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Saturday, January 19, 2019

WASHINGTON — What is the point of Barack Obama’s second term?

A president who has been pondering that question for a while might find the best answers by consulting what just went on in the campaign.

He should not be afraid to consider the hopes and expectations of the people who voted for him since he offered his supporters both explicit and implicit promises. But he should also think about the worries of those who voted against him. It turns out that the two groups have more in common than we (or they) might imagine.

And Obama doesn’t have to do anything at all to profit from the enormous, well, gift he was given by Mitt Romney when his erstwhile opponent explained his defeat by referring to the “extraordinary financial gifts from the government” that Obama allegedly handed out to his “base.”

Because so many Republicans felt compelled to renounce Romney’s alibi, they had to break with the talk-show far right that actually sees the election just this way. In principle, at least, Republicans had to say they accept the idea that government measures aimed at lifting up a variety of Americans are not bribes for particular groups of “takers.” They are measures designed to serve the common good. The GOP thus moved toward a political language more like Obama’s own. This alone could ease the harsh polarization that characterized the last four years.

Obama should take that opening to relieve an anxiety felt across the partisan and ideological divides. For much of the last decade, Americans of very different stripes have been haunted by the fear that our country is in decline. If Obama is looking for a single, unifying objective, it should be to make sure that by the time he leaves office, the vast majority of Americans will have abandoned their declinist fears. He should want conservatives and Republicans, no less than liberals and Democrats, to perceive their nation as on the move again.

Declinism is an old American habit. We have a high opinion of ourselves, so we always suspect we are in a place from which we can decline. And some of the current worries are a rational response to a reconfiguration of economic power toward Asia (and, eventually, toward Latin America). But the rest of the world can become more prosperous without the United States losing its influence or its standing. Whether we decline or not depends almost entirely on — us.

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45 responses to “Obama And The End Of Decline”

  1. Michael Fletcher says:

    “Obama needs an unapologetically large and unified program of economic uplift, including policies on taxes, education, training and regional development. He should also look to how new approaches to innovation, unionization, immigration, trade, research and science can contribute to both growth and justice.”

    I see no evidence that Obama has anything like this in mind. He does seem very keen to make a deal with Republicans on the budget that involves making most of Bush tax cuts permanent and cutting entitlements. In other words, he’s ready to help the Republicans achieve success with their “starve the beast” strategy.

    If Democrats want to get America moving in the right direction and help the middle class, they first need to repudiate the Republican economic and military policies of the last three decades. Unfortunately Obama and the Democrats have largely already embraced those policies. If they wanted to take the hard path of real change, here are some steps they could take:

    – let all of the Bush tax cuts expire
    – propose new, permanent income tax cuts for sub-$100k/yr households
    – trade a year of lower taxes on $100k-$250k income for a year of extended unemployment benefits
    – trade repeal of the sequestration cuts for repeal of the debt ceiling
    – agree to no cuts of social insurance benefits
    – do not seek to lower the deficit, but do not give in to the Republicans on any of the above. make the Republicans vote against middle class tax cuts and repeal of the sequestration cuts.
    – do whatever is possible to reallocate military spending to domestic infrastructure
    – end the war in Afghanistan
    – no war with Iran

    I don’t buy the alarmist rhetoric about the deficit; reducing it should not be a priority; improving the economic opportunities and security of the 99% should be. As the issuer of its own currency (via the Federal Reserve), the Federal government is not analogous to indebted households, businesses, or EMU countries, has great flexibility on spending, and can always repay its debts. America does not have a deficit problem; it has an income inequality problem.

  2. In my opinion, his top priorities at this crucial junxture in our history must be strengthening the economy, with special focus on job creation. To achieve that we must balance the budget, or at least reduce the deficits to a manageable level, we must contain the accumulation of debt, and we must take steps to fund or encourage capital investment.
    As soon as sustainable economic growth is achieved, and it will be, the President must focus on immigration law reform, education, gun control, and a continuance of the foreign policy initiatives that have elicited praise from people worldwide.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Unfortunately, Dom, that will require a willingness on the part of the teabaggers to negotiate in good faith. That is a long shot, given their leadership’s unwillingness to accept the real causes of their defeat.

      Just a quick reality check, Obama spoke of the changes in direction that were necessary after the midterm “shellacking”, but we see no such inward examination going on with the GOP now. The bubble has great insulating capabilities, especially against reality.

