  4. orangputeh says:

    I had to struggle to survive when my husband divorced me and I had a four year old daughter. I was a teacher with a Master’s degree. My salary was so bad that even a small amount of child support was not enough to raise our standard of living. Occasionally, I would take my daughter to McDonalds but I couldn’t afford to buy myself anything. I had to eat at home. I could not afford to eat at a restaurant. Forget luxuries like cable TV or even getting good chocolate for Halloween give aways.

    The wealthy do not understand this type of difficulty. I was educated and definitely not lazy. I bristle at the thought of being looked down upon because I was in such a economically bad state.

    I see a lack of compassion towards those who are struggling economically. The poor are just like everyone else except they don’t have money. The conservative line of just start working to lift yourself up doesn’t always ring true. Many people are barely surviving in this economy.

  5. orangputeh says:

    I had to struggle to survive when my husband divorced me and I had a four year old daughter. I was a teacher with a Master’s degree. My salary was so bad that even a small amount of child support was not enough to raise our standard of living. Occasionally, I would take my daughter to McDonalds but I couldn’t afford to buy myself anything. I had to eat at home. I could not afford to eat at a restaurant. Forget luxuries like cable TV or even getting good chocolate for Halloween give aways.

    The wealthy do not understand this type of difficulty. I was educated and definitely not lazy. I bristle at the thought of being looked down upon because I was in such a economically bad state.

    I see a lack of compassion towards those who are struggling economically. The poor are just like everyone else except they don’t have money. The conservative line of just start working to lift yourself up doesn’t always ring true. Many people are barely surviving in this economy.

    • EdC says:

      I hate to say it but REpublican Wealthy do not only understand it, but like it that way, it’s their goal. You and I are not worthy of good lives according to them, we are to bow and scrap, and it isn’t single parent moms, Working wages are lower by a third then they should be for a decent economy. AS a teacher you are making more money then the average male, by about twenty percent, and his wife is bombarded by Mercadies Benz and trips to Sandels commercials, how is he suppose to compete.

    • david rohrs says:

      so true!

    • Scarlita says:

      This is so true!!!! And, although I do not have children. I can empathize with you. I pray for you.

  6. I really don’t understand how American women can tolerate GOP treating them 2nd class people. In Wisconsin Walker has secretly signed a law allowing employers to pay women less than men doing the same job. Would you believe the following are still with FoxNews and GOP: Ann Coulter, Megan Kelly, Crowley, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann; FoxNews legal women analysts? Walker and his fellow GOP males think women don’t need money as men. I am not surprised Romney shares this belief. Romney forces his wife and daughters to be in uniforms – no make-up, no short skirts. If I were a woman I would never think voting for Romney. I would vote for President Obama.

    • grannyk8 says:

      ? Romney has 5 sons; let’s keep this real, or we’re as bad as the other side.

    • Scarlita says:

      I agree so I am voting OBAMA . We pay the same bills, do they lessen bills amount for women since we do not need the money as men do? I do not think so. Who ever heard of such a thing in 2012. And, Sarah Palin says – get the government out of our lives – Someone has to be around for checks and balances in situations like this. My GOD!!! What are we to do if we do not vote right.

  7. arteesto1 says:

    For the poor and those of us (m0stly seniors) on a fixed income, the SOUP LINE is in sight.
    What killed me financially the most, was when interest rates on c.d.’s dropped down to nothing. I began taking from my savings, that I use to get interest on, to keep my head above water. My savings are quickly dissapating and my social securing is not anywhere near enough to pay my essential bills and keep food on the table. Prices keep rising (especially gasoline) and I just might have to soon join thousands of others who are on street corners asking for financial assistance. SAD, SAD, SAD what the greedy rich have done to allow our country to head into a third world country.

  8. Out of touch with reality is the only thing to describe Morman Mitt and Ann. Just like with John McCain, who when asked by a reported couldn’t answer how many homes he and Theresa owned, these 1% ruling elite haven’t a clue what it’s like for the middle class in America today. “Let them eat cake.”

