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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Republican majority in Congress has voted to kill the Affordable Care Act dozens of times. It’s done this knowing that President Obama would veto the bill, thus sparing members from the consequences.

So obviously, it was always a game. It was posturing before a public that largely didn’t know what Obamacare did for them.

Still, Republicans could have thrown the American people a crumb of respect by saying, “When the day comes, this is what we’re going to replace it with.” Or, “There’s no replacement. We’re just going back to the world before Obamacare.”

Either response would have been honest. Republicans would have put their cards on the table, exposing their ideas to scrutiny. And importantly, they would have let patients, doctors, hospitals, and insurers know what was up and plan for the future.

But that would have ended their game — which has been politics, not governing. Politics is telling people they can get what they want without paying for it. Governing is specifying where the money will come from. Governing, in short, requires work, much of it unpleasant.

In a matter of days, Donald Trump takes over the presidency. He’s demanded a repeal of Obamacare on “day one” of his administration. Congressional Republicans still don’t have a replacement, so they’ve designed a new game called “Repeal and Delay.”

This game operates under the dubious assumption that you can vote to repeal Obamacare but leave the benefits in place while you come up with a new plan. Or not. Many Republicans back passing a budget bill that strips Obamacare of funding, at which point it all would be over. Some are having second thoughts. Who knows what they’ll do.

The uncertainty, meanwhile, is traumatizing the health care system. Insurers are being jolted by a possible meltdown of their markets. Doctors who happily adjusted to Obamacare are rattled, while hospitals are already laying off people as a precaution.

A “slow-moving tsunami” is how Heidi Gartland, spokeswoman for University Hospitals in Cleveland, has described an Obamacare repeal. “In the aftermath of the tsunami,” she told Politico, “there’s devastating loss that we never could have planned for.”

And what about the American people? Some 20 million are at risk of losing their health coverage. The group includes large numbers for whom the stakes are extraordinarily high. They’re wondering whether they’ll be able to continue chemo treatments or get heart surgery.

If Republicans came out and said that “Obamacare is over, period,” the medically needy would at least be able to make their own arrangements — sell the house, file for bankruptcy, rewrite their will. But Republicans haven’t done them that minimal courtesy.

Republicans have floated a few vague ideas for replacing Obamacare — that’s true — but they’ve agreed on nothing. The most coherent plan, released earlier this year by House Speaker Paul Ryan, didn’t have a price tag on it, so why even bother?

It happens that Obamacare is overall a big success. It has slashed the number of uninsured and moderated health care spending. There are problems, but they are fixable problems. So this “downward spiral” talk is pure propaganda. But take the money away and the downward spiral becomes real.

One of the saddest scenes was thousands of Americans signing up for Obamacare right after Trump won the election. They were like refugees trying to get the last plane out of a war zone.

Every other modern nation guarantees health care as a right of citizenship. Even their conservative leaders don’t touch benefits that beat ours by a mile.

This Obamacare repeal game is, at bottom, an insult to the dignity of the American people. Actually, it’s a disgrace.

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IMAGE: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) signs a bill repealing Obamacare at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 7, 2016. The U.S. Congress on Wednesday approved legislation dismantling President Barack Obama’s signature health care plan, putting on his desk an election-year measure that faces a certain veto. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo

197 Responses to The Obamacare Repeal Game Is A Complete Disgrace

  1. The very idea that the people most responsible for protecting, preserving, and advancing the welfare of us – the people – are the ones determined to undermine one of the most fundamental needs to live a long and healthy life, is a disgrace. That they refer to the ACA, a health program that has helped over 20 million people get affordable, comprehensive, health care, often for the first time in their lives, as a failure, highlights how cruel and irresponsible the disciples of Lucifer are. The fact that those determined to deny millions of Americans the health care they need, while enjoying government-provided health insurance coverage, is icing on the cake.

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    • Off on one of your stupid tirade of what you think will happen and conclusions that have no bases.
      “Determined to deny” is a ridiculous unfounded accusation, just you speculating.
      Just more of TDS.

      • The republicans have worked very hard to crash ACA, with lawsuits, holding the budget for ransom, and not cooperating. They could have very well said, ok Obama passed this law and we were asleep when it happened, but it is now the law let’s make it better, but no they put all OUR recourses into fighting against us.

        • Yes, they did file a lawsuit and won after Obama’s tried to rewrite federal law on his own without a vote of Congress,” It challenges the administration for delaying implementation of the employer mandate, a rule that was supposed to kick in this year. It also challenges the roughly $175 billion in funding the administration has given to insurance companies to subsidize coverage for Obamacare enrollees.
          A bill that the democratic controlled Congress passed without a single vote from Republicans with no imput or concerns about the bill.

          • The Republicans in congress sat on their fat benches and left the American people high and dry. You keep pointing out that the republican failed their duty when the bill was passed and have failed their duty to try to fix the problem. In case you hadn’t noticed people were dying for lack of healthcare. Take away the ACA and people will die. Since those peoples death don’t matter since some of them didn’t vote for Trump lets look at if from the republican view. It will cost more money to repeal it then to keep it. $9 trillion was the number I heard that will be added to the national debt by just getting rid of the law. You personal healthcare costs will also go up because there are price controls as part of the law. You might also add in the 197,000 jobs lost in Pennsylvania plus all the other jobs lost in other states. So your just say no to everything republicans have done a number on you and I guess you don’t feel it being shoved in. You will though. When you play around with one sixth of our economy bad things can happen.

          • You keep on making assumptions and conclusions on what you think will happen.
            Keep using that crystal ball and looking more irrelevant.
            Stay in la la land.
            Now it’s 1/6 not 1/5. Hmm

          • I’m trusting the CBO for the numbers. These thing have been talked about since day one. The ACA was designed not to increase the debt. It also has cost controls built into it for Medicare. Even a person like you get benefits form the law. I guess you trust the insurance companies not to rip you off.

          • The rules that the the House of Representative just adopted for this Congress say that the CBO has to prepare an estimate of the cost of bills costing more that $5B. Except it specifically excludes the cost of repealing the ACA. (See page 25)


            And the GOP led Senate estimates of what the national debt will be goes up $9T in the next 10 years. (See page 5)


          • Obamacare is on life support as I write. Half of the exchanges have disappeared. Premiums are not even close to what was promised by Obama. Co-pay and out-of-pockets have increased to the point people are less inclined to go to doctor.
            What republicans come up with will be interesting.

          • Oh you must be right since the only had a 11.7 million people sign on so far for 2017 . Even with the republicans unending attacks it’s still working.

          • Now you’re going beyond Mike’s ability to understand….he’s got a one-track mind and it’s been brainwashed to believe all the BS that he’s being fed by the GOP and Trump!

          • Put them on medicare/Medicaid!
            Why should the rest of us suffer paying for something that is Too expensive, you can’t use, and is unconstitutional! The last thing WE need is the Government/irs running something and poking in Our lives!
            What about the Rest of us that were just fine until Obama lied to us and gave us this Forced HealthCare…..aka…Obamacare!?

          • Why not put everyone on medicare or medicaid. Take the profit out of healthcare and make it work for everyone. Shouldn’t good healthcare be a right not a privilege anyway. Just for the record the SCOTUS said it was constitutional. What I can’t figure out is why everyone saying their healthcare cost went up why did mine drop. How would you like a 50% reduction in your healthcare cost. That’s how much less people in other countries pay for their healthcare, and it’s better care then we get. So tell me why not to go to a national universal healthcare system. If you have insurance you should be used to being told what you can and can’t have and which doctor you can go to. The difference is that the government doesn’t get a bigger bonus by saying no. You see I live in the real world were I can see just what the insurance companies are doing. I have had to fight to get the medications that work but are not on the list the insurance company gets a kick back from. I’m used to having to change doctors because my employer changed carriers and my doctor didn’t take the new company. I didn’t get to choose my insurance company, I had to take the one my employer picked. So tell me how good private insurance companies are and how bad our government is.

          • I hear you BooBoo. The last thing we need is for the government to poke in our lives and give us forced, unconstitutional, health care insurance.

            I mean, the suffering that the rest of us were fine with until Obama lied to the insurance companies, and forced us all to have health care when we need it. God.

            Like you, I hate that Kenyan Muslim bast**d who’s somehow opposed to the idea of people being very ill and not able to access medical care due to inability to pay. I’m telling you, he’s just not American.

          • That’s the meme isn’t it? If we don’t all kneel at the corporate alter of the all powerful bottom line, we’re just not being real Americans. What a croc eh? The rest of the industrialized, civilized World think we’ve all lost our collective minds in ever putting up with such unmitigated crapola.
            So, the corporations, and billionaires align all cozy with the religious authoritarians to buy the government out from under the people. And the mind blowing response of the American electorate is to elect a corporate shyster, neo-nationalist demagogue to be President. And a hard core science denying religious zealot to serve as his vice.
            The message being, “Hold on here!” We demand you turn us back over to the tender mercies of the cold bloodied healthcare deniers, and the extortionists over at big Pharma. So one day we can look thru the windows of one of the few hospitals left, and watch the lives of the rich be saved before we ourselves die of neglect. Now that’s freedom!