    • nobsartist says:

      Sorry but I disagree. The deficit is not the problem and can be solved by increasing employment.

      In order to increase employment we must spend more money on low income housing, the power grid, bridge repair and other massive construction projects.

      We must hire more teachers, limit class size and build new schools.

      The deficit is not the problem, that is the boogie man the republiCONs want to scare you with.

      • In my opinion, fiscal irresponsibility is a problem. However, as you pointed out, the effects of that problem can be reduced through investment in infrastructure, R&D, modernization and education…until the private sector is back on its feet and able to invest in new businesses and technologies to achieve sustainable economic growth a job creation.
        For me, investment in infrastructure and education go far beyond economic and fiscal considerations. I believe we have neglected our infrastructure for far too long, and we are now lagging many industrialized nation in that area. Our power grid is unreliable and inefficient, many of our bridges and tunnels are in an advanced state of disrepair, our ports and airports have not kept pace with the technologies and capabilities that are evident in European countries, Japan, Australia and other countries. Our levees are an embarrassment when compared to those in The Netherlands. And the fact that we rank 36th and 38th in the world in math and science ought to scare even the most complacent citizen. The most incredible demonstration of irresponsibility and, indeed, lack of patriotism on this issue involves the refusal of those who had no problem borrowing money to fund unnecessary medieval crusades to invest in the United States to get our economy moving and overcome the effects of decades of neglect.

        • Mildred says:

          We have had two unfunded wars with no requests for the citizens to pay something, no matter how much or little, toward that expense. I have lived through all the wars since WWI and it seems to me there was always a way for those not in the battle itself to help pay the expenses of equipping the military. With these two wars no sacrifice is expected unless you happen to be or have a loved one in the service. We need some kind of tax specifically targeted to pay for these wars.

          • TZToronto says:

            You’d think that the far right, including the Tea Partiers, would, given their expressed patriotism, agree to higher taxes to pay for Bush’s wars, but you’d be sadly mistaken. These are not very bright, realistic people. They want the U.S. to militarily spread its influence throughout the world, but they don’t want to pay for the spreading of that influence through taxes. In fact, they would de-fund every entitlement program to pay for the military. . . . I wonder how many of the old Tea Partiers are collecting Social Security and how many have relied on Medicare for their health care. If they are benefiting from these entitlements, they should voluntarily renounce them and give back any money paid on their behalf from government coffers. After all, they are big boosters on individual initiative and self-reliance. . . . Or is that only for minorities and the poor?

          • I am intimately familiar with several Tea Party enthusiasts who have used MEDICAID, SSI, WIC and receive food stamps who can afford to pay for their medical expenses and the things they consume. Their objection to social programs seems to be centered on the fact that “certain people” are taking advantage of programs they believe are designed to people that look and sound like they do. I am not suggesting Democrats don’t use those programs, they do, and I recognize that my exposure is due to living in a heavily Republican district, my point is that the stereotyping that is an integral part of Tea Prty discourse is blatantly false, and often is nothing more than a manifestation of hypocrisy.

          • swb338 says:

            The most logical kind would have been a gas tax since ultimately that’s what the war in Iraq was for.

          • Bill says:

            good thinking Mildred. Additionally, Bush/Channey stated the cost of the war in Iraq would be covered by sale of the Iraqui Oil. Wonder whatever happened to that plan, seems China has it now and we fought their war for them at our expense, same in Afghanastan, a nation with billions of dollars in natural , Raw material., wonder where those items are going? I think Bush/Channey sold america a bill of goods and their republican friends wont own up to it, they wont even approve the national Jobs bill, on their desk for over a year and will never be approved.

        • nobsartist says:

          “Private industry” is the cause of our economic decline. They have used the mortgage issue to lower wages and they are sitting on TRILLIONS.

          “Private industry” owns the power grid and even though the cost of power keeps rising, they refuse to re-invest in up dating the grid.

          The tax payer should pay for replacing the grid but the government needs to take over the energy producing sector. After all, they are taking product from our property and then re-selling it to us and screwing us at the same time. Just think of where our economy would be if gas was $1.00 per gallon like it was before the AWOL coke head cheated his way into power.

          In fact, if you look at our current economic condition, it parallels the drastic rise in gas prices.

          Obama needs to enact a “windfall profits” tax on industry and force them to either spend the cash or lose it as a tax.