  9. EdC says:

    Ann romney lived in the lap of luxiory, she made the choice not to go to work, why should she she had a maid, to cater to her, she had nannies to take care of the kids. Now lets not be to hard on her, she did drive her own Cadillacs (plural) with the need chauffer. Don’t know many women that would turn that down.

  10. joujou228 says:

    Did you see Romney talking with regular people at the picknick table. As republicans, one lady told him how the stimilus kept the school she worked at going and one man telling him we may have to raise taxes although no one likes to pay more taxes one lady said it’s a neccesssary evil. I guess they didn’t get the GOP, Romney camp’s memo. I wonder if they realize Romney want to shrink dept of Education, lower taxes for his corporate friends.

    • Maricia12 says:

      Yes, I saw that and he was definitely out of his element. He looked very uncomfortable and did not have a clue as to how to respond to those people. He needs a reality check with people who have a different view of what is going on in the real world, not the view the right wingers portray.

  11. If you vote for Mitt, then you are more out of touch than he is!!!!!!

  12. howa4x says:

    These comments by Ann Romney are based on a Leave it to Beaver society, where June Clever was always home to cook diner in a nice dress with pearls, which is probably how she was dressed come to think of it. The right wing is trying to turn the clock back to the 50’s when white men were the unquestioned leaders of the home, like the Father knows best show. Ann is completely out of touch with the working families, since here husband is part of the 1%. Fox loves this since they know they are loosing the culture wars. Even Bachmann and Palin work and are not stay at home moms. Republican policies are the biggest threat to workking families. Ryans budget would take away pre-scholl funding for workng moms, and slash pell grants that help lower middle clas kids with college. Imagine if that expence is thrust back on thses families. So this cynical attempt by Ann Romney to act offended is transparent. If she is really concerned with Moms, oppose the Ryan budget publically, otherwise be the stay at home mom and disappearfrom the trail.

    • Maricia12 says:

      You are right but I wonder if Ann Romney cooked at all. I am sure she had a house full of servants to help. I do not think the Clever’s were wealthy, do you? They were the middle class that the GOP does not care about. It is very odd how most of the Republicans do not fall into the top 10% of athe wealthy and many are receiving benefit from the very programs the GOP want to change or do away with. Isn’t that like ” cutting off your nose to spite your face”? And they talk about liberals drinking the kool aid. WOW

      • grannyk8 says:

        They’re sold on the “trickle-down”.

        • Scarlita says:

          What trickle-down, when they finish debiting up all the money into their pockets there will be no trickle-down. Only we will be trickled-down and I mean dead in the dirt, starving, we won’t even be able to shop from Bargan Betsy. we won’t even be able have cars to get to work and the ones we do manage to have will be driving on the rims. We will be on jobs that the Federal Government add to their statics as the Country’ econonmy is growing. Although, because if some have it lake they want it those jobs will not have to provide us with any kind of insurance, health or otherwise, and if they do offer it we won’t be able to afford it etc……… we are back a Federal Governemnt Regulation. Companies don’t do what they are suppose to do, it probably has been proven. Look back before President Clinton, Family Medical Leave Act, this is a Federal Policy, because people were being hasseled, fired, etc for taking care of their loved ones, therefore, there had to be Federal Government involvment. And, even still the company still must meet certain criteria, for example, must have a certain number of employees to have to conform to the Act. But, anyway I am sure it has been a good thing for all that have had to use it. I could go on and explain more about the Act, but I am sure you know about it. This is how I see things happening. I know that my wording may be hard and negative, but believe me to be force to live under the above mentioned conditions is much worse. Again, I know many still do like Obama, I rather go with Obama after listening and reading what the Republicans offer. And, they are so arrogant, they just sit right up in our living rooms and say these thing to us. Now that is a laughig matter – if we can keep a since of humor through it all.