          • I’ll tell you charleo, I don’t actually think that those pro-life Republicans should just be allowed to repeal the ACA, as is, either. I really think they should be forced to carry it to the end of it’s term. Aborting it now is something that I don’t believe they should be allowed to do. Think about the life of the ACA. All universal health care is precious.

            I gotta say though charleo, if you start throwing “sorry’s” and “aboot’s” around with your “eh’s” in National Memo sentences, I’m soon gonna be watching the Governor General award you with the Order of Canada at Rideau Hall on the CBC.

          • You laugh now. But wait until you have 60 million sick Americans showing up at your border! And speaking of borders. Did I tell you I’m kinda looking to find a Canadian sponsor? It’s true! And, well, you know, you and I have always been the best of pals here at NM. Practically brothers one might say…don’t you think so? I sure do! And anyway, I was just wondering…..

          • For sure. Absolutely. I’m there for you. I thought the sponsorship program was just for refugees or family reunification, but I may be wrong. I’ll make some inquiries next week and, if this is doable, we’ll get the ball rolling on it.

            I’m a little surprised. In that town hall last Thursday on CNN, Paul Ryan indicated that his coupon plan for Medicare wouldn’t affect seniors already using Medicare. So he says anyway. So you should be ok. I thought that you were a senior, from one or two of your posts.

            I guess you never know though. He lied about a handful of other things that night and is the king of vagueness. That man is one slick little shyster.

            Not sure how your Medicare would apply up here.

          • Charleo, I spoke to a government employee at the 1-800-622-6232 number who was very knowledgeable of the sponsorship program. Unfortunately, it is only for: i) people who meet the UN definition of a refugee in various ways, and ii) certain classes of family members. No one who’s a citizen of, and living in, a country with the peace, wealth, stability and sterling human rights record of the United States would be considered a refugee. They’re also not buying the Herman Cain brother from another mother thing, insofar as family. Here’s the e-mail that I got from them. There’s a ton of reading on the non-help links. I’ve gone through it. I was really looking forward to this. I thought it would be a blast.

            Please find below the information you requested:
            Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program
            General Enquiries

            Sponsor a refugee —
            Help Centre – “What do you need help with?”

            Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – Sponsorship
            General Enquiries

            Family Sponsorship —
            Help Centre – “What do you need help with?”

            Thank you for using our services,
            Service Canada

            For more information:

            CALL 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232), from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
            TTY: 1-800-926-9105
            VISIT a Service Canada Centre:

            Stay Connected:

            While all reasonable efforts are made to keep our database up to date, information may change without warning. Should the information provided no longer be current, please call 1 800 O-Canada.

          • Mike, the input of the GOP was requested, however, on the day Obama was first inaugurated the GOP decided to obstruct anything that Obama proposed.

            “If (Obama) was for it, we had to be against it.” (George Voinovich R-OH)

            This is why, instead of trying to make the law better, the GOP only tried to poison it (See Grassley amendment) and repeal it dozens of times.

          • With nary a replacement in sight, needless to say! They’ve had 8 years to do something viable to improve Obamacare, but they haven’t managed to come up with anything!

          • Absolutely. As as been often said recently, the dog caught the bus and now has no idea of what to do with it.

            They COULD have come up with something, but got more mileage out of their base by simply voting “repeal” ad nauseum. Good governance was never the goal.

            Look at Mitch McConnell. After Scalia died, he said his proudest moment was telling Obama he wasn’t going to get a replacement. Period. Now, he is all (hypocritically) aghast that the Dems are saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

          • Did they not have the right to challenge? What they saw was a hyper-partisan who wanted bigger and bigger govt. just the opposite of their views for the country. You forget that they were very limited as to what they could do. They were outnumbered in House and at times in the Senate by super majorities. All the opposition to Obma and his goals was confirmed by his policies.
            “Tried to poison it”, How they were the minority party. Just like the dems today republicans had few options much like dems today. What changes everything today is Reid nuclear option which is coming back to bite the left in the a$$.

          • Hyper-partisan. How else would you describe a minority party committed to the president’s failure EVEN BEFORE HE WAS INAUGURATED? And I get that the GOP’s vision was not the same as Obama’s. He asked for their input, but as I said above, the strategy was one of total obstructionism. Hell, Mitch McConnell filibustered his own bill when Obama indicated approval.

            Tried to poison it? I referred you to the Grassley amendment. In the hopes of killing the bill, Charles Grassley (R-IA) got in a provision that required members of congress to get their insurance on the exchanges, rather than through their employer as was always done. This really didn’t affect the elected members as they made upwards of $175K. However, the staffers? Who maybe earned $20-30K? That it hurt. And once the Dems accepted that provision, the GOP realized it was going to hurt their own people and they scrambled to find a way out. There was no provision to allow reimbursement of medical premiums, so one was invented starting the “Congress exempts itself from Obamacare” cry.

            (btw, the Grassley amendment is one example of GOP input)

          • “committed to the presidents failure” is plain bull roar. No president with reasonable intelligence believes whatever he wants he will get. There has always been a “loyal opposition” even under trump.
            “Input” on what? He total ignored the right. You forget the meeting when republicans were giving their positions and Obama looked at them and said “I won,” “He left no doubt about who’s in charge of these negotiations. Politico
            Grassley bill, Democrats, co-opted the idea as their own and inserted it into the bill.

          • No, it is not “plain bull roar”.

            1. I quoted a former GOP senator earlier.
            2. Look at the results. The number of appointments failed to get a hearing, much less an approval because Obama nominated them. The GOP led congress that not only worked fewer days per year, than almost any other, passed fewer bills, and “filibustered” (didn’t meet cloture) more.




            Read the letter that Mitch McConnel sent to Harry Reid (and was returned to him this week)


            3. If you’re saying that’s normal, will it be normal if the Dems do it to Trump?

          • Democrats have every right to do what they can to stop the Trump agenda. I am glad they did stop the reckless, out-of-bounds agenda of Obama. Like open borders, his grand plan of One World Government he talked about at UN in September.

          • Mike, Before you move on, can you refute my assertion and my sources that prove the GOP’s strategy was to obstruct Obama and that this was established before his hand went on the Bible in 2009?

            When you say “One World Government”, tell me what you mean. I went back and looked at the Sept. speech. From what I see, it talked about International Law and agreements among nations. So, when you make agreements, you are not free to break them willy-nilly, (like refuse to honor NATO treaties) but how does that establish a One World Government.

            I also looked up “open borders”. Sites like Breitbart, Newsmax, WND, etc. are convinced about it. But they cannot point to anything specific that Obama has said or done that is out of bounds with other presidents. They just try to scare the crap out of their target audience.

          • I disagree wih the word “obstruct.” What they said they would fight Obama on everything. Which is their right and legal.


            Obama has refused to follow many extisting laws and refused to deport illegal criminals and has done little to stop the flow. Actions speak louder than words.

          • You may disagree with my use of the word….but how is it inaccurate?

            Obstruct: (verb) to block or close up with an obstacle; make difficult to pass

            Although I spend a fair amount of time reading from sites that I know I am not the target audience and many of these sites do say, as you do, that he has refused to follow laws, I believe they skate on thin ice by using the word “refuse”.

            There is a term in the law called “prosecutorial discretion”. This is what allows an district attorney to give immunity to a low level drug dealer in return for information on the bigger distributor. You will notice you can pass a police car going 5 over the speed limit or run a yellow light (as it turns red) without getting a ticket. There is discretion in enforcement of the law.

            Obama’s executive action on immigrants basically said we aren’t going after the low hanging fruit. Not after a father who works on a farm picking vegetables who has never committed a crime past his entrance into the US. Not after a young person who was brought here at age 3 and now has graduated from college without any incident. We will use the resources of the Justice Dept to prosecute those who cause harm. Do we get them all? No, but if we used limited resources on the easy targets, we would have fewer resources to get those who mean harm.

            Unless you are referring to something else when you say “he refused to follow laws”?????

          • Quit living in the past. It’s over, Obama is gone. Good riddance.
            Dems can try to do what ever they want which is their right to fight his policies.
            Wholesale release of thousands of illegal criminals without deportation blows your prosecutorial discretion.
            Yes, he refused/ ignored the laws on the books that didn’t fit his agenda.

          • You complained that Obama “refused” to follow the law. Then you use the right wing Washington Examiner as your evidence. (Sort of like if I would use the Huffington Post)

            Even the first sentence of your article…ICE decided to release. As if it was up to the discretion of ICE. But the way it’s worded it is simply red meat for the base.

            If you go beyond the editorializing and look at law, ICE was following applicable law. You would just never get that from a right wing publication.

            Here is the actual release from ICE that your article purports to use as a source when in fact it simply cherry picks parts, ignores others and then words the article to incite anger and hatred.


            It appears to have worked on you.

          • How did I mis-speak when I used the term “prosecutorial discretion”?

            (By the way, you said “using the same source” above your link…same as what? )

            Facts have no left or right. They are what they are. That’s why I would never consider using, for example, Huffington Post or MSNBC as a source. If I want to find out what ICE has to say, I look at what ICE actually said, not what a left or right wing publication CLAIMS they said. If tell you that Obama or Trump said something, I find a dated quote, an article THEY wrote or audio or video (checking for dishonest editing) that actually HAS them saying it.

            I have seen enough left wing sources exaggerate to know I can’t take them at face value any more than I take right wing sources at face value.