          • FredAppell says:

            nobsartist, ever notice how when we talk about the auto bailouts the republicans are quick to point out that America should have let them go bankrupt because that is the nature of Capitalism but when it comes to energy the government should do all it can to ease the burden of the energy producers who are also privately owned. By the way, I agree with the rest of your post 100%. If republicans really believe in Capitalism like they claim to than they shouldn’t worry about whether these industries can absorb the cost or not. Besides, Capitalism is nothing more than a pyramid scheme anyway, at least the way it is practiced in America.

          • nobsartist says:

            Fred- I notice exactly how they are. They also pass laws to make concepts that a criminal would dream up, legal. Just like the failed health care they created in 1982 when reagun made “for profit” health care legal. As I remember, he maintained that “free market competition” would stabilize prices and then he forced all tax payer built and paid for and county owned hospitals sold to “for profit” health care corporations.

            Over and over we see the same bad actors involved, the bush crime family. energy corporations are protected thru deals put together by the bush crime family and if you remember, the AWOL coke head invaded Iraq “to stabilize oil prices”.

            Funny how gas was $1.00 per gallon when bush cheated his way in and Clinton was putting together a deal with Russia to buy oil from them which is why oil was around 19 or $20 per barrel. bush gets in, calls them the axis of evil, puts up anti missile defenses in europe and piss’s off the russians. then he invades Iraq and gas goes from $1.00 to $4.00 per gallon by 2005.

            Same with our health care system. It used to cost me $40.00 per month for health insurance. Now it is $400 per month with a huge deductible.


          • FredAppell says:

            I appreciate the history lesson. I was just a young teen during the Reagan years so any information I get from those years is helpful. My father was a Teamster and what I do remember is that the unions started to become so watered down that by the time I joined a union in 1990 they were mostly ineffective. It really wasn’t until many years later that I learned I had Reagan and the rest of the conservatives to thank for that. I am so sorry to hear about the cost of your health insurance. I had to cancel mine over two and a half years ago because I could no longer afford it and I was only paying $140 per month with a high deductible. I haven’t been to a doctor since because I can’t afford a medical bill. So when I hear a story like yours I can’t help but think that we are being squeezed into extinction. It is disheartening to witness the pure madness people have for money. To quote the word of a great American, Crap.

          • nobsartist says:

            Fred- Thanks for the response. Today you can lease a new cadillac for less than the price of health care. I dont like cadillacs and have not been able to afford health insurance for quite some time myself so I guess we are both in the same boat. Take heart because we are not alone.

            I was a teamster also. It is too bad that unions allowed a couple of bad apples to rot the whole bushel but that is how it seems to go with most things.

        • davidfishman2001 says:

          There are several reasons that our math and science scores are so low. First is of course education. Second, your look at the salaries of scientist and engineers are compared to broker and financial professionals, that really don’t contribute that much to society. They are just in it because of greed. Being a scientist myself, most of the financeial professionals told me they can’t comprend what I had to comprehend for my profession, although I can generally comprehend there profession. There is definitely a financial insentive to dumb down people.

      • SaneJane says:

        nobsartist, I agree with you. I always like Dominick’s comments but on this issue I do not think he is right. This is an invented crisis. The “debt” is actually investments and budget deficits are how new money is created. If we started right now putting large amounts of money into restoring, updating and replacing infrastructure while paying decent wages to those doing the work many of our problems would be solved. I don’t understand how those who admit that big cuts to deficit and debt right now would plunge us back into recession still think that long term cuts would be OK. This is like saying chopping off someone’s head is bad but chopping off their limbs and letting them bleed to death is OK. The result is the same. The GOP always uses fear in different guises to control the populace but it is really bad that the Democrats are saying all this crap too.

        • nobsartist says:

          Thru out history people have tried to enslave others thru different methods. One method is to steal everyone’s money. republiCONs have only one objective and that is to create slaves. Fortunately, our government was designed to thwart this type of activity and will prevail in the end.

          Once again, the key to solving the deficit is to create jobs. Simple solution. If republiCONs keep stopping the creation of jobs to improve our infrastructure, they are nothing but traitors and need to go to prison.

          In fact, I predict that the US will fall off the fake “fiscal cliff” with no effect on the economy and if so, republiCONs in Congress must go to jail.

      • Don’t forget Chaney said “Deficits don’t matter” that is unless a Democrat is in the White House.

