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Thursday, February 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — It is one of the true delights of a bizarrely entertaining Republican presidential contest to watch the apoplectic fear and loathing of so many GOP establishmentarians toward Newt Gingrich. They treat him as an alien body whose approach to politics they have always rejected.

In fact, Gingrich’s rise is the revenge of a Republican base that takes seriously the intense hostility to President Obama, the incendiary accusations against liberals, and the Manichaean division of the world between an “us” and a “them” that his party has been peddling in the interest of electoral success.

6 Responses to Newt And The Revenge Of The Base

  1. Rats always leave a sinking ship. However they have never been known to skutlle it themselves, until now. Congratulations, Newt. You really are a force for change.

  2. Election of the Republican nominee will depend upon the answer to this question: What gives Republicans the biggest belly ache, voting for Newt or the reelection of Obama.

  3. The problem with Newt is that those who know him the best, like him the least. Much of his support is not from those who were around during his years of “service” but those he has woed recently. Newt was an embarrassed to his own party and kicked out of the speakership by them. His screaming for Clintons head while in the midst of his own affair and 84 ethic violations was his demise within the Republican ranks. And it never improved over the years.

  4. I see the GOP like the Dems in ’68. Newt’s supporters are like those who screamed “Dump the Hump” in scorn for the Establishment. They didn’t get their way that year, but they parlayed their “mistreatment” into a moral upper hand for 1972, demanding and getting the most liberal man in the US Senate. These people are not going away.

  5. True about history repeating itself. I’ve gotten the biggest kick out of reading _The Autobiography of Mark Twain_ He had always been a Republican, but in this election(over 100 yrs ago) he was voting as an Independent. Shucks, the Republicans couldn’t even decide on a candidate; they were touting a man called Jas. Blaine, but “The Hartford Courant” called Blaine a scoundrel, a rascal (and worse), but lo and behold, Blaine became the Republican nominee after all. The “Courant” praised the choice! On the 3rd flr of the Twain House where friends met to shoot billiards, one of the men was muttering how he just HATED to vote for Blaine. Sam Clemens told him, “Well John, you don’t HAVE to; there’s a better man running.” John answered with “But I’m a Republican – I can’t vote any other way.”
    Mark Twain followed his own mind, and he a majority of other folks elected Grover Cleveland 22nd president in 1889.(Instead of a 2nd term he was also elected 24th.)

  6. … when history reminds us all that reality is an entity un-exclusive to us as individuals? Bettie’s re-telling of the Twain Bio has given me “decider” empowerment & I’m buying it ASAP!!! But 2 the point – we have an arbitrary Congress 4 the very reasons enunciated by John, Mr. Clemens billiard partner. What this means escapes Conservative voters COMPLETELY!!! They (Conservative voters) don’t understand what’s happened 2 the nation & as a consequence, are totally confused by tru significance. Even more bewildering is, in spite of what they know is inarguable TRUTH, they walked into the election booth in 2010 & voted Conservative ANYWAY!!! In spite of the diabolical essence of Mr. Gingrich, there are legions of Conservative voters willing to add a vote 2 his candidacy, simply b/c they’re Conservative AND most critically, Obama is Black. And Liberal (in their estimations). History says our Constitution IS a Liberal/Progressive creation. Maybe if Liberals & Progressives advertised this TRUE, HONEST & HISTORICALLY PRECISE FACT, more Americans would understand that, in the hands of Liberal/Progressives, the nation is more cohesive, prosperous & internationally respected. Oh, and takes care of its OWN, while helping the world learn the positive benefits of taking care of itself AND it’s neighbor as well…

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