            So you’re right, I will question a Breitbart, Newsmax, WND or Infowars article Pity that so many on the right don’t do the same.

          • Jan, I’ve talked for years with this dirt bag. And with him, as you’ll soon see, with this guy it’s just one big joke, one big lie after the next. You’ll be happier when you finally just tell him to go pound sand/ That you’re tired of reading his ignorance.

          • Thanks. I have found that he does not respond to questions, but at least I want to provide independent data to support what I say even if he cannot refute it. And do so politely.

          • Your politeness speaks of your class, and character. Just know they, being bullies, take it for weakness, and mock it. Comity is a trait they do not practice, nor respect.

          • Typical GOP practice….they use lies and scare tactics to motivate their base! Conspiracy theories are also big for them!

          • And your fabrications of reality and creative stories just keep spewing from your pathologically lying fingers.

        • Apparently, he can’t come up with anything that Independent1 asked him to provide! Typical idiot…..can’t answer a valid question, so you deflect!

      • Oh yeah, I appreciate you coming on here today, and giving me the personal opportunity to tell you to go F… yourself! So thanks, and keep posting moron!

          • Trump won’t last for 100 days!! He’s in such a hurry to inflict his destruction on America that the walls will come crumbling down within those 100 days.

          • Tell you what. Provide one shred of evidence that the GOP has done anything beneficial for any government it has governed…just one shred that you can use to justify that a combination of a totally corrupt group of Republicans that have turned almost every state they govern today into having the worst economy with the most people in poverty and even those not in full poverty still living on the verge of bankruptcy, being led by a businessman who has failed continuously at virtually every business he has ever attempted – there’s not one that is acltually profitable. Donald Trump’s businesses are 650 million in debt and if you factor in some of the other deals, including many with Russia, he and his family are on the hook for almost 2.7 billion dollars.

            So given all that, come up with one shred of evidence you can stand on that a political party that has failed virtually every state they govern led by a total loser, can do something beneficial for our country.

            Come on!! Point to something the GOP or Donald Trump has ever done to benefit anyone but themselves!!!

          • Really! I am expected answer questions from one delusional guy that last week that made these remarks about Obama and ACA. I don’t think so.
            Independent1 mike • 11 hours ago
            Every word is a pathological lie!!!!!!! Obama lied about nothing!!! It was health insurance companies who perpetrated the lie!!!!!!!!

            Independent1 mike • 2 hours ago
            Obamacare’s success is based on the facts that I just posted. And Obama never lied about anything!! He simply told the American people what was in the Obamacare legislation – that existing plans including doctors were grandfathered in by the legislation.
            And he made those statements about keeping your doctor and plan because when more than half a dozen health insurance company CEOs met with him during the development of ACA, they promised they would adhere to the ACA law BUT THEY LIED!!
            And all those companies coming out changing plans so people couldn’t keep their doctor or plan, was an attempt by the insurance companies to defraud their insureds and force them to pick new policies, hopefully ones with higher premiums.
            And several insurance companies were penalized for this fraudulent practice and charged millions of dollars in penalties.

          • So bottom line you can’t answer the question about one good thing Trump or the GOP has ever done that doesn’t benefit them directly. 🙄 Why are you even here to comment if you have no good defense of Trump ? Building a wall is not what the people want but more affordable health coverage is

          • Bottom line is Trump is not president. I would love to see what you think “the GOP or Donald Trump has ever done to benefit anyone but themselves”!! Oh great sage lay it on us.
            A wall will be built and a bettter healthcare coverage will be adopted.

          • Short of the apocalypse or Trump suddenly dying he’s got an Inauguration next week which makes him for the moment President Elect. What do you honestly think Trump will do that people may actually look back on and say something good he did ? I know you don’t have a reasonable answer except maybe rounding up Muslims and putting them in internment camps is something you’d like to see happen. Or maybe you just like to screw with people for enjoyment. If the day comes and you lose a job along with any paid medical coverage cancelled you’ll wish the ACA wasn’t repealed by Trump. BTW if a wall is built one thing you can count on, the American taxpayer not Mexico will end up footing the bill

          • Quite reflecting.
            “So the bottom line” is you can’t produce one fact that “the GOP or Donald Trump has ever done to benefit anyone but themselves”!!
            You don’t even have an answer to your own question.
            You and the rest of your ilk want him to fail. Youl will fight against him no matter what.

          • BINGO!
            You Nailed it!
            These people have NO CLUE! They just don’t like Trump…..they would go against their best interests just to see Trump Fail!
            Godbless and goodluck….these people commenting on this site, except for You, have No Clue and they have their Heads in the Sand!!

          • Hahaha! You have No Clue!
            Take your Tin Foil Hat off!

            Yes, Mexico will be paying for that Wall! They are So Many ways that Trump will be getting Mexico to pay for that Wall! And THEY WILL!

            Many of us Do Not like the ACA….it’s Not affordable, the deductibles and monthly payments are ridiculous, being forced to buy health insurance is unconstitutional, many if us Do NOT want the Government/irs in OUR Lives even More….and etc…etc…!!!

          • BAM! Exactly!
            Thank You!
            Sorry that you have to deal with these Unhinged Dishevelled Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERALS on here…..but, you’re doing a Great Job!

          • Yes! The People Do want a Wall! And Yes, people Do Not want Obamacare…..people Don’t want to be forced to pay for It ObamaCare either!
            You have No idea what WE ALL WANT!

          • Too bad there’s no cure for being clueless and stupid 😒 Why not take a nice long golden shower with Trumpie now 😏

          • Apparently, BooBoo hasn’t done his homework. There are many ranchers along the Mexican/American border who are having fits about the wall. They do NOT want the wall on their property. In some cases, the wall will stop up creeks and riverbeds that flow between the borders and provide water for many of the rancher’s cattle! The ranchers also realize that NO wall will keep out someone who is desperate to get into the United States. So, unless Trump builds the wall from 6′ underground to the clouds, it won’t do anything. What we need is better laws for legal immigration for workers coming across the border or for those who have families here and want the right to visit them. You can’t keep these individuals from their families or from work to make money to send home. They are the hardest workers….many doing jobs that the American citizens won’t do. They aren’t taking any jobs from Americans….they’re doing jobs that require difficult manual labor….something that Americans are NOT willing to do! I bet if you put one congressman or woman out in a field to pick fruit or vegetables for one day….they would certainly change their minds about kicking our 11M illegal immigrants! I’d like to put Boo Boo out there for even an hour and then listen to him whine! He’d go from Boo Boo to Boo Hoo in a heartbeat!

          • And the nonsensical deflections go on and on. Sorry you have such a problem with facts and reality; because that’s exactly what you’re railing against – FACTS!!

            Couldn’t come p with one beneficial thing the GOP has ever done for America which wasn’t really motivated to their own benefit, could you? And that’s because the GOP since Teddy Roosevelt hasn’t done one thing beneficial for America aside from doing everything they could for themselves and the upper 1-10% since Teddy.

            And there’s an interesting article in the News just now about how the Russians actually have information on Trump that could compromise his presidency. Aren’t you just thrilled??

            Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him


            Given all Trump’s criminal doings over the past 40 years there should be quite a trove of dirty laundry there!!! He’s committed enough felonies to go to jail for the rest of his life; including 20 years of tax fraud.

          • And see this lowlife:

            How “ObamaCare Cancelled Your Plan” is really an Insurance Co Scam to Rip You Off

            Plans that were in place since March of 2010 (prior to the Affordable Care Act) were “Grandfathered” and excluded from many of the laws requirements so that they wouldn’t be cancelled. ObamaCare doesn’t FORCE those plans to remain, but it doesn’t FORCE them to be cancelled either. TPM reports now that the Insurance Companies themselves have deliberately sent out these cancellation notices, along with automatic renewals into higher rate plans before Oct 1st as a means of preventing people from Shopping on the Exchange and finding better, cheaper plans.In short, this is all an Insurance Industry Scam to gouge their customers, blame Obamacare for it, and prevent them from taking
            advantage of improved coverage and savings that the ACA actually

            And so far, you have to admit, this Scam has worked beautifully. The White House has been rocked back on their heels not just by the rollout problems of (which is now actually working), but also by these Scammy “Cancellation Letters”. But now the charlatans behind the
            curtain are finally being revealed.

            Donna received the letter canceling her insurance plan on
            Sept. 16. Her insurance company, LifeWise of Washington, told her that they’d identified a new plan for her. If she did nothing, she’d be covered. A 56-year-old Seattle resident with a 57-year-old husband and 15-year-old daughter, Donna had been looking forward to the savings that the Affordable Care Act had to offer. But that’s not what she found. Instead, she’d be paying an additional $300 a month for coverage. The letter made no mention of the health insurance marketplace that would soon open in Washington, where she could shop for competitive plans, and only an oblique reference to financial help that she might qualify for,
            if she made the effort to call and find out. Otherwise, she’d
            be automatically rolled over to a new plan — and, as the letter said, “If you’re happy with this plan, do nothing.” If Donna had done nothing, she would have ended up spending about $1,000 more a month for insurance than she will now that she went to the marketplace, picked thebest plan for her family and accessed tax credits at the heart of the health care reform law. “The info that we were sent by LifeWise was totally bogus. Why the heck did they try to screw us?” Donna said. “People who are afraid of the ACA should be much more afraid of the insurance companies who will exploit their fear and end up overcharging them.” Donna is not alone.