    • Germansmith says:

      Re-election is OVER. A balance budget is probably not achievable, but we should stop growing the deficit.
      Obama knows there are NO more elections, let us focus on the items you mention, reduce defense spending and streamline our bureaucracy. Let states do what is their job and lets not duplicate efforts where the individual state is already working on.
      Simplify our tax system, eliminate deductions and exemptions whenever possible and implement incentive pay system for teachers and other government employees.
      If government wants to spend money in retraining for the new jobs available, is OK, but let us not expand our welfare, unemployment, Medicaid system any further.

      • nobsartist says:

        I disagree. Their is no data that ties deficit spending with social programs. In fact, social programs consume less tax dollars than the bush tax cuts cost for the top 1%. As far as medicare and SS go, the payroll tax should tax ALL money made whether by investment or by massive CEO pay.

        • Germansmith says:

          Medicare and Medicaid takes 23% of our federal budget (and this will increase to probably 30% as ACA is fully implemented by 2014)
          SSA and SSI 21% and I will remind you that lots of unemployed people are taking advantage of more liberal guidelines to qualified for SSI
          If you do your math and are honest with yourself you know that SSA and OASDI contributions are NOT enough to pay for the benefits the old, disable and poor are receiving at a time of longer life span and costly healthcare.

          Even if we increase taxation to the wealthy (and I support that) we also need to rein expenditures. It is also morally wrong with getting people used to getting something for nothing. Financial help for the poor and unemployed should be temporary and with a very strong incentive to have those people get themselves up and going and self sufficient.

          Increasing the social safety net should not be our priority, growing our economy and increasing employment should be

          • nobsartist says:

            People pay for medicare and SS thru a payroll tax. remove the ceiling and tax all income and both plans which are solvent right now, will continue to be solvent.

            If a surplus is created by increased tax revenue, move the surplus to pay for social programs.

            Why is it that Germany is so successful with its social programs and we are not?

            After all, it was the United States thru the Marshall Plan that dictated these programs so why do we not have the same system here?

          • Social Security and MEDICARE are funded via the FICA contributions we all make throughout our professional lives. I think it is also worth mentioning that retirees continue to pay MEDICARE fees, and those fees are anything but small. My wife and I pay a total of $300 a month in MEDICARE fees, and additional $370 a month in Supplemental Insurance to cover the 20% not covered by MEDICARE, plus RX and dental insurance. Our total MEDICARE related bill is around $700 a month, hardly what anyone would consider a government handout.
            Social Security is still running a surplus and does not need help from the General Fund. That is not the case for MEDICARE which needs substantial help from the general fund, partly because of the 2003 Part D reform.
            SS is not a burden to the budget, it is solvent and could remain solvent for many years to come by simply raising the contribution cap. That is, unfortunately, not the case for MEDICARE and MEDICAID.
            The American people are going to have to face reality and decide whether we want the social programs, and military might, we benefit from or we are willing to do without. If we conclude that those programs are critical to our well being and our national security, we must pay for them, the way every generation before ours did. If we don’t want to pay for them, we better get ready for significant reductions in benefits, because borrowing and accumulation of debt to reward fiscal irresponsibility is not an option.

          • Germansmith says:

            Dominick. Do not forget that the US is facing the same problem other industrialized nations do…we are getting older and there is smaller population growth that in the past. So there are less people contributing to support those collecting benefits. We are also living longer and therefore using the most expensive healthcare in the world for a longer period of time.
            We also have other challenges….large immigration numbers.
            Legal immigrants only need to contribute for 40 quarters (10 years) to qualify for full benefits.
            As in my case, I have been working and contributing non-stop since age 15, but people that migrate in their 40’s and 50′ will not contribute enough to make up for the benefits they will eventually receive.
            There are actually no assets in the SS Trust (just IOU from the Federal Government) the actual assets have been raided by generations of politicians… I am going to assume that if anything thing serious happen with the federal budget, social security will also be affected.

            I will agree, we will have to make tough choices of what we want to pay for. Are we going to listen to the responsible people or to the extremes from both parties that pull out their own statistics to support their positions?
            History have not being kind lately……..

    • 13observer says:

      FU*K the gun control! We don’t give a fu*k what the rest of the world wants!!!!!!We have our Second Amendment RIGHTS and no other country is going to compromise them! Americans will not stand for this, wait and see. You will ask for a revolution when you try to disarm America especially with all the illegal aliens running around, and we know litlle about their agendas! Fu*k the so-called “PRAISE”…. WE DON’T NEED IT!

