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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WASHINGTON — It was gratifying to hear a despotic leader blame the United States for the rise of a democratic protest movement against his regime.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, wants his people to think that those who have taken to the streets to express their rage over rigged elections are nothing but tools of American foreign policy, put to work by none other than Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • duchess647

    Is My President bragging about taking out Osama bin Laden? You damn skippy he is!

  • Larry P

    I thought obama could walk on water according to you guys, you elected him based on his foreign policy knowledge, and his ability to give speeches. So now he needs some one to take on a leader of a super power. You clowns make me sick. Obama, didn’t take out bin laden, the military did, please don’t forget how clinton/obama loath the military, until they need them to get re-elected, because all of his other merits are washed down the drain. Unemployment/ obamacare/ jobs/ social security/ deficit reduction(complete failure)/ balancing the budget(He has never put a plan out)/the wars’s/ immigration/ the dude is a complete failure and you sit here and act as though everything is fine.
    You guys won’t stop until we have a true Democracy in this great nation, you do know we are a REPUBLIC, right? We are not a majority rules country, or should I say a mob mentality, as you wish us to be.

  • Xenon

    Democratic Realism is a nice word for empire building. Leave it to a budding fascist like Krauthammer to come up with Luntz-like take on words. The sheer hypocrisy of Clinton and Obama to criticize elections as being illegal in Russia when neither raised a hackle when George W Bush and his hordes of criminal supporters stole two presidential elections.

    The vote were barely tallied in the Russian election when Hillary was on her soapbox clamoring about illegal elections. The writer of this article believes his readers to be naive or just plain stupid. Putin is right on target. The US is trying to stir up the pot mainly because they are unhappy with Putin’s return as leader of Russia. Putin doesn’t take any crap and will always confront the US on its expansionist policies. It is also a well known fact that the US poured 40 million dollars into the Russian elections in Georgia and it is for certain they are doing the same to destabilize this last election.

    What can we expect from EJ Dionne? He writes for the Washington Post, a publication you can always turn to when you want to hear the latest propaganda. The US administration has once again donned its hypocrisy hat (did they ever take it off) while its credibility sinks to new depths even when the official voice of the conservative media attempts to add its weight to yet another lie.

  • WayoutWest

    The remnants of the ‘W’ era still think all those priorities and measures to cure our nation will simply ‘trickle down’; face it, when the House leadership is lost, and a bare majority remains in the Senate, a President tends to get stymied by the opposition; this is precisely what the other side wants in order to gain a chance at capturing the White House. Most Americans have short term memories and are persuaded easily by errant rhetoric. Oh, yes, lest we forget President Obama is still Commander-in-Chief; the Military (U. S. Navy) took out Usama Bin Laden with the full directive of Barack Obama!

  • Hankk

    Larry P, since you have a hard time of seeing our problems, hear is a little story you may understand.

    Mr. W and friends brought in back-hoes(wealthy) and bulldozers(Corporatios) and dug this 300X90 pond 50 FT. deep. They didn’t find any water(good paying jobs) no matter how hard they tried so they turned it over to the new owner Mr. B, however they wouldn’t give him any of the equipment(help)only some shovels to use. Now it took W and friends 30 years to dig the hole (export all of the good paying jobs) but after 2 years they sent the swift boat crew to start blaming B for all of the problems. Now Larry, go in your garage and get your shovel and try to figure out how long it would take to fill in the size of a hole with the shovel, that W dug? hankk,MI


    One mustn’t forget who is the commander and chief. The largest financial scam in world market history being addressed because of lack of regulations.Deficit reduction because Republicans made a pact not to raise taxes on the wealthy and close the loopholes for corporations who send our jobs abroad to take advantage of cheaper labor. Trying to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan where we shouldn’t have been in the 1st place. Immigration, we can build the great wall of USA and people can still come here and visit and choose not to return. We the 99%rs should just die when we are ill and have no insurance or get turned down for coverage when we do have coverage. Tried to get out of Guitanamo but we can’t close that cash cow for the cronies. For people with a lower income, social security is their retirement package, but the wealthy still get their share. Reality isn’t pretty for
    all those who were told they could afford homes that there was no way they afford.Let’s not forget about big pharma PLEASE.
    Truly, Frank Adcock

  • rustacus21

    … we live in!!! America, still smarting after a corrupted electoral result in 2000, returns w/vigor, in 2008, electing a non-White person for the 1st time in its 235 year history! Of course, statistically speaking, corrupted election results have been on the rise world-wide since 2000 – a condition I would hate to attribute to the “home” team, but we shouldn’t allow it to exist, none the less, if we have any virtue or morality about us, to allow it to go unchallenged. What the world is lacking is a concerted departure from Conservative ideology, coupled w/a campaign to educate & orient the entire planet, of the benefits, advantages & virtues of Liberal/Progressive application of Democratic principles. This “application” would have avoided the bloodshed in Afghanistan & Iraq, avoided the economic calamity here in America & across the planet, as well as been responsible for the initiative that would have been long underway, of healing & repairing our “injured” planet. And we as a species. THESE are the essential benefits of Liberal/Progressive Democracy in action. Conservatism, on the other hand, eventually leads to despotism. In some areas of the world, we see it has yet to relinquish its iron grip…

  • dawnowens

    Hillary was silent and smug when Ray McGovern was hauled in handcuffs out of a speech she was giving about (wait for it!) freedom of speech!