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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

One hesitates to discuss the small group of Bernie Sanders followers throwing tantrums at the Democratic convention. Some 90 percent of Sanders backers say they’ve already moved their support to Hillary Clinton.

But when a tiny number — some with duct tape on their mouths saying “silenced” — marched out of the hall and straight into the media tent, the “journalists” pounded prose on “sharp divisions” in the party.

The unhappy few had already booed at Sanders himself. They heckled the progressive warrior Elizabeth Warren. Sanders’ other supporters rolled their eyes at the histrionics, but what could they do?

When Sanders finally offered total support for Clinton, he showed himself to be a giant political leader. That he did so after an email leak confirming that the Democratic National Committee had tilted against his candidacy made him taller still.

Sanders had already pushed the Democratic Party to adopt much of his program, demonstrating a skill at negotiating many of us doubted he had. In sum, Sanders deserved the adulation that friends and former rivals poured on him at the convention.

So this was a heck of a time for a handful of acolytes to grab at his spotlight, some parroting the imbecilities of the Trump campaign. To borrow from Dante’s “Inferno,” one should not reflect on such people but take a look and pass them by.

A good restaurant knows that there are certain customers it has to throw out. They’re too disruptive. They give the place a bad reputation and scare off others.

Sanders himself gets some blame for having fed his following a constant diet of grievance and belief that the electoral process had been “rigged” against them. The nominating race was lumpy all around. The DNC may have put a thumb on the scale for Clinton, but she was subject to unfairness, as well, in the coverage of the campaigns and the undemocratic nature of the caucuses that Sanders won.

I wasn’t a great fan of Sanders’. He had a reputation for not working well with others, and I distrust populist campaigns centered on a charismatic figure. But I always admired Sanders for his consistency, his obvious love for country and many of his ideas.

So it was painful to watch Sanders being treated so disrespectfully by people he had led to the portals of power. And at his finest hour, too.

A few fancied out loud that they could run the Bernie revolution without Bernie, which is kind of laughable. With Sanders would go the cameras and the attention, leaving behind a skeleton crew of exhibitionists.

That said, a lasting Sanders revolution may be in the making by others. Sophisticated backers are now recruiting like-minded candidates for lower office, building a progressive power base and expanded leadership. (A slip in the suggestion box reads, Call this a “movement” rather than a “revolution.”)

As Sanders faced hostile members of his California delegation, he laid down the stakes in no uncertain terms. “It is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a Donald Trump presidency,” he said. “Trump is the worst candidate for president in the modern history of this country.”

A California Democratic Party official wisely advised against self-pity. “You fought and you won a seat at the table,” Daraka Larimore-Hall said. “We have to act like we have that seat … and stop acting like we’ve been shut out.”

Just a gentle reminder here: Clinton won the California primary by over 400,000 votes, and Sanders got these followers excellent seats at the table. The revolution, for the time being, is still his.

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Photo: Supporters and delegates of former Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders walk out after Hillary Clinton was nominated during the second day at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., July 26, 2016.   REUTERS/Jim Bourg

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53 responses to “There’s No Bernie Revolution Without Bernie”

  1. FireBaron says:

    I was an early Sanders supporter. When the primary in my state was held, there was still a chance, so I voted for him. Once Hillary had secured the nomination, I realized I needed to support her in order to NOT have President Trump destroying our national and international reputation.
    Like others have said, “Get over it! Our guy didn’t win, but got us seats at the table.” That means we are now in a position to work with others in stressing the importance of what we believe in.

    • A.T. says:

      As a Clinton supporter, I say thank you. We should all be working together. A presidential election can’t be about hurt feelings. There is way too much at stake, and we all need to vote with our heads.

      • AgLander says:

        Hurt feeling are one thing, but being robbed by the criminal behavior of the DNC/Clinton campaign conspiracy is a bit more of an issue than “hurt feelings”.

        • charleo1 says:

          I’ll say this, $hit slinging, and making lame excuses, is the Right Winger’s game. If we too engage in it, then we lose. They have been slinging it for 50 years! They have slung it much further, and wider, and much are better at it, than we could ever hope to be.

          • A.T. says:

            AgLander is 100% a right wing $hit slinger.

          • Siegfried Heydrich says:

            Though he really should consider adding some roughage to his diet, as the poo he’s trying to flung is loose and watery, and just runs down his arm when he goes to let fly.

          • patrick g van meter says:

            It doesn’t make any difference what direction Aglander is coming from on this. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Then again, emails never did have any significance to you people. Then DW resigns and HRC praises her. What the hell are you guys thinking. This comment from a full blown 100% socialist. Left wingers can do it also.