    • Michael Fletcher says:

      I think you are mistaken in believing that balancing the budget is the way to create jobs. The government creates jobs by spending money. If the money is spent on things that provide long term benefits to society, such as infrastructure and education, that creates jobs and makes the macro economy more productive. If the income distribution in the economy is grossly unequal, the government can tax the excessively high incomes of the few to help pay for the programs that create jobs and benefit the many.

      The deficit peaked in 2009 at $1.4 trillion, and has since declined to $1.1 trillion for fiscal year 2012. The Federal government is able to obtain all the funding it needs at historically low rates, and inflation is tame. In my opinion the current deficit is manageable, but it is critical that we reset priorities.

      The dominant policies of the last three decades – massive military spending, perpetual war, deregulation of the financial industry, trade agreements that benefit multinational corporations, profligate use of fossil fuels, and low taxes on the rich – have not worked well for the majority of Americans. For middle and lower income households, this has been a period of stagnation and declining financial security. It is time to go back to what works: investments in programs that benefit the the public broadly, rather than policies aimed at currying favor with the wealthy and big business. We also need to begin the transition to an economy of much lower consumption of natural resources, especially fossil fuels, and a much smaller, less aggressive military.

  3. nobsartist says:

    America IS in decline. People like Romney have sold American jobs to the Chinese government for a quick,short term gain while inflicting perhaps mortal wounds on the American economy. Not only have jobs left America but also technology, the ability to create new technology and the machinery required to create new technology or old technology is gone, perhaps for good.

    People, America has been passed up by China and our standard of living has been lowered to be competitive with China. At what cost?

    Many of our large cities consist of a small, localized “downtown”, a small “affluent” suburban area and vast run down, decrepit areas of housing for those left behind by the movement to China. Cities like Detroit consist of more farmland than many rural areas except in rural areas, walking thru a field is not a death sentence. Heck, in Detroit, cops are afraid to leave the police station.

    Meanwhile, our highways are cracked from defective concrete and over weight trucks, our bridges are rusted and falling apart and our rail system cant even compare to what existed in 1940. Yet we still can afford to spend 600 BILLION on defense, TRILLIONS on war and no one has any idea what we spend on the CIA.

    We have created a system of over paid bureaucrats that rivals that of China, far too much is spent on salaries for the military and their is NO oversight on government expenses.

    Meanwhile, China has massive employment programs and that is evident by the massive highway system, well maintained and in FAR better condition than ours, a railway network that makes ours look embarrassing, low income apartments that make ours look ridiculous and a social safety net that makes ours look like our government is asleep.

    Our country is in decline. The people that we elect to represent us do not represent our interests, they represent their own interests.

    America is in decline. What we need is a plan for people, not for defense, not for bankers and not for more bloated government.

    We need a jobs plan whos objective is to create 100% employment and a plan to return our infrastructure to the envy of the world. If that means that our government has to take over certain industries, we must look to China for that model.

    The 30 year experiment of “free market economics” has failed.

    We need a new plan with a lot less talking and a lot more action.

  4. Jim Lou says:

    There is a feeling of decline because it seems that the US is losing its industrial capacity and might. That is true when many of the operations have been move off-shore.

    Yet, why are there more and more immigrants moving to this country? It is these people that are providing the spark. Many students stay in this country and contribute, many creating new companies and thus new opportunities.

    It is these new opportunities that are important. We should be nurturing these new ideas. Just don’t be stupid about blindly supporting companies that aren’t going to succeed.

  5. truther4u says:

    The only Jobs that will likely be created are the one’s the Government creates to fix our Infrastructure. So many, many support systems are Broken! If the Rich won’t pitch in and help with Job Creation; then they become fair game for practicing What They Have Been Doing For Thirty Years: EXTRACTING from the Middle Class. We Tax Them, until they recognize and support the Common Good. They are Selfish; and One Doubts whether they will be forthcoming on their Own!

  6. 13observer says:


    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to 13observer –

      That does not hold water. The illegal immigrants typically work at low end jobs with no benefits, low pay, no workplace protections, hard, manual labor, farm work, etc.

      The real reason unemployment is so high is that business is not hiring. The business community is sitting on TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. But they won’t hire because they cannot sell enough products. And they cannot sell enough products because there are not enough people making enough to afford to spend on those products.

      The only way to correct this imbalance is to reward companies for hiring and training enough workers to make a difference in the unemployment rate. (Via lower tax rates.)