      • Scarlita says:

        Yes, you have to make a joke just to read in the media what these people are suggesting. Yea it is like cutting of your nose to spite your face. But they can’t feel it. Completely out of touch. No gray matter between the scull. Can you just see them all on the short bus.

    • Scarlita says:

      I do not have children. And, even I know that Ann Romney is seriously out of touch. But, even more serious, do we want these people running our country? I do not. But, what I have foud is that these people are so full of themselve and filled up with their wealth, that they can not begin to understant (Out – of -Touch). I saw it in the last Presidential race, when, I think, McCane when ask about the number of well over a million dollar homes he had, or something like that, I may be slightly off here, but anyway I don’t think he could remember exactly. WOW I know how many homes I have, “0” and so manuy other people I know, know how many homes they have. Some have, “0”, they rent and those that do have homes only have, “1” that they are struggling to keep that home, probally forgoing a lot of pleasures, but they don’t complain, they just thank God for that one. Some even thank God for the rental one bedroom that they have.

      We need to really realize that these people have ideas in their heads that sound good and is probally good for them and people like them who can afford to sit somewhere and discuss theses so-called wonderful ideas and be glorified in these thoughts. But, the bad thing about it, is if we vote these kind of thinking people into powerful placeses in office, and then we have given them the power to act on these distructive ideas. This is very dangerous because they have no idea or do not care how this will affect the middle class and the poor. It would be to our death, for sure. Why, we would hardly be able to put food on the table, and provide shelter for ourselves and our children. Oh and this is kind of an out-of-the way conversation, but amagine this, When asked Palin what information she read on a daily bases she could not answer – WOW – Now, I am not smart at all, but even I could give you a couple newspapers, just off the top of my head without even thinking about that. Could you see McCane as President and Palin as Vice President. WOW – What state would we really be in today. Because I was always wondered how he choose her to run on his ticket and even better is that that, how she accepted, not knowing things that as running for Vice-President she should have known about the Country that she might have represented.

      I do not believe Obama knew some things, but, I believe he familiarized and updated himself by research and reading so at least he could give a somewhat of an intellegent answer to a simple question. She was also asked about some Federal Court Ruling/laws and as I recall she did’nt quit have the answer to that either except Board of Education vs. Wade(As I told you I am not smart, so I hope what I wrote was right) or something like that. The point is that if they had won, when I think about it, I would have been terrified out of my mind. Both these people seemed so out of touch. Think about a scull with no gray matter in it making decissions about this Country of The US of A, making decisions about issues that would affect all of the US and some other countries, as well since we do business with some of those other countries. What a collosal (Spelling) mess we might have been in. I just that to think about it. I am still taking about out of touch. I know one thing who I am voting for and whom I am not voting for, unquestionably. As bad as the economy is already and then cut Pre-school program funding, or pell grant for students to go to college. These are all opportunities to grow the economy. ie, moms working (and I am sure some might desire to be a stay at home mom.) But, simply cannot afford it, and parents cannot get off from wrok everday at the time their child/children get out of school, althought I am sure many would love to be home with their children. Point is we need social programs of course with some restriction, but we do not need to be cutting funding in these areas. But, that is once again out-of-touch, or don’t care. I mean REALLY what could she be thinking. Again, I am not smart and would not make a decission like that. Give me a break. Again, I do not claim to be smart all. But, some of the thing I hear coming from the mouths of Republican politicians is just of heard of. As you can tell I probably could go on-and-on, but I will stop now. God Bless Us All!

      OH, The Rayn Budget WHAT NEARVE!!!!!

      I can not say anymore, tears are rolling up in my eyes, I have to go now.

      Thanks for listening/reading.

  13. montanabill says:

    A lot of comments from people justifying their own ignorance and predispositions. Haven’t you people noticed that the Democrat Party has moved on to dogs. Damn Republican dog abusers! But I suppose it keeps your minds off of the President’s real record. He would rather run on fictional women abuse or dog abuse than his own words and deeds.