          • A.T. says:

            *sigh* Wasserman Schultz was part of Clinton’s campaign in ’08 and then helped Obama get elected. She has also raised millions of dollars for democrats and has been the DNC chair for a number of years. Both Clinton and Sanders gave a “thank you for your service,” but they had both wanted her ousted as the chair for quite some time – there is plenty of press coverage stating this. Playing nice was a condition of forcing her to resign. A presidential candidate cannot remove a DNC chair from the position. Obama had basically decided he would leave it up to the next president to choose a new chair.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Can you point to any instance where the DNC took action and CAUSED Bernie to lose or miss a primary? No. The DNC personnel had allegiances, but all of the ads placed and field work done were AGAINST THE GOP, not against Bernie. Bernie was listed on the ballots in all of the states, and the DNC helped him get there.
            Just for an example, look at Trump, who missed states’ primaries because the RNC ACTIVELY worked against him.

        • A.T. says:

          Hilarious. No one is “robbed” by losing the majority vote. You are always fun though.

    • patrick g van meter says:

      I’m over the Bernie thing. Should have got over it when Bernie burned his supporters by defending HRCs email problem in one of the debates. There is no defence for HRC and if people would do just a little research on the Clintons they would realize she is worse than Trump. Voting for Trump would still be the lesser of two evils. Wasted or not, I will vote for Stein.

      • charleo1 says:

        You will vote for Trump then. As there is always too much fooling, and attempted fooling in our politics now. I suggest you quit fooling yourself in the interest of a more open, and honest conversation.

        • patrick g van meter says:

          You could be right. We can share the blame because you are to blame as much as I for being a member of the two party system that hasn’t worked for decades. The facts speak for themselves.

          • charleo1 says:

            I am a participating citizen in a system that was here, that was set into existence, long before I was born. You would have it thrown out in a single election cycle, and are very angry that it has not been so, in order that things work out exactly as you would have them. That your opinions, and agenda, would be given much more influence in this grand new, and improved system. And then, somehow blame must be dealt out, shared, and perhaps with this new system in place, some more appropriate punishments could be found for the protectors of the old system as well. It is a dream of less than democratic regimes everywhere. That we want what we want, and we shall have it now!

          • patrick g van meter says:

            I would settle for cutting the MIC by at least 50% for starters and then health care and education reform. As far as wanting it right now, I’m 75 years old today. I have been patient. Its time.

          • Siegfried Heydrich says:

            Perhaps you can do something about it in your next incarnation.

          • patrick g van meter says:

            No such thing. Gotta do it now. Ya sure your not a member of the religious right. Sure sounds like it. Oh wait, your base is sane and adult. LMAO Tell the truth Siefried. You have always been for HRC. Its OK. Don’t be embarrassed.

          • Siegfried Heydrich says:

            Actually, in the beginning, I was open to both. But the more I saw of Bernie, the more of a one trick pony he seemed. I agreed with him about income inequality, but jesus, that was ALL he ever talked about! And the more the primaries went on, the more I got turned off by the behavior of the Berniebros. I saw that same strident, adolescent, clueles, my-way-or-the-highway behavior back in the ’60s. I thought it was counterproductive then, and it’s just as counterproductive now.

            Bernie is a ’60s radical how’s back in vogue,. And while I wish him a lot of luck in mentoring and training a new generation, Bernie is also intelligent enough to realize that the ONLY way his movement an survive is if Hillary defeats Drumpf. Because if Drumpf wins, it’s 1968 and Nixon all over again, and the progressive movement gets stomped like a bug for yet ANOTHER generation.

            So take that holier than thou, sanctimonious attitude and shove it. In the real world, Hillary is the way forward, Drumpf is the way backwards, and if you prefer to sit on your high moral horse and pout about how you’re not getting what you want, do so elsewhere and get out of the way of those moving forward.

          • CrankyToo says:

            Happy Birthday, young squire!

          • patrick g van meter says:

            Thank you sir.

          • A.T. says:

            Trump wants a one party Trump system, so think about whether or not you want to make sure that happens for him. Nader voters were quite sorry after 8 years of Bush. Many of them have been at the convention talking about it this week.

          • patrick g van meter says:

            Explain to me how Sanders beat Trump in every pole but they nominate HRC. That doesn’t indicate to me that beating Trump was so important. Dollars have taken place of votes and as long as that continues it is impossible to change anything.

          • A.T. says:

            Sanders was not vetted. In fact, the republicans completely ignored him in favor of their 20+ year crusade against HRC, and even admitted they were trying to bring her poll numbers down. It’s ignorant to think that there is nothing they would have used against Sanders to affect his polling and voting had he become the nominee. His past is not squeaky clean. However, supporting a party that uses conspiracy theories, underhanded tactics, and relationships with foreign dictators to win an election isn’t going to help a single American. Sanders supporters won’t ever see a fraction of their movement realized if Trump wins. Quite the opposite.