            No, she’s not alone. It’s not clear how widespread this practice has been, but some State insurance commissioners are starting to notice. In Kentucky, Insurance Provider Humana was fined $65,000 for sending out misleading letters.

            The Kentucky Department of Insurance has fined Humana
            $65,430 because it offered policyholders an unapproved opportunity to amend their insurance as part of a letter that regulators have called “misleading.” The department investigated letters sent in August to 6,543 individual plan policyholders in Kentucky. The letters said they needed to renew their plans for 2014 within 30 days or choose a more expensive option that complies with the Affordable Care Act. But regulators last month called the letters misleading, arguing they did not make sufficiently clear that policyholders could compare and choose competing plans on the state’s health insurance exchanges, which open on Oct. 1, and for which they could be eligible for federal subsidies.

            Let’s follow this logically, if the letters were sent in August and required a response within 30 days – it essentially forced the policy holders to choose the worse possible option before the Oct 1st launch of their State Exchange. That is a classic “High Pressure” sales tactic. “Buy NOW or you’ll miss out. SALE ENDING SOON” – when in fact, there was no legitimate reason to push people make a decision in that 30
            day window other than to prevent them from shopping on the Exchange. Read the Human Letter. 2,200 people actually did respond within that 30 period, but Kentucy regulators after finding they had been deceived by Humana released them from that agreement and allowed them to go ahead and shop for a better plan on the marketplace. Then they fined Humana for their attempted Scam.


          • Wow!
            You just proved what most people think! Hahaha! YOU definitely are an Unhinged Dishevelled Typical Brainwashed Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERAL! Hahaha!!

          • And the two accounts below have to be classic examples of how Republican governance is an abstract failure. A guy named Pawlenty had 8 years leading Minnesota to do something – and in fact at one time was a leading candidate to run for president. And yet in 8 years his failed governance managed to create a paltry 6,200 jobs for the people living in Minnesota.

            And then another GOP nitwit name Scott Walker took over the next door state of Wisconsin, and today Wisconsin is far worse off than the day he took office. Once again showing just how useless GOP governance is.

            When a billionaire Democrat took over Minnesota, the Minnesota economy and way of life for people living there were transformed:

            A Republican named Pawlenty governed the state of Minnesota for 8 years from 2003 through 2010; at the end of those 8 years, Minnesota was 6 Billion in debt and had only created 6,200 jobs in those 8 years under Pawlenty. In 2010 a Democratic billionaire named Mark Dayton was elected and took over. And despite the fact that he raised taxes on the upper 2% of Minnesotans; increased the min wage by over $1.50 to $9.75 and issued an edict that women doing the same job had to be paid the same as men, after his 1st 4 years, Minnesota had really changed:

            – The 6 billion in debt had been paid off and the state was projecting a 1.2 billion surplus.

            – Instead of 6,200 new jobs in 8 years under Pawlenty; 172,000 new jobs were created in 4 years.

            – Instead of being 27th in America in job creation; Minnesota is now in the top 5 in job creation.

            – Instead of having an unemployment rate of 7% it is now 5th lowest in the nation at 3.6%

            – Instead of it being rated as anti-business; it is now one of the 10th best-business states in America

            And why is this last bit important – because businesses love states where people have money to spend and Minnesota’s average income is now $8,000 higher than the national average.

            In contrast to the above, as of 2015, this is what happened under Scott Walker in neighboring Wisconsin the previous 4+ years. Because of the downturn Wisconsin was also struggling a bit in 2010 when Walker took over; but under Walker, Wisconsin has gone from not so great to much worse:

            – Walker has virtually destroyed all the unions in Wisconsin and signed into law the right-to-pay-you-less legislation – with Wisconsin’s average incomes falling.

            – Walker has cut funding for education across the board and especially for the university system

            The above has resulted not only in Wisconsin dropping from 24th in the nation in job creation to 47th in the nation today; but also to projecting a 2.2 Billion deficit over the next 2 years.

            – And as you might expect, Wisconsin has a very unfavorable rating now for new businesses.

            (Keep in mind the above stats were developed a couple years ago.)

          • So now you are disparaging the people of the state of Wisconsin for voting for Trump. If it was so bad why stop being a blue state? If things were so bad why did they vote republican? You’re really are getting disparate.
            There is far more to MN vs WI story. It has little to do with parties but more importantly the make up of the economies..

          • I’m not disparaging the people of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one of the states the GOP stole from Hillary. It’s one of the 13 states that were way outside the normal error factors of CNN’s exit polling. Wisconsin was one of the states CNN had clearly predicted Hillary would win – and should have won except that Wisconsin was run by Republicans; it’s just like Scott Walker never legally won any of the votes that should have ousted him from power years earlier!! He stole those elections too.

          • From CNN:

            Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

            All along the way, there have been dismal failures in our supposed democratic process. That continues today, as election integrity activists point out that the national media’s election day exit polls found that Hillary Clinton was ahead in four key states — North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida — but lost the computerized vote count. That’s not the first time a “red shift” occurred between live exit poll results posted on CNN and the later vote count results.

            That suggests the exit polls were either deeply flawed, or the vote count was compromised or stolen.

            With these states Clinton wins the Electoral College with a count of 302 versus 205 for Trump. Clinton also won the national exit poll by 3.2% and holds a narrow lead in the national vote count still in progress.

            Note that Clinton won the national votes by very close to what the CNN exit polls predicted – by about 3%


            A national vote count she goes onto win by about 3 million votes. And what’s interesting too, is that the 48 Democrat Senators were elected by almost 25 million more votes than the 54 Republicans (about 79 million voters to 54 million). Elections where gerrymandering and voter suppression may not have as much sway.

            Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

            It’s clear that Republicans in many battleground states have a dual reason for dramatically reducing the number of voting places: 1) to make it harder for many minority groups to find a place easy to get to so they can vote, and 2) to cut down the number of places where they need to staff people that can manipulated the vote counts via whatever way they’re using, including that described in the link just above.

          • Where’s Obama and DOJ? If there was a scintilla of evidence they would be all over it. Hillary would be in court. The intelligence agencies have said vote tallies WERE LEGIT.
            You are one irrational person.
            T-9 days and counting.

          • It’s sad that the Republicans are so paranoid that they can’t win on their own merits that they have to meddle with the voting in every state! If they aren’t that sure about their candidate winning, they need to come up with a better candidate! It’s just pretty pitiful the machinations that they go through to assure a win…..even one that isn’t really a valid win!

          • And I forgot, the deflection and excuses just roll off your pathological lying fingers!!! Over 100 years of GOP presidencies have proven Republicans are economic failures!! Hoover and the two Bushes weren’t the only ones!!

          • Yet, here they come Indy, at every election season. shamelessly moaning and groaning about the terrible economies, lack of good jobs, and the awful debt these very same billionaire boot lickers went out and intentionally created. Only to have a bunch of their loyal twaddles stomp out, acting really angry at the Democrats. And put the same worthless excuses that are screwing them hand over fist, right back in office. So the skinning, and thieving right out of their own kid’s mouths, can continue unabated…
            But please, please please! Don’t ever have the temerity to point this out to one of the idiots, unless you want a fight. Actually they’d rather fight than try to defend their malodorous stupidity. A thing they will tell you, they happen to take a great deal of pride in. And you’re right, my gasket is totally fried trying to deal with these impossible dumb clucks. And I’m also totally done with useless attempts at trying to reason with the sanctimonious jackasses. So, they want to fight, and name call, get all racist, and ugly? I’m more than ready to deal with their crap in a whole other way.

          • These people have No Clue what they are even talking about!
            Hahaha! Omg! They sure seem to be the Typical Brainwashed Paranoid Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERALS!

          • My fear is that it will be our economy. If Trump and his minions go after deporting millions of illegals, that in itself could be enough to throw the economy into a deep recession.

            And if Ryan and Trump go forward with cutting SS benefits and Medicare – that’s going to unnerve not only seniors but many approaching retirement which will cause them to pull back in spending and spur a recession or more.

          • Trump and his minions don’t seem to understand that if they throw out all the so-called “illegal” aliens….you know, the ones that pick our crops, take care of our children, mow our lawns, wash our dishes (the things we are just too good to do on our own anymore), that means the prices of our fruits and vegetables will go sky high, child care costs will also go sky high, and we may have to mow our own lawns and wash our own dishes (heaven forbid!!!) But, they don’t seem to see this because they have absolutely NO logical sense!

          • In addition to what you point out, the work illegals do create millions of native-born Americans’ jobs: like truck drivers for the farms illegals pick crops for; like carpenters, electricians and other construction people that illegals do the dirty work of constructing things for; like the hotel clerks and others in the travel industry that illegals do the housecleaning and other menial work for; like the fact immigrants, including illegals run 35% or more of America’s small businesses – thousands of small businesses which hire native-born Americans.

            Republicans and other illegal immigrant haters fail to realize that it could be their jobs or a neighbors or someone in their family whose job will go down the drain if Trump and the GOP rile up the illegals and force a mass exodus. It only took a few weeks for the Alabama economy to start to crumble when the GOP idiots in Alabama passed the strictest immigration law in the nation about 6-7 years ago.