  14. PaulCindy says:

    With continued Federal Government spending & debt you won’t have a middle-class to worry about. It will certainly then be the wealthy & the poor. This administration is spending and creating debt at the most alarming rate by far, & if you still believe what they are doing is the right way to go, you are badly mistaken. Their policies have been in place almost 4 years & people are “still” waiting for it to pan out? It will only get much worse.

    • grannyk8 says:

      The whole world is much worse and you can’t blame President Obama for that; the problems pre-date his presidency, and things are improving. You expected a miracle?

  15. Not to mention the GOP is using any little excuse they can find not to renew the Violence Against Women Act. I’ll bet the reason any of them voted for it the first time was because they misinterpreted it to mean violence against women is OK!

  16. PamelaT says:

    The republicans will not let the economy get strong until after November. As a single mother of 4 and my husband like Orangputeh walked out when I found out that I was pregnant with triplets (naturally) and has not come back and pay that massive child support check of 300 per month for all four kids.

    For any politician that would sign a document that would no demand equal pay for women should be removed from office and his friends male or female. The only choice in 2012 is Obama not only is he pro women he is a father of two daughters and wants only the best for them. As compared to Romeny that is a father of 5 sons only need I say more.

    • rustacus21 says:

      This is 1 of the least acknowledged angles of the whole debate; that while Women are ‘forced’ to bear children for an unaffectionate, self-obsessed ‘mongral’, the Woman MUST continue to carry the sins of her past, while the man walks away clean (in a manner of speaking). Conservatives are the 1st to cast stones, in the midst of their sinful wickedness. Yet, as a supposedly ‘moral’ nation, our collective (affirmative) virtues are sadly missing. Not only Romney, but ALL Conservatives, see it in their best interests to continuing talking about everything under the sun, than the fact they have kept Prez Obama legislatively “RESTRAINED” in order to, @this precise moment, trumpet his ‘FAILURES’ of job creation, economic & governmental management, as well as delivering reasonable health care options to Americans in VITAL NEED. As PamelaT so eloquently states, THIS President IS the ONLY choice we have (as well as ANY/ALL other Liberal/Progressive Congresspersons/Senators running) to escape this Conservative purgatory of the last 11 years (i.e., the holdover policies this prez has not yet removed from his own executive framework)…

  17. Maricia12 says:

    This is part of the truth. Women should be paid the same as men. It IS also about family planning and the war the Republicans have waged on women’s reproductive rights. It is a struggle to pay for child care when a woman works out of the home. Several hundred dollars a wk. is not just a drop in the bucket for most families. The Republican party is passing more laws in many states that would limit a woman’s choices in birth control and I am not just referring to abortion. When a woman loses the ability to control the size of her families, she will be forced to stay home and will not be able to help provide for her family. Who, but the very wealthy, can afford to pay child care for a half dozen kids? It would costs more than most women could make. If the idea is to force women to have more children and stay home is what the GOP has in mind, then expect more people living in poverty and not being able to provide healthcare and higher education for their children. The GOP sends mixed messages. They want to cut social services and public education. Maybe their real agenda is to keep the poor down so the rich will rule the world. Oh, that’s right, they are already doing that. Democrats need to be very afraid. The GOP loves to say Pres. Obama is a Socialist but what they are not telling you is they want a Dictatorship, where everyone must bend to their ideology. You know the kind, like Iran or some of those countries that control every aspect of your life. I would rather live with a few socialist programs and have my taxes go to support them. At least we would all have healthcare and better educations and also a chance to better ourselves. Let’s weigh our options.
    Under the Democrats, we get a chance to better our lives, have better education for all, healthcare for all to keep us a healthy nation and personal freedoms to choose the size of our families and equal pay for women as well as freedom of religion. Under the GOP, Education only for the wealthy, healthcare only for the wealthy, restrictions on women’s freedoms of choice regarding reproduction. They do not care about women’s right to equal pay. If they had their way they would force us all under one religion. Romney and also many states with Republican majority lawmakers are taking away planned parenthood programs where 90% of poor women get their pap exams and mammograms. Only a small percent of these funds go to abortion but instead of taking that out of the equation, they would just get rid of it completely. Romney wants to get rid of the Dept of Education and HUD which has a VA program that enables many of our military veterans to buy homes. I personally do not need most of these things. I am retired and have a mortgage free home, I can afford to pay for healthcare and have a good life but I have seen how these programs have helped make America strong and give less fortunate people a chance to climb the ladder of success and make a better life for themselves. My husband and I started from nothing and have been able to obtain the American dream. It is only fair to give others that same opportunity.