      They should also be punished, (Via much higher tax rates), for sending jobs overseas.

      • 13observer says:

        Hey bro, they are evolving! They will still work for nothing but now they are affecting the building trades. They are pulling wire, drywalling, cement finishing, concrete flatwork, carpentry, metalwork, roofing and many others……….and they are driving down wages………………keep your fu*king stupid ass mouth shut on issues you know nothing about! You are a bootlicker and ass kisser!!!! The obvious reason you brought up was people not making enough….well …..PROFESSOR, how in the fu*k do you think they will ever be able to afford the sh*t with all the illegal aliens driving down not just wages but standards while they live off our welfare system and send their earnings back to mexico….how in the fu*k do you think that affects our economy RETARD!

      • 13observer says:

        God I can’t stand communicating with these fu*king idiots!!!!!!!!!! but they need the education for sure!!! I only hope i can help!

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      no it doesn’t.

      The 1% billioniares and millionaire corporations are SITTING ON over 3 TRILLION dollars in cash reserves.

      They are not trickling down anything.

      They are TRICKLING ON the American worker.

      There is no such thing in the collective mindset of these fascists called “a liveable wage.”

      13observer….you and montana bill and bozomust go….you guys go away ok?
      Go back to Fox “News” and post there.
      You and your Teaparty friends don’t count anymore.

      You lost.

      Here is what you and Rove and your other right wing friends tried to do to the REAL AMERICAN people—-straight out of the propagandists playbook.

      In this case, the Teaparty’s favorite propagandist other than Rove:

      Hitler’s Mein Kampf lays out blueprint of Nazi propaganda efforts.
      Hitler writes in chapter VI:

      “Propaganda must always address itself to the broad masses of the people. All propaganda must be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed. The art of propaganda consists precisely in being able to awaken the imagination of the public through an appeal to their feelings, in finding the appropriate psychological form that will arrest the attention and appeal to the hearts of the national masses. The broad masses of the people are not made up of diplomats or professors of public jurisprudence nor simply of persons who are able to form reasoned judgment in given cases, but a vacillating crowd of human children who are constantly wavering between one idea and another. The great majority of a nation is so feminine in its character and outlook that its thought and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than by sober reasoning. This sentiment, however, is not complex, but simple and consistent. It is not highly differentiated, but has only the negative and positive notions of love and hatred, right and wrong, truth and falsehood.”

      The American people saw through you and your ilk and the propaganda that was in the guise of “truth.”

      We will never let it happen again.

      Let us alone montana bill….

  7. Diana says:

    We think that it would be good for the country for Barack Obama to resign as President by January 1 2013. We think that since there is some shady tricks in the election it would be the right thing to do for the US. Mitt Romney and Paull Ryan should be inaguraded in January.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      That’s obviously what you get for thinking when you’re not used to it.

    • old_blu says:

      the majority of “we” the people don’t agree with you.

    • ralphkr says:

      Yeah, Diana, and I bet you are just praying that the entire Republican dream shall be realized so ALL income taxes are paid by those freeloaders who make less than $250,000, NO taxes on any business with more than 75 employees, cancelling MediCare and SS, shutting down ALL unemployment, welfare, food stamps, WIC benefits. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about stationing crack USMC and Seals at all the wealthy walled compounds to protect them from the hoi poli.

    • Dick Purdy says:

      Diana’s political views and her command of English constitute an unfortunate marriage.

  8. elw says:

    I will say this, whatever we do, it should be the exact opposite of what Republicans want. They have had their way a very long time and look at the mess they have gotten us into. What I hope is that it includes improvement to our infrastructure and educational system, good paying jobs for the middle class, a fair tax system and the moral high-ground of maintain and improving our social safety net for the elderly, disabled and needy.

  9. To have the best infrastructure is a big key in or success. cleaner reliable power, great communication, education, transportation, experimentation. we are the USA.

  10. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    America will move forward if republicans also become minority in the House. Best thing is to make republican party a minority party. Obama won in a landslide, yet house republicans are still blocking everything that Americans voted for. Vote them out in midterm elections to move America forward. Nobody grows with “NO” to everything.

  11. FredAppell says:

    I seem to recall Dubya addressing the nation right after the 9/11 attacks and telling us all that the entire nation was going to have to make huge sacrifices in our war against the evil doers. Now it all makes sense what he meant. That SOB was setting us up all along and these past few years are a pretty clear indication of that.

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