          • So true, and as I said, prices will go up because you won’t get any able-bodied American to do some of the jobs that these people do for us! Certainly not at the pay rate that they get!

          • Yes, and not only will prices go up, but a lot things like some forms of produce may not even be available. Without immigrants, including illegals to pick strawberries cheaply, virtually all strawberry producers would go out of business. (It would not be economically feasible for them to even plant their fields and then pay to ship strawberries to supermarkets.)

          • We’ll end up having to get our fruits and vegetables from South America at a much higher cost! We get a lot of our produce from there already.

          • YOU obviously have NO LOGICAL SENSE…..because YOU, once again, have NO Clue what YOU are even talking about! Omg! I can’t believe how Brainwashed you are by the Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERAL DemonRats and Media!!

          • OK…fine, I think I understand your point — but can you give me more adjectives and caps lock? I need more adjectives and caps lock to really appreciate what you’re getting at. It’s just a thing with me.

          • Omg! Hahahaha! You really need to Stop being Brainwashed by the Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob Liberal Media

          • Again, another book that I recommend….”Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire” by John K. Wilson!!!

          • Sounds like you’re Brainwashed with Looney Liberal Lies!
            Everything YOU posted is BS!
            So Typical of people like YOU!

          • And the denials just keep going on and on.

            And here’s another fake story too, right?

            Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses

            In 2008, Donald Trump Jr. attended a real estate conference, where he stated that

            Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.

            As it turns out, that may have been an understatement. Human rights lawyer Scott Horton, whose work in the region goes back to defending Andrei Sakharov and other Soviet dissidents, has gone through a series of studies by the Financial Times to show how funds from Russian crime lords bailed Trump out after yet anther bankruptcy. The conclusions are stark.

            Among the powerful facts that DNI missed were a series of very deep studies published in the [Financial Times] that examined the structure and history of several major Trump real estate projects from the last decade—the period after his seventh bankruptcy and the cancellation of all his bank lines of credit. …

            The money to build these projects flowed almost entirely from Russian sources. In other words, after his business crashed, Trump was floated and made to appear to operate a successful business enterprise through the infusion of hundreds in millions of cash from dark Russian sources.

            He was their man.

            Yes, even that much seems fantastic, and the details include business agencies acting as a front for the GRU, billionaire mobsters, a vast network of propaganda sources, and an American candidate completely under the thumb of the Kremlin.

            It reads like the a B-grade spy novel, a plot both too convoluted—and too bluntly obvious—for John le Carré. The problem is it may not be a conspiracy theory. It may be a conspiracy.


          • And here’s another from an Australian news paper that’s producing ‘fake news’ too, right?

            Russia planned to cultivate and compromise Donald Trump, according to leaked memos

            Russia cultivated Donald Trump for years before the 2016 election and holds compromising material on the President-elect, according to a series of explosive but unconfirmed memos made public today.

            The memos, produced by a British intelligence operative, contain extensive details of efforts by Russia’s intelligence community, directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, to sway the outcome of the US election.

            A source told the operative that Mr Trump’s “unorthodox behaviour in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the [then] Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.”The British memos, which had circulated through US political circles since before the election, contained details about extensive contact between Mr Trump and Russia in the lead-up to the campaign.


          • Apparently, pretty much most of it, Charleo! This is just another one of those Putin-paid trolls that I’ve blocked. He has nothing of any intelligence to say and only shows his ignorance with every post! A waste of time even responding to him/her!

          • Omg! You are insane! Lmao! You have NOTHING so you have to call people that you disagree with “A Putin Paid Troll!” Hahahaha! Do you know how absolutely Crazy You sound!?
            Oh my! So Typical of you Welfare Leeches! So so Typical of You Looney Lying Brainwashed Lefty Crazy Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERALS! Hahaha!
            Here Big Cry Baby….I will Block YOU! YOU Soros paid Troll! YOU Sore Loser! Hahahaha! You’re a Nutjob! Hey, don’t sleep with your Tin foil hat on….it might give You more BS Dreams! Haha! It may just Poke YOU in your Other Eye! Lmao!

          • Don’t bother… tiny “mike” can’t be argued with because he’s literally ignorant.

            His standard response basically amounts to repeating: “Nyah nyah nyah WE WON!!”

            The sad thing is that he quite clearly does not know what “we won” actually means for him or anyone else.

            Just look forward to mocking him later as Pres-Elect Loser and the GOP flush his tiny existence down the drain.

        • You are just the Typical Brainwashed Unhinged Dishevelled Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Liberal Nutjob Loser!

      • Hi tiny “mike”.
        Thanks that was terribly educational. Emphasis on the “Terribly”.

        The GOP ideologically wish to destroy the Social Safety net, and go back to a time before the “New Deal”. Ryan and others have repeatedly stated this.

        How stupid do you have to be to watch them dismantle healthcare one thing at a time… but still sit there going: “No… wait… they’re totally not going to deny people health insurance or healthcare… they’re totally going to save us all and give us good healthcare as a replacement to Obamacare…. just wait… any minute now…”

        No… they’re not.

        From a 2015 article on Republican budgets:

        ““The reality is block grants don’t save money. But they’re routinely used to hide the thing that does save money, which is fixed funding formulas that require huge spending cuts.” The proposed amount for these block grants would increase yearly, based on inflation and population growth, rather than need, which drives the current formula. The Republicans claim this transition would save $700 billion over a decade.

        The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that the new approach would result in severe reductions in Medicaid spending despite expected increases in demand and costs, causing deteriorating health care for millions of low-income families.”

        “The Republican consensus on deep cuts to domestic spending is ominous for the future of the social safety net. For Senate Republicans, Social Security and Medicare are off the table for now, but it’s just because they’re leery about stepping on that third rail until after elections in 2016. By contrast, the House leadership apparently is willing to go all in right now. Ryan, now chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has a plan to transform Medicare into a voucher program (and successively raise the age of eligibility) and to effectively privatize Social Security. Tom Price, the new chairman of the House Budget Committee, has promised big changes for Social Security. In the end, the current proposals for SNAP and Medicaid may be merely a prelude to a larger Republican plan to demolish the New Deal and Great Society programs.”

        Get it yet?
        And that was before they held the Congress and the Senate and the Presidency… and before they tried to gut the Congressional Ethics Committee as their FIRST ACT… in a secret ballot… behind closed doors…. where everyone always does their most ethical things…

        Are you working it out yet?

        They don’t want anyone investigating their swamp… they want tax cuts for the wealthy and tax hikes for the poor… and Ryan’s actual budgets show CUTTING funding for social services through Block Grants to the States that reduce over time.

        Feel free to ask any questions.
        For a change.

        • They’ve also shown that much of what Trump and his cohorts in Congress are going to try to do with the budget, etc., will raise the deficit considerably and add trillions to the national debt! Apparently, when President Obama raised the national debt, they had a hissy fit, but they don’t seem to give much of a care if Trump does it. Sounds very hypocritical to me! Not sure how they can justify such an enormous upheaval under Trump’s administration!

      • Considering the latest intelligence revelations, including a claim that Trump surrogates were in contact with Russian operatives during the campaign, and since, the likelihood of collusion and a major scandal is not out of the question. Any idea what kind of information the Russians have on Trump. It apparently involve both financial and personal matters…

          • The problem for you guys is that the story is not limited to a former British M6 agent. It involves several credible Russian agents and sympathizers throughout Europe, and it is not limited to Trump asking people to pee on the bed President Obama slept on. The larger problem is that while this story is likely to be silenced in the USA after 1/20/17. What is not going to be as easy is going to be silencing the foreign press, or forcing Putin to withhold information in the dossier they have on Trump, if the latter refuses to dance to the tune they play.

          • Verify! Where’s the verification? Proud the proven facts. Quit wishing for something that doesn’t exist. The 20th is 9 days away and all this fluff dosn’t change the fact the left was devastated with the amount of power lost under Obama failed policies.
            Pathetic try. Who gives a rats rear end what the foreign press says or does.

          • I don’t have to prove anything. I am expressing my opinion based on news releases that until proven false deserve to be taken seriously. The one that has to prove that Russians did not have Republican databases, and now have financial and personal information on Trump that is incriminating, and that could be used by them to get concessions from our new President, is Donald Trump.
            BTW, I accept the fact that Trump was elected consistent with provisions expressed in the Constitution and, therefore, his victory must be respected. What is going to be scrutinized and debated are his policies, his personal behavior, potential conflicts of interest, and whether or not he can fulfill the duties of the presidency.

          • No not “seriously’ but with interest and concern. You have decided trump is guilty without an ounce of proof. So you have seen the financial records, right?
            This is all hearsay.
            His press conference today pretty much settled the possible business conflict as explained by his lawyer and documents available to press.

            You won’t but I will give trump the benefit of the doubt when he said today that he hasn’t done business nor received loans from Russia.

            What you totally ignore is how these allegations were released. Was it from within the intel community?Obama administration? It surely wasn’t from the trump camp.
            If by intel community then this doesn’t bode well for having any faith in future relations between agencies and trump adm.. Obama administration i would not be surprised.