    • Donna Wilker says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. You are very insightful. Thanks for taking the time to write. I hope everyone who reads the article will read and think about your comment.

  18. biga3284 says:

    Just a question i need answered is How many Nanny’s did Ann romney have and caretakers that lived in the home.

  19. Personally, I think that many Republicans need a taste of “poverty”, themselves. Let them have a “bitter” taste, by having to abandon their wealth, live in low-income slums, eat in soup lines, buy groceries, on food stamps, and do all of this in 2012, not back in 1940-something. Sure, many may have started out, “centuries ago”, from humble beginnings, but they have, since, forgotten what it is like, to have to LIVE this, on a daily basis, in 2012.

    In April, 2012, not 1940, many families are compelled to have both parents work, since private sector rent/mortgage is NOT tied to income. Nice homes, in nice neighborhoods, are NOT subsidized. THIS is why, in 2012, not 1940, that many families must have two, working parents.

    This seems to be something which the Republicans cannot understand. This is NOT 1940, bread does not cost a nickle, soda does not cost a dime, and public transportation hasn’t cost a quarter, for decades.

    The days of “Stay at home” mothers are long behind us. This is 2012, and it is time the Republicans realize that bread costs anywhere from $1.09, at Aldi’s, to $4.50, at Shop and Save. Generic Soda costs $2.50-$3.00, and a public bus ride costs $1.00 to $2.00, depending upon the city. THIS is 2012.

    Welcome to the bitter reality of why moms must work, as well as dads.

  20. TOBY CANLAS says:

    The Republicans denied rising % tax for rich, and kept on saying they are the Job creators, well.. where are the Jobs ? Williard Romney love it, if this guy sincere , withdraw all his bank accounts overseas. Rebuild America huh?

  21. Robtri93 says:

    The real problem is what we pay in taxes on what we purchase everyday. Taxes on food, housing, gas and other necessities. Imagine how much less your day to day life would be burdened if you weren’t taxed to death. I know we need taxes, but it’s never enough. I know, I know, but how will government workers be able to pay for conventions in Las Vegas and Orlando? How will we pay for military bases in Germany, Korea, Japan, etc.? If you want to increase take home pay, cut taxes, the government gets plenty of revenue, they need to live within their means.

  22. Republicians like Mitt Romney do not UNDERSTAND, what a real american family has to face daily, Ann had a CHOICE, MAYBE, If Mitt would have ALLOWED her to work if she wanted too. women do not have a choice, she HAS to work or family goes hungry!!!!!!. Mitt nor Ann understand that. why on earth would a struggleing married woman or her husband vote vote for this uninformed does not WANT to be informed idiot???????. people with both husband and wife working need to face some hard facts romney is not the one for them!!!!!, they need to weigh facts and vote their CIRCUMSTANCES, AND NEVER VOTE a THIRD PARTY, They will not get in. also just for fun look up facts on the mormans.

  23. karenannlevine says:

    This article was right on and valid points are well made. I, also, agree with Pastori Balele’s comments. And if America doesn’t see this, then we derserve what we get, God forbid, a rich Govenor from Massachussetts who makes more money and pays less taxes than most of the working families in his state.