          • Siegfried Heydrich says:

            Because Hillary got close to 4 million more votes than Bernie. You seem to have difficulty with this whole ‘democracy’ thing. The democratic party preferred Hillary to Bernie. And seriously, it’s people like you who drove me away from Bernie towards Hillary. I like Bernie, but I’m glad Hillary won. She’s the better choice simply because her base is sane and adult, whereas most of the Berniebros were hyperemotional, angst ridden adolescents.

          • patrick g van meter says:

            Yep. We can take all that to the bank. After all, never been any voter corruption before. If they tell you its true, it must be. I understand Democracy very well. I would love to see it again.

          • Siegfried Heydrich says:

            It’s always amusing to listen to losers whine after they lose about how they wuz robbed!

    • Oddworld says:

      Well said. I was also a Bernie supporter for the better part of a decade. Unfortunately we have to work within the system first to allow changes to be made. Some just don’t want any part of it. They need to realize the movement isn’t dead but they also need to realize that going off the rails isn’t the answer either.

  2. yabbed says:

    Bernie Sanders is a know nothing jackass and a total fraud.

    • Marilyn says:

      I was not one of his supporters, but I appreciated his campaign as it moved Hillary more to the left and many of his policies are now in the Democratic platform. Now I have even more respect for Bernie Sanders because he has demonstrated at the convention that he is a man with class, the opposite of you with your crude language in your assessment of him. I hated the fact that he was treated so rudely by those who had previously professed great admiration for him. He deserved better. In the senate he can still be a great force to bring about the changes that he based his campaign on. I wish him well in his efforts.

      • yabbed says:

        Bernie’s “supporters” last night booed Leon Panetta. They interrupted his speech with heckling and insults. They further insulted and booed a General in the United States military and Bernie sat there grinning. Sanders was nothing more than a dupe and a fool who let his hungry ego lead him to think he had “admirers” for his “socialist revolution”. I would have had more respect for him had he run as who he is: an Independent or a Socialist. But, no, he tried to piggyback his unwanted self onto the Democratic Party as an interloper so he could partake in Democratic Party funds and get to live the billionaire’s life of private jets, limos, fancy pants accommodations, and Secret Service on other people’s money. But, to give him credit for self serving with the best of them, his wife took home 20% of donations as a consultant to the campaign. Of course, he will need most of those snagged millions to repay the over 800 FEC campaign violations he accrued during his silly ass “revolution”. That’s the real Bernie Sanders: a know nothing jackass and a total fraud.

        • Marilyn says:

          I understand your objections to him now. Thank you for explaining. I was gone last night and missed some of the earlier speakers so missed the heckling you mentioned though I had been appalled when his supporters had previously booed Elizabeth Warren. I didn’t understand why they were so angry about the emails because it seemed logical to me that the DNC would support a Democrat instead of someone who was never one. I caught the convention in the middle of Kaine’s speech last night I recorded the whole thing so I need to watch what I missed.

        • A.T. says:

          I don’t completely agree with you about Sanders, and I believe the hecklers were a minority among his supporters, but I completely agree that it was so disrespectful and unnecessary.

          • Siegfried Heydrich says:

            They were snotty kids who were looking for an outlet for their frustrations. There was really no one else on that night for them to act out on. I think the democratic party is in the position of having to explain to the neighbors the behavior of their angst-ridden adolescent children, simply saying “They’ll grow out of it”.

        • Siegfried Heydrich says:

          Bernie is working hard for a future for the country. Object all you like, but at least he’s doing something positive. I actually have less of a problem with Bernie than I do the radical Occupirates who grafted themselves onto his movement and tried to take it over. He repudiated them, and in another week or so, they’ll go off to find something else to be outraged about and the Bernie movement will breath a sigh of relief.

          They’re the left wing version of the Tea Party, the Bundys, and the sovereign citizen movement. The difference being that the mainstream left wants nothing to do with the zanies while the right wants even more zanies. Bernie doesn’t want them, Hillary doesn’t want them, and therefore they are irrelevant.

          So give it a rest and move on.

    • charleo1 says:

      You are proof positive the Liberal can be just as thick, and just as ideologically ridged, and as ultimately wrong, as any RWNJ Conspiracy hugging, Trumpite ever born. Fine then, vote for Hillary. But you do her no favors, aligning such incredulous comments with your support of her.

      • yabbed says:

        Here’s Bernie Sanders in his notoriously sexist, misogynist “Sex Essays”: ‘men masturbate to visions of a woman abused, tied up, on her knees’ and ‘women fantasize about being raped simultaneously by three men’. Further, he wrote in an article that sexual frustration caused uterine cancer. He’s not only a jackass and a total fraud but a creepy old failed hippie freak. It that’s the kind of person you are, feel free to support him. I’m not one of those fools who will give up my integrity for Bernie’s promised pie in the sky Princess Unicorn freebies.