          • Did you ever examine Hillary’s e-mails? Unless you are a FBI agent working on her case, you didn’t, and yet, you did not hesitate to attack her and demonize her. Don’t expect special treatment for Trump when reports emerge indicating questionable activities or vulnerabilities.

          • My God are you really this dense. Hillay’s actions, that helped bring her down, was the deleting of emails, plus having a personal SERVER. She admitted she deleted emails, which was not authorized by law.
            What we all read from the hacked emails was the fact Hillary had public policies and private policies. We found out in the easily hacked DNC was the campaigns anti-Hispanic, anti-Catholic, etc.
            I sure in the hell don’t expect special treatment for trump but this salacious crap deserves to be treated with caution until verified.

          • The problem for these guys is knowing there are people out there who actually care about the welfare of others. As opposed to only caring about themselves. The problem you give them is a nagging guilt that they should be better, because they know better than defending a morally crippled Putin puppet. But Trump shares, and speaks so unashamedly, and so excusing their own self serving ideologies, and bigotries, they can’t help themselves but support the phony populist. And so now demand some absolute proof of his compromised Presidency. Proof they have no intentions of ever accepting.

          • Let’s face it, most of the Trump followers and trolls on this site wouldn’t believe anything that’s said against Trump even if Putin admitted it in person! They have been SOOO brainwashed that they will only believe what they want to believe and only hear what their so-called God tells them to believe! It doesn’t matter that he’s one of the biggest liars in the history of politics!

          • Probably the most important thing Trump informed the Est. Republican Party about, was their base’s willingness, Evangelicals and all, to ignore any and all lies, sexism, and demagoguery in order to advance the ugliest, racists, most cruel, anti-human rights agenda against minorities, and people of color in this country, since the days before the Civil War.
            In fact, if they proposed the Latin Immigrants and others might stay as long as they agreed to be bought and sold as chattel, the GOP would in all likelihood, finally be able to reach a solid bottom line consensus on the issue. Brainwashed yes. But the harder thing to accept is, they simply liked what Trump was saying. And they liked it so much they were going to support him, if he chose the Grand Poobah of the KKK to be his running mate, or his Attorney General.
            They are very thrilled indeed at the prospect of watching thousands of brown people of all ages rounded up on the 6 o’clock news. Little brown kids carried out of their classrooms. Older students expelled and arrested from the Nation’s college campuses. Homes, and businesses confiscated. All detained in large holding pins, as the AG determines their eventual country of origin, and destination. So, welcome to Donald Trump’s and his legions of haters dream world. At least that’s what they’re so all quivery about.

      • Mike, it’s you posting nonsense that’s suitable for a junior high school comedy show.
        Trying to distract others by posting sophomoric comments is only harming yourself. The rest of us see you for what you are—A simpleton and knave just performing for the GOP like a trained sea lion.

    • I so agree! But your comment begs a rhetorical, yet very important question, as yet unanswerable. That troubles the mind, and makes peaceful sleep hard to come by. Where does this all end? What will be the ultimate results of the sweeping duality, the presence of two entirely different scripts, that now threatens not only our health, but our very way of life? Our families security, our country’s financial future, and indeed, if that be the case, can the institutions of our democracy itself be far behind?
      As the selection of Trump as our new “leader,” amply demonstrates, at least to my thinking. We as a people have lost our way. Forgotten where we have been, and those places where we have sacrificed, and hoped to one day to arrive.
      As far too many of us now do not seem to posses the capacity to differentiate that which is clearly up, and forward. From the path which is decidedly down, and therefore, back. The ultimate compasses of truth, and respect becoming indistinguishable from utter fiction, and abuse. Greatness then seen as the granting of authority to the worst of our common human frailties, and our most innate selfish tendencies. We seem to be headed into a place where one’s merely speaking out for equality, mercy, and justice, is becoming an act of personal courage. Where is this all leading?

      • Judging by the deferential treatment his nominees are getting in Congress, I think the next four years are going to be unforgettable. If it is true that the Russian hacked Republican databases and have compromising information on Trump, including financial and personal matters, our hero may have no choice but to dance to Vladimir’s tune…and we may have no choice but to acquire a taste for vodka.

        • Personally, I prefer tequila, but vodka is good too. If the next 4 years go as we seem to think they will, we may need quite a LOT of anything to keep us numb to what’s going on around us. Personally, I prefer to tackle Trump through my illustrious California Congresswomen, Kamala Harris and Feinstein! I will be contacting them on a very frequent basis to remind them to keep a tight leash on this maniac!

    • What’s even worse is that WE pay their salaries to do their dirty work!!! IF everyone who cares about our nation stopped paying their taxes so that these jerks don’t get paid….I wonder what will happen! They’ve already decimated the IRS and its agents….so they certainly wouldn’t have enough agents available to take on all of us! Interesting idea, huh?

  2. The GOP and Trump are such dupes and dopes for not knowing the amount of entertainment they’re providing these past two years alone, not to mention a view in real-time of the effects which a mean-spirited attitude fueled by greed and a lust for power can have on a person. Too bad that a lot of people have to pay a high price in their mental and physical well-being to buy tickets to this maniacal and tragic Vaudeville Act.

    It’s just awe-inspiring the depth and extent of depravity of Paul Ryan and his bus of clowns who now are play the roles of Ringmaster and clowns of a demented “Greatest Show On Earth” under the Big Dome of Wash. DC

    • It’s a disgrace is what it is. One we will all need to somehow figure out ways of enduring. Always wondering what outrage, what insufferable stupidity, hypocrisy, deception, or pillar of democracy they will start zealously pulling down next.

      • Agreed….my stress level has gone up and up the past several months since Trump won the election (illegally, to my way of thinking). It isn’t going to get much better at the rate we’re going!

        • I care very deeply about my country, as well as the less fortunate everywhere. And I know in my soul this Trump disaster is going to
          do harm to both. What I don’t know, and what has got my anxiety levels on such a knife’s edge, is the extent of the damage that is coming. Damage that is going to happen as surely as the sunrise.
          And I have to find ways of accepting there’s not much of anything I can personally do about it. Just watch, and even that is hard. It’s a big reason I come here and write. It’s ultimately meaningless, but some-how calming and cathartic. And also to talk with others like yourself, that understand, and share many of these same concerns. So thanks for taking the time to be there with a kind word for such basket cases as myself. Can’t say enough how much it’s appreciated right now.

          • Charlie, You said exactly what I feel.. Reading what you wrote makes me feel I am truly not alone in this.

            However, I have also decided that I have to do the small part I can. I have started to send letters to my members of Congress. I am trying to figure out how I can change things.

            A group of former congressional staffers wrote this guide. It’s based on the techniques used by the Tea Party and how it got the GOP to heel after the election of Obama.


            As cathartic as this is, we have to do more than “argue with strangers on the internet.”

          • Jan….I may have to download this guide just for the sake of learning how to combat the fiasco that is definitely coming. I also agree that we have to do more than “argue with strangers on the internet,” but I don’t consider most of the people on this site as strangers. We’re all in this together and sticking together is all we can do besides keeping our elected representatives aware of our feelings.

          • When I said “argue with strangers on the internet”, I was taking a phrase from Obama’s farewell speech last night.

          • And what a GREAT speech it was! President Obama is one of the greatest speechifiers in the land! He speaks from the heart and that’s what will make him one of the greatest presidents of our time. Trump will NEVER reach that goal no matter how hard he tries!

          • No, thank YOU. I come on this site for the same reason that you do….at least we can all vent about the same thing! I don’t know that’s it’s meaningless because I’m pushed to keeping in constant contact with my Congresswomen, Kamala Harris and Feinstein, throughout this fiasco and making sure that they keep a tight leash on this megalomaniac!
            According to today’s news, he’s even more in bed with the Russians if we can believe the report from MI6. I wouldn’t doubt it if Putin had enough to “blackmail” Trump if he doesn’t follow orders, and that’s a particularly scary thought!
            If you get a chance, get the book that I mentioned….it’s scary, but it’s also kind of interesting….easy reading. Not sure how much truth is in it because I don’t know much about the author except that he’s written 7 books and is co-author or AcademeBlog.Org and the editor of Illinois Academe. I’m sure that Trump hasn’t read the book or he’d be all over this guy like flies on cow manure!!!
            Hang in there, Charleo, we’re not alone and there are many on this site that agree. We all have to stick together and try to keep our sanity in the forthcoming 4 years of insanity!

  3. this is beyond a national disgrace. It is racist in nature against a black president, to deny him any semblance of a legacy. The AFA gave millions of Americans healthcare for the first time. It doesn’t stop there, these Republicans, from day one, blocked all inititatives to fix our infrastructure, because of racism against Obama. “What a bunch of LO-down , cruel people that will take the country down with them”

    • And, Stanley, it will be to the detriment of all the Trump voters who were led to believe that he and his billionaire cronies would make them all rich and on the road to happiness! All the GOP cares about is making money for their handlers (and the lobbyists that work for them). They have NO concern for the welfare of the individual voter whatsoever! Their goal, which is governed by the Koch’s, the Mercer’s, and the rest of the fat cats, is for an “imperial government,” and they think this is their chance. After all, you do see how many of our state’s governors are Republicans, right? With the total control of our government by Republicans, it will only get worse for the rest of us! The future does NOT look good.