  24. bobpol says:

    this article is about the real world of trying to make ends meet; not the ivory tower world of the econmically privleged 5 or 10 percent

  25. ObozoMustGo says:

    1.. Money cannot buy happiness, but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
    2.. Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard’s name.
    3.. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they’re in trouble again.
    4.. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
    5.. Reforming an Obama supporter is like trying to pick up a turd by its clean end.

    Have a nice day!

    • you are crass and despicable and your platitudes ring hollow.

    • you are crass and despicable and your platitudes ring hollow.

    • rustacus21 says:

      By the way & in case U haven’t noticed (as Mitch McConnell said the other day), we’re ‘in a crisis!!!’ This is no time for jokes & foolishness. Americans were so busy laughing at the primary resident at 1600 Pennsylvania (between 2001-2009), they never even noticed the village idiot sold a village he DIDN’T EVEN OWN!!! Money is fine, but exercising on a bike is far superior in saving both $$$ & the environment. But invoking juvenility does nothing to get YOUR nation ahead any further. That is Y U post here, correct?…

  26. Andrea C says:

    You people are so mean. You preach tolerance and then when someone chooses a different lifestyle than yours, you attack them.

  27. Were all Americans, our elected officials make decisions every day to spend money that we give as tax payers, Its time that we as Americans say, enough, the basic principals of life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as we are all guaranteed by the constitution has been under siege for years, our taxes, first and foremost is for the well being of the citizens of our country, not some special interest for lobbies t to get through to support another m ultibillion air,to support specific issues to brain wash the public, There are things that I do not agree with in the Democratic plat form, but have you taken the time to see all of the attacks on Americans, Women especially, and the working middle class, and the poor, elderly, and disabled, realize this, if you spend your life making money, millions and millions off of the backs of hard working Americans, down sizing companies, moving them over sees, and your treated like a king, by big business, do you really think he has your best interest at heart . Its time our taxes were put back to secure our brothers and sisters, well being, and for what they were intended for. Go Obama

    • rustacus21 says:

      … & as such, we should distance ourselves all the more from ‘platform’ politics & see the bigger picture, which commands that we consider even those we don’t agree w/. Considering taxes for instance, all of our tax $$$ goes to the same fire department, social services (helping teen/unwed mothers/parents adjust to parenting & seek greater economic mobility options), police, water treatment facilities, air craft maintenance crews (which should be federal!!!), environmental & consumer quality departments, military, benefiting us all – in spite of political preferences. The self-serving nature of ALL Conservatives legislators should be more than apparent by now. If not, Conservative voters shouldn’t fear . The learning curve only looks steep b/c U took so long to realize its necessity in engagements such as voting & debating in place like HERE!!! Thanx for eye/mind-opening commentary…

  28. rustacus21 says:

    Twisted into contortions, Romney, nor any other Conservative have the slightest idea what their party has done toward the destruction of the nation. Now, all they represent is the destruction of any opportunity, as were available during the Clinton administration, in another futile attempt to repair the nation after STILL ANOTHER EFFORT by Republicans to destroy American Democracy for the Middle Class & working poor. U can’t buy Democracy, yet Conservatives are trying, w/the consent of Conservative voters. What is so insanely crazed is, how can U (Conservative voter) want something for some 1 else, who, in turn, is denying that very same thing to U? U get NO benefits from endorsing continuing tax cuts &/or cuts to entitlement programs of which U depend!? & w/the myriad of distractions blasting @U’r psyche all day & nite, U can’t even stay focused long enuff to figure this all out… How utterly pathetic…

  29. dsbrown50 says:

    If you haven’t been offended by Romney’s remarks and how he doesn’t like to reveal his income tax return, you should be. What’s he hiding? Far as the remark that was made about his wife, what woman can afford to stay at home like she does? So it was just another thing he latched onto to keep him from talking about important things like how he plans to improve the economy and put people back to work instead of firing them…..because he does like to fire people……he said it himself! So where is the compassionate conservative? It’s not evident so far.