        • charleo1 says:

          Did you read the ’72 essay? If you did you would find it was to point out the need for necessary correction in the many too common sexual dysfunctions that drives, and enforces the inequity between the sexes. And not as you infer, to promote them. I’m sorry, but you are simply digging for dirt, grasping at anything available, like a wild eyed ideologue, to demonize, and discredit the object of your ire. It’s not the way we do things here in the Democratic Party.

          • yabbed says:

            Of course I read it. And I have read all the puny excuses his bots have made in its defense. It was pure misogynist porn and representative of the life the deadbeat Bernie was living on unemployment benefits because he was just too good to go to work like everyone else. You sound like a Trumpet heaping praise on the Russian hacked and doctored emails purported to be DNC. Truth told, Sanders is not a Democrat and it is pure lunacy to think the DNC and DWS, whose job it is to elect DEMOCRATS would support an interloper like Sanders who simply wanted to use the apparatus of a respectable political party so he could raise tons of money for his own pockets and to fund that billionaire’s lifestyle he so clearly loves.

          • charleo1 says:

            Then you foolishly discount the many progressives that voted for Sanders in the Democratic Primaries. What are these Americans to be considered as, if not Democrats? You act as if they are all Apostates, so not worthy of respect. Not smart, not at all.

    • plc97477 says:

      You are beating a dead horse. Let’s just let it go.

  3. AgLander says:

    Bernie remind me of Forrest Gump being followed and joined by a growing throng of worshipping fans as he was jogging thousands of miles across the country and he suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and said:

    “I’m tired now….I think I’ll go home.”

    And then he walked off, leaving his followers standing in the road.

    That’s what Bernie did to his followers……he got tired, he went home, he left them standing there with nothing but Bernie signs.

    • charleo1 says:

      Correction, Sanders lost a primary in which he won some 13 million votes. And now in supporting the candidate of the same Party in he ran, and lost, he is epitomizing what the Right so sorely needs. A team player, that votes in the best available interest of everything on which he ran. Jeb Bush says, along with millions of other conscience minded Republicans, that they cannot even bring themselves to vote, much less endorse their Party’s Nominee. That is what being left standing looks like.

      • AgLander says:

        Correction….Bernie lost due to the conspiracy in play between the DNC and the Clinton campaign working in unison to undercut his campaign. So he lost alright, but he lost to a rigged system that had determined the winner before the race even started. You must be so proud of the cancerous core of corruption infecting your party!

        • charleo1 says:

          Not true, so not relevant. If I was you, I’d concentrate on fixing that mess of a candidate you have, and the disgrace of a political organization that produced him. And not the one you weren’t going to support, if the process was as clean as the driven snow.

        • Siegfried Heydrich says:

          Horsecrap. He knows better than that. That’s just the disruptive line you’re trying to sell because you have absolutely nothing of your own. You have nothing to run on, so all you can do is tear everyone else down and try to divide us. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that Drumpfa-Lumpfas like you are now all of a sudden so solicitous or poor, poor Bernie and are shedding crocodile tears for him.And sorry, that line you’re peddling has run it’s course.

          Your candidate is a madman who quite possibly is owned by Moscow. After all, he asked the Russians to aid him in his scampaign . . . what does that tell you? He has proposed no real solutions or policies that can’t fit on a T-shirt or bumper sticker.

          Bernie is laying out a vision of the future and is taking concrete steps to bring his vision into fruition. He’s working towards a better future for the nation. What are YOU doing?

  4. Siegfried Heydrich says:

    Bernie is the dream of our future. Traitor Trump is the nightmare of our past.

  5. bfg says:

    I think we are seeing a demonstration that not all crazy extremists are right-wingers, but who didn’t know that. The media seems bent on interviewing those people and perpetuating the image of a divided party because it makes better headlines. Bernie, on the other hand, has demonstrated that you can fight for a cause without losing your sense of proportion.

  6. Elliot J. Stamler says:

    I am one Democrat who declares that so far as I am concerned, the dead-ender, never-Hillary Sanders supporters like this revolting woman pictured above, CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND STAY OUT. You aren’t Democrats and you aren’t even, in my view, patriotic Americans—you are a bunch of Marxist-Socialist jerks and some of you outright communists without a cent to your unimportant names – failures in life and failures in politics. Go to your communist-fellow traveller Jill Stein and her collection of Marxist anti-jewish, anti-American misfits, and stay there! Better yet, go to Venezuela or Cuba.

  7. TiredOfTheHaters says:

    These “revolutionists” are only working hard to keep a woman from being POTUS!

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