  4. The ongoing collapse of civility, normality, a callousness, and the resurgence of racists and conservative irrationality is best portrayed by the attitude on display by a despicable group called the GOP. This collapse one would surmise is due to the GOP acting as a trigger and trumpet call, to which the dormant forces of ignorance, inhumanity, racism, and inordinate greed are rising up from slumber, much like the dead rising from their crypts as depicted in movies and music videos.
    Many of us see this activity as a form of some grand sporting event where governance has been transformed into a football game or other sporting event—something a small-minded man by the moniker “InformedVoter” childishly and foolishly tried to convince me of. Partisan Politics is built on the premise of an adversarial posture and structure being required to govern and maintain stability in society. That may have been the case more than a century ago and might have been useful then. But with the amount of money involved, the level of greed that we have in the world and Western society particularly, with technology and special interest groups vying to buy influence, this has led to the point where we need to rebuild from the bottom up a new foundation of governance. A foundation not predicated on inequality, slavery, inequity, but a brand new and solid basis based on humility, reciprocity, empathy, creativity, resourcefulness, and all welded together by the “glue” of “The Oneness of Humankind”.
    Then we will begin to free ourselves of the burdens posed by Left versus Right, of Trump-like creatures rising from the swamps to be a drag on human progress, and similar dregs.

    “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded.”
    (The ‘Pen of the Most High’ is a reference to Baha’u’llah Himself, the latest[and certainly not the last] of Messengers sent in stages dating back to Adam and before, up to now)

  5. The problem with the Affordable Care Act was that it was designed for the eventual takeover of the medical delivery system by the Federal Government. The original focus for such an act should have been to achieve medical insurance for all citizens, including those who did not have sufficient income to pay. Further the role of government should have been that of oversight to assure insurance companies were properly administering within the system. Having the government run the system would mean only the bureaucrats would administer it and there would be no one to speak for those adversely affected. Check with those whose health costs escalated under the law.

    • You say only bureaucrats will administer the system, who runs it if the bureaucrats don’t? Do you think the welfare of the people is something the faceless folk at the insurance companies think of or is it just how to milk the most money out of their customers. It’s their job to give out the least service for the most profit for the shareholders. As Trump he will tell you that it’s the shareholders that came first, always. Ask your self this, why is the United States the only country of all the developed nations to have such a bad system.

      • What needs to be done is for our government to work with insurance companies and Big Pharma and negotiate decent prices for medications and procedures. It’s true that the health of this nation has significantly improved since we started Obamacare, and it would be a shame to see it go by the wayside because of a bunch of idiots that have NO thought of helping the poor and middle class of this nation!

    • Where are you getting all that propaganda? ACA is nothing but a framework under which insurance companies, not bureaucrats, are forced to operqte.

      And just your last remarks show you really are not in tune with reality – fact is that in the five years prior to ACA, insurance premiums had gone up by over 30% – since ACA they have gone up no more than 20% – so ACA has definitely kept health insurance premiums down.

      And it has done as well as it could to extend insurance to those who need it – over 20 million Americans have affordable insurance today who wouldn’t have it with ACA. And the big reason that more have not gotten insurance isn’t due to ACA no working to help, it’s because over 20 GOP-governed states had refused to not only extend Medicaid but even embrace ACA to the point where there was enough competition in the states to truly drive down premiums.

      And that’s one of the big reasons premiums have not gone down in many places – not because of failings of ACA but because of the failings of Republicans.

      And there are arguably at least 100,000 Americans alive today, who wouldn’t be alive if ACA had never been enacted. So when people claim ACA has failed, they’re essentially putting no value whatsoever on the lives of at least 100,000 Americans.

      • The Republicans wanted it to fail and have done their best to bring it’s failure but as always they weren’t very go at it. A party that puts their own self interests ahead of the peoples should not be honored but the votes are so easy to fool that they just keep voting for them.

        • Trust me, Bob, if they repeal Obamacare without a viable replacement, they will NOT be back after the midterms in 2018. The Republicans have many seats that will be up for re-election, and if they don’t do a good job in the next 2 years….they may lose their majority status in Congress….we can only hope (but not at the detriment of people losing their healthcare!)

    • Worthless gobbledygook. It makes no sense! “Further the role of government to assure insurance companies were properly administering within the system. Who’s system? The one the insurance companies own. Who characterize any attempt at the government’s rolling back the insurance companies denials of coverage to boost overall coverage, as a huge Socialist plot with the goal of eventual government takeover of the system.

      • Where do you come up with these nonsensical notions? Out of your butt? Give one example in ACA where the ‘bean counters’ are involved. And define ‘bean counters’. (If they are related to insurance – they’ve been there since insurance companies were formed more than 100 years ago and have absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare.)

    • I hate to remind you, but EVERYONE’s health care escalated….as it does every year! I have a medical plan through my employer; however, it has gone up 1-2% each year. Health costs are consistently rising, and it always shows up each year. What needs to be done in lieu of repealing and replacing Obamacare is to “tweek” the plan so that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies don’t get to make the rules! We need to be able to negotiate costs for major medications and health care procedures. The health of this nation has improved under Obamacare because so many are now able to see a doctor rather than go to an ER for minor problems. They are being taken care of for diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc. before more serious problems occur that end up costing more. Why people seem to think that repealing this will better their lives is beyond me. Also, maybe if we changed the name to “Trumpcare,” it might make a big difference….after all, you KNOW how much Trump likes to see his name on things!

    • Your way of seeing things is ancient—Just like your identifier.

      As for running the system, that’s exactly what the GOP has in mind, except it will be done through their pals in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. The GOP’s plan is to run the system by proxies, while getting a generous cut of the profits. That’s what their notion of “Fiscal Responsibility” translates to. Their deception leads you to the false conclusion that their plan will be done independently and free of government involvement.

      Try to keep that in mind.

    • Alas, the Insurance Industry has paid much money in lobbying over the years to ensure the government does not regulate them. This has allowed them to literally get away with murder.

      • And they’ll get away with more murder, literally, if the ACA is repealed! They’ll go back to their old ways of charging an arm and a leg for medical insurance, leaving out people with preconditions, etc. The elderly and the poor, in particular, will be the biggest groups to suffer.

  6. What’s really ridiculous is that enrollment in Obamacare has grown significantly since Trump’s election….probably because they thought that he would repeal it and replace it immediately with something better…..not going to happen! Once they realize that the Republicans don’t care about the health of many of their poorest constituents, they are NOT going to be happy! And, once they realize that the appeal of Obamacare means a major loss of jobs, especially in the Rust Belt and other states that can ill afford unemployment problems, they’re even going to be MORE upset! What the Trump voters didn’t seem to realize is that the Republicans have NEVER had any idea of what to do to replace Obamacare…..not NOW nor in the past! So, we’ll see how this plays out because whatever happens…..if the voters are pissed, it’s going to be reflected in how they vote in the midterms in 2018 with so many Republican seats up for grabs!

    • Taking away the ACA will not go over well with anyone enjoying their Obamacare. The GOP is going nuts trying to deprive President Obama of a lasting legacy. FDR had Social Security and LBJ gave us Medicare. The likes of Nixon um gave us Watergate. One can only wonder what Trumps so called legacy will leave us ? 😑

  7. Obamacare has been a train wreck. The high premiums and huge deductibles are a killer. I want my doctor making the decisions on how to care for me, not government accountants. The Republicans must come up with a suitable replacement for the Obamacare tax. If they don’t then they should be held to the fire also.

    • Your assertion that Obamacare has been a train wreck is ignorant.
      It may not have suited YOU personally, but if you ask the 27 million people who managed to get insurance or the tens of thousands who didn’t die because their states expanded Medicare… then you will find it is wildly popular. (If they realise what they have and why… if they don’t then they are ignorant… as noted above)

      Remember that the Republican preferred alternative to Obamacare originally was…. nothing. i.e. Just let the poor die. They deserve it.

      I agree with you… oddly enough… that the Republicans need to present their alternative… in detail. Immediately.
      Like they repeatedly demanded of Democrats, they also need to explain:
      1) How it will be funded.
      2) How it will work, in detail.
      3) How it will affect all Americans who currently have insurance.
      4) How it will reduce costs/which costs it will reduce.
      5) How many Americans will be covered by it.
      6) What it will cover.
      7) What protections it will provide for consumers.
      8) How much it will increase the Deficit and the National Debt.

      Because that’s exactly what the Republicans constantly screamed about when this law was put into place.
      So GOP… lets hear it…What’s your plan?
      Please provide in the form of an actual Bill and analysis, thanks.

      • What Itsfun probably fails to realize is that the original Obamacare plan was a Mitt Romney plan in Massachusetts. President Obama took almost 100% of it and fashioned the ACA from it. Massachusetts has been using the ACA format for years and has thrived. But, to blame President Obama for the ACA is ridiculous….it was a Republican plan to begin with….the only reason the Republicans are upset is because they failed to see it and present it as their own when they had the chance! Again, maybe if they change the name to Trumpcare, it will be feasible…..we all know how much Trump likes to see his name on ALL things! He could then take credit for any of the “tweeks” that are done to make it even better than it is! Plus, over 80% of the American people have said that they do NOT want to see Obamacare repealed despite the fact that there are parts of it that need to be fixed. Our so-called president-elect doesn’t seem to want to listen to his constituents….at least not the ones that count!

    • insurers make those decisions not govt, and republicans complaining about high costs is a joke since they’d be the last ones to bring relief

      • Obamacare forces people to purchase coverage they cannot ever use. One example is forcing men to buy maternity coverage to pay for hospital costs of having a baby. How many men are having babies these days? Insurance companies are on of the highest regulated companies by the government. We all know how Republicans want to throw granny over a cliff and hate all races, and hate women and children, and its all the fault of the evil white male. Check out the costs and the statistics of the Obamacare tax.

        • As I’ve pointed out before lowlife, men experience prostate troubles which can cost more than pregnancies. Women don’t get them. And a large percentage of men who have healthcare and are paying premiums have wives who didn’t get pregnant on their own. So the number of men paying for pregnancies who did not contribute to one or more pregnancies is a small percentage of those buying health insurance.

          And to create sexist type policies would be as ignorant as you are – because that would only start a – well, some people inherit or have genes which make them more prone to this disease or that disease, so why am I paying for people who through heredity are more prone to cancer??

          • Agreed….my insurance coverage that I pay for through my employer covers care for both men and women. I don’t begrudge funds to keep both sexes healthy, and it’s amazing that Itsfun seems to think that he shouldn’t pay for a woman’s healthcare! As you said, we pay for their prostate testing and possible prostate cancer treatments, we pay for their Viagra, we pay for their wives pregnancies and maternity care. It all comes out even in the end and to begrudge care for one sex over another is small minded and petty!

        • you said the govt is interfering in decisions you and your doctor make, govt simply deals with the costs. It’s always been insurers especially before the ACA that decided want treatment you should get. It wouldn’t be hard to to design plans to better fit the individual, but we know which side wants no fixes to this. Your complaint about taxes is meaningless since any system includes cost shifting. Those who can afford to pay should pay those who can’t should get help

          • The government programs have people that decide if a procedure is “necessary” or not. It happened to my uncle not even 6 months ago. He was scheduled to have a procedure done on his back, but Medicare refused to cover it. The doctor has to submit a pile of paperwork and appeals to finally get it approved. My uncle went through months of pain because of the non-doctors deciding not to cover the procedure. I didn’t say anything about taxes, I said Obamacare is a tax. The supreme court ruled it is only legal as a tax, so its a tax.

      • Yes, and by repealing Obamacare, they will allow the insurance companies to become richer because they will be able to charge us any amount of money for coverage. What needs to be done to make Obamacare (or the ACA as it should be called) better is to allow our government to negotiate with insurance companies and Big Pharma on prices that they will charge. As it stands now, the only people who will benefit from repealing the ACA will be our politicians, insurance companies, and Big Pharma!! The people that are now signed up for the ACA will be the real losers! It’s clear that Itsfun doesn’t seem to understand that nor has he researched it.

    • Do you ever tell the truth? Or are lies your only validation of your existence? 22 million people who couldn’t afford healthcare insurance now have it. And…oooh how this is going to bite you in the butt…another 11 million since November 2016 signed up in a hurry.

      Stop living off MY tax dollars you lazy bum.

  8. The bottom line is—and someone else earlier here pointed this out clearly—the GOP’s 8 year goal was to show their utter contempt for the country electing its 1st Black President, and that went against the grain and very fiber of the GOP’s ethos and collective rotten souls.
    It’s not at all about flaws in ACA, but is just another of several points to rally around to express and vent their racist inclinations—an inclination that has taken on a near genetic quality defining modern-day Conservatism. It’s as simple as that, but the cowardice of the GOP prevents them from acknowledging this. At least David Duke and his racist peers have the spine to outwardly express their animus to the reality that all humanity belong to the same human family. We are waiting for the GOP to show the same conviction of intent as the KKK, perhaps by formally showing their approval of Duke’s Racialist theology. Too bad that that theology as well motivates the GOP to harm ordinary American citizens trying to exercise a basic human right–the right to decent and affordable health care. A health care whose foundation is not “Profits by Greed”.

    • You’re exactly right Aaron, The GOP, and their bigot acolytes were not only determined that the first African American to become President, fail, but fail spectacularly. And it was also important I think for them to punish the Country for the many white people that voted for Obama. In an act of what they saw as pure race treason. An almost unforgivable sin in the eyes of the proponents, and protectors of the white dominated power structure. So at his successful bid, there was immediately this surge of unfounded, almost uncontrollable and very public rage focused directly on who else but President Obama.
      But why? After all, Obama didn’t cause the recession, invade another country on false/erroneous premise, out a CIA Agent, or fumble the ball in New Orleans, Nor did he appoint the judges that ruled corporations were people, and money, politically contributed is speech, that put the people’s gov. directly on the auction block to the highest bidder. But still they hated him, despised him with a passion that led them to take at face value every despicable lie the haters threw at him. Trump being one of the most vocal about spewing them. And absolutely none of the vitriol had any justifiable basis, or any other possible explanation, than the color of the man’s skin.
      That’s why I’m saying to you, a person of obvious compassion that strives to see the good in his fellow man. And the value in such things as equality, fairness and diversity. That there is an element in this Country that is rotten to the core! I see them, talk to them. Some are members of my extended family I have to put up with on holidays. They view life as a zero sum blood sport. And they see their hero Trump as just the man who will once again skew the playing field in their favor as they clearly believe it should be. And also make sure that never again will their White Country’s turf, and it’s highest institutions be violated by the likes, and color of Barack Obama.
      Or for that matter, any of these other, “invaders,” like the Latino, Hispanics, the Asian, or Arab. People they believe are essentially inferior mongrel races, non-Christian apostates, and at best, God’s ordained servants of the white race. And therefore not worthy of consideration. And certainly not being forced by a Liberal-Secularist Left into the situation where they are obligated under law to consider them as equals exempted from their voluntary, and hateful demonstrations of disrespect. Not all all. By their thinking, this is their exclusive white enclave America, and they’ll do as they please. Treat them as they please. It’s why they keep repeating over and over, “We won!” “We won!” But how do they know they won? Where does all their giddy faith come from? Same place all the anger at President Obama came from. This taught from birth on their Daddy’s knee, White Supremacist racist culture of birthright entitlement. And Trump’s convinced them he’s going to be the President that finally brings that all back for them. And given that he’ll most likely appoint the next (3) Supreme Court Justices, and have a racist AG working earnestly in that direction, my great fear is he will. And the Country will once again pay a great price indeed for all this hatred that continues to fester within our conflicted, still racially divided Nation.

      • True in many cases, but I refuse to believe that there aren’t enough good people out there and in our Congress who will allow much of this to happen. What’s really stupid is that they don’t seem to realize that we ALL came from one source, an African female called Eve! There is nothing pure about the white race…..many of our ancestors were Middle Eastern, European, African, etc. We are a conglomeration of many races, and nothing they say can change that! I’m sure that if most of them ran their DNA, they’d be surprised at what they find. Again, the white race is not a pure white race by any means!!

  9. The above photo brought back fond memories of a brilliant lady who died 18 years ago. That smiling lady with white hair looks so much like the lady I knew who had been a nurse on a hospital ship during WW2. One major difference is that if it had been her standing there she would NOT have been smiling but would have been hitting Ryan across the back of his head for doing something stupid beyond all belief.

    • Agreed….she didn’t look all that happy anyway, so I’m not sure she agreed with Ryan’s comments. She would be one of the ones that would suffer the most from his plans!

  10. The joke is that the minute the Republicans heard that the cost of repealing the ACA was $13 trillion and that hospitals and their favorite campaign donors, HMOs were going to lose money big time, these spineless cowards had to renege.

    Now with the outing of the Russian dossier on Trump, the Republicans and right wing are up the “creek” in terms of making any more fearmongering threats.

    That’s all that repeal EVER was. A threat they hoped would stop any investigations implicating them in the Trump Putin election rigging mess.

    • Definitely, and they’ve already said that they are going to ignore Trump’s “order” to get it done immediately and take their time getting it together before they repeal it. As they said, it will take at least 2 years to come up with a viable replacement, and I don’t think any of the members of Congress, either side, want to make 20M people go without medical insurance for that length of time! I hope that they are able to circumvent Trump and his “orders.” He fails to understand that just ordering Congress to do something is not going to happen…..they will tell him what he can and can’t do. He’s not the CEO any longer….there are checks and balances that he has to learn to deal with!

      • Maybe it is my overly analytical nature as a Scorpio, but do you see the odd time frame of this latest news about Trump’s compromise with the Russian 11 days before he is to be sworn in? It was also 11 days before the election that Comey decided to release the emails about Hillary.

        If you were an espionage writer, would you see that the minute Trump began downplaying his defense of Putin and calling the Intel experts “liars” they decided to get even with him in the most damaging way possible?

        I realize it takes time to gather intel information. The CIA must know they have Trump dead to rights now. There is no way they’d waste time on revenge for his big mouth when there are so many other more pressing international issues to deal with at this time.

        Trump does what Trump pleases because as a CEO he can. As a President, he can’t. If we had one of those police artists draw a picture of him right now, he’d have puppet strings attached to his brain with Putin, the CIA and the Republicans each holding their own strings to make him dance to their tune.

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