  30. Well! What can we say about the mothering and fathering of progeny today! Carried into the realm of bribery and special interest! Something to exploit and take utter advantage of! Truly as it is with Poverty! So it is with the common good and honest living today! You know! The True Provision of Productivity and Creativity! Carried into the Agenda of Passive Hope! As everyone believes that Macho and the C.E.O. is the Messiah and the Savior of Prosperity! That is! The devaluation of what is good and honest is no great surprise! In the agenda that came too out source the well being of America! Our jobs! The exploiting and out sourcing of our natural resources through the speculator! The destruction of our “right to bargain”! Slandered as the “lazy bum”! The sieging of our” voting rights”! Setting dictators over our” communities and cities”! As all the sins of yesterday was perforce upon all of us! As deformation and demonizing was laid against President Obama! As the cause and effect! No Our President is not perfect! But he dose understand the single basic principal of the C.E.O! That is “It takes money to make Money! As he tries to defend the Common Good and Honest living! The mothering and fathering of progeny! That is “Family”! As he is demonized for it!

  31. I live in Wisconsin and not only see but live the damage Walker has caused to the women in our state. It’s literally a crime against women–a crime against humanity. Walker and his cronies have waged a war on Women just like so many of the Republicans and Tea party people. I’m a single mom and I have always been able to take care of my 2 children on the wages I make as a medical program assistant for the state. For those who wonder how the collective bargaining affected our state and our families I will give you the example of my situation. I make $15.89 an hour. I have been in this position for 8 years. I have previously paid for my retirement just like all the other public employees because when we were hired my wage was suppose to be $1.65 per hour more. I was told that the $1.65 per hour goes towards my retirement. I also paid $120.00 per month for the family plan for my children and I. My net wages amount to $2,542.40 per month. I take home after taxes, health insurance and retirement is 1882.36. Walker then passed the law that said we had to pay an additional 12% Which then left me with take home monthly pay of $1577.28. My rent is $850.00. My utilities 220.00, My daycare for 3 year old is $780.00 and I have no money left for anything else. I wasn’t making it before and now it’s even more difficult. We never eat out. We have no cable and my girls sleep on mattresses on the floor in their bedroom. I receive $65.00 per week in child support and I still have nothing left. I met with some financial people from the extension program at our local university and they told me to apply for food stamps and apply for day care assistance and directed me to a place I could get clothing for my daughters. I’m now at poverty level. I have never applied for public assistance before. I went to get groceries last week and in 1 week they had gone up at least 30%. Now I must go to the food pantries. I have a hard time believing that Wisconsin citizens would rather have me on the public assistance roles than working for a living. Then on top of it Walker took the money away from Planned Parenthood and now I can’t get my birth control for $20.00 rather than $60.00. The sad thing about this is I’m not the only one. There are millions in our state who are now suffering due to these people who have taken our state back 100 years. Walker like the Romneys and so many other right wingers that were raised with golden spoons in their mouths are clueless what is going on out there with working class America. If they get into office again not only will our State be destroyed but our nation will be destroyed. We have to stop these crimes against women and humanity.

    • Maricia12 says:

      You are a hard working woman making a decent wage, taking care of your responsibilities and still you are struggling. Most cannot make it on one income anymore . If you should have any unexpected bills arise, you will probably get behind in everything else. This is more the story than the dead beats abusing the system that the Republicans like to throw out there. I would much rather my taxes go to these programs set up to help those in need, than to the oil companies and programs that make the wealthy even more wealthy. It is very important to get the tea party conservatives out of the Republican party or this country will quickly become a Dictatorship. The only way to stop them is to vote for Democrats at the state and federal levels so we can get this country back on track. I hope things get better for you soon.

  32. dljones says:

    Ladies… about equal pay for equal